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Friday, December 12, 2014

Apink win with 'Luv' at Music Bank #Luv6thWin

APink is really having winning streak as they take home their 6th win from Music Bank today.

Apink and Infinite F battle for this week's no. 1 and the girls win afterwards. As for their winning ceremony, the girls did a very deep bow and have their knees on the floor to thank their fans.


WINNER announce 'WWIC 2015' in China

WINNER has announced the second host country of their 'Worldwide Inner Circle Conference 2015' and it's none other than China.

Before their scheduled fanmeet conference in Seoul on January 31, the boys are heading first to China to perform in three cities Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. They are going to Beijing Worker's Gymnasium on January 10, Grand Stage in Shanghai on January 17, and lastly Bao'an Gymnasium in Shenzhen on January 24.

Take note of the dates and let's wait for more cities to be revealed soon!

ToppDogg to hold worldwide fanmeet 'World ToppKlass'

The boys of ToppDogg are going to meet their overseas fans all over the world through their worldwide fanmeeting 'World ToppKlass: fan’stival in world'.

ToppDogg are going to hold performances not only in Asia, but also in South and North America, and Europe as well. The boys are going to kick off their 'fan festival' on January next year and will visit a total of 11 countries and 13 cities.

'World ToppKlass' will begin in Japan in January and will continue in 3 cities in Europe. They will also perform in 3 cities in America in February, and 2 cities in South America. Finally, there are 4 cities in Southeast Asia in March.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Zhoumi clarifies rumors of him being unpatriotic and defaming China

Super Junior-M's Zhoumi has expressed his side regarding the rumors going around of him being unpatriotic and defaming his country, China.

The rumors started when he made a guest appearance on JTBC 'Abnormal Summit' on December 8 along with Super Junior Kangin.

Yesterday, Zhoumi posted a message on his weibo, "My heart is already tired…I don’t know what to say anymore…I am a Chinese, I love my country…you can say anything but please don’t accuse me of being unpatriotic…no matter when I am always proud of being Chinese………"

He followed it up with a lengthy post today to clarify what he shared on the show. His post is translated as follows:

Clarifications on the recent rumors
11th December 2014 12:11
Hello, everyone. I am Zhoumi. After the incident happened, (I) have been really stressed for the continuous few days, and (I) have been hestitating whether or not (I should) write this clarification article, but this time(,) I am being said for not being patriotic, (and) defaming China's image in a foreign country, discrediting (my) homeland, I really have to explain, to me(,) this is really an utmost hurt and defame, as a Chinese who is having activities in Korea, I have always been proud of being a Chinese, now that (this) incident has happened, no matter how (I) explain(,) everyone might still not believe, but here(,) I (would) still hope that through my own mouth, (I will be able to) explain the real situation at that point of time with regards to the rumor.
1: (The) program is a talk show(,) where (they) invite a few foreigners from different countries(,) who are staying in Korea(,) to participate (in the show), the topic for that day is security, thus as a guest(,) everyone will raise an example to explain each country's current security situation and also the security situation in the past(,) and also (their) encounters(.)
2: On the day of recording(,) I spoke about my mother's encounter (which) happened a long time ago(.)
3: In the program(,) I said(,) "It happened when (my) mother was on the way to the airport", not (that) it happened at the airport(.)
4: At that point of time(,) when (my) mother was cheated(, she) already lost consciousness, through (my) mother's narration, I used the Korean phrase "spray" on the program, but (I) did not say spray of ecstasy, (when my) mother was unconscious(,) the cash, savings card, password and identification card in her wallet were (all) taken away, 3 savings cards (adding up together,) about (a total of) 50 thousand Renminbi were withdrawn out (Because it is a Korean program, so I used about 10 million Korean won to explain)
5: From the start of the program till the end, I did not say "China is a dangerous country" like what the rumor said, and in the program I explicitly said that "China is not a dangerous country, I love my homeland very much."
6: At the end of the program(,) I elaborated my own idea, (when you're) away from home, no matter which country, even in a safe country(,) everyone should pay attention to safety themselves.
7: Things said in the program really happened to (my) mother, alot people are saying that for me to go to the program, (I am) bringing out my mother to spread rumors, when the incident happened(,) I just entered into university, after (my) mother settled everything and left(,)for about 5 to 6 hours (she was) uncontactable, after knowing that even (her) identification card had also been taken away, not having even a penny, (my) mother went to the police station and made a report(,) afterwhich found a friend and borrowed money to take the train home, at that time(,) glad that nothing dangerous happened to (my) mother….. but it is definitely not making up facts just for the program.
Because it's a Korean program, as a Chinese(,) my ability to express in Korean is not so perfect, with regards to the incident (that happened) in the program(,) I did a brief elaboration, (I have) absolute no intention of defaming my own homeland, perhaps due to the issue of statements(,) causing audience's misunderstanding, I hereby apologize…… Regards to the rumor's garble on the Internet, (I) hope everyone could finish watching the whole program, in every Korean program(,) I have shown the pride and honor of being a Chinese should have, (I) don't expect (that I could) have everyone's approval, but please everyone give me (some) basic respect.
I don't know in the first place in what reason some people are defaming and making malicious speculation on the Internet, even going to the extend to personal attacking me and my family member, regarding this, I have already handed to (my) company(,) hoping to solve the problem by legal methods. Thank you for everyone's understanding and support…...
          Chinese to English translated by @sj_empire
Original post 1

