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Friday, November 20, 2015


Suzy's beauty makes impromptu pictorial a classy one

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Suzy's charisma is so strong here.

Tenasia has met with Suzy today for an interview regarding her role in the movie "Dorihwaga". The location is in a cafe in Seoul and Suzy appeared in a very casual attire: denim skirt, gray sweater and brown heels.

Moreover, she only has simple make up but her beauty is carrying the whole atmosphere. With her sophisticated poses and smart facial expressions, one might think it's a glamour pictorial. Regardless of the setting and her not-so-glam up appearance, Suzy is radiating with charisma in each photo.

Netizens are mesmerized and commented, "I bet she can look like this even when she's just woken up.","Her clothes aren't even stylish but her face carries it all!","Her beauty is crazy!","This is not a glam pictorial? Why is she so glamorous?" and so on.

See below:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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Suzy is totally captivating in Roem winter pictorial

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Fashion brand ROEM unveils winter collection with its ever beautiful muse Suzy.

Suzy is very captivating in the recent pictorial displaying the new collection of stylish winter garbs that would definitely keep you ladies warm and sophisticated at the same time.

She projects adorably and beautifully from time to time glammed up with accessories and clothes which emphasized her beauty even more. Watch the captivating pictorial below:

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Male fan chooses GFriend in front of Suzy

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Suzy is caught off guard mischievously.

On the November 14th broadcast of "Entertainment Weekly", Suzy holds a surprise guerilla date to meet her fans. While surrounded by admiring male fans, the reporter asks one of them who's in military, "Who's the most popular girl group in the army?"

To their surprise, he answers GFriend which evokes laughter and leaves Suzy speechless.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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Miss A's Suzy to release her first pictorial book 'suzy?suzy.'

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Suzy will publish her first official pictorial book 'suzy?suzy.' since debut.

It was said that Suzy directly participated in the planning, costume selection, cover designing for this pictorial book. The photoshoot spanned for 8 months from February to October in order to capture her every charm.

With the motto 'familiar yet unfamiliar atmosphere', the photoshoot took place around Itaewon and Yeonnam-dong. In particular, all the photos are said to have taken by film cameras so that they could bring out the raw emotions that Suzy exuded.

Meanwhile, Suzy's new movie 'The Sound of a Flower' will premiere on November 25th.


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