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Sunday, August 31, 2014

2PM's Taecyeon says he isn't jealous of Nichkhun and Tiffany' relationship

Taecyeon commented on Nichkhun and Tiffany' relationship in the broadcast of KBS's 'Entertainment Weekly' on August 30th.

During the interview, the reporter mentioned about Nichkhun and Tiffany' relationship and asked if he felt jealous, to this Taecyeon said,"To be honest there's not much to be jealous about. Even if they go public with it, since they're both busy so as I know they can't meet each other often".

Taecyeon also answered the question about his dating style,"I don't know since I'm an idol. I think it always changes, depending on the person".

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Super Junior Kangin, 'I fell for Hyoyeon at first sight 14 years ago'

Super Junior Kangin confessed he fell for SNSD's Hyoyeon.

On August 15, Kangin appeared as special MC on JSTV 'The Ultimate Group'. When MC ZhouMi asked, "Do you remember SNSD's debut?", Kangin responded, "I remember the debut appearance of 9-member SNSD." He continued, "During that time when SNSD were preparing for their debut, I was also busy for Super Junior debut preparation."

In response to MC Jo Hye Ryun's question 'Who's the most beautiful member when you first saw SNSD?', he replied, "When I went to SM, I saw Hyoyeon first. When I see Hyoyeon's dancing appearance, I fell for it."

When asked, "So when was the last time you met Hyoyeon?", Kangin answered, "14 years ago," and caused laughter in the set.

Source: 1

'My Spring Day' releases a new still cut of Sooyoung + official trailer video

Sooyoung shows her motherly side in a new still cut for MBC's upcoming drama 'My Spring Day'.

The photo disclosed the scene when Lee Bom Yi(Sooyoung) first met the two children of Kang Dong Ha(Kam Woo Sung). It was said that before the shoot was taken, Sooyoung tried to approach and get close to the children first, which later made the scene come out natural and beautiful just like a family portrait.

'My Spring Day' tells the story of a woman named Lee Bom Yi who gets to live a new life after going through a heart transplant surgery. One day she encounters Kang Dong Ha who is a single father of two children and was the husband of her heart donor. They will eventually fall in love with each other as Kang Dong Ha later notices how Lee Bom Yi shares many similar traits with his late wife.

The drama will follow 'Fated To Love You' and broadcast on September 10th.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Taeyeon says she's scared of the the excessive of media exposure on 'THE TaeTiSeo'

Taeyeon shared her thought about the media exposure of her private life on 'THE TaeTiSeo'.

On August 26th, OnStyle broadcast the 1st episode of 'THE TaeTiSeo' showing the girls enjoying themselves in L.A after KCON.

Taeyeon said in a separate interview during the show,"I've been exposed more every year and I have a fear of that","Because I don't if it's a good or a bad thing but the feeling is like I'm shrinking into myself".

When the other members were asked to comment about Taeyeon's personality, Tiffany said,"Taeyeon is a very unsual person. She's a friend that is hard to get a grasp of". Seohyun said,"She's the style that takes care of you behind your back".

Heechul also made his brief appearance on the show and talked about Taeyeon,"Taeyeon' mood swings are really serious, and because I'm also the same so we're called as the 'mood swings siblings'","But I like her because she's not fake and genuinely care for the people around her".

Yoona releases new CF for Alcon Contact Lens

Girls' Generation's Yoona releases new CF for Alcon Contact Lens, watch it below:

Monday, August 25, 2014

SNSD to have their first 'THE BEST LIVE' Tokyo Dome tour on December 9 #catchGG

Girls Generation are finally going to have their first ever Dome tour starting in December in Tokyo.

It is announced upon their special hashtag event where they invite their SONEs to join #catchGG to connect with fans. To celebrate their 4th Japanese anniversary, the girls are holding their first ever Dome tour on December 9 in Tokyo.

