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Sunday, December 21, 2014

SugarBowl shares stills from MV of 'Everything But Me'

After releasing the music video of 'Everything But Me,' SuperBowl uploaded photos from the MV shooting.

See the post:

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SOURCE: Facebook SugarBowl

Kim Soo Hyun is super hawt on 'Elle' magazine

On the Facebook of Elle Korea, they featured actor Kim Soo Hyun as he will grace the cover of the magazine for its January 2015 issue. 

On his photos, Kim Soo Hyun is definitely oozing with masculinity wearing his hawt facial expressions and his manly apparel.

See the photos:

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EXO to grace the cover of 'The Celebrity' January 2015 edition

On the Facebook page of 'The Celebrity' magazine, EXO is featured on their cover photo as the group will be the cover of the magazine's January 2015 issue.

On the photos shared by 'The Celebrity,' the EXO members are so masculine with the elegant suits they wore.

See the photos:

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Photos from 'Gangnam 1970' presscon

The press conference of 'Gangnam 1970' was attended by Director Yoo Ha, Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won, and Jung Jing Young, which was held on December 12th at CGV in Apgujeong, Seoul.

'Gangnam 1970' (previously entitled 'Gangnam Blues'), which used a worldwide hit OPM song 'Anak' on its trailer, is a noir action film written and directed by Yoo Ha. Lee Minho will be top-billing it with Kim Raewon. The story happened in 1970 featuring the backdrop of the real estate development of Seoul's Gangnam district. Lee Minho and Kim Raewon are childhood friends, but their friendship will be tested as the story gets deeper.

'Gangnam 1970' will be also released internationally. It will be distributed in Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian countries. It was initially promoted to be released in December this year, was moved earlier to November 2014. However, it was confirmed that the release date of the movie was changed to January 21, 2015.

See photos below:

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Song Il Guk's triplet celebrates their 1000th day

Actor Song Il Guk is a proud daddy of his triplet Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Sae who are celebrating their 1000th day since birth. 

Song Il Guk posted the photo above on his Twitter where the three little boys were playing with their toys and look so curious at the camera. Song Il Guk wrote, "It's 1000th day since the birth of Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Sae. Dyani, GuKuk, ManTae~ Thank you for being so healthy. Hope you guys grow up strong."

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Super Junior-M's Henry is sorry

Super Junior-M's Henry uploaded the photo above on his Instagram to express his sincere apology to what happened while he's performing at the Super Show 6 in Osaka, Japan.

Henry was taking a tribute performance for Michael Jackson. He did a violin act for Jackson's song 'Smooth Criminal,' but suddenly his bow snapped.  After his performance, he uploaded two photos. The first photo above is captioned with, "first time breaking my bow while perfo(r)ming ㅠㅠ sorry"

He followed it with the photo below and wrote, "i guess i can go fishing now... ㅠㅠ sorry ㅠㅠ broken bow."

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tablo & Minzy support 'Educating Rita'

Since his Epik High's Tablo is with his group in Japan, he expressed his support for his wife Kang Hye Jung who's one of the stars of the play entitled 'Educating Rita' by posting the photo above on his Instagram account.

2NE1's Minzy also showed her support for Gong Hyo Jin and Kang Hye Jung for their play, which started in Jongno, Seoul on December 3rd. She posed in front of the play's poster and wrote, "I watch the play, Rita. ^_^."

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SOURCE: Minzy IGTablo IG
Sunday, November 30, 2014

Huh Gak supports A Pink's new album

On November 29th, A Pink uploaded four photos on their official Facebook account.

Those pictures show A Pink with Superstar K2 winner Huh Gak, who expressed his support for A Pink's new mini-album 'Pink LUV' through those captured moments.

See photos below:

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SOURCE: A Pink Facebook
Saturday, November 22, 2014

NU’EST drops by landmarks in France before their concert

The boys of NU’EST except Baekho, who is currently having health concerns on his vocal cords, are in Europe for their '2014 NU’EST Re:SPONSE Europe Tour.'

But before their concert dates, NU'EST visited some famous landmarks like France's Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Arc of Triomphe.

NU’EST's first stop is in Paris on November 22nd, next will be in Helsinki, Finland on November 23rd. It will be followed in Warsaw, Poland on November 27th, Bucharest, Romania on November 29th, and Milan, Italy on November 30th.

See their posts:

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hello Venus' members go back to their childhood innocence

On their official Facebook, Hello Venus revealed a throwback photo for each member.

To add some flavor, Hello Venus' members recreated their own childhood photo.

Who made exactly the same?

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SOURCE:  Hello Venus Facebook

Actress Go Ara captures moment with lion, deer & ostrich

Actress Go Ara uploaded three photos with some animals.

On her Twitter, Go Ara spent time with a lion, a deer and an ostrich. Her photos showed her bright smile and her happiness engaging with those animals. But what really caught the attention of the netizens was her photo with the ostrich. She took a selfie with it. The ostrich seemed photo-ready and found its right angle.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

WINNER supports 'Letters of Angel' project

WINNER participated on the 12th annual photo shoot for 'Letters of Angel' project which is an initiative of photographer Jo Se Hyun.

WINNER members Kang Seong Yoon, Kim Jin Woo, Lee Seung Hoon, Song Min Ho and Nam Tae Hyun spent time with the cute babies.

'Letters of Angel' project aims to increase awareness and importance of adoption. The photos will be exhibited from December 17-23.

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Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk performed at the 2014 London Korean Film Festival

The London Korean Film Festival is currently happening from November 6th to 21st, and Super Junior's Donghae and Eunhyuk attended it and made some performances for the audience. 

The activities also included Q&A session and photo op. Donghae and Eunhyuk appeared on November 13th for the screening of Donghae’s movie 'Youth.' 

See the other photos below:

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Dal Shabet spends time volunteering

Dal Shabet's members spent a day of their lives in a very purposeful way.

Serri, Jiyul, Woohee, Ga Eun, and Subin visited a Goodwill store in the Songpa-gu district of Seoul. The five ladies helped in sorting goods, books, and clothes, organizing displays and working at the cash register. As a token of appreciation for the customers, Dal Shabet put their autographs on the goods they bought.

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Dara spends bday in the Philippines

2NE1's Dara turned 30 (international age) this November 12th, and she chose to celebrate it in the Philippines.

On her Instagram, Dara uploaded lots of photos that showed how and with whom she spent her special day. 

Dara reunited with some of her 'Star Circle Quest' batchmates, and her other Filipino celebrity friends like Vhong Navarro, Ryan Bang, Robi Domingo, Sam Concepcion, Sam Milby, Erik Santos, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Christian Bautista.   

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

Sandara Park(@daraxxi)님이 게시한 사진님,

A photo posted by sam_concepcion (@sam_concepcion) on

A photo posted by christian bautista (@xtianbautista) on

She also watched a concert of Filipino singer Jaya, and took a photo with the two legendary singers of the Philippines, Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

She visited Pagsanjan, Laguna and El Nido, Palawan.

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

On Luis Manzano's Instagram, she grabbed a photo with Dara and dropped a very heart-warming message.

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SOURCE: @daraxxi@luckymanzano
Sunday, November 9, 2014

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