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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kyuhyun Shares He Received Hate For Doing His Homeworks On Time

Super Junior Kyuhyun, who makes his solo comeback with 3rd mini album "Waiting Still" shares how he struggles with hate in his class.

On his guesting at Cultwo Show, a listener shared that Kyuhyun, who is taking up his Master's Degree at Kyunghee University, is participating well with school works and the listener commented that he's cool.

To this, Kyuhyun shares, "I remember that its Monday and since I didn't have schedule I went to school. I did all my homework." He continues, "There were some who didn't do their homework so the professor told them ~even a celebrity did his homework, what about you" and because of that, I received hate."

Kyuhyun also added that people asked him how come he can go to school often and explained that he has free time that time. Netizens react, "The professor is wrong. How can made such comparison?","Why did the professor compare them like that?" and so on.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Olympic Table Tennis Player Creates Twitter To Wish Kyuhyun A Fast Recovery

South Korean tennis player Jeong Youngsik, who competed at the Rio Olympics, expresses his heartfelt message and gratitude to Super Junior's Kyuhyun, who is currently taking a break due to vocal cord nodules.

Hours ago, the Olympian made his Twitter account and tweeted Kyuhyun,

Hello. I am table tennis player Jeong Youngsik. I heard from my friend that Kyuhyun hyungnim cheered for me during the Olympics so I'm really thankful. However I also heard that about your vocal cord nodules that you even have to halt your schedules and I feel really bad about that. It's my first time to make Twitter so that I can send my greetings. Just in case you see this I hope you be strong and I hope for your fast recovery. I will always support you Kyuhyun hyungnim. Hwaiting.

Apparently, on August 17, Kyuhyun watched Jeong Youngsik's game and tweeted about it,

Our Hyungsik-ee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since my throat is in pain I can't scream (for you) I want to though

Seems like many are wishing for Kyuhyun's recovery, so let's hope he fully recovers as soon as possible.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kyuhyun Halts All Schedules Temporarily Due to Vocal Cord Nodules

Super Junior Kyuhyun has halted all his schedules due to vocal cord nodules.

Kyuhyun has been having tight schedule recently and it has come to worse that his vocal cords have badly affected.

On August 23, SM Entertainment informs that Kyuhyun will be taking a break due to vocal cord nodules. He received a recommendation from a doctor to undergo treatment thus halting all his schedules and activities for the time being. The agency adds that Kyuhyun needs to focus on his recovery for 2-3 weeks.

In regards to this, Kyuhyun will not take part on his scheduled 'Mozart' musical performances on August 27 and September 3&4 as well as on "Radio Star" recording for two weeks. Meanwhile, Kyuhyun has been doing solo and Super Junior overseas group activities for the past months.

We pray for your speedy recovery Kyuhyun.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Super Junior Kyuhyun Impresses Yet Again As 'Mozart' In New Musical

Super Junior Kyuhyun is indeed an acknowledged musical actor out of few idol-turned-musical actors in the industry and his new musical "Mozart" proves that.

Kyuhyun showcases his acting and singing in the press call of "Mozart" musical which is held today at Grand Theater in Sejong Cultural Center. When asked about his thoughts doing "Mozart", Kyuhyun reveals that he has watched the previous musicals and likes the songs. He expresses, "I've been playing the songs and I'm honored to be able to sing them in my voice."

Meanwhile, "Mozart" musical will be performed until August 7. See some of selected photos of Kyuhyun from the musical below:

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Park Jae Jung And Super Junior's Kyuhyun To Release A Duet?

'Superstar K5' Park Jae Jung will feature Super Junior's Kyuhyun in his upcoming comeback.

On May 11th, Mystic Entertainment revealed a photo of the two singers together in a recording studio, announcing their duet to be a ballad track.

The song will be released through various online music sites on May 19th at midnight, so be sure to check it out.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kyuhyun scolds his fans due to their carelessness

Some fans have upset Super Junior Kyuhyun today making him deliver some serious warning.

According to fan accounts and some short clips, Kyuhyun has gotten mad after seeing fans crowding and pushing each other when he arrives to greet them after his musical performance.

In one short clip, Kyuhyun is tightly crowded by fans who are taking photos of him while Kyuhyun keeps on telling them to be careful because of some fans pushing each other. During the chaos, a fan fell down in front of Kyuhyun but he is quick enough to catch her with the assistance from his manager.

