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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Former 2NE1's Minzy Cheers On Luna's Solo Debut

Good friends Minzy and Luna display heartwarming friendship.

Minzy gives a shout-out to Luna's solo debut and writes on her instagram "Check this out this girl @hermosavidaluna she is born with amazing talents❤️ congrats Luna-ya!!🎈" and attaches a photo of Luna's album.

It's so heartwarming to see Minzy praising and supporting her friend!

TWICE Gather A Jam-Packed Crowd At 'LG Twins vs KIA Tigers' Game

TWICE is proving their huge popularity here and there and today, the girls hype up Jamsil Stadium with their appearance at KBO League 'LG Twins vs KIA Tigers' Game.

Fantaken photos are all over SNS showing a jam-packed crowd cheering for the girls. Twice also perform their hit song "Cheer Up" and members Nayeon and Sana do the ceremonial first pitch.

Netizens Are Amazed By Triplet's Manse's LTE Growth

We miss the ever adorable triplets so much Daehan, Minguk and Manse and we are always thankful for every photo updates from Song Il Gook.

However, in the recent photo of the boys, netizens are especially amazed seeing the latest appearance of Daehan, Minguk and especially maknae Manse while at a cafe. Netizens are surprised to see Manse's obvious growth while others think that it could be because of his new hairstyle.

Nonetheless, the kids are growing really fast when it was just yesterday that the triplets are crawling on the floor. Below are also the latest photo update from Song Il Gook where the boys are holding their 'Superman Returns" diplomas.

I.O.I To Do Unit Promotions After "Dream Girls", Others Return To Their Agencies

Since I.O.I have only a year of promotions, their schedule is very packed so many fans are eager to know what's next for the girls after concluding their "Dream Girls" promotions.

Today, YMC Entertainment reveals through their official page that I.O.I will be concluding their first leg of promotions (Dream Girls) with a goodbye stage at "Dream Concert" which will be held on June 4.

Moreover, YMC also reveals that the next promotions will be by unit and the girls are already preparing for their unit album. According to YMC, members who are not going to participate in the unit promotions are going back to their respective agencies for their individual activities while keeping in touch with their fans.

Jonghyun Takes #SheIs1stWin From 'The Show'

Jonghyun nabs his first music show trophy with "She Is" from "The Show" today. Also nominated for the first spot are  April and Oh My Girl. Congratulations!

Meanwhile, Jonghyun made his solo comeback with first solo full album "She Is" on 24th and currently promoting his title track "She Is". Watch his performance and thank you speech below:

Chinese Airport Officials Slammed For Leaking Song Joong Ki's Passport Info

Fans and netizens are angered by the unruly and inconsiderate behavior of some airport officials at Shenzhen Airport for allegedly taking a photo and uploading Song Joong Ki's passport information online.

It is already known that Song Joong Ki's fame in China is very enormous that everybody wants to take a photo of the actor. In the viral photos, Song Joong Ki is captured at the immigration with some officers taking photos with him.

Moreover, the photo of his passport revealing some of his private information is going around SNS. Netizens claimed that it's impossible for a non-airport official to get a photo of Song Joong Ki's passport so the airport personnel at Shenzhen should be questioned.

Park Shin Hye Shocks Fans With Significant Weight Loss!+ K-Netizens Comments

Photo taken from Park Shin Hye's Instagram '#Doctors#YuHyeJong the day filming for teaser☀️👉🏻👈🏻🚑🎈🙏🏻🙋'


  • [+1,383 -41] She looked fresh and beutiful when she weight more on her, but currently she looks older with so much weight loss, I feel bad for her
  • [+1,029 -18] She looked way beautiful with more flesh, even she was chubbier though...
  • [+314 -4] Sometimes losing weight does not guarantee that you will become prettier
  • [+291 -5] Seriously she looks weird and not beautiful here... get back to your old weight, Shin Hye-ya...
  • [+265 -7] She was prettier and chubbier. But now she looks normal and exhausted.

Monday, May 30, 2016

f(x) Luna Wants To 'Free Somebody' In Debut MV

f(x) Luna finally made her anticipated solo debut with the release of her album "Free Somebody" and music video.

