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Thursday, November 27, 2014

EXID Hani's viral fancam reaches 2 million views

The viral fancam of EXID's Hani which is bringing the girl group back in charts is reaching more than 2 million views as of the moment.

Earlier this week, EXID's song 'Up & Down' which was released in August, has appeared once again on charts. Thanks to the viral fancam of member Hani.

In the focused fancam taken during their 'Up & Down' performance in Paju, Hani was dancing passionately and appeared sexy and pretty at the same time. The audience's cheer was loud and apparently enjoying their performances.

Later on, the video has been passed on through various SNS and people have gotten interested that a mere fancam has even reach over 2 million views.

Check the fancam below:

Royal Pirates announce first official concert "T.Y. Party"

Royal Pirates Moon, Sooyoon, and James announced themselves that they are having their first official live concert "T.Y. Party".

A video is uploaded on their Youtube channel wherein members are inviting and giving out details about their concert.

Meanwhile, "T.Y. Party" is happening on December 16th at the KTNG Sangsangmadang Live Hall! It's your chance!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

'SHINHWA LIVE 3D THE LEGEND CONTINUES' to be shown in theaters

Shinhwa's commemorative 15th anniversary concert which took place in Seoul in March last year will be shown in theaters.

Starting on December 11, fans and non-fans could relive the moments from Shinhwa's concert in 3D through 'SHINHWA LIVE 3D - THE LEGEND CONTINUES'.

So, for those who missed the live performances of the legendary group, you'll have a chance to join the hype on your convenience. Watch the trailer below:

Kyuhyun wins with 'At Gwanghwamun' on 'Show Champion' last broadcast

Kyuhyun takes his 1st win from 'Show Champion' today making his 4th win in total on music shows with his song 'At Gwanghwamun'.

Meanwhile, today is Show Champion's last episode as they will come back in mid-January with a new format.

Congratulations! Watch the clip below:

Lovelyz release BTS of 'Candy Jelly Love'

The lovely girls of Lovelyz shared what happened during the filming of their MV for 'Candy Jelly Love'.

The girls were being candid and adorable playing with each other and just having fun. Watch below:

Hello Venus dance to 'Wiggle'

Hello Venus has a special fanservice for you.

During their training session, the girls wearing their skimpy outfit dance to Jason Derulo's hit 'Wiggle' shaking their hips making their fans daze.

Check it out below:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WINNER are playfully cute in the BTS of 'PIZZA ETANG' CF

The boys of WINNER had so much fun and full as they learned how to make pizza in the behind-the-scenes of 'Pizza Etang' CF.

Members show making pizza is so much fun showing their chopping and juggling skills while playing around.

Watch below:

GDxTaeyang to release a special edition of 'Good Boy'

GDxTaeyang will not leave you without an early present for Christmas as they announce that they are releasing a special CD edition of 'Good Boy'.

The duo is preparing a special CD version of the single album which includes a photobook and will be released on December 12.

Check out the teaser spot below:

Apink release live performances of 'Luv', 'Mr.Chu' and 'Secret' from showcase

For those who missed their live streaming showcase on 20th, here's a complete compilation of the live performances of the girls.

The girls performed their latest tracks 'Luv' and 'Secret' as well as their hit song 'Mr. Chu'.

Watch below:

Youngji and Hara do the gwiyomi player on 'Roommate' #YoungJi100

It's not yet over until Youngji and Goo Hara do the 'gwiyomi player' together and they did on the next episode of 'Roommate'.

The two adorable girls appear cute in front of the camera while doing gwiyomi with peppero. As Hara seemed want to stop already, Youngji insisted to finished.

Meanwhile, 'Roommate' with Goo Hara as guest will be broadcast at 11:15PM today on its new timeslot.

Hyolyn & Jooyoung release Car Park version dance practice video for 'Erase'

Jooyoung and Hyolyn reveal dance practice video for Erase at the Car Park, check out their chemistry in the video below:

Monday, November 24, 2014

K-Tigers impress with Taekwondo version of GDxTaeyang's 'Good Boy'

K-Tigers will surely knock you once again with their latest Taekwondo dance cover of  GDxTaeyang's "Good Boy".

This time, the black belter boys and girls are in their full white Taekwondo uniforms and impress their Youtube viewers with their amazing moves and synchronized formation.

Meanwhile, K-Tigers is a group that specializes in Taewondo. Currently, they are South Korea's representative Taekwondo Demonstration Team and has done impressive dance covers of hit idol group songs which they incorporated with Taekwondo moves, martial arts, and aerobatic stunts. The group has also appeared on 'Dancing 9'. Watch below:

Cube releases Gayoon's version of B2ST's '12:30'

It was announced earlier that Cube is going to release another version of Beast's latest rack '12:30' by releasing teaser images which seemed to be MV stills.

It turns our that 4-minute member Gayoon is singing and starring in the another version of the song.
Check out her cover of her labelmate's hit track below:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

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