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Thursday, August 28, 2014

AOA to release 2 digital singles and a best album in Taiwan

AOA is aiming at the Taiwan market by releasing 2 digital singles and a best album in the upcoming months.

FNC Entertainment announced that AOA will release "Mini Skirt" and "Short Hair" digital singles on August 29th in Taiwan. They will also come out with a best album and album "Short Hair" on October 26th.

The best album will have a total of 13 tracks including "Mini Skirt","Confused","Get Out" as well as the band versions of "ELVIS" and "MOYA". In particular, both the best album and "Short Hair" album will come along with a bonus DVD which include music videos and silhouette versions of the music videos, and in order to make it easier for Chinese fans, the DVD will have Chinese subtitles in it.

In addition, AOA will make their Japanese debut with "Mini Skirt" single on October 1st.

Sep Taiji and Lee Eun Sung officially become parents with their newborn baby

Seo Taiji and Lee Eun Sung are now parents of their newborn baby!

On August 27th, it was revealed that Seo Taiji's wife - actress Lee Eun Sung gave birth to a baby girl at 11pm kst at a hospital in Seoul.

Seo Taiji said through his agency,"It's difficult to describe the overwhelming feeling I'm having right now by just simply saying I'm happy. Both the mother and the baby are healthy","I'm grateful to both the mother and our baby. I want to become a great father. I would like to thank everyone who have concern about me, in particular I want to thank to all the loving fans who have been waiting for me".

Seo Taiji and Lee Eun Sung got married in June,2013. In addition, Seo Taiji is preparing to make his comeback with the release of a new album this October.

Congratulation to Seo Taiji and Lee Eun Sung!

Kim Hyun Joong to be summoned for investigations in early September

It was reported that Kim Hyun Joong will be summoned to police for investigations next week for the alleged physical assault by his ex-girlfriend.

According to a rep from Seoul Songpa Police Station, they have concluded the investigations surrounding the plaintiff after receiving the complaint on August 20th. For Kim Hyun Joong, due to his concert in Thailand, his investigations were postponed and now it's been revealed that he will be summoned to the police early next week".

However, as both sides are having contrasting opinions, Kim Hyun Joong has expressed his desire to speed up the process by saying he will make his appearance at the police station within this week to avoid issues related to his concert in Guangzhou, China on August 30th, but as of now, the exact date hasn't been decided yet.

Cube Entertainment to merge with Cube DC

It's been revealed that Cube Entertainment will merge with its subsidiary company Cube DC.

On August 27th, Cube Entertainment announced,"In order to increase the efficiency of the management and the synergy of both sides, we've decided to merge with Cube DC".

The merge ratio between Cube Entertainment and Cube DC will be 1:0 since Cube Entertainment owns 100& of the shares from Cube DC.

Cube DC are currently managing Rain, Shin Ji Hoon, Noh Ji Hoon and Kwak Seung Nam while Cube Entertainment have Beast, 4Minute, G.NA, BTOB, Kim Gi Ri, Oh Ye Ri, Na Jong Chan, Jo Seo Ha.
Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dispatch discloses photos of Kim Hyun Joong's girlfriend's 'bruises' as evidences

WARNING: May contain disturbing images for some readers.

Dispatch continues to provide evidences to public regarding the assault case filed towards Kim Hyun Joong by his girlfriend.

They have initially released the text messages between Kim Hyun Joong and Ms. A and they followed it up with the photos of the acquired 'bruises' from the assault.

From the article exclusively posted by Dispatch, the said 'bruises' were obtained on May 30, 2014 as the result of Kim Hyun Joong's assault which took place in the actor/singer's apartment in Jamsil. Along with the photos are the medical certificates and doctors' findings that stated Ms. A's chest, left shoulder, both arms, left buttock, and face were badly injured.

However, Key East responded that they are sticking to their official statement and any further response are going to be said during police investigation. Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Joong is expected to summon for investigation next week.

Source: Dispatch

Super Junior Kyuhyun cast for 'The Days'; making it his 3rd musical this year

Super Junior Kyuhyun is getting musical casting one after another as he is confirmed to perform for 'The Days' musical which will open in October.

This year alone, Kyuhyun has successfully finished his musical stages for 'The Moon That Embraces the Sun', and the most recent 'Singin' in the Rain', where he both played the lead roles.

In addition to this growing list of musicals, Kyuhyun is announced to play the role of 'Mooyeong' for the musical 'The Days'. His character description is witty and free-spirited Blue House security guard and a friend of Jeong Hak.

