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Friday, February 21, 2014

EXO to have fansign session in Hongkong for Nature Republic

Last year, EXO have become the new faces of cosmetic brand Nature republic along with their senior and labelmate SNSD's Taeyeon.

To inagurate the first Nature Republic store in Hongkong, EXO are coming to hold a fansign meeting with their fans on March 1. The store is located in 2J-2Q Sai Yeung hoi ST Suoth, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hongkong.

EXO has held fanmeetings for the cosmetic brand in Myeongdong and Daegu in Korea and are going to all over Asia to promote the brand. Check this Facebook page and watch the promotional video below:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

After School to hold 1st fanmeeting in Hongkong

After School will be holding their first fanmeeting in Hongkong.

The fameeting happens on July 1, 2013 at 7-8PM. It will be conducted in Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC, Hall 3).

Ticket prices are: Type I (HKD1001~1400); Type II (HKD600~1000); Type III (HKD~600).

If you're going to purchase tickets by batch, you are only allowed to buy Type I and II since Type III tickets are limited and not enough for batch purchase.

Hongkong fans are you ready?

Source: AfterSchool_HKF@YT (follow for more information)
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[EXCLUSIVE] Song Joong Ki 1st Asia Fanmeet in Singapore

May 27, the day Korean heartthrob Song Joong Ki held his 1st Asia Fanmeet in Singapore at Shine Auditorium.

Despite being in Singapore for the third time, Song Joong Ki was surprised by the amount of fans at his arrival and was touched by their warm greeting. He caught the audience off guard when he kick started his fanmeet by coming onstage while singing.
Check out the video of him singing during his entrance:

Throughout the fanmeet, this flower boy managed to communicate in English occasionally. "Nice to meet you. I'm Joong Ki. Thank you." and "I think Singapore is very clean and calm. Singapore's women is very pretty". He also showed his Mandarin skills with 吃饱了 (I have eaten), 好吃 (delicious), 吃饭了吗 (Have you eaten), 我爱你 (I love you) and 再见 (Goodbye).

Little Song Joong Ki had an ambition of being famous. So after entering university, he realised that he really wanted to be an actor. He recalled that he was elated about his very first filming because it was alongside Jo In Sung. Upon revisiting his old works, Song Joong Ki said that he was embarrassed by it and wished he could hide somewhere!

Nonetheless, he enjoys it, especially with those unforgettable and interesting experiences during filming. Song Joong Ki mentioned that there were many of those during Sungkyunkwan Scandal and mostly while filming with co-star Yoo Ah In.

Check out the video of the interview with Song Joongki below:

- Song Joong Ki personally went down to the audience and picked a total of 15 fans for the game sections.
- The first game was to act out one of his famous scene. The winner had the opportunity to take a polaroid with him, while the other 4 took a group polaroid with him.
- The two winners of the second game won an autographed buddy pillow and a polaroid with Song Joong Ki each. The game involved eating a bun and a candy buried in flour without the use of hands and finally, blowing a balloon and bursting it while hugging him.
- He revealed that he was very playful during his childhood years and broke many windows with stones!
- He joked with the audience by saying "Who is Kwang Soo? I don't know that man." but said he is the closest with Kwang Soo, amongst the Running Man cast members. "Kwang Soo is my friend."
- Song Joong Ki wants to try on a vampire role and he recently took it up in the upcoming movie Wolf Boy.
- When asked if he wears insoles, he replied "No, I don't have cushion."
- He has tried chilli and pepper crab and said they were delicious, along with his favourite bakkwa (BBQ pork slices).
- Fans also made a video for Joongki and he was so touched when he watched it.
- There was also a video from the Running Man members to Joongki, with their encouragement for his asia tour.
- Song Joong Ki also sang two other songs during the fanmeet and gave out roses to the audience while singing the last one.

At the end of the fanmeet, every single member of the audience got to high five with him. Fans definitely had an enjoyable and unforgettable evening with Song Joong Ki!

Check out the video of Joongki choosing his fans to play games:

Check out more pictures of the fanmeet below:

dkpopnews would like to thank Boom Korea for inviting us to Song Joongki's fanmeet in Singapore as well.

Article: Scanationsg & edited by vannie@dkpopnews
Pictures: Boom Korea, Scanationsg & dkpopnews
Video: Vannie@dkpopnews

Thursday, January 26, 2012

[Video] JYJ at Lotte Fanmeet with English Sub!

