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Sunday, February 3, 2013

JYJ in CosmoGirl Turkey!

CosmoGirl magazine whose sale rates is pretty high in Turkey gave a place for JYJ in one of the pages.Under the title of Boy Band hurricane, they are ranking JYJ, 2PM, The Wanted and Lawson.

The magazine also comprised a gallery for JYJ in its official website. Link:

Fame of JYJ in Turkey is increasing even more day by day!

Who is in: Junsu,Yoochun and Jaejoong
Country: Korea
Music genre: R&B, K-Pop
How did the adventure begin?: The name of South Korean band JYJ is comprised of beginning letters of Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong. JYJ who has a remarkable fandom in our country ,was easily topping the charts in their country when they released “The”. After the successes,the band released another album called “In Heaven” in the last quarter of the year 2011.This band is the nominee of your most favorite with their movie tasted MVs and with their attractiveness.

Let’s get to know them closer: Junsu is a joker who is full of energy and with one of the greatest voices. Yoochun attracts people with his cool being and his cool hair too for us. Jaejoong is very hardworking with his rebellious being and he is handsome.

For further
Source / Credit: CosmoGirl and Rilakkuma page
Translated by:
JYJ Turkey’s LunaReds Team
Shared by:
JYJ Turkey + JYJ3

Sunday, January 27, 2013

INFINITE H reveals they couldn't sleep because of pressure

INFINITE H revealed the pressure about their first unit album.

On the 23rd, INFINITE H (Dongwoo, Hoya) hard a photoshoot and an interview with At Star1.

Through this interview, INFINITE H revealed the pressure when preparing their first album “We couldn’t even sleep to the extent it was physically painful and we also had a huge psychological pressure”.

Hoya said while shaking his head, “As we were preparing for our comeback, we were also in the midst of tight preparations for KBS2 ‘Immortal Song’” and “To film the music video, we stayed up all night for almost 4 days as well”.

Moreover, Dongwoo looked like he lost a lot of weight due to this various projects carried without any rest.

Dongwoo talked about the behind-the-scene stories saying “I don’t really know why I lost weight” and “I physically lost weight so my pants size changed. Since I’m very skinny now, I’m taking a rest from exercising and I’m eating a lot”.

On the other hand, you will be able to check INFINITE H’s photoshoot and interview in At Star1’s February issue.

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; star n news ; take out with full credits

Infinite members share their stories on Inkigayo magazine


The unlimited charms of the seven people who seized K-POP!

The fresh boyhood of 2010’s Infinite who have infinite possibilities passed by, and now ‘Trend-dols’ Infinite are coming up as 2012 Asia’s trend. Some time after the endless idol competition began, Infinite, who debuted three years ago, stayed strong on the album market by releasing several songs like ‘Come Back Again’, ‘Hysterie’, ‘Be Mine’, ‘BTD’, ‘The Chaser’, etc; they got first place on each chart program, and as a team who set unprecedented records showing off their surprising success power, they will be able to make it on the concert market as well. They’re reinforcing their sport as ‘Trend-dols’ not only in Korea but overseas as well; from October 22nd to November 11th, from Yokohama to Nagoya, Kobe, Fukuoka, etc, they had in total 8 concerts, with a capacity of 74,000 seats.  They ended successfully their big-scale ‘Arena Tour’. It’s a result they accomplished only a year after debuting in Japan; they confirmed that they were worthy of receiving the ‘2011 All K-Pop Award’ for the most evolved artist. As ‘K-Pop representative musicians’ who don’t stick to only one genre but can handle various musical genres, we are going to keep an eye on the hot moves of these seven men who have infinite possibilities.

A unique pose after breaking up. Another obsession for Infinite facing a break up!

Infinite coming back as ‘Chasers’.

Between calm and passion, Kim Sunggyu’s sorrowful ‘60 Seconds’

‘It’s gloomy and dark’

This man who chose ‘Rock’, characterized by its darkness since even when it’s sparkling with light, is not enough, said ‘I chose it carefully’. With the simple sincerity not of the leader of Infinite, the group which debuted 3 years ago, but of a newly born baby, he is telling his story calmly or maybe more sorrowfully than ever. May it be short or long, kind or not, the caffeine called ‘Kim Sunggyu’ going between calm and passion is even more addicting in 2012’s lonely and cold winter.

June 2010’s spring, the seven boys who didn’t know anything and had innocent eyes were full of spirit.

They didn’t look like they were plodding or just walking, for they added more weight every time they took a step and strengthened the steadiness in both of their wings; on July 2011, they finally took off beautifully and started to fill their nest. And on May 2012, they drew an infinite track that you can’t overlook easily, built their own space, and showed their power. Just as their name ‘Infinite’, which means ‘Becoming a god beyond humans to tighten its grip on his territory’, the leader of the 7-membered idol group Kim Sunggyu was acknowledged for his unique and superior tone early. He felt really sorry for the firm support of the seniors who still look like huge mountains in Sunggyu’s eyes, and he carried some of the burden of each of his warm members whom became ‘Trend-dols’, so he has to be constantly on the move without even being able to heave a sigh of relief to adapt to the given situation. His nervous life, with no ‘moderation’ whatsoever, tightened even more, but that’s a happy ‘constriction’. He honestly casted off the name of ‘Infinite’s leader Sunggyu’, and he took off an inner layer and the charm whispered by another Kim Sunggyu, which goes over the sweetness and is slightly bitter.

Truthfully, when facing your first solo album, it’s not easy to use various flowery expressions like these, but watching over the growth of jewel-like Infinite for 3 years, we can only be proud and thankful. We didn’t struggle in the idol flood, and while we waited carefully for the rescue team, Infinite powerfully dived and each of the albums they released had a better quality and completion than what we expected; they reached the category of ‘Idols of the century’. The fans must be proud as well that they evolved together with them, and that they watched their growing process, but our chest is also inflating with joy and pride as they also grew with the history of SBS <Inkigayo Magazine>. May it be now or then, Infinite’s most important main vocal Sunggyu is still representing without any changes ‘sincerity’s icon’. Since he was Sunggyu who was filled with the will ‘I want to sing’ deep in his bones, he couldn’t follow properly a step, so he received a harsher training in dancing than in singing which he was confident in, and he believed that’s how he discovered that the value of that drop of sweat was 100% of his efforts’ results. A modest music, an unpretentious sound, his first solo album ‘Another Me’ is the key ring that coldly sublimated and exposed the passion that was in himself. Kim Sunggyu’s musical motto and source, Nell, who show their love for their juniors, starting from the leader and vocal, Kim Jongwan’s first gift, the moment it flew to him Sunggyu’s heart that was palpitating like a wave couldn’t cool down which doesn’t happen often. “Nell are really my idols and it’s an honor! I can’t even believe that these people gave me songs, it feels like a dream.” To find his other self, the itinerary was unexpectedly short. To Sunggyu, this first challenge was a thrill, freedom and a hopeful future. The name ‘Kim Sunggyu’, which he slowly and honestly built up while living in the moment, is now filled with pride.

Kim Sunggyu says…

Rock is…

In fourth grade, I saw Seo Taiji on TV by chance, and as if I was directly hit by a bomb, my mind got confused, and it was an honorable chance to fall quickly for the genre called ‘rock’. At that time, a genre like Limp Bizkit’s new metal was shown in Korea, the song was ‘Ultramania’. Starting from then, I gradually started to listen to a wide range of rock music, indiscriminately, from modern rock, brit pop, to hardcore like Korn or Linkin Park, and starting from when I entered middle and high school, as if I was attracted by something, I wanted to realize my dream of becoming a singer for real.

The nonstop heartbeats as he gets closer to his goal, making music with Nell

Since it was a music genre I’ve always wanted to try, it was a good challenge and experience, but it’s true that I’ve felt incredibly sorry. My skills to handle the song can’t even be compared to those of Jongwan hyung whom I admire the most, because I can’t reach his level and mine are to the extent that it’s insulting. But he put all of his heart and soul in each note to make this song for me, and the moment I felt it would be impossible for me to express 100% of that person’s music, it passed through my whole body like a spring jumping. “Let’s do our best. I have to do so I can become a me I’m not ashamed of.”

