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Sunday, May 1, 2016

TWICE Cheer Fans Up At Music Core

Hyosung Demonstrates Sexy Chair Dance!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fans Joke SEVENTEEN Eat CDs In Their Impressive MR Removed

Fans and netizens are convinced that Seventeen members have smooth live performance in their recent Music Bank stage for "Pretty U".

In an MR Removed version, fans are impressed that all the boys are singing clearly making their singing sounds like it's coming from CDs thus they comment "Stop eating CDs Seventeen!","Wow! Even the Chinese members have improved and singing live!" "Everyone has improved a lot!","I thought they are lip-syncing this one." "Even the members who have only one line is singing powerfully!","No hole in this group of 13 talented boys!"

Fans also praise Seungkwan's flawless 4-octaves! Listen below:

April Deliver Great Tinkerbell LIVE

Big Star Cover Lovelyz 'Ah Choo'

I.O.I MV Shooting + Recording!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Idols Pair Up For Special Duet Stages At 'Music Bank'

Trending idol groups pair up and perform a collaboration stage for today's Music Bank'.

Three pairs of idols prepare refreshing, sweet and bubbly stages that fans will definitely like. Seventeen's DK and Lovelyz Kei flutter hearts with "Greedy", NCT U's Doyoung and Twice's Jihyo perform "All For You" and Block B's P.O. and U Seong Eun sing "Charming".

Watch below and tell us which pair is your favorite!

GFRIEND 'Pado' MV Teaser

GFRIEND are having the summer mood!

CocoSori 'Exquisite' MV

TWICE 'Cheer Up' Dance Practice Video

AOA ChoA Shows Off Her Curve!

Choa's new CF for ELLESSE

AOA Seolhyun Reveals New ELLESSE CF

EXY & Lovey Sing iKON's My Type LIVE

160428 Eunji Wins First Place On M! Countdown

Eunji ya, congratulations!

Oh My Girl's Special Performance For 'Liar Liar'

Thursday, April 28, 2016

BTS Lits Up The 'Fire' On MV Teaser

Bangtan Boys are hyping up their comeback with the release of MV teaser for "Fire".

The short clip drops a strong beat with members showcasing their powerful dancing. Fans are getting excited looking at the boys getting hyper while banging their heads to the music.

Meanwhile, the full music video will be released on May 2.

Infinite Woohyun Releases Dramatic 'Prologue' For Solo Debut

Woohyun excites fans even more with the release of a prologue film for 'Write'.

The clip gives a nostalgic and dramatic setting with a narration from Woohyun. In the next scene, Woohyun is seen catching his breath while looking at a girl walking away form him. At the end, he says, "I'll wait for you". Sounds like a dramatic love story.

Are you anticipating?

Tzuyu Yawns At Live Radio Show

Such a cute moment of Tzuyu recorded by the camera, she shows her adorable face seconds after she yawns, MOMO and Jungyeon have some laugh at her as well, check out the video below


WJSN's EXY & Lovey Cover iKON's 'My Type'