Check out their special 4th Japanese debut anniversary video and  #catchGG invitation video message below:

Sunny, Choi Hong Man, Hong Jin Ho and more to appear on 'Happy Together 3'

Girls' Generation's Sunny, fighter Choi Hong Man, former pro gamer Hong Jin Ho, volleyball coach Kim Se Jin, announcer Do Kyung Wan and comedian Hwang Hyun Hee will be guesting on the next episode of KBS' 'Happy Together 3'.

According to official broadcasters from KBS, they already participated in the 'Tall & Short Special' episode on August 23rd. Many people are anticipating towards this episode since the guests will reveal more stories related to their heights.

This episode will be broadcast on August 28th.
Saturday, August 23, 2014

Girls' Generation's Seohyun graces Instyle magazine

Girls' Generation's Seohyun shows off her feminine charm for Instyle Magazine.

Check out more photos below:

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SNSD Seohyun graduates and receives Achievement Award from Dongguk University

SNSD's maknae Seohyun (real name Seo Joo-hyun) graduates from Dongguk University today and receives an Achievement Award.

Seohyun is the first member in SNSD who has graduated college. She is a theater major and took up degree in acting. Seohyun has been impressing her fans with her attitude towards education when she entered college in 2010. Attending the graduation ceremony today, she makes her SNSD members and fans proud of her achievement despite her busy promotions.

Congratulations Seohyun!

Girls' Generation's Seohyun mentions about TaeTiSeo's comeback at Dongguk University Graduation Ceremony

Seohyun has graduated from Dongguk University today on August 21st.

She shared her thought after the graduation ceremony,"I can't believe that I've graduated, I feel as if it was just yesterday that I got admitted. I was able to learn and gain a lot of understanding while attending the school. I want to thank to all the professors who taught me. I also want to thank again to everyone who have helped me".

Seohyun gave her speech after receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award,"I feel honored to be receiving such a profound award. I will do my best to become a member of society who carries a bigger sense of responsibility and commitment"

Seohyun also mentioned about TaeTiSeo's upcoming comeback as she said,"You will be able to see TaeTiSeo really soon. Since this is our first album after a long time so we put in a lot of effort. It was made with passion and commitment. I wish man fans will like it".

Congratulation on your graduation Seohyun!
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yoona to appear as guest on 'Sunny's FM Date' radio 100th day special

Yoona will come and guest on Sunny's radio on its 100th day special.

She will appear in the 3rd and 4th segments on MBC radio's 'Sunny's FM Date' on the upcoming August 19th. The segments will have Sunny celebrating the 100th day of her radio and directly granting the wishes from the listeners. Yoona will appear as the one to deliver the wishes.

The radio staff said,"Since they're close to each other so we are highly anticipating to see how Yoona will ask Sunny for her wish during the live broadcast'.

The radio is currently collecting the listeners' wishes through its official website. In particular, Sunny is said to be preparing for her live singing on the radio for the first time ever since she became a DJ.
Saturday, August 16, 2014

SNSD lands on # 1 on Oricon Weekly Album Chart with 'The Best'

SNSD ranked number one on Oricon Weekly Album chart for their latest Japanese compilation 'The Best.'

According to Oricon, 'The Best' has sold 31,477 copies in the two weeks that it has been released.

Girls Generation released its first ever compilation album 'The Best' that will feature all their greatest hits from 2010-2014 albums. 'The Best' includes their hit songs 'Gee,' 'Run Devil Run,' 'Mister Taxi,' 'Hoot,' 'Mr.Mr.,' 'Oh!,' 'The Boys,' 'Time Machine,' 'Bad Girl' and others.

written by:
SOURCE: Sports DongA
Thursday, August 14, 2014

Performances from the 2014 Mnet M!Countdown 2Nights in LA #KCON2014

Your favorite kpop idols group have gathered and performed on August 9 & 10 for this year's  'Mnet M!Countdown 2nights in LA #KCON2014'.

The stage of LA Memorial Sports Arena was filled with lively and amazing stage performances from B1A4, G-Dragon, IU, Teen Top, VIXX, BTS, CNBlue, SNSD, Jung Joon Young, SPICA, and featured guests Lee Seung Gi and Dancing 9 and many many more.

