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Saturday, September 5, 2015

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B1A4 Adventure live in Hong Kong on November 29th, 2015

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B1A4 will be holding their first concert, "B1A4 Adventure 2015" on 29th November 2015 at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, Hong Kong. The event is organised by Jasco entertainment. 
B1A4 is an idol group under the management of WM Entertainment. The group debuted in April 23, 2011 with the single "O.K" after their first introduction to the public through a webtoon. They have released two studio albums, five EPs and various singles in South Korea.
B1A4's  6th Mini Album, Sweet Girl was released on August 10, 2015 , four days after they debuted a few songs during a Guerilla Concert.

Lastly, "B1A4 Adventure" will kick off in Seoul from September and will only be hold in Hong Kong on November 29th, 2015.

Friday, September 4, 2015


B1A4's CNU to have suffered a knee injury, to receive surgery after group concerts

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B1A4's CNU revealed to have suffered a knee injury.

According to the officials, CNU has damaged his knee cartilage and will be receiving surgery for it. Even though the injury was known even before the new album released last August, but he didn't want the plan to be pushed back because of him, showing his responsibility as the oldest member of the group

Regarding this matter, WM Entertainment said,"As he decided to proceed with the activities, he has been receiving regular treatment during promotions. We are planning for a surgery after B1A4's concerts".

Meanwhile, B1A4 will hold their solo concert 'B1A4 Advanture 2015' on September 12th and 13th at Yonsei University Amphitheater.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015

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Ami unveils MV for 'Hurts Down To My Bones' ft. Baro & Dongwoo

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Ami releases the MV for her single 'Hurts Down To My Bones' featuring Infinite's Dongwoo and B1A4's Baro who both contributed lyrics to the song.

The two male idols give color to the heartbreaking song with their sensitive rapping which flawlessly blends with Ami's emotional and powerful vocals.

Watch below:

Sunday, August 23, 2015

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B1A4 to hold 'B1A4 Adventure 2015' concert this September

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Individual posters of B1A4 members were released for the promotion of their exclusive concert 'B1A4 Adventure 2015.'

B1A4 recently came back with their 6th mini album 'Sweet Girl.' But aside from their promotional activities for their mini album, B1A4 is also preparing for their upcoming concert which will be held on September 12-13 at the Yonsei University′s Outdoor Theater.

For tickets, visit Interpark Ticket.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

B1A4 celebrates their comeback victories through social media

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B1A4's self-produced song 'Sweet Girl' snapped no.1 in music shows namely Show Champion and Mnet countdown. The boys couldn't hide their happiness particularly Gongchan who was crying on stage.

It's a tough week with Beast, Big Bang, APink, and G-Friend included in the top 5 but B1A4 emerged as winner. Congratulations!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


B1A4's 1st 'Sweet Girl' win

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B1A4 continue to prove that they are indeed talented idols by making their songs win on music shows.

Today, B1A4's self-produced song 'Sweet Girl' nabs first no.1 trophy from Show Champion and overwhelmed, the boys couldn't hide their happiness especially Gongchan who can't stop crying behind.

It's a tough week with Beast, Big Bang, APink, and G-Friend included in the top 5 but B1A4 emerged as winners. Congratulations! Continue making great music boys!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


B1A4 describe their own 'sweet girl' & more in 'Ask in a Box'

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B1A4 share some interesting facts, trivia and even interesting stories behind some of their photos fans circulate around. You can also find out each boys' preferences for their own sweet girl.

Let's see what questions are picked regarding their 'Sweet Girl' comeback and what the boys' responses and reactions. Watch below:

Monday, August 10, 2015


B1A4 treat for their 'Sweet Girl' in new MV

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B1A4 release their sweet music video for their equally "Sweet Girl".

Each members try to impress the girl and the romantic scenes would definitely make your heart flutter as the boys appear very charismatic and sweet.

Do you wanna be their sweet girl?

Sunday, August 9, 2015

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B1A4's pre-listening of 6th Album 'Sweet Girl'

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B1A4 released a pre-listening preview of their 6th album 'Sweet Girl.'

'Sweet Girl' has five tracks and will be released on August 10th.

Watch below:

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Thursday, August 6, 2015


B1A4 perform 'Sweet Girl' at guerilla concert

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Ahead of their album release, B1A4 have already performed their very first live stage of 'Sweet Girl' at their successful guerilla concert today which is attended by 2000 people.

The boys wear dashing red suits and dance enthusiastically to their newest choreography. Aside from 'Sweet Girl', they also present a special stage for another track "You are a Girl, I am a Boy".

Meanwhile, B1A4 are releasing their 6th album on August 10. Watch their full performance below:

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


B1A4 drop 'Sweet Girl' MV teaser

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B1A4 are exciting fans with their rather sexy concept photos and they are not disappointing you with their MV.

The teaser shows the boys holding mic stands on a theater's stage apparently getting ready to dedicate a performance to a girl. The boys are charming and romantic at the same time.

