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Thursday, July 2, 2015


SNSD's reality show airs on July 21

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SONES can mark another date on their calendars now as SNSD's upcoming reality show "Channel SNSD'  which will air through cable channel OnStyle is airing starting on July 21.

The reality show's format is not fixed but it is most likely deals with the girls' everyday routine and would also focus on fashion, beauty, cooking and more. Moreover, the girls are going to try to appeal to general audience to show what happens behind the camera like what they usually do after schedules and what makes them stay up late.

Meanwhile, SNSD is returning with a pre-release single album "Party" on July 7 and will be followed up with their album later on.


INFINITE confirm comeback date, July 13

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Woollim Entertainment reveals the comeback date of Infinite and it's on July 13.

It is also revealed that the title track of Infinite's new album "Reality" will be again produced by Rphabet, the producer of their hits songs "Destiny" and "Back".

Today, another teaser image is released showing Sunggyu, Sungjong, and L along with the details of first track "Betting". The song is written, and arranged by Rphabet. Let's wait for further information about the album in the coming days.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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SMRookies Yuta joins panel of 'Abnormal Summit 2'

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Not even officially debuting yet, SMRookies' Yuta, a Japanese 20 years old trainee at SM, is already joining the panel of JTBC's 'Abnormal Summit' to fill Cross Gene's  Takuya's spot. In fact, Yuta has recently completed recording as a fixed member.

Yuta is going to share information, issues, traditions, and more about Japan just like what Takuya did on the show. Joining him in the new season are new panelists from Norway, Brazil, Egypt, Greece and Poland.

The whole new 'Abnormal Summit' with new panelists starts airing on July 6.


Teen Top delete all their personal SNS accounts

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Teen Top members have a very saddening news to their fans.

Unfortunately, all personal SNS accounts of C.A.P, Niel, Chunji, L.Joe, Ricky, and Changjo are now deleted. Leader C.A.P informs the fans about this through his post on their fancafe in bahalf of Teen Top.

"Hello Angels. This is leader C.A.P.
Recently, it appears like some things on SNS made fans worry. I apologize for that. 
 Starting now, Teen Top members' personal instagram and twitter will be deleted and we are only going to use the official Teen Top twitter to give you news. 
We will use SNS again in the future so that we can comminucate with fans. By that time, we are going to work harder to make sure that things which cause worries to fans would not happen again. 
Ever since our comeback, you've been with our sides from morning until morning to cheer and watch our stage performances. We are indeed grateful. 
We are going to do our best to become the hardworking Teen Top who present better image for fans."

In a very timely turn of events, it appears like it is due to Niel's malicious dating rumor which was recently denied by their agency. The rumor of Niel dating a non-celebrity has surfaced after fans noticed their interaction on Instagram.

Do you think it's a good decision?

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[Breaking] Park Shin Hye & Lee Jong Suk are dating? + both agencies respond

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Are 'Pinocchio' couple dating in real life?

Dispatch reports this morning that 'Pinocchio' co-actors Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk are dating for four months.

The news site states that two have developed from being drama couple into real lovers around March and spotted together in London. Moreover, they have also spent time together in Hawaii in April when the actress went for vacation while Jongsuk for a pictorial.Photos of their personal meetings in May and June are also released wherein Shin Hye often gets on and off Jong Suk's Benz and Porsche cars while carefully looking in her surroundings.

However, Park Shin Hye's agency states, "The two are just very close friends. But we are going to follow an official confirmation since Park Shin Hye is on an overseas schedule." On the other side, Lee Jong Suk's agency also states, "We will reveal our position after confirming the facts."


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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MC Leeteuk's golden era; appointed as new host for Disney Channel

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Super Junior leader Leeteuk must be having his golden era as an MC further making the list of his hosted programs even longer.

On 30th, it is reported that Leeteuk is appointed as the host of an upcoming variety program which will air on July 23 in Disney Channel. The first episode has been recorded already with SHINee's Key as its first guest.