Luna impresses with her powerful singing in this electronic pop dance song. The lyrics is very motivational which talks about letting yourself free by pursuing your dreams. Watch below:

Jun JiHyun-Lee MinHo Confirmed For 'My Love from the Star' Writer's New Drama

Talk about a dream cast!

Outstanding actors and Hallyu representatives Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho are going to star in an upcoming drama written by none other than Park Ji Eun, the writer behind the hit drama "My Love from the Star" and director Jin Hyuk, who was behind "City Hunter".

Today, the casting of the two actors has been officially confirmed for an SBS Wednesday-Thursday upcoming drama with a working title "Legend of the Blue Sea" which is expected to air in November. In fact, Chinese companies have already expressed their huge interest to the said drama even prior to its airing offering enormous amount for the licensing rights of the Jun Jihyun and Lee Minho's drama.

According to several news, the drama is a fantasy-romance and is inspired by the classic "The Little Mermaid". This is highly anticipated!

Gary & JiHyo Get Emotional After A Difficult Game, Viewers Touched

Gary and Jihyo is an extraordinary pair.

On the follow up episode of "Running Man" , Monday Couple Gary and Song Jihyo once again touch hearts of their avid viewers with their victory.

Continuing their 7 vs 300 special episode, Gary and Jihyo competed with hundreds of couples in a game of trust and endurance. Gary has to repeatedly lift Jihyo with his feet on her stomach. While other couples were getting eliminated one by one, the Monday Couple displayed passion and endurance. During the game, Gary anxiously asked Jihyo if her stomach is hurting and Jihyo responded that she is okay.

Gary and Jihyo held on for so long and succeeded in this seemed to be an endless game. After the game, Jihyo got emotional and teared up due to the difficulty and Gary hugged her.

AOA Revealed To Have Ended 'Good Luck' Promotions Yesterday

Fans are left dumbfounded after learning today that AOA's "Good Luck" promotions ended yesterday in Inkigayo.

It's only been two weeks since the release of AOA's comeback album "Good Luck" and FNC announces today, to fans' surprise that AOA had their goodbye stage yesterday at Inkigayo. To make up for the short promotion, FNC informs fans that AOA are preparing for a live show "Good Luck to ELVIS" in June.

The concert is happening on June 11 in Gyedang Hall, Seoul at 6PM. In regards to the sudden halting of promotions, speculation arises if it has somehting to do with the Music Bank's incident where AOA's trophy was taken away. FNC clarifies that AOA's live show has been decided even before the incident.

Meanwhile, AOA won two trophies with "Good Luck" from "The Show" and "Show Champion" despite the short promotions.

K-Netizens Comments About Taeyeon's Face From Debut to Present!


  • [+220 -84] The current picure looks scary...
  • [+158 -270] Previously she was young, she had a very different hairstyle and makeup. Before she got beauty care, she was chubbier, of course she looks different. The second picture is a selca, it's from a different angle. Her face changes a lot with different hairstyles and contact lenses.
  • [+138 -31] She lost a lot of weight
  • [+81 -6] Honestly, it's obvious she got her eyes and nose done, with multiple nose jobs.
  • [+73 -9] She was cute, but now she is fancily pretty
  • [+71 -13] She is still Taengoo
  • [+71 -28] Weight loss, beauty care, makeup, and bit of work done... Of course her face would change. You expect her to look the same as 2007? My pictures from 2 years ago look really different.
  • [+64 -22]It's 9 years already, thus no way her face would not change, she is 20 in the first picture, and 27 in the second picture. But no worries, she is still beautiful

Dal Shabet Confirms July Comeback With A Summer Song!

Dal Shabet will join the comeback lineup this summer.

Happy Face Entertainment announced on May 30th,"Dal Shabet is preparing for their comeback with a new digital single in early July".

The agency added,"They're currently recording for the song and the MV shooting has also been scheduled. It will be a refreshing and upbeat song that matches well with summer".

This will be Dal Shabet's comeback after 6 months since the release of 'Someone Like You' last January.

