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Thursday, October 30, 2014

EPIK HIGH take home their 1st win in 6 years from 'M!Countdown' with Happen Ending'

In this special episode of M!Countdown, EPIK HIGH take their 1st trophy with their song 'Happen Ending'. The first trophy after 6 years.

Though they didn't appear on stage for a performance, the trio recorded a thank you video clip thanking their fans for their endless support.

Tablo also thanks everyone through his instagram account holding their trophy and writes, "Everyone thank you for giving us this 1st win we didn't have for 6 years... Really thank you... #EPIKHIGH #MCOUNTDOWN"

'Roommate 2' to change from Sunday slot to Tuesdays

It means more crazy, fun, and entertaining interactions from your favorite 'Roommate Season 2' cast as it is revealed today that the program won't be ended but will change day slot instead.

SBS announces today that starting on November 25,  'Roommate' will be broadcast every Tuesdays from its original Sunday slot at 4:50PM KST to give way to 'KPOP Star 4' which will begin airing on November 23.

'Roommate 2' is taking the Tuesday slot of 'Magic Eye', which last episode to be broadcast on 18, due to low ratings.

We can get more fun every Tuesdays with the roommates!

SPICA to comeback with a new digital single 'Ghost'

SPICA is making a Halloween comeback with a new digital single 'Ghost'.

After SPICA's sub unit Spica.S. made their debut this September and ahead of Boa's solo debut, the group are releasing a digital single 'Ghost' as a special 'trick or treat' for fans. The track is a work of Sweet Tune's Han Jae Ho and Kim Seun Soo who have also produced their debut song.

The track is described a feeling of nostalgia not being able to forget the one you love and keep longing and experiencing sorrow. The single will be released on November 5.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Actor Lee Joon Gi to release mini album 'Exhale' in Korea and Japan

Actor Lee Joon Gi will be releasing mini album 'Exhale' in Korea and China simultaneously as his gift for fans.

On 29, his agency  Namoo Actors reveals the good news along with the release of the jacket image. It is also revealed that the songs are varying from RnB to hip hop, giving his own idea to the album concept and planning.

His agency shared that Lee Joon Gi stayed overnight for recordings showing his enthusiasm to give fans a very nice gift. Meanwhile, the mini album will be released on November 21.

EXO Chanyeol and Tao to rap in ZhouMi's debut single 'Rewind'

It is revealed that EXO Chanyeol and Tao are going to be featured in ZhouMi's debut single and it raises anticipation among fans.

ZhouMi is releasing his solo debut mini album with 'Rewind' as his title track. The song is described as a retro pop and RnB track with a soft melody. The rap part features Chanyeol in the Korean version while Tao in the Chinese version.

The mini album will include a total of 8 tracks with various genres and it will be released online in Korea and China simultaneously on 31.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

VIXX win the 1st trophy with 'Error' from SBS MTV 'The Show Season 4'

SBS MTV 'The Show' has broadcast its 1st episode of 4th season today and the first trophy is given to VIXX.

This is the 4th trophy the male group has won getting triple crowns with 'Error' last week. VIXX battle with Strawberry Milk, Boyfriend, and Song Ji Eun for this week.

Meanwhile, the 4th season of 'The Show' is hosted by T-ara's Jiyeon, Girl's Day's Hyeri and ZhouMi.
Congratulations! Watch the clip below:

MC Mong's 'Miss Me Or Diss Me' album to feature star-studded line up of Huh Gak, Ailee, Hyorin, Mina and more

MC Mong is finally breaking his hiatus and will be returning to the music scene as he release his 6th full-length album  'Miss Me Or Diss Me' .

The 13-song tracklist is released revealing a set of star-studded featuring such as Huh Gak, Ailee, Baek Ji Young, Lyn, Gary, Sistar's Hyorin, Bumkey, Girl's Day Minah, and more.

His comeback album will be released on November 5.

Super Junior-M Zhoumi to debut as SM's newest male soloist

SM reveals that Zhoumi from Super Junior-M is their newest male solo artist and publishes a concept image on their official Facebook page.

Zhoumi is going to release his first solo mini album 'Rewind' online on October 31 in Korea and China simultaneously. The physical release will be on November 3.

Are you excited?

Monday, October 27, 2014

YG puts up phrase 'Who's Next' dating 11.11

After Akdong Musician and EPIK HIGH, seems like YG has something up on their sleeves with another signal image of 'Who's Next'.

Few minutes ago, YG updated their blog with an image of 'Who's Next' and the date slated in 11.11 (November 11). With this, fans are once again speculating if it's Big Bang this time or one of their solo artists.

However, with much details yet to be released, we have no choice but to wait for more information in the coming days. But who is your guess?

AOA to comeback in November with mini-album

AOA confirm the exact date of their comeback and it's on November 11.

FNC puts up the notice on their website announcing the girls comeback and stated that there are going to be a total of six songs a title track from Brave Brothers who made their hit singles 'Miniskirt' and 'Short Hair'.

Are you anticipating what girls have prepared this time?
Thursday, October 23, 2014

Luhan spotted in a cafe for the first time after withdrawal from EXO

Not only EXO fans, but media are also keeping an eye to Luhan after he filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract.

Chinese website features an article about Luhan's recent public appearance, the first time after his withdrawal from EXO. According to their article, Luhan was wearing comfortbale casual clothes like t-shirt and denim pants with a cap on. He bought a drink in the cafe and quickly went out afterwards. He is spotted alone and seemed to be cautious as he keep on covering his face with his cap.

Meanwhile, on October 10, it was reported that Luhan has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract due to health issues and his wish to focus more on personal career in China. Luhan is being represented by the same lawyer who handled Kris and Hangeng's case.

