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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Seventeen Burst Into Tears On Their #Seventeen1stWin

Super rookie and self-producing idols Seventeen nabs their first ever music show win today with "Pretty U" at Show Champion.

Not even on their first year since debut, the boys have already impress with their impressive album sales and music. Members burst into tears upon the announcement especially the team's leader S.coups, Woozi and Hoshi.

Meanwhile, included in the no.1 nominees are Twice, Block B, VIXX and Eunji. Congratulations! More wins to come!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

AKMU Return With Double MVs #HappySuhyunDay

Such a very special day indeed for AKMU fans as the duo drops not one but two music videos "HOW PEOPLE MOVE" and "Re-Bye" on Suhyun's birthday!

Fans will definitely enjoy the different mood of the two MVs with a jazz vibe and AKMU's distinct vocals! Watch and enjoy!

AOA Are Sizzling Hot In Comeback Teaser Images

Following Seolhyun, Mina, and Yuna's teaser images for "Good Luck" yesterday, here are ChoA, JiMin, ChanMi and HyeJeong who are looking equally sexy.

The girls are making the beach hotter than ever with their sexy appearance and alluring expressions. AOA are making their comeback on May 16.

Netizens Are Amazed By Seohyun's Elegant Posture

Today is just one of the common days but SNSD's Seohyun is looking as elegant as ever regardless of what she wears.

Seohyun attends the VIP premiere of movie "Detective Hong Gil-dong" today and greets the media gracefully carrying her elegant posture. She looks so neat in a white ribbed one piece and red clutch strap bag. Seohyun appears very simple with her get up but his elegant posture and body line are both attractive.

Netizens comment, "She looks so elegant!","She can wear anything and still look good!"."Her body proportion is amazing!"

Do you agree?

Who Wore It Better? Chanyeol vs RapMonster vs Jackson

Three of today's trending idol group members EXO's Chanyeol, BTS' Rap Monster and GOT7 Jackson are wearing a similar Gucci piece from its 2016 S/S collection.

The light blue studded jacket with fine embroidered flowers and insects worn by the three idols give each distinctive auras as they match it up with various inner clothing.

But who do you think shine the brightest in this pretty menswear?

Girl's Day Sojin Is Fit And Sexy In Yoga Outfit

Girl's Day Sojin appears today at 'New Balace' flagship store opening wearing yoga outfit.
Sojin is looking fit and sexy as she poses for the camera. Aside from Sojin, actress Kang Yewon is also present at the said event.

Check some photos below:

Monday, May 2, 2016

AOA Drops Sexy Beach Photos For Comeback

AOA ignites the excitement for their comeback with the release of sexy teaser photos for 4th mini album "Good Luck".

Sexy beach photos of Seolhyun, Mina and Yuna are released first and they are looking sexy in red top and white shorts. The photos are tagged as "WEEK VER" so let's anticipate other version of these concept photos.

Meanwhile, AOA are making their comeback on May 16.

Seventeen Jeonghan Named 'Once In A Millennium Idol' By Netizens

"Looks like an angel descends from heaven" is a common phrase among Seventeen fans whenever they see Jeonghan.

Seventeen Jeonghan, who attracts with his long hair since debut, makes a comeback with a bob-cut hairstyle. However, the shorter hairstyle doesn't seem to affect the enchanting visual he has.

A photo of Jeonghan from their recent comeback stage where he is wearing all white receives an overwhelming response from both fans and netizens who are bewitched by his angel-like charms thus giving him the nickname 천년돌 or "Once In A Millennium Idol" which is the title given to Japanese idol Kanna Hashimoto. who grips the heart of many Koreans with her angelic visual and youthful energy.

Since Kanna has the "Once In A Millenium Idol" title, some even suggest that Jeonghan can go with the title 만년돌 instead or "Once In 10,000 Years Idol" referring to the amount of album sales "Love & Letter" accumulated in a week which is 80,000. Netizens are sure creative!

