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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kim Jaejoong wins Male Top Excellence Award at 2014 Korea Drama Awards

JYJ's Kim Jae Joong wins the 'Male Top Excellence Award' at the 2014 Korea Drama Awards on October 1 which is held at the Cultural Arts Center in Gyeongsangnam-do.

During his acceptance speech, he expressed, "Filming has been hard but thank you for helping me out with your unwavering smiles. I am so nervous because I don't appear often on TV. I thank Mr. Baek and JYJ members Yoochun and Junsu. It's my first leading role so I really grateful for giving me this award. I hope to meet you all again in the future."

Jaejoong has impressed the judges with his acting in his role in 'Triangle'. Meanwhile, other nominees he bested from the category are Ji Chang Wook, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Jong Seok, and Yoo Ah In.

Jessica and Krystal unit debut & reality program season 2 are cancelled

It is abruptly revealed that sisters Jessica and Krystal have more in store for their fans but apparently goes on hold until further notice.

According to program officials of cable channel OnStyle, Jessica and Krystal are actually preparing a unit debut with all songs from their album have already been recorded. They added, "After their MV shooting, we plan to film the 2nd season of the reality program 'Jessica and Krystal."

However, according to them, they feel regretful with everything on hold after Jessica is dropped out of her group and with all her activities are halted.

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Kim Soo Hyun receives his daesang from the 2014 Korea Drama Awards in tears

Actor Kim Soo Hyun has been awarded with the grand prize (Daesang) at the 2014 Korea Drama Awards on October 1 which is held at the Cultural Arts Center in Gyeongsangnam-do.

During his speech Kim Soo Hyun thanked everyone he has worked with from the director, writer, and staff to his family, friends, and fans who have believed in him and promised to always do his best.

Other nominees he bested are Ha Ji Won, Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Min Ho, and Cho Jae Hyun. Congratulations!

Jessica opposes SM's statement and releases her side of the story

Jessica has released her own statement after being kicked out of her group SNSD on September 29, opposing SM Entertainment's explanation released yesterday.

In her statement posted through her fashion business BLANC homepage, she clears out that she didn't ask to leave SNSD first but is asked to leave the group by the company and other members.

Read the full statement of Jessica below,

Hello, this is Jessica.

On September 29, I was asked to leave SNSD by the company and I couldn't hide my pain and surprise so I've decided to reveal my side. 
SNSD's activities have always been my top priority as the time I was SNSD member more than my personal affair or business. However despite of my hardwork and perseverance to the group, I received a notice to leave the group from the company. 
Ever since the beginning stages of my business preparations, I have completely discussed and even given consideration by SM and members in multiple events. 
Since early August until the launching of BLANC, I've received permission and they agreed to let me do my business at the same time. I was even congratulated by members as I carried out my business. 
However, one month after the launching, members suddenly changed their minds and by September, they've called for a meeting and unreasonably asked to me either quit my business or quit being SNSD.

I've never neglected and hardworking done SNSD promotions after receiving permission form the company and told them I cannot quit the business in just one month after the launching because of a business contract with a business partner. 
In result, I appealed that their request is unreasonable to make me choose. Having become SNSD members was the best thing that happened in my life and I've never ever thought of leaving. 
Still confused, I visited the CEO on September 16 and explained my part and once again received consideration to continue my business 
However, I received a notification os September 29 from the company to leave SNSD and because of this I was unable to join the fanmeeting in Shenzhen, China on 30th. I've been out of all SNSD activities. 
On top of everything, I was deeply hurt and couldn't hide my pain after being asked to leave by my company and members whom I've shared my passion and affection for more than 15 years, for only reason I started my business. 
I'm apologizing for making fans worry so much although it's not my intention. I'm asking for your understanding that I didn't want this situation.situation. I've always support SNSD and will do so in the future. Thank you for supporting me endlessly and for loving me.

Jessica Jung
October 1, 2014

With her side released, which totally contrasting SM's story, fans are in dazed to know what really happened and who is telling the truth.

For the meantime, let's pour our support for SNSD and Jessica.

Tyler Kwon denied marriage with Jessica anytime soon

Following the exclusive news revealed by Donga earlier today regarding Jessica and Tyler Kwon's marriage in May 2015, Tyler Kwon responded to the news through his official Weibo account.

As shown in the screencap above, he revealed that he has no plans of marriage anytime soon, he then showed his support to Jessica with another message.

Stay tuned for more updates to come.

Jessica to get married with Tyler Kwon in May 2015?

Korean media Donga revealed exclusive news regarding Jessica and Tyler Kwon's marriage.

According to reliable source, SM Entertainment did not explain in details the of Jessica's dropout from Girls' Generation, instead of Jessica's personal brand, her marriage is the main reason for this issue.

In addition, Jessica planned to study fashion designing in US after getting married, she's expected to be active in both New York and Hong Kong next year.

