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Sunday, July 19, 2015

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HaHa's wife Byul advises Lee Kwang Soo on relationship

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HaHa uploaded the photo above on his Instagram account.

On the photo is HaHa's wife Byul having a conversation with HaHa's 'Running Man' castmate Lee Kwang Soo. On his caption, It was revealed that Byul is giving Lee Kwang Soo pieces of advice on relationship.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

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SBS 'Running Man' turns five

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On July 11th, SBS' variety show 'Running Man' turned five.

It was in 2010 when SBS aired the first episode of 'Running Man.' One of the cast members, Ji Suk Jin uploaded photos to commemorate the milestone of the show.

A photo posted by 지석진 (@jeeseokjin) on
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Saturday, July 11, 2015

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Bora, Soyu, Bomi, Seolhyun & Lee Kuk Ju on 'Running Man' preview

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SBS 'Running Man' released a preview video of its July 12th episode.

'Running Man' will feature SISTAR's Bora and Soyu, APink's Bomi, AOA's Seolhyun, and Lee Kuk Ju. Those five gorgeous ladies will fight over the title of 'Queen of Summer.'

Watch below:

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Monday, July 6, 2015

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Lee Kwang Soo surprises with jaw-dropping choco-abs!

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Running Man's Kwangsoo has made fans surprised with his hot chocolate-abs!

Much to everyone's surprise, especially to avid viewers of Running Man, Kwangsoo has hidden his precious, well-sculpted, six-pack abs until it was unexpectedly revealed at their fanmeeting yesterday. (Thanks to Sukjin!)

With his model-like physique, tall, and lean body, Kwangsoo has just made fans swoon over him. Did you expect that?

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Sistar' Soyu & Bora, A Pink's Bomi, AOA's Seolhyun, Lee Guk Joo to guest on 'Running Man'

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Some of the trending emale celebrities will be guesting on SBS's 'Running Man'.

According to the officials on July 6th, Sistar' Soyu & Bora, A Pink's Bomi, AOA's Seolhyun and gag woman Lee Guk Joo are currently filming for 'Running Man' in Gyeonsangbuk-do.

It seems we will be having another couple race with this line-up.

This episode of 'Running Man' is scheduled to broadcast in mid-July.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

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Song JiHyo surprises with see-through airport fashion

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Running Man's queen Song JiHyo makes head turns as she appears at the Incheon Airport in the afternoon on July 2.

Song JiHyo is looking chic in her all-white outfit but netizens are buzzing about her see-through top which exposes her abs. JiHyo has always been wearing comfortable clothes like trench coat or t-shirts and jeans at the airport.

Netizens have mixed reactions on the sudden change of her style and commented, "She looks chic and sexy but also conservative at the same.","She should've worn skirt.","What's the point of the see-through outfit?","It's a fresh change of style.","Still the blank Ji Hyo is pretty.", "Must be hot." and so on.

Meanwhile, Running Man cast are heading to Hongkong to hold fanmeeting on July 3. See photos below and write down your opinion.

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2PM and Baek Jin Hee to guest on 'Running Man'

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2PM and actress Baek Jin Hee will be the next guests on SBS's 'Running Man'.

According to the officials, all the members of 2PM and Baek Jin Hee participated in the recording of 'Running Man' on July 1st.

Many fans are excited since it has been a while 2PM appear as a group on a variety show.

This episode is scheduled to broadcast in mid-July.

Monday, June 29, 2015


'Running Man' releases teaser for next week's episode featuring Girls' Generation

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Girls' Generation will battle it out in various games on next week's episode of SBS's 'Running Man'.

The theme for the episode is virtual game world as the girls are seen playing in real-life versions of some classic arcade games such as tetris and pac-man. In particular, Choi Hong Man and SHINee's Minho will make their special appearance in the last chasing mission.

Be sure to catch Girls' Generation on 'Running Man' on July 5th at 6:20PM KST.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Girls' Generation to guest on 'Running Man' with all 8 members

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Girls' Generation will make their whole group appearance on SBS's 'Running Man'.

According to the officials on June 23rd, all 8 members of Girls' Generation are currently participating in the filming of 'Running Man'.

In particular, this will be the first time for Tiffany and Sooyoung on 'Running Man' so many fans are very excited upon hearing the news.

This episode is expected to air in early July.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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Seo Hyun Jin, Do Sang Woo, CLC's Yeeun, BESTie's Haeryung and more to guest on 'Running Man'

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The guest lineup for today's recording of SBS's 'Running Man' has been revealed.

According to the officials on June 16th, Seo Hyun Jin, Do Sang Woo, Park Ha Na, Hwang Seung Un, BESTie's Haeryung, CLC's Yeeun, model Irene are currently participating in the recording of 'Running Man' in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do. They will team up with the 'Running Man' cast for the 'Couple Vacation Special' theme.

This episode is expected to broadcast in July.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

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Haha & wife Byul to participate on couple race on 'Running Man'

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SBS 'Running Man' uploaded the teaser video for their June 14th episode featuring couples with a 'Love and War' theme.

HaHa and his wife singer Byul will be partners in the couple race. When Byul was introduced as a guest and shouted "Yeobu [Honey]!", HaHa became shy and looked awkward immediately.

Watch below:

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Monday, June 8, 2015

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Song Joong Ki, Jo In Sung, Im Joo Hwan to make their surprise appearance on next week's 'Running Man'

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Song Joong Ki, Jo In Sung and Im Joo Hwan will surprise the 'Running Man' cast with their appearance on next week's episode.