    “I didn’t compose the intro, but it’s a song that is wrapped beautifully; I did as if I was playing it very well on the piano in the teaser. It’s a song where we mixed the piano and the humming as the adlib. I put my heart and soul in it, hoping it would change the idea that ‘Intros are simple and useless’.”

01 / Another Me

The sound of the piano keys coming through the window with the cold rays of sun during a winter has refreshing connotations. In this album composed of a total of 6 songs, 7 including the hidden track, it shows a plus factor, ‘Another Me’ has the role of the introduction, explaining and compressing mood of the whole album in a piano melody; it’s the first cry of Kim Sunggyu expressing another ‘me’.

    “It takes 60 seconds to fall in love, it takes 60 seconds to break up… Truthfully, I can’t become someone with the abilities to make the girl I like my girlfriend in 60 seconds, but I believe that it’s possible to fall in love in a few seconds like the song says. I even fall in love every day while watching the TV… What? You’re saying that’s not love? No! I believe it’s love, haha! I don’t think it even takes ‘10 minutes’ like Lee Hyori senior says. ‘60 Seconds’ are enough!”

02 / 60 Seconds

As a song made by Sweetune, who wrote the hit dance numbers like Infinite’s ‘The Chaser’, ‘Be Mine’, and ‘Paradise’, the title song ‘60 Seconds’ is a stylish song unbelievably full of analog sensibility. It takes 60 seconds to fall in love and it takes 60 seconds to break up. It’s Kim Sunggyu’s second cry describes the sorrow of a love story caught in the heartbreaking reality that each second, isn’t short nor long in this speedy actual era, passing by to become the past. A couple of emotions in one song. A story he can’t believe, that like the lyrics, happens right in front of his eyes like a drawing.

Kim Sunggyu’s music, find the part where he melted his personality in

I thought that since we had a similar musical motto, even if we have the same musical roots, Nell is ‘Nell’, and Kim Sunggyu is ‘Kim Sunggyu’. Aside from the way we sing, the parts I can express and our skills are different so… it might be the same for any singer, but I thought that I could find something characteristic in my voice. Rather than finding how to sing, I went through the process of coloring the album <Another Me> with Kim Sunggyu’s color which conveys my unique feeling through my voice. I tried to give a clear difference and feeling in ‘that thing’ from when I’m singing songs by myself and when I’m singing as Infinite.  I just gave Kim Sunggyu as he is with my voice.

The music in myself that I can’t abandon, it’s my life’s foundation and core. The solo album was led faithfully by this goal.

When we ended the recording of ‘60 Seconds’’s guide, our CEO told me “I think that this song would fit you well even if you sang it by yourself, I think you can handle it well. It looks natural”. It feels like I started working on my album since then. I was really happy and enthusiastic about the golden opportunity I had to show ‘Another Kim Sunggyu’ when working on ‘60 Seconds’ at the same time as ‘The Chaser’.  It doesn’t show much, but I’m very thankful I got the chance to show a feeling and color that are clearly different from how I sang until now.

03 / I Need You

The song ‘I Need You’, made by Nell’s bassist, Lee Junghoon, is about a man curing a love wound. It has a modern rock style, while being calm, Nell’s emotion melts into Kim Sunggyu, and with a touching voice earnestly waiting for warmth in the lonely and sad winter, he appeals to us. It’s Kim Sunggyu’s third cry embracing loneliness, filled with emotions.

    “In Infinite’s past album, there is my solo song called ‘Because’, a song given by the composer of that song, Nell’s Lee Junghoon-nim. I was in charge of the high notes in Infinite during this time and I think that I was able to express myself in a rough way, in a tone and height I’m comfortable with. It has a very similar content from my current self saying ‘I’m lonely so I wish someone took me in their arms and held me…’. When winter comes, don’t we all cry because our side gets cold and empty? The longing, the yearning you have for things that passed by… It’s a song expressing this kind of thoughts.”

Kim Sunggyu says…

The research of band music’s charm

This album is completely composed of rock and acoustic sounds, so it could even feel somewhat difficult and uncommon to the fans who know Infinite’s music. But with this opportunity, I felt the greed of wanting to show to many people the charm of band music. When listening to the sound of the band music, you feel a catharsis as if the beat was kind of starting at the bottom of your stomach, to pound and explode. The liveliness that is as lively as a swimming fresh fish and the guitar sound that is like scratching your inside making your heart flutter, wouldn’t they fall for this kind of charm? Even for Infinite’s concerts, we didn’t use an MR but instead casted a band team and performed our songs with the band sound, and even with just that I felt ‘That’s a real live!’ and got to feel the liveliness. “It’s awesome~” (T/N: He used a word play, ‘It’s alive’ is an expression that means ‘it’s awesome’)

Happy song life

Even if we’re singing in both cases, I could really feel the difference between singing in a group and solo. Actually, since my experience of being in a musical, I was sometimes thinking that I wanted to live as another character, I felt that doing things indirectly by myself was the happiest moment of my life, and during the solo promotions, I enjoyed ‘the creation of another character’. It might be because I’m in charge of hitting the high notes a lot but I often heard that my voice sounded mournful and sad. Well… It’s the bitter feeling of growing the hard way… Anyhow, according to the group name Infinite meaning ‘infinity’, I want to live replaying endlessly a happy song until I die.

Kim Sunggyu says…

The nervosity of the first solo promotions

I had many occasions to have solo stages, during <Immortal Song>, and during our concerts as well. But I’m so nervous that my current nervosity can’t be compared to then, I can’t calm down. I want to put up the board saying ‘first solo’, take a deep breath, and lift my head to not be embarrassing for my members either. When I’m with the members, I’m usually the type to be very nervous, so to release the nervosity I had the moment I felt that I was alone, I praise myself. I’m nervous but… “If it’s me, I can do it, because I’m cool, haha!”

“If there weren’t those guys…”

Hoya says he had to show me something and pressures me, while Woohyunnie monitors me carefully. Even on the music video filming set, they were all gathering and interfering in everything, but I think it stimulated me and I got excited too. They’re actually very playful friends, sometimes they tell the truth subtly while doing as if they were lying, but without the members, it feels empty. I want to ask to the people who ask me if I’m not tired of being with them after sticking together for such a long time, “Are you tired of your family?” Through the kids’ support, I, Kim Sunggyu am growing well. I don’t care if they poke fun at me because it sounds like a prepared comment. Because if there weren’t those guys, the present’s Kim Sunggyu wouldn’t be here.

    “Standing on stage by myself felt unfamiliar and scary. The concerts were my first experience of standing alone on stage, it was for ‘Only Tears’, so it’s true that I was very nervous. But wasn’t I able to lead this kind of good response thanks to the members’ strength and support? Truthfully, before being included in Infinite’s album, I sang it by myself like a guide and I think that to some extent, there are parts that aren’t totally perfected. Hm… I think it would be nice if each member had a version of the song ‘Only Tears’. Infinite’s members’ seven versions of ‘Only Tears’ with each different personality and color… aren’t you looking forward to it?”

04 / Only Tears

The acoustic version of ‘Only Tears’, Kim Sunggyu’s solo version highly requested by the loving fans. Actually, ‘Only Tears’ that was in Infinite’s album was sang by Kim Sunggyu as he played the piano during Infinite’s concert and released then. It’s Kim Sunggyu’s fourth cry he prepared in order to respond to the expectation of the fans who remembered the liveliness from the concert, for it’s mixed with haziness and sorrow, and it soaks into our heart like a tear.

Kim Sunggyu talks about….

