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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Xia Junsu sings for Six Flying Dragons

Xia Junsu sings for popular drama Six Flying Dragons, check out his amazing vocal below

Saturday, March 21, 2015

XIA Junsu's mind blowing 'Flower' performance

XIA Junsu performed his latest hit song 'Flower' in his 3rd Asia Concert held in Seoul.

CJES uploaded the video on JYJ's official Youtube channel, Junsu displayed strong live performance and Tablo's rap added more perfection to his live performance, check out the video below:

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

XIA wants to become a rapper and more in #hashtag interview

XIA (Junsu) is back with his 3rd album 'Flower' and he sits down for #Hashtag interview to talk about it.

Revealing his wildest dream of becoming a rapper and why he loves hip hop to the best asset he has, find out more about XIA and his preparation for his new album below:

Monday, March 2, 2015

XIA sports long hair in new teaser images for 'Flower'

XIA makes sure to always surprise you with every teaser release before his album's release.

This time, new photos showing Junsu in a straight, long, and platinum hair excite fans. Junsu looks flawlessly fine.

Meanwhile, 'Flower' will be released on March 3.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

XIA gives chills in zombie-themed MV teaser for 'Flower'

Kim Junsu is giving chills in the MV teaser for 'Flower'.

The short clip starts off with a bunch of seem-to-be zombies and showing Junsu in a very unconventional appearance.

Since the clip doesn't give much of the whole story, the fans are already anticipating for the release of album on March 3.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy birthday to JYJ's Junsu

Real name: 김준수 (Kim Junsu)
Stage Name: XIA (formerly known as Xiah)
Date of Birth: January 1, 1987 (Registered) | December 15, 1986 (Actual)
Height: 178cm (5'8")
Weight: 63kg (139lbs)
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Education: Myongji University
Occupations: Singer, Stage actor, Dancer, Model
Hobbies: Playing Games, Singing, Playing the Piano and Soccer
Special Abilities: Singing and Dancing
Instruments: Piano
Label: C-Jes entertainment
Group: JYJ

- He has an older fraternal twin brother named Kim Junho, who is also a singer mainly active in Japan and China where he is more well known by his stage names JUNO and ZUNO.
- He is old member of TVXQ
- He has a solo career
- He is known for his singing talent
- His mother was a former Miss Korea contestant.
- In elementary school, he was a member of a dance group ‘SRD’, which stood for song, rap and dance with childhood friend Eunhyuk of Super Junior.
- Junsu enjoys writing poems.
- One of his dreams in life is to have his writing published into a book.
- One of his motivations in his singing career is the unachieved dream of his mother, who once dreamed of being a star.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy birthday to RaNia's Xia

Stage Name: Xia
Birth Name: Jang Jin Young
Birthday: November 15, 1994
Label: Dr Music
Group: RaNia
Position: Sub-Vocalist and Maknae
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Chinese
Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music
Specialty: Cuisine
Music Genre: Ballad
Favorite Artist: Rihanna
Favorite Food: Homemade burgers
Instagram: @jangxia
Twitter: @Rania_xia

Friday, August 30, 2013

XIA 2nd Asia Tour INCREDIBLE in Japan Details!

We have reported that member of idol group JYJ, Kim Junsu will be holding the second round of his second solo concert for his 'INCREDIBLE' album. He will be holding concerts at Nagoya’s Nippon Gashi Hall from October 8th to 10th and Yokohama Arena from October 14th to 16th in Japan.

Check out the details regarding his Japan concerts below.

Reserved seating: 10,500yen (tax included)
Standing: 9,450yen (tax included)

※ Restrictions: 4 performances per person
※ 3 years old and above will need to pay

◆ Advance pre-order sale dates for JYJ Japan fanclub:
9/4(Wed) 12:00 ~ 9/8(Sun) 18:00

◆ E-plus official application advance sale dates:
9/12(Thurs) 12:00 ~ 9/16(Mon) 18:00

Rules: 1 person can apply for 4 performances, not a first come first serve basis.

