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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Super Junior Donghae pre-releases his song '1+1=Love' for Super Show 6

Super Junior Donghae has an early treat for their fans for pre-releasing his song '1+1+Love' a day before their Super Show 6.

The song is going to be performed by Donghae on their 1st Super Show 6 tomorrow (September 19) and fans are thankful to hear it beforehand.

Donghae writes on his isntagra, "This is my new song !!^^ For SS6 Please memorize ^^ 1+1=LOVE" Listen below and don't forget to sing along with him tomorrow.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Super Junior's Ryeowook reveals Sungmin's hair is a wig

Recently, Super Junior made a huge return on the KPop limelight with their latest offering 'MAMACITA.'

But aside from their new song, Super Junior's Sungmin's hairstyle is also a fresh one. But, his fellow member Ryeowook revealed something on his post on his personal Twitter account.

Ryeowook updated a status that disclosed Sungmin's hair is a wig. This particular post was retweeted 10,000 plus times and favorited by more than 8,000 followers.

written by:
SOURCE: Ryeowook's Twitter
Friday, September 12, 2014

Super Junior win their 3rd trophy with 'Mamacita' at Music Bank #MAMACITA3rdWIN

This is the 3rd of their straight win since Show Champion and Super Junior are still proving that even though they had two years break, their return is indeed successful.

Super Junior face SISTAR for no.1 trophy today and take home a win afterwards. Members go on their SNS to thanks their fans right away for their hardwork.


Super Junior release entertaining backstage clip

Super Junior members know how to have fun just among themselves. As a surprise gift for reaching 8M views, the papacitos release their backstage clip.

The members are playing in the clip. They agreed to wear shirts with a member's name so they played and Shindong won. However, the unlucky guy who have to pay for the shirts, which members and staff are going to wear is Eunhyuk.

In fact, on their way to Music Bank today, they show the results with all members wearing black shirt with the words "Because Shindong is there,we exist.We are Super Juni-OR!"

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Super Junior take their 2nd win with 'Mamacita' on M!Countdown #MAMACITA2ndWIN

Super Junior seem like into winning streak with another win on M!Countdown today. After gettign their 1st Mamacita trophy yesterday from Show Champion, the group almost dominates the scoring points beating WINNER.

Super Junior has just made their comeback stage last week and they are still proving their strength in the industry. Congratulations!

Watch their performances below:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Super Junior grab first win at Show Champion with 'Mamacita' #MAMACITA1STWIN

Super Junior has finally gained their anticipated first win at Show Champion today with their latest song 'Mamacita'.

It is their first 'Mamacita' stage at Show Champion, which is hosted by fellow member Kangin, and they already climbed to the top 10 songs in the chart.

Super Junior had released their 7th album 'Mamacita' on September 1 and made their comeback stages last week. After their encore stage, leader Leeteuk expressed, "I am not going for the rankings but it really feels great receiving an award."

Congratulations MAMACITA1stWin! Watch their performances below:

Victoria, Kangin, and Henry in chaos with the appearance of snake on 'Clenched Fist Chef'

On the first broadcast of SBS Chuseok two-part pilot program 'Clenched Fist Chef'  on September 9, which is filmed in China, idols Henry, f(x) Victoria, and Super Junior Kangin were challenged to cook a snake dish.

To their surprise, a live snake was brought to the kitchen by the head chef creating chaos. The idol chefs along with Rose Motel’s Yook Joong Wan particularly were terrified seeing the snake in front of them.

While Kangin and Victoria managed to hide, Henry who's closer to the snake was screaming while saying, "Aigoo aigoo! Really not that one." making other chef laugh.

Watch the chaotic scene below:

Ryeowook, Heechul, Shindong, Kangin to guest on KBS' 'Hello Counselor'

4 members of Super Junior will make their guest appearance on KBS's 'Hello Counselor'.

A rep from KBS revealed through Star News on September 9th,"Ryeowook, Heechul, Shindong and Kangin appeared as guests during the recording of 'Hello Counselor' last August 31st at KBS Annex Building in Yeoudi, Seoul".

This episode will be broadcast on the 15th.
Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Super Junior release MV making for 'Mamacita'

Super Junior release the MV making of their well-loved 'Mamacita' music video as their 3rd surprise gift for reaching 7M views.

The ten gentlemen worked hard on their detailed choreography and were very serious when the camera was rolling but also made sure to monitor themselves during breaks.

SM might run out of gift for ELF are working hard to reach a million views each day. Congratulations!

Heechul boasts about his popularity in China

Heechul talked about his popularity in China on MBC's Chuseok's special program 'Tutoring Different Generations'.

In the broadcast of the show on September 8th, Heechul and Jung Jun Ha sat down together for a Chinese lesson from rookie singer Z.HERA.

Jung Jun Ha asked Heechul,"Super Junior is very popular in China. How is yours among the members?". To this Heechul replied,"I'm really popular in China. When I promote in China I grew out my hair and had a pretty look. At that time there was no male celebrity in China so I was really popular".

He continued,"If I went to Chinese airports, 500,000 fans would come to see me there".
Sunday, September 7, 2014

Super Junior's Kibum returns on Twitter after almost 2 years

Super Junior's Kibum surprised everyone with a post on his Twitter account.

It was in November 2012 when he posted his last tweet, and after almost two years of being away from Twitter he's back. He tweeted:

written by:
SOURCE: Kibum's Twitter
Friday, September 5, 2014

Super Junior achieve their first no.1 on Billboard's 'World Albums Chart'

Super Junior define the 'Hallyu Kings' title by getting their 7th album "MAMACITA" into the top of Billboard's 'World Albums Charts' in just 3 days since its release.

