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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Choiza & Sulli's love life is still going strong

Dynamic Duo Choiza's and f(X) Sulli's love life resurfaces once again.

On March 5, photos of Choiza and Sulli were uploaded on instagram. The photos were taken from the same Japanese restaurant in Cheongdam-dong and their respective photos were uploaded one after another.

Netizens commented, "They were together at the same place at the same time." However, the person who Choiza and Sulli took picture with denied and said, "They didn't visit together. It is just because I wore the same clothes for few days."

Meanwhile, Choiza and Sulli's relationship has sprung since September 2013 but both parties denied until August last year where they finally went public.


VIXX release members' posters for 'VIXX LIVE FANTASIA 'UTOPIA'

VIXX release members' individual posters for their upcoming 2nd solo concert 'VIXX LIVE FANTASIA 'UTOPIA'.

Each poster shows members in pair with one member being focused. The boys are looking rather innocent in white outfits and everyone is displaying fierce yet light image.

Meanwhile, VIXX's 2nd solo concert is happening on March 28-29 at Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul.

MADTOWN release Daewon's and Buffy's teaser images

MADTOWN unveil Daewon's and Buffy's teaser images today.

The boys are extra chic in their black coats but each of them give off contrasting auras. Daewon appears classy with a subtle smile while Buffy is exuding sexy and manly atmosphere through his piercing gaze.

Meanwhile, MADTOWN are returning with 2nd Mini Album 'Welcome to MADTOWN' on March 12.

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon graces High Cut magazine

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon graces the March issue of High Cut magazine.

She poses in sports style outfits, showing off her well-maintained figure, check out more photos below:

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

EXID's Hani is fierce and sexy in pictorial for 'GEEK'

EXID's Hani displays her fierce and sexy appearance in her solo pictorial for style magazine 'GEEK' as its cover girl.

Hani appears very sexy and alluring in this pictorial. Her chic yet provocative image is drawn from her captivating gaze and expressions. She looks extra seductive exposing her collarbone and s-line.

Meanwhile, the whole spread and interview are available in March issue of  'GEEK' magazine. See more photos of her below:

Junsu is appointed as new model for eyewear brand 'Nine Half'

JYJ Junsu did not just return with his 3rd album but is also appointed as new model for global eyewear brand 'Nine Half'.

The chic style of the eyewear products perfectly matches Junsu's image. Having set global fame through his musicals, group and solo activities, Nine Plus assures that Junsu will be able to market their products to larger market.

'Nine Half' is planning to release ten new sunglasses designs this year and it's expected for Junsu to endorse the products globally through various promotional activities.

Gain releases new images and tracklist for 'Hawwah'

After unveiling the top artists she has collaborated with for her upcoming album, Gain follows up the full tracklist along with new concept images.

The album includes a total of 6 tracks which titles apparently related to Eve (Hawwah):

1. Apple ft. Park Jae Beom
2. Free Will ft. Dok2 (Lyrics by Wheesung & Dok2)
3. Paradise Lost
4. The First Temptation
5. Two Women
6. Guilty (Lyrics by Mad Clown)

Meanwhile, the full mini album will be released on March 12.

MADTOWN release Lee Geon's, Jota's, and H.O's teaser images

MADTOWN drop three members' solo teaser images today.

Like Heo Jun and Moos, Lee Geon, Jota, and H.O are looking stylish and handsome in their causal outfits. The combination of rider jackets, and checkered long sleeves make them appeal manlier and charming ah the same time.

Meanwhile, MADTOWN are returning with 2nd Mini Album 'Welcome to MADTOWN' on March 12.

BTS release solo concert posters for '2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY: EPISODE I. BTS BEGINS'

Bangtan Boys release the solo posters for their upcoming concert '2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY: EPISODE I. BTS BEGINS'.

The boys are looking like innocent teenage boys in contrast to their fierce hip hop image on stage. Their bright smiles and youthful energy are totally captivating matching their various pastel colored outfits.

Meanwhile, BTS are holding their solo concert on March 28 and March 29, 5PM at Olympic Hall, Olympic Park in Seoul.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

MADTOWN release teaser images of Heojun & Moos for 2nd mini album

J.Tune Camp's boy group MADTOWN are making a comeback this March with 2nd mini album 'Welcome to Madtown'.

Prior to the release, the group releases members Moos' and Heojun's teaser images. The boys are looking chic and displaying their charismatic looks.