JYJ's talk during the Lottle Fanmeet has an English Sub now so you will understand what the boys were saying during the fanmeet.

Watch the video below.

Credit: share04463
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[News] JYJ’s LOTTE Duty Free Fanmeet Held with Great Success!

LOTTE Duty Free shop created a joyful meeting between hallyu stars JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu) and their Japanese fans.
On Janurary 14th at the Dom Art Hall, JYJ held a fanmeeting entitled “2012 LOTTE DFS JYJ in STAR AVENUE”.
Despite the cold weather more than 2,000 fans from all across Japan traveled to Korea to attend this fanmeeting.
‘Enter-tour-ment Marketing” is a tourism business created by LOTTE Duty Free. It combines the words “Tour” and “Entertainment” and serves to hold fanmeets and concerts by Hallyu stars in Korea as a strategy to attract foreign fans to come visit. 
A PR representative for LOTTE, Kim Ju-Nam, stated “Enter-tour-ment Marketing is a business in which we create a greater image of Korea in the minds of foreigners by showcasing Hallyu stars. In this way we can help stimulate the travel industry by means of shopping, lodging, and various other tourism activities. 2,000 fans came for this JYJ fanmeeting alone. With the upcoming fanmeetings from Kim Hyun Joong, Jang Geun Suk, and Big Bang, we are expecting a total of 7,000 Japanese fans to visit.”
This fanmeeting, which was held on the 14th, began with a showing of the JYJ LOTTE Duty Free promotional video “So I’m Loving You” and was then followed by a talk show, a mini concert, and letters of thanks. JYJ performed their songs, including “Get Out” and “In Heaven”, and their flawless choreography drew many cheers from the passionate crowd.
Additionally, there were many special events such as a Lucky Draw in which JYJ gave away personal goods such as sweaters and jewelry. This draw was done by selecting a seat number from the audience. The selected fan would go straight to the stage to receive the items as well as take a commemorative picture [with the JYJ member]. Also during the talk show portion of the event, a surprise birthday party was held for members Kim Junsu (who’s birthday is on January 1st) and Kim Jaejoong (January 26th).
The 3-hour-long fanmeeting then concluded with JYJ’s thank you letters. The JYJ members read these letters personally as a thanks to their fans who came to Korea for them.

Translation by: DoctorJaee of JYJ3
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Friday, January 6, 2012

[News] Secret to delay Singapore fanmeet + B.A.P. to join Secret for family fanmeet!

Initially to be held in February, as announced earlier on, will be postponed to a later date in March. However, they will now be accompanied by their new juniors – yet-to-debut boy group, B.A.P!

B.A.P, which stands for Best, Absolute, Perfect, is a six-member group who had kept everyone on their toes eagerly anticipating their debut since the release of their teaser videos. B.A.P will be launching their debut album on 26th January, followed by a huge showcase on 28th January in Seoul. Singapore will be the first stop in their Asia tour and audience can get to experience the hype before the rest of the countries in the region.

Recently two members of B.A.P, Bang Yong Guk & Zelo, are promoting via their single “Never Give Up”. They will also be meeting fans in Malaysia on the 14th of January, as a duo.

Event Information
Date: 23rd March 2012
Venue: IMM Level 3, Garden Plaza
Time: 7PM
Cat A – $98 (Moshpit A – Includes autograph session)
Cat B – $78 (Moshpit B)
Cat C – $58 (General Area)

*Above prices do not include SISTIC handling fees
*All ticket holders will receive a SECRET limited edition gift

Tickets will go on sale from 16th January 2012 onwards, via SISTIC website (, Hotline 6348 555 and at all SISTIC ticket outlets islandwide.

For those who have purchased the tickets for Secret’s Fanmeeting initially, purchases will be auto refunded to the credit card and for cash/nets transactions, refunds can be collected at Singapore Indoor Stadium Box office counter. Customers have to bring along NRIC and tickets in order to get the refund. For more enquiries, please call SISTIC hotline 6348 5555.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[NEWS] Secret to hold fanmeet in Singapore!