Music Video Behind Story

Many misunderstandings occurred after the release of my solo album’s music video. Some people thought I didn’t appear in my music video because I was not confident in my face, some said it looked like I was only focusing on the music… It’s nothing like that! While looking forward to the love scene with the female lead actress, I told myself, “Ah, I will finally be able to enjoy acting in my music video”… I couldn’t believe it when the hopeless truth of L crushing my expectations happened. Without even being asked to do it, and before my solo album even came out, he appeared with his bright comment, saying, “Ah, I have to do Sunggyu hyung’s music video, I will appear in it.” I couldn’t even ask him, “Why are you doing it!” and only remained frustrated. Could there possibly be a person who would say no and reject L, who is currently the busiest member? To be honest, I did feel unsure about it, but thanks to L, a lot of people liked it. Plus, his outstandingly nice and warm visuals and supporting acting skills drew a nice image of our friendship as members of the same group—so it was a nice promotion, so I could only be thankful he helped me! I am saying it like this but… I am really really thankful. L, I love you~

The worries of an effort-type singer

I was not gifted with any aptitude in the beginning. Even in the past and until now, I have always been the type of person to put in all my effort so every time I see people who sing well, who play instruments well and do well in recitals, there’s nothing I am more envious of. When I look at singers who can express everything within one measure of a song… I don’t know… Even if I hold back the urge to go on stage, I feel like the gap I have to go over to reach their true ability… In other words, their talent is steep. I don’t know. Whether the saying “It will work if you put in your effort” is true or not, I feel like I will certainly know why I only got “effort and sincerity” instead of just “a gift” as I get older. And I will know whether “You can’t make music just with your effort” or “Ah, if I put in all my effort, it works” is true.

05 / Shine

Before the release of, Shine came out as a pre-release and ranked high on every music chart. ‘Shine’ is a song that is like the light formed by the excellent harmony of Nell’s vocal Kim Jongwan and Kim Sunggyu. The faint, dream-like instrumental that makes your heart flutter and the electronic beat adding to the rock sound somewhat neutralize the voice tone of Kim Sunggyu to something that sounds unfamiliar and expresses a subtle longing, like a sunbeam shining. It’s the fifth cry of a shining day stuck in his memory.

    “It’s the last song I recorded. I did it hurriedly and urgently whenever I returned home while we were holding our Japanese arena tour. “Remember our most dazzling days” while thinking of when I was in love and the words said by the one I loved, this is the meaning I put into this song. Everyone is likely to have amazing memories from that time, right? As expected, it’s about sadly loving and generally longing for something. Winter seems to be this kind of winter. If INFINITE is the fruit of obsession, Kim Sunggyu is the fruit of sorrow. I feel like I’ve grasped the feeling of longing and made a song out of it.”

    “Is there a girl by your side who thinks you’re in love with her? Or do you love someone else than her whom you met by sense of duty? In this case, it might be cruel but I am partial to my self-centered feelings. I wouldn’t deceive myself and I would tell the girl the truth. Cope with your feelings honestly. “I miss you, I love you,” you know that these obvious words are useless right? Say you’ve never loved her. Even if it’s sad, I’ve put all of this in my own way in the lyrics. But I don’t want to be this kind of person. I like happy endings!”

Kim Sunggyu talks about…

His attachment to his solo album

All of these songs are precious to me; I am attached to all of them. Just like there’s no finger that doesn’t hurt when you bite all ten of them, I do have a lot of regrets, but I’ve ended up feeling like a parent when their child takes its first steps. Even if I wasn’t always 100% satisfied, the current Kim Sunggyu wanted to show all his strengths through music and challenged himself by using ‘rock.’ It’s especially true for this album’s last track: since the expression of the atmosphere was foreign, he sang it in different keys and by picking the darkest key, you can see he took care of it a bit more. He also wrote it himself. “More than just being happy to be able to participate in making my album with my own hands, I was especially glad and proud.”

A growing singer’s excuse that isn’t really an excuse

There will still be lacking and silly parts. As the very first member of INFINITE who got to release a solo album, I was really uneasy and unsure about whether it’d go well or not, but since I’m the type of singers who puts in all their efforts, I was in a position in which there were a lot of possibilities for me and I am confident that I did my best. A new challenge truly is an adventure. And while an adventure is interesting and fantastic, it also increases your hope for the future you don’t see yet right now. Even if I’m certain there are people who’d tell me not to dream, I am using an excuse that isn’t really an excuse to ask them to watch over me. Every time you see me, I will grow even more musically. Using thealbum, I promise you to improve and even if it takes forever, I assure you with my name, “Kim Sunggyu,” that I will keep this promise.

06 / 41 days

With the emotions of Kim Sunggyu, who gives off the image of an artist is absorbed in the lyrics of ‘41 Days’ even if it’s his first time writing lyrics, the challenge gave birth to a masterpiece. The cold and sad lyrics are about the mentality of a dark and bad man who offers his everything to a girl who thinks he loves her even when he has never loved her. With another breath, the composer of ‘Because,’ Nell’s bassist Lee Junghoon, made Kim Sunggyu reinvent ‘modern rock.’ By expressing feelings of revulsion and sorrow as sharp as broken ice during a cold winter, it brainwashes the sixth and last cry with the singer called Kim Sunggyu.


“We really missed you a lot! Were you okay while INFINITE wasn’t around? Probably not right? (Laughs). While we were missing, our leader Sunggyu hyung got to do his solo promotion. Everyone applaud him! clap clap clap~never fails to delivers good news to INFINITE. Let’s always be friends like this even in 2013. In the past right, now and in the future forever! You know how we feel right? Let’s split the new year luck on good terms~ ♥ Happy New Year, Dear my fans! [sic]

trans. cr; emilie, saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; tmddms_0330 ; take out with full credits

Sunday, January 20, 2013

SJM thanks fans for a successful fanmeeting through group selca

Super Junior M recently concluded their fanmeeting in Nanjing last night. Kyuhyun shared a group photo right after the show was ended. He wrote,

"Our Nanjing fanparty has ended now!! Thank you our beloved China E.L.F!! It’s been hard work on you^^ you’re now watching SJM", quickly after his message, Donghae also posted, "My dear babies !! The fan meeting has ended now ^^ Everyone worked hard !! I love you all !! Gimme a call, I am waiting for u all ^^ Hae, Kyu, Siwon, Zhoumi, Hyuk!! So colorful and good looking^^.

They really had fun aren't they?

Source: Donghae and Kyuhyun weibo
Translated by @13elieveSG
Written by

Hyeri advertises Star Five magazine!

Girl's Day Hyeri self-advertise Star Five magazine wherein she is on the cover page. She took a picture with it along with a message,

ㅎㅎ Wow it’s Star Five~~ It’s exciting because it seems to be filled with lots of really pretty pictures!! Have all of you seen it? Keke make [this magazine] be sold out in the whole country~~~~ Yap!! ♡

Source; Hyeri’s Twitter
Translated by JW@girlsdaytrans

FT Island enjoys their Shanghai concert

FT Island obviously enjoyed their concert in Shanghai last night. Through a group photo uploaded on their twitter account, the members convey their messages.

They wrote,

"We enjoyed ourselves very much at the Shanghai concert today!!! Please wait for us till our next concert and we ask for lots of love and support "

Source: FTISLAND twitter

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Donghae reveals photo while taking a shower

After Kyuhyun, Donghae is next in line who made weibo account and interacts with fans.
As a treat, he uploaded a photo of himself taken while he was having a shower.
He wrote,

"Before our fanmeeting ^^ taking a shower"

Meanwhile, Super Junior M is having fanmeeting in Nanjing at the moment for their Break Down album promotion.

Source: Donghae's weibo (Donghae1015)
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

CNBlue's Jonghyun reveals his personal thoughts on Ceci!

Ceci: What makes you feel best when it comes to describing your name?
Jonghyun: Firmly, as ever, the man who is playing the guitar and singing on the left. Lee JongHyun of CNBLUE. This is my favorite phrase to describe me.

Ceci: You’ve covered most of Asia and then last September you held <CNBLUE LIVE IN LONDON> in the United Kingdom. London is the mother land of rock that you’ve always wanted to visit and also the hometown of The Beatles.
Jonghyun: I was proud and happy because that stage was what I was dreaming for. Fans are always the same anywhere, but for that one time, their hair colors are different from that of Asian fans. That gave me quite a different feeling, seeing fans with blonde hairs dancing and giving great cheers to us. It’s just like watching foreign music video on television while standing on the stage. I kept on watching outside of the window at the hotel because it was wonderful to visit London for that performance. I walked here and there for half a day and took lots of photos.

Ceci: You’ve finished the concert beautifully, and also  successfully finished a drama.
Jonghyun: I am happy because I had a good result for my first start, but to consider it to be that successful, that’s too absurd I think. I had just started and I still have a long way to go. I will try to go to the end for as long as I can. Of course, the foundation is CNBLUE. I could be an actor because I am the member of CNBLUE.