◆ Pre-order sale dates thru E-plus:
9/21(Sat) 12:00 ~ 9/23(Mon) 18:00

◆ General public sale dates thru E-plus:
9/28(Sat) 12:00 ~ onward!

Organizer: C-jes Entertainment
Planning: HYS
Production: CB Agent

Kim Juns will kick off the second round after his musical 'Elizabeth'.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

JYJ’s Junsu invites you to summer pool party in new ‘Incredible’ teaser

After pre-releasing his track “11 AM”, JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) is finally getting ready to make an official solo comeback with the release of new teaser image for 2nd solo album, ‘Incredible’.

The new teaser photo was posted on JYJ’s official Facebook page, along with the captions, “D-3 XIA(JUNSU) Second album release countdown! Music video teaser clip is here! Would you like to join this summer pool party?”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will be releasing his second album on the 15th of July.


JYJ member Kim Junsu aka XIA will be holding a concert in Bangkok, Thailand as part of his second Asia Tour titled "XIA 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT INCREDIBLE".

The concert will be held on the 20th of July (6PM) at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon. To make the concert successful and harmless, the rules and restrictions are revealed. Check out the list below.

  1. Due to copyrights of the music and concert filmed-footage, both photographing and video filming is prohibited throughout the entire concert, including video and audio recording through mobile phone devices. If such act is committed and found, all the video and audio recordings will be deleted by the staff members and the violator will be promptly escorted out of the concert venue.
  2. The following electronic devices, under all circumstances, are not allowed to be brought into the concert: all types of camera, camcorder, audio recording devices, iPad and tablets, laptop computer and netbooks.
  3. To prevent disturbance to other audience members, all types of LED banners, fabric banners, regular banners of all sizes or cardboards larger than A4 paper and lightsticks that exceed 30-cm in length are not allowed in the concert hall.
  4. All types of inflatable thunder sticks or any concert props that create excessive noise or rattling will be not allowed in the concert hall as these may interrupt and interfere with the artist’s performance.
  5. Harmful objects, such as sharp objects, all types of weapons, flammable chemicals or bombing device, are strictly prohibited in the concert venue.
  6. All types of food and drinks are not allowed in the concert hall. There will be a kiosk selling food and drinks provided in the activity hall area, outside of the concert hall.
Make sure to follow the rules so you will not have problems during the concert.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

XIA 2nd Asia Tour INCREDIBLE in Seoul and Busan!

JYJ's Kim Junsu will be holding his Second Asia Tour in Seoul and Busan.

Kim Junsu's concerts date to be held in Seoul and Busan have been revealed. Kim Junsu will be releasing his second solo album which will be a full-track album in the middle of July. After the release of the album, he will kick off his Asia tour in Thailand on July 20th, followed by Shanghai, China on July 28th. He will be holding his second Asia tour in Seoul on August 3rd to 4th while August 10th to 11th in Busan.

Information regarding the concerts in Seoul and Busan can be seen below.

XIA 2nd Asia Tour INCREDIBLE in Seoul
Ticket Opens: July 8th(Mon) at 8pm KST [1st round]
and again July 10th(Wed) at 8pm KST [2nd round]

Performance dates:
Aug 3rd(Sat) at 7pm KST
Aug 4th(Sun) at 6pm KST

Venue: COEX Hall D

XIA 2nd Asia Tour INCREDIBLE in Busan

Ticket Opens: July 16th(Tues) at 8pm KST  [1st round]
and again July 18th(Thurs) at 8pm KST [2nd round]

Performance dates:
Aug 10th(Sat) at 7pm KST
Aug 11th(Sun) at 6pm KST

Venue: Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO)

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

XIA Junsu reveals promo clip for his 'XIA 2nd Asia Tour' in Thailand

XIA Junsu is coming to Thailand for “XIA 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT INCREDIBLE IN BANGKOK”. This is his second time holding a concert there. The concert happens on July 20.

Check his promotional clip below for more information.
Are you excited?

Source: Xia2ndAsiaTourInBkk Facebook

Monday, June 3, 2013

JYJ’s Junsu to release second solo album in July

JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) will return to the music scene as a solo artist once again with his second album this coming July.

