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Saturday, July 1, 2017

'Super Pop Con 2017 in Manila', A K-pop Concert For A Cause #SuperPopConPH2017

This July, experience a one of a kind K-Pop show that’s heart stopping and super action packed as KIRIN, in partnership with LUMOS E&M and All Access Productions bring you another K-Pop concert that you will never forget.

Mission I: Super Pop Con 2017 is happening on July 7, 2017 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. This show brings some of the hottest K-Pop groups in one super event, including B1A4, B.A.P, BTOB, Pentagon VIXX, B.I.G and KRIESHA. This is one event you would definitely not want to miss out on.

"Super Pop Con 2017 in Manila" is not only a super charged K-Pop concert but also an event that will help spread awareness KIRIN’s special collaboration with the local party – PDP Laban as they work together in creating more drug rehabilitation and renewal centers and sites across the Philippines. This event is not just for the benefit Filipino KPop fans but also serves a greater purpose in Philippines' fight against drugs.

Make sure to tag us and find more news and updates about this super event by using the hashtag “#SuperPopConPH2017”

Tickets are available via SM Tickets and online via Ticket prices range from SVIP – P8925, VIP – P6825, Gold – P4725, Silver – P3150, and Gen Ad – P1575. Fans can also know about the latest promos and contests about Super Pop Con 2017 by subscribing to All Access Productions’ social media pages.

To know more about this exciting and meaningful event, make sure to follow All Access Productions on these social media sites:
Twitter: @allaccessprodph
Instagram: @allaccessproduction

B1A4, B.A.P, BTOB, VIXX and more are coming to Manila for 'Super Pop Con 2017'

Hottest and trendiest k-pop groups B1A4, B.A.P, BTOB, Pentagon VIXX, B.I.G as well as Kriesha from K-pop Star 6, who recently made her solo debut with "Trouble" are coming to Manila for "Super Pop Con 2017" on July 7, 2017 and that's less than a week from now!

The brightest stars are coming together in SM Mall of Asia Arena to bring special performances for one night that you won't forget. 

Don't miss it out! Tickets are selling fast so get yours through SM Tickets and online via Prices range from SVIP – P8925, VIP – P6825, Gold – P4725, Silver – P3150, and Gen Ad – P1575. For more latest updates regarding promos and special events make sure to follow All Access Productions' Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We hope to see you there!

Monday, July 23, 2012

[AUDIO] Gong Yoo releases his version of “Because It’s You” for ‘Big’

Actor Gong Yoo, who has been dubbed as the new “Chemi-King” and currently getting a lot of compliments for his great acting in ‘Big’, released his version of Davichi’s “Because It’s You” for the drama’s OST.

During the recording, Gong Yoo remarked, “It was a happy experience that let me think about the viewers and forget about my exhaustion.”

“Because It’s You” is Co-composed by MengEee and Song Bong Jo with lyrics by Song Jae Won and Song Bong Jo.

Friday, July 20, 2012

[NEWS] Lee Min Jung’s fanclub treats ‘Big’ staff to lunch

Actress Lee Min Jung’s fan club, ‘Yewon’ recently sent some gifts to the cast and staff of ‘Big’ to show their support and love for the actress.

On July 4, Yewon visited the set of KBS drama ‘Big’ in Jinchun and brought lunch boxes, beverages, desserts, as well as various health products for the entire staff and cast to encourage them to keep up the hard work until the end.

Lee Min Jung gratefully expressed, “I was touched by the members of ‘Yewon’ for coming this far in this rain. We never have an appropriate place to eat because of the busy film schedule so the staff were able to eat comfortably. I’ll find strength with all of the care given to us by my fans.”

Source: Nate

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

[NEWS] Lee Min Jung touches hearts with sophisticated acting

Actress Lee Min Jung became the ‘Queen of Tears’ with her sophisticated and emotional acting in the KBS 2TV drama ‘Big’.

Lee Min Jung takes on the role of Gil Da Ran who is in love with Kang Kyung Joon a 19-year-old soul in a thirty-one year old’s body. She is putting on a heart breaking show of crying at the rocky road of romance she has with Gong Yoo.

