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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BIGFLO's Z-UK shows his dancing skills in 'Delilah' free dance version MV

Hip hop idol group BIGFLO who made their debut on June 19, treat fans a free dance version of their 'Delilah' MV care of member Z-UK.

The rapper and dancer of the group shows some incredible freestyle dance moves following the beat of the song. His flexible moves are neat and flawless.

Watch it below:

Infinite Sunggyu serenades fans with an acoustic version of 'I Need You'

Infinite's Sunggyu appears on the July 29th episode of Mnet’s "4 Things Show: Outrageous Interview" and sings an acoustic version of his song 'I Need You'.

Projecting his emotions through the lyrics accompanied by an acoustic guitar, Sunggyu's warm vocal serenades fans.

'I Need You' is one of the tracks from Sunggyu's 2nd solo album 'Another Me' which was released in 2012.

AOA perform the acoustic version of 'Short Hair'

The main vocalists of AOA including Yuna, Choa and Jimin perform the acoustic version of their latest song 'Short Hair', enjoy their performance below.

Are you impressed?
Monday, July 28, 2014

SISTAR impress with their acoustic version of 'Touch My Body'

The ladies of SISTAR prove they aren't only sexy but great singers as well in the acoustic version of their latest single 'Touch My Body'.

The ladies sit for a while with guitarist Ahn Jung Jae and sing together blending their voices well and produce a harmonious music.

Feel relaxed while grooving by watching the version below:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

SM Entertainment's new group 'Red Velvet' release MV teaser for Red Velvet

SM Entertainment's new group 'Red Velvet' release the MV teaser of their debut song titled 'Happiness', check out the MV teaser below:

Super Junior's Siwon as the spokesperson for 'HELIANTHUS'

Super Junior's Siwon was chosen to be the world's first spokesperson for 'HELIANTHUS.'

'HELIANTHUS' is a brand that sells different types of bags.

Watch him below:

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Hany Lee makes a mash up of songs from 2NE1, SNSD, EXID, EXO, Crush & Zion T.

Areia Creations Global Entertainment uploaded a video of their debuting artist Hany Lee.

The video is a mash up of EXID's 'Every Night,' SNSD's 'Mr. Mr,' 2NE1's 'Come Back Home,' EXO's 'Growl' and 'Overdose,' 'Hug Me' by Crush ft. Gaeko, and ? (Question Mark) by Primary ft. Zion T.

Hany Lee will be debuting later this year. Keep updated about her by following her personal Twitter account and Areia Creations Global Entertainment's as well.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: Areia Creations Global Entertainment

'Triangle' Episode 25 preview

MBC's 'Triangle' is top-billed by Lee Bum Soo, JYJ's Kim Jaejoong, and ZE:A's Im Siwan.

The story revolves on the three brothers played by Lee Bum Soo as the eldest named Jang Dong-soo, Jaejoong as Jang Dong-chul is the middle brother, and the youngest is Siwan's character named as Jang Dong-woo. The three were unfortunately separated when they were young after their parentswere killed in an accident. After twenty years, they met again without knowing their connection with each other.

Jang Dong-soo (Lee Bum-soo) became a detective just like his father, and is searching for his two younger siblings. Jang Dong-chul (Kim Jaejoong) became a leader of a gang and uses Heo Young-dal as his other name. Jang Dong-woo (Im Siwan) has no memory of his biological family, but was adopted by a wealthy chaebol family, so he uses the name Yoon Yang-ha.

'Triangle' airs on MBC every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 KST.

Watch the Episode 25 preview below:

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KBS' 'Exploring Korea' 1st episode features U-Kiss

KBS World TV uploaded a more than half an hour video of the first episode of 'Exploring Korea' featuring U-Kiss.

'Exploring Korea' is a variety program that aims to augment South Korea's image. It features South Korean's culture from 5,000 years ago and the most popular element from Korea---KPop.

Its episode 1 headlines 'Fantastic KPop Stars: U-Kiss,' 'Journey in Korea: Jeju' and 'Experiences of Korea: Korean Buddhist tradition.'

Watch below:

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LC9's J-Hyo & King's own version of Bruno Mars' 'Talking to the Moon'

On July 17th, Nega Network uploaded a video featuring LC9's J-Hyo and King.

J-Hyo and King were sitting in a couch while they were singing Bruno Mars' 'Talking to the Moon.'

Watch below:

written by:
SOURCE: officialLC9

BLOCK B's Zico says sorry as his voice cracks while singing on Music Core

Block B's Zico went on his Twitter to express his apology.

Zico extended his sorry because his voice cracked when he sang his part in 'Rare Woman' on 'Music Core.' He wrote on his Twitter, "Live Rare Woman...ㅜㅜI'm sorry..My vocal cords weren't in good condition ㅜㅜㅜㅜ We'll do a live performance of 'Rare Woman' when our condition improves!!"

Watch below:

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Zhang Li Yin's teaser video for her upcoming song 'Agape'

SMTOWN uploaded the teaser video of Zhang Li Yin's upcoming song 'Agape.'

The teaser video features EXO’s Tao, f(x)’s Victoria, and model-actor Song Jaerim and showcases Zhang Li Yin's soft voice and Tao's martial arts skill.

'Agape' is derived from Koine Greek words which is often translated as 'unconditional love.

Watch below:

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

140726 Girl's Day won first place on Music Core

Girl's Day won first place on Music Core earlier today with their new song 'Darling', enjoy their performance below:

Jaejoong's gives support message for 2014 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference

JYJ's Jaejoong gave his support message for the upcoming 2014 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference.

The Plenipotentiary Conference is the main event at which ITU Member States make decision on the future role of the organization, its general policies, four-year strategic and financial plans, and elects the senior management team of the organization, the members of Council, and the members of the Radio Regulations Board. It is the top policy-making body of the ITU.

The 2014 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference will be held in Busan, South Korea from October 20 to November 7, 2014.

Watch below:

written by:
SOURCE: itupp14, ITU

Hyuna is sexier than ever with 'Red' on Music Core

Hyuna made a hot comeback with new song 'Red' on Music Core, enjoy her sexy performance below:

Lush own version of Taeyang's 'Eyes, Nose, Lips'

Lush uploaded their own interpretation of Taeyang's most covered song today 'Eyes, Nose, Lips.'

Lush gave their all to give justice to the song. They sang it with quality and appropriate emotions.

Watch below:

written by:
SOURCE: OSENOscarEntCompany

Kim Janghoon uploads a video as his tribute to the Sewol victims

Kim Janghoon uploaded a video as his tribute to the Sewol victims.

On the video, he featured one Sewol high school victim named Lee Bomi. He used Lee Bomi's cover of 'A Goose’s Dream' and incorporated himself as if they are having a duet.

Watch the beautiful duet below.

written by:
SOURCE: 김장훈 (Kim Jang Hoon)

B.I.G unleashes the BTS video of 'Hello' MV


GH Entertainment released the behind-the-scenes of the making of the music video of their song 'Hello.'

B.I.G stands for Boys In Groove which consists of five members including Heedo, Benji, Gook Minpyo, J-Hoon, and Gunmin.

Watch below:

Music Video

BTS video of 'Hello'

written by:
SOURCE: Official GH Entertainment
Friday, July 25, 2014

Sohee and TOP get flustered in teaser for 'Reebok' CF

Sohee and T.O.P are showing undeniable chemistry in their promotional photos for Reebok as models.

They are set to release a couple-story CF with Reebok Classic featuring Ex-O-Fit & Freestyle. They may look very comfortable and serious in photos but they are shy and flustered with each other which make them very adorable pair.

Check the teaser ad below:

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