The broadcast aired today at 6PM through MNET channel and you can also watch the performances you missed below. Enjoy!

[Some backstage photos are also included]









Sunday, August 10, 2014

Taeyeon says Heechul is the best at imitating her voice in an interview on 'Hidden Singer 3'

Taeyeon picked Heechul as the one who does his best when it comes to imitating her voice.

In the broadcast of jTBC's 'Hidden Singer 3' on August 9th, Taeyeon was asked in an interview that if there's someone who has immitated her voice before, in which she answered,"There hasn't anyone who has imitated me seriously. My colleagues only imitate me as a joke while drinking".

Then Taeyeon was asked who does it best and she immediately replie it's Heechul. She also chose "Can You Hear Me" which was her OST from "Beethoven Virus" as the most difficult song for her to sing and even said Heechul also imitated the song a lot.

'Hidden Singer 3' is expected to broadcast on August 16th.

Check out the interview video below

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Baek Ah Yeon covers Girls' Generation's Into The New World

Baek Ah Yeon covers Girls' Generation's debut song 'Into The New World', check out her cover below:

Friday, August 8, 2014

Lapalette releases more photos featuring Jessica and Krystal

Fashion brand Lapalette has released more photos featuring the Jessica and Krystal.

As it was previously revealed, Jessica and Krystal have been selected as new models for the brand 2013 F/W line. Starting from August 5th, everyone will be able to see the advertisement images of the Jung sister through outdoor medias such as at bus stops and 38 offline stores of Lapalette.

Check out the pictorials below.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

'My Spring Day' releases photos from the first script reading featuring Sooyoung, Kam Woo Sung and more

On August 6th, the production team of MBC's upcoming drama "My Spring Day" just unveiled some photos from the first script reading.

The script reading was taken place at MBC's new building in Sangam with the attendance of Kam Woo Sung, Sooyoung, Lee Joon Hyuk, Jang Shin Young, Shim Hye Jin...together with Lee Jae Dong director.

"My Spring Day" will tell the story of a woman named Lee Bom Yi(Sooyoung) who gets to live a new life after going through a heart transplant surgery. One day she encounters Kang Dong Ha(Kam Woo Sung) who is a single father of two kids and was the husband of her heart donor. They will eventually fall in love with each other as Kang Dong Ha later notices how Lee Bom Yi shares many similar traits with his late wife.

The drama will be broadcast this September.

Jessica starts business career with the launching of her own fashion brand 'BLANC'

SNSD Jessica is the first among Girls' Generation member to have her own fashion brand as she announces today the launching of 'BLANC'.

The announcement is made through her weibo account along with a promo picture which she is the model herself and the website link.

The website features Jessica in a classy backless dress showing her S-line along with a countdown timer for the official opening and start of pre-order. It will be opened in two days time.

Seems like Jessica is securing her future with the opening of her own business. Congratulations!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

SNSD share photos from their 7th Anniversary Party #9irlsGenera7ion

SNSD or Girls' Generation are celebrating their 7th anniversary debut today, August 5.

The ladies had their 7th anniversary party fanmeeting on July 27  held in DongHae Cultural Art Center, Kwangwoon University at 6pm KST where they met and interacted with fans.

But don't worry, we could peek to what happened at their party as official photos have been shared. Check out the photos below:

Happy 7th Anniversary Girls' Generation!

SNSD to release 'Girls' Generation in Las Vegas' photobook

SNSD grab attention with the cover of their upcoming photobook titled 'Girls' Generation in Las Vegas'.

One year ago, the SNSD girls went to Las Vegas and had a holiday but also turned out to be a photoshoot for their upcoming photobook. The photobook 'Girls' Generation in Las Vegas' will be released on August 25 and is now available for pre-order for KRW 49,000. It includes 290 pages mouthwatering photos, DVD, some merchandise, and a poster.

Why not get one when the cover is already this much of tease. Guess who? You can save your slot by pre-ordering here and here.
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