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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jokwon reveals funny dance cover for miss A's Only You

Jokwon is back with his kkap style dance, this time challenging miss A's Only You, check out his performance below

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jokwon shows off trademark 'kkap' dance moves

On the recent episode of SBS's 'Same Bed Different Dreams,' JoKwon showed off his trademark 'kkap' dance moves.

JoKwon is known performing very emphasized and passionate dance moves because he believes that it's not only the moves that matter but facial expressions as well when dancing.

On the said episode, he danced to girl group EXID's 'Up & Down.'

Watch below:

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Jokwon dances to Up & Down

Kkap Kwon is back again!

This time he takes on EXID's popular song Up & Down, check out his performance below

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Key shares group photo with CNU, JoKwon & Ken

SHINee's Key shares a group photo taken with musical 'Chess' team 2AM JoKwon, B1A4 CNU, VIXX Ken and other cast.

The photo is taken from their musical rehearsal so it's reasonably that all of them look exhausted. The idols are very passionate and hardworking ever since they've begun practicing in order to show their best performance.

Although exhausted, the four look happy and smile for the camera. Meanwhile, musical 'Chess' performances will kick off from June 19 until July 19 at Sejong Grand Theater.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Key, JoKwon, Ken, & CNU practice for 'Chess'

Musical idol-stars SHINee's Key, 2AM's JoKwon, VIXX's Ken, and B1A4's CNU are cast as Anatoly for the musical 'Chess' alongside Shin Sung Woo, Kim Jang Sub, Kim Buplae, Park Sun Woo, Lee Gun Myung, Hong Kyung Soo, Park Sun Hyo, An Si Ha, Kim Geum Na, and Lee Jung Hwa.

Today, the cast have started their rigorous rehearsals to hone their musical talents including singing and acting. The idols Key, JoKwon, Ken, and CNU are enthusiastically practicing for 5-6 hours a day, particularly Ken & CNU who are debuting as musical actors through this musical.

In the photos, the four are working hard and very dedicated. Meanwhile, musical 'Chess' performances will kick off from June 19 until July 19 at Sejong Grand Theater.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jokwon, Ken and CNU pose for High Cut

Fashion magazine High Cut has revealed new pictorials featuring 2AM’s Jo Kwon, B1A4’s CNU and VIXX’s Ken, who have all been casted in the musical “Chess.”

In the photos, they wear the same oversized jumpers, striking a pose like triplets.

In an interview, Jo Kwon also revealed, “There is a girl I meet with good feelings. I am not quite sure yet whether I am really into her now".

More of their photos and interviews can be seen in High Cut's June issue. 


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Key, JoKwon, Ken, & CNU for 'Chess' musical trailer

Musical idol-stars SHINee's Key, 2AM's JoKwon, VIXX's Ken, and B1A4's CNU are cast as  Anatoly for the musical 'Chess' alongside Shin Sung Woo, Kim Jang Sub, Kim Buplae, Park Sun Woo, Lee Gun Myung, Hong Kyung Soo, Park Sun Hyo, An Si Ha, Kim Geum Na, and Lee Jung Hwa.

Aside from Key and JoKwon, this is the musical debut of Ken and CNU and they are expected to perform rock and powerful music for the musical.

Meanwhile, ticket opens on May 13 at 2PM and performances will kick off from June 19 until July 19 at Sejong Grand Theater. Watch the trailer below:

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jokwon dances miss A’s 'Only You'

On April 10th, miss A's Min uploaded a video on her personal Instagram account featuring her label mate JoKwon.

On the video, JoKwon is seen having his own version of miss A's 'Only You' The video is captioned with, "Only You JoKwon"

See the post below:

A video posted by !2min0😎 (@therealminnn) on

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

JoKwon shares photos from Miss A Jia's birthday party

Miss A Jia celebrated her birthday yesterday and her close friends partied with her.

2AM's JoKwon is generous enough to share some photos taken from the birthday bash through his instagram account.

Photos shared includes Jia with her cake, their common friends like Min, ZhouMi, SNSD Hyoyeon, f(x) Amber, model Irene, 4minute Hyuna, and more. See below. Belated happy birthday Jia!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

2AM's Jokwon opens his house on MBC Human Documentary ‘People is Good’

On the September 13th episode of MBCHuman Documentary ‘People is Good’”, 2AM's Jokwon revealed his house.

Jokwon toured the staff around his house, where he showed what's inside his refrigerator. It was revealed that Jokwon eats healthy food, and he stated that it is very important to eat right and healthy. His house is painted white, but was personalized by his personal touch. Photos of him while singing are hang on his wall, he also puts a smiley between his photos. He also uses not ordinary plain mats which add life to his house.

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SOURCE: Sports Donga

Saturday, September 13, 2014

miss A's Jia & Fei spend free time in Japan with 2AM's Jokwon

miss A's Jia uploaded the photo above on her personal Instagram account.

The photo shows her with his fellow member Fei and 2AM's Jokwon. These three idols spent their free time on strolling around the streets of Tokyo. 

Just recently, miss A and 2AM performed for their Japanese fans at the JYP Nation “ONE MIC” concert held from September 5 to 7.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Fei and JoKwon lend their voices in duet OST 'One Summer Night' for 'Temptation'

Miss A Fei and 2AM JoKwon release their first duet song 'One Summer Night' for the 3rd part of OST for new SBS drama 'Temptation' starring Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo.