In the 4th episode, Gil Da Ran found out that Seo Yoon Jae(Gong Yoo) had a secret lover, and fell in despair. In the 10th episode, as Kyung Joon’s soul left and Gong Yoo’s soul came back, she realized that she was in love with Kyung Joon, and shed her tears again.

The sorrowful and painful emotions that are seen in Lee Min Jung’s crying act is earning her some favorable reviews. Viewers made comments, such as “She makes me cry”, “She cries in every episodes, and the feelings are all different”, and “She’s the best Drama Queen ever!”

Source: StarN News

[NEWS] Gong Yoo enjoys his break with child actors

Actor Gong Yoo becomes a cool father to ‘Big’ child actors during his break from the filming.

On July 16th, staffs of drama ‘Big’ disclosed a couple of photos of Gong Yoo playing with child actors Seo Yeon Woo and Choi Ro Woon.

In the photo, Gong Yoo, who is in the middle of his break, is holding hand and playing with the young actors. He seems to be enjoying looking after them, and the kids also seem to be enjoying playing with Gong Yoo.

An official stated, “There are 4 more episodes left, and Gong Yoo must be exhausted. However, he never loses his smile, and he always takes care of other actors, actresses, and staffs. His care is energizing the entire group, and that’s making the drama to become even better.”

Source: StarN News

Friday, July 13, 2012

[NEWS] miss A’s Suzy to release “I Still Love You” for ‘Big’ OST

As previously reported, miss A’s Suzy, who is widely loved by his role Jang Mari in the popular KBS TV drama ‘Big’, will lend her voice for the OST of the series. It’s been finally revealed that the title of her track is “I Still Love You” and will be released next on July 16.

“I Still Love You” is said to be a ballad number and reflects well with Jang Mari’s heartbreaking one-sided lovestory. Following the releases by Huh Gak, B2ST, Davichi and Noel, Suzy’s addition is expected to gather a lot of attention.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[NEWS] miss A’s Suzy to sing OST for ‘Big’

miss A’s Suzy, who is widely loved by his role Jang Mari in the popular KBS TV drama ‘Big’, will lend her voice for the OST of the series.

According to drama production staff on July 11th, Suzy will be participating in the OST for ‘Big’ following the releases by Huh Gak, B2ST, Davichi and Noel. Suzy’s addition is expected to gather a lot of attention.

Suzy’s OST track will be inserted in the series to describe her character Jang Mari’s emotion. As the series is almost over, the miss A member will sing a ballad rather than a dance song.

The release date of the soundtrack will be announced later.

Source: Star News

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[NEWS] Huh Gak's OST "One person" for drama Big is getting huge popularity

Just like the title of the drama, the OST for Big which is "One person" by Huh Gak is a big hit among viewers of the drama and also on real time charts. On the 25th of June, "One person" was released on various online music charts and immediately took the number 1 spot on real time charts.

The OST was played during the seventh episode of the drama which captured the atmosphere of the scene and after the show it immediately became the top searched topic on search engines. Huh Gak's "One Person" became an instant hit not only on music charts but also viewers of the drama. Meanwhile, "Big" is currently ongoing on KBS airing new episodes every Monday and Tuesdays.

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[PICTURE] Suzy puts on wedding dress for ‘Big’

miss A’s Suzy captures the hearts of fans once more with her goddess-like beauty.

On June 26th, KBS’s Monday-Tuesday series ‘Big’ unveiled several still cuts of Suzy wearing an elegant wedding dress.

Suzy, who plays the role of a reckless girl on ‘Big’, shows her feminine and innocent charms as dons a simple white wedding dress coupled with a tiara. Fans are already curious to find out why the actress takes a 180-degree transformation from her bold character.

[NEWS] Gong Yoo to sing OST for ‘Big’

Actor Gong Yoo is expected to show off his sweet voice through an OST for his KBS drama, ‘Big’!

