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Friday, December 12, 2014

Kang Ho Dong,Haha,Kangnam and more confirmed as cast for KBS's 'Invisible Man' + Ha Ji Won to be the first guest

The cast members for KBS's upcoming variety show 'Invisible Man' have been revealed.

According to the officials from KBS on December 12th, Kang Ho Dong, Haha, M.I.B's Kangnam, BTOB's Sungjae, Kim Bum Soo, Park Sung Jin have been confirmed as cast for 'Invisible Man'.

In particular, actress Ha Ji Won will make her appearance as the first guest on the show. The first recording will take place on December 19th.

'Invisible Man' will have its cast being sent to random companies in which they will compete with the employees by playing games and doing missions. The show has attracted much attention as it's described as the variety version of tvN's drama 'Misaeng'.

'Invisible Man' is scheduled to be broadcasted in January next year.
Saturday, November 8, 2014
Sunday, September 28, 2014

BTOB’s Sungjae featured on NYLON October issue

BTOB’s maknae Sungjae will be featured on NYLON magazine's October issue. 

On the first photo above, Sungjae has close up shot wearing a red cap and a patterned black apparel. On the second photo below, more of his body is exposed. Sungjae is wearing blue checkered hoodie under a blue-green jacket. 

On the other news, BTOB will comeback on September 29th with 'You’re So Fly' from their upcoming 5th mini album 'MOVE.'

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'Real Man' New Recruit Special confirm its official line-up

'Real Man' has confirmed the 5 members for its New Recruit Special episode.

According to MBC, the new members are Moon Hee Joon, Yoo Jun Sang, BTOB's Yook Sung Jae, mixed martial artists Kim Dong Hyun and Im Hyung Joon. The line-up has been attracting much attention as it consists of 5 people with different personalities, stiring up everyone's curiousity to see how they will adapt to the military life.

The new members will enter the military training camp today on September 28th. This episode is scheduled to be broadcasted in October.
Friday, September 26, 2014

BTOB Sungjae gives Chorong a surprise kiss on 'Plus Nine Boys'

Sungjae and Chorong are sharing a sweet surprise kiss on tonight's episode of tvN's 'Plus Nine Boys'.

After MinGu's (Sungjae) earnest confession to SooAh (Chorong) in a romantic stage from the last broadcast, he passionately confirms his feelings towards the girl of his interest.

Taken in the library, the two are preparing for exam when MinGu couldn't take his eyes off SooAh and surprisingly gives her a kiss. With these scene, viewers can look forward to their pure and romantic young love in the following episodes.

Don't miss the broadcast tonight 8:35PM (kst).


Thursday, September 25, 2014

BTOB's Sungjae and Oh Seung Hee release 'Curios' MV for 'Plus Nine Boys' OST

BTOB's Sungjae sings with Cube's trainee Oh Sung Hee the 4th OST for his starring tvN drama 'Plus Nine Boys'.

The song is played during the couple moments between his character Kang Min Goo and A Pink's Chorong's Han Soo Ah.

Check out the MV from the various clips below:

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BTOB's Sungjae is in talk to join 'Real Man' New Recruit Special

Following Moon Hee Jun and Yoo Jun Sang, BTOB's Sungjae will likely to be the next member to join MBC's 'Real Man' New Recruit Special.

Cube Entertainment confirmed the news on September 24th,"Sungjae's appearance on 'Real Man' hasn't been confirmed yet. We are still dicussing about it".

According to MBC, the new members will enter the training camp on September 28th. The official broadcast date hasn't been decided yet.

Sungjae has shown his extraordinary variety sense through various entertainment programs so many fans are anticipating to see how he will adap to the military life. He's also currently staring in tvN's drama 'Plus Nine Boys'.

BTOB's Sungjae to sing an OST for tvN's 'Plus Nine Boys'

BTOB's Sungjae will lend his voice for the 4th OST in tvN's drama 'Plus Nine Boys'.

The song was previewed during the broadcast last Saturday night and was used as a couple theme song of Kang Min Goo(Sungjae) and Han Soo Ah(Chorong). The upbeat and fresh melody of the song has attracted much attention from many fans.

