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Saturday, June 25, 2016

ZE:A Dongjun Showcases His Sexy Abs For 'Sure'!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ZE:A's Siwan shows support to his labelmate IMFACT

ZE:A's Siwan shows his support as a sunbae towards his hoobae rookie group IMFACT.

IMFACT wrote a message through their official Twitter on January 12th,"A happy music video set because of Siwan sunbae's surprise present! Thank you, sunbaenim! We love you hyung!", and uploaded along a photo of the members sitting in front of a coffee truck.

A rep from Star Empire said that it was completely a surprise as only a few staffs knew that Siwan would send a coffee truck to the music video filming set on January 10th. Thanks to Siwan, everyone was able to warm themselves with coffee from the truck.

Meanwhile, IMFACT will make their debut with single 'Lollipop' on January 27th.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Siwan is looking fine and sharp as Lieutenant in movie still cuts

New still cuts are released from the upcoming movie titled "Thinking of my Brother" starring ZE:A's Im Siwan, Go Ah-Sung, Lee Hee-Joon, Park Soo-Young, and more.

In the new preview images, Siwan, who plays the role of Second Lieutenant Han Sang-Yeol, is looking edgy and sharp in military uniform. In other photos, Siwan gives a heartwarming atmosphere as he is surrounded by kids while flashing bright smiles.

"Thinking of my Brother" revolves around the story of Lieutenant Sang-Yeol as a leader of his platoon and brother to the kids he has met whom he developed attachment with and vowed to protect them. The film is expected to hit the theaters in January next year.

Monday, November 30, 2015

ZE:A's Taeheon to enlist on December 7th

ZE:A's Taeheon is the next idol to head to military this year.

Star Empire revealed on November 30th that ZE:A's Taeheon will be enlisting on December 7th as an active duty soldier. The agency also respected his wish to enlist quietly.

Taeheon announced the news of his enlistment through a hand-written letter to the fans through official fan cafe, in which he promised to complete his duty and then return safe and sound.

Taeheon is the second ZE:A member to make his enlistment following Minwoo in September.

Monday, November 23, 2015

ZE:A Hyungsik is your Christmas gift!

ZE:A's Hyungsik transforms into a romantic guy for the latest issue of SURE Magazine.

Wouldn't you want to date someone as handsome as Hyungsik in the upcoming Christmas?

Friday, November 20, 2015

ZE:A Dongjun is a macho guy for ARENA HOMME+ magazine

ZE:A's Dongjun reveals his new photoshoot for Arena Homme+, check out all the photos here

Friday, September 4, 2015

ZE:A to release a best album in September before member Minwoo's enlistment

ZE:A will release a new album this month before member Minwoo's military enlistment.

On September 4th, Star Empire announced that ZE:A will comeback with a best album in mid-September. This will serve as a special event for fans since Minwoo will be enlisting on the 15th.

This will be the group's new album after 1 year and 3 months. The album will include the group' past hit songs such as 'Aftermath', 'Breathe' as well as un-released songs.

However, there will be no broadcasting promotions since the agency said this album is a special release for the fans.

Monday, August 31, 2015

ZE:A's Hyungshik to guest on 'Three Meals A Day: Fishing Village 2'

ZE:A's Hyungshik will make his guest appearance on tvN's 'Three Meals A Day: Fishing Village 2'.

According to tvN's side on August 31st, Hyungshik will appear as guest on 'Three Meals A Day: Fishing Village 2'. Earlier today he was reported to be a fixed cast, but later was confirmed that he will only guest on the show.

Meanwhile actor Son Ho Joon, who was a regular cast in the first season, is currently in talks while adjusting his schedule, but the possibility of his guesting is low since he's busy filming for 'Mrs.Cop'.

