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Friday, September 19, 2014

U-kiss to hold 'SCANDAL EUROPEAN TOUR 2014' starting in Russia

U-KISS has announced their  'SCANDAL EUROPEAN TOUR 2014' through their Facebook page and the dates and countries they will visit are up.

The boys are meeting their KISSMes as they kick of their European tour at Izvestiya Hall in Moscow, Russia on September 22.

It will be followed by a concert at The Forum in London, England on September 24 and at La Cigale in Paris, France on September 28.

For more details you can visit and Are you ready?

ABC to remake Korea's hit drama 'Man From The Stars' for US viewers

It is confirmed that broadcast station ABC is going to air their remake of Korea's hit drama 'Man From The Stars' (which stars Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun) and the production is already in progress.

Quoted from The Hollywood Reporter,

"Based on the Korean format, My Love explores why a superhero has to save the world and asks why he can't save just one girl. ABC's take is described as epic supernatural love story about a world-famous actress, Lark, and her anti-social neighbor, James, who happens to be from another planet. Disillusioned by the pettiness of human nature, and a resident of Earth for the past several hundred years, James has a centuries-old rule that he will never use his abilities to intervene in the lives of the people around him. But when he gets a premonition that the infuriatingly self-centered but compelling Lark is going to be murdered, James finds himself drawn into her chaotic life and falling deeply in love — just as he finally has the chance to return to his home in the stars."

As for the script of the remake, The Vampire Diaries' Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain are going to work in hand with the original creator as executive producer, JiEun Park. The ABC remake will be produced by HB Entertainment and EnterMedia Contents in association with Sony Pictures Television.

With this adaptation, it only proves that the Korean dramas are being loved not only in Asia. Are you expectant of the US remake?

Source: The HollyWood Reporter

Secret's Ji Eun to make solo comeback next week

After concluding their group's promotions for 'I'm In Love', JiEun is now preparing for her solo comeback.

On 19th, TS Entertainment reveals that JiEun is going to have an unconventional concept for her solo comeback. In addition, her new song will talk about breaking the barriers of social norms when it comes to love such as homosexual relationship, love between races, prejudices, and more.

Meanwhile, Ji Eun is releasing her new song on September 24.

BTOB to hold their first ever concert 'Hello, Melody' in October

Aside from their upcoming mini album, BTOB announce today that they are holding their first ever solo concert 'Hello, Melody'.

The concert is also to mark their comeback with 5th mini album. In fact, the group's concert's promotional poster is released showing the members in suits.

The concert takes place on October 31 (8:00PM) and November 1 (7:00PM) at Olympic Hall, Olympic Park in Seoul. Meanwhile, their 5th mini album 'Move' will be released on September 29.
Thursday, September 18, 2014

Soyu to work with Urban Zakapa for the next 'Some'

Soyu is revealed to be working with the talented vocal group  Urban Zakapa for her next song following her hit collaborations with Mad Clown and JungGiGo.

This time, Starship Entertainment commented initially that Soyu is going to have a high class project with high-class musician and now they revealed them to be Kwon Soon Il and Park Yong In of Urban Zakapa.

The song is hinted by Soyu to be a 'Some 2' collaboration so anticipation is rising. Meanwhile, the MV will be released on 26th and is also reported that Ahn Jae Hyun and Nam Bo Ra are appearing.

SNSD Sunny and actress Bae Jong Ok are sharing room for 2nd season of 'Roommate'

Following Ryo Hei Otani and Park Joon Hyung, the new roommates are announced for the 2nd season of the program and they are SNSD's Sunny and veteran actress Bae Jong Ok.

Even though the two have different areas on entertainment and have a generation gap, the new roommates are expected to raise excitement how will they approach each other being together for 24 hours.

Meanwhile, aside from them, g.o.d's Park Joon Hyung, Japanese actor Ryo Hei Otani, KARA's Youngji, GOT7's Jackson,  and Lee Guk Joo are also the new members for 2nd season which first episode will be broadcast on 21st.

Let's look forward for new roommates!

Ailee releases sexier photos and more info upcoming comeback

YMC Entertainment releases new teaser images of Ailee and more details for their upcoming comeback.

In the teaser photos, Ailee sports a short hairstyle and dressed into a sexy black tights and cropped sleeveless top showing her curvy body. On the other photo, 'The Nutcracker' dolls can also be seen and the background seems like in a theater.

Moreover, according to her agency, for this comeback, Ailee is going for a British-pop/rock song tentatively titled 'Don't Touch' which carries a powerful concept and style.

Meanwhile, Ailee's 3rd mini album 'Magazine' will be released on September 25 and a comeback showcase is also taking place on the same day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

JYJ to perform 'Empty' at the opening ceremony of '2014 Incheon Asian Game'

JYJ finally confirmed their performance stage for the opening act of '2014 Incheon Asian Game' on September 19.

