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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Teen Top release comeback teaser photos for 'Missing'

Teen Top have released their comeback photos for their upcoming album release 'EXITO'.

The photos were taken in New York showing the boys' promised mature appearance. Wearing black leather and rider jackets, the boys are oozing with muscular appeal and charisma off their expressions.

Meanwhile, Teen Top are releasing 'EXITO' on September 15.

4Minute's Hyuna becomes new model for 'TonyMoly'

4Minute's Hyuna has been chosen as the new model for cosmetic brand 'Tony Moly'.

'Tony Moly' as a global brand with stores in various countries such as Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan especially it recently opened in Manhattan, America, Hyuna with her rising popularity is a perfect choice to be the new global model for the brand.

Hyuna is expected to showcase a new side of her through various promotions with 'Tony Moly', transforming from a 'sexy icon' to a 'beauty icon'.

Meanwhile, 'Tony Moly' will unveil a new CF and pictorials featuring Hyuna starting this September.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2PM release more solo teaser images for 'Go Crazy'

2PM release more solo teaser images for their upcoming album 'Go Crazy'.

Just by looking at their photos alone, you must feel the excitement off their expressions. The boys are looking stylish too in their groovy outfits.

Meanwhile, 2PM are releasing their album 4th 'Go Crazy' on September 15 but before that, HOTTESTs can enjoy the MV and Pre-Party on September 10.

Check out the solo teasers below:

'Cart' movie starring EXO's D.O. releases first trailer and still cut

The first trailer for the upcoming movie 'Cart' has been released featuring the main cast including EXO's D.O (Do Kyungsoo).

This movie which is the work of Director Boo Jiyoung and Producter Myung Pilleum will be D.O.'s debut on big screen as an actor, therefore he'll go with his real name Do Kyungsoo. He's playing the character of actress Yeom Jungah's son Choi Tae Young.

The plot is about a single mother (Yeom Jungah) who fights against the wrongful act of being taken out of her work in a megastore. Also starring are  Moon Jung Hee, Kim Kang Woo, Chun Woo Hee, and Kim Young Ae.

'Cart' premieres on big screen in November. Meanwhile, Kyungsoo is currently appearing in Wednesday and Thursday SBS drama 'It's Ok It's Love'.

Clara flaunts her slim figure for bnt International

Our reader Danny sent in tips on Clara's bnt International photoshoot.

Clara is known for her well-maintained figure and gorgeous look and she's back again with another amazing photoshoot, check out the photos below as she showcases her feminine charm for the magazine.

2PM release poster for ‘2PM World Tour GO CRAZY’ in Seoul

2PM are 'all-in' for their upcoming comeback and will be making up for their hiatus by doing a world tour.

The poster for their ‘2PM World Tour GO CRAZY’ in Seoul is released showing the group's hyper expression. 2PM are going to kick off their world tour in Seoul on October 3 and 4 at Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

Meanwhile, 2PM are releasing their album 4th 'Go Crazy' on September 15 but before that, HOTTESTs can enjoy the MV and Pre-Party on September 10.

Teen Top release tracklist and group image for 'EXITO'

Teen Top has released the tracklist of their upcoming album 'EXITO' to be released on 15th.

The album contains six songs including their title track 'Missing' and others "Alone", "Cry", "Love Is...","Remote Control", and "Love You".

Along with the song list is a group teaser photo showing the six members in their more charismatic appearance as grown up men.

Anticipate their first MV teaser at 12PM (September 2).

Monday, September 1, 2014

AOA unveil jacket photos for 'Miniskirt' Japanese release

As their Japanese debut is fast approaching, AOA have unveiled that jacket photos for their debut single release.

The single album which will come in different editions have the group photos of the girls in their red and sexy outfit.

The single album 'Miniskirt' will be released on October 1 but ahead of that AOA are holding shakehand event in Osaka on September 6.

2PM drop group teaser photo for 4th album 'Go Crazy' + comeback details

2PM release the group photo for their 4th album comeback 'Go Crazy'.

Similar to the club party concept of the members' previous teasers, the group photo also shows 2PM lying down together just like a group of friends taking a break after having so much fun.

2PM are coming back with new album 'Go Crazy' on September 15 but before that, HOTTESTs can enjoy the MV and Pre-Party on September 10.