'Misaeng' Siwan & Kang Sora appointed as trade ambassadors

Lead stars of tvN drama's "Misaeng", Im Siwan and Kang Sora are appointed as honorary ambassadors of Korea Traders Association today.

Siwan and Sora attended the ceremony at Trade Center, SamSeong-dong in Seoul and received their certificates.

Siwan and Kang Sora are starring as office workers on tvN's Friday and Saturday drama 'Misaeng', which will have its last episode next week.

Bumkey is arrested and detained for court trial for drug charges

Brand New Music's Bumkey is caught up in a drug scandal and is arrested this morning of December 11 for violating drug administration law last October.

According to prosecutors, Bumkey has been charged with crime of selling 6 grams of Philopon to his two contacts. He is also charged for using Ecstasy twice from August 2012 to September 2013.

Bumkey has denied the accusation initially but prosecutors explained that they've acquired evidences from the buyers' testimonies, hair tests, and transaction accounts.

In regard to this, Brand New Music stated, "We deeply apologize and regretful that our artist Bumkey is caught up in this scandal." They added, "Bumkey is not confirming the scandal so we are going to present the truth in the court. For now, we ask for your patience and hopeful that you refrain from speculations regarding the matter."

Meanwhile, Bumkey is currently in detention before the scheduled trial today wherein he will be questioned with witnesses present at the court.

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WINNER to kick off their 'WWIC 2015' in Seoul

WINNER has announced the first host city of their 'Worldwide Inner Circle Conference' and of course it's none other than Seoul.

Domestic Inner Circles would get to join WINNER at their fanmeeting conference on January 31 at Olympic Gymnastic Stadium.

Who's coming?


After announcing their worldwide fanmeeting tour, WINNER is definitely giving out early Christmas gifts to fans by releasing their 'WELCOMING COLLECTION DVD'.

Through the notice written on their Facebook page,
"WINNER's WELCOMING COLLECTION DVD, 'GOOD BYE 2014 X WELCOMING 2015' will be out in Korea and Japan on January 28th, 2015!
You can enjoy special contents revealing fresh and genuine sides of all the members and watch never before released footage of WINNER after the release of '2014 S/S'.
Look out for more in the near future. Thank you!"

You do sure want to get a copy, don't you?
Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SMRookies' Taeyong apologizes for past wrongdoings

Although he hasn't debuted yet, SMRookies Taeyong, who flatters with his visual, has already caught in a controversy.

Few days ago, Taeyong is accused of scamming online during his pre-debut days and used of obscene language in 2009. Several posts emerged on a Korea website detailing how Taeyong did false advertising and even provided an exchange of text messages wherein the SM trainee used obscene words.

In regard to this, on December 10, SM Entertainment stated, "For what he has done during his middle school, he expressed that he's reflecting and deeply regretful. We apologize to the people who've done wrong. Not only Taeyong, but the company as well, will make him grow to a talented artist with a good character."

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Block B set to officially debut in Japan in January

Block B are having their official Japanese debut by releasing their Japanese debut single 'Very Good' on January 21 next year.

A video titled 'The Coolest 'WARUGAKI's are Coming Soon!' is uploaded through their Japanese Youtube channel. The term 'warugaki' means 'bad kids' in Japanese and these kids are releasing a Japanese version of 'Very Good'.

Meanwhile, though the boys have been doing showcases and concert tours in Japan since 2011, they haven't officially debuted yet. But worry no more Japanese fans! Watch the cool teaser spot below:

Jessica shares her award from 'Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2014'

Jessica gladly shares her photos from recently attended  'Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2014' on December 9.