CJeS Entertainment announced on May 3 that Junsu will release his second official album in July. A representative stated, “The last album has a perfect balance and received much attention for his sensational music video. He is working hard everyday to come up with a better album.”

Junsu last released his first solo studio album ‘TARANTALLEGRA’ last May, which sold 180,000 copies. He also kicked off his solo world tour which he toured the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Germany.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Test for XIA Junsu at XIADAY 2012!!

3) Choose one you like more… ((=) is impossible to write.. Choose one!!)
1. Chick vs Dolphin
2. Tarantallegra vs Uncommitted
3. Figure Skating vs Rhythmic Gymastics
4. Piano vs Guitar
5. Angel-Xia vs Bbooing booing..
6. Sexy vs Cute
7. Rudolph vs Joseph
8. Bowling vs Soccer
9. Leo vs Tigger
10. Tod w/o bangs vs Tod w/ bangs
11. Yoo Sungwoo vs Hong Daekwang
12. Brownie vs Xiahky

4) Choose one, your favorite hair color..
1. Brown
2. Blonde
3. Pink
4. Red
5. Blue
6. Purple

7) Choose all.. the most confident face..
1. Charisma face
2. Cute Face
3. Angel Xia
4. Side Face
5. Singing Face
6. Bboing Bboing..
7. Wonderful Self-camera
8. Tod Xia
9. Xia- Captain of FC MEN

9) Nowadays, what is the prominent question in your mind?
1. Why am I handsome just like this?
2. Why am I dancing just like this?
3. Why am I singing just like this?
4. Why am I still cute?
5. Why am I perfect at everything?

10) In your thoughts, which is the most favorite work for Xiapwas in this year?
1. Releasing the solo album ‘XIA TARANTALLEGRA’ and Concert Tour
2. Musical ‘Elisabeth’
3. ‘Love is like Snowflake’ of ‘Innocent Man’ OST
4. Photo shooting for magazines (singles, 10asia, @Style,…)
5. Some advertisements.. (penzal Q, Tony Moly, NII,…)

13) Write down the meaning of new words as the way you know.
(they’re new words but the general public don’t use these words.. Most of them are abbreviations..)
1. Muggle: Maegle
2. Gonari: Supervision
3. Solkamal: Frankly speaking..
4. Matjum: Nice Restaurant?(actually, nice Lunch)
5. Menboong: Mental Collapse
6. Noonting: Watching something secretly?
7. Jegodnae: give up (it means… contents are the same or similar as the title)
8. Jjalbang: give up.. (at first, people used it as the prevention of deleting.. but now it means picture or photo)
9. Boolgeum: Burning Friday
10. Haengshow: Happy Show (it means “I wish that you’ll be happy!”)

18) Write now 3 impressive songs that you’ve listened to and 3 movies that you’ve watched these days..
Movies.. Fieta, Thieves, 007
Songs.. Nowadays, there’s nothing special to listen to..


19) Make the actrostic words with your name..
Kim.. I want to eat Kim (Kim means seaweed laver..)
Jun.. Prepare it..
Su.. Suri suri masuri~~ (it’s kind of spell..;;) Come it out!

20) Now, it’s Junsu-Time.. It’s the end of this year…
Write down your wishes in the future and something that you want to make next year with more than 20 syllables
Everybody scream.. party tonight, bambaya.. Let’s go..

Talk with Five Words
What is your sleeping habit? I’m doing like forward rolling when I’m sleeping..
Why are you handsome? I’m not handsome.. (Actually he wrote: “I’m ugly”…;;)
Did you watch the Olympic Games? I watched it almost everyday..
The best moment? Every stage..
The most precious treasure? Aventador.. (it means.. his car..)
What is you phone’s background? As the way it is when it came out from Samsung factory..
What do you do when you feel stuffy? I’m driving..
When will be your second album released? Hush, it’s a secret..
How’s your health? Very nice in these days
What is your personal skill nowadays? There’s nothing special..
What’s your score for Anpang? I didn’t do it..
Best hair? the hair that looks like large bowl..
Which drama do you watch? I watch ‘Innocent Man’
Which is your worry nowadays? Nothign special..
What is the plan when you’re 28-year-old? Live busily
Soon, you’ll reach the 10 years since you’ve debuted.. I’m also old..
I love you.. do you already know it? Please love me more
Do you dislike that fans said ‘you’re cute’? No.. I don’t dislike it..
Do you dislike that fans said ‘you’re sexy’? It’s not bad..
How do you think about ‘you’re so handsome’? I’m not handsome.. (Actually he wrote: “I’m ugly”…;;)

