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Sunday, October 16, 2016

2PM Taecyeon Interesting Comment to News Of Beast Establishing Own Agency

2PM Taecyeon reacts to news of Beast establishing their own company after being reported that the members didn't renew their contracts with Cube Entertainment.

On his Twitter account, Taecyeon tweets the link of the news article and adds "That's cool~". As simple as it is, fans immediately relay their own desire for 2PM following BEAST's decision. Fans reply Taecyeon with "How about 2pm?","Let's set up oppas agency too!", "Taecyeon approves!","I look forward to 2PM's agency in 2018" and more.

Meanwhile, BEAST is reported earlier that they didn't renew with Cube and plan to establish their own agency but Cube later on clarifies that there's nothing confirmed yet as they are currently in the middle of negotiation.

[Breaking] BEAST To Establish Their Own Agency, Didn't Renew With Cube

In the past few days, fans are restless whether BEAST are renewing with Cube Entertainment as their 7-year contract ended.

Today, according to various officials, BEAST has finally decided to part ways with Cube and not renew their contract. In addition to that, Beast is also reported to establish their own agency, and members are going to continue seeking individual activities on their own.

Although BEAST is thankful to Cube Entertainment and have learned and gained experiences since their debut, the members have decided to embark on a new challenge by exploring their careers on their own without a contract.

Marking their 7th year anniversary, members have hinted the new beginning of BEAST on their SNS posts and all comes to light with their final decision. Netizens and fans react immediately to the news with comments,

"Finally left Cube. I respect your decision. I'll follow you"
"the 2nd Shinhwa"
"really.. you did well.. i feel like crying"
"this is an accurate news right?"
"thank you.. whatever your decision is I'll follow you thank you" and more.

Is this for the better? What do you think?


'Train To Busan 2' Responds to Song JoongKi & Lee Min Ho Casting News

There's a report going around among foreign press that actors Song Joongki and Lee Min Ho are the new cast in the most anticipated sequel of hit Korean zombie film "Train to Busan".

In addition to that, a particular site Gamenguide writes the plot and description of Song Joong Ki's character for 'Train To Busan 2'. In response to this, agency NEW comes forward to clear up speculations.

According to NEW, "It's unfounded rumor" and "There isn't anything coming in and out yet on what kind of story "Train To Busan 2" is about".

"We have no idea why this kind of report is coming out."

2NE1 Park Bom Greets Fans With New Instagram Account 'I'll start again"

2NE1's Park Bom greets her fans and new followers on her newly created instagram account today with bio that says "I'm Bom ~~*^___^*I'll start again💞~~"

On her first post, she writes,

"I've started instagram again~~❤I miss you our fansㅠㅠㅠㅠ I was wondering which photo I should post and this one while buying moonshot jellypot is nice... went to see if there are better ones among the photos I took then kyang i post this~~☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ #2ne1 #moonshot #jellypot #2ne1bom #bompark"

It's been a long while since Park Bom updated on SNS and it's nice to see her greeting fans with a brand new instagram account! Don't forget to follow her @newharoobompark

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Netizens React to Infinite Sunggyu's Fantaken Raw Pictures

A compilation of Infinite Sunggyu's fantaken and unedited photos are posted on an online community site and not only fans but netizens are full of praise to his visuals.

The post is titled "Real life image of an idol through a phone's camera". Comments under the posts are "Why isn't he my man?","His nose is so amazing!","So handsome!","He seems like a living art","He has crazy visual in person!" and so on. Bet you want to see Sunggyu in real life too?

See photos below:

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

EXO Lay Fainted At The Airport, SM Updates On His Condition

EXO Lay lost consciousness before boarding the plane today at Incheon airport and was immediately brought to the hospital.

EXO members are supposed to depart for Japan today for their concert scheduled on October 12 and 13. However, even before boarding the plane, Lay fainted and brought immediately to the hospital. A photo of unconcsious Lay in a stretcher confirmed the unfortunate situation.

In regards to this, SM Entertainment releases an official statement updating fans about Lay's current situation. The agency says, "Lay fainted due to lack of sleep. The doctor said that he'll be alright after getting enough rest. Lay is going back to the dorm to rest." In relation to their concert schedule, SM assures that they will make final decision after checking on Lay's condition as the EXO member expresses desire to join the concert.

Get well soon and rest a lot Lay!

Monday, October 10, 2016

'Love in the Moonlight' Cast To Spend Their Reward Trip in the Philippines

The cast of KBS2 drama "Love in the Moonlight" are spending their reward trip in Cebu, Philippines.

According to officials, the cast are departing for Philippines on October 21 and staying in Cebu for their holiday until October 25. "Love in the Moonlight" has received good ratings and the last episode airs on October 18.

Meanwhile, cast that are expected to join their reward trip are main cast Park Bo-Gum and Kim Yoojung as well as Jin Young, Chae SooBin, Kwak Dongyeon, Kim SeungSu,Jeon MiSu,Heo JungEun,Jung YooMin,Cheon HoJin and more.

Monsta X Exposes MBC For Using Their Choreography Without Consent At 'DMC Festival'

Monsta X made a surprising revelation about an event at DMC Festival that took place on October 8.

On their latest V-live, member Wonho spilled the bean about their self-choreographed dance break for "Sorry Sorry" special stage that was later performed by BTS, Twice, GFriend and Super Junior Leeteuk.