Ceci: Is there any specific role for you want to try as an actor?
Jonghyun: If I get the chance, I want to play a character like Ha JungWoo sunbaenim  in the movie “Nameless Gangster” . Also, Kim NamGil sunbaenim in the drama “Bad Man” was really attractive. Those who have watched them must have fell for their manliness. In Gyeongsang Province dialect, it is called as “꾸리한” [kku:ri:ha:n] or “까리한” [kka:ri:ha:n]. It would be interesting if there’s really such “kkarihan” character in real life.

T/N: “까리한” [kka:ri:ha:n] would simply mean, a manly man. A man full of masculinity. JH mentioned about this in Radio Star. ^^

Ceci:We heard that your role model is Jang DongGun.
Jonghyun: He is not only in great in acting but also has a wonderful personality in real life. Even with just a word, I could feel his warmth. When I was filming ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’, Jang DongGun sunbaenim said “you’re doing a great job”to me. Even though at that time I was not doing well, I could do much better because of him. It was a magical sentence. I was happy and that made me smile. I want to be a nice senior just like Jang DongGun sunbaenim.

Ceci: What is “extreme” manliness to you?
Jonghyun: Simple honesty. The word itself is just like a man. I’m 100% honest. That means, I’m an extremely manly guy. (laugh)

Ceci: Which is why you’ve got yourself titles like 24-year-old manly man, musician’s popularity, and even a rising star in acting. The dramatic year has passed by. You have accomplished many things, but is there anything you think you’re missing being in you 20s?
Jonghyun: I do my best all the time, but as always regret follows too. That’s only natural. Anyway, I’m a simple guy, so even though when I get angry or feel regret, I can forget it easily. Fortunately, that’s just who I am and I’m comfortable with that.

Ceci: Maybe you should date. What kind of a woman that would shake your reason?
Jonghyun: Jeon JiHyun, Son YeJin, Park ShiYeon. They are the ideal types in my life. To find the something common between them may be…  they are pure, innocent and sexy?

Ceci: What kind of woman is sexy for you?
Jonghyun: Like the lyrics in PSY sunbaenim’s song, a girl who puts her hair down when the right time comes.

Ceci:Let’s pick 3 of your 3 attractions to appeal as the boyfriend to a fun girl who knows how to play.
Jonghyun: I am reliable man, and have good manner. What’s more, I intend to sing a song every day for my girl.

Ceci: Looks like you know the charm of the guy who can sing.
Jonghyun: Well, that’s just the basic of a man.

Ceci: What are the best songs that are good to hear with a girl or those that you wanna sing for her?
1 ‘P.D.A’ by John Legend. Contrary to the beautiful mood of the song, the lyrics are very sexy.
2 ‘Belief’ by John Mayer. This song may be good to hear when having a cup of coffee together.
3 ‘Love Without U’ by Robin Thicke. I like the mood of that song.

Ceci: I heard you’re close JongHyun of SHINee, who is the same age as you.
Jonghyun: No, I’m not familiar with him. Where did you hear that? (He got serious for short time) Haha! Actually we are close. JongHyun is a friend who is always bright and funny. When I was rookie, I was worn out due to many things, and he approached me and comforted me, so we became friends. I often hear that I’m older than my age, but when I meet JongHyun, I feel like I’m back again to my real age, so I feel good.

Ceci: Why do people say that you’re older than your real age?
Jonghyun: I never hear that from close fellows, but when I meet new people for the first time, I often hear like ‘you’re like already in your 30s.’ I think  maybe because I’m usually calm. But that doesn’t mean that I’m shy with strangers or pretentious. I don’t know, you think so? Did I change while working?

Ceci: We met you for the first time and now we are doing this interview. To me you’re in the early twenties but, I can feel that you are relaxed just like a full grown-up man. It’s weird.
Jonghyun: Is that so? (laugh)

Ceci: So you got deceived by SHINee JongHyun, instead of  Diablo game CD he gave you a snack. Your response was funny, according to his twitter. So, it’s time for revenge. How about revealing one of his secrets?
Jonghyun: What a bad guy… ! But I won’t do cheap thing. I will protect him because he is also a good guy.

Ceci: SHINee JongHyun, TEENTOP JongHyun, actor and model JongHyun, NU’EST JongHyun. There are many JongHyuns in our entertainment industry. Let’s see why you’re the best among them.
1 I can sing and play guitar.
2 I am the whitest/fairest.
3 I am CNBLUE.

Ceci: This is the first cover interview  to mark the start of 2013, and today’s topic is ‘CNBLUE’s New Year Party’. If you are the host, then where, what and how would you want to hold the party?
Jonghyun: I will eat meat until my tummy bursts. If someone will buy for me, I will draw circle on the sirloin part of the beef.
T/N: “Draw a circle” means he will take the sirloin, which is the best and expensive part of the meat. and his favorite.

Ceci: I wonder how your new year will be with the members.
Jonghyun: On new year,  we get vacations every year. Last year, we went snowboarding and it was exciting. We promised to go together every year, so I guess this year we will also be in the snow park. YongHwa hyung is the best surfer. JungShin is a slow learner. His development speed is… terrible. MinHyuk is the best in ball games, and I’m the best  when it comes to using strength. Instead, Jungshin is very good at making gags using his body.

Ceci: Let’s check out three things you want to surely ans speedily achieve this year. Saying your goal over and over helps you to reach it more easily.
1 I am really happy now, so I hope this time keeps on going!
2 Going strong without any mishaps!
3 Let’s make more good music!

Ceci: Please tell Minhyuk who is next to you, the words of blessing for the new year.
Jonghyun: I trust you all the time, so I never doubt you will do well. My awesome brother, please keep on growing well like now. Ps. Live your life cheerfully.

Ceci: Last, we will make a ‘TIP or Manual Instruction of Lee JongHyun’ to get to know you better. Please fill in the blank properly.
Jonghyun: “I live to eat. If I miss meal time, I’m quite upset and my voice becomes bigger, so if you give me meal in the right time, there will be no problem. If you think I look anxious, put me to sleep. I can even run well after charging. In conclusion, I’m very easy to handle.”

Translated by: BOICE@eternalfor_jh
Edited+Posted by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Infinite’s Sunggyu “wishing to buy a house for his parents more than getting a girlfriend”

Sunggyu, the leader of ‘Trend-dols’ Infinite starts his intensive work at dawn. Even on the day of the interview, he had to change is schedule several times. In the end, the interview was set at 3PM and could start only after sundown. Sunggyu looked obviously exhausted but he kept on saying “I’m ok” while smiling. He joked saying that when they first debuted “It was our wish to be tired because we have a lot of schedules” remembering for a moment about Infinite’s old image.

This year, Sunggyu had great results personally. He got to debut not as Infinite’s leader but as a solo singer. Through the title track ‘60 Seconds’ with modern rock beats, he could show his rocker spirit as much as he wanted. Sunggyu said “It feels like I’m showing myself only now”. Aside from ‘60 Seconds’ in this album, there are a lot of various songs. Including ‘41 Days’, the song he personally wrote, there’s the acoustic version of ‘Only Tears’ that garnered interest during Infinite’s concert, ‘Shine’ that is a gift from Nell’s Kim Jongwan, etc, by showing music with various colors, he tried to transform. As if he was leaving on a trip to find his other self, the name of the album is also ‘Another Me’.

When asked about the solo singer’s title song, Sunggyu commented “It was a work where I could enjoy my freedom”. “I felt more freedom than when I’m working as Infinite. When I was promoting in Infinite, I also tried to show a new image but this challenge was different than before. Should I say it was freedom through rock? It was a refreshing challenge.”

As soon as we asked him to choose the best song of this album, he chose ‘41 Days’.Sunggyu said “It’s the song where I tried writing lyrics for the first time and the melody matches me well. It’s the best song to me”.

Sunggyu is the first Infinite member to go solo. When we asked him which member was the most envious, he chose his roommate, Woohyun. “I think that Woohyun who’s in chage of the vocals in the team is envious. Since he’s my roommate we talk often but I’m coming home late because of the solo activities these days, so I think it’s even more like that” and after saying that while laughing, he counted on his fingers “Since he’s my roommate since before we debuted, he’s also a friend-like dongsaeng (T/N: Friend as in friend with the same age). He’s a roommate worth 100 points who supports me no matter what I do”.

