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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lee Kyung Kyu and Sung Yuri to leave 'Healing Camp'

Lee Kyung Kyu and Sung Yuri will step down from their positions as the MCs for SBS's 'Healing Camp'.

According to the officials, Lee Kyung Kyu and Sung Yuri have been confirmed to leave 'Healing Camp'. Their last recording will take place today on July 1st.

With the two's departure, Kim Je Dong will be remaining as the only MC. There has been no decision on the successors as well as the new format for the show.

Lee Sung Kyung has been staying with 'Healing Camp' for 4 years since its beginning stage in 2011, while Sung Yuri joined the MC panel two years ago after Han Hee Jin left the show.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

SBS 'Healing Camp' to feature Sung Yuri and Son Yeon Jae

On October 25th, singer-actress Sung Yuri and national gymnastics champion Son Yeon Jae were featured on the filming of SBS' 'Healing Camp.'

It was the first time that the two gorgeous ladies met each other, and it was reported that they had a great time interacting. 

SBS also released a collage of photos of Son Yeon Jae showing her bright smiles. 

Their episode will be aired on SBS on October 27th at 23:45 KST.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sung Yuri is supportive to Korean National Soccer Team

Singer-actress Sung Yuri showed how far she can support Korean National Soccer Team.

On the photo, she showed her nails with a Korean flag inspired design. She even partnered it with a color-coordinated apparel. 

Sung Yuri flew to Brazil with the 'Healing Camp' to support Korean National Soccer Team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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SOURCE: Newsen

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Han Ji Hye explains her attitude controversy in ‘Healing Camp’

Actress Han Ji Hye appeared in a recent episode SBS talk show ‘Healing Camp’ aired on September 30 and her attitude on the show brought her quite a bit of mixed reactions from the viewers.

In response to the controversy, the actress made a post on her Facebook saying, “For those who might have not liked my attitude on ‘Healing Camp’ yesterday, I leave this message.” She explained, “The production team suggested me to pretend as if I am looking over Sung Yuri’s MC spot just for the fun of program. Sung Yuri was not aware of it, so I made an apology after the recording.”

Han Ji Hye continued, “We had no problem at all. I really don't want the position of ‘Healing Camp’ MC. I wish there were people who would look at me positively. To those who might have misunderstood me, I apologize. It was not what I had intended.”

During the show, Han Hi Hye expressed an interest in becoming a host of ‘Healing Camp’, saying that she had been monitoring Sung Yuri on the program and thought that she could do better. The claim led to a mock confrontation, with Sung Yuri vowing never to lose her spot on the show.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sung Yuri picks Suzy as her rival

Actress Sung Yuri has chosen miss A’s Suzy as her entertainment rival.

On the recent episode of SBS’ ‘Healing Camp’, new MC Sung Yuri spoke with professional golfer Park In Bi and was asked to name her rival in the entertainment industry. Park In Bi answered, “My best friend and closest junior, Yoo So Yeon and Choi Na Yeon are my rivals.”

The MCs then asked Sung Yuri if she also had a rival and she jokingly answered, “No one would think that there can be a rivalry, but I think Suzy is my rival. She gets on my nerves.” She jokingly added that she will catch up with the miss A member soon.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Did Fin.K.L members attend Lee Hyori’s wedding?

Singer Lee Hyori and her long-time boyfriend Lee Sang Soon officially tied the knot in a private ceremony at her villa in Jeju Island on September 1. However, the public is also showing particular interests about whether Lee Hyori’s fellow Fin.K.L members attended the wedding.

According to reports, former Fin.K.L members Sung Yuri, Lee Jin and Ock Ju Hyun did not attend the wedding ceremony because of personal matters. The fans were disappointed as they were expecting for their reunion. Especially, Ock Ju Hyun previously revealed that she wanted Fin.K.L to sing wedding song for Lee Hyori.

A representative stated, “It’s not that there are problems in their relationships. We are predicting that they must have had some conversation before the wedding.”

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fin K.L’s Sung Yuri and Lee Jin reunite in new drama

Sung Yuri and Lee Jin of the first generation girl group Fin K.L have reunited with a new drama.

According to King Kong Entertainment, idol-turned-actress Lee Jin has just joined the cast of the new SBS weekend drama ‘The Secret of Birth’ alongside her group member, Sung Yuri. Lee Jin will play the daughter-in-law of a rich family while Sung Yuri will play a woman who suffers from memory loss.

Lee Jin shared, “I think I can meet fans with some new looks through this drama. I have great respect for the writer and the director, and I’m excited to work with the other actors and actresses.”