SECRET will be coming to Singapore in February 2012 for a fan meeting! This will be their first time in Singapore and they will be holding a Fan Meet + Autograph Session + charity auction. There will also be an exclusive autograph session and exciting game segments where fans can take the chance to interact with their favourite band member.

Event Information
Date: 11th February 2012
Venue: IMM Level 3 Garden Plaza
Time: 7PM
Tickets: $128 (Mosh Pit A & Autograph Signing), $98 (Mosh Pit B ), $78 (regular)

* All ticket holders will receive a SECRET limited edition gift
** Prices do not include SISTIC fee

Tickets will be available via SISTIC from 20th December 2011 onwards, call their hotline 6348 5555, get it online at or visit their outlets islandwide.

Do your part for the charity!
There will be a charity auction at the fan meeting, and courtesy of TS Entertainment, two SECRET autographed items would be up for bids, with proceeds going towards the ‘APSN: Association For Persons With Special Needs’. For every ticket sold, Launch Entertainment will also be donating a dollar from each ticket sold to APSN.

Source: Link
TSENT's Twitter
TSENT's Facebook
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

[NEWS] 2AM’s fan meeting in Indonesia was a chaos!

CREDIT:2AM bestiz

The fan meeting event with Korean boy band on Thursday (12/5) at X2, Plaza Senayan, was a chaos. Andi Soraya, as the representative of promoter Wayang Sinema spoke up.

Wayang Sinema, which is in charge of Miss Teen Indonesia event, work together with Rumah Sinema to invite 2AM. The main purpose the rising stars came to Indonesia was to work on a single for “Miss Teen Indonesia” and to shoot a video clip.

But apparently Rumah Sinema announced that 2AM would hold a guerilla concert. They then announced that there would be a fan meeting with 2AM. Of course fans came to see their idols in action and to say hi to them.

What happened was that fans who had came to X2 were forced out of the place by Wayang Sinema, even though they had paid 150,000 IDR per person for drinks. In Wayang Sinema’s agreement contract, 2AM were not supposed to have a concert and/or fan meet where fans had to pay.

“Work together, not to do a concert. They came here to work together (t/n: with local artists, i suppose). They came to the venue (X2) to do vocal rehearsal. There’s no concert where we are selling tickets for and there’s no meet and greet. When we came to the venue, we found out there were a lot of fans,” said Andi when met at Hotel Century, Thursday night.

After some investigation, apparently X2 had an agreement with Rumah Sinema where fans were required to pay for drinks. Wayang Sinema were shocked upon hearing the fact.

“We were shocked if there’s a 50:50 profit sharing with X2 for a glass of drink. In our agreement with Big Hit Management, there’s no concert, singing performance or even ticketing. Buying softdrink is the same as buying tickets,” said Andi.

The CEO of Juna International Limited, 2AM’s management (t/n: i suppose they are 2AM’s promoter from the Korean side), Sarah Kim also confirmed Andi’s statement. The contract that 2AM received was to work on a single and to shoot a video clip.

“Apparently Rumah Sinema did a mistake. They created a situation where we have to perform. And we and 2AM are deeply disappointed. All the members of 2AM are disappointed,” Sarah said.

2AM did plan to greet their fans after “Miss Teen Indonesia” event ends. But they do not plan to hold a showcase or fan meet. They only wants to say hi to all their loyal fans. Everything fell apart because Rumah Sinema announced something that was never agreed by 2AM.

“Actually we wanted to meet the fans and celebrate one of the member’s birthday with fans,” said Sarah in her closing statement.

Up until now Rumah Sinema has yet to give any statement. Hundreds of fans were disappointed because of the false information from them. Money was wasted and still they didn’t get to see 2AM even from afar.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[News] ZE:A's hold their first fanmeeting ''Happy ZE:A's Day''

ZE:A has succesfully finished their first fanmeeting.

On the February 20th, at 3PM, the group met with 2000 of their fans in Seoul to celebrate "Happy ZE:A's day".

During the fanmeeting, which was divided into two parts (first part - concert, second part - showcase), they were said to show their witty side, never yet seen during other shows. From the start, they managed to lighten up the atmosphere by singing "Man2man", "Mazeltov", "New Star" and "All day long". Minwoo, Hyungsik and Junyoung showed a dance performance, while Taehun, Heechul, Kevin and Dongjun prepared a hip hop medley stage.