The song is called 'Curious' will be released at noon on September 25th. Meanwhile, you can listen to the short preview of the song below

Friday, August 15, 2014

'Nine Boys' releases still cuts of A Pink's Chorong and BTOB's Sungjae

Upcoming tvN weekend drama 'Nine Boys' releases still cuts of A Pink Chorong's and BTOB Sungjae's first meet up.

The two who are going to possibly have a loveline are seen walking down a pedestrian lane with Sungjae holding Chorong's arm. Is this their first meeting?

Meanwhile, Choroong and Sungjae are playing the character of teenagers Soo Ah and Kang Min Goo, both are 19 years old. 'Nine Boys' drama is going to follow the life story of males in 9, 19, 29, and 39 years old.

It will premiere on August 20 at 8:40PM taking over the timeslot of 'Marriage, Not Dating'.

Monday, July 21, 2014

tvN's 'Nine Boys' releases BTS of BTOB's Sungjae

tvN's upcoming drama 'Nine Boys' releases a making film of its one of the lead cast, BTOB's Sungjae.

In the clip, Sungjae introduces his character, 19 years old Kang Min-Goo. Based from the scenes, Sungjae is going to be your average teenager who plays in computer shop, meeting girls, and more. Sungjae is having fun off cam showing his playful yet adorable character.

'Nine Boys' follows the stories of 4 cast aging 39, 29, 19, and 9. It will premiere on August 29 following 'Marriage Not Dating'.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Super Junior's Kangin, f(x)'s Amber, BToB's Sungjae to become new MCs for KBS 'A Song For You'

Kangin, Amber and Sungjae will host KBS' "A Song For You" together.

As the information about the three new MCs comes out, various congratulatory comments have been sent in "A Song For You" official website from K-Pop fans all over the world.

Since Kangin, Amber and Sungjae are known for having good entertainment senses, the three are expected to bring in a new fresh air for the show.

In a pre-interview, when they were asked which artist they want to invite as guest on "A Song For You", Kangin mentioned Lee Moon Sae and Kim Gun Mo while Amber said she wanted to invite Fly To The Sky. In particular, Sungjae answered he wanted to see Shin Min Ah, which made the staff burst in laughter.

The episode featuring the 3 new MCs will be coming out in July.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Who is BTOB Sungjae's mysterious girlfriend?

You shouldn't miss BTOB Peniel's instagram posts as he reveals secrets of his fellow members.

On December 11, Peniel reveals their maknae Sungjae's mysterious girlfriend. He wrote on his instagram account, "BTOB's Sungjae with girlfriend" along with a video clip of Sungjae and his mysterious girlfriend.

At the start of the clip, we could only get a glimpse of two pairs of legs. One is obviously from Sungjae and the other is from someone who wears a high heeled stilettos with black laced stockings. Fans get more anxious as they hear him calling someone 'noona'. Well, that's it until you watch the rest of the clip.

Watch now:

Are you one of Sungjae's victim?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Peniel uploads hilarious video of his rival Pokemon trainer?

BTOB members are cracking up their fans with their hilarious sense of humor. BTOB Peniel wrote on his instagram account,

"Went to Inkigayo and met my rival Pokemon trainer... To be continued". In the video, it was revealed that he's rival Pokemon trainer is none other than fellow member Minhyuk. To add more craziness, Sungjae transformed into a pokemon and is lying while twitching on the floor.

Can't get enough from the description? Watch the video below:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BTOB's Sunghae & 4Minute's Sohyun dance to "Trouble Maker"

BTOB's Sungjae and 4Minute's Sohyun dance to Trouble Maker on KBS Lunar New Year show.

The amazing duo did a splendid cover of their Cube labelmates on the show,check out their performance below.

Monday, February 4, 2013

4minute’s SoHyun – BTOB’s SungJae Trouble Maker, “We will show our cute and fresh side”

4minute’s SoHyun and BTOB’s Yook SungJae will be putting on a special stage for Trouble Maker.

On the 2nd February in Jamsil stadium, 4minute’s Kwon SoHyun has hinted a differentiated Trouble Maker stage for 2013 United Cube Concert ‘Cube Party’.

SoHyun stated, “Since we’re maknaes of these different groups, instead of the existing cool Trouble Maker, we will be showing a cuter and fresher side. Please look forward to it”.

Yook SungJae added, “I think we will be showing our sexy and fresh charms”.

