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Friday, September 30, 2016

Jessica Announces SEA Countries For Her Asia Fanmeeting

Jessica is meeting her fans in Asia as she holds "2016 Jessica Fanmeeting" starting in November.

The SEA countries that are confirmed so far are Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Jessica's first stop is in Singapore on November 11. Next is in Jakarta on November 19 then Manila on 25th. She will have her last stop in Ho Chi Minh on November 27.

It's not yet sure if these are all the countries included for her Asian fanmeeting so let's wait for further details. Meanwhile, Jessica has also scheduled fanmeeting in Shanghai on November 5. Are you excited to meet Jessica?

BTS Rap Monster Diagnosed With Risk Of Stress Fracture, To Forego Schedules For The Meantime

BTS agency, Big Hit Entertainment today informs fans Rap Monster's condition.

According to their official statement, Rap Monster is not joining BTS today on their performance for "K-pop World Festival" in Changwon.

For the reason, Big Hit reveals that Rap Monster felt leg pain while practicing their new choreography yesterday (September 29), and was immediately brought to orthopedics. He received a diagnosis that he is at risk of getting stress fracture due to fatigue and was advised to take a rest.

Although his leg is currently in good condition, he is going to receive physical therapy to relieve the symptoms and further pain. In regards to that, Rap Monster is taking a rest for a while until their comeback and won't be performing on stage for their upcoming schedules.

On the brighter side, Big Hit clarifies that he is still going to attend today's event with members and making appearance as MC but won't perform including their schedule in "Busan One Asia Festival" on October 1. Lastly, Big Hit assures that BTS members can meet fans in bright and healthy condition for their upcoming comeback.

HyunA Looks Comfy And Sexy In Lingerie Fashion At Airport

HyunA is spotted early in the afternoon today at Incheon airport departing for Milan for a photoshoot.

Her airport fashion is eyecatching, wearing a stylish black lingerie top and covers it up with an oversize cardigan. She also wears shorts in which her slender and flawless legs are exposed. She looks comfy, stylish and of course sexy.

Fans Felt Attacked By APink Eunji's Abs?

Fans are cutely complaining that they got a peek of APink Eunji's abs at the girls' recent fansign event.

Fantaken photos of Eunji are going all around SNS and online portals with fans expressing witty reactions such as "I've got a heart attack.","Why you didn't warn me Eunji-ya?","I felt attacked by Eunji's abs.","You've been hiding them all this time," and so on.

Eunji is rarely seen in cropped tops nor sexy outfits. In fact, she always dressed up in oversized shirts off schedule so a sight of Eunji's abs is precious. Agree? We understand you APink fans.

photo credits: apinkstudio,eunjibee_com,은지주주

Ahn Jaehyun & Goo Hye Sun Are Lovey Dovey At Airport

Couple Ahn Jaehyun and Goo Hye Sun is spotted this morning at Gimpo airport after returning from overseas vacation.

The couple is lovey-dovey and eye-catching. They are seen inseparable while walking holding each other's hands. In addition to that, Jaehyun and Hye Sun are also spotted with a couple look wearing denim jackets, and even couple luggage.

Aren't they so lovely?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Davichi Announces Comeback With '50 x HALF', Fans To Decide Their Title Track

Female duo Davichi announces their comeback today along with a teaser image.

Davichi is making a comeback with mini album '50 x HALF' on October 13. In the teaser image, the talented ladies are wearing pullovers with their album title written on it. Moreover, Davichi also let their fans choose their title track by previewing two songs from their upcoming album.

Would it be an addictive ballad or healing ballad? You decide! Check the event here. 

Fansites Of Seventeen Got The Boys iPhone7s As Fansupport

One sign that you're a trending group is having a well-established fandom and generous fansites.

Seventeen is indeed one of trending groups of their generation and being a group with 13 members comes with numerous fansites. Recently, it is a talk within the fandom how some fansites are sending members sensible gifts for their own fansupports.

In particular, it seems like a trend among Seventeen fansites gifting each members an iPhone 7/Plus. Fansites are being thoughtful especially that some Seventeen members have been using outdated smartphone models. Jeonghan is currently using Note 3 and Vernon is still using Galaxay Grand 2.

Members who are about to receive their new phones are Jeonghan, who is celebrating his 22nd birthday on October 4, Vernon, and Woozi. Seems like the boys can put their old phones to rest. Meanwhile Seventeen members are in their vacation at the moment.

Victoria Boasts A 'Body To Die For' In Latest Pictorial

Victoria flaunts her slim and fit body in the October issue of Chinese magazine "Heath Trends".

Her black and white pictorial showcases a fit and healthy body women desire. Victoria is looking flawless wearing hot pants and cropped top exposing her slender legs and well-defined abs.

Her pictorial is deemed to cause envy among women.

T-ara Eunjung's Dangerous Skirt Slit?

T-ara Eunjung attends "Master Of Driving Straight" Press Conference today but seems like netizens are concerned that her skirt's slit is a bit dangerous as seen on how she keeps covering it when she walks and sits.

Nevertheless, E Channel's "Master Of Driving Straight" premieres tonight at 11PM with appearances of Eunjung and Hyomin. Along with other inexperienced celebrities who are afraid to hit the road, they are taking the challenge of proper driving for 6 weeks.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

SHINee's Minho & Onew Daze Fans In Teaser Images + Audio Preview Of 'Prism'

SHINee releases the teaser images of Onew and Minho today and they are captivating fans with their charismatic aura and handsome appearance.

In addition to that, an audio preview of "Prism" is also released along with Key's puzzle image. Listen below:

BTS Unveils Rap Monster and Jungkook Teaser Images For 'Wings'

BTS has fans go in frenzy as they release the first batch of teaser images for "Wings" featuring members Rap Monster and Jungkook. The boys give off dreamy aura while making sharp gazes that can flutter fans' hearts.

See below:

Big Bang Seungri Clarifies 'Guo BiTing Is Not My Girlfriend'

Big Bang Seungri clarifies today fans' and netizens' speculations that Taiwanese actress Guo BiTing (Hayden Guo) is his girlfriend.

Through his V-Live today, Seungri talks about his intimate selfie with co-actor Guo BiTing that has sparked speculations that he might be dating her looking at how intimate they look together. In addition to that, he also uploaded a short clip with Guo BiTing a week ago with them greeting everyone a happy Chuseok.

In relation to that, Seungri clarifies, "I was filming for the movie and met Guo BiTing so I took a photo with her and posted it. However, lot of fans thought she's my girlfriend and left bad words. She's really not my girlfriend. If ever I got a girlfriend, I wouldn't post (a picture)."

The concept of Seungri's V-live today, "Hello. Are you Seungri?" is to address fans concerns through his experiences by giving advice and such and seemed like he has just met its purpose.

Monsta X Charms Fans In New Individual And Group Teaser Images

Monsta X members charm their fans with new individual teaser images for "Guilty" and this time they show their good-looking faces.

The boys display their boyfriend image holding flowers and chic at the same time. There are also new group photos unveiled today. Meanwhile, Monsta X is releasing their 4th mini album TheCLAN 2.5 part.2 with title track "Guilty" on October 4.

See more photos below:

Nana Wows With Bold Lips & Prominent Facial Features For 'High Cut'

After School Nana never fails to impress netizens with her outstanding visual and her new photos for "High Cut" just blows their mind away.

In close up shots, Nana captivates with her bold red lips and prominent facial features especially her beautifully shaped jaws. Nana is indeed top visual! Agree?

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