A preview for next week's episode was shown after the episode on June 7th featuring Big Bang ended. For this episode, Haha's wife Byul as well as real life couple Kim So Hyun - Son Joon Ho will appear as guests and compete for the couple race.

In particular, Song Joong Ki, Jo In Sung and Im Joo Hwan are also seen making their special appearance in the preview. Since they won't be there as guests, it seems they decided to visit 'Running Man' in order to cheer on their close friend Lee Kwang Soo.

Check out the preview video

Friday, June 5, 2015

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Roman-era Big Bang vs. Joseon-era Running Man cast on time slip battle

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This week's 'Running Man' concept with much anticipated guest Big Bang, is now revealed.

According to the program, Big Bang are battling against Running Man members in a time slip race where they can go back to the past to complete missions in limited time.

Thus, we see Big Bang travel back to Roman-era wearing Spartan costumes while Running Man members (except Jong kook) are taken back to Joseon Dynasty. It is said that the two teams are going to play thrilling race and create tension in order to change their fate.

Meanwhile, Big Bang's episode on Running Man airs on Sunday at 6:10PM. Don't miss it!

Monday, May 25, 2015

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Big Bang, in spartan costumes, film for 'Running Man'

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Media report that Big Bang are currently recording for SBS 'Running Man' today somewhere at Inje Speedium in Gangwon.

Fan-taken photos of the group are uploaded on SNS showing the gentlemen wearing spartan costumes with Jong kook with the classic nametags. During the missions, the teams are divided into red (Big Bang) and blue (Running Man cast). It is also reported that G-Dragon's fans send food truck for the cast and staff of the variety program.

There's no exact date of Big Bang's appearance, but let's anticipate their episode in the coming weeks for this is their first Running Man guesting after 3 years!

Photo credits: coffeegreate & inmyworld_vi

Sunday, May 24, 2015

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SBS' 'Running Man' drops bonus video featuring Lee Kwang Soo

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On May 22nd, SBS' 'Running Man' uploaded a bonus clip featuring their surprise home visit to Lee Kwang Soo.

On the May 17th episode of 'Running Man' and it was a live broadcast, Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin consummated their prank on Lee Kwang Soo, who was so surprised by the trick as he was caught watching his adult videos.

Watch below:

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Big Bang in talks to guest on 'Running Man'

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It seems we will get to see Big Bang on 'Running Man' once again after 3 years.

According to various reports on May 13th, Big Bang will be guesting on SBS's 'Running Man'. In regard of this, PD Im Hyung Taek said,"It hasn't been confirmed yet. We're still discussing about their appearance".

Big Bang's first guesting on 'Running Man' as a group was in 2012 while G-Dragon, Seungri and Daesung made their appearance on the show in 2013.

Meanwhile, 'Loser' and 'Bae Bae' are still dominating various domestic online music charts.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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After School's Uee and comedian Kim Joon Hyun to guest on 'Running Man'

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After School's Uee and comedian Kim Joon Hyun will be making their appearances on SBS's 'Running Man'.

PD Im Hyung Taek revealed on May 12th that Uee and Kim Joon Hyun are currently recording for 'Running Man' in Gyeonggi-do. Today's theme seems to related to food as they are said to go around doing mission in various restaurants.

Unlike Uee who has been familiar with the show, this will be the first time for Kim Joon Hyun on 'Running Man' and many people are anticipating to see his extraordinary sense of humour especially towards his 'meokbang' scenes.

This episode is scheduled to broadcast later this month.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Running Man members pose with Henry, Kangnam and Park Junhyung

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On May 06, Kim Jong Kook updated his SNS account with a selfie taken with Running Man members and guests while recording for the show.

In the photos, Jong Kook, Jae Suk, Suk Jin are posing happily with special guests Super Junior's Henry, GOD's Junhyung, MIB's Kangnam in a boat during one mission. Everyone look excited with big smiles and V-signs. They seemed to have a very good time during the show.

The special episode with Henry, Amber, Kangnam, Nickhun and Junhyung will be broadcasted 2 weeks after.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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Amber shares group photo from Running Man filming

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After the news that god Park Joon Hyung, Henry, f(X) Amber, 2PM Nichkhun, and MIB Kangnam are recording for a Running Man episode, fans are started to get excited.

Easing the wait, Amber shares a group photo during the recording of Running Man along with fellow guests expressing her happiness to be on the show for the first time.

She writes, "Me and the bros. Crazy day today :) in the words of Joon... BAAAM!" She also shares another photo of her wearing a yellow jacket and the famous name tag. Fans commented, "I can't wait for the episode!","Finally you're on Running Man!","I've been waiting for this."

Are you excited for this 'foreign special' episode?

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Park Joon Hyung, Henry, Amber, Nichkhun & Kangnam on 'Running Man'

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Some of the most variety stars are finally gathering on 'Running Man' and we have  god's Park Joon Hyung, Henry, f(X)'s Amber, 2PM's Nichkhun, and MIB's Kangnam.

According to 'Running Man' officials, the five anticipated guests are confirmed to appear on the program and in fact have participated in recording in Seoul. With the appearance of the five guests, the theme is apparently 'foreign guests' as each of them came from different countries.

In this case, aside from Nichkhun and Gangnam who have already appeared on the program,for Park Joon Hyung, Henry, and Amber, it's their first time. Expectations are rising on how these foreign guests are going to interact with each other and with the cast of Running Man.


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