Source: 1 2

Super Junior release special album 'This is Love'

Super Junior release all the tracks of their special album 'This is Love' online today.

The special album consists of all tracks from their 'Mamacita' album and three new songs "Hit Me Up", "Don't Leave Me" and "Ing..." and a stage version of 'This is Love'.

Moreover, the album cover is very personalized by the members themselves. Each letter of 'This is Love' is individualized by each members by picking a photo representing their character.

You can download the songs through MelOn. Meanwhile, Super Junior are having their first comeback stage at M!Countdown today with 'This is Love' and 'Evanesce'

Can you guess which photo belongs to who?

Hello Venus' Alice and actor Seo Kang Joon are new faces of 'Pocky'

Hello Venus' Alice and actor Seo Kang Joon are chosen to be the new endorsers of famous chocolate stick 'Pocky'. The pair is going to act as couple carrying the product's promotional concept of a man waiting for the girl he likes.

According to the representative of the brand, Seo Kang Joon and Alice were a bit awkward doing a love confession scene but were able to execute the concept afterwards. Especially Kangjoon who made the mood warm with his deep voice and display of deliciously munching on his chocolate stick.

Alice, on the other hand, makes very fresh image through her beauty matching Seo Kang Joon. Moreover, Alice has received good response among fans ages 10-20 with her fresh appeal.

Meanwhile, expect more promotional ads and activities these innocent and fresh couple are going to do in the future as the product's models.

Sulli to attend 'Fashion King' VIP premiere on 31st

f(X) Sulli who is currently taking a break from entertainment activities due to mental stress from malicious comments is expected to attend her starring movie 'Fashion King' press conference scheduled on October 31.

This is the first time Sulli is making an appearance on media after the hiatus. According to the movie officials, the VIP screening of the movie will be attended by the main actors such as Joo Won, Ahn Jae Hyun, Park Se Young, Kim Song Oh, and Sulli.

Meanwhile, the movie premiers on theater starting on November 26.

Source: 1
Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tao sends message for hateful EXO fans and defends Sehun on SNS

EXO Tao has written a message for their Chinese fans who seem to be sending numerous amount of hateful messages.

Earlier today, fellow member Sehun created a weibo account. However, seems like some Chinese EXO-L are not happy about it that made Tao comment about it using his weibo, "Sehun created weibo account to for you is something to be happy about, isn't? If you like him, follow him but if not, then don't  send hateful comments to him. You guys are  EXO-Ls, why are you doing this?"

Sehun seems to be surprised as well as he wrote, "What's going on? Please stop it..just we are one ! I love you all!"

Tao also posted a message directed to his own haters, "To everyone who say something bad about me, you can do whatever you want. Making fake stories, I don't care any of that. But don't talk maliciously about my family, my members, and fans who love us."

Not only on their weibo accounts, but hateful fans are also flocking on their instagram accounts and sending hateful comments. Fortunately, some are also trying to comment good things and encouraging words in order to bury the malicious ones.

Source: Tao, Sehun

APink perform Japanese version of 'No No No' in Nagoya

To commemorate their Japanese debut, APink perform their  Japanese single 'No No No' in Nagoya in front of their fans.

Their Japanese single album is released today and they hold an event to treat their Japanese fans. Watch the clip and see the photos below:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AOA are chosen as promotional models of RPG game 'Fantasy Hero'

AOA are chosen as the promotional models of RPG mobile game 'Fantasy Hero'.

According to Kingnet Entertainment, "AOA has been receiving much love from male gamers through their hit song 'Miniskirt' in the age bracket of 20-30 years old." They also stated that choosing AOA will definitely bring joy to the gamers through their planned promotional activities in collaboration with the girls.

Do you play this game?

Nicole opens official fancafe, Facebook, and more in preparation for comeback

Nicole's comeback to industry is drawing near and everything's prepared for her initial promotions as she open her official fancafe, Facebook, Youtube, and more.

An official Nicole's staff have launched official fancafe, Facebook Page, Twitter account, and Youtube channel wherein her promotional materials such as photos, video, updates, news will be posted.

There's no definite date and further information released but expect more details soon. Don't miss the chance to be the first to know so check the official accounts linked below:

Fancafe    ->
Twitter     ->
Facebook ->
Youtube   ->

Meanwhile, Nicole signed with B2M Entertainment for her solo comeback and will be releasing a title track from Sweetune in mid-November.

EXO-K are appointed as ambassadors of C-Festival

EXO-K have been appointed as the ambassadors of C-Festival. The ceremony took place at Samseong-dong Trade Tower in Seoul on October 21.

C-Festival is a global cultural expo which will be held at Coex Convention and Exhibition Centre and World Trade Centre complex in Seoul. The event is going to be conducted in April-May next year and expected to be attended by 3 million people. It aims to promote the complex as a tourist landmark through various promotional events like design exhibits, kpop concerts, and more.

Four members of EXO-K, Suho, Baekhyun, Kai, and Sehun attended to represent the group. Check some photos from the event below:

Super Junior-M Zhoumi to join Jiyeon and Hyeri as MCs for MTV 'The Show'

Super Junior-M Zhoumi is now revealed to be the new male host of the 4th season of  SBS MTV's 'The Show: All About K-POP' or simply 'The Show.

He will join MCs T-ara Jiyeon and Girl's Day Hyeri hosting the show starting on October 28. Since 'The Show' season 4 is co-produced by Korean and Chinese production and will be broadcasted in China through TUDOU.

Super Junior-M Zhoumi's has a huge popularity in China, and his addition to the MC line up is going to be anticipated. This is his first hosting challenge as music broadcast host but he has already hosting experiences as DJ.

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