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Friday, October 31, 2014

Girl's Day's Yura shows her cuteness in 'Dodohara' BTS video

Girl's Day's Yura is an adorable girl in the BTS video of Dodohara, check out her cuteness below:

Thursday, October 30, 2014

BEAST release dance practice video for '12:30'

BEAST release the practice video for '12:30' displaying their passionate dance moves and fomation. Meanwhile, BEATS had their 1st win yesterday at Show Champion.

Enjoy the practice video and try it out!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Topp Dogg release MV making for 'Annie'

Topp Dogg release the making of their MV for 'Annie', the special track to commemorate their 1st anniversary debut.

The '90s image concept and their baggy clothes they wore in their MV are very refreshing indeed and the moving tower is also fun. The BTS also introduces the people behind the production and Annie.

Watch below:

BEAST take their 1st win with '12:30' at Show Champion

BEAST take home their 1st trophy with '12:30' from Show Champion today.

Even though they are not present to had their winning speech on stage, the boys sent a video message thanking their fans and everyone for their support.


Super Junior make fun tutorial for 'Mamacita'

It's rare that ELF got to have Super Junior dance practice videos but this time, they are treated with a dance practice tutorial of 'Mamacita' from the boys themselves.

Teachers Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Leeteuk explain and demonstrate each point steps in-detailed to make sure you get the choreography. Don't worry the boys are serious enough to let you dance along unless they make you crack up with their kind of tutorial.

It's variety idol group Super Junior anyway. Watch below and have fun learning the point steps.

Jessica learns golfing!

Jessica has impressed fans with her singing and dancing ability, but is she a great golfer?

She learned how to play the game from a professional coach and during the interview she was satisfied with her performance, check out Jessica in action below:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

VIXX win the 1st trophy with 'Error' from SBS MTV 'The Show Season 4'

SBS MTV 'The Show' has broadcast its 1st episode of 4th season today and the first trophy is given to VIXX.

This is the 4th trophy the male group has won getting triple crowns with 'Error' last week. VIXX battle with Strawberry Milk, Boyfriend, and Song Ji Eun for this week.

Meanwhile, the 4th season of 'The Show' is hosted by T-ara's Jiyeon, Girl's Day's Hyeri and ZhouMi.
Congratulations! Watch the clip below:

WINNER hit the runway and perform 'Empty' at SIA 2014

WINNER perform 'Empty' at the stage of 2014 Style Icon Awards happened

Not only they have appeared as a rising male group but they also flawlessly fit at the event by walking down the catwalk attracting audience with their charming and good-looking appearances.

Watch their performance below:

BTOB Changsub covers Ha Dong Kyun's 'Knots'

BTOB are resuming their 'I Will Be Your Melody' cover specials on Youtube wherein they grant the cover request of their fans.

To start off the second season, Changsub covers Ha Dong Kyun's 'Knots'. Fans are impressed with his powerful and clear vocals in his passionate take on the song.

Check it out below:

Monday, October 27, 2014

VIXX sing the national anthem and do ceremonial first pitch at 'Nexen vs. LG' match

VIXX sing the national anthem and honored to throw the ceremonial first pitch at 'Nexen vs. LG' match on October 27.

While Leo sang the national anthem, N and Hongbin did the ceremonial first pitch. How's their opening ceremony at the first leg of playoffs' match?

Watch below:

TVXQ drops trailer for their special live tour 'T1ST0RY' in Seoul

TVXQ have announced that they are holding a special live tour 'T1ST0RY' in Seoul to commemorate their 10th anniversary.

Therefore, a promo clip is released to make you excited and you'll be invited by the duo through their message. Meanwhile,  'TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR- T1ST0RY' is happening on December 6th & 7th at Olympic Park Stadium in Seoul.

Watch below:

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ailee uploads #quickcover of Ariana Grande’s 'Break Free'

On October 25th, Ailee uploaded a short video of her cover of Ariana Grande's 'Break Free.'

The clip runs for 15 seconds and showcased Ailee's belting skills.

Meanwhile, Ailee is preparing for her debut in US with top producer Shea Taylor.

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Epik High's Tablo uploads a video feat. Taeyang

Epik High‘s Tablo uploaded a video on his Instagram featuring Taeyang.

On the video, Taeyang is lip syncing his part of Epik High's another song 'Rich.' The video was taken on October 25th at YG Family‘s latest concert stop in Taiwan.

Watch the video here:

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Malhada’s CHEMI and S.JINO upload a choreo video

Malhada uploaded a video that featured two of their artists CHEMI and S.JIN.

The video showed a choreo performance using Crush’s 'Give It To Me.'

Watch below!

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SOURCE: Malhada 말하다

SISTAR shares how they take care of their body

On the October 25th episode of KBS Entertainment Weekly, the four equally gorgeous ladies of SISTAR sat and had an interview.

On their interview, SISTAR revealed how they take care of their body. Hyorin shared how to intervene a swelling leg, she said, "Massage and stretching will be effective on a swelling leg." Soyou added, "Massaging your calf and achilles will help maintain the figure of your legs." Dasom said, "When I need to lose weight urgently, I only eat once. But these days I maintain a regular diet and I work out."

Watch below:

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SOURCE: KBSEntertain

BTS show awkward waves in new video

BTS never fail to make fans laugh.

The boys are back again with another video on Bangtan TV, guess what the boys do this? They manage to pull off some waves, check out the video below:

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