[Cyworld] Hangeng and Sj-M members going on a 4 day tour in China

[Hangeng's post]

Four day tour hehehehe!

I'm currently at Hangzhou Airport's lounge hehe~~! Writing an entry in the lounge feels weird hehe.

We went to Kunshan, Ningbo, Wuxi and Hangzhou for the four days. Although we sat in buses rushing around, and were very tired, we totally forgot our exhaustion when we saw everyone's support and heard everyone's shouts hehe~~~! Majority of you had came from all parts of the country to cheer for me, and I am very touched. I thank everybody from the bottom of my heart, thank everybody for what you've done for me. Let us work hard together, hwaiting!

I love you all~~!

Hangeng~~ Hangeng~~~ Hangeng Geng fan~~ Geng fan~~~ Geng fan Hahahaha!!

[and his replies]
I need to fly now 88 - (means board the plane).

I am SUPER MEN~~~~~~~~!

We will see each other again next time, weather is chilly, please wear more clothes (or keep yourself warm). 88. I fly~~!

hope they have fun!

Credit: sj-world.net
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