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Monday, October 20, 2014

ToppDogg release jacket image for 1st anniversary single album 'Annie'

ToppDogg are celebrating their 1st anniversary soon. In order to commemorate it, the boys are releasing a special single album 'Annie'.

In fact the MV teaser is already released and they followed it up with the jacket image today. The image shows all the 13 boys wearing blue and black outfit.

Meanwhile, ToppDogg are releasing the single album exactly on October 24, the exact day which they made their debut last year.

Nana graces Instyle magazine

After School's Nana graces the November issue of Instyle Magazine.

Nana is receiving much love in 2014 for being cast in Roommate and achieves success with unit group Orange Caramel.

Sunday, October 19, 2014
Saturday, October 18, 2014
Friday, October 17, 2014

Jessica is back in Korea for the 1st time since withdrawal issue

Jessica keeps her words when she said 'I'll be back' as  she arrived in Korea from China few hours ago at Incheon National Airport.

Making her 1st public appearance following her issue with Girl's Generation,  Jessica attended Lane Crawford‘s 1st anniversary event in Shanghai as the chief designer of 'BLANC & ECLAIRE' on Ocotber 16.

Following this,  Jessica is definitely taking step-by-step into fashion industry as she prepares to further explore her career as designer. Meanwhile, with just more than an hour gap, Girls Generation also depart for China to hold their 'SMTOWN in Shanghai'.

See photos from Dispatch

CNBlue's Jungshin hits the runway for "2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week"

CNBlue's representative model Lee Jungshin walk in the runway for "2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week" held in the afternoon today at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul.

Wearing designer SONGZIO's collection, Jungshin  brings out the model image of him which is overflowing with charisma while confidently walking in the runway.

Check out some photos and video below:

Super Junior release concept image for 'Mamacita' special edition a lbum

Super Junior has released the concept image for their upcoming 7th 'Mamacita' special edition album, where the member appear in two-toned suit. Members Kangin, Donghae, and Heechul are also seen having their musical instruments.

The album will consists of 13 tracks including a special rendition of 'This Is Love' as well as three new songs. For this album, the members are involved in the planning of concept and album design, and each is expected to show their unique musical color.

It will be released online on 23rd and will be available in physical stores on 27th. Meanwhile, Super Junior are going to showcase special stages for 'This is Love' and 'Evanesce' at M!Countdown on 23rd.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Goo Hara wows with her toned abs and 'ant waist'

KARA's Goo Hara is making fans wow as she once again proven to have an incredibly 'ant-waist' in addition to her toned abs.

Hara posted the photo on her instagram along with the caption, "My abs which are made by pilates and riding(exercise)."

The imafe show Hara's incredible tiny waist with a very toned abs while wearing black leggings and shirt. Do you want a body like that?

Girl's Day reveal concept photos for 'I Miss You'

Girl's Day is receiving much love with their emotional ballad song 'I Miss You' despite the decision for not performing the song on live music shows.

The girls reveal the concept images of their new single, whose photo turns out to be the best?

Secret's sister group 'Sonamoo' introduce first three members

TS Entertainment's rookie girl group Sonamoo start to introduce members through their official Facebook page.

So far, we have three members introduced through their profile photos. They are Na Hyun, New Sun, and Eui Jin. According to their group profile, Sonamoo is going to be a 7-member girl group so we have yet to know the remaining four members.

We will update you further. Meanwhile, check out their photos below:

 Eui Jin

 Na Hyun (leader)

New Sun
Wednesday, October 15, 2014

'Love Cell' starring Park SunHo, Nam JiHyun, Jang Hyuk, Kim Woobin & Kim YooJung releases posters

Web-drama 'Love Cell' packed with its dream cast Park SunHo, Nam JiHyun, Jang Hyuk, Kim Woobin & Kim YooJung releases its official posters.

The first batch of posters release feature the main characters Park SunHo, Nam JiHyun, Jang Hyuk, and Kim YooJung.

In the drama adaptation of fantasy romcom webtoon series, the love story of unemployed Ma Dae Chung (Park Sun Ho) and Seo Rin (Nam JiHyun), a top celebrity female will unfold. In their loveline, a cat Nevi (Kim YooJung) who has special ability to control people's love cells will be Ma Dae Chun's love mentor.

Along with the main cast are Jang Hyuk who will be Ma Dae Chung's neighbor that specialized in martial arts and has a quite personality. Finally, Kim Woo Bin is going to be anticipated as well as the 'Dating King'.

The drama premieres on November 3 and you can watch it through

Weekly Idol releases teasers for Red Velvet appearance

Weekly Idol releases teaser images of Red Velvet for their appearance  on the show.

The MCs Donnie and Connie seem like having so much fun with the rookie girl group. In the photos, Red Velvet are laughing hardly and doing aegyos that would surely melt their fans.

Red Velvet are appearing on October 16 episode of 'Weekly Idol' at 6PM.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

CNBlue's Minhyuk reveals the person he's dating

CNBlue's Minhyuk has made his fans curious with his recent tweet, "I'm on a date~ Who do you think I'm dating~?!?! If you're right...genius" and attaches photos of plate with foods.

An hour later, Minhyuk reveals he's with Super Junior Donghae and posts photos of them together with the caption, "Answer is #Donghae hyung~! You've got a lot of wrong answers #LeeJungShin ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

With this post, Minhyuk seems to be celebrating his Donghae hyung's 29th birthday in advance by calling him out for a treat. Donghae will be celebrating his birthday on October 15.

Happy Birthday!

EXO members hangout for a meal; heartwarming photo of 10

EXO members seem to have enjoyed a meal and few drinks altogether and have their photo captured displaying a heartwarming atmosphere.

Sehun uploads the photo on his instagram and wrote, "I love you." The 10 members gathered around a table readying for their meal. All were looking at the camera while showing various poses.

Fans write up comments such as, "I love all of you too.","Is this their first group photo with 10 members?","It's heartwarming and heartbreaking for some reasons.","I support you all the way." and so on.

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