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Friday, January 23, 2015

SM gives update on Taeyeon's condition after the 2m fall

SNSD Taeyeon fell down from 2m stage after receiving TaeTiSeo's Bonsang Award from the '24th Seoul Music Awards' last night.

In is reported that Taeyeon pulled a leg muscle and became dizzy afterwards. After the stage accident, staff and dancers quickly brought Taeyeon to the hospital to receive treatment.

Today, SM Entertainment updates Taeyeon's condition for the anxious fans, "The accident happened right after the awarding stage and she's brought to the hospital immediately to receive treatment. Fortunately, there's no big injury. The diagnosis showed that she only acquired lower back muscle pain and already received treatment then went home afterwards. We are going to check her condition continuously to make sure she doesn't overwork herself.

That's a relief.

Hong Jong Hyun denies dating rumors with Nana

After the report about actor Hong Jong Hyun and After School Nana are dating for 7 months were released, the concerning parties have come forward to respond.

So far, Pledis Entertainment denied the report and stated that they are just close friends. WGM PD on the other hand also stated the same and explained that they have already confirmed it to Jonghyun months ago.

However, Hong Jong Hyun's agency wasn't able to give their response as the actor is on an overseas schedule and couldn't keep in touch. Fortunately, on 23rd, Hong Jong Hyun finally reveals his side through his agency, "We've checked on him and he said that he and Nana have a close brother-sister relationship. It's not the romantic relationship like what articles report." 

The agency adds, "Both of them have lots of common interests as they are both models so they have developed from being acquaintances. We ask you to refrain from making speculations."
Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nana & Hong Jong Hyun rumored to be dating, both sides & WGM PD respond

After School Nana and actor Hong Jong Hyun are reportedly dating for 7 months according to the February issue of Woman Sense magazine. Furthermore, it explained that the two have developed feelings to each other after they both hosted OnStyle's 'Style Log'.

In addition to their article, Nana and Jong Hyun have gone on dates for numerous times. However, Nana's agency is quick to respond to MBN after confirming the report to her, "They are definitely not in romantic relationship. They have gotten closer after the broadcast, but not more than friends."

Hong Jong Hyun's agency also responds to 'The Fact', "Jonghyun went to Singapore with a manager for a fashion pictorial. Although we want to confirm it to him, he couldn't respond. It's embarrassing." In addition to that, 'We Got Married' PD also explains, "We have already confirmed this rumor months ago to Jong Hyun. He said that they are just friends."

Meanwhile, Hong Jong Hyun is currently appearing with his virtual wife Yura on We Got Married while Nana is appearing on 'Roommate'.

Yonghwa reveals cities for his Asia Tour 'One Fine Day'

CNBlue's Yonghwa is ready to commence his first solo Asia Tour 'One Fine Day' in February.

Yonghwa will meet his domestic fans first in Seoul on February 28 and March 1 at AX-Korea. Then, he's going to Japan for a four-day concert on March 7&8 at Tokyo International Forum Hall and March 14 & 15 at Osaka International Convention Center.

Yonghwa is going to continue his tour in Hong Kong on March 19 at Asiaworld Expo Hall 10 and on March 22, he's coming to perform in Shanghai Grand Stage in China. He will also meet his fans in Thailand on April 4 at Bangkok Thunder Dome before he goes back to China on April 11 at Beijing Olympic Center.

Finally, Yonghwa is coming to Taiwan to hold his last scheduled concert on June 20 at TIEN MU Sports Center. Don't worry, as it is mentioned that 'more cities to come'.

Which city do you want to be included?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Heechul and Goo Hara are confirmed MCs for 'A Style for You'

Super Junior Heechul and KARA's Goo Hara are confirmed to host KBS2TV's new fashion beauty program 'A Style for You' which premieres in March.

There are going to be four hosts for the new program and the remaining two are not revealed yet. The fashion beauty program is going to be anticipated with the pair up of Heechul and Goo Hara who are known to be close friends in real life.

The show's format is taking requests from people and the MCs are directly going to give their fashion and beauty advices.

2NE1's Dara lands a lead '4D' role for web-drama 'Dr. Mo Clinic'

2NE1 Dara is going into acting as she is confirmed to be the female lead for the upcoming Korean-Chinese joint webdrama 'Dr. Mo Clinic' alongside actor Kim Young Kwang.

