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Saturday, March 28, 2015

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GFRIEND's sports themed photoshoot

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New girls GFRIEND are known for their youthful and energetic image.

The girls pose for the latest issue of Ceci magazine. The girls prove that being young is the best makeup, the girls pose in some casual clothes and different sports accessories in the pictorials shared below.

Whose pictorial is your favorite?

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CLC's opening performance for baseball match!

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Cube Entertainment's new girls CLC perform for the opening ceremony of baseball match between Nexen and Hanhwa.

The girls perform their debut track Pepe. The girls receive warm welcome from the audiences with their lovely dance and adorable vocals, check out some photos from the performance below:

Maknae Yeeun in baseball vest

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Red Velvet's Yeri belongs to the Squirtle family?

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One of the most interesting posts i have ever written.

Red Velvet's Yeri makes a confession on her doppelganger. She greets fans through fancafe. It's her first time greeting fans, she mentions that she will work hard for the Ice Cream Cake promotion.

Yeri then reveals a photo of herself posing with a Squirtle doll, fans told her that she looks like Squirtle, she's cute enough to respond in this unique way, do you see any similarity?

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Taeyeon, 'Catch Me If You Can'

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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon has some announcement for fans!!

In her latest Instagram, she wrote #CatchMeIfYouCan, wonder why did she write that?

Well, she's actually promoting Girls' Generation's upcoming Japanese single with the title 'Catch Me If You Can'. The photo is taken at the MV filming set, Taeyeon looks absolutely gorgeous in her latest pic.

It's going to be a busy year for Girls' Generation, after Japanese comeback, the girls will focus on their Korean comeback as well, so stay tuned for more information!

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Joy & Kim Yoojung, twins' reunion?

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Fans have mentioned before the similarities between Red Velvet's Joy and actress Kim Yoojung.

Many photos comparing their looks can be found online but i'm confident none of them is as good as this one. In the previous episode of Inkigayo, Red Velvet had a short interview with the MCs, Kim Yoo Jung and Joy were posing next to each other, fans are surprised with the girls' looks, some fans even question 'aren't they sisters for real?', 'i can't believe that they aren't not related at all'.

Simply amazing right?

Credits: dante 김재중モード @ Twitter

Friday, March 27, 2015

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Enough of Jun JiHyun; #coffeeselfie with Hyuna

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Drinking Starbucks coffee can never be this sexy, well, unless you are Hyuna, and if you put on a seductive red lipstick!

Well, Hyuna not only floods us with very hot as in red selcas today, but she ends it with a #coffeeselfie which will surely remind you of Cheon Song Yi's epic-fail coffee selfie.

Fortunately, Hyuna is not fond of posting captions. See more of her photo updates below:

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Today, friendly Amber is everywhere!

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It's very amusing that f(x) Amber is appearing in several idols' feed TODAY. Did you notice?

Yes, I mean this particular day alone few idols have been sharing their photos taken with Amber and posting them on their SNS like Twitter and Instagram. Not only she appears on photos, but also today, she makes special stage appearance on Gain's and D&E stages at Music Bank. Oh at Red Velvet's winning encore stage too!

She must really got high energy and enormous circle of friends. She literally all over everyone today! Her existence is unavoidable. Beat that! Therefore, the Most Friendly Idol Award goes to... (drum rolls).....

 Gain & Amber

Girl's Day Minah's video update with Amber LINK

Amber shares one too

BEG Narsha with Amber for upcoming SNL episode

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AOA - The Denim Queens

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AOA are named as the Denim queens in their latest CF!

SPAO collaborates with AOA for their latest collection. The girls show off their legs line in tight jeans and denim style fashion items.

The girls pose brightly which match the theme of the pictorials perfectly, check out more photos below:

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Naeun & Eunji style, how to deal with mirror-less situation?

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The Apink girls were on their way to Vietnam earlier today to prepare for Music Bank in Hanoi tomorrow.

The girls seem to be in a really good mood at the airport, fans notice some funny moments as shown in the photos here. Naeun and Eunji definitely know how to make good use of the reflection theory, they look at Bomi's shades for reflection so that they can tidy up their looks, smart move isn't it.

Maybe you can try it next time, make sure that your friend is as patient as Bomi!

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Naeun's all black airport fashion, cool!

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Naeun shares some lovely photos of herself taken in Incheon Airport.

Apink will travel to Hanoi, Vietnam today to prepare for Music Bank in Vietnam 2015 concert. She is seen appearing at the airport in all black fashion.

She receives praises with her slim figure and sweet smile, check out more photos below

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T-ara's Eunjung to debut as solo

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Eunjung is the 3rd T-ara member to go solo following Jiyeon and Hyomin.

A teaser image is released confirming Eunjung's solo debut. According to the agency, Eunjung's concept is different from the two members and is expected to show her distinct charm.

The title song of Eunjung "Comfortable Being Alone' is a work of hit producers Duble Sidekick. More details will be released soon.

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Suzy updates instagram with 'Only You' selcas

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Miss A Suzy continues to tease fans with more concept photos of her. She's also very generous for giving fans another teaser image which was not released official by captioning the photo "The company doesn't know".

Aside from the two teaser images, she also shares some behind the scenes selcas displaying her pretty face. She also asks you to watch their MV teaser for 'Only You'.

See more of her photo updates below. Ready for their return?


Netizens swoon over new childhood photos of IU

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New childhood photos of IU are up on a community portal. Another reason why netizens can't just get enough of IU's superior and unchanging looks.

There are photos of baby IU, and her earlier days in primary school. She looked so cute and adorable in photos where she was wearing hanbok and one photo of her in white dress and ribbon.

You can't really blame netizens if they continue to dig more of her pre-debut photos because she indeed has superior visuals. See below:


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