See photos below and tell us if Jeonghan suits the title.

Who Wore It Better? Song Joongki vs Rain vs Baekhyun

Three of the finest celebrities in Korean entertainment industry are spotted wearing similar Louis Vuitton piece from its 2016 S/S collection, a vivid satin blue menswear with printed exotic birds and flowers.

Both Song JoongKi and Baekhyun matched the bomber jacket with blue pants while Rain keeps the original pair.Who do you think looks the best in this outfit?

G-Dragon Is Infected By Twice Sana's 'Sha Sha Sha'?

Big Bang's G-Dragon attracts Twice fans on his recent instagram post as he includes "sha sha sha", a trending phrase of Twice Sana from their song "Cheer Up".

He uploaded a photo of his shoes with caption, "Because I'm wearing new shoes sha sha sha". With the 'sha sha sha' reference, Twice fans flock to G-Dragon's comment section and comment that they are honored that a sunbaenim like him knows about Sana's trending phrase.

Meanwhile, Sana mentions that she is glad that the phrase is getting attention and reveals that 'sha sha sha' is supposed to be 'shy shy shy' but she can't pronounce it properly.

IMFACT Prepares Seoul For Their Next 'School Attack'

IMFACT has been attacking schools and surprising students for their "School Attack" event.

The boys reveal today that their next target is Seoul so students be prepared they might come to your school! For this special event, Imfact are meeting students and spend time with them. The boys are also excited to meet and are curious what kind of students they are interacting with this time.

Do you want the boys to attack your school as well? Meanwhile, IMFACT are going to one of schools in Seoul on May 3.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Seventeen Breaks The Record Of The Most Sold Albums In First Week

Seventeen are proving the name of super rookie idols by selling huge number of albums in first week for 2016.

Not even in their first year since debut, Seventeen now holds the record of the most albums sold in first week which previously held by Taemin. Since the group's release of their first full album "Love & Letter" on April 25, the two versions combined has now reached a total of almost 80,000 sales and steadily tops Hanteo daily chart.

The impressive album sales of Seventeen is now comparable to the record of that Super Junior, EXO, BTS, TVXQ, and Big Bang proving that Seventeen can be next big thing among boy groups in the industry. Congratulations Seventeen!

Friday, April 29, 2016

CL Looks Daring In Recent Photo

CL is looking sexy in her latest instagram post.

In the photo, CL is wearing a skimpy fringed outfit which displays her glamorous body. In contrary to her alluring figure, she makes a rather innocent look at the camera. With the contrasting atmosphere, CL oozes with much sex appeal.

Do you agree?

Netizens Find The Perfect Idol Pair Syncs For 'Kimi Ni Todoke'?

K-pop fans really love pairing up idols who they think will make a good pair and this time, netizens have picked up two rookie idols that they think a perfect pair for famous romance anime "Kimi Ni Todoke".

They are none other than Seventeen's DK and GFriend's Yuju.

In a post on instiz, the netizen explains that DK's and Yuju's real-life interaction and personalities are quite similar to the protagonists of the said anime especially that they are classmates.

Moreover, DK is an outgoing guy who always smiles and friendly while Yuju is modest and her appearance resembles the female character. There's also an instance during their graduation day where Yuju greets DK formally leaving the Seventeen member giggling yet flustered because they are actually same-age classmates, creating an awkward atmosphere.

Netizens react, "DK seems so friendly while Yuju is quiet shy!","Oh why are they fluttering my heart?","Why I don't have DK in my class?","Yuju must be shy!" and so on.

Fans Can't Take The Cuteness Of This 21 Years Old Male Idol

Seventeen's Woozi is making fans want to pinch him with his cuteness in recent stage performances.

The 21 years old idol and producer of Seventeen has been wearing short pants on their comeback stages for "Pretty U" and fans are liking it. Forget his height but Woozi looks so adorable in his outfits. In particular, at 'Pretty U' stage from M!Countdown yesterday, fans notice that Woozi was wearing a rather loose short pants that even his safety shorts are showing.