Members answered the questions they received earlier and thanked for the last year. Taehun even cried on stage. There was also a surprise birthday party for Kevin's upcoming birthday. Junyoung said: "Because we weren't able to sleep last night, the stage was shaky. We're planning to meet our fans at the bigger stage at the end of the year."

After the first half of the fanmeeting, they revealed two new songs. They worked hard to give the evidence of their new songs and dances (from the new album), to be announced in mid-March.

After two hours, they finished the fanmeeting with the "Bad-talk-sad" and "Love coach" as the encore.

Source: Sports Korea
Translation: Nashirah@EmpireChildren

Thursday, November 25, 2010

[INFO] Jay Park Fan Meet Tour 2010

[UPDATE] Jay Park Fan Meet Tour 2010 with details for Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia fan meets!

Jay Park Fan Meet Tour 2010


Meet & Greet:
Friday, 24th September 2010

Saturday, 25th September 2010
Wave House, Sentosa
Standard - SG$120, Student - SG$68

Where to buy tickets:
Sistic Website
Sistic Outlets
▪ Call Sistic at +65 6348 5555

Where to get a chance to win tickets:
F&N's Contest
▪ Club 21's Contest. Click here and here for details


Sunday, 3rd October 2010
SMX Convention Center
Gold - PhP4,980.00, Silver - PhP1,980.00, Bronze PhP980.00

Where to buy tickets:
▪ Call TicketWorld at 63-2-891-9999
▪ Call SM Tickets at 63-2-470-2222
▪ For limited exclusive VIP tickets, call Wilbros Live at 63-2-374-9999

Where to get a chance to win tickets:
'Why Do You Like Jay Park' Facebook Contest


Jay Park First Step in Thailand:
Sunday, 28th November 2010
Royal Paragon Hall 3, Siam Paragon Shopping Center
บัตรราคา 4,500 / 3,500 / 2,500 / 1,000 บาท

Where to buy tickets:


Saturday, 4th December 2010
Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Putrajaya
Absolutely VIP - RM600, Addicted VIP - RM480, VIP - RM360, Addicted A - 260, Addicted B - 220, Basic - 160

Hi-5 with Jay Park (limited to 300 pax only):
Sunday, 5th December 2010
Venue TBC

How to buy tickets:
Online booking
e-mail with the following details:
Type of Package:
Phone Number:
I/C or Passport No.:


Mini Showcase - Pray for Indonesia:
Monday, 6th December 2010
Nusa Indah Theatre Balai Kartini
Platinum - Rp1,350,000 Gold - Rp550,000 Silver - Rp350,000

Where to buy tickets:
Official Facebook Page
▪ (021) 7229535 / (021) 7220158

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[NEWS] 101113 [Recap] 2PM warmed the hearts of more than 5,000 Hottests at the ‘Hanami LOVE 2PM’ fanmeeting in Thailand

[Recap] 2PM warmed the Hearts of more than 5000 Hottests at the ‘Hanami LOVE 2PM’ fanmeeting in Thailand.

Nov 13th, 2010, 11.00 AM at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani, Idol group 2PM (Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Junsu, Chansung, Junho, Wooyoung) held their first and biggest fanmeeting in Asia.

The fanmeeting took place at Impact Arena with more than 5,000 eager Thai Hottests in attendance. The main sponsor, Hanami, who made this fanmeeting happen also unveiled ‘Hanami Limited Edition’ and officially named this fanmeeting ‘Hanami Fanmeeting, Ep. Love 2PM’

On this day, 2PM performed their hit songs like ‘I’ll be back’ and ‘Again and Again’, as well as easy listening song like ‘Only you’ for their fans. Mr. Soradej Napaprukchard, a Hanami representative, disclosed “Hanami gave it all to make history for Thai Hottests with this biggest Asian fanmeeting. We want to give this as a present for the Thai fans to say our thanks for your continuous support.”

The event kicked off with deafening screams from the Thai Hottests when the 6 men of 2PM appeared on the stage performing their latest title song ‘I’ll be back’. 2PM said “Thank you everybody for loving us and thank you for supporting 2PM and Hanami.” They also showed off their individual ‘Hanami eating act’ which brought on loud cheers and much laughter from the fans.

Nichkhun said “Thank you Hanami, than you all the staff from Hanami, and most importantly thank you all the fans who came to see us.We love all of you too”, and he and 2PM then had their photos taken with Hanami executives.

