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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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Shinhwa's Junjin to launch '#REAL' Asia Tour

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Shinhwa's Junjin will expand his solo comeback promotions with upcoming Asia Tour.

He will kick off the tour with a concert at Ewha Woman's University's Welch-Ryang Auditorium on October 24th titled 'JUNJIN 2015 ASIA TOUR #REAL# IN SEOUL'.

Following Seoul, he's also planning to bring the concert o Japan, China and Southeast Asia.

An official said,"For this tour, the fans will not only see Junjin's signature delicate performances but also ballads, acoustic sounds and medium-tempo pop songs as well. He will present various charms that he has never shown before. He will also prepare surprise events for the fans".

The ticket sale for Junjin's Seoul concert will be opened through Interpart on September 16th at 8PM KST.

Monday, August 31, 2015

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Shinhwa's Junjin releases the first teaser photo for upcoming solo comeback

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Shinhwa's Junjin will be coming back as a soloist after 7 years.

On August 31st, a teaser photo for his 2nd mini album '#REAL' was revealed through official Facebook, which shows him dressing in dandy style with a mixture of playful as he was posing with a potato chip in his hand.

Since '#REAL#' will be released on his birthday, September 7th, so it will be a day full of joy for both Junjin and the fans.

Are you excited for his comeback?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shinhwa releases the teaser video for 17th anniversary encore concert in Seoul

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The official teaser video for Shinhwa's upcoming 17th anniversary encore concert in Seoul has been released.

As it was previously revealed, '2015 SHINHWA 17TH ANNIVERSARY FINALE CONCERT ‘WE_SHINHWA'' will take place at Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on August 22nd & 23rd.

The ticket sale for fanclub members will be opened via Interpark on July 6th at 8PM KST and July 8th for regular fans.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Shinhwa to hold their 17th anniversary encore concert in Seoul this August

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Shinhwa will be holding an encore concert for 17th anniversary this August.

Shinhwa Company announced that the group will launch '2015 SHINHWA 17TH ANNIVERSARY FINALE CONCERT ‘WE_SHINHWA' on August 22nd and 23rd at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium.

The agency said,"There were a lot of memorable events during the activities for the 12th album and in order to repay all the fans' love and support, Shinhwa decided to hold an encore concert in August. There will be many new stages compared to the first ones so please look forward to it a lot".

The ticket sale for the concert will be opened via Interpark on July 6th for fanclub members and July 8th for regular fans.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Shinhwa wins lawsuit over the righs to their name after 17 years

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Shinhwa has finally gained all the rights to their trademark name 'Shinhwa' after 17 years.

On May 29th, ShinCom Entertainment released an official statement through their website announcing that all the rights to their name have been transfered from Joon Media to Shinhwa.

Due to trademark issues, Shinhwa wasn't able to freely use their name in the past as they restrained from putting the name 'Shinhwa' on the their related merchandises and only include the group's logo.

Shinhwa said through the official statement,"We want to thank all the fans who have supported and cheered us on for the pass 17 years. We will continue working harder so that the name 'Shinhwa' will shine even brighter in the future".

Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Shinhwa's Eric to have his own photo album

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SHINHWA's Eric will release his solo photo album,  'ERIC in HONGKONG,' on May 29th.

'ERIC in HONGKONG' will include a great number of photos taken in new and old parts of Hong Kong such as Tsim Sha Tsui, Monkok, Causeway Bay, and Lan Kuai Fong. 

The album will be released as two editions: Type A & Type B, with total of 208 pages of photos, interviews, and about 30-minute long DVD recording the making of photo shoots.

Posters made with five cuts from the photo book will be available for separate purchase, and the album will be officially released on June 11th.

A representative of E&J Entertainment said, "Eric has been active as the member of SHINHWA and an actor for many years, and 'ERIC in HONGKONG' will represent Eric's career. We hope that many fans would enjoy the album."

Meanwhile, Eric's first solo photo album, 'ERIC in HONGKONG,' will be officially released on June 11th.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

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Shinhwa's Dongwan to join the cast of 'Glory Day'

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Shinhwa's Dongwan will make his return to the big screen through upcoming movie 'Glory Day'.

A rep from CI ENT announced on April 29th,"Kim Dongwan has been confirmed for new movie 'Glory Day'. This movie is receiving much interest from movie fans so it's an honor for him to be a part of it. It's been a long since 'movie actor' Kim Dongwan made his appearance and he will show a new look of himself for those who have been waiting for it. In addition, he's also working hard on his comeback short film 'Empty Dream' after 3 years, so we ask for a lot of your interest as Kim Dongwan will showcase various sides of himself in the future".

'Glory Day' will focus on the story of four high school best friends who will have a big leapt in their futures after being involved in an overnight incident.

Meanwhile, Dongwan will be hosting the opening ceremony for '16th Jeonju International Film Festival' on April 30th.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Shinhwa announces completion of 'Sniper' activities

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On April 1st, Shinhwa uploaded the photo above on their Twitter announcing that the promotion for 'Sniper' reached its final activity.

The photo was captioned with, “Shinhwa’s 2015 promotional activities for ‘Sniper’ has finished successfully. Shinhwa Changjo who gave us so much support, thank you!”

'Sniper' took home 10 music show awards including two from MBC‘s Show Champion, three from Mnet M! Countdown, one from KBS Music Bank, two from MBC Music Core, and two from SBS Inkigayo.