Netizens are mischievously commenting, "It's safe Woozi-yah, don't worry","Why is he so squishy?","I just want to protect this tiny kid". "Thank you stylist-nim for giving him this look"

The K-Pop Kraze is coming to City Square Mall!

Event Name: GOT7 Open Press Conference and Meet & Greet
Date: 23 June 2016 (Thursday)
Time: 7pm
Venue: City Square Mall, Basement 1 Fountain Square
Information: or

Event Details: Calling all IGOT7s - the wait is finally over! GOT7 is coming to Singapore for their first ever concert this June! Catch them at City Square Mall where they will be having their press conference and meet & greet for fans.

From 6 to 26 May, spend a min. of $200* to redeem a pair of Cat 2 tickets (1st 8 redemptions only) to GOT7’s Fly In Singapore concert on 24 June 2016!

Event Name: B.A.P Live On Earth 2016 World Tour Singapore Awake!! Press Conference
Date: 26 June (Sunday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: City Square Mall, Basement 1 Fountain Square
Information: or

Event Details: Singapore BABYz! B.A.P is returning to City Square Mall for their press conference in June.

From 6 to 26 May, don’t miss the chance to bring B.A.P home! Spend a min. of $150* to redeem an autographed Carnival CD album and exclusive B.A.P concert poster (1st 50 redemptions only) OR a min. of $50* to redeem an exclusive B.A.P concert poster (1st 150 redemptions only).

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Super Junior Heechul Becomes The 12th I.O.I Member?

Super Junior Heechul and his antics again!

Heechul shares a group photo of soon-to-debut I.O.I from the set of JTBC's "Ask Us Anything". However, fans are taken aback spotting an unfamiliar 12th member who is wearing the same uniform as the girls.

It turns out that the person is Heechul himself wearing a wig and blending well with the girls. Meanwhile, I.O.I are the guest on May 7 episode of "Ask Us Anything".

TWICE Sends Heartwarming Message To I.O.I's Somi

Fans of Sixteen have their hearts warmed when Twice sends a message to their former trainee Somi, now the center of soon-to-debut I.O.I. at M!Countdown.

Twice makes their comeback stage today with "Cheer Up" and during an interview,  they tell her "Somi-yah you've suffered a lot! Cheer up!". Fans of Twice and Somi are very glad to see that the former group mates are still having good relationship even though Somi is now debuting in I.O.I.

Let's anticipate more interaction between Twice and Somi when I.O.I makes their comeback stage at M!Countdown next week, May 5!

Seventeen Hoshi Makes 'Pretty U' Choreography From Waffle Shop

Self-producing idol group Seventeen proves that creativity comes from the least expected circumstances.

Performance leader Hoshi, who makes the choreography for the group, shares a very interesting story about their newest song "Pretty U" choreography. On the group's guesting at Cultwo Show, Hoshi shares,

"Because I can't think of a choreography, I visited a 24-hour waffle shop and sat on a sofa. Suddenly the idea of using a sofa struck me that's why we use sofa on our stage performances."

Meanwhile, fans are loving 'Pretty U' choreography as the boys showcase a musical-like stage using sofa as the main prop. Creativity at its finest!

Convenience Store Employee Leaks Kai And Krystal's Receipt Of Condoms

A particular post in Pann is getting massive reaction from the netizens with the title "Kai and Krystal Convenience Store Receipt Unveiled"

The post has images of claimed to be Kai and Krystal's receipts. However, netizens strongly react to see condoms on the list of stuff they bought.

The employee who leaks the photos is claiming that although Kai has been coming to the store since May, it's the first time for Krystal to do so.

Netizens who read the post give mixed responses. Some are saying that the employee is going to far for revealing the receipt that could embarrass the idols while others are disappointed. Most of them are doubtful if the receipt is true or not.