These days, collaborations are the trend in the K-Pop industry. We also asked to Sunggyu if there was a singer he wanted to sing with. “I always wanted to sing with Nell seniors but since they gave me a song as a gift I was really happy. Next time, if I get the opportunity, I want to collaborate with the band Pia.”

Infinite has the nickname of ‘Trend-dols’. But it’s not a group that got popular as soon as they debuted. In 2010, they released their debut album ‘First Invasion’ but they didn’t get significant results. They released another single but the reactions weren’t really good. When promoting for their second mini-album ‘Evolution’ with the title song ‘BTD’, they set their color as ‘Choreography-dols’, their single ‘Nothing’s Over’ exploded and they quickly rose as Idols we have to focus on. With the song ‘Be Mine’ they settled as top idols, and Infinite were very active. Their song ‘The Chaser’ even got 1st place in this year’s K-Pop chart selected by the American Billboard. As the leader who must’ve been more frustrated than anyone else, it can only be a result to be proud of for Sunggyu.

“When we first debuted I was very frustrated. Then we had the song ‘BTD’ and I thought ‘That’s it’. I thought it would do really well. But it didn’t get as known as I thought it would. The greed slowly disappeared and we released the single ‘Nothing’s Over’ without any expectations and it did well so I got hope. Truthfully, a group like Infinite sings a lot of songs that are melody centered so it could look old. Luckily, there were a lot of good songs this year, the concert, the dance, the styling, etc everything matched us well.”

They got popular but the rumors also grew. “Infinite lost their original goal” “After getting popular they have no manners” a lot of rumors like these spread around them. “It’s true that we got busier than when we debuted. The feeling we had before, thinking ‘We have to work hard’, didn’t disappear but after getting popular, there were a few rumors saying so. The 7 of us lived together for 3 years and we still talk to each other a lot. We do our best to be polite toward juniors, seniors, everyone. But when I hear that we lost our original goal, it makes me very upset. There’s no way I can explain it to each one of them, right? I’m actually the type to be very shy so when I wait by myself in the waiting room with many groups, I get shy and I can’t greet them well. But I think that people could misunderstand it as me being arrogant. I have to do my best to change more actively, of course (laughs).”

While we were at it, we asked. Does the leader of an idol group have a girlfried? “I’m an adult as well, I want to have a girlfriend (laughs). But rather than that, I want to give a house to my parents living in Jeonju. I said I was going to sing, I didn’t go to the university at 20 and went to Seoul thoughtlessly, so it made them very upset. My wish is to buy a house where my parents can live comfortably.”

Sunggyu said 2012 was an unforgettable year. He said it was because he released a solo album and held Infinite solo concerts in Korea and Japan. He said while smiling that he was happy he could improve as Infinite’s leader and as the solo singer Kim Sunggyu. From now on, which singer will he want to develop?

“‘As a singer, what do I have to become?’ ‘Where do I have to get 1st place?’ I don’t have special nor definite goals like these. I just want to become a singer who will be active steadily and for a long time. I want to let a lot of people listen to my voice through songs.”

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; billboard korea ; take out with full credits

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Seungri, "I support you Ziuhime-chan"

On his Diary, Seungri reveals a selca taken with actress Ziuhime.

He wrote,

Seungri, GD and Taeyang shot a CF^^
All members seem tired since we move to many sites for overseas schedules.
But please cheer up guys this year will end soon!! ^_^
Today we had a year-end party. everybody gathered, drank and danced.
I had a good time!
wow!! Ziuhime-chan!!^_^
The Ziuhime in sonata of winter!!
Took a pic with her !

 She is a famous actress in Japan as a Korean^_^
She replies "Thank you" in a cute way when I call her "Ziuhime-chan~".
I want to see her to work/act for a good drama^^
I support you Ziuhime-chan!!!
Cuz now is the end of a year, year-end parties might be held.
But do not drink too much, it is not good^^
Just enjoy moderately ^__^
Tomorrow is for the Fukuoka concert !
Be happy as usual !!

Source: @mystifize via fyeahseungri@tumblr
Translated by: @ShrimpLJY

CNBLUE in Pati Pati Magazine January 2013 issue

After releasing two singles and a full album, CNBLUE concludes their enthusiastic activity in 2012 with upcoming single! As YongHwa told “rock sound of typical Jung YongHwa’s style,” the new song “Robot” is a new style rock tune featuring his unique groove. Inspired by a variety of music, he fused together and made his own “rock.” Let’s see the very first story of this song blazing the trail.

— In the past interview, you told “CNBLUE’s style is to have a variety of ‘colors.’” This new song is also such kind of song.

Yonghwa: Yes. “Robot” is a rhythmical song that is added more pop elements into the past pop rock style. The second track “ring” is a sweet-bitter song with Christmas-like mood, meaning keep loving even when you are separated.
Jonghyun: The third track “Starlit Night” is written by me. Through this song, I hope to tell “Thank you” to fans at the end of the year.

— In the contrasting songs, what image did you have while working on the title song “Robot”?

Yonghwa: I wrote “Robot” after we made “Hey You.” I’d say it is rock sound with the typical Jung YongHwa’s style that you can enjoy groove, not only it has rock side. Because not anyone else but I wrote the song, the melody and the style is what JongHyun and I can sing and play the best.
Jonghyun: I appreciated the lyrics and prepared for recording. Because I liked the lyrics of this song especially.
Minhyuk: Me too, though this is a pleasant song making our body move, but I really understood the lyrics.
Jungshin: Yes. Probably because I knew YongHwa’s feeling when he had thought of the theme of “robot,” his feelings and message comes across strongly, I think.

— Yes. Although your past works have various messages, I’m impressed that “Robot” has serious expressions that is different from the others.

Yonghwa: Surely, you could feel a little stronger impression from “Robot” than the past songs. This lyrics describes most people’s reality that they can’t do what they want arbitrarily… Our job is one of them, right? Most songs that we released before have messages like “Positive! Go for it!”, but this lyric describes feeling of “I have no choice” as well. So, this song can be a sad song in a way.
Jonghyun: Yes. I really understood it as if it was about me.
Minhyuk: So, this may be our story, or not. But, I was persuaded by the lyrics, too.
Jungshin: I think we can think of various things from this “Robot” lyrics. Like our reality that we cannot oppose or help but following anyone else’s opinion… I’d say through this song, we can think of the our aspect that we dislike the most, and that is meaningful.

— I see. Listeners can see their “reality” in the song and think of various things…

Yonghwa: Yes. Through this song, I hoped you to accept your aspect that you dislike the most and to think of yourself again. Everyone has his/her own pace and style. What he/she wants to do differs. However, they are bound by rules and can’t do as they like. Even in that situation, I want them not to forget a sense of themselves. This is my message that I put in this song.

— “Robot” is such a serious message song. On the contrary, the warm tone color that “ring” has is impressive.

Jonghyun: Yes. We can sense YongHwa’s soft aspect.
Minhyuk: I thought this song has Christmas song feeling from the first impression. I attempted to play simply, so that the song can convey pure feeling. Through this song, I feel that YongHwa got wider spectrum of music.
Jungshin: Yes. I want to listen when it’s snowing! I’m glad that this taste of song is added in our music.
Yonghwa: “Ring” describes a story that a man and a woman love each other but they are in a situation that they can’t be together. But, it’s not breaking up… Some people say if they are not around each other, they will be separated emotionally, too. But I don’t believe so. In the chorus, I attempted to draw feeling that he/she wants to see the dearest person positively. I put the feeling that “I want to see you soon, I want you to come to me soon” in this song.

— “Starlit Night” is written and composed by JongHyun. It’s a warm feeling song featuring an acoustic sound.

Jonghyun: In this song, I wanted to express our feelings, gratitude and affection to fans who always believe and watch us, beside us. In the real sense, this is “our song.”
Minhyuk: This is a very quiet song. Rather than we let them see or hear… I felt like to sing with everyone together.

— Your real feelings such as gratitude and affection are in the song. If you sing with everyone together at live concert, the atmosphere will be quite warm.