Meanwhile, Madtown are releasing their new album on March 12. Let's anticipate other members' teaser images.

Jessica talks about missing fans & chances of being on stage in the future for 'Woman Sense'

Jessica had a pictorial for 'Woman Sense' magazine for its March issue and participated in an exclusive interview with a Korean media for the first time since withdrawal from SNSD.

Working as a chief designer for 'BLANC & ECLARE', Jessica said on the interview, "Because I have to promote the name, it's a big responsibility. Although I'm busy with business travels and meetings, I want to share my ideas about style to many people. I'm thankful for the support of my family that I am able to work."

When asked if she misses the stage, Jessica responded, "Rather than missing it, I feel excited. Will get a lot of chance to stand on stage in the future as well. I always miss my fans. For me, fans' presence is like that of a family. They have also suffered many things and got tougher." 

More of this exclusive interview will be available in the March issue of 'Woman Sense'.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

XIA sports long hair in new teaser images for 'Flower'

XIA makes sure to always surprise you with every teaser release before his album's release.

This time, new photos showing Junsu in a straight, long, and platinum hair excite fans. Junsu looks flawlessly fine.

Meanwhile, 'Flower' will be released on March 3.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung & Ha Jiwon show close friendship

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung and Ha Jiwon attended the Diorama's pre-launching party.

The girls met each other and took some selcas together, check out their close friendship here.

Friday, February 27, 2015

D&E to hold ''The Beat Goes On' showcase + new teaser images

Super Junior Donghae and Eunhyuk are holding an album commemorative showcase 'The Beat Goes On' on March 5 at 7PM.

The showcase is going to be hosted by Super Junior leader Leeteuk at SMTOWN Coex Artium. In addition to that, new teaser images of the duo are also unveiled.

D&E's 1st album 'The Beat Goes On' will be released on March 9.

Shannon releases concepts images & tracklist for 1st mini album 'Eighteen'

Shannon has grown into a beautiful young lady and she is going to reflect it through her 1st mini album 'Eighteen'.

Shannon has released beautiful concept images and tracklist for her upcoming album through Naver special.

The album will include a total of 7 tracks including her title track 'Why Why', 'I Know', 'Gossip Girl', '20inch','Hate You',and more. Are you anticipating her blooming, refreshing ,and youthful return?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Park Shin Hye is a graceful black swan in a ballet outfit

Park Shin Hye has attracted and impressed netizens with her recent photo on instagram.

The talented, versatile and lovely actress shares a photo of herself wearing a black ballet practice outfit while in action. She wrote in the caption that she used to learn ballet with teacher Kim Yuna at Seoul University Body Design but failed to attend class regularly so she is starting again since drama has ended.

Park Shin Hye surprises with her flexibility and looks like a professional ballerina. Do you this side of her?

KARA's Youngji displays her doll-like beauty for 'CECI'

The bright and bubbly maknae of KARA had her first ever 'CECI' solo pictorial for March issue of the  magazine.

For this pictorial, Youngji displays her doll-like beauty and more feminine charms. Youngji has been receiving favorable response with her lively and bright innocent charms on variety shows.

Youngji is complimented by the magazine's editor who described that Youngji had shown endless bright and lively mood and set friendly and harmonious atmosphere throughout the pictorial.

Eric Nam to release new single 'It's Okay'

Eric Nam has announced that he's dropping a new single 'It's Okay' on March 5 and unveils the artistic jacket photo of it.

The cover art is a sketch of Eric Nam's face with a combination of flowers. It is very artistically and carefully drawn so expect what message his new single has to convey.

Meanwhile, Eric Nam is going to announce the new dates for his US TOUR soon.

Donghae&Eunhyuk to release new Japanese single 'Present' + teaser images

Super Junior Donghae and Eunhyuk are having promotions here and there by announcing their Korean and Japanese comeback respectively.

While the duo are returning in domestic scene by early March, they are also set to release a new Japanese mini album 'Present' on April 1.

Thus, the concept images are released. See below:

Donghae & Eunhyuk release concept images for 1st album 'The Beat Goes On'

Super Junior duo unit Donghae and Eunhyuk are very quick to follow their announcement after revealing that they are releasing an album next month.

Just earlier today, the concept photos and title of their 1st album have been released. D&E's 1st unit album is titled 'The Beat Goes On' and will be released on March 9.

Meanwhile, D&E are going to have their comeback stage at Music Bank on March 6.

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