A staff member said “‘The Secret of Birth’ marks the first time two Fin.K.L members appeared in one drama. We’re hoping other Fin.K.L members to appear as cameos to make it the first time a drama had all the members of Fin.K.L.”

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sung Yuri shows off her curves in tight skirts

Recently, Sung Yuri’s agency King Kong Entertainment revealed behind-the-scenes photos of the actress in the dressing room before stepping in front of the camera for a pictorial with fashion magazine W Korea.

In the photos, Sung Yuri showed pure image with long wavy hair, and a simple makeup to keep her natural looks. She wore feminine dress in shades of pastel pink and neutral beige, and looked elegant and sexy as she displayed her perfect curves in tight dresses.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Sung Yuri renews her contract with King Kong Entertainment

It has been revealed that actress Sung Yuri has renewed her contract with her current management agency, King Kong Entertainment.

On January 4, King Kong Entertainment announced, “Sung Yuri has decided to renew her contract with us. Her decision was based on strong trust that developed these past two years.”

Lee Jin Sung, head of King Kong Entertainment, said, “I’ve known Sung Yuri for 10 years, and she is one of the best actresses who is always very caring and modest. She is being loved by many people for her passion and efforts, and we will do every supports that we can provide her.”

Sung Yuri said, “King Kong Entertainment is a company that allows me to participate in different genres of work, and has also given me lots of help along the way. With the trust and faith we have developed, I will continue to work hard to present an even more complete side of me in future.”

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sung Yuri and Lee Sang Woo deny dating rumors

Sung Yuri and actor Lee Sang Woo’s agencies have strongly denied the rumors of the two’s relationship.

On August 27th, an official from Sung Yuri’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, said, “Sung Yuri and Lee Sang Woo’s romantic relationship is not true. It’s non-sense." He added, “As we know, they aren’t even that close to each other.”

Furthermore, Lee Sang Woo’s agency also said that the rumor is false, and they aren’t that close to get involved in a scandal.

Sung Yuri and Lee Sang Woo formed a relationship as colleagues after co-starring in MBC’s weekend series ‘Feast of Gods’. Recently, a local media outlet reported that the two stars have developed their feelings while filming the drama, to which their agencies denied it.

Meanwhile, Sung Yuri is currently having a break, and Lee Sang Woo is getting ready for a new MBC drama, which is to premiere in September.

Source: StarN News

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[NEWS] So Ji Sub and Sung Yuri’s awkward bed scene 9 years ago

Actress Sung Yuri’s bed scene with actor So Ji Sub 9 years ago is garnering a lot of attention from netizens.

A photo titled, “So Ji Sub and Sung Yurri in bed 9 years ago” was posted on an online community board recently, showing the two stars in period costumes.

The photo was taken from an SBS drama “Love of Thousand Years” which aired 9 years ago. The two are laying under the covers with So Ji Sub’s torso is exposed, and Sung Yuri’s bare shoulders are visible. The two look awkward in the photos, drawing laughter from viewers.

Netizens commented, “They were so youthful”, “Sung Yuri was a princess 9 years ago!”, “So Ji Sub looks the same now” and more.

Meanwhile, Sung Yuri starred in last month’s MBC drama “Feast of the Gods” and So Ji Sub is currently in the SBS drama “Ghost.”

Source: W Star News

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[NEWS] Sung Yuri named book ambassador

Actress Sung Yuri has been picked by the Korean Publishers Association as honorary ambassador for the Seoul International Book Fair June 20 to 24 at Coex.

Sung will begin promoting the international event in order to increase awareness and promote visits to the show in its 18th run.

“It’s an honor to be the face of the biggest book fair in Korea. I will give it my best for the success of the event,” said Sung, adding that she will take part in various activities to promote the event.

The actress who rose to fame from being in the ’90s idol band FIN.K.L has captivated audience in the MBC weekend drama “Feast of the Gods.”

The drama was based on Korean royal court cuisine and Sung played a hot-tempered yet compassionate chef named Go Joon-young.

The 31-year-old star is starring in the comedy movie “Detective Cha,” which opened May 30. In the film, Sung plays the role of a clueless fashion designer named Heo Young-gi.

Source: JoongAng Daily
By Carla Sunwoo

Monday, February 20, 2012

[Photo] Sung Yuri eternal features; born to be pretty

Actress Sung Yuri's childhood pictures were recently revealed, proving her superior genes.

Series of photos of the actress from the past were posted on different community boards recently, creating quite a stir amongst netizens.

In the photos, Sung Yuri is seen playing the recorder in white attire and she is also preparing for a cooking class. Other pictures were also posted together including one of her in front of her birthday cake looking at the camera.

