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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tony Hong takes you inside Jaejoong's house

Tony Hong visited Jaejoong on May 18 and shared what he found inside his house. From the welcome lightboard, he wrote, "Here’s a photo for Jaejoong’s fans. A surprised signatured lightboard at Jaejoong’s house. It is a warm greeting board to let visitors feel comfortable. Haha"

In addition to that, he also revealed the ramen cooked by Jaejoong. "This is the ramen cooked by Jaejoong.It was cooked with garlic and Indian chilli. Munch. I think it's better than beer. Jaejoong cook for me next time."

Lastly, he took a picture of Jaejoong's cute poodle saying, "Puppy mascot at his house. The fur was shaved shorter that it looks like cocker spaniel. Actually its a toy poodle. Haha. Cutie."

Tony Hong is generous enough showing these to everyone, isn't he?

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jaejoong’s Fan Tony Hong Actively Promotes Jaejoong’s New Album

Talent Tony Hong personally promotes JYJ Jaejoong’s new album, showing his friendship to the public.

On the 18th through his own twitter he stated, “Let’s celebrate Jaejoong’s new album! The MV is also amazing, Jaejoong’s the best! To celebrate his album, we simply had a party at My Hong. We all bought the album! And got autographs. Jin Yi Han, Lee Sung Hyung, Jaejoong, Noel Lee Sang Gun, FACE In Woo, and me,” and posted a photo along with this comment of being Jaejoong’s fans.

In the picture Tony Hong is standing next to Jaejoong holding two copies of Jaejoong’s new solo mini album and looking straight into the camera. And in other pictures, Tony Hong and other male celebrities are seen posing with Jaejoong and his new album. Appealing to Jaejoong’s fans, the appearance of Tony Hong promoting the album is flowing with the senior talent’s love.

Internet users who saw this commented, “Interesting personal contact”, “Tony Hong’s wide face”, “Jaejoong’s album fighting!”, and so on.


source: kstyle news
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