Ever since Leeteuk has been discharged from the military, he eventually nabbed hosting positions on "Star King" and "Strong Heart". He has also hosted tvN's "I Can See Your Voice", MBC's "Matchmade in Heaven Returns", and JTBC's "White Swan" in just a year. Moreover, Leeteuk seems to be the favorite host for entertainment awarding ceremonies and other live events earning him a favorable  and deserving title as rising MC of his generation.

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Teen Top nabs 1st win on 'The Show' #AhAh1stWin

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Teen Top take home their 1st with with "Ah Ah" on today's The Show.

It was a tough week for fans to vote for their bias group and Angels must have worked twice harder and helped the boys nab their first music show trophy. Teen Top is up against AOA, SISTAR, Mamamoo and Bangtan Boys wherein the latter lose to only two points.

Congratulations Angels and Teen Top!


Big Bang confirm no MV for 'If You'

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Fans are overwhelmed and excited for Big Bang's upcoming track 'If You' as it is described to be the saddest and emotional track to be released so far.

However, that would also be the reason why a music video is not accompanying it. According to the agency, only 'Sober' for [D] album will get a music video. They reason out that members are very busy for the 'MADE' series as well as their ongoing world tour which make it difficult to coordinate with schedule. More than that, YG emphasizes that they want the fans and listeners to focus on the emotional content of the song, that includes lyrics and the melody. Thus, MV is not needed.

This leaves fans skeptical and confused since Big Bang have been releasing MVs for two songs since [M] album. Fortunately, there are also some who understand the situation. Meanwhile, Big Bang are releasing [D] album offline on July 7 but the new songs "If You" and "Sober" will be released online on July 1.


Ailee working on 1st full-length album for October release

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Powerhouse female vocalist Ailee is rolling up her sleeves in preparation for her first full-length album which is expected to be released in October.

According to reports, Ailee has already started recording and carefully choosing songs since it's her first full album. Her goal is to release the album in October after wrapping up her first solo concert "Fatal Attraction" which will take place on July 4.

Meanwhile, Ailee has just released a single "Johnny" as part of Brave Brothers' 10th anniversary album.


B1A4 to comeback in early August

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The list of comebacks is getting longer and we have B1A4 added as they are reported for early August comeback.

B1A4 released their lastest album "Solo Day" in July last year and for almost a year, the boys have been busy with individual schedules. Leader Jinyoung who produced songs for their album last year emerged as a successful composer as "Solo Day" and "Lonely" hit big.

B1A4 are then recognized as a group with musical competence with songwriting ability. In regards to that, WM Entertainment confirms that the new title song is again produced by Jinyoung and the group is advancing to MV filming. It is expected that Jinyoung will work and focus on the album once his drama 'Warm and Cozy' ended this week.

Are you anticipating their comeback?

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SNSD slate comeback date + track list for 'Party'

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SNSD have a lot in store for SONEs as they have now finally slated their comeback date which is July 7 at 10PM..

The girls are warming up fans with a pre-single album release 'Party' followed by their 5th studio album which will consist of double title tracks "Lion Heart" and "You Think" on 30th.

Teaser image for "Party" is now released wherein the girls are enjoying the summer heat at the beach. It's gonna be packed with SNSD as the girls are going on a full scale promotions for three songs.

Monday, June 29, 2015

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Boyfriend Donghyun cast for musical 'Brothers Were Brave'

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Boyfriend Donghyun is nabbing his 3rd musical 'Brothers Were Brave' and this time he's among the leads.

Donghyun is playing the role of one of the titular brothers, Jubong, an intelligent Seoul University graduate who has a hot temper. The story revolves around the reunion of two brothers after 3 years, with Jung Junha as Seokbong (Jubong's older brother).

The whole production is anticipated to give entertainment by executing comical acts and punchlines at the same time giving heartwarming family-oriented theme. Meanwhile, this is Donghyun's 3rd musical after having performed in musicals "1000th Man" and " "Bachelor’s Vegetable Store" in Japan.

The musical "Brothers Were Brave" opens on August 25 at Art Center in Hongik University and tickets are available for purchase starting on July 8.

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Ailee to release single 'Johnny'

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Ailee is going to release a single 'Johnny' on June 30 as a part of Brave Brothers' 10th anniversary album.

