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Thursday, September 3, 2015

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[BFF Special] '3rd bff ring' Seohyun's friendship with Hwanhee is a goal!

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In the world of showbiz, it's hard to find a best friend you know you can comfortably lean on especially when things get hard. Moreover, it's more difficult to keep a friend you barely see when your schedule is tight. The hardest is when you know you both have started together aiming the same dream but have eventually separated and now living on the opposite sides.

However, SNSD's Seohyun and Lee Hwanhee, a former SM trainee, defy all of that. On their instagram updates yesterday, the two boast their third friendship ring exchanging sweet messages as they celebrate their long-lasting friendship.

Hwanhee wrote,

"Our 3rd friendship ring~~~ ddak! this is our style~! Do not lose our cute friendship ring hihi❤️ my depressed mood has completely healed because of you jjang jjang it's fun and exciting~~~ thank you very much..! i'll get a good night sleep thanks to you! thank youuu, don't change for our friendship! i love you~~~~~~ @seojuhyun_s #friend #friendship #friendshipring #dontchange #SeoJoohyun #LeeHwanHee #S #H"

and sweet Seohyun responded to this,

"#Hwanhee ♡ #Joohyun's friendship ring~ㅎㅎ always by my side and not changing. because you've been strong on my side, thank you very much.. me too i love you so so much♡"

Such an adorable friendship keeping it tighter despite so much difference on their career. Seohyun and Hwanhee prove that you don't need to be always together to keep your friendship. Don't lose your wonderful friendship girls! Such an inspiration!


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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Seohyun goes on a date with Hyoyeon!

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SNSD Seohyun shares to her fans her date with her lovely eonnie Hyoyeon.

She happily posts a photo of them enjoying a delicious meal together and writes, "A wonderful date with #Hyoyeon eonnie♡ㅎㅎ I ate well~eonni-ing~♡nyam nyam~".

The appearance of the two is very refreshing. Both girls dressed down wearing caps and casual outfits. Despite that, they are still looking lovely giving winks for fans.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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Yuri's relaxing theory, LIKE A BOSS!

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Girls' Generation's Yuri reveals her unique way of relaxing!

She updated her Instagram with the photo shown above, she is seen lying on a sofa while playing her phone after a tired day. Girls' Generation performed at the Tencent KPop concert yesterday and impressed fans once again with their performance.

Fans commented, 'Yuri is such a goddess', 'she is sexy' and etc.

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[Concert] 15 Hot Girls' Generation pic from Tencent KPop Concert

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Girls' Generation show fans what it takes to become one of the hottest female groups in the history of KPop, check out the girls in action below

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Yoona sings Chinese song 'Moon Represents My Heart'

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Girls' Generation's Yoona showcases her vocal by singing popular Chinese song 'The Moon Represents My Heart' at the Tencent concert, check out her short performance below

Sunday, August 30, 2015

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Girls' Generation thanks fans with 6th Lion Heart win

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Girls' Generation show their gratitude towards fans with another victory.

The girls came first in the latest episode of Inkigayo with their latest hit song Lion Heart. The girls thank fans with an adorable group photo.

The girls pose happily backstage as shown in the photo, congratulations again!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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Seohyun is a high school student with bangs!

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SNSD Seohyun who is known to be the studious among the members displays her student look and even wears bangs!

Seohyun is going to share her double life in the upcoming episode of Channel Soshi. How did she manage her time being a responsible student and an SNSD member at the same time?

That's what fans are going to find out on the next episode. Meanwhile, what can you say to her high school student image? not to mention the bangs which made her look even more youthful.

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Smoky Yoona for Grazia

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Girls' Generation's Yoona definitely surprises fans with her latest photoshoot.

She is seen posing in smoky makeup in her latest pictorials, garnering much attention with her stylish fashion, check out all the photos here

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015


SNSD perform 'Lion Heart' & You Think' at Music Bank

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SNSD perform their comeback stage for 'Lion Heart' and 'You Think' for the first time at Music Bank.

The girls showcase the contrasting sexy and powerful performance for 'You Think' as well as their fun and colorful retro stage for 'Lion Heart' not to mention that the girls bring their undeniable vintage beauty on stage.

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Girls' Generation bring the lion out!

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Girls' Generation greet fans with their lion?

Well, the girls are on their way to Music Bank rehearsal, to match the theme of their hit song Lion Heart, the lion mascot which appears in the MV walk and greet fans with the girls on their way to the studio.

Check out more photos below

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


SNSD are too sexy to handle in 'You Think' MV

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SONEs are celebrating as they are getting 'You Think' MV after 'Lion Heart' earlier.

If we enjoy the vintage and cute music video for 'Lion Heart' get ready to be captivated by the girls fierce and sexy charms in 'You Think' MV. Moreover, all their 12 tracks are released today so don't forget to get a copy of their physical album at your favorite stores.

The girls' are extra hot in their black outfits and sexy dance moves!

Monday, August 17, 2015

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Seohyun at the Lion Heart MV filming set

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Girls' Generation' maknae teases fans with an absolutely gorgeous photo of herself.

She updates her Instagram with the photos shown above, she is seen posing elegantly to the camera, garnering much attention with her milky skin and classy outfit.

Fans commented, 'you're so gorgeous', 'girl god', 'simply amazing and etc.

Do you anticipate the release of Lion Heart MV?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

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Girls' Generation unveil track list + new teaser images

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Girls' Generation unveil the track list of their 5th album 'Lion Heart' including all the 12 tracks such as their double title tracks "You Think", and "Lion Heart". Others are their pre-released "Party", "Fire Alarm", "Green Light", "Paradise", "Bump It", "One Afternoon","Show Girls","Talk Talk", "Check" and lastly "Sign".

The first six tracks will be released online on 18 while the rest will be on 19 including the physical album. Moreover new teaser images displaying the glamorous and sophisticated vintage beauties of the girls are also released.

See below:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

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Yoona is a gorgeous Grazia girl

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Girls' Generation's Yoona impresses with her latest magazine cover.

She is seen posing in fashionable outfits in the photo above, she receives praises with her slim figure and stylish fashion.

More photos will be released, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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SNSD on 'Weekly Idol' preview

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The preview for SNSD's first ever appearance of 'Weekly Idol' is now released.

For 8 years of their career, the girls have released numerous hit songs so can you imagine how they are going to do the random play dance fans are requesting for?

Check out the preview below:


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