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Thursday, July 2, 2015


SHINee are so charismatic on making of 'The Saem' CF

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The Saem releases the making film of SHINee's CF for its product Eco Soul BB Cake.

While the boys are undeniably charming and fresh, their playful personality also amuses fans. SHINee boys might seem serious on-cam but they play games in between takes and have fun at the set making the atmosphere livelier.

Check it out:

Monday, June 29, 2015

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Jo Woo Ri to star as SHINee's Onew's fiancée in 'Descendant of the Sun'

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Rookie actress Jo Woo Ri and SHINee's Onew will become lovers for KBS's upcoming drama 'Descendants of the Sun'.

Jo Woo Ri will act as Dr.Jang, who is the fiancée of Onew's character, while Onew will take the role of Lee Chi Hoon, a doctor and also a member of medical services team. They will be playing out a love line from the beginning till end.

The actress already had her first filming on June 12th. She shared,"It's an honor to act alongside such prominent senior actors. I will do my best to not cause any trouble to this blockbuster drama".

'Descendants of the Sun' starring Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki, is scheduled to broadcast in the second half of this year.

Friday, June 26, 2015


SHINee's Key spotted queuing for the Apple Watch

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SHINee's Key proves himself as a tech-savvy as he's seen queuing for the new released Apple Watch in Korea today.

WKorea Instagram posted on June 26th,"A familiar face, we met SHINee's Key at the release of Apple Watch! He's waiting in line as the number 97", and uploaded along a photo of the idol queuing under the rain together with other people.

He also uploaded a proof shot of his new gadget on Instagram with caption,"#applewatch get".

Une photo publiée par 범키범 (@bumkeyk) le

Monday, June 22, 2015

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SHINee's Key to show his knowhow in his own new reality program

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SHINee's Key will be starring in a brand new reality program by his own.

According to multiple broadcasters on June 22nd, the show is titled 'Key's Knowhow' and is expected to come out in early July. It will be shown via various social online networks first and also likely through Mnet later.

The show will run for four episodes, focusing on Key and his lifestyle including his fashion, places to eat and his life as a SHINee member. Up until now, everthing regarding the broadcast platform and schedule is still under discussion.

Meanwhile, SHINee already wrapped up their promotions for 'View' last Sunday and is preparing for their 4th repackaged album in July.

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Minho readies to kiss his sleeping Jonghyun?

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SHINee members love to prank!

Recently, Key has been uploading photos titled 'Don't sleep in front of me' featuring the prank duo Minho and Jonghyun. In the photos, it seems like Minho is up for a prank revenge after Jonghyun posted his derpy photos.

Minho piles stuff on Jonghyun's chest while sleeping and on the last photo, Minho tops him in a push up position. Poor Jonghyun never had a clue what happened. Fans seem to love this exchange of revenges.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

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SHINee to return this July with a repackaged album

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On June 19th, SHINee performed their goodbye stage for 'ODD' promotion on KBS 'Music Bank.'

SHINee sang their title track 'View' and a special version of 'An Encore'. However, Shawols have no reason to feel sad as SHINee will be returning this July with their repackaged album.

In the meantime, watch their performance below:

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews

Thursday, June 18, 2015

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SHINee to wrap up 'View' promotions this week; repackaged album is in the work

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SHINee will present special stages for their goodbye stages on music shows this week.

Starting from today's Mnet's 'M! Countdown', SHINee will be perfoming their other album track 'Odd Eye' together with 'View'. For KBS's 'Music Bank' on June 19th, they will present 'An Encore' stage and 'Love Sick' for MBC's 'Music Core' on the 20th. Their last stage on SBS's 'Inkigayo' on the 21st will include 'Odd Eye' once again.

Though the 'View' promotions are coming to and end, but don't be sad Shawols as SHINee is said to be preparing for their 4th repackaged album, which means we will be seeing them again in no time soon.

Be sure to not miss any SHINee's goodbye stages this week.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

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SHINee's Key features puppies on 'My Little Television'

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On this week's episode of 'My Little Television,' SHINee's Key showed his puppies.

On this episode, Key got surprised as his dogs followed his instructions on peeing on the mat, and he made a victorious dance after that.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: MBCentertainment

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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Key shares group photo with CNU, JoKwon & Ken

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SHINee's Key shares a group photo taken with musical 'Chess' team 2AM JoKwon, B1A4 CNU, VIXX Ken and other cast.

The photo is taken from their musical rehearsal so it's reasonably that all of them look exhausted. The idols are very passionate and hardworking ever since they've begun practicing in order to show their best performance.

