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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Park Jung Hyun's performance on 'I Am A Singer 3' ranks 1st

Singer Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) placed 1st on the January 30th episode of MBC's 'I Am A Singer 3.'

She sang 'At The Beauty Salon' which is from her 4th album.

Watch her performance below:

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SOURCE: MBCentertainment

'AOMG TV' features ELO and his debut single 'Your Love'

ELO's first interview on AOMG TV was revealed a day before the release of his debut digital single 'Your Love feat. The Quiett' on January 28th.

On his interview, Jay Park asked ELO numerous questions which he answered as best as he could.

Watch below:

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Phantom's Hanhae on 1theK’s '#hashtag'

1theK's '#hashtag' features Phantom's Hanhae.

In the other news, Hanhae recently released the MV for his song 'Man Of The Year' ft. D.meanor from his solo album '365'.

Watch below:

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Choo Sung Hoon VS 4 Judo Kids in new Superman Preview

In the upcoming episode of The Return of Superman, Sarang and her dad will pay a visit to the triplets' house.

The kids transform into adorable Judo kids in the preview, check out the trailer below:

Friday, January 30, 2015

A.KOR release jacket making film for 'Always'

The ladies of A.KOR are stunning in various black outfits in the jacket filming of their 2nd single 'Always'.

The girls are all looking sexy while having their photos taken and adorable during their solo interviews.

Kwanghee startles Son Dami by pretending to be a pickpocketer

ZE:A's Kwanghee pulled quite a prank to Son Dami by pretending to be a street pickpocketer.

In a short clip he uploaded on his instagram, Kwanghee is sneakingly walking towards Son Dami along the street and pretended to pull her bag as a pickpocketer. Son Dami, before realizing it's Kwanghee, moved in reflex and aimed a kick but laughed afterwards.

Kwanghee seems to be more surprised by the quick attack of Son Dami and exclaimed, "Wow! I almost die."

Watch the video clip below:

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

1PUNCH's 1 shows handsome rapping skills + pre-debut photos

1PUNCH who have just debuted by bringing back the 90s hip hop are attracting kpop fans with their old school genre.

Member 1 shows his cool rapping skills in a new video  'Up In The Sky'. The young and handsome rapper is seen inside a recording studio dressed in the duo's signature style.

Watch below and also see his pre-debut photos from Naver special

Jessica is surprised Yuri's in Hong Kong, 'no plans to meet'

So near yet so far.

Jessica and Yuri happened to be together in Hong Kong, only just the two attended different events on the same day.

Yuri attended Iijin Fashion Show on 28th while Jessica went to attend YSL activity at Lane Crawford. During Jessica's interview, a reporter courageously mentioned Yuri being in Hong kong, Jessica responded, "Oh I didn't know that, but..she's in Hong Kong? I see." When another reporter asked if she has plan to meet up with her, Jessica replied, "I don't think so." In addition to that, Jessica also expressed her interest to be working with Hong Kong actors and do projects with them.

On the other hand, Yuri talked about SNSD's new album in her interview, "We're preparing slowly for the new album this year." She added, "The members are putting their best efforts by participating in songwriting, and more." Watch the rest of their interviews below:

Shim Hyun Bo releases MV teaser for 'It's Cold' ft. 2AM's Seulong

Male singer-songwriter Shim Hyun Bo is going to release a new single 'It's Cold' in collaboration with 2AM's Seulong.

The song is described to express the cold feeling of breaking apart from the one you love.

'It's Cold' will be released on February 2.

The Legend release Jaehyuk's MV making film for 'Trace'

It's Jaehyuk's this time.

The Legend have returned with their 2nd digital single 'Trace' and the boys had overcome the cold and freezing weather to shoot their music video.

Infinite to meet fans through 'Infinite Rally 2'

INFINTE are going to hold their 2nd major fanmeeting 'Infinite Rally 2' to meet their Inspirits on February 28 and March 1.

A teaser video is released reminiscing what Infinite have successfully done in the past two years since their 1st fanmeeting happened. The 2nd fanmeeting is going to be held at Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

Are you excited Inspirits?

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