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Friday, January 30, 2015

Yonghwa takes home his first win with 'One Fine Day' at Music Bank

It's a 'One Fine Day' indeed as Yonghwa takes home his first trophy since he makes his solo debut.

Yonghwa and Davichi are the nominess for no.1 at Music Bank this win but the CNBlue's vocalist take home the win afterwards. Right after. Yonghwa takes on through SNS to thank fans for his win.

"No.1 KBS Music Bank!!!!! It's because of you BOICE!!!Thank you for making a 'One Fine Day'!!! Please give more love and support for the whole promotion, " a photo is included showing Yonghwa holding his trophy and a bouquet of flowers.


Yonghwa works with global design team 'Storm Studios' for 'One Fine Day' special edition album

Yonghwa will release a special edition album of 'One Fine Day' in collaboration with a famous global design group 'Storm Studios' for his jacket image.

Storm Studios is responsible for many album covers of musicians such as Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' album. Yonghwa is the first Korean artist Storm Studios has worked with. Art director Dan Abbott stated, "We make cover arts inspired by the music and lyrics. 'One Fine Day' is filled with romance and loneliness so we based the theme idea and worked on it."

Yonghwa's special edition album will be released on February 4. In addition to that, he will also release a Japanese version album in March 4.

After School release date & concept image for 'Japan Best Album'

After School finally announce the release of their first Japan 'After School Best Album' along with the concept photos today.

The regular edition album will have a total of 19 tracks including their hit songs 'Bang!', 'Diva', 'Rumbling Girls', 'Heaven' , 'Shh', 'Because of You' ,'Ms. Independent' and more.

There will be Live Edition CD+DVD, MV Edition CD+DVD,  mu-mo Edition, and more. The album will be on sale from March 18.

f(x) Luna sports long hair for bnt pictorial

f(x) Luna sports a long hair for her recent pictorial interview for bnt.

Luna is growing beautifully these days and turning herself to a lovely and wonderful lady. In her recent pictorial, Luna has displayed various concepts showing her versatile beauty.

With her long hair, Luna looks so feminine and exudes a dreamy and pure image. See her photos below:

Seo Kang Jun & Kang Sora display impressive chemistry to endorse 'Goobne Chicken'

Actors Kang Sora and Seo Kangjun are appointed as the new endorsers of 'Goobne Chicken'.

Promotional photos are released showing the pair with their undoubtedly impressive chemistry. Although this is the first time they are working together, the two display a couple-like image.

'Goobne Chicken' representative states that Kang Sora and Seo Kangjun are perfect to promote the brand's image of healthy and clean chicken. In particular, their new Honey Curry Chicken product will be released next month.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

4Minute reveal individual teaser images for 'Crazy'

4Minute reveal teaser images for their comeback song titled 'Crazy'.

The girls showcase their sexiness in the teaser images, covering half of their face to portray a mysterious image.

Do you anticipate their return?

Yonghwa surprises fans with his toned topless image

Prior to his 'surprise', Yonghwa has prepared his fans through twitter that he's releasing a surprise at midnight.

When the clock ticks, a dazzling black and white topless photo of Yonghwa with his toned abs is uploaded along with the caption 'One Fine Day' making fans in daze.

Fans tease him such as, "Don't do this. Wear your clothes it's cold.","I'm so shocked.","Is this photoshop?","Oppa knows how to have fun.","Is this really coming from oppa?" and so on.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

After School are 'septuplets' in group selfie

After School Jung Ah shares a group selfie of the members through her instagram account.

She captions, "Who's who? Who's not? You should absolutely not have a haircut with these many people hehe #japanesejacket #japanesealbum #wig #afterschool".

Jung Ah seems right after looking at the photo of seven girls having the same bob wigs and outfit. It seems like the girls are preparing for their new Japanese album. Meanwhile, Lizzy is not in the picture because of her solo preparations and schedules.

Yonghwa to release MV for 'Checkmate' ft. JJ Lin

Yonghwa is going to release a music video for one of his album's tracks 'Checkmate'.

The track features JJ Lin, a Singaporean singer-songwriter, and actor based in Taiwan so fans are anticipating their collaboration and appearances. It is reported that the two spent 27 hours of continuous filming and will have a 'Misaeng' themed concept.

The MV will be released on January 30. Are you looking forward to it?

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung flaunts her slender legs for Nylon Magazine

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung is a gorgeous lady in the latest issue of Nylon Magazine.

She is seen posing with many fashionable items in her latest photoshoot, showing off her great figure.

Check out the photos below:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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