Through her weibo account, she wrote, "Yahoooooooooooooooooooo~~!! It was so good to see all of you there - love u guys" and uploaded photos from the event and also the award itself.

In the photos, Jessica is looking sexy in black cocktail dress while having her photos taken at the photo wall. There's also a photo of her flashing a wide and bright smile during an interview with a lot of microphones on the table.

Meanwhile, Jessica attended  'Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2014' in Hongkong on December 8 where she won an award. Congratulations!

JYP's Park Jin Young to appear on 'Roommate'

It's JYP man! Park Jin Young is the next anticipated guest of 'Roommate'.

On December 9, SBS Roommate PD Park Sang Hyuk reveals to Mydaily, "On December 8, Park Jin Young visited 'Roommates' share house in Seongbukdong. Park Jin Young, god Park Joon Hyung, and GOT7 Jackson created a lively and fun atmosphere."

The three JYP brothers are going to display their unique and friendly relationship. Meanwhile, the episode of 'Roommate' with Park Jin Young will be broadcast through the special Christmas episode on December 23.

Melody Day to release 'Anxious' ft. Mad Clown

Melody Day are releasing their first digital single 'Anxious' featuring Mad Clown.

Their upcoming track 'Anxious' is composed and written by hit maker DUBLEKICK and will feature the talented and popular rapper Mad Clown.

The song will be released on December 12. Are you anticipating this collaboration?
Monday, December 8, 2014

Changmin expresses how proud he is of best friend Kyuhyun

TVXQ's Changmin shows how proud he is of his best friend Super Junior's Kyuhyun at their concert 'TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR - T1STORY’ on December 7 in Olympic Park Stadium, Songpa-gu, Seoul.

After their opening performances, Yunho started, "I was very surprised how warm it is from the very beginning. Because you give us lots of love I feel good."

In his first greeting, Changmin said, "I'm Choikang Changmin, best friend of Kyuhyun whose 'At Gwanghwamun' recently tops #1 on digital charts" 

Meanwhile, TVXQ are having their second stop in Taipei for 'TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR - T1STORY'


TAEYANG, member of “Kings of K-Pop” BIGBANG, will hold his first ever world tour in Malaysia on 2015 February 07 (Saturday) , 6:30p.m. at Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur, organized by IME Productions.

IME Productions is the lead promoter of 2015 TAEYANG WORLD TOUR [RISE] IN MALAYSIA

Ticket launch had held on December 07 (Sunday) 2014 at Boulevard, Level G, Paradigm Mall from 11:00a.m. till 4:00p.m. TAEYANG fan’s start queue up on Friday after received ticket launch news. 2015 TAEYANG World Tour [RISE] In Malaysia tickets are selling fast and 50% of the tickets already sold out.

For those who haven’t purchase the tickets, kindly visit TicketCharge website ( or call TicketCharge ticket hotlines (603) 92228811 to purchase your ticket. You can purchase your tickets through TicketCharge office, Speedy music store, Rock Corner music store, Victoria music center, Neway Karaoke outlet and Celcom blue cube outlet.

Tickets for 2015 TAEYANG WORLD TOUR [RISE] IN MALAYSIA are priced at:
• VIP RM599 (VIP zone / Number seat)
• RM499 (Rock zone)
• RM399 (Number seat)
• RM299 (Free seating)
• RM199 (Free seating)

For more information, please log on to IME Productions official Facebook (

IU's dress from MMA revealed to be cheaper than Kang SoRa's

Following the cost-cutting H&M blue laced dress that actress Kang Sora wore from 2014 MAMA, which became a hot topic, IU's dress, which she wore last month from Melon Music Awards is belatedly revealed to be worth 35,000KRW.

IU's dress, which was happened to be the same brand as Kang Sora's is worth 35,000KRW, cheaper than the latter. The dress is a black see through with red floral pattern. It seemed like IU's stylist has customized the dress a little to fit IU's style.

This comes to light as artists are now starting to resort to more affordable pieces to wear to fit their comfort while considering which suits them best at the same time rather than pricey designer pieces.

Leeteuk, Tiffany, and Fei to host '2014 Golden Disk Awards'

For this year's '29th Golden Disk Awards' or GDA, Kim Sung Joo and Jun Hyun Moo will be joined by idols Super Junior Leeteuk, SNSD's Tiffany, and Miss A's Fei in hosting the award ceremony.

'2014 Golden Disk Awards' will be held in MasterCard Center in Beijing for two days, January 14 & 15. The Bonsang awards will be given on the first day, January 14 and will be hosted by Kim Sung Joo and Miss A's Fei. A surprised guest will be introduced as well. For the following day, Jun Hyun Moo will be joined by Super Junior Leeteuk and Tiffany.