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SOURCE: @ShinhwaCompany

Thursday, March 12, 2015

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Shinhwa follows up their 1st win with another one from M!Countdown

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Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjos must be planning to slay this week as they follow up their 1st win with another trophy from M!Countdown today with their powerful song 'Sniper'.

On his instagram, Minwoo shares a group photo while holding their trophy and writes,

"Sniper!! 2nd time winning 1st!! Shinhwa Changjo 4ever ~  #Mcountdown #Shinhwa #Sniper #1win #ShinhwaChangjo #WE".

Even though they didn't receive the award on stage, the members are very amused upon announcing themselves as this week's winner and though it's a hidden camera prank. Congratulations!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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Shinhwa's Junjin signs with Enpino ; will be active as an actor

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Shinhwa's Junjin will start his activities under a new agency.

A rep of Enpino announced on March 11th,"We have recently signed an exclusive contract with Shinhwa's Junjin. He not only shows his infinite potential as a singer but also a well-rounded entertainer with witty variety skills. We're very happy to sign a contract with him. The agency will do their best to support Junjin so that he could grow as a solo artist and an actor, including being active as a Shinhwa member".

Junjin is currently actively promoting with Shinhwa for their 12th album 'WE'.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

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Shinhwa takes a photo with BTOB

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BTOB's seven members were given the chance to take a friendly photo with the legendary idol group Shinhwa at the backstage of Mnet M! Countdown’s 20th Anniversary Special.

BTOB performed Shinhwa’s 2004 song 'Brand New' on the said show. 

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SOURCE: @cubeunited

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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SS501's Kim Hyung Joon signs with Shinhwa Dongwan's agency CI ENT

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SS501's Kim Hyung Joon is now under the same agency as Shinhwa's Dongwan.

CI ENT announced on March 4th,"We have signed an exclusive contract with Kim Hyung Joon, who has gained much popularity not only domestically but also internationally after getting acknowledged for his music and acting career in a variety of works".

CEO Lee Jae Young said,"We will give him a full support so that he can exceed his talents in various fields. Please look forward to Kim Hyung Joon, who will start his activities anew under CI ENT".

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Shinhwa's Junjin, BTOB's Sungjae, Lee Ki Sang, Choi Hal Ri to host for 'M! Countdown' 20th Anniversary special

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Shinhwa's Junjin, BTOB's Sungjae, Lee Ki Sang and Choi Hal Ri will become special MCs for Mnet's 'M! Countdown' 20th Anniversary.

Roo'ra, Lee Seung Hwan, Park Ji Yoon, Ivy, Fly to the Sky, Shinhwa, Boohwa, BTOB and more will make their presence to celebrate this special day.

'M! Countdown' 20th Anniversary special will be broadcasted live for 120 minutes on March 5th.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


SHINHWA return with an MV for 'Sniper'

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SHINHWA is definitely back with the release of their 12th album 'WE' and MV for title song 'Sniper'.

These men prove that they still captivate fans with their undying music and charisma. The charismatic members also show their skillful dancing and sharp choreography.

Watch the legends back in the music scene!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Shinhwa members banned from getting married till 12th album

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On SBS's ‘Healing Camp’ broadcasted on February 23, Shinhwa appeared as guests and shared many interesting stories.

Shinhwa’s Eric said, “I want to be the first member to get married. I think people will celebrate the most for the first one to get married. However, one of Shinhwa’s plan this year is not to marry. As the songs in 12th album are so good, there was an offer not to marry.”

Eric also joked, “Like nowadays, idols are banned from using cellphones or dating, we are banned from marrying. We cannot marry while working with 12th album however good people we meet", making everyone burst into laughter.


Monday, February 23, 2015


Shinhwa confesses they almost disbanded during their 4-year hiatus

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Shinhwa talks about the period when they went through the crisis of disbanding.

During a recent recording of SBS's 'Healing Camp', Shinhwa's Eric shocked everyone at the studio by saying,"During our 4-year gap, we faced the biggest crisis of disbanding".

He continued,"I thought that with just one thing went wrong, we could disbanded", and revealed the moment at the time Shinhwa dealt with the crisis.

The story of how Shinhwa got back together after their hiatus will be unveiled in tonight's episode of 'Healing Camp' at 11:15 PM KST.


Shinhwa wants to have a trot collaboration with Girls' Generation

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Shinhwa sends a love call to Girls' Generation for a collaboration in the future.

The group made their appearance on MBC's 'Section TV' on February 22nd and was featured in a small interview.

During the interview, reporter Park Seul Gi asked,"Doing collaboration is popular these days. Is there any junior group that you want to collaborate with?". To this Lee Min Woo said,"Among the junior groups that we're close, I think we will match well with Girls' Generation".

When they were asked about the genre they would do, Junjin immediately said,"Trot" and made everyone burst in laughter.

Do you also want a Shinhwa x Girls' Generation collaboration?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

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Shinhwa releases teaser video for title track 'Sniper'

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Shinhwa leaves fans in daze and excitement with the teaser video for their upcoming title track 'Sniper'.

The video starts off with a whistle sound while going through various dark and mysterious scenes with each Shinhwa member located at their own place. The teaser also gives us a sneak peak at their upcoming choreography.

Shinhwa will release their 12th album 'WE' through various online music sites on February 26th. Meanwhile, check out the MV teaser below


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