The younger Sung Yuri has the same features as she does now. Her natural beauty and innocent charms are endless, impressing the fans.

Netizens commented, "Sung Yuri never changed", "She's born pretty", "She was so pretty then too" and more.

In related news, Sung Yuri is currently in the MBC drama "Feast of the Gods".


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[Photo] Sung Yuri's flawless selca

Actress Sung Yuri revealed a close-up selca, showing off her undeniably flawless skin.

On February 13th, Sung Yuri updated her me2day saying, "Did you enjoy watching ‘The Feast of the Gods’ today? Saying good night since I haven’t in a while^^ Everyone good night," and uploaded the photo above.

In the photo, the actress is seen laying in her bed while showing off her cute charms toward the camera. Sung Yuri especially gained interest for her perfect, porcelain-like skin.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

[Picture] Sung Yuri's new selca!

Actress Sung Yuri shared a new selca on her Weibo!

She is currently filming her new drama Feast of The Gods.

She mentioned that she really enjoyed the winter season by skiing.

As expected,she received positive response with her perfect skin.

Monday, November 21, 2011

[Audio] Sung Yuri released new song One Person!

Check out Sung Yuri's new song One Person,do you like this song?

Friday, September 9, 2011

[News] Sung Yuri VS Kwon Yuri: Fashion Showdown

On the 6th of September, the Salvatore Ferragamo 2011 Autumn/Winter fashion show was held at the Seoul W Walker Hill Hotel.

First generation girl group Finkl’s member, now turned actress, Sung Yuri, and highly popular Girls’ Generation’s Yuri attended the fashion show, making it a star-studded event. Along with having the same names, they garnered attention for appearing in different fashion styles very unlike their innocent, cute image often portrayed on television. They captured the attention of fans by showing a sexy, glamorous look, as well as a chic, mannish look in black and white. Let’s take a deeper look at their newly attempted fashion styles.

Sung Yuri, sexy with an exposed back fashion

Ever since she has been a Finkl member, Sung Yuri earned much love for her innocent, cute image. Even after time passed and Sung Yuri grew into an actress, she is one celebrity that is known for looking young with her white skin and distinct features. But, it might have been her wanting to let go of that image because she howed off her sexy side with a brave exposed fashion, much unlike what she’s shown on various dramas and other events. Sung Yuri showed off a sexy and glamorous look with her white halter neck sleeveless, which was emphasised with spangles. Her black, straight pants puts more focus on her shirt.

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri turned up in a slightly mannish, black suit.

As a member of Girls’ Generation, Yuri has shown the ‘disappearing pants’ fashion, showing off her long, tight legs as well as her slim waist, along with sequined jump suits. However, at the fashion show, Yuri wore a black, suede-material suit, giving off a masculine feeling. Rather than giving off a showy, cheerful feel, putting more emphasis on feminine beauty, Yuri gave off a more boyish feel with white and black, and her bold belt and jewellery, along with other accessories, added onto her chic appeal.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

[Pictures] Stars Appear In Singles Magazine

Singles magazine has prominent faces in its 6th anniversary issue! 

On the cover, the sexy actor Hyun Bin appears, giving readers a smirk. Inside the magazine, he draws attention to his messy hair. If Hyun Bin isn't your cup of tea, check out the pictures of Sung Yuri, with a pulled back ponytail and killer heels! See all the photos below!

External from soompi image
External from soompi image
External from soompi image

External from soompi image
External from soompi image

Credit: juliaa@soompi

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

[Video] Brave Brothers and Jay's I want to Cry MV revealed

Brave Brothers' collaboration with Jay Park I want to Cry MV is finally revealed. Sung Yuri was also featured in the MV.

Let's take a look.

 cr: AznSamManTV@YT

Monday, August 9, 2010

[News] Sung Yuri next project an indie film

One year after her last film project Rabbit and Lizard, Sung Yuri is taking the lead in another movie, Noona (or Older Sister).

She plays an older sister in a parentless family and works in a school cafeteria. Her character is tough and lives a hard life; she is burdened by the weight of enduring, and hope is difficult to find in her miserable life. She’s also a sufferer of domestic violence, and the film will include scenes of her being beaten around. As such, this role will require Sung to delve deep and show strong character acting.

Sung said, “People strongly advised me to take a bright, popular drama, but I’ll return to popular projects after I’ve shown a new side to my acting in this one.” She explained wanting to try a character she hadn’t portrayed before, and despite some worries of her people, she decided on this project because she didn’t want to only consider the project’s commercial success.

Noona begins filming on August 30, and afterward Sung plans to return to dramas sometime early next year.


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