JYJ are performing their 2010 song 'Empty' from their 'The Beginning' debut album.A notice is posted on their official Facebook page,

"Hello,Finally the opening ceremony to 2014 Incheon Asian Game is close at hand.In the opening ceremony, JYJ will become known as symbolic Hallyu star through making performance of 'Only One' which is the theme song of The Asian Game. Also, for the first stage JYJ will perform English song 'Empty' after the lighting of the Asian Game Flame. We expect you fans to show your expectations and interest. Thank you!"

Aside from the event's ambassadors, JYJ, performances from PSY, EXO, CNBlue, Big Bang, actor Kim Soo Hyun, actress Lee Young Ae, and more are being anticipated. The opening ceremony takes place at Incheon Asiad Main Stadium on September 10 and the event will continue until October 4.

Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend drops lawsuit; assault case ended

On September 17, an official from Songpa Police informs that the charges filed by Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend against the singer for habitual assault has been dropped.

It is known that in the afternoon today, the ex-girlfriend went and requested for the case to be dropped and police are wrapping it up and will not go further with the charges resulting to a lawsuit conclusion.

Meanwhile, the woman's side has expressed the she wants a sincere apology and Kim Hyun Joong to admit his actions. Therefore, on September 15, Kim Hyun Joong released a public apology through his website.

Going back, the assault case against the singer was filed on August 28 and since then she has been turning over evidences to the police and on September 2, Kim Hyun Joong was summoned to the police to give his statement but denied the habitual violence and admit to only one resulting for the complainant to demand an apology and admittance.

Ryo Hei Otani and g.o.d's Park Joon Hyung are sharing room in 2nd season of 'Roommate'

SBS 'Roommate' reveals the first two who will be sharing room from their new members and they are none other than the Japanese actor Ryo Hei Otani and g.o.d's Park Joon Hyung.

In fact a friendly photo of the two is released showing they've bonded already. While being roommates, the two are expected to show cultural experiences as Ryo Hei is from Japan while Joon Hyung has lived in both America and Korea.

Meanwhile, aside from them, SNSD's Sunny, KARA's Youngji, GOT7's Jackson, Bae Jong Wook, and Lee Guk Joo are also the new members for 2nd season which first episode will be broadcast on 21st.

Let's look forward for new roommates!

'Tomorrow Cantabile' release first still cuts of Joo Woon and Shim Eun Kyung

The very first still cuts of Joo Woon and Shin Eun Kyung from their first shooting of 'Tomorrow Cantabile' are made public showing their chemistry.

The appearance of perfectionist and arrogant Joo Woon as Cha Yoo-Jin deals with the bubbly 4D character of Shim Eun Kyung as Seol Nae Il, a genius pianist but clumsy.

The still cuts show Nae Il following Yoo-Jin around displaying her lively expression while the latter's in poker face. It is said that the first filming took place on September 10 in Yeoju, Gyeonggido and both actors were very composed and showed their commitment to their characters.

Meanwhile, the remake of the hit drama airs on October 13 taking over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot occupied by "Discovery of Love".

Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, 4-minute Jihyun, Park Sun Ho, and more cast in a web drama 'Love Cell'

A dream team line up for the upcoming web-drama 'Love Cell' has been revealed. According to the production staff of the drama, Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Yoo Jung, Park Sun Ho, 4-minute's Nam JiHyun, and Baek Sung Hyun have confirmed their appearances making a dream team line up.

The drama is adapted from a fantasy romcom webtoon series which plot tells story of unemployed male protagonist and top celebrity female counterpart.

Below is the actors' character description:

Park Sun Ho as Ma Dae Chung -  an unemployed male protagonist who never had a girlfriend. 
4-minute Jihyun as Seo Rin - a top celebrity who attracts men with her good looks and smile. 
Jang Hyuk as Ma Dae Chung's neighbor - specialized in martial arts and has a quite personality. 
Kim Woo Bin as 'Dating King' - with his charismatic appearance who has gathered a lot of female fans, Kim Woo Bin's playful character is going to be anticipated. 
Kim Yoo Jung as Nevi - a cat who has special ability to control people's love cells. She'll be Ma Dae Chun's love mentor. 
Baek Sung Hyun as Chun Ji Woon - a versatile super-idol and Ma Dae Chung's rival in getting Seo Rin's love. 

With the line up major and supporting cast, Love Cell is going to depict a reality of dating experiences.  The web-drama is scheduled to premiere on October 13 through Naver TV Cast.

Source: 1

BTOB signal comeback with 5th mini album

Cube Entertainment signals BTOB's comeback with the release of the group's 5th mini album image.

It is known that the album is carrying the title 'Move' and date 150929 is written with 7 stars stars below that represent the members.  According to the agency ,the album is consists of five tracks.

There aren't further information released but let's anticipate teasers in the following days. Are you ready for BTOB's comeback on 29th?
Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Local promoters cancel Kim Hyun Joong's Beijing concert; Key East to take counteraction?