Source: XIADAY
Credit: theyoungestmin(pmksue)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

JYJ’s Junsu to hold solo year-end concert

JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA) will be wrapping up 2012 with a solo year-end concert!

On November 22, his agency C-Jes Entertainment reported that Junsu will be holding a three-day exclusive year-end concert titled, ‘2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert With Orchestra’ at the COEX mall’s Hall D from December 29 to 31.

According to the agency, the concerts will be assisted with live orchestra, band and the chorus. Junsu plans to perform a medley of his hits from his musicals, drama OSTs and his recent album.

A spokesperson for Junsu said, “Junsu has great capabilities as a singer and a performer. The concert is specially organized to highlight his unique charming voice and will be an unforgettable gift for fans.”

Friday, October 12, 2012

RaNia's T-ae & Xia dance to Lady Gaga's "Telephone"

RaNia's T-ae uploaded the practice video of member Xia and herself dancing to Lady Gaga's hit song "Telephone".

Fans were totally impressed with their hotness and amazing dancing ability,check out their dance practice video below

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Xia “The Chilean fans are very passionate”!

The musician, who has already visited Chile with the group JYJ, will present his solo artist proposal next 10th of September in Caupolican Theatre. “Korean pop is a music very energetic and sensual”, said the singer to

Junsu Xia, one of the greatest exponents of K-pop, has already been in Chile together with the group JYJ, in March of 2012. That time, he could perceive the craziness this tendency provokes in the previously known as local “calcetineras” (bobbysoxers) who spend the night at the airport, hotel and finally in the venue where the Oriental group presented themselves.

The singer is coming back to Chile to present his proposal as solo artist the 10th of September in Caupolican Theatre. From Korea, he makes time in his tight agenda to talk to Nació about his music and his relationship with his national fans.

- You have already visited Chile once. Could you listen to Chilean music?
Yes, I have visited Chile and the city was so beautiful. It was as if city and nature were just one. Everyone was very friendly and the atmosphere in the show was one of the best in my life. I’m very happy as we are going back. Regarding Chilean music, the truth is I haven’t had too much time to appreciate it. However, when I was in Chile, every time I was on a car, I listened to the radio. That music is still on my memory. It was very rhythmical and the melodies were good. In my next visit I will try to enjoy more Chilean culture.

- What do you think about Chilean fans and their interest in Korean culture?
I’m very thankful to Chilean fans. Even although Korea is far away from their country, Chilean fans are among the most passionate about listening to my music and thinking about me. That’s very shocking and I feel very thankful. Moreover, I have a sense of responsibility because they see Korea’s image through me so I want to do it the best possible way.

- What stage of the creative process are you in? New lyrics, music? Is there some new project?
First of all, I’d like to finish the World Tour successfully. As I like challenges and I want to try new things, I will try to take this to the research of new lyrics and music.

- Thanks to social networking, Korean culture is more popular nowadays. What do you think are the differences between K-pop and other genres around the world?
It’s difficult to define K-pop in one word. As K-pop has become global thanks to Youtube, now there are many idols. I think fans all over the world love the intense performance and the sensual content and with style. If K-pop means Korean pop and not what I have just described, Koreans are people who love music. I think that is true in South Korean culture, in which people love meeting around music and dance. That’s why we have great musicians. The genres are very diverse; there’s not only dance music, but also hip hop, rock, R&B and traditional Korean music. Each time there are more and more musicians who create their own lyrics. But if you ask me which one is the secret of K-pop, my answer is “passion”. It’s a type of music very energetic and sensual.