The song is released with an English version as well so global fans could enjoy. The song was previewed during Fei's cameo (as Jenny) who portrayed Kang Min Woo's wife.

Listen to the song below and support them by purchasing the song legally (MelOn).

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2AM JoKwon pulls off a drag queen in character MV for musical 'Priscilla'

2AM JoKwon proves that he is the best choice for a drag queen in the character MV for upcoming musical 'Priscilla'.

The whole cast is introduced in the video showing their respective characters. In particular, idol JoKwon surprises his fans even more with his flawless gestures as a drag queen as he's taking one of the lead roles, Adam.

Musical 'Priscilla' premieres on July 8, 2014 at LG Arts Center and tickets will be available for purchase starting on May 22 at 2PM.

Watch below:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2AM's JoKwon becomes a drag queen in musical 'Priscilla'

2AM's JoKwon has been cast as Adam/Felicia in the upcoming musical 'Priscilla'.

On May 14, the musical production announces the premiere of the famous musical 'Priscilla' in South Korea and reveals their principal eleven cast who undergo a drastic transformation into drag queens and a transsexual, including 2AM's JoKwon.

In the solo promotional poster of the musical, JoKwon has a shocking appearance wearing thick make up and ornamented with fruits as a head dress. He perfectly transformed himself to a drag queen exciting fans of what to expect from his character.

Musical 'Priscilla: Queen of the Desert', tells the story of three friends, two drag queens and a transsexual, who begin their journey in a remote resort Alice Springs by performing drag shows. In there, they meet various performers and encounter incident of homophobia as they struggle to adapt and find new horizons.

The three main characters are Bernadette, Tick, and Adam. Bernadette's role will be played by Jo Sung Ha, Go Young Bin, and Kim Da Hyun. Tick's role will be played by Michael Lee, Lee Ji Hoon, and Lee Joo Gwang. Aside from JoKwon, Kim Ho Young and Yoo Seung Yeob will be playing Adam's character.

Musical 'Priscilla' premieres on July 8, 2014 at LG Arts Center and tickets will be available for purchase starting on May 22 at 2PM.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

JoKwon poses with some scary Halloween goers

2AM JoKwon celebrates Halloween with scary Halloween-costumed goers. He uploaded some interesting photos on his instagram account while greeting 'Happy Halloween'.

JoKwon seems like he wasn't scared at all and even poke fun with his hilarious expressions. Check below:

Source: JoKwon instagram
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Adam Couple is back with a selca!

Adam Couple (2AM's JoKwon and BEG's Gain) is back in each other's arm after a logn time. JoKwon tweeted a selca with Gain on October 11 and wrote, "Yesterday. After a long time I met Son Gain."

In the photo, Gain looks sexy under the dim light wrapping her arm around Jo Kwon's, while the later looks serious and cool.

JoKwon and Gain attended Jay Park's AOMG launching and Bieber's after parties. Even being apart, the two have strong bonding after their virtual marriage in We Got Married.

Do you miss Adam couple?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

4Minute welcomes 6th member?

2AM's Jokwon updated his Twitter on the 19th with a new photo.

He wrote,"5 minutes" and shared the photo above, he is seen posing with the members of 4Minute at the backstage of Inkigayo.

Jokwon performed with the girls on Inkigayo aired earlier today.

Fans commented,"Jowkon is so cute","I was shocked when i saw him on the stage" and etc/

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jokwon & Yoseob pose with the Smurfs!

2AM's Jokwon updated his Twitter on 29th December.

He tweeted,"with Yoseob~ The Smurfs, lalalalalalalalalalalala"

Jokwon and Yoseob pose with the Smurfs in the photo above. fans commented,"cuties pose together","why so cute" and etc.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

2AM's Jokwon will be the MC for Wonder Girls Sunye wedding

Wonder Girls Sunye's surprise wedding announcement has become a hot topic recently and now the wedding schedule has been revealed.

According to the official source, Sunye's wedding will take place at Lotte Hotel, Seoul at 12:30 pm kst on January 26th next year.

The wedding will be devided into 2 parts, part 2 will be for JYP Entertainment family.

2AM's Jokwon,Sunye's longtime friend, will be the emcee of the wedding. Both are friends from elementary school when they met each other as trainees.


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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jokwon, 'I came as 2AM representative~' Movie 'Tone Deaf Clinic' VIP premiere

Movie 'Tone Deaf Clinic' starring Yoon Sang Hyun, Park Ha Sun (Director Kim Jin Young, produced by Good Film Company) held the VIP premiere screening on the 20th afternoon at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University.

This day at movie 'Tone Deaf Clinic' VIP premiere screening, 2AM Jokwon attended the photo time.

Meanwhile, 'Tone Deaf Clinic' opens on the 29th as a comedy which unfolds a story about a girl Dong Joo (Park Ha Sun) who is tone deaf even with breathing problems (no musical sense) but is determined to be a singer to be next to her crush. Shing Heung (Yoon Sang Hyun) a star instructor at tone deaf clinic helps Dong Joo by chance and begins to like her.

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