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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

N*White releases Hello Boy MV

New girls N*White release full MV for Hello Boy, watch below:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

LABOUM release MV making of 'Pit A Pat'

Rookie girl group LABOUM release the fun and colorful MV making of their first single's 'Pit A Pat' through their official Youtube account.

The girls are very playful and cute at the same time during their breaks. They appeared candidly in during the shooting and approached their solo parts with their fun and lively characters.

LABOUM is a 6-member girl group produced by NH Media and Nega Network who made their debut on August  28 with an EP album 'Petit Macaron'.

'My Lovely Girl' releases highlight clip featuring its lead casts

A day before its premiere, SBS' new drama 'My Lovely Girl' releases a highlight video featuring the main casts which makes viewers anticipate the first episode.

The 10-minute highlight clips features initial scenes such as the appearance of idol group 'Infinite Power' and first meetings of Rain and Krystal.

Meanwhile, the drama premieres tomorrow at 10:00 PM(KST) and airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch the clip for the meantime:

Zhang Li Yin releases 'Not Alone' MV teaser ft Tao & Victoria

Tao and Victoria's love story continues as the latest MV teaser of Not Alone is released.

Check out the MV teaser below:

Polaris releases 'I'm Fine Thank You' MV to pay tribute to EunB & Rise

It has been a really tough week for KPop fans to endure with the breaking news of EunB & Rise's death.

Polaris releases the MV of 'I'm Fine Thank You' to pay tribute to them, check out the video below.

Suzy shows off her feminine charm for Ceci Magazine

miss A's Suzy shows off her feminine charm in the BTS video of Ceci Magazine, check out the video below:

Monday, September 15, 2014

Members shed tears in the 2nd episode teaser of 'Mix & Match'

Assuming that you have watched the episode 1 of YG's newest survival show for their upcoming male group iKON, you must be excited for the next.

Therefore, the teaser for the 2nd episode released giving you a sneak peek of what to expect this Thursday. Based from the teaser, we could get to see participants' individual talents and some intense happenings with some members tearing up.

What could have happened? Don't miss this episode on September 18 at 11pm through Mnet and Naver. Meanwhile, watch the teaser below:

BTS excite you with their upcoming concert through a video invitation

Bangtan Boys (BTS) are holding their first ever concert "BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY : EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET" on October 18 and 19 at AX KOREA in Seoul.

Therefore, the members prepare a an invitation video to convince you to come. Aside from the fans, the members themselves are also excited. They also explained why it is 'Episode II' but it's not clear so you have to come to their concert first and find it yourself.

If you want more details, check their video invitation below:

Sunny, Youngji, Jackson, Park Joon Hyung, and more new cast in preview of 'Roommate' season 2

A total of seven new members are moving in and joining the season 1 cast in the 2nd episode of 'Roommate' and the preview is finally released.

FOr the 2nd season, new members are SNSD's Sunny, KARA's Youngji, g.o.d's Park Joohyung, Got7's Jackson, Japanese actor Ryo Hei Otani, Bae Jong Wook, and Lee Guk Joo.

In their introduction video, they are already promising an entertaining line up. Are you excited for the new season?

KBS airs EunB & Rise's final performance at Open Concert

KBS airs the final performance of EunB and Rise.

The girls performed their final performance in Daegu for the Open Concert, check out their flawless yet heartbreaking performance below:
Sunday, September 14, 2014
Saturday, September 13, 2014

g.o.d's Kim Taewoo reveals daughters on national TV for the 1st time

On the recent episode of 'True Live Show,' g.o.d's Kim Taewoo introduced his two daughters in public for the first time. 

His two daughters, Soyool and Jiyool, sang their father's song 'Sky-blue Promise.' Aside from his daughters' performance, Kim Taewoo also shared that he is planning to go on a diet. He promised that he will weigh 85 kg by the end of this year, and if he won't be able to do so he will buy soda for all those attendees of g.od's next concert.

Watch below:

written by:
SOURCE: My Daily, StoryonTV YouTube Channel

EXO's Lay remakes Fly to the Sky's 'Missing You' ft. SMRookies' Taeyong

EXO's Lay is the 5th member to be featured on their next MV remake and this time they chose Fly to the Sky's hit mellow song 'Missing You'.

In Lay's remake MV, he impresses fans with his acting skills and charming appearance. The remake MV also features SMRookies' Taeyong who acted as Lay's younger self.

Meanwhile, the remake MV's making with Lay will be released if this reaches 300,000 or more Youtube views in 72 hours. Do you want the MV making?

Watch below:

Friday, September 12, 2014

Teen Top release behind-the-scenes of their first comeback stage

Teen Top made their 2nd comeback stage at Music Bank today with their songs 'Love Is.." and title track 'Missing'.

As a treat, the boys, who are coming back with upgraded masculine charms, share what happened during their 1st comeback stage from the waiting room to the actual performance stage on M!Countdown.

Watch below:

N-Sonic wow fans with their flawless dance moves

N-Sonic members J.Heart, Zion, and Byul impress fans with their flawless dance moves in a dance performance video released through their Facebook account.

The three members dance to Chris Brown's "Strip" and show awesome synchronization and solo dancing skills.

Watch below:

Super Junior win their 3rd trophy with 'Mamacita' at Music Bank #MAMACITA3rdWIN

This is the 3rd of their straight win since Show Champion and Super Junior are still proving that even though they had two years break, their return is indeed successful.

Super Junior face SISTAR for no.1 trophy today and take home a win afterwards. Members go on their SNS to thanks their fans right away for their hardwork.


Super Junior release entertaining backstage clip

Super Junior members know how to have fun just among themselves. As a surprise gift for reaching 8M views, the papacitos release their backstage clip.

The members are playing in the clip. They agreed to wear shirts with a member's name so they played and Shindong won. However, the unlucky guy who have to pay for the shirts, which members and staff are going to wear is Eunhyuk.

In fact, on their way to Music Bank today, they show the results with all members wearing black shirt with the words "Because Shindong is there,we exist.We are Super Juni-OR!"

TaeTiSeo release comeback teaser on M! Countdown

TaeTiSeo release comeback teaser for their mini album Holler on M! Countdown.

Do you anticipate their performance on the show next week?

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