Lim Kim Officially Leaves Mystic Entertainment!

Lim Kim has officially bid goodbye to Mystic Entertainment following her contract expiration.

An official from Mystic Entertainment said on May 30th,"It's not an easy decision since we're been together for a long time. After a long talk, we decided to part ways with each other".

The agency added,"We will continue cheering for Lim Kim on her new path in the future".

Lim Kim debuted as part of duo Two Month together with Do Dae Yoon in 2011. He returned to the US in 2013 and has been studying there since then.

BTOB's Sungjae Leaves His MC Position On 'Inkigayo'!

BTOB's Sungjae has officially stepped down from SBS's 'Inkigayo'.

During his last broadcast on May 29th, he said,"I want to say Jackson and Kim Yoo Jung, who have been hosting the show with me. Thank you for creating many wonderful memories with me. I really learned a lot from 'Inkigayo'. I will become a Sungjae who will work even harder in the future".

Sungjae became 'Inkigayo' MC last September. There's still no updates on who will replace Sungjae and Kim Yoo Jung.

Seo In Young Releases Teaser Images For New Comeback Single!

Seo In Young will make her comeback with a new single this month.

On May 30th at midnight, Star Empire released two new additional teaser images of Seo In Young following the first one on the 27th, showing her posing on a runway.

The song is called 'Embraced By You'(working title) and is said to be a cool song for summer. This will mark Seo In Young's first release under Star Empire since her return to the agency earlier this year.

'Embraced By You' will be released on June 3rd.

April's Chaewon And 'Produce 101''s Chaekyung Releases Preview For single 'Clock'!

The two lovely girls from DSP Media has dropped the preview for their collaboration single 'Clock'.

The snippet showcases Chaewon and Chaekyung's beautiful harmonization together. Judging from the preview, 'Clock' will be a ballad based on bossanova rhythm.

Don't miss the release of 'Clock' at midnight on June 1st.

Teddy To Produce For YG New Girl Group; Reveal One Member Per Week! + K-netizens Comments

The debut of YG Entertainment's new girl group is right around the corner!

According to multiple officials on May 30th, Teddy will be the producer for the group and the members will be officially introduced one by one starting this week. The concept is said to be 'Crush Girl' which is unique and different from 2NE1.

Yang Hyun Suk stated,"They have been training for a long time and their skills have been confirmed. We have trained them like in the military. They have a different atmosphere to them which don't feel like the 'second 2NE1'. It's our first girl group in 7 years so we're a little bit burdened but we're also confident".

Stay tuned for more updates on YG's new girl group.

  • [+1,130 -29] They said they will release the members few years ago, but nothing came out, and now they said it again
  • [+910 -46] Never trust YG because you can always get a who's next teaser for a debut or comeback, but then end up with nothing. What happened to Big Bang's full album, Winner's EXIT, etc?
  • [+725 -77] Should provide more support to iKON and Winner
  • [+472 -31] Is this for real? I feel pity for the trainees in this group...
  • [+206 -19] What is the point of releasing one member each time... Seriously YG must be thinking to themselves that 'this will create public curiosity, right?'

VIXX's Ken Releases 'Over Sleep' MV For Yoon Jong Shin's Monthly Project!

Yoon Jong Shin and Ken's collaboration song has been released.

'Over Sleep' describes the feeling of a man who has just fallen in love, which is emphasized in the MV as it shows a man who is doing his morning routine, but he sometimes smiles at those things that reminds him at his special person.

Check out the MV below

Friday, May 27, 2016

Former Miss A Jia Finds New Agency, Labelmates With EXID & T-ara

It's a fresh start for Meng Jia.

After parting ways with JYP Entertainment, former Miss A's Jia is reported to sign with Banana Culture to continue her career under her real name Meng Jia.

Meng Jia's contract signing press conference will take place on June 8 in Shanghai. Meanwhile, Banana Culture is formerly Yedang Entertainment before it merges with Banana Project, a China-based agency. Banana Project also homes EXID and T-ara.

Meanwhile, JYP announced last week that Jia decided not to renew her contract with the agency making Miss A a 3-member group. All the best Meng Jia!