'Three Meals A Day: Fishing Village' is a spin-off of 'Three Meals A Day' featuring Cha Seung Won, Park Hae Jin and Son Ho Joon. The show will make its return with season 2 this October.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hyungsik confesses, 'Kwanghee has changed after joining IC'

ZE:A's Hyungsik and Kwanghee both guested on August 10 episode of SBS 'Healing Camp'. On this episode, Hyungsik revealed that Kwanghee has changed ever since he joined Infinity Challenge.

"I was about to have dinner with the drama team when I received a call (from Kwanghee). He asked what am I doing and I said I'm going to eat dinner. He told me "let's watch movie" but I said I have to go to dinner now."

He cracked everyone up when he revealed Kwanghee's response, "Hyungsik-ah I'm Hwang Kwanghee. Infinity Challenge's Hwang Kwanghee. Don't you watch TV?"

Kwanghee sitting beside him was having a mental breakdown and apologized amidst laughter on the set. What a witty way to invite Hyungsik for a movie.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ZE:A's Dongjun confirmed as lead role in joint Korean - American movie 'Dead Again'

ZE:A's Dongjun will advance into Hollywood through an upcoming movie.

According to the officials, Dongjun has been confirmed to play as the lead role in joint Korean - American movie 'Dead Again'. Dave Silverman will be the director while the production will be incharged by production company Falcom.

Actress Joo Da Young have also been confirmed as the female lead. Other Hollywood actors reportedly to join the cast as well.

The filming will begin next month while the premiere is scheduled to be in the first half of next year.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Star Empire denies ZE:A Dongjun rumored relationship with Jung Jae Eun

Media report ZE:A Dongjun (23) and musical actress Jung Jae Eun (26) have been in a relaitonship for 6 months now.

A source told Sports Today that ZE:A's Dongjun and actress Jung Jae Eun have developed feelings for each other after working together in musical 'All Shook Up'. Moreover, Dongjun has been very thankful for the help he received from his senior and then got attracted to Jung Jae Eun. Although there are 3 years age gap between them, Dongjun shows his affection well and good character.

However, Star Empire quickly responds and denies, "It is a fact that they've gotten closer through the musical (All Shook Up) and are attending the same church. However, they are close as friends not as lovers."

Sources: 1 2

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kwanghee supports friend Suho

ZE:A's Kwanghee and his dear friend Suho are looking great together in their latest photo.

Kwanghee shares the photo apparently to show support and cheers on Suho for EXO's comeback. In the photo, the two are outdoors as Kwanghee gave a thumbs up while Suho is making a Kamehameha attack.

They are sure very close! Are you rooting for EXO's comeback too?

Lee Jong Suk & Kwanghee friendship 9 years ago

A nostalgic appearance of actor Lee Jong Suk and ZE:A's Kwanghee are released revealing that both were used to be modelling contestants for school uniform.

The clip was broadcast on tvN featuring celebrities who are actually good friends and among them are Lee Jong Suk and Kwanghee. It the clip, Lee Jong Suk emerged as 3rd winner of the modelling contest and a photo of them appearing very close with each other is also displayed.

The two have been talking about each other in various interviews and guesting appearance displaying their heartwarming friendship. Who would have thought both are successful in their careers now?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Infinity Challenge, now a 6-member cast!

ZE:A's Kwanghee has debuted as the 6th man of Infinity Challenge panel but how was his first filming like?

Prior to the first episode of Kwanghee as the new member of Infinity Challenge on May 9, a photo of the 6 cast is uploaded along with a story on what happened during Kwanghee's first filming.

From the recently released preview, Kwanghee defies humiliation by walking down a crowded street with only floral tights. He is also shown doing as much with the rest and working hard while proving his chemistry with the others.

We could expect Kwanghee's body gags and high-pitched laugh as he does challenges with the rest of the cast to bring laughters to the viewers. Are you excited for his first episode?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

ZE:A's Hyungsik to take his first leading role in 'The Chaebol's Daughter'

ZE:A's Hyungsik will join the cast of SBS's new drama 'The Chaebol's Daughter'(working title).