Jonghyun: Yes. This song is the one we made for live concert and we devoted to fans, literally. We worked on it with imagining everyone singing unitedly.
Jungshin: As for the music, I thought it had a similar feeling to “ Ver.2” in JongHyun’s recorder. If everyone sang together at live, I’d shed happy tears.
Yonghwa: Yes. I want to sing with everyone together at the next live!

Scanned by: @120HongstaR
Translated by: tamagocnbjnl @tumblr

CNBlue members reveal who's shining around them

CNBLUE in Pati Pati Magazine January 2013 – Q&A

What comes to your mind when thinking of “Robot”?

Yonghwa: Robot that can’t freely do what he wants to do.
Jonghyun: Maybe, we?
Minhyuk: Robot that just has to follow rules.
Jungshin: Robot that I used to play with as a kid, I think.

 What view comes to your mind when thinking of “Christmas”?

Yonghwa: Lighting-up, illumination and so on.
Jonghyun: My room, and socks.
Minhyuk: Snowy city at night where many people come and go.
Jungshin: Downtown where a huge Christmas tree is.

Who has been shining around you?

Yonghwa: Family, friends, CNBLUE members, fans.
Jonghyun: You and me, and us.
Minhyuk: Members.
Jungshin: Members and every Boice.

Translated by: tamagocnbjnl @tumblr

Kim Jaejoong “I was impressed by the words that Oh Dalsoo told me ‘Keep working as an actor’”

“As an actor, kiss scene and undressing scene are also the kind of work that I’ll have to do.”

Kim Jaejoong, a member of JYJ, challenged the film after the drama.

In ‘Code Name: Jackal’ that he was working with Song Jihyo, the junior of his company, he opened many kinds of charms that he had never shown before..

In that film, the most attractive scene of Jaejoong is the action scene in historical drama that Choi Hyun filmed with long hair.

- Honestly, I was surprised by kiss scene with Kim Sungryoung. Aren’t you afraid of your fans’ reaction?

▲ If I can’t do it because I’m afraid of my fans’ reaction, I think it’ll stop my growth as an actor. In the end, it’s the thing that I’ll have to do. I filmed it with the same determination that I have in everything I do.. 

- Nevertheless, the most difficult scene that you’ve filmed..

▲ The scene that I relieved myself while not wearing pants in front of Jihyo.. I felt afraid.. and ashamed.. I could film the undressing scene of my upper body but.. somehow, I felt ashamed about the undressing scene of my lower body. I think it would be better if I were naked.. And I also felt a bit uncomfortable when she saw my action.

- Why did you choose ‘Jackal’ as your first film?

▲ There were also several other scenarios. But I choose it because it wasn’t the serious or blockbuster type of film. So I had no pressure to act and I could act comfortably. And I also like that it’s a new character that I haven’t shown before.

- Did you have any pressure about comical role?

▲ I felt positively at that point. I wished to show the comical role when many people thought that I didn’t care about it..

- Evaluate your acting in your first movie.

▲ Actually, it’s difficult to evaluate it because it was my first time to watch my face on the screen. Drama is evaluated in real time, but movie is evaluated after filming and editing for a long time.. I feel the difference just like that..

- What did YC & JS say about your film?

▲ They told me it was good and funny..

- What did the people around you say about the working with Oh Dalsu?

▲ Many actors of my age told they envy me.. Definitely, he has something much more than others. The funniest part of our team is.. we-Oh Dalsu, Han Sangjin, Song Jihyo and I- were constantly talking about something.

- What did he (Oh Dalsu) advise you?

▲ Originally, he is a man of few words. He told me only two things.

The 1st meal that we had before we filmed, he said.. ‘You take a hard role.. It’ll be hard for you.’

And then the after-party that we had after the premiere.. he told me.. ‘I think it’ll be better to act in film continually. This film is yours and you did so great.. Act continually in movies.’

He is famous for not advising others. So I feel honored and thankful to him because he told me that.

- How similar are the Sasaeng fans in film to reality?

▲ It was much more in the film than reality. It was exaggerated. Actually, it was so funny to me when I read the scenes that Choi Hyun’s Sasaeng-fan was sleeping next to him and she put a taser to him. And, honestly, she who played as a Sasaeng fan did really great. I heard that she was on the top in the acting audition. As the audiences might be worried in some scenes, I intentionally had comical reactions.

- I could strongly feel the critical eyes about the problems such as Sasaeng, sponsors and the kinds of shade in the pop culture..

▲ I think they were used to express the situation around Choi Hyun, not to criticize or satirize the pop culture industry. Actually, someone has the problem like sponsors, stalking or something.. but how can all these things be happened to only one person? We just wanted to take some rumors in this industry more interesting.

- Like Choi Hyun, I heard that you had experienced many kinds of part-time jobs…

▲ I had experienced when I was a teenager. I did it for only 3 years, but I felt it was really long.

Because of that experience, I’ve learned the lesson from it… ‘Never stand alone at teenage years.’

I’ll never allow the independence of my kids if he or she is a teenager.

I had to make money to pay the monthly rent and to make a living… All these things were too hard to do..

When I portrayed his hard times, I could do it well because it reminded me of mine.

The funny memory is.. I was washing dishes at the kitchen of ‘** Garden’.. Everybody liked me..

- You have lots of fans but because of that, I think you feel uncomfortable to live..

▲ There are some problems in my normal life. It’s hard to go to the famous place or the place which is crowded.

It could be possible if I go to the party with staffs after working..

But I can’t imagine to eat some delicious food with my friend at famous restaurant..

- PSY is so hot, all around the world.. How do you feel about that?

▲ I think he really deserves it.. He has lived so hard and has made songs diligently. 

He is a greedy person when he is working but he also takes care of the people around him well.

He always accepts the calls and messages anywhere in the world.

And when he has his concert, he always calls and then invites others to his concert. I think his humility made him [who he is] now.

- JYJ also receive much support and love from abroad, but I think you want some more..

▲ Honestly, it’s huge thing though he would be ranked within 100th on Billboard Chart. But he was on the top.

He did really great things. He has inspired the Korean singers who want to work in US pop industry.

He shows anyone could succeed in US, although he is not young or not handsome and not American traditional pop-style.. 

We also have the plan to release the worldwide album in English. We’ll also challenge the world stage continually.

Translated by: @theyoungestmin

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Seungri, “London London, Kim Lung Dong”

[Seungri's Diary 121215~London London,Kim Lung Dong~(the name of his character in the Jap soap opera) Here is London!Here is the place where this yr's olympic was held! When I was in Japan,I watched it alone but now I am here. wwwwweww Isn't it great? Today it was having a European-styled rain! Feelig really romantic.

Now I feel really excited.
I am just like walking in the scenes of the Harry Potter movies.

Most of the buildings here were built a hundred years ago so they are really strong and stable.

Because this will be my first live in London,my heart has been pounding so fast.

London,London,Kim Lung Ting,Fighting!

Source: @餃子石頭剪子布x_gs @ weibo//RiceKwon)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Seungri "It's getting warm while it's getting cold"

It's winter..
This is absolutely winter..
When I started this blog, the weather was so hot..but it's a cold windy winter..
That means that, You, who read my blog, and Me are together during the hot summer and the cold winter..

LIVE in Tokyo Dome that i looked forward to was a big success.
I'm going to keep this memories in my pocket, while taking out the bad and sad memories out of it. When i remember this memories, i will gain my energy...

To Japan, which i always been thankful for...Right now I'm in Hong Kong again..
I've been used fly here and there... ^^

In Hong Kong,we're planning to do concerts for straight three days. I need to recharge myself from the tiredness...
I'm anticipating the Fans here too..^__^

It seem earthquake hit Japan today...
Is everyone okay?
I'm so worried..
Hope nothing bad happens..

Note: He didn't upload any pictures
Source: @0401rurutic

T-ara reveal their ideal type of mother and which member's child they'd want to be

I think from amongst the questions asked from the Roly Poly Interview, one question stood out. "If you were born again, whose child would you want to be from amongst the members." Before that, lets ask if you want to become mothers and if so, what is your ideal mother type?

Jiyeon: Like my mother. I want to be a wise parent.

Qri: I also want to be like my mother. Doing everything, even that which is invisible. Because I don't want to spoil my kids, I dont mind being strict.