Here's the list of main characters and the actors:

Jeong-hak - Yoo Jun Sang, Lee Gun Myung, Choi Jae Woong, and Kang Tae Eul 
Mooyeong -  Kim Seung Dae, Oh Jeong Hyuk, Ji Chang Wook, and Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
The Woman - Kim Ji Hyun and Shin Da Eun

Taeyeon says she's scared of the the excessive of media exposure on 'THE TaeTiSeo'

Taeyeon shared her thought about the media exposure of her private life on 'THE TaeTiSeo'.

On August 26th, OnStyle broadcast the 1st episode of 'THE TaeTiSeo' showing the girls enjoying themselves in L.A after KCON.

Taeyeon said in a separate interview during the show,"I've been exposed more every year and I have a fear of that","Because I don't if it's a good or a bad thing but the feeling is like I'm shrinking into myself".

When the other members were asked to comment about Taeyeon's personality, Tiffany said,"Taeyeon is a very unsual person. She's a friend that is hard to get a grasp of". Seohyun said,"She's the style that takes care of you behind your back".

Heechul also made his brief appearance on the show and talked about Taeyeon,"Taeyeon' mood swings are really serious, and because I'm also the same so we're called as the 'mood swings siblings'","But I like her because she's not fake and genuinely care for the people around her".

Song Ga Yeon to leave 'Roommate'

Following Park Bom and Lee So Ra, MMA fighter Song Ga Yeon will be the next one to leave SBS's 'Roommate'.

Park Sang Hyuk PD said on August 27th,"Song Ga Yeon will be leaving 'Roommate' since she wants to focus more on her sport".

The production team said that they still have some footages left and they will continue broadcast them until mid-September.

As all the members from Room 1 have movied out, the PD that said there will be new members to be cast on the show, but the specific details haven't been decided yet.

Teen Top announce electrifying comeback date for 'EXITO'

Teen Top has finally announced and confirmed their comeback date for 'EXITO'.

Top Media stated on their notice that Teen Top's comeback album is titled 'EXITO'. A Spanish word which means 'success'. Described as an electrifying comeback, Teen Top are going to show their grown up charms and masculinity through this album which marks the members' come of age.

Moreover, Teen Top prepare an emotional choreography for comeback stages that will showcase their 'knife-like' performance in an upgraded level.

"EXITO" will be released through online sites on September 15 at 12PM (kst) and offline on 16th. Look forward for their teaser photos and videos in the following release.

Hong Jin Ho and Lady Jane deny dating rumour once again

Lady Jane and former pro-gamer Hong Jin Ho have involved in another dating rumour, however they once again denied it and said they're just simply good friends.

On August 25th, a netizen uploaded 2 photos of Hong Jin Ho and Lady Jane in a sushi restaurant in Seongsan-dong, Seoul. The photos showed the intimacy between the two of them as Hong Jin Ho was spotted touching Lady Jane's thigh.

Despite the obvious proofs, both agencies came out and denied the dating rumour. Hong Jin Ho's side said,"They're just close friends and are known to have a lot of skinship together, but they're not dating". Lady Jane's agency also said,"We admit that she often eats dinner with Hong Jin Ho, but she also does the same to other members from 'I Need More Romance'". About the thigh touching, the rep said Lady Jane was bit by a mosquito and she was trying to show Hong Jin Ho the biting spot.

The two are currently staring in tvN's dating talk show 'I Need More Romance'.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BTOB to hold a fanmeeting in Bangkok in September

BTOB are going to meet their fans in Thailand as they announce their upcoming fanmeeting through their Facebook page.

The boys are holding "BTOB FAN MEETING IN BANGKOK" on September 27, 2014 at 2PM in Siam Niramit, Bangkok. Melodies in Thailand, are you excited to meet them?

You can check their Facebook page for more details.

Son Ye Jin to become new model for cosmetic brand Missha

Son Ye Jin has been chosen as the new face for cosmetic brand Missha.

On August 26th, Able C&C announced that they have signed an exclusive contract with the actress recently. Marketing Planning Director from the company said,"Son Ye Jin is a national star who has been active in various fields such as movies and dramas. Her innocent charm yet urban look fits well with Missha's overall image, that's why she was chosen as our new model".

The new CF, posters and various events featuring Son Ye Jin will be unveiled soon.

TaeTiSeo to cameo in Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Kyo' movie 'My Brilliant Life'

TaeTiSeo will make a brief appearance in Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Kyo' new movie 'My Brilliant Life'.

It was revealed that the girls will play as themselves while Kang Dong Won's role - Dae Soo who is a 33-year-old father will act as the group's bodyguard.

TaeTiSeo shared,"We are fans of Kang Dong Won so it was a honor for us to have this opportunity to act with him. Director Lee Jae Dong led us well throughout the scene so it became a good memory for us. Through this movie, we hope to share a brilliant life to many people".