Star Empire announced on April 9th that Hyungsik has been confirmed as the male lead for 'The Chaebol's Daughter'.

He will be playing as Yoo Chang Soo, the director of the department stor who has grown up in luxury. He's someone with good looks and confidence that the department store would be handed down to him. He lives a carefree life until he encounters a girl who works part-time at a food market store and has a crush on her.

Hyungsik has proven his decent acting in 'The Heirs' and 'What's With This Family' so people are looking forward to see his improved preformance in this new drama.

'The Chaebol's Daughter' is scheduled to broadcast in June.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

ZE:A's Kwanghee to leave his MC position on 'Inkigayo'

ZE:A's Kwanghee will step down from his MC position on SBS's 'Inkigayo'.

Star Empire announced the news through their official Twitter on April 3rd,"After hosting for 2 years and 4 months, Kwanghee will leave SBS's 'Inkigayo' at the end of this week's broadcast. We sincerely want to thank all the people who have supported and loved him during his time as an MC".

Kwanghee became the MC on 'Inkigayo' on December, 2012 and has been working together with IU, Girl's Day's Minah, Lee Yoo Bi, Lee Hyun Woo, EXO's Suho & Baekhyun, Kim Yoo Jung.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Yo! Hyungsik & NS Yoon-G for McCol

It's hip hop time yo! ZE:A's Hyungsik and diva NS Yoon-G are heating up this summer as they are chosen to be the advertising models for barley flavored soda 'McCol'.

McCol releases promotional photos of their newest faces and it's overflowing with hip hop vibes! Hyungsik and NS Yoon-G are doing a TV CF together with authentic rapping spiced up with comic act and dancing. The CF will also feature the 'cursing' grandma Kim Su-Mi from the film 'Hell Money'.

According to McCol, Hyungsik and NS Yoon-G have completed the filming of the CF and it was full of fun and laughter throughout the whole scene. The CF will be aired on April 4!

Monday, March 9, 2015

ZE:A's Hyungsik cries in MV teaser for V.O.S' 'Someday'

It is now revealed that Hyungsik's teasers are actually for V.O.S's upcoming comeback single 'Someday' from their mini album.

V.O.S have asked Hyungsik to act out their very emotional song thus we see Hyungsik subtly smiles while crying throughout the clip. The added soulful and painful vocals from V.O.S add sorrow to the scene.

Meanwhile, V.O.S' mini album 'Someday' will be released on March 11.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

ZE:A's Hyungshik releases teaser video for 'One Day, Anywhere, Somewhere'

Star Empire has released a mysterious video featuring ZE:A's Park Hyung Shik.

The video is titled 'One Day, Anywhere, Somewhere' with Hyungshik dressing in a white sweater while sitting on a sofa as he watches the rain fall outside of the window. The teaser also features his warm singing voice.

Following the teaser video, many fans have speculated that Hyungshik might be coming out with a solo single. However, Star Empire hasn't released any official statement reagarding the teaser.

To unveil the mystery, be sure to check out 'One Day, Anywhere, Somewhere' on March 11th.

Friday, February 27, 2015

ZE:A's Hyungsik to join 'Law of the Jungle - Indochina'

ZE:A's Hyungsik has been confirmed to join SBS's 'Law of the Jungle' crew to Indochina.

Star Empire Entertainment said on February 27th,"Hyungsik will be leaving to Indochina for 'Law of the Jungle' on the 28th and will stay there for about 7 days for the filming".

Previously Dongjun named Hyungsik as the one he would like to join the show. He said,"Since he has appeared on 'Real Man', I think he will survive in the jungle".

'Law of the Jungle - Indochina' with Kim Byung Man, Ryu Dam, Lee Sung Jae, Lim Ji Yeon. Raymond Kim, Seo In Guk, ZE:A's Hyungsik, Son Ho Joon, Jang Soo Won, Kim Jong Min will be broadcasted this April.

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