Soyeon: I want to be the opposite of my mother. My mother exhausted me in work. She didn't think of me, but her "career of work". She made me do all the housework and raised me by exhausting me. I do want to be a hard working mom, but unlike my mom. Because I want to be a mom who makes her child grow strong.

Boram: I speak as someone who has a sense of friendsihp to my mom. If I give birth to a child, I want to be a mother who is like a friend to it.

Areum: I want to be a mother who is called upon like a friend.

Hyomin: I want to go shopping together, a mom who is a friend. Like a fashionable sistar. Even friends of my child will say "Hyomin okasan [mother] is so young", "you're beautiful!" (laughs)

Eunjung:, I haven't thought about it.

- Never have imagined it?

Eunjung: Yes. People who are loved. I think I want to give love to other people. I want to be a mother who gives a lot of love.

- Now a question from the readers; if you were born again, whose baby would you want to be. Well everyone?

Jiyeon: For me, Areum. Because I want her white complexion.

Areum: For me, Jiyeon. I'm envious of her small face and pretty skin.

Hyomin: For me Jiyeon. After all she has a cool personality and if someone bad shows up, she'll be his angry opponent.

Eunjung: For me it's Soyeon. She would make me eat my breakfast properly. Since she is strong, she would properly protect her child.

Boram: I also go for Soyeon.

Soyeon: Really? (laughs)

Boram: Because you're polite, that's why you will properly raise a child.

Soyeon: For me Eunjung. She acts like a mother in the group, I think she is the ideal person, and she is very homely.

Hyomin: Ah~ Skilled at cleaning? Maybe Qri is her own ideal type? (laughs)

Everyone: Ah~

- Does Qri think the same as the other members? (laughs)

Qri: Yep, myself. (smile)

Everyone: Hahaha!

Jiyeon: Qri would raise a strong child. She can do anything if she puts the effort. She would raise it to have an independant spirit. Though I wouldn't want her as a mom. (smile)

Everyone: We know!

- She would be strict, that's why. (smile)

Soyeon: Who would be my mom? Boram would be bad. (laughs)

Everyone: Hahaha!

Boram: Why?!

Soyeon: I'm worried about Boram changing diapers. She would feed me a lot of food, then I would become fat.

Everyone: Hahaha!

Soyeon: After that, because she is a bit childish, the daughter will have to look after the problems of her mother, but you can buy me a lot of goods and cosmetics.

Boram: Mou~ I want to get married someday. If you say that, it's not going to happen!

Everyone: Hahaha!

Source: Web 1 Week
Translated by: OmegaKrypton @ Diadem          

Saturday, December 8, 2012

How does Seungri respond to a confession?

The type of girl you like & if you’ve been confessed to…!?

Q: Now for this spot I would like completely change and to touch upon V.I.’s love stories.

Yes, go right ahead!

Q: If you’re ever received a confession from someone you like, how did it go?
Huh, what do you mean by that? (confused) if I’ve been confessed to by someone I thought was cool person?

Q: Yes, exactly. “I, like you V.I….”
(interrupting) That’s enough.

Q: (laughs) With that light feeling?
Obviously I’d end it. If I received a confession from someone else, I’d say “No way,” and decline.

Q: Huh? Even to someone you like?
Likewise to someone I like, I’d decline.

Q: Why would you do that?
When she asks “why?” I’d say (with determined face) “ Because tomorrow, I’m confessing.”

Q: Ohhhhh!“ 
Besides, is the girl that spills it out first? Instead, I should have picked up on it” “Ah, I’m sorry” “Since you’ve told me it’s good. So, Let’s go out to eat.” (played both parts)

Q: It’s like I’m seeing a different person, the awesome manly side to the funny comedian V.I. I’ve seen up until now.
No~When I make up my mind, I commit all the way!

Q: And when you miss?
I’d break down and die.

Q: Clearly a comedian remark.
When I’m solo, I’m not Big Bang’s V.I., I do activities as the comedian, the talent V.I. (laughs)

Q: But the earlier reverse confession, beyond a doubt this is the musician V.I. that has traveled the world, women all over are falling in love.
(suddenly singing in a low and dandy tone) A ha ha ~

Q: Possibly now, did you channel Top?
Top is now working hard filming a movie! Besides, Top definitely doesn’t speak like that!

Q: Certainly. I guess it’s hard to even imagine a confession situation (laughs)
I mean, first of all a girl confessing in and of itself is unlikely.

Q: I apologize. You’re complaining about my question (strained laugh)
No no, its not that….Of course I’d be very happy with a confession from a girl or much less the person I liked, but still, the confession should be from the man!

Q: Are you a carnivore man so to speak?
Contrary to how it seems I’m masculine. Since I’m the youngest in big bang, hyungs always lead, so its possible I have the image of being not that reliable but truth is I’m the type that leads the girls.

Q: What a domineering husband!
Because I’m a man!

Q: By the way, the type of girls V.I. likes, what type are they?
I like energetic girls. I want to take in that energy from the person I like.

Q: Is it because you are always the one that energizes others, you want the person you like to energize you?
Yes. Without that my power would disappear. But, of course it wouldn’t be one-sided, I would love her wholeheartedly to an innumerable amount.

Q: So, If you were to go on a date with this person you like, where would you go, what would you do?
I’d want to go to Komasawa Park. At Komasawa Park the scenery is nice, the air is clean, I really like that place. We’d run around 3 or 4 times, build up a sweat, afterward I’d want to go eat curry.

Q: If you eat curry, you’d be sweating again. (laughs)
That’s still good.

Q: That’s refreshing. But, for a girl that doesn’t like working out, it’d be quite hard for her to run with V.I. who is always working out.
Of course if she can’t match my speed I would slow down. If she said “I’m exhausted” when I slow down, I’d instantly say “ Let’s walk.”

Q: That’s nice. When you’re walking doesn’t it have that feeling of following you!
If I’m seriously walking, she won’t be following me. This is a date, if we’re not walking together then it has no meaning.

Q: Certainly.
But, because I like an energetic girl, I’d expect her to enjoy running.

Q: I see!
Actually I’d probably say something if she was like ‘I’m exhausted~ Let’s walk.” To her I’d say, “You’re a man, get yourself together.”

Q: Scolding is the punchline (laughs)
When she realizes, I’d most likely be the one leading her.

Q: A haha~ But a health date is good! Making a link between dates and working out (laughs)
Its not just me, its good if it becomes a plus for both of us. If we’re with each other, from the bottom of our heart we talk about how fun it is, smiling faces are the best.

VVVI Style VOL 8:
His favorite women’s fashion and his date style…!?

Q: Speaking of Big Bang, you’re famous for being a fashionable group but what womens fashion do you like V.I.?
(Instantly answered) Dresses. For me, trousers are a no-go.

Q: Okay~. but there are many types of dresses.

The type that flutter in the wind (starts moving his hand to demonstrate)

Q: (laughs) so you like mini skirts.

Nah, mini-skirts or long skirts are okay. yeah~, How should I put this~( thinking for a bit) It came to me! Light airy skirts are what I like!

Q: Like lace? And, what color? white?

No, white is dangerous.

Q: What? dangerous?

What if when we’re together on a date wine spills on your clothes or something like that, you never know when that kind of situation can happen right?

Q: You’re right.. Stains do stand out the most on white.

That’s why I’m alright with any color other than white.

Q: So, all of V.I.’s fans, you have to wear a skirt in a color other than white when you go to concerts.

That or you can wear a dress please (laughs)

Q: Thats the requirement! By the way, What kind of clothes would you wear yourself on a date?

Well first I’d call her~ (pretending to be on the phone) “Brrrinnngg~ Um, how are you dressing today?” “Why~?” “Because I want to match!” (playing both parts)

Q: Oh!! Again you’re amazing!!

I would like to dress so that someone looking will know we’re a couple.

Q: So, what about a pair look (matching couple clothes)?


Q: Like a Panda-themed pair look?

Absolutely not! If we were to wear panda clothes, wouldn’t it just turn into two of me (laughs) ~Ahaha
I don’t hate it, but I could never do it I guess. (Laughs) If I were to do it, it would be in a more stylish way.

Q: Could you give me an idea?