According to the article posted on Billboard, "Mamacita sold 1,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan. The album was released to digital retailers on Aug. 29 giving it very little time to rack up sales in Billboard's tracking week that ends Sunday at midnight."

Super Junior had previous rank records on 'World Albums Chart' as 2011 'Mr. Simple' and 2012's 'Sexy, Free, and Single' reached 3rd on the chart. However, this is the very first time getting into the top of the chart which just proves that Super Junior, despite of two years break, are still the international's favorite.

Sources: 1 2

Super Junior treat a drama version of their 'Mamacita' MV

Super Junior are releasing their witty drama version MV of 'Mamacita' for reaching 6M views as still part of their Youtube event.

Seems like fans are going to be gifted everyday because of their hardwork to add a million views everyday.

ELF could enjoy the longer plot of the MV where the members turn into their various comic characters and humorous acting. Watch it below:

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Heechul sincerely asks everyone to wear seat-belts; recalls their worst nightmare

Super Junior Heechul has made a lengthy post on his instagram relating to Ladies' Code tragic accident that resulted to EunB's death.

Initially hesitant, but the urge to give his earnest advice left him to talk about their own car accident way back 2007. He wrote,

"I met Eunbi-yang, who has left to heaven, for the first time today through a picture. She was very cute, and seeing her smile kindly brought tears to my eyes. And the person who is having the hardest time more than anyone, EunB-yang`s mother, said “EunB-ya,.. Sunbaenims came to see you, EunB.” and comforted us instead, and watching that made me feel very sad and many thoughts passed my mind. To be honest, I have been thinking a lot since yesterday… whether I should post on the sns or not about this accident that doesn`t feel like someone else`s affair. What I want to say is, please make sure to wear seatbelts. We, more than anyone else, have close relations with car accidents. 8 years ago, when I had a car accident, if I wasn`t wearing seatbelts…… I also have many times where it feels bothersome to wear seatbelts but I think about the past and always wear it. I want to say this again so I am leaving a post like this..I sincerely hope for EunB yang to rest in peace and for those around EunB-yang to become happy. And I hope Kwon Rise-yang, who is still going under treatments, to wake up soon. Our member Kyuhyun-ee said this. When he was in an accident, he wasn`t concious for 4 days.. That Rise-yang will definitely wake up..... Really.. Like Kyuhyun`s words.. Like Kyuhyun-ee.. I pray that she will have strength and will wake up." [Translated by @NKsubs]

Super Junior Heechul must be really mournful and concerned that such things has happened again to his junior. Despite of having to recall and mention the worst accident occurred in Super Junior, which they want to forget, Heechul's eagerness to relay his advice weighs more.

Hopefully, this serves as a warning and this tragic accidents won't happen again.

Super Junior release jacket sketch for 'Mamacita'

Super Junior has released the jacket sketch for 'Mamacita' as the 1st surprise gift for reaching 5M views of their 'Mamacita' music video on Youtube.

If you got captivated by their macho and cowboy appearances from their 'Mamacita' teaser photos, then it would be exciting to witness how these gentlemen had prepared during their photoshoot.

Behind those witty expressions off-cam are very charming and good-looking men posing for the camera. Check it out below:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Super Junior Kyuhyun shows sympathy and prays for Ladies' Code members' recovery

Among the people in industry showing their sympathy, Super Junior Kyuhyun must be the most to be affected by the tragic news of Ladies' Code Eunb's death and tragic car accident.

Super Junior Kyuhyun tweets this morning, "It doesn't seem like someone else's business..   If you see this, let's pray together a lot. Also let's pray to hear good news for the members undergoing treatment." 

What happened in 2007 was the worst nightmare for Super Junior and fans, particularly Kyuhyun. They also had car accident where members were seriously injured and Kyuhyun was actually barely made it and was in coma for 4 days. It must be a trauma coming back to him after hearing the tragic death of Ladies' Code Eunb.

Nevertheless, let's do pray for members Sojung and RiSe fast recovery. We offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends, fans, and loved ones of Eunb. R.I.P
Sunday, August 31, 2014

Super Junior's Heechul threatened by girl group AOA

On an interview on 'KBS Entertainment Weekly' on August 30, Super Junior's Heechul made everyone shocked when he chose girl group AOA as their group's huge competitor. 

Heechul's reason made everyone laughed. He said, "If I see someone more beautiful than me, I get angry."

Super Junior is making a comeback with ten members for their 7th album "MAMACITA." Their physcal album will be released on September 1.

written by:
SOURCE: Newsen
Friday, August 29, 2014

Choi Siwon to release his own designed-bag collection

Super Junior's visual representative Siwon has shown another side of him by being a bag designer for 'Helianthus'. Siwon has collaborated with them to release his own collection of bags he personally designed.

Photos of Siwon modelling his own-designed bags are released showing the actor/singer's luxurious and attractive bag handling. His design displays a 3D star pattern which looks chic and stylish in black and white colors.

Siwon's designed bags are going to be released in only 200 pieces limited edition on September 1 in Lotte Duty Free Shop, Seoul. Meanwhile, Super Junior have made their first 'Mamacita' comeback stage at Music Bank today.

Super Junior is back with 'MAMACITA' on Music Bank

Super Junior made their highly anticipated comeback on Music Bank, enjoy their comeback stage below:

Super Junior's 'Mamacita' MV exceeds 2 million views in 22 hours

Super Junior's newest MV 'Mamacita' has exceeded 2 million views within 22 hours.

The MV was released at 4pm kst on August 28th through SMTOWN Youtube channel and is currently having more than 2 milion views. Super Junior's comeback this time has attracted much attention from many people since it's been 2 years and 2 months for them to make a domestic return to the music scene.

If you haven't watched the MV, check out for the link below

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