Their 6th album will be released on 10th.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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B1A4 Gongchan is sexy in unreleased photos for 'Sweet Girl'

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As promised, B1A4 unveil unreleased photos of Gongchan after the boys garner more than 30 thousand comments on V app.

Gongchan is very sexy and seductively attractive baring his chest and making hot expressions. Don't stop commenting if you want to see other members' photos as well.

Are you excited for their comeback?

Monday, August 3, 2015

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B1A4's Baro to leave 'House Cook Master Baek'; Song Jae Rim and Yoon Park in talks to join

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Song Jae Rim and Yoon Park are in talks to replace B1A4's Baro on tvN's 'House Cook Master Baek'.

According to the officials on August 3rd, Baro will be leaving 'House Cook Master Baek' due to B1A1's upcoming promotions for 'Sweet Girl'. His first and also his last appearance on the show will be broadcasted on August 4th.

In addition, Song Jae Rim and Yoon Park are likely to join 'House Cook Master Baek' as they are both currently considering the offer.

'House Cook Master Baek' is a cooking show about chef Baek Jong Won teaches four celebrity men how to make Korean food. It broadcasts every Tuesday at 9:40PM KST.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


B1A4 unveil 'Sweet Girl' track list

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B1A4 release the list of the songs they have worked on for their 6th mini album "Sweet Girl".

The album consists of 5 tracks such as "Sweet Girl", "You Are a Girl I Am a Boy", "10 Years Later", "Wait" and "Love Is Magic". The lyrics of the songs are penned by the members themselves with the help of ZigZagNote for most of the tracks.

The album is expected to showcase the group's overall songwriting skills once again. Are you excited?


B1A4 reveals more teaser images for 'Sweet Girl'

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B1A4 reveals that there will be 3 different concepts for their new mini album 'Sweet Girl'.

Aside a blurry group images, three more mysterious teaser images with seperated logos have also been revealed. According to WM Entertainment, B1A4's new album will include 3 concepts of 'Boy', 'Flower' and 'Butterfly', with different stories that will be all connected into one.

The title song 'Sweet Girl', is said to be another work by leader Jinyoung, raising the anticipation towards the group's comeback even more.

'Sweet Girl' will be released on August 10th.

Monday, July 27, 2015


B1A4 are sexy homme fatale for 'Sweet Girl'

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B1A4 are ready to captivate their 'Sweet Girl' in their concept photos.

The boys have transformed into homme fatale looking equally charming, seductive and sexy at the same time.

B1A4, we will release their 6th mini album "SWEET GIRL" on August 10. See their individual photos below:

Friday, July 17, 2015

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B1A4's Baro to join 'Real Men'; INFINITE's Sungjong to step down due to comeback schedules

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B1A4's Baro will experience military life on MBC's 'Real Men'.

According to multiple broadcasters, Baro have been confirmed to join 'Real Men'. He will be having his first recording on July 20th.

Baro will be filling in Sungjong's spot, who has got off the show due to INFINITE's promotions with 5th mini album 'Reality'. As 'Real Men' has changed to a more flexible system for this season, which allows the cast to join or take a break if their schedules clash, so there's a posibility that Sungjong will rejoin the show soon.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


B1A4 reveals the plans for August comeback with 'B1A4 COMEBACK FESTIVAL'

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B1A4 has announced beforehand to all BANAs about the plans for their August comeback.

On July 2nd at midnight, B1A4 released two posters through their official SNS, with the first one reads 'B1A4 COMEBACK FESTIVAL' and the second ond reads 'B1A4 COMEBACK BANA PACKING LIST'.

The first poster says,"#You'll be surprise, look forward to it BANAs; GONG-CHAN-SIK EXHIBITION; Broadcasting-Radio-Autograph Event(feat.special); BANA competiton; Picnic with B1A4; Final parade: B1A4 Adventure 2015".

The second poster is a 'packing list' for BANAs to help them fully prepare for B1A4 comeback. It says,"'B1A4 COMEBACK FESTIVAL' means a festival we will be celebrating together from our long-awaited comeback to the final concert. So before you enjoy a festival filled with a great line-up, you need to pack right?".

WM Entertainment stated,"B1A4 is finally making their comeback after 1 year. Along with the album, they are preparing for various events including the ourdoor concert. There are also surprise events for the fans who have been waiting for a long time. The members are working to perfect their music. They are doing their best on the 'B1A4 Festival' to meet the fans, so please look forward to it a lot".

Are you ready for B1A4's summer comeback?


It's B1A4's selfie time!

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If you think you are pro at taking selfies, wait until you see B1A4 do it!

So here's Gongchan explaining the 'right' way to take a good angle while being so adorable taking selfies himself. Will you try his method? Don't forget the "V"!

Meanwhile, B1A4 announced that they are making a comeback in August but they will keep you entertained through their BABA B1A4's episodes. Check the latest one below:


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