On June 25th, Gong Yoo’s agency revealed to Star News, “Gong Yoo has been offered to sing the soundtrack for the series. We viewed the lovecall favorably so we are discussing it in a positive light.”

They continued, “He has to make some time for the recording, but since he is busy filming for the series, the recording schedule has not been decided yet.”

In the past, Gong Yoo participated in an OST for the film, “Finding Mr. Destiny.” He showed off his singing skills with the jazz track, “Second Love.”

Source: Star News

[NEWS] miss A’s Suzy plants a surprise kiss on Gong Yoo

Someone hits the jackpot as miss A’s Suzy planted a surprise kiss on Gong Yoo′s lips!

On the June 25th episode of KBS’s Monday-Tuesday series ‘Big’, Gong Yoo and Suzy shared a romantic kiss. In the episode, Jang Mari (Suzy) found out that her first love Kyung Joon was trapped inside Seo Yoon Jae’s (Gong Yoo) body. She packed all her belongings and declared that she will be living with him.

Mari said to Kyung Joon, “You’re now a different person, but I believe you’ll be back to yourself.” She gave him a surprise kiss with the hope of Yoon Jae’s soul coming back.

While Kyung Joon is left with a stunned expression, Mari expressed her disappointment by saying, “I guess fairy tales aren’t true considering you didn’t change back after the kiss.”

Flustered by Mari’s sudden kiss, he gave her warning, saying, “I belong to Gil Da Ran, so don’t do this again to me.”

Monday, June 25, 2012

[PICTURE] Gong Yoo & Lee Min Jung enjoys supermarket date on ‘Big’

Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung looked like a real newlywed couple, enjoying grocery shopping together.

On June 25th, KBS ‘Big‘ has released new still cuts of Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung enjoying a supermarket date in the upcoming episode. In the photos, the couple shows a very lively atmosphere, playing around with assorted fruits and vegetables.

In the episode, Kyung Joon (Gong Yoo) who has returned from the States pushes for marriage with Da Ran (Lee Min Jung) to ward off pressure from Yoon Jae’s mother to marry another woman. Many are curious if they are about to get married.

Meanwhile, Mari (Suzy) found out that Kyung Joon’s soul was in the body of Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo) and curiosity surrounds the question is Da Ran could marry Kyung Joon despite the difference in mentality.

[PICTURE] Suzy with messy hair still lovable

Singer and actress Suzy of miss A appeared with messy hair.

Playing the role of Jang Ma Ri in the KBS2 TV drama ‘Big’, Suzy was seen in a still cut hiding behind a sofa with messy hair.

In the picture is Suzy with eyes wide open and staring at Gong Yoo with rabbit eyes. She is also looking pitiful despite the fact that she is the extreme when it comes to being confident and bold.

In the drama, Suzy conflicts with Lee Min Jung for Gong Yoo.

Netizens commented, “Why is she like that?”, “She’s still pretty”, “It reminds me of Puss in Boots from ‘Shrek’” and more.

Source: hancinema

[NEWS] Lee Min Jung’s “optical illusion” outfit gains attention

Actress Lee Min Jung once again garners attention for her “optical illusion” fashion.

Recently, an online community posted a photo with the title, “Who knew Lee Min Jung would only wear underwear.” The photo shows screenshots of Lee Min Jung in her latest project, “Big.”

In the photo, Lee Min Jung can be seen standing next to a topless Gong Yoo. The actress is wearing a knitted sweater with a white undershirt and an apricot-colored skirt. However, in a particular camera angle, she seems like she is not wearing any pants and just has on underwear.

Netizens commented, “Lee Min Jung’s optical illusion fashion, I was really confused for about 5 minutes”, “I thought she wasn’t wearing anything on the bottom”, She soon might become the goddess of optical illusion fashion” and more.

Source: Nate

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[NEWS] Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung’s smoochy kiss for ‘Big’

‘Big’ headliners Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung displayed a heart-fluttering kiss scene.

In following the mental kiss aired on the 11th of the KBS 2TV drama ‘Big’, Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung showed another strong kiss scene. It is expected to shake up the hearts of women who watch it.