2PM then performed one more of their hit song ‘Again and Again’, after which the MC announced that the fans will be passing 6 giant balloons with hand written messages from fans to 2PM. It was such a heartwarming scene when the 6 balloons were being passed, while ‘Only you’ was playing, and 2PM and fans sang along together.

After the heartwarming activity, it was time for games with the fans. Fans were selected though lucky draw, drawn by 2PM members. For the first game, fans were divided into groups, they to gather and stand on a piece of paper which continuously got folded into half. After the fans finished this game, 2PM could no longer hold back and declared that they wanted to play this game too. In the end, team Junsu, Junho, Chansung comfortably beat team Taecyeon, Nichkhun and Wooyoung and the whole hall erupted in loud cheers.

Not only that, 2PM played the second game with the fans, they had to pass a bag of Hanami around while dancing to the music. The music first stopped when Teacyeon was holding the bag and he was dragged out of the game by Nichkhun. The winner of this game is Junsu.

The third and final game was the dancing competition where 2PM members were being paired up with the fans. The winner for this game was judged by the loudness of the cheers, and Nichkhun won over the crowd and beating the rest by receiving the most deafening screams for his dance.

After that, 2PM gave out more than 60 CDs to the fans, as well as throwing many Hanami packets around the concert hall, some of which had their signatures on.

Towards the end of the fanmeeting, Thai fanclubs held a surprise event for 2PM where 2PM was presented with an exclusively made celebratory video clip and a congratulatory cake for their 2nd anniversary. Nichkhun said “You guys wanted us to cry, didn’t you? Well, you almost did (laughed). Thank you very much. It’s been 2 years since our debut, and everybody still continue to love and support us. We want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We don’t get to come to Thailand often but every time that we do come, you guys still come out to see us and participate at our events. We are very touched. We promise to come back here as often as we possibly can. Please take good care of yourself and your health and don’t forget to eat. And if you love 2PM, please don’t forget to love Hanami too. Thank you very much.” Nichkhun concluded the event which filled with happiness from both 2PM and the Thai fans.

Source :
Translated by : Lady2O'Clock

Monday, November 8, 2010

[News] SHINee Jonghyun crying during Taiwan fanmeet

The Taiwan fanmeet that held yesterday, November 7th 2010, apparently was the deepest moment between SHINee and their taiwan fans.
The Taiwan fans were really sweet by making 988 banner of supporting Jonghyun. it said," Jonghyun we will stay by your side" and it was written in Korean.
After Jonghyun's solo performance the fans keep cheering him and yelling encouraging words in Korean as well. Jonghyun lowered his head and turned to the side taking a deep breath then saying thank you to all the fans.
The fanmeet ended up witht he last song 'Hello', and when he raised his head the fans realized that he was crying. Minho keep patting his back and Jonghyun couldn't stop crying and sobbing so the fans started crying too. It happened that Jonghyun was crying so hard that he couldn't even sing his part properly so another members helped him to sing his part. When he managed to sing a stanza in the middle, the whole place roar in support for him. At the end when the MC asked if he had anything to say he gave the fans deep 90 degrees bow.
As he going to the backstage he still couldn't stop crying.
Standing applause for Taiwan shawol. check this fancam out!
what do you guys think?

source:Original source: PhoenixSHW & elynpai from Baidu (here)
Translated by: _idyllic @soompi
cr video by lover9299
article by dajeonglee@dkpopnews

Saturday, September 25, 2010

[Info/Updated] Zuno Fanmeet and Fanclub Launch in Singapore - Final Changes, Dated 13 November

(Updated 1.59PM, 25th Sept 2010 KST)
Zuno is DBSK's Xian Junsu's elder fraternal twin. He is the first Korean artiste to launch his singing career in Beijing, China and his first single, 'Nothing To Lose' is in mandrin. If you haven't heard it, check it out below:

Earlier this year, Zuno visited this sunny island known as Singapore for a showcase. Now, he's back with another event in Singapore.

24th October(Sunday),2PM, 13th November, 11am, Powerhouse at St. James Power Station right after Kpop Night 2010 on the 23rd. Zuno will be having a fanmeeting with Singaporean fans, along with the launch of his official Singapore fanclub!