The line of MC this year is very much anticipated with their variety and diversity of hosting skills. Meanwhile, the '29th Golden Disk Awards' will be broadcast live from Beijing through

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Teen Top to release 1st season album 'Snow Kiss'

Teen Top announce that they will be releasing their 1st season album 'Teen Top Snow Kiss' on December 10.

The album will include a total of three songs such as 'Snow Kiss', 'Merry Christmas' which is composed by Changjo, and 'Winter Song', composed by C.A.P.

The tracks are described to be filled with sweet and exciting melodies suitable for winter season. Moreover, the album is personally designed by members themselves. There are also Christmas cards with handwritten messages from the members for their fans.

The tracks will be available online on 10th and will be released offline on 12th.

SHINee are the new face of 'The SAEM'

Korean cosmetic brand 'The SAEM' has unveiled idol group SHINee as their 2015 endorser and released a promotional image.

According to 'The SAME', "We picked a model who would be able to relay the brand's message with the concept of eco-friendly to our consumers all over the world. Therefore, we chose SHINee to take in charge with their bright and energetic image.

SHINee will engage in the domestic and global advertisements of 'The SAEM" as it's global eco star. In fact, last weekend, SHINee already participated in the pictorial shoot as the new models after their overseas schedule. Despite that, the boys had shown bright and lively atmosphere in the studio and showed curiosity and interest to the brand's products.

Meanwhile, 'The SAEM' is releasing making film of the said pictorial to commemorate SHINee as its newest endorser.


TAEYANG, member of “Kings of K-Pop” BIGBANG, will hold his first ever world tour in Malaysia on 2015 February 07 (Saturday) , 6:30p.m. at Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur, organized by IME Productions.

TAEYANG 2nd solo album [RISE] unveiled this year swept across music chart all across the world. His title track “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” was even ranked #1 on Korea Gaon’s Karaoke Chart for 9 weeks in a row, which is the longest for any artists. His first solo tour kicked off on August 12 in Japan, touring 6 cities with 13 concert and about 70,000 spectators, and it’s ended in incredible success. On 2014 MAMA, TAEYANG won The Best Vocal Performance Male, Best Male Artist and Song Of The Year. IME Productions is the lead promoter of 2015 TAEYANG WORLD TOUR [RISE] IN MALAYSIA

Ticket launch will be held on December 07 (Sunday) 2014 at Boulevard, Level G, Paradigm Mall from 11:00a.m. till 4:00p.m. First 1000pcs tickets comes together with a limited edition giant poster which only for ticket launch day in Boulevard, Level G, Paradigm Mall.

Online sales will begin on 2014 December 07 (Sunday) at 4:00pm via TicketCharge website ( TicketCharge ticket hotlines will begin on 2014 December 08 (Monday) at 10a.m., please call (603) 92228811 to purchase your ticket.

Outlet sales will begin on 2014 December 08 (Monday), please visit TicketCharge office, Speedy music store, Rock Corner music store, Victoria music center, Neway Karaoke outlet and Celcom blue cube outlet.

Tickets for 2015 TAEYANG WORLD TOUR [RISE] IN MALAYSIA are priced at:
• VIP RM599 (VIP zone / Number seat)
• RM499 (Rock zone)
• RM399 (Number seat)
• RM299 (Free seating)
• RM199 (Free seating)

** First 1000 comes with limited edition giant poster. ONLY for ticket launch day in Boulevard, Level G, Paradigm Mall.

TAEYANG will release [RISE] World Tour edition for Malaysia VIP’s ! First 500 tickets purchaser during ticket launch or online entitled to purchase this world tour edition album (RM50 per CD), which you can’t buy it from music store. This limited edition [RISE] album will include 3 bonus tracks.

TAEYANG [RISE] World Tour Edition track list
1. Intro (Rise)
2. Eyes, Nose, Lips
3. 1AM
4. Stay with Me (featuring G-Dragon)
5. Body
6. Ringa Linga
7. This Ain’t It
8. Let Go
9. Love You to Death
Bonus Tracks
10. Eyes, Nose, Lips (Live from 2014 YG Family Concert “POWER” in Seoul
11. Ringa Linga (Live from 2014 BIGBANG +a in Seoul)
12. Only Look At Me + Weeding Dress (Live from 2013 BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR THE FINAL in Seoul)

For more information, please log on to IME Productions official Facebook (

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