The original Trouble Makers Hyuna has chosen Kim NamJoo as the one who parodied Trouble Maker the best. Hyuna expressed, “I’ve seen Kim NamJoo-sunbaenim dancing in her drama, my mum said she likes it too, so I have a stronger impression of her. There were lots who parodied through Gag Concert, and I’ve watched them well”.

Meanwhile, ‘United Cube Concert’ will have K-POP representative groups 4minute, BEAST, G.NA as well as last year debuted BTOB and Roh JiHoon and popular gagman Kim Kiri appearing in it.

Source: Newsen
Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Founder of ‘Cute Player’ BTOB Has Revealed Upgraded Version

Founder of Cute Player (Kyeomi Player), BTOB’s Jung IlHoon has revealed his upgraded version.

IlHoon has recently appeared with his very own personal talents, ‘Cute Player’ on Weekly Idol. After Jung IlHoon’s video was released, it has garnered attention, and ‘Cute Player’ has topped its place on SNS.

‘Cute Player’ has fingers as its main point, and for every number, different cute finger poses are presented.  ’Cute Player’ has now revealed its upgraded version.

BTOB’s Jung IlHoon and Yook SungJae had added an additional 7th and 8th cute poses, which are extensions of their existing 6 poses. Jung IlHoon expressed, “I’m still lacking of the 9th and 10th poses,” while showcasing their cuteness.

Towards ‘Cute Player’ Netizens commented, “I’ve replayed it so many times.. It’s too cute”, “Cute Player’s founder is indeed Jung IlHoon”, “There are lots of parody for Cute Player… But Jung IlHoon does (the best)”, and more.

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Source: Newsen
Thursday, November 1, 2012

BTOB SungJae, Hole in Random Dance

Group BTOB’s SungJae has lost his place in Random Dance.

BTOB has appeared on MBC Every1 ‘Weekly Idol’.

MC Jung HyungDon and Defcon, “Although BTOB has their songs, but there aren’t many songs of theirs to be played in this Random Dance corner. We will test on how much you guys know about your seniors’ (of the same company) choreography instead,” and made a special Random Dance corner.

Most of the members danced well with to songs of their seniors such as BEAST’s ‘Beautiful Night’, ‘Fiction’ and 4minute’s ‘Volume Up’, except for member SungJae where he didn’t know about the dances, and has become ‘The Hole’ of the team.

Followed this, MCs halted the corner, and jokingly apologized to viewers watching ‘Random Dance’ corner.

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Source: TV Daily
Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BTOB's Sungjae is “Cuter than the sheep”

Male group BTOB’s maknae has revealed a cute selca.

On the afternoon of the 8th, Sungjae revealed a picture through their official twitter, with a caption written there, “Sungjae’s happy because he is a singer~~ ^^”

In the revealed picture, Yook Sungjae was seen cuddling a sheep soft toy tightly while looking into the camera.

Fans who saw the picture commented, “I’m happy to be BTOB’s fan”, “Sungjae is much cuter than the doll” and many more responses.

Meanwhile, BTOB are currently promoting title track, ‘WOW’ which adopts the 90s era New Jack Swing style.

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Source: TV Daily

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

BtoB’s Sungjae takes a photo with A Pink’s Eunji and Seo In Guk

BtoB’s Sungjae recently took a friendly photo with A Pink’s Eunji and Seo In Guk, hinting his possible appearance on the sitcom, ‘Respond 1997’.

On September 4, BtoB’s official Twitter posted, “Reply melody,” and “WOW”. Two photos were included, showing the three singers posing closely together. Fans speculated that Sungjae will be making a cameo appearance for the drama as he is widely known as doppelganger of Seo In Guk.

In addition, the meaning behind the three finger poses have been revealed as BtoB has just announced that they will be coming back with their next title track, “WOW”.
Sunday, July 15, 2012

[NEWS] Lee Minhyuk-Minah-Yook Sungjae, the new MCs of SBS MTV The Show!

BTOB's Lee Minhhyuk and Yook Sungjae together with Girls Day member Minah are the new hosts of SBS MTV "The Show Season 2". The new MCs were seen recording for the new episode which was broadcast on the 13th. The new season of this program is directed by the Jeong Gang Yong PD.

You will surely enjoy this program because of these idols.

Source: BNT News via Nate
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