- Have you thought of releasing some song and video in Spanish?
I really would like to. In fact, I have had serious conversations with the staff member in charge of the albums in Latin America. I don’t know when, but it’s something I want to do in the future. If I do so, I will have to take some time because I need to know the language and the culture in order to understand the lyrics and to sing the songs as I did with Japanese and English.

- Is there something you would like to do in Chile which you did not do in your previous visit?
If I have the chance, I’d like to go to the beach and to eat seafood with my staff, who worked very hard in Chile. And despite I cannot drink, I’d like to visit some winery.

Junsu Xia in Caupolican Theatre
Date: 10th of September, 9 pm.

Tickets sold through the system Feriaticket with the following prices: General: $ 16.000 (in advance) / $ 20.000; cancha: $ 35.000 (in advance) / $ 40.000; VIP: $ 60.000 (in advance) / $ 65.000.

Credit: La Nación
Translated by: Junmoshi of JYJ3

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

World-class vocalist, XIA Junsu’s recommended music!

Hello, Cyworld members!
I am XIA, greeting everyone through my official solo album and English single.
Nice to meet you.

1. This time, TARANTALLEGRA is a song that you personallly composed and I was very surprised at its fairly high quality. Since when have you started composing songs? – Gwon Gooyoung
Firstly, the musical aspect of this song is also important but because I pictured out the visual aspect first then composed it, I worked on both composition and filming for the music video at the same time. Besides, the music video was released 1 day before the song itself so I have to work harder on the visual aspect like choreography and fashion etc to make the song even better.

I think I started composing when I was 20. I learnt about the basics of composition and naturally strengthened my skills as what I felt and learnt by myself along the way. At the moment, I still want to learn more about this and also compose more songs.

2. I am curious whether you got the inspirations from which circumstance while composing. From natural scene? Your everyday life? Or, did they just suddenly come to you? -@shiningspot
Everything around me, also everything that happened to me is my inspiration.
If a melody or a beat pops up in my head, I will run to the composing room right away to compose and keep them there. The title song of my solo album was inspired a lot by the role ‘Death’ in musical Elisabeth in terms of its mystical and androgynous vibe.

3. When did you have the idea of adding the sound of gong instrument into the Oriental version of TARANTALLEGRA? Also, is the high-pitched part at the end your ad-lib? -@wnstn4803
It is because TARANTALLEGRA is a song where orchestra was grafted onto pop. Ever since its music was finished, I have thought that if I get to make a remix for my repackage album later on, I will make use of gong instrument in order to revive a Korean sense, and also an Oriental feeling for the song.

When I was young, I have learnt how to play Samul nori like Jang-gu, Buk and Gong. To be honest, because it is an English version, I planned to put aside the idea of adding the sound of traditional instruments but after recording the song, it came to my mind that they would match even better with an English song like this so I decided to add the sound of gong into the record. The reason why I add the ad-lib part at the end is because I want to put the fantasy and oriental sense of the song to the extreme. Imagining about that feeling in my mind, I naturally added in my ad-lib while singing.

(T/N: Samul nori is 4 traditional musical instruments of Korea, including Jang-gu, Buk, KKaeng-kwa-ri and Jing )

4. Is there any interesting episode when you recorded for this album? -@peach_xia
I already felt this when working on the worldwide album last time, I felt really carefree when recording. Because the composer respects the artist and respects his feelings 120%, I feel great when working. It is also the same at the recording time. This time when I was singing, I choked a little bit and started coughing, the composer Automatic told me that I could to have a rest until whenever I wanted and asked me to have a cup of warm tea then continue, etc he cared about me so much that I didn’t even know how to react. It was a nice time working with him.

5. Which music genre do you want to try in the future? To be honest, do you feel the most confident in any area? -@mim-ee
Honestly, rather than talking about which genre I want to try, everything is considered as challenge to me. I think that in music, the desire to always take on new challenge is very important. Rather than dividing the songs into different genre, I want to sing well every song. For the upcoming World tour, instead of a repackage album, I asked for English song and went to the US to work on my English single then released it. To me, processes like these are also considered as one kind of challenge.