"My Brilliant Life" tells the story of a young couple who have a baby together at the age of 17. Though they give birth to a beautiful child and they name him Ah Reum, but later they find out that he has Progeria syndrome which cause him to age advancing his real age.

The movie will be premiered on September 3rd.

G-Dragon's leaked private #IceBucketChallenge reveals 'my dear Kiko'

G-Dragon has been revealed to have done another Ice Bucket Challenge video aside from the ones he had posted publicly.

This time, a video allegedly leaked from his private instagram account is causing ruckus because of his mention of 'my dear Kiko' while nominating. Aside from KIko, he also nominted Kiko's friend and sister.

In the video, G-Dragon is standing with a mini pool behind him and said in English, "This is my 2nd ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I nominate Yoon noona, Yuka chan, and my dear Kiko. Let's go!" 

It can be taken as a friendly address but G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara have been long timed rumored to be in a relationship though nothing's confirmed in public. What do you think of his mention?

Note: Though it's all over SNS already, we won't attach the leaked video in this post. 

AA's Aoora to release 4th digital single 'Let's Do It Again' on September 5th

Aoora will release the 4th digital single 'Let's Do It Again" for his 19+ concept album '69'.

On August 24th, Aoora updated his Instagram with the cover photo for his upcoming single. The simple yet subtle sensual photo has stimulated the imagination and anticipation of the fans towards the release day of his new song even more.

'Let's Do It Again' is the 4th digital single following 'Body Party','Can't Stop' and 'Vanilla Sky' which were released previously and they're all parts of Aoora's 19+ concept album '69'.

The teaser for 'Let's Do It Again' will be unveiled on August 29th while the full song will come out on September 5th.
Monday, August 25, 2014

Nana confesses she forgets her phone 10 times a day

Nana reveals to be a forgetful person in a recent radio.

Orange Caramel made their guest appearance on SBS Power FM 'Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time' radio on August 25th. During the radio, Nana was pointed out as the most forgetful member.

She said,"It's a really serious problem, I lose my phones for more than 10 times a day. I can't remember the place I put it". She continued,"The behavior is like old mother. Once I even put my phone in the refrigerator, I tried to search for it all day but couldn't find it, then I thought it might be in the refrigerator and it really was there".

Orange Caramel also revealed it costs 800,000 won to make one piece of their costumes.

High4 to release 'Bang Bang Bang' MV featuring BESTie's Haeryung on August 27th

High4 will make their comeback with new mini album 'HI-HIGH'.

The music video for their title track 'Bang Bang Bang' will be released on August 27th. In particular, BESTie's Haeryung will make her appearance in the MV, following IU and Lim Kim in their previous releases.

'Bang Bang Bang' is an urban retro funky song which is co-composed by PJ and Lee Jong Hun, written by Choi Kab Won along with High4' members Alex, Youngjun. Other members are also said to take part in the production process of this mini album.

'HI-HIGH' mini album will be released online on August 27th and offline on September 2nd.

Sunny, Choi Hong Man, Hong Jin Ho and more to appear on 'Happy Together 3'

Girls' Generation's Sunny, fighter Choi Hong Man, former pro gamer Hong Jin Ho, volleyball coach Kim Se Jin, announcer Do Kyung Wan and comedian Hwang Hyun Hee will be guesting on the next episode of KBS' 'Happy Together 3'.

According to official broadcasters from KBS, they already participated in the 'Tall & Short Special' episode on August 23rd. Many people are anticipating towards this episode since the guests will reveal more stories related to their heights.

This episode will be broadcast on August 28th.

'The Pirates' surpasses 'Roaring Currents' to top the box office for 2 consecutive days

'The Pirates' and 'Roaring Currents' are currently the two hottest movies at the box office.

According to Korean Film Council, on August 23rd, 'The Pirates' attracted 392,401 viewers while on the 22nd it drew in a total of 182,505, which made it surpass the box office's hit 'Roaring Currents' and ranked as no.1 for 2 consecutive days. The movie also has a total of 5,551,652 views currently/

In addition, 'Roaring Currents' has officially surpassed the 16 million views as of today on August 24th and once again broke the record as the fastest movie to reach the member in just 24 days.

Shin Min Ah says she likes drinking and dancing at karaoke bars

Shin Min Ah talked about her cute drinking habit in an interview on KBS' 'Entertainment Weekly' on August 23rd.

Shin Min Ah said,"I like drinking and dancing at karaoke bars. I'm the type to like drinking soju", frankly revealed her cute hidden side.

She continued,"I also like light mixed drinks". About the type of songs that she likes, Shin Min Ah said she preferred those old songs from Shim Su Bong and Kim Chu Ja.

Meanwhile, Shin Min Ah's new movie 'My Love, My Bride' will be premiered this October.
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