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Thursday, September 3, 2015

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[Curvy Figure] Top 10 Sexiest photos of Kang Ye Bin

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Real name: 강정미 / Kang Jung Mi
Profession: Actress, model, MC
Birthdate: 1983-Jan-20 (age 32)
Birthplace: Yeoju-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Height: 170cm
Weight: 49kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: B

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CNBlue dapper charms for '2gether' ver B

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CNBlue are looking dapper in their suits in the concept teaser images for version B of upcoming '2gether' album.

Taken in the forest, the young men exudes a rather mature charismatic appeal giving sharp gazes and serious expression. Would you prefer this one or their sexy image on version A?

Nonetheless, CNBlue are coming back on September 14.

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Seventeen release jacket images for 'Hide' & 'Seek' version + track list

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Seventeen have finally revealed that they are releasing two versions of their 2nd mini album and the concept would be 'Hide' & 'Seek'. Both will be released on September 10.

It appears like the 'Hide' version displays the carefree and lively image of the boys while the 'Seek' version is the opposite. In addition to that, the group also releases the track list of the album.

Aside from their title track "Mansae", there are four more songs included such as "Fronting", "When I Grow Up", "OMG" and "Rock".

Are you excited with their comeback?

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[Hot Pic] Kang Yebin for MAXIM Korea

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Model Kang Yebin shows off her voluminous figure for the latest issue of Maxim Korea magazine.

Besides posing for the cover, she gets intimate with a male model in the 2nd photoshoot, garnering much attention with her seductive pose.

Are you impressed with her figure?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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Nichkhun snaps groupie with 'The Maze Runner' Minho & Newt!

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2PM Nichkhun shares the groupie he snapped when he met the "Maze Runner" casts at the red carpet event today.

In the photos are Nickhun, Ricky Kim and the two loved actors Ki Hong Lee who plays Minho and Thomas Brodie-Sangster who plays Newt in the film. Nichkhun captions his photo with, "Mazerunner 2!! You gotta watch this!! With @Rickykim81 @kihonglee and Thomas Sangster!"

Meanwhile, Ki Hong and Thomas meet their Korean fans at the red carpet event held at COEX Megabox in Samseong-dong, Seoul this afternoon. The two are in Korea to promote their movie "Maze Runner:  The Scorch Trials" which premieres in Korean cinemas starting on September 17.


Jessi flaunts her 'apple hip' and fit body!

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Jessi, for sure, is going to inspire you to start your workout routine at this very moment!

Jessi shares some photos of her workout-made fit body on her instagram account. Wearing black leggings and yellow sports bra, Jessi is proud to display her 'apple hip' which she gained from her workout.

She is flaunting her lean and toned body and she looks so sexy! Wanna get that body? Don't starve! Eat properly at start your workout!

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Seohyun goes on a date with Hyoyeon!

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SNSD Seohyun shares to her fans her date with her lovely eonnie Hyoyeon.

She happily posts a photo of them enjoying a delicious meal together and writes, "A wonderful date with #Hyoyeon eonnie♡ㅎㅎ I ate well~eonni-ing~♡nyam nyam~".

The appearance of the two is very refreshing. Both girls dressed down wearing caps and casual outfits. Despite that, they are still looking lovely giving winks for fans.

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UP10TION unveils jacket image for 'Top Secret'

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TOP Media's new boy group UP0TION unveil the jacket image of their debut album "Top Secret" and the members are looking chic and very stylish oozing with youthful charms.

In addition, more details regarding their debut are also released. The album will be released on September 11 but the boys are meeting their fans at their debut showcase on September 9 starting 8PM at AX Concert Hall.

Moreover, UP10TION are recording their debut stage for Music Bank on September 4. This is going to be a busy week for awaiting fans!

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Wild Seolhyun appears!

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What will you do when you see your favorite idol standing just in front of you?

Recently fans spotted Seolhyun at a mini market after her performance. Of course they were surprised at first and managed to snap a photo of Seolhyun who's busy choosing her items.

Netizens commented, 'wow is that Seolhyun for real?', 'she buys things on her own instead of asking the staff's help', 'she's so pretty', 'i wonder how will i react' and etc.

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Crayon Pop Choa is chic & sexy like you've never seen her before!

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Crayon Pop Choa had a solo pictorial for bnt and she's going to make you forget your quirky image of her 'coz she's looking so chic, delicate, sporty and sexy like you've never seen her before.

Choa has been showing her cute and bubbly image together with her group in their established quirky concept of Crayon Pop's songs. However, let's take a while to be mesmerized by her chic and sexy look.

Choa knows how to work on those sexy gazes too!


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