6. If you get to have a duet, please tell us who are the BEST 3 female singers that you definitely want to work with and also why you choose them!
Honestly, I want to work with a lot of singers since there are a lot of excellent singers who can convey endless of feelings through their voice. I just hope that in the duet song that we sing, our voice would go well with each other and create a crossover effect. Hmm…If I really have to choose then

3rd is Lyn-noona who owns such a beautiful voice.
Then, 2nd is Baek Jiyoung-sunbaenim. I like every OST song that sunbaenim has sung.
1st is Lee Sora-sunbaenim. I felt really honored that sunbaenim has said she wanted to have a duet with me in an article a while ago and I was very impressed when I saw sunbaenim on ‘I am a singer’.

7. Because you have changed your hair color so often when traveling around for your Asia tour, it has become a hot topic among the fans. Why did you change your hair color that often? Also, which hair color do you like the most? -@bbiyoxiah
Because this is my first solo tour so I have to be well prepared and every single city in the tour is equally important. For every concert, I want to see it as a new start and do my best so I changed my hair color. Plus, because of the different color image of each country, I chose my hair color as a part of fan service. As a result, I dyed my hair to yellow for Thailand, blue for Indonesia and Taiwan, red for Shanghai.

8. For the first time in history, all seats in the Sejong Center were sold out (until now, XIA Junsu is still the only one who can do that). Whenever you perform musical, the seats will be all sold out. I think you feel very different at the curatin call when looking at the full audience. I am curious of how you feel ^^! -@For_XIA
I feel thankful. It seems that I became an extreme perfectionist because of this. I have to do as best as I can on every stage. When performing, I couldn’t see the audience but at the curtain call when I saw the whole audience very clearly, I felt so happy and grateful that tears flowed from my eyes.

Big applause from the audiences who watched a performance where all actors and staff have put in their best, then they cried and laughed with us. That is something that makes me feel so happy and thankful that I cannot express in words. And that naturally gives me motivation to do even better in the next performance.

9. Beside JYJ members, can you list some celebrities that you are close with? I am curious of XIA Junsu’s circle of friends!
I separate them into two big groups. Friends in the entertainment industry, gamers, the ones in my FC MEN team and the sunbaenims in musical industry.

I am close with Kikwang, Doojoon, Jisuk-sunbae, Hyunjoong and Sungkwang-hyung.
I often contact and hang out with some musical sunbaenims like Jo Seungwoo hyung, Seonah-noona, Park Gunhyung-sunbae, Joohyun-noona, Min Younggi-sunbaenim etc.

10. 10 years, 20 years later, what kind of artist will XIA Junsu become? Or, how do you want yourself to be in the future? Like, I think I will still continue to sing this kind of music, or It will be great if everyone always remembers me as such singer..However you want to be! -@XIA_nolene
I don’t think 10 years are too far away. In fact, I think of that as a near future. Of course, I will still take on some challenges 10 years later. Since I will never ever stop challenging myself. I hope I will become an artist in his late 30s that ages nicely. I absolutely don’t have the thought of still being a popular singer until then. Rather than that, it will be great if up to that moment, I am still not afraid of taking on challenges, still love music, still do my best on stage and also I hope to become a Kim Junsu who will get to know more about life and get wiser with age.

XIA Junsu’s recommended BGM

1. 5 songs that recently XIA Junsu has been listening to the most
1st: Gangnam style – Psy
I definitely listen to Psy hyung’s hit song very often recently.

2nd: Beautiful night – BEAST
BEAST dongsaengs’ song

3rd: Cherry blossom ending – Busker Busker
A simple song

4th: Love is dripping – 10cm

5th: So sick – Neyo

Honestly speaking, I don’t listen to any specific song or singer. The songs I listen to are random so it seems like I don’t have such thought like I must definitely recommend the song of this singer. There are times that I listen to a lot of pop songs but when I worked on my song in USA, I also listened to a lot of hip-hop and R&B. To be honest, the song that I listen to the most is my own song. In order to monitor the songs in my released album, I listen to them a lot throughout 1-2 weeks.