Due to the incident, Kyuhyun isn't able to hide his disappointment and scolds them on the spot before his manager suggested him to leave first. Afterwards, Kyuhyun goes to his twitter to further warn fans so that such dangerous accident wouldn't happen again.

He tweeted, "I finished today's performance and left but I'm upset. I've told you many times don't run and be careful but there are still pushing and some are falling. If this happens again, I will leave without seeing fans next time. Please tell foreign fans around you."

Kyuhyun must be really upset that there are fans getting hurt because of other's carelessness. Let this be a lesson for everyone.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Kyuhyun releases 'The Day We Felt Distance' MV

Kyuhyun releases his new single and music video 'The Day We Felt Distance' as a present for his fans in preparation for his upcoming solo concert.

The ballad prince is going to melt your hearts once again with his warm and gentle vocals in this heartfelt but sad love song. Watch the MV below:

Super Junior's Kyuhyun to release new digital single 'The Day We Grew Apart' on November 3rd

We will be gifted with Kyuhyun's sweet voice once again in a new digital single tonight.

The song is titled 'The Day We Grew Apart' which will be released through various online music sites at midnight on November 3rd, while the music video will come out at the same time through SMTOWN official Youtube channel.

This is such a surprise news to all of Kyuhyun fans since his 2nd mini album came out not long ago.

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun's 'The Agit' concerts kick off this November.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kyuhyun release A Million Pieces MV

Super Junior's ballad prince Kyuhyun releases full MV of his new song A Million Pieces, check out the video below

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Super Junior's Kyuhyun releases the second teaser video for 'A Million Pieces' + tracklist

Kyuhyun has dropped the second teaser video for title track 'A Million Pieces'.

Unlike the first video, the second one focuses more on the romance between Kyuhyun and actress Go Ara as he invites her for a dance. However, it seems there's something with the female lead as she tries to avoid him which results in him pulling her in for an embrace.

The tracklist for the mini album was also released with a total of 7 tracks "A Million Pieces', 'The Way to Say Goodbye', 'Good Person', 'Long Arms', 'Piano Forest', 'I Just Miss You', 'Wind'.

Check out the teaser video below

Monday, October 12, 2015

Super Junior's Kyuhyun drops the teaser video for 'A Million Pieces' + more teaser images

Kyuhyun has revealed the teaser video for title track 'A Million Pieces'.

The MV not only feature Kyuhyun but also beautiful actress Go Ara, and it seems to focus on the fateful encounter of two strangers at the city of Zurich, Switzerland.

Kyuhyun's new album 'Fall, Once Again' on October 15th at midnight.

Check out the video as well as more teaser images below

Friday, October 9, 2015

Super Junior's Kyuhyun releases more teaser images for 'Fall, Once Again'

More teaser images for Kyuhyun's new mini album 'Fall, Once Again' has been released.

Taken in Switzerland, Kyuhyun perfectly transformed into an autumn man and blend into the beautiful sceneries at the country.

The title track also confirmed to be 'A Million Pieces', a pop ballad track composed by Kenzie. The mini album will consist of 7 songs.

'Fall, Once Again' will be released on October 15th.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Super Junior's Kyuhyun to make his solo comeback with second mini album

Super Junior's Kyuhyun once again becomes an autumn man for his solo comeback.

SM Entertainment announces today that Kyuhyun will be coming with second mini album 'Again, When Fall Comes' on October 15th. His official website also updated with the first teaser image above.

Since his solo debut with 'At Gwanghwamun' was a big success, so many people are highly anticipating to his new album this time.

In particular, Kyuhyun will hold his first solo concert at SMTOWN Coex Artium SMTOWN Theatre from November 6th - 8th and November 13th - 15th. All the tickets were said to be sold out, proving his popularity.

Meanwhile, check out the parody video of a commercial produced by f(x)'s Amber for Kyuhyun's comeback below

Friday, September 25, 2015

Kyuhyun to hold his first solo concert

Super Junior Kyuhyun is the 3rd SM artist to hold his first solo concert for "The Agit" series.

His concert will follow after SNSD's Taeyeon, who is expected to release her solo debut album sometime soon. Kyuhyun's solo debut "At Gwanghwamun" released in November last year, greatly appealed to the public and many are anticipating to watch him perform more songs.

Kyuhyun's solo concert "And It's Fall Again" is happening on November 6~8 and 13~15 at Coex Artium, SMTOWN Theater. Tickets will be available starting on October 1 at 8pm through YES24.