Moreover, 2PM are going to have 'Club Party' starting on September 10 at Club Octagon and will conduct guerrilla party next.
Sunday, August 31, 2014

FT Island's Jonghoon shares cute selcas with Yoon Eun Hye

Jonghoon shows his unexpected friendship with actress Yoon Eun Hye.

On August 30th, he tweeted,"Before giving worship to Eun Hye noona~ :)" and uploaded a long a photo which showed him and Yoon Eun Hye sitting on a sofa and posed with cute V signs towards the camera. The actress also attracted much attention for her flawless beauty despite dressing in casual outfits.

Yoon Eun Hye will make her on-screen comeback in new movie 'Chronicle of A Blood Merchant' while FT Island will start their 'FTISLAND AUTUMN TOUR 2014-To The Light' in Japan from October 16th to November 24th.

Nasty Nasty unveils another teaser photo of Kyungri and Sojin

Nasty Nasty keeps fans excited by releasing another alluring teaser photo of Nine Muses' Kyungri and Sojin.

The photo was deemed in black and white colors and disclosed Kyungri and Sojin in revealing outfits, showcasing their sexy charm beauty. In addition, the red ' Nasty Nasty' text stood out in the photo which helped boost up the level of sexiness.

Nasty Nasty's debut digital single 'Knock' will be released on September 3rd.
Friday, August 29, 2014

WINNER's Mino releases teaser image for solo MV 'I'm Him'

WINNER's Mino releases the teaser image for his upcoming solo MV release of 'Im Him'.

The song is included in WINNER's debut album '2014 S/S'. In the photo, MINO is looking sleek in suit with his hair brushed up.

Mino's solo MV release for 'I'm Him' will be on August 30 at 5PM (kst).

Choi Siwon to release his own designed-bag collection

Super Junior's visual representative Siwon has shown another side of him by being a bag designer for 'Helianthus'. Siwon has collaborated with them to release his own collection of bags he personally designed.

Photos of Siwon modelling his own-designed bags are released showing the actor/singer's luxurious and attractive bag handling. His design displays a 3D star pattern which looks chic and stylish in black and white colors.

Siwon's designed bags are going to be released in only 200 pieces limited edition on September 1 in Lotte Duty Free Shop, Seoul. Meanwhile, Super Junior have made their first 'Mamacita' comeback stage at Music Bank today.

MBLAQ release mysterious image; hinting a comeback?

JTune Camp uploads a mysterious image through their twitter account hinting an upcoming possible comeback for MBLAQ.

The caption that goes along with the attached image is, "I'm not a monster. Coming soon 2014.9"

The image gives off a dark mood with various objects like a splash of water behind a sofa. Along with the photo is the word 'Monster' and phrase 'COMING SOON 2014.9".

If this is MBLAQ's comeback, let's wait for further details soon.

Sunny unveils her childhood and family photos on 'Happy Together 3'

KBS' 'Happy Together 3' broadcast a 'Tall and Short' special episode featuring Girls' Generation's Sunny, Choi Hong Man, volleyball coach Kim Se Jin, announcer Do Kyung Wan, former pro-gamer Hong Jin Ho and comedian Hwang Hyun Hee on August 28th.

During the show, Sunny unveiled her childhood photos when she was 2 years old as well as a family portrait which attracted a lot of attention from many people.

Upon seeing the photos, Park Mi Seon commented,"It looks like a wealthy family". Sunny then said,"There's a reason why we took the picture why sitting. My family is called as big people but actually we're all small and a little fat"
Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jay Park unveils jacket photo for 2nd album 'Evolution'

Counting the days down until his anticipated comeback, Jay Park unveils the jacket photo of his 2nd album 'Evolution'.

The album cover shows a side profile of himself drawn with some transparent symbols that are related to him. He already explained that the album will be personalized showing the music and style he owns.

Meanwhile, Jay is going to release his 2nd album 'Evolution' on September 1.

Eunji, Naeun, and Siwan have a fun camping for MLimited CF

Clothing brand MLimited release their catalog for F/W collection and new CF featuring their models A Pink's Eunji, Naeun, and ZE:A's Siwan.

The three energetic and youthful idols have enjoyed their camp out playing with each other and appeared to be having a real lots of fun in "Falling in Fall" CF. Want to try this camping with your friends?

Watch the CF and see photos below:

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