The drama is going to be directed by Kwon Hyuk Chan, who also worked on hit dramas like 'Secret Garden,' 'A Gentleman's Dignity,' and 'Master's Sun.'

It is described that Dara will play the character of Lee So Dam, a 4D female lead and office worker who will play Kim Young Kwang's love interest while she seeks counseling and therapy.

The filming begins in early February and will premiere by mid March through Korea’s Naver TVCast and China’s Youku.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

4MINUTE to comeback with double title tracks in February

4MINUTE announce upcoming comeback trough a 3D motion video which titled '4MINUTE - REVAMPED'.

4MINUTE released their latest mini album '4MINUTE WORLD' in March last year, and exactly one year since then, the girls are making their return with a double title track in February.

Check out the thrilling video below:

Friday, January 16, 2015

INFINITE suffer mistreatment at the GDA

News articles piled up reporting about how 'The 29th Golden Disk Awards' mistreated Infinite.

Firstly, the article reports that INFINITE wasn't given proper transportation from the airport upon their arrival to Beijing. The members had to ride subway, wear masks and hoodies all the way to the concert venue surrounded by staff to keep them from public's eyes. Woolim confirms the situation and stated that GDA didn't gave them explanation.

Secondly, it was also reported that INFINITE received poor meals in their waiting room. In such prestigious event, guests are usually given catering or packed lunches at the very least but the members ate cup noodles instead. It is also said that Infinite wasn't the only group who receive such poor meals.

Lastly, INFINITE also encountered performance problem last night as they were supposed to perform three songs. However, the lights were turned off after their 'Last Romeo' performance and had no choice but to feel embarrassed and left the stage and were not given explanation. Woolim stated, "We are informed in advance that the 'Last Romeo' performance wouldn't be aired."

INFINITE is one of the leading groups in KPOP and to be treated poorly by a prestigious awarding body is making fans rage. "Why did Golden Disk Awards invite  INFINITE?"


EXO to embark on their 2nd concert 'The EXO’luXion' in March

EXO are holding the 2nd solo concert in March under the title 'The EXO’luXion'.

SM Entertainment announces on 16, "EXO are going to hold their 2nd solo concert on March 7-8 and 14-15, a total of four days at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium."

The title 'The EXO’luXion' is  a combination of two words, 'EXO' and 'Revolution'. The Roman number 'X' means the 10 members of EXO which signifies the group's new journey.

Are you excited for their concert this year? Meanwhile, EXO have just won their 'Daesang' award from 'The 29th Golden Disk Award' yesterday. Ccongratulations

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mr.Mr. Tey to release solo album 'Dangerous'

Mr.Mr.'s main vocalist Tey announces solo debut with album 'Dangerous'.

A teaser image is released showing Tey's bare back along with the words 'TEY 1st Solo Album Dangerous D-Day 15'.

In addition to the teaser image is the schedule of releases until his D-day. On January 22, a teaser will be release before the full MV and album on 30th.

Eric Nam announces cities for his first US tour

Eric Nam is touring US for the first time to meet his fans and perform for them. In regards to that, Eric himself reveals the cities included in his tour.

On his official Facebook, the notice is posted along with a photo of the details. He captions, "My first ever US Tour will be hitting... NYC, Atlanta, Dallas and LA! Can't wait to see you all!! Please spread the word! Regram, retweet, repost and recycle!!"

He will perform at four US cities such as New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Are you ready to meet him?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

BEAST Dongwoon to join MBC 'Real Men' next month

BEAST maknae Son Dong Woon will be taking the army life as he is confirmed to join MBC's 'Real Men' starting next month.

According to multiple media insiders on 13th, Dongwoon will join the current cast of 'Real Men' and starts filming in mid-February.

Dongwoon has shown his variety and extraordinary charms on his latest guest appearance at 'Radio Star'. At BEAST' recent fanmeeting, he told fans, "This year, I'll show you an active Dongwoon on entertainment."

Are you anticipating his appearance?



MBC representatives respond that Dongwoon's participation is still unconfirmed but he is on the list of the candidates.

B1A4 explain their side and respond to absurd accusation

B1A4 received absurd accusation during their latest fanmeeting in Malaysia for kissing and hugging Muslim fans on stage. Local media stated that the gesture left a negative impression on the Muslims and stated that the organizers of the event be held responsible.