With his solo concert coming up, we can expect his 2nd album to be released soon.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Stephanie demonstrates some ballet routines on MBC's 'Radio Star'

On the September 9th episode of MBC's 'Radio Star,' Stephanie appeared and gave a ballet demonstration which amazed the people who witnessed it personally.

Stephanie was assisted by Super Junior's Kyuhyun while she was showcasing her ballet skills. Stephanie showed off her sexy and gorgeous body, and some ballet routines.

Watch below:

In 2008, Stephanie needed to halt her activities as she had severe back injury and traveled to US to undergo rehabilitation which lasted for two years. 

Just recently, Stephanie came back in August with her latest digital single 'Prisoner.' Catch it below:

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kyuhyun to release 2nd solo album this fall!

After the immense success of Super Junior main vocalist Kyuhyun in his solo debut "At Gwanghwamun", many are already anticipating his next album. Apparently, fans wouldn't have to wait long.

According to some reports, Kyuhyun is already prepping for his next solo album release and SM Entertainment confirms. According to the agency, "It is correct that Kyuhyun is preparing for his solo album. However, the exact schedule is still not decided."

On November 13, 2014, Kyuhyun melted the hearts of many with his debut EP and the next album is said to be aiming for a fall release as well. Meanwhile, Kyuhyun is acting in his first webdrama scheduled to premiere early next year, aside from his musicals, and Super Junior are expected to release the PART2 of their 10th anniversary album this month.

You're not that busy. Aren't you Kyuhyun?

Kyuhyun & Yoon SoHee couple in 'Bongsun' first still cuts

Super Junior Kyuhyun is challenging acting in TV dramas after his skilled experience in musicals.

To hype up the excitement and anticipation, the first still cuts of Kyuhyun along with his heroine actress Yoon So Hee are released. The couple's first appearance is already amusing as we see Kyuhyun struggling to support the drunk SoHee while busy on his phone.

It appears like their first meeting is not as smooth as we expected which leads to even more curiosity on their loveline's progress. The first meeting is described as Kyuhyun getting frustrated with drunk Yoon SoHee who doesn't care about her condition leaving Kyuhyun no choice but to take care of her.

Their first shooting finished with a rigid acting scenes both Kyuhyun and SoHee flawlessly delivered. Meanwhile, UHD's new webdrama  "Bongsun, A Woman Who Dies When She Loves" plots the story of an IT genius programmer Kim Joo Sung (Kyuhyun) and cyborg flower girl Woo Bongsun (Yoon SoHee), whose power will be turned on if she falls in love. The 15-episode webdrama is expected to air early next year.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Super Junior's Kyuhyun to make his acting debut in a new web drama

Kyuhyun will be the next Super Junior member to venture into acting.

On September 3rd, SM Entertainment revealed that Kyuhyun has been casted as the male lead in new web drama 'Bongsun, The Woman Who Dies If She Loves'.

Even though he already has much experience in doing musicals, this will be the first time he will act in a drama project. He will be playing as the youngest team leader of a research team.

Written by Moon Ji Young, the screenwriter of tvN's 'Who Are You', the web drama will kick off its filming today.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

[Featured] 10 unforgettable kissing scenes of idols from musicals

The first question when our bias nabs a drama role is: "Is he/she going to have a kissing scene?"

Well, because it's thrilling to see them having skinship towards their co-actor rather than a simple fanservice on stage. But kissing scenes in dramas are perfected.

So we think of musical performances wherein idols act in front of live audience and their kissing scene can't have a take two! It takes some courage and passion to give audience a sense of satisfaction on how these idols pull off a rather entertaining yet realistic expression of their intimate scene... whether it turns out awkwardly or impressively.

We choose some memorable kissing scenes of your favorite idols from their respective musical performances. Take a look we might include yours.

Hongki's so naive yet so sweet here! [A Midsummer Night's Dream]

The jail rail is not a bother for Hyungsik and Kahi [Bonnie and Clyde]

"Height doesn't matter- Ryeowook" either being a basketball player or kissing Oh Yeon Seo! [High School Musical]

That's a sweet bed kiss Junsu! [Mozart]

SM's maknaes Kyuhyun & Seohyun are too adorable! Such a cute kiss! [The Moon That Embraces the Sun]

Dracula Sunggyu kisses sexily! [Dracula]

Even with Sunny? Don't you think that's too much Kyuhyun? :) [Singin' in the Rain]

Kahi swoons over  Key that's why she gives him a kiss! [Bonnie and Clyde]

Not bad for your first time CNU! [Chess]


and just in case that's not enough...

Do you have your own favorite?

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