According to reports, 'Johnny' is a mid-tempo RnB with jazz beats which will highlight Ailee's powerful vocals, thus we see fabulous-looking Ailee on the cover photos.

Moreover, Ailee is also going to perform 'Johnny' live on her first solo concert "Fatal Attraction" on July 4.


GOT7 to comeback with 'Just Right'

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GOT7 have just put up a pre-teaser image for their 3rd mini album comeback 'Just Right'.

There's no much details yet aside from the image of stationary and calendar which marks the dates July 9 and 13. Other days are also crossed out and assumed to be the release of further teasers.

Given that, we are to expect another teaser to be released tomorrow, June 30, based from the crossed out dates on the calendar.

Friday, June 26, 2015

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Sulli spotted having a late night fun + couple ring

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Sulli, who currently embroiled in a withdrawal news from f(x) is spotted hanging out with friends late at night at Itaewon and Kyungridan street.

Several photos of Sulli with friends are posted on an online community which garnered interest and comments. Photos show Sulli showing her ring which is assumed to be a couple ring. She's brightly smiling and looking proud.

In other photos, Sulli is seen dramatically biting on a a stem of rose on her mouth and striking a pose with her friend while rising her hand looking at her ring. Meanwhile, SM has denied the withdrawal reports of Sulli from f(x) and stated that they are carefully discussing her future group activities.

Sources: 1 2

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Infinite Sungjong from 'Real Man' + letter to members

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The very first still cuts of 'Real Man' newest recruit, Infinite Sungjong, have been released.

The the photos, Sungjong is looking tough and serious wearing army uniform while giving salute. We can also see the basic training he has to receive like push-ups and more. In addition to that, Sungjong also handwrote a letter for his hyungs which said, "Hyungs don't mess with me because I'm a senior."

He is wittily referring to his position from being a maknae and now a proud soldier in training upon joining 'Real Man'. He also told them that he's coming back after training hard and will tell his first hyungs all the things he felt and experienced. He ended his letter with a sweet promise "Even if it takes 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, or 100 years, let's be together always. I love you members."

Such a sweet maknae (turned senior?)! His hyungs must be proud. Meanwhile, the first episode of 'Real Man' with Sungjong airs on June 28 at 6:15PM (KST).

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Kyuhyun to sing OST for Ha Jiwon's comeback drama

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Super Junior Kyuhyun is singing the main theme song of Ha Jiwon's comeback drama 'The Time We Were Not In Love'.

The drama plots the story of how Oh Hana (Ha Jiwon) and Choi Won (Lee Jinwook), who have been friends for 17 years, will find love after being beside each other for a long time. This is going to be Ha Ji Won's next drama after 'Empress Ki'.

Kyuhyun is expected to deliver melodies that would suit the relationship between the two with his emotional and charismatic vocals. The OST will be released tomorrow and the drama premieres on the same date at 10PM (kst).

Thursday, June 25, 2015


f(x) to perform in London for free!

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f(x) are coming to UK for London Korea Festival in August as guests.

The girls are performing live for free to celebrate the one day festival according to The Korean Tourism Organization with the aim to strengthen ties between London and Korea.

Aside from f(x), rock group Guckkasten,  Korea’s World Champion B-Boy group Jinjo Crew are all invited. The festival is filled with everything Korean and it encourages audience to join a flash mob while dancing to trending K-pop dance, more traditional games, fashion, cuisine and more.

The “London Korean Festival: Imagine Your Korea“ is happening on August 9 at  Trafalgar Square. Admission is free!

See website for more information!


Wonder Girls to return as a band

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Photo from Cosmopolitan pictorial, 2011

After confirmation of Wonder Girls comeback, fans are too excited to see the four members back on spotlight.

However, there's much more treat coming along as the group will not coming back as dance group but instrumental band instead. That means, we'll be seeing members playing and rocking the stage.

JYP Entertainment reveals members position for the band. YeEun as keyboardist, Hyerim as a guitarist, Sunmi as bassist,  and Yubin as drummer. It is also said that the members have been practicing playing their instrument for a year to come out as a band.

Are you excited to welcome the revamped Wonder Girls in August?


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