News Source (Donga)
Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Girl's Day Hyeri shares interesting story of her close friendship with T-ara's Jiyeon

Girl's Day Hyeri spilled an interesting story of her friendship with T-ara's Jiyeon.

The girls are both MC-ing the 4th season of SBS MTV's The Show but they aren't just MCs but good friends as well.

In an interview with Hyeri on The Mute, Hyeri shared, "I'm really close with Jiyeon eonnie. We just have a year gap and same blood type. Even our birthdays only have two days apart. We have this kind of story. After I debuted, I transferred to a new school and I received Jiyeon eonnie's uniform. She is good to me. Since Jiyeon eonnie has experience in MCing, I'll just follow."

How warm their friendship is!

TaeTiSeo's guest appearance on SUKIRA is cancelled; requested by SM

Last week it was announced that TaeTiSeo are appearing on their Super Junior sunbae radio program KBS Cool FM SUKIRA as part of their promotions.

With DJ Ryeowook being absent this week, the girls are expected to interact and chit-chat with the surprise Super Junior DJ on Thursday. However, SUKIRA tweeted a notice earlier that TaeTiSeo's guest appearance on Thursday (October 2) is cancelled and apologized for the abrupt notice.

Momentarily, the bulletin is updated with new guests, Indie pop duo OkDal and BTOB's Eunkwang instead. In regard to this, representative of SUKIRA told Starnews, "The request came from SM Entertainment. As for the reason why, they didn't inform us."

This morning a news broke out about Jessica's withdrawal and many assumed it caused the change of TaeTiSeo's schedule but hopefully it's not since SM Entertainment assures that SNSD's activities will go on as scheduled.

Let's wait until they reschedule TaeTiSeo's appearance and anticipate their guesting.

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SM Entertainment releases statement, 'SNSD to continue with 8 members'

SM Entertainment has finally released their official statement regarding the issue of Jessica's withdrawal from the group.

The agency wrote,

"Hello. This is SM Entertainment. We are giving our position regarding Jessica's weibo post today.

This coming spring, Jessica has informed us that she will halt her group activities after one album, due to her personal affairs.

Although the notice is too sudden, the agency and SNSD members have tried the best way looking into how SNSD's activities could go on without any problems.

However, in the middle of inconsistencies and lack of negotiations about the conflicts arising due to her priorities and interests, Jessica has launched her fashion business. With this cause, amidst of negotiations, the group has come to the point where it can't be maintained.

Therefore, leaving the agency with no choice, it has been decided to go on with SNSD's activities as 8 members earlier than planned. Also, while everything is still being worked out on when to announce the situation, Jessica has already posted this morning.

From this point forward, the agency is going to support and work on SNSD with 8 members and Jessica's personal activities."

We hope for the best of SNSD and Jessica's success!

Jessica is no longer a member of Girls' Generation?

It's no doubt a breaking news not only for fans but also the KPop industry is this news in proven to be true.

She updated Weibo with the message, "

Fans were speculating that her Weibo account was hacked after reaching 3 million followers on Weibo. Fans were in a total shock as the girls just renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment according to various portal sites.

Whether it's true or not, we will update with more details when SM Entertainment release an official statement regarding this issue.

News Source: Jessica's Weibo
Monday, September 29, 2014

Super Junior members to take over Ryeowook's DJ role in SUKIRA this week

Super Junior members are taking turns as DJ for this week's KBS' Super Junior Kiss The Radio.

Ryeowook is going to have his musical schedule in Japan and members are filling in for DJ everyday. Starting tonight, Super Junior member Eunhyuk is scheduled to replace Ryeowook. Following him is DJ Kangin tomorrow and DJ Kyuhyun on Wednesday.

For Thursday and Friday, secret DJs are being prepared.

2PM Jun.K suffers a collarbone injury and is staying at the hospital

2PM's Jun.K is revealed to be at the hospital at the moment after injuring his collarbone according to fellow member Wooyoung.

On the September 29th broadcast of KBC Cool FM′s Jo Jung Chi, Jang Dong Min′s Two O′clock, Wooyoung revealed why Jun.K wasn't able to appear with him as guests.

He stated, "Jun.K had acquired injury during our night practice. Because he's practicing hard for the concert he accidentally injures his collarbone. For yesterday's schedule he got bandage and as of the moment he's at the hospital."

Meanwhile, 2PM are holding their 'Go Crazy' concert at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium on October 3 and 4. Speedy recovery Jun.K!

Amber promises to wear miniskirt and heels if Ailee's album gets no.1

f(x) Amber made a very surprising promise of wearing miniskirt and heels during Ailee's comeback showcase of September 25.

During the Q&A portion, Amber made a surprise phone call to congratulate her friend Ailee for her comeback. Out of nowhere she stated, "If Ailee's album becomes no.1, I will wear miniskirt," in which Ailee replied, "You should wear miniskirt with high heels."