Although exhausted, the four look happy and smile for the camera. Meanwhile, musical 'Chess' performances will kick off from June 19 until July 19 at Sejong Grand Theater.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


SHINee's 9th win!

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SHINee is close to ten trophies by securing their 9th win today at the show with their song 'View'.

This week's chart also have Monsta X, Seventeen, JJY Band and KARA but SHINee fans are eager to give the boys their deserving trophy.

Photos of the happy boys with their trophy are uploaded. Congratulations!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

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SHINee’s Key takes his shirt off on MBC's 'My Little Television'

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SHINee's Key was featured on the June 6th episode of MBC's 'My Little Television' where he entertained both the televiewers and on the online.

On the said episode, he showed his rituals on how he washes his face, gave instructions on how to cut off sleeves of a t-shirt, and then wear the sleeveless t-shirt that definitely made the online viewers go gaga.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: MBCentertainment

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015

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SHINee' Onew and Taemin talks about their ideal types and generation gaps on 'Witch Hunt'

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SHINee' Onew and Taemin will be guesting on JTBC's 'Witch Hunt' and talk about their ideal types and generation gaps within the group.

In a segment when they MCs were discussing about couples with big age gaps, Shin Dong Yup asked the two SHINee members that if there was a time when they feel the generation gaps within the group.

Regarding this quiestion, Taemin said,"I can feel the generation gaps clearly when the the hyungs talk about the old cartoons". Upon hearing that, he and Onew then reenacted an example situation.

Onew and Taemin also shared their opposite preferences on ideal types as Onew likes fox-type girls while Taemin thinks a calculating woman is not attractive at all.

This episode of 'Witch Hunt' will be broadcasted today at 11PM KST.

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Kim SoHyun receives food truck & signed CD from SHINee's Minho

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Actress Kim SoHyun received a very thoughtful birthday present from SHINee's Minho on her birthday yesterday.

Kim SoHyun gratefully thanked Minho through her SNS update for the food truck the SHINee member and former co-MC of Music sent to her as a birthday present. She wrote, "To Minho oppa who is cooly doing SHINee promotions!! Me and 'Who Are You' family enjoyed the sandwich and churros Minho oppa sent in the filming site. I live ♥ VIEW ♥ hh I hope only pleasant things  come to you :)"

Along with the message is the photo of the foodtruck and the signed CD from Minho. He also left a sweet message for her, "Whohoot~Sohyun ah! Minho oppa bought you this~Very pretty pretty pretty Sohyun ah 'til the end fighting! From Minho oppa who dearly treasures Sohyun."

What a warm oppa-dongsaeng relationship they have!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

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SHINee's Minho to replace Super Junior's Kyuhyun as one-day special MC on 'Radio Star'

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SHINee's Minho will make his appearance as a special MC on MBC's 'Radio Star'.

According to the officials, Minho participated in the recording of 'Radio Star' on June 3rd as an one-day special MC, replacing Kyuhyun due to his concert in Japan.

A rep said,"Minho adapted well to 'Radio Star. The recording finished in a fun atmosphere".

Featuring Ok Joo Hyun, Lee Ji Hoon, Shin Sung Rok, Kim Soo Yong as guests, this episode will be broadcasted on June 10th.

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Key, JoKwon, Ken, & CNU practice for 'Chess'

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Musical idol-stars SHINee's Key, 2AM's JoKwon, VIXX's Ken, and B1A4's CNU are cast as Anatoly for the musical 'Chess' alongside Shin Sung Woo, Kim Jang Sub, Kim Buplae, Park Sun Woo, Lee Gun Myung, Hong Kyung Soo, Park Sun Hyo, An Si Ha, Kim Geum Na, and Lee Jung Hwa.

Today, the cast have started their rigorous rehearsals to hone their musical talents including singing and acting. The idols Key, JoKwon, Ken, and CNU are enthusiastically practicing for 5-6 hours a day, particularly Ken & CNU who are debuting as musical actors through this musical.

In the photos, the four are working hard and very dedicated. Meanwhile, musical 'Chess' performances will kick off from June 19 until July 19 at Sejong Grand Theater.

Monday, June 1, 2015

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SHINee' Onew & Taemin to guest on 'Witch Hunt'

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SHINee' Onew and Taemin will be making their appearance on JTBC's 'Witch Hunt'.

According to multiple broadcasters on June 1st, Onew and Taemin are currently participating in the recording of the show today.

After appearing as a group on the recent broadcast of tvN's 'SNL Korea', SHINee members are taking turns to guest on more variety shows, first was Key on MBC's 'My Little Television' and now Onew and Taemin will be on 'Witch Hunt'.

This episode of 'Witch Hunt' will go on air in June.


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