In response to this, B1A4 agency WM Entertainment explained on 13th to Starnews, 'We received a consent from the local promoters regarding the winning fans. It is to do a parody of the scenes from the drama 'The Heirs' between members and fans.'

"The atmosphere was good but we also considered the Muslim culture. The MC once again gave approval." They continued, "The situation was seen in different views. In the future, we will take in consideration the different cultures and make effort to create a fanmeeting that fans can enjoy. We will take that in mind."


SISTAR Hyorin to join MBC's 'I Am A Singer 3'

MBC's singinng survival program 'I Am A Singer' is returning with its 3rd season on January 30.

In relation to that, multiple media insiders reveal that SISTAR Hyorin is appearing on the program as one of the participants. In fact, Hyorin is joining the first recording on January 21 along with six other talented singers in the industry.

According to the program staff, the participants of the 3rd season are active and diverse. Hyorin proves that she's not only part of a trending girl group but also a talented singer.

MBC's 'I Am A Singer' premieres on January 30 at 10PM KST.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Netizens accuse B1A4 of molesting Muslim female fans

A three-minute fantaken video during a Kpop concert in Malaysia goes viral wherein some netizens have accused B1A4 molesting female fans on stage.

The particular video which was originally uploaded on an SNS has garnered almost 50 thousand shares. The clip is bluntly titled 'Malay girls molested on stage by K-Pop artists last night' (translated in English).

In the video, B1A4 members were doing fanservice on stage by kissing and hugging the fan girls. Although, the fans' weren't seemed offended by the gesture of the kpop idols, in fact they appeared overwhelmed, netizens are in rage.

Some defended B1A4 by stating that they are not aware of the Islam law and it's the fan girls fault instead, while others insist that the boys should've respected and make themselves familiar with the Malay culture.

Check out the video tru this link and tell us your opinion.

MNET unveils Jimin, Jessi, Tymee, & Cheetah for female rapping show 'Unpretty Rapstar'

MNET will air a female rapping survival show at the end of the month and the half of its 8 participants have been revealed.

The hip hop program 'Unpretty Rapstar' is a spin-off survival program of the hit 'Show Me The Money'. This is the first female rappers survival program which compiles the talented female rappers who will compete in a fierce battle.

Today, MNET reveals four of its eight participants including Jessi, AOA's Jimin, Tymee, and Cheetah. The four are going to undergo tough challenges along with  remaining half and will get an opportunity to have an album produced.

Meanwhile, 'Unpretty Rapstar' premieres on January 29 at 11PM(kst).

Sunday, January 11, 2015

150111 EXID won first place on Inkigayo

 EXID become the main discussion of the day again with their victory in the latest episode of Inkigayo.

The girls have achieved first place on music shows M! Countdown and Music Bank two days ago, this is their 3rd trophy in 3 days.

Congratulations to them for winning again!

Friday, January 9, 2015

U-Kiss announce comeback with teaser image for 'Kiss Me'

U-Kiss have announced their 10th mini album comeback through a black and white group teaser image.

The teaser image depicts a very harmonious atmosphere of the members as they smile brightly at each other while having a leisure walk on a street.

In particular, NH Media also stated that this is the first album new member Jun is participating after joining the group in May last year. His position as vocalist and rapper have been solidified through U-Kiss performances in Japan and is now ready to show his improved skills to their domestic fans as they finished recording and jacket pictorial.

Meanwhile, U-Kiss is expected to release their 10th mini album 'Kiss Me' at the end of the month.

9MUSES announce comeback for 'Drama'

9MUSES are set to comeback with new album 'Drama' with six ladies after the departure of  Eunji, Lee Sem and Sera last year.

The announcement is made through their SNS account, "2015, January COME BACK 9MUSES 'DRAMA', 9MUSES' drama-like comeback. Please anticipate a lot."

Included is a teaser image of a woman holding a scissors sporting a bob hair. The date slated is on January 23.

Let's anticipate more upcoming details.
Thursday, January 8, 2015

EXID in tears upon receiving their 1st win since debut

EXID win their first ever trophy since their debut from M!Countdown today proving their trending success with song 'Up & Down' which was released in August last year.

Though the girls weren't present to receive their trophy on stage, they were very overwhelmed when it was handed to them on their waiting room. Shocked because of the good news, members couldn't hide their happiness and started to tear up.

In return, the girls did an encore by dancing 'Up & Down' with their 1st trophy. Congratulations! Watch below:

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