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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Choo Sarang covers 'Let It Go'!!!

Choo Sung Hoon's adorable daughter Choo Sarang received much love with her appearance on KBS show 'The Return of Superman'.

Her father uploaded a video of Sarang singing Let It Go through her official Facebook page, she's seen singing along to the track while playing her kid piano.

Watch her cover below:

BESTie perform their hit songs at the Army Festival

BESTie perform their hit songs such as Pitapat, Love Options and Thank U Very Much at the Army Festival.

The girls received much love from the soldiers especially during their Pitapat performance due to its sexy choreography and catchy lyrics, watch their performance below:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Arirang visits Super Junior-M at their MV shooting for 'Swing'

Arirang KPOP took a coverage of Super Junior-M MV shooting for 'SWING'.

Super Junior-M boys have transformed into classy dancing office workers in the new MV. They have shown professionalism in their solo pictorials and MV shooting but during breaks they are still the mischievous members who play around and making the set even more livelier.

Watch below:

Bangtan Boys release 'appeal' version of their 'Just One Day' practice video

Bangtan Boys surely know how to make the hearts of their fans flutter by releasing a very 'appealing' dance practice video for 'Just One day'.

Forget the proper choreography and sharp dance moves and just enjoy their adorable and dorky moments in this special practice video only for you.

Watch below:

N.SONIC release practice video for 'Run Run'

N.SONIC make sure their fans are being treated despite of their break by releasing the practice video for their song 'Run Run'.

The boys are even fiercer and stronger in the clip showing their flawless dancing skills and formations. 'Run Run' is a track  included in their 2nd mini album 'Into The Light' which was released in October last year.

Watch their practice video below:

Orange Caramel perform Magic Girl on MTV The Show

Orange Caramel perform their previous hit song Magic Girl on MTV The Show.

Besides performing their old song, they continue to promote Catallena on the show too, watch their performance below:

miss A cover Sun Yan Zi's 'Yu Jian' on their Beijing Showcase

miss A impress with their amazing vocal as well as Chinese pronunciation.

The girls perform Sun Yan Zi's popular song 'Yu Jian' at their Beijing Showcase. Fans were impressed with Min and Suzy's pronunciation.

Enjoy their performance below:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teen Top bring their US tour 'Go! TeenTop' to you!

Thanks to Mnet America for giving Teen Top fans their coverage of the group's US tour 'GO! Teen Top'.

The full episode shares some behind the scene footages straight from their concert tour in New York, CA, and San Jose. In addition to that, fans could also get to see the boys during their interviews and photophoot during their stay there.

Most importantly, the video will give you the lively and exciting performances of Teen Top. So watch and enjoy!

Park Si Hwan is sexy in jacket photo making for 'Spring Awakening'

Park Si Hwan takes you to the behind the scene of his jacket photoshoot for 1st mini album 'Spring Awakeking'.

Park Si Hwan's determination is very apparent not only with his sweet voice but with his good looking aura as well. It is a well-deserved result after losing weight in preparation for his debut. In the video, we could see how he is enthusiastic and confident which is very transparent on how he appeared on camera lenses.

Meanwhile, Park Si Hwan released 1st mini album on April 14. Watch below:

EXO perform 'Overdose' live from their comeback showcase + other tracks

EXO-K perform for the first time their comeback title track 'Overdose' at their comeback showcase today, April 15.

It is aired through Samsung Music Live. Watch their newest and exciting choreography for 'Overdose' below. Also check out other live performances from their 2nd mini album such as Run, Love Love Love, and more.

EXO-K release CF for 'WorldCon' ice cream

EXO-K are ready to go to Brazil with Lotte's 'WorldCon' ice cream.

A World Cup like-cheering CF featuring EXO-K members would be enough for you to try Lotte's ice cream, so  watch and grab one.

Don't you want to go to Brazil with EXO-K?

New Champ release 'Yahage' MV ft U.Ji, Kaeun & Lime

New Champ release the full MV of 'Yahage' featuring sexy members of popular female groups.

BESTie's U.Ji, After School's Kaeun and Hello Venus' Lime appear as the sexy ladies in the MV. Check out the MV below:

Monday, April 14, 2014

9Muses' Kyungri & SoReal's Jang Moon cover 'Some'

9Muses' Kyungri and SoReal's Jangmoon cover Soyou X Junggi Go's popular track Some.

Check out their sweet collaboration below:

'Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit' talks about 'porn' in first episode trailer

tvN's upcoming comedy drama 'Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit' releases another preview of its first episode depicting a very hilarious scene.

This time, the four main characters are at work interrogating a man. Lee Sun Jae provides wit when he turned red finding out that the man has 100TB of 'porn' at home creating a silly scenario among the other cast Byun Hee Bong, Jang Gwang, and Super Junior Heechul. Seems like their 'teamwork' is really good.

Are you excited to watch this drama? Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit' premieres on May 2 at 9:50PM KST. Watch the preview below for the mean time:

B.A.P. to star in their own reality show 'B.A.P. Attack' starting on April 15

B.A.P. have been teasing fans with some clips promoting 'B.A.P. Attack' but it is until today that the videos are for their own starring reality show which premieres on 15.

The latest clip shows the boys inside a practice room dancing and playing around. They also ask fans to anticipate. So don't miss further details about 'B.A.P. Attack'

Are you excited?

15& release 'Can't Hide' + live performance for 'K-Pop Star 3' finale

Powerful female duo 15&, Park Ji Min and Baek Ye Rin release their single 'Can't Hide It'. An RnB ballad song which showcases their powerful and emotional vocals.

In addition to that, they've made a live performance of their new song at the finale of SBS' K-pop Star 3 on April 13.

Download their new single legally [MelOn] [iTunes] and watch their amazing live performance below:

BTS release dance practice video for 'Just One Day'

BTS release the dance practice video for their follow up song Just One Day.

Check out their cool moves below:

Zhoumi & Victoria sing 'Summer Breeze' at the 14th Top Chinese Music Awards

Zhoumi and Victoria have a special collaboration at the 14th Top Chinese Music Awards.

They sing popular C-Pop song Summer Breeze for their performance, watch their performance below:

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