The company which will be managing Zuno's activites in Singapore is known as Quest ID. The Official Zuno Fan Club Singapore is exclusively managed by Quest ID Management and supported by BIAS Group in Beijing, China. Quest ID Management is also the exclusive distributor for his CDs/DVDs in Singapore and Asia (excluding China, Korea and Japan).

The tickets are priced at $100, though the first 500 fans will be able to get it at a special price of $80. Each ticket holder will get a standard drink, an autographed photocard and a handshake(previously Hi-5) with Zuno himself. The first 100fans will also be able to have a personal autograph session fans who book online will have a personal autograph session with Zuno! However, there is no need to queue overnight because QuestID will be using queue number based on a first-come-first-serve pre-booking system.

Pre-order of tickets will commence soon, please stay tuned to Dkpopnews for updates!


Date: 13th November 2010, Saturday
Time: 11pm (Singapore Time)
Ticket price: $80 for first 500 only, $100 otherwise

He will also be releasing his first DVD 'Secret Diary' on that day, only 500 copies will be on sale. The cover of the DVD is the picture above. Each will cost $50 SGD and consists of 2 DVDs.

Remember to pre-order your tickets at!

Meanwhile,do visit Quest ID's portal at

Or you can visit their facebook page at

If you're interested in Zuno's official Singapore fanclub, here is the facebook page for it:

Are you excited?

Monday, August 16, 2010

[Info] Details of Kim Hyung Jun's Fan-Meeting in Singapore released!

Singapore fans of SS501's adorable maknae, Kim Hyung Jun.. This is what you guys must have been waiting for! The details of his fan-meeting on the 29th of the month has been released and the faster you go ahead to grab the tickets, the closer you'll be to see Kim Hyung Jun on stage! The details are as follows:

Kim Hyung Jun Singapore Showcase
Venue: To Be Confirmed
(This will likely be a seated event.)

Kim Hyung Jun Singapore Meet & Greet
Venue: Level 3 Garden Plaza, IMM

Red Category – S$200 NETT**
- Meet & Greet Entry Ticket
- Exclusive Poster printed with Autograph
- Group Photo @ Showcase (Photo-taking will be done 10 in a group)
- Pass Presents
- Showcase Ticket
- Allocated numbered Seat: Red Category Zone (The faster your purchase, the nearer you are to the stage)
- Lucky Draw Chances to play games on stage

Pink Category – S$200 NETT**
- Meet & Greet Entry Ticket
- Exclusive Poster with On-spot Autograph on Poster
- Pass Presents
- Priority Standing for Meet & Greet Session
- Showcase Ticket
- Allocated numbered Seat: Pink Category Zone
(The faster your purchase, the nearer you are to the stage)
- Lucky Draw Chances to play games on stage

Green Category – S$160 NETT**
- Meet & Greet Entry Ticket
- Exclusive Poster printed with Autograph – to be received from Kim Hyung Jun himself
- Pass Presents
- Priority Standing to Meet & Greet Session
- Showcase Ticket
- Allocated numbered Seat: Green Category Zone
(The faster your purchase, the nearer you are to the stage)
- Lucky Draw Chances to play games on stage

Blue Category  – S$50 NETT
- Meet & Greet Entry Ticket
- Exclusive Poster printed with Autograph
- Showcase Ticket
- Allocated numbered Seat: Blue Category Zone
(The faster your purchase, the nearer you are to the stage)
- Lucky Draw Chances to play games on stage

So, what are you Triple S waiting for? Get down to sgtriples if you're keen on preordering the tickets for this fanmeet for a chance to get up close and personal with Kim Hyung Jun!

Credits: Warner Music SG @ Facebook
Reported by: Belinda (Follow me if you like my posts and for the latest news updates~! ♥)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

[DKP Exclusive] Kim Bum got his first fanmeeting in Indonesia #1

Boys Over Flowers cast Kim Bum had his first fanmeeting in Indonesia. They event was held on August 6 (press conference) and 7 (fan meeting) 2010 at Mangga Dua Square fl. 5 Sands Ballroom 2, Jakarta.

These pictures are special and exclusive reported by dkpopnews staffs. Let's take a look at Kim Bum's Press Conference and Fan Meeting below!

all credit to imaayu | Snowwhite99
We will update this event with fancams and more pictures! so stay tuned

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