2. The song that brings comfort to you when you feel tired and troubled in life or the song that has a deep meaning in your life
Why can’t you love me – Park Euntae (Musical Mozart)
Golden star – Shin Youngsook (Musical Mozart)

All these 2 songs are from the musical Mozart. They are the ones that gave me a lot of comfort.

3. If you have lover, the BEST 3 songs that you want to sing to her
1st: Lullaby – Junsu (XIA)
2nd: That man – Baek Jiyoung
3rd: I love you – Tim

If I have a lover, I will want to sing a lot of sweet songs for her. This song is not in Cyworld Music but I really like the song ‘I have never loved like this’ from the musical ‘Tears of heaven’.

4. Among the songs that you have sung so far, which are the BEST 5 songs that you cherish the most:
1st: Fallen leaves – JYJ
2nd: You are so beautiful – XIA
4th: I dislike love – XIA
5th: Dew-laden tree – XIA

Source: Cyworld Music via DNBN
Translated by : XIAworld

Saturday, July 28, 2012

[INFO] Xia 1st U.S. Tour Concert Tallantallegra: Ticket Info!

CJes Entertainment is proud to present Xia Junsu’s first solo tour in America. The tour will include two concerts in the United States. Xia Junsu’s tour schedule is set for:

Thursday, August 30, 2012 8PM @ Manhattan Center the Hammerstein in New York, NY
Sunday, September 2, 2012 8PM @ Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, CA

Ticket prices and on-sale date/time are:
NEW YORK: $150 (GA Standing & Reserved), $120 (GA Standing Only), $80 (Reserved Only), $50 (Reserved Only) on Wednesday, August 1st @ 10:00 am (EDT)
HOLLYWOOD: $150, $75 (All GA Standing) on Wednesday, August 1st @ 10:00 am (PDT)

Tickets will be available at and

Based on his international fame as a member of JYJ, Junsu’s solid vocals and dynamic dance performance have given him his own spotlight as a solo artist. Over the years, he has successfully written and composed his own songs, such as ‘Xiahtic’ and ‘Intoxication.’ In May 2012, under the name ‘Xia,’ Junsu released his first-ever solo album, ‘Tarantallegra,’ and sold over 130,000 copies of his album in Korea alone, earning him a record of having the highest-selling solo album ever on Korea’s Gaon chart, the equivalent of America’s Billboard music chart.

In 2010, while fellow JYJ members Yoochun and Jaejoong were busy pursuing their acting careers, Xia Junsu took the stage as the lead actor in the Korean remake of the famous Austrian musical ‘Mozart!’His debut as a musical actor was immediately met with huge success, for he was able to sell out every one of his shows in a matter of minutes. His performances won him numerous awards such as ‘The Musical Award’ and the ‘Golden Ticket Award.’ Following the success of ‘Mozart!,’ Xia Junsu continued to immerse himself in musical theatre by taking on lead roles in other famous musicals such as ‘Elisabeth’ and ‘Tears of Heaven.’ His performances in both musicals proved to be another success.

Back in 2010, Xia Junsu had traveled to Asia, North America, Europe, and South America along with Yoochun and Jejoong for JYJ’s world tour. But now, Xia Junsu will be making his second official visit to the States to perform for his first-ever solo world tour.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu heads to Los Angeles to film new MV

JYJ’s Junsu heads off to Los Angeles!

As previously reported, Junsu will release a repackaged version of his hit album ‘Tarantallegra’ and embark on an world tour, covering Asia, North America, South America, and Europe.

On July 17th, JYJ’s official Facebook page posted new photo of Junsu with the captions, “XIA (Junsu) is flying to LA for recording new song and MV shooting! He will have a great time in LA with the best staffs! Please give a lot of support!!”

In the photo, Junsu is dressed in white outfit and a pair of sunglasses. The JYJ member gives off bright smile while waving towards the camera.

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