The picture revealed showed Kang Kyung Joon who possesses the body of Seo Yoon Jae and teacher Gil Da Ran’s (Lee Min Jung) wedding photo shoot.

This scene took two days to film and it was even more special as it was the first kiss Kang Kyung joon did with all his heart. Lee Min Jung’s surprised body action despite Gong Yoo’s eagerness brings out curiosity. His loving gaze on her made the kiss seem sweeter.

The staff on site who watched them kiss say, “The mental kiss was just a preview. The sweetness is about to get sweeter. Despite the fact that they must’ve been tired, they were engrossed in it as soon as the shoot started so everyone held their breaths to see.”

Source: hancinema

Monday, June 18, 2012

[AUDIO] Noel releases “If You Love” for ‘Big’ OST

Following the release of Davichi’s “Because It’s You” and B2ST’s “Hateful Person”, vocal group Noel has just unveiled the Part 3 OST album for KBS new drama series, ‘Big’.

On June 18th, Noel released their latest ballad track “If You Love”. “If You Love” is the work of Cho Young Soo and Ahn Young Min which showcases the harmonizing and vocal talents of Noel members.

Check out the tracks below!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[NEWS] ‘Big’ increases ratings thanks to Suzy effect?

KBS 2TV drama “Big” increased in percentage once again.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 11th, the third episode of “Big” aired on the 11th rated 8.4%. This is 1% higher than the previous episode.

Suzy made her first appearance on this day. There were expectations of an increase in percentage once the final member of the four main characters appeared and the percentage increased a surprising 1%.

Suzy’s character, Jang Ma Ri, flies over to Korea from America with the objective of finding Kang Kyung Joon. Obviously a striking character, Jang Ma Ri should be the tonic for “Big” which is currently recording single-digit percentages.

Meanwhile, MBC “Lights and Shadows” continues to be in first place with 18.7%, followed by SBS “THE CHASER” with 10.6%.

Source: hancinema

[NEWS] Suzy stunning appearance with colorful airport fashion

In KBS 2TV drama “Big“, Miss A member Suzy turned into a stalker who sticks like a limpet, displaying a distinctive airport fashion, attracting attention.

In the published photos, Suzy was wearing a bright yellow pleated skirt, with a pale yellow bow-knot hairpin on the head, coupled with a box-frame sunglasses, while the hand was carrying a pink trolley case, completing the lovely style of ice-cream color, displaying a unique charm.

In “Big”, not only in acting, Suzy who is playing the role of strange and lovely unruly girl Jang Ma Ri is also displaying unique personality in dressing.

Many netizens said after seeing the airport fashion of Suzy, “No matter how unruly, can forgive as long as she is Suzy,” “Looking forward to the debut of Suzy,” “What kind of unruly girl the typical first love girlfriend of Korea, Suzy, will portray, very curious,” and so on.

Suzy who perfectly transformed into stalker who sticks like a limpet by wearing fashion that is full of personality debuted on episode 3 aired on June 11th, 2012.

Source: dramahaven

Monday, June 11, 2012

[NEWS] Suzy hugs Gong Yoo wildly and affectionately

On June 8th, 2012, KBS 2TV Monday and Tuesday drama series “Big” published the stills of lead actors Gong Yoo with miss A member Suzy.

In the photos, Suzy was embracing Gong Yoo from the back wildly. Although the embrace of Suzy can tempt the hearts of all the male fans, but Gong Yoo is an exception. Gong Yoo showed an expression of pain, and in order to get rid of Suzy, he kept squirm his body. In order to prevent Gong Yoo from breaking free, Suzy held Gong Yoo even firmer, her lovely expression raised the curiosity.

The scene of Suzy hugging Gong Yoo is about Jang Ma Ri (played by Suzy) returns from United States in order to find her boyfriend Kang Kyung Joon (played by Shin Won Ho), and meets with Kang Kyung Joon who is possessing the body of Seo Yoon Jae (played by Gong Yoo).

Source: dramahaven

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