Local promoters of Kim Hyun Joong's 'World Tour in Beijing' notified today that they cancelled his concert which is supposed to take place on September 19 (Friday).

They put up a notice and apologized by providing details on how to refund purchased tickets through the ticketing website. While the reason of cancellation is not stated, fans have assumed that it has something to do with the singer's assault case.

However, in response to this, Key East also put up a notice on Kim Hyun Joong's official site  to inform and apologize stating that the cancellation is unilateral or not agreed by both parties and express their plan to take counteraction.

Source: 1

TaeTiSeo are funky and sexy at 2nd mini album 'Holler' comeback showcase

TaeTiSeo have their first live performance of 'Holler' in the afternoon today from their live comeback showcase hosted by SHINee's Minho, which takes place in Seoul Olympic Park Woori Finance Art Hall.

The trio showcases their first live and various colorful stages of their songs from their 2nd mini album 'Holler'. Highlighting their comeback performance of 'Holler', the girls reveal their groovy and funky choreography on the stage along with a big band brass and their impressive vocal lines.

Aside from their title song, they also perform live stages of 'Adrenaline', 'Whisper', 'Only You', in which Seohyun participated in penning the lyrics,'Stay' and 'Eyes'.

Meanwhile, TaeTiSeo are making their first music show comeback performance on September 18 at M!Countdown, followed by Music Core on 20 and Inkigayo on 21.

Check some of their performance photos below: (we will update with videos once available)

WINNER to appear on 'You Hee Yeol's Sketchbook' live stages are anticipated

WINNER are set to appear on the next broadcast of KBS 2TV 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook'.

WINNER are reported to have participated in the filming today for the talk show and live music program. Their are being anticipated for their emotional and live stages.

Although they are rookies, the group has already attracted attention because of their vocal skills and music style resulting to the success of their debut album.

WINNER's episode will be broadcast on September 19 at 12:35 a.m. (KST)
Monday, September 15, 2014

Nine members of SNSD renew contract with SM Entertainment; to focus more on solo activities

SONEs are going to see more of SNSD members in the future particularly through unit and individual activities.

According to the article posted by, all nine members of Girls Generation renew their contract for another three years. The members debuted in 2007 and have completed their 7-years contract in August.

The contract proposal for another three years have made and discussed with individual members. In regards to that, the nine members are continuing their career for another three years as SM artists with different conditions for each.

In fact, after Girls Generation finished their official activities in the first half, individual members are expected to be busy in their solo careers. Besides, by mid-September, some members have already doing unit and solo activities such as TaeTiSeo's comeback, Sunny's casting in 'Roommate' and her DJ role in FM4U. Moreover, Sooyoung and Yoona have their own schedules for drama and movie so as Yuri, Jessica and others.

Source: munhwa via naver
Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tyler Kwon clears up misunderstanding of rumored marriage with Jessica

Chinese media reported few days ago about Tyler Kwon and SNSD's Jessica being engaged with reference of their rings.

However, Tyler Kwon clears up the misunderstanding and posted a message on his weibo today, "Hmm, can someone please explain to me what part of "best man" was not clear? Also, how did my friend's rings become my rings?"

Along with his latest post is the link to his earlier photo of the 'ring in question' which turned out to be owned by his friend.

Source: Tyler Kwon's Weibo

f(x) Victoria deletes all instagram posts because of attackers

f(x) Victoria decided to delete all her instagram posts because of malicious nationalist comments and attackers flooding her comment section.

In the past few days, f(x) and Victoria's fans have been seeing comments attacking her and accusing her of being unpatriotic, being posted under her photos. People are questioning her for writing in Korean instead of Chinese and calling her traitor. Fans have speculated that the amount of hateful comments made Victoria delete her posts.

She must be hurt to the point of taking down one of her ways to interact with global fans. Hopefully, such things would never occur in the future.

ZE:A's Taehun debuts as MMA fighter; overwhelming support over loss

ZE:A's Taehun is finally achieving his dream by debuting as an MMA fighter on September 12, making him the first active idol to do so.

Taehun made his debut fight at the “Revolution 2 – Start of a Revolution” which took place in Seoul Olympic Park’s Handball Arena. However, Taehun lost to a strong Japanese fighter Tanaka.

Since the start of the round, Tanaka was in full offense but Taehun has shown calm defense. During the 1st round, Tanaka gave Taehun a knee kick resulted for the game to stop temporarily. The game ended in 3 minutes after Taeheon received a guillotine choke from Tanaka, resulting to the latter's victory.

Meanwhile, messages of support and praises have been posted to cheer Taeheon up such as, "You tried your best by going up with a strong fighter. So proud of you.","Win or lose you've fought well. Cognratulations on your MMA debut!","I am so impressed how passionate you are.","Oppa I don't want to see you getting hit like that, but I'm still proud of you," and so on.

Congratulations for your MMA debut Taeheon!
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