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Sunday, April 19, 2015

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Charming Tiffany for Grazia

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Girls' Generation's Tiffany graces the latest issue of Grazia magazine.

She showcases her mature and feminine charm for the magazine, check out the photos below

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Goo Hara shows off her thin waist for Ceci Magazine

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KARA's Goo Hara shows off her thin waist for the latest issue of Ceci Magazine.

Hara is known of her popular ant waist, she impresses with her well-maintained figure and leave fans opening their jaws wide with her new pictorials.

More photos here

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Fashionista AOA pose for Sbenu

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AOA show their energetic image for Sbenu!

The girls pose for the footwear brand in their latest photoshoot, showing their feminine charm in various fashion styles.

Check out the photos here, whose fashion attracts your attention?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Nana is a pretty chef!

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After School's Nana transforms into a chef?

She is seen attend the Spring Blossom Party recently dressing in chef outfit. She receives praises with her matching looks and show some skills.

Do you wanna eat dishes prepared by Nana?

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Hani the prawn queen!

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EXID's Hani received so much love with her recent selca!

It's such a random shot from her and fans go crazy with it. She is seen posing with a prawn in the photo, she shows a cute pout while posing with the delicious prawn.

Meanwhile, EXID start promotional activities for Ah Yeah

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Niel & Juniel's adorable moment!

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Niel and Juniel look great together!

Juniel collaborates with Niel for his latest song Spring Love and their friendship has risen to another level. They pose together after their performance on Music Bank.

Fans praise that they look great posing next to each other, do you agree?

Friday, April 17, 2015


Stylist Kim Woori selfie with Jessica; first Korean photoshoot

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Stylist Kim Woori and Jessica's delivers a good news to Jessica's fans by announcing that Jessica has done a her first Korean pictorial after her withdrawal from SNSD.

On his instagram, Kim Woori wrote that they had a lively atmosphere along with Jessica and the staff during the pictorial. He also described that Jessica was quite nervous for his first pictorial but the staff were funny and took care of her.

On the photo, Kim Woori smiled with Jessica behind him, who looked very pretty in simple outfit after her pictorial. The two looked very close and friendly. Are you excited to see her first pictorial after a long time? It will be released in June.

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'Fluttering India' gentlemen are dashing for 'InStyle'

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The ever handsome gentlemen of 'Fluttering India' have attracted the staff of InStyle magazine and score the team a very dashing group pictorial.

Super Junior's Kyuhyun, SHINee's Minho, CNBlue's Jonghyun, INFINITE's Sunggyu, and EXO's Suho were all groomed and wore suit for a sophisticated photoshoot. Everyone set aside their humor and playfulness and appeared very serious and charismatic during the pictorial. The spread featuring these five will be included in the May issue of InStyle magazine.

It would be heartbreaking to choose only one from these gorgeous-looking men. But let's try, who's your favorite? See more BTS photos and clip below:

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Dara dines in with Park Shin Hye!

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2NE1 Dara's very secretive when it comes to her celebrity acquaintances.

Who would have thought that Dara and actress Park Shin Hye are close? At least that what we can assume in the photo where the two dined together.

According to the tweet of Lee Hyo Sup who uploaded the photo, they were eating together with Etude's CF director Kwang Kwingie and some managers. It happened that Dara and Park Shin Hye were Etude's models before. The photo was taken at Park Shin Hye's family restaurant according to fans.

Fans are trying to figure out it the two are up for a collaboration project or just is it just a simple friendly gathering to catch up. Either way, fans are very delighted to see them together.

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'The Producer' releases group picture

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Upcoming drama 'The Producer' starring lead actors Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun, and IU releases the group cast image.

The image displays a very happy atmosphere among the leads. Everyone is smiling and appears close to each other. IU is clinging to Kim Soo Hyun's arm while Gong Hyo Jin is jokingly putting her hands to the actors' neck. Meanwhile, Cha Tae Hyun on the left side gives a far gaze towards IU.

The image gives an expression of a light and cheerful relationship between the four leads but there's more to expect so don't miss the premiere on May 8.

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GOT7 + Jackson's parents!

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Jackson reunites with his parents!

Happy time for Jackson again as he gets to meet his parents recently. His team members and parents pose together in one photo, showing their close bond.

Fans commented, "Jackson is a happy kid", "mama and papa have so many kids" and etc.


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