Are we finally seeing Amber in skirt? Let's hope for Ailee's album to be no.1 then! Meanwhile, the broadcast of Ailee's showcase will be today at 6PM and 11PM at MBC Music.

Taecyeon asks 2PM's and Teen Top's fans to stop the heated fanwar

2PM Taecyeon has emerged between the heated fanwar between their fans Hottests and Teen Top's Angels.

On his twitter update, Taecyeon wrote, "Hottests or Angels, let's stop~ As much as oppas important to you, for us, fans are important too~ In the times you are cursing and blaming each other, think of seeing your oppas faces one more time and think of yourself as the good person and move on~ life is too short even when you are looking at beautiful things, isn't?"

The whole misunderstanding began when Jun.K tweeted a vague tweet about 'Sajaegi' with the hashtag #EVERYBODYKNOWS. Though no one was mentioned in the deleted tweet, Hottests and Angels have been exchanging tweets as they assumed that the tweet was pointing to Teen Top's win over 2PM.

Hopefully, Taecyeon's words will calm Hottests and Angels down.
Friday, September 26, 2014

EXO Kai chooses actress Shin Min Ah's cute style as his ideal type

In the September 26th broadcast of Mnet 'EXO:902014', the group talked about the men's ideal type mentioned in the lyrics of DJ DOC's 'Summer Story'.

In response, Kai answers, 'I like a cute girl similar to Shin Min Ah's in the drama 'My Girlfriend is Gumiho'.  Sehun answers, "I like bubbly girl."

In addition to that, when they talked about the lyrics "Waist-length long straight black hair", Baekhyun commented, "Girl with long hair is every men's romance."

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Actor Lee Min Ho to release 2nd album 'I'll Sing' in October

On 26th, Lee Min Ho's agency Starhaus Entertainment announced, "Lee Min Ho will release his 2nd album 'I'll Sing' in October."

The album is prepared for Lee Min Ho's fans to show his commitment and gratitude for their support. In this album, the actor will sing various genres like pop, rock, emotional and dark ballad.

'I'll Sing' is expected to be released early in October and Lee Min Ho will be performing his songs during his global tour "RE:MINHO" or "Reboot Lee Min Ho" which will kick off on October 4 at Mastercard Center in Beijing.

Lee Min Ho released his first album 'My Everything' in May last year.

Super Junior to resume Mamacita promotions in October

Gathering a whopping nine music shows' wins in just less than a month of promotions for Mamacita, Super Junior are not ending it there.

The group has temporarily halted their promotional activities for 7th album to give way for Super Show 6 in Seoul which took place on September 19-21.

However, to fans delight, it is reported that Super Junior are expected to resume their promotional activities and broadcast stages in October.

With their return, expect a tighter competition of big idols like Super Junior, TaeTiSeo, 2PM, Teen Top, Ailee, Soyu, and more in the following weeks.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Teen Top win their 1st trophy with 'Missing' at Show Champion!

Teen Top strengthen their return after grabbing their first win with 'Missing' from Show Champion today.

Their comeback song 'Missing' which showcases their grown-up charm and emotional knife-like choreography is the champion song of the week.

Therefore, Teen Top prepare a thank you greeting for their fans who have supported them. Check it out below:

T-ara's Jiyeon likes to co-host with a cute male MC for 'The Show'

T-ara's Jiyeon is hosting the 4th season of SBS MTV's 'The Show: All About K-POP' or simply 'The Show' alongside Girl's Day Hyeri.

During the press conference of 'The Show'  on September 23, Jiyeon expressed her thoughts about MCing and said, "I'm thankful to continue hosting season 4 following season 3 and I'll work harder for kpop fans."

She also stated that Hyeri, who wasn't able to attend the event because of conflicting schedule, has sent message of support. Regarding the male MC who hasn't yet revealed, Jiyeon confesses, "I hope for someone who goes along with me and Hyeri. Someone who has a cute style."

Meanwhile, 'The Show 4' airs on October 28 at 8PM KST. Who will be the male MC indeed? Any guess?

Kim Hyun Joong's admittance of physical injury to be turned over to prosecutors

Seems like Kim Hyun Joong is far to be having peace of mind as police revealed on September 23 that his one admittance of physical harm towards his ex-girlfriend will be submitted to the prosecution.

Going back, on September 2, Kim Hyun Joong admitted one out of four physical assault cases filed against him. Although, his ex-girlfriend has decided to drop the assault case on September 17, today, police has revealed that they are going further to send the case he acknowledged of doing to prosecution.

The chief official from Songpa Police Office stated that they are sending the official written statement of Kim Hyun Joong's acknowledged crime to the prosecutors by next week and let them handle the rest of the case.

The police explained that the physical injury charge Kim Hyun Joong has acknowledged of committing needs a prosecutor's final verdict although both parties have already reached agreement.

Therefore, the conclusion of this case will only be closed after the prosecutors' decision if they will take it to the court or not.

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