Let’s say my date is wearing a black dress, I could wear a chic shirt or suit. If her clothes had a more bright casual feeling, I could wear a t shirt and jeans or some sort of active wear.

Q: So you both coordinate.

That way is fun right?

Q: Of course. You’ll have a sense of unity.

After, at her house “(looking at dates clothes) Today you’ll wear this” as I’m looking over her closet, I can quickly coordinate.

Q: Like a stylist (laughs)

When both our outfits come together, even just walking together it’ll be nice when we both think that “We suit each other~”

Q: By the way, when you go on the running date, will you have matching sportswear?

Nah~At that point its good that we don’t match.(laughs) But if she said she wanted to match,we could coordinate jerseys.

Q: Those last bits are certainly coming from your experiences in a group right?

For the five of us in Big Bang, the fashion style we each like is very different. It’s not that its just different, I feel we balance each other well as well. That’s what makes us Big Bang, one of Big Bang’s good points. Our MV image match our styles, for example, when its GD it’s these types of clothes, if its T.O.P he has that sort of feeling to him, having a similar concept that is based on your individual style, in the end the source is in fact the same.

Q: If it misses the mark, I guess it can’t be helped.

All the more reason to spend more time together!

Q: I look forward to seeing all of your different outfits on the Dome Tour!!

Please look forward to it! I also am looking forward to seeing the fashion of our fans! We have a lot of fashionable fans!

Q: So, V.I. fans,

If you can, wear a dress!! Not a white one (laughs)

Source: playbill@tumblr

Saturday, November 17, 2012

ASTA TV’s November 2012 Issue – INFINITE “Infinite Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D”

On October 11th, the press preview of Infinite’s (the ‘Trend-dols’ with a splendid perfectly synchronized dance) 3D movie <Infinite Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D> was held at Seoul’s CGV Wangsimni. Infinite who showed an image glowing with nervosity at the movie filled with the images of their own concert! But, as expected, they couldn’t hide their joy at the fact that they could see their concert on a theater’s screen.

<Infinite Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D>is a 3D concert movie which required more than 30 cameras were required at Infinite’s encore concert ‘SECOND INVASION EVOLUTION’ held on April 1st at the Olympic Sport Stadium. It depicts in 3D the harmonious emotions with over 10,000 fans. This movie, presenting an overwhelming sense of realism with a realistic 3D video, showed a special performance performed only during the encore concert ‘Shot’, as well as the special video ‘I am Infinite’ which is an audition of Infinite for the members’ solo stages and even the concert’s making video was planned to be revealed then, so the expectations were high for it.

They wanted to see their own concert but they hoped for it to be a good gift for the fans who couldn’t see the concert and could now see it in the theaters, on a 3D screen so they could feel even closer to the members. Sunggyu revealed the funny points of the movie saying “How many times will Dongwoo get the choreography wrong? If you observe it it’s funny.”, and as soon as Sungjong said “Each of the members’ individual stages left a deep impression” Hoya added wittily, warming up the place “Because there’s a performance where I rip my shirt, I was worried about whether it’d be deemed unsuitable for under 19s. But it’s a relief that it was rated so students can all watch it”.

After this, during photo time they posed with their 3D glasses as the pose they had in the 3D movie’s capture, Infinite became a more brighter item with the black suits that they wore that day and made them cool. And as much as they are the Infinite famous through their angle-choreography they showed a part of ‘Be Mine’ and received a big flash baptism.

It was amazing seeing our performance like this in a movie. You can experience it through 3D, it’s more realistic, and while watching the movie it really felt like I was on stage dancing and singing. It was enjoyable throughout watching it. I hope that even in the future you can see our performances through movies!

I wish you can enjoy the touchingness through the movie that you couldn’t feel at the concert! And beyond anything, please anticipate how many times Dongwoo messed up. After counting Dongwoo’s mistakes, if you send through SNS I will respond! Dongwoo watched this movie and cried again. (laughs)

Not only the things that we prepared for this concert but there is also performances and songs that you can only find in the movie! Feel the touchingness from that day as it is! Ah~~ I want to watch it again too!

In this movie, INFINITE’s everything is included! You can feel all seven member’s charms at one time so surely come to watch! And then leave your appreciation through SNS.

I wish all the fans that couldn’t come to the concert could watch it! Think of our mistakes as aegyo!

If you watch this movie, you can feel enjoyment beyond the actual concert. It has comic, touchingness, and story. Because it has thick touchingness, I wish a lot of fans watched it!

It is a concert that has formed fruit through everyday’s efforts. Please watch our cool sides through the movie theater’s big screen!

trans. cr; nahbit, emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; 1|2|3|4|5|6|7 via 91020880926 ; take out with full credits

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Jaejoong’s Press Conference for his Vietnam Fanmeet

Q1: This is your 2nd time in Vietnam, what do you feel [about the country]?

JJ: My previous trip to Vietnam was for a charity football game, but this time I got to come to meet fans. I could feel atmosphere and the fans’ love more this 2nd time around. I am very please and happy with this/to be here.

Q2: Between love, family, friends, or work–which would you choose?

JJ: This is a hard question to answer. For me, I would choose work because every time I work, my family, friends, and lover can see me whenever I appear.

Q3: What is your impression of the Vietnamese fans when you arrived?

JJ: This is the first time I come to Vietnam for other purposes*, so I want to create a greater(/fresh) impression of Vietnamese fans. Hopefully I’ll have a lot of memories when I return to Korea.
(*T/N: other than work-related like singing [a.k.a. he was able to come to freely = he doesn't think fanmeetings as work-related for him])

Q4: For this fan meeting, what is there special for Vietnamese fans who have been waiting for 7 years?

JJ: I have very carefully prepared before coming to Vietnam [about what to do]. There will be a lot of fun things planned and I’ll sing for the fans. Because in Indonesia, due to me being sick, therein I had to use an iPad to communicate with my fans.

Q5: Have you tried eating Vietnamese food yet and what do you think of it?

JJ: I really liked eating Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) in South Korea. Having come to Vietnam, I’ve eaten it 2 times already in one day; my face has swollen up from eating too much [of it].

Q6: Will JYJ hold a world tour after a new album CD release?

JJ: “Of course!”

Q7: Any future plans in your personal life? /
Can you share a little about what going on in your life right now?
(T/N: The question differs a little between the 2 articles)

JJ: I am preparing work for music, films, TV; I have a lot of plans [in progress]. /
I’m preparing for an upcoming new film release and new TV (drama). I also still intend to keep working on my music.

Q8: When do you plan to get married?

JJ: Since I was young, I thought I’ll already be married but I’m not right now; I’m still young, I’m just 27 years old. I still have time to experience love more later. / I still have a lot to do, therefore [my] love story has to be for some time later.

After answering the marriage question, Jaejoong got shy~ ^///^


Afterwards, Jaejoong posed for pictures and left to head to SECC [to further prepare for his fan meeting]

one of the reporters who attended the press conference
Credits: + tiin
Summarized by: rilanna of JYJ3
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Seung-Chan's Diary "Blizzard War"

We had to travel to New York after finishing schedules in Los Angeles, for a Live on Thursday.

But there was news that it would be hard because of a blizzard hurricane in New York this morning. So we were worried with cancelled flights.. We could not help taking a flight that was the only choice.. 5 hours and a half to New York JFK airport. It's so far even though we flew from US to the US.. We had nothing to worry about at the time we departed.. But we arrived in Buffalo, not in New York.

Pilots said JFK airport in New York was discharged because of snowing. We have been boarding planes several times... but it was the first accident so no one knew what to do.. it took more that 10 hours to go to New York from Buffalo... But searching for a bus for 30 people was also a problem... we might be late..

At that moment, the pilot said he would challenge to go to New York.. I thought "is it ok?" but believed in his confidence! We approached New York, and the blizzard was so.. terrible. I was worried about the landing.. But the pilot's confidence was right. Safe~~ we arrived in New York safely.

Here is still suffering from hurricane Sandy, but blizzard again... Everyone has been hit so hard i think.. Please calm down, Sky/God.

We came here to keep fan's promise. There's no "Cancel" with Bigbang.. Tomorrow's Live, fighting Seungchan!

Source and Translation: @Shrimpljy

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