Wonwoo shared that they made a choreography for 'Sorry Sorry' dance break part and even performed it at 'MBC Korean Music Wave" in July but unfortunately was edited out for broadcast. He also pointed out that the same choreography was used by BTS, Twice and GFriend on their special 'Sorry Sorry" stage with Super Junior Leeteuk at "DMC Festival". Apparently, while Wonho praised their sunbaes for their cool performance he also expressed that the usage of their own choreography was not consented.

When they asked MBC regarding the matter, the staff replied that it was cool and decided to use it for DMC. Wonho made sure to their fans that it was a choreography they made. After the revelation, not only fans but netizens have sided with Monsta X and agree that the boys deserve an explanation and apology from MBC.

Watch their V-live below as well as their fantaken video dancing to their self-choreographed dance and the DMC performance by BTS, Twice and GFriend.

DIA Chaeyeon Shines In Recent Pictorial, Loses 16kg In 3 Months

DIA Chaeyeon exudes pure and elegant beauty in her solo pictorial for "International BNT". She wears white pieces of clothing which gives off an innocent and pure image and black outfits which lets her elegant and sophisticated image glow.

Moreover, on her interview, Chaeyeon also shares her diet results, "I've lost 16kg in only 3 months." She adds, "Last year I was 64kg but I lost 16kg and becomes 48kg. I either starved or ate only soft tofu and soy milk. If that's not enough, I also ate cherry tomato. I also lost weight because of dance practice."

When asked about the result of her diet, My health and blood pressure weren't good. Because I have to do activities, now I just eat anything." On staying fit, Chaeyeon says "People don't collapse easily. I don't take vitamins or supplements. Usually, if I can eat, I eat well."

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Eunji & Seo In Guk Perform 'All For You' After 4 Years at #tvN10Awards

"Reply 1997" Seo In Guk and Eunji perform their hit OST "All For You" tonight after four years since their last duet performance in 2012.

"Reply 1997" receives a Bonsang Award and the pair goes on stage to deliver their most anticipated duet performance. Watch below:

'Reply 1988' Ryu Junyeol & Hyeri Win 'Trend Actors' at 'tvn10 Awards'

'Reply 1988' main cast actor Ryu Jun Yeol and Girl's Day Hyeri both receive "Trend Actors" award at tonight's 'tvn10 Awards'.

When their names are announced, the two give each other a warm hug and hold hands before getting on stage to receive their award and deliver their thank you speech. Ryu Jun Yeol says, "I was nervous earlier when I came here but now I'm more nervous. I hope to meet you again in the future through a happier, warmer and lovely image like in the drama."

Hyeri also expresses her grateful heart, "It's been a while since I've met with my 'Reply 1988' family and I even receive an award so I'm happy and thank you. 'Reply 1988' is really meaningful to me. Thank you to Director Shin Won Ho who made Deoksun prettily, Sung Dong Il Dad, Il Hwa Mom thank you. I'll be a har working actress in the future. I'm happy to receive this award with Junyeol oppa. Mom, Dad, my sibling thank you."


Eunji & Seo In Guk Receive 'Best Kiss' Award At 'tvN10 Awards'

APink's Eunji and singer/actor Seo InGuk receive "Best Kiss" award at  'tvN10 Awards' tonight.

The beloved "Reply 1997" couple reignites their chemistry as they reunite at the awarding ceremony. Eunji and Seo In Guk melted viewers with their intimate and romantic kissing scenes in their hit starring 2012 drama "Reply 1997".

On her thank you speech, Eunji says, "I feel proud for the Best Kiss award. I'm honored. I'll work harder next time."

On the other hand, Seo In Guk expresses, "I didn't even dream of receiving an award for kissing scene. Thank you for giving this award for a gentle kissing scene.


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Super Junior Leeteuk Leads BTS, Twice & GFriend in 'Sorry Sorry' Performance

Leeteuk leads his hoobaes from BTS, Twice and GFriend in dancing Super Junior's hit song "Sorry Sorry" for a special performance at "DMC Festival".

Watch below:

TWICE Dances To SNSD's 'Gee' On DMC Festival

TWICE performs their senior SNSD's hit song "Gee" at tonight's DMC Festival. The girls wear shirts and the "Gee" trademark hot pants. Watch below:

161008 TWICE - Gee @ DMC Festival 2016 by Kabuki---2

Friday, October 7, 2016

Kahi Shares First Photo Of Baby Boy Noah + Husband's Touching Message

Former After School member Kahi gave birth to their first baby boy on October 3 and today, a photo of adorable Noah is revealed.

The photo is shared by her husband, Yang  Junmo on his instagram account along with his beautiful and touching message for Kahi,

"My beloved wife who never complained even once during the period of pregnancy and for taking care of me and more for this beautiful baby boy. You've suffered a lot~#thankyou #noah #day4 #welcometomyworld #bestwifeever #thankyougod #familyfirst #joonjr"

Say "hi" to baby Noah!

APink's Eunji Busy Carrying Fangifts, So Heartwarming

APink Eunji once again warms hearts with the sight of her carrying fan gifts on her way to KBS Hall for 'Music Bank' today.

Wearing her usual comfy clothes, an oversize sweater, red cap, and jeans, Eunji's hands are occupied with gift fans thoughtfully gave her. When the photos uploaded on portals, netizens have nothing but praises for her.

"She sings well, she's pretty and her heart is also beautiful! Eunji is the best.","She can ask help from her manager on carrying those paper bags but she's so thoughtful.","She doesn't have an anti for a reason. She is so likable.","The fans who gave her their gifts must be overwhelmed now."

TWICE Confirms Comeback on 24th, MV Filming Completed

An official from JYP Entertainment confirms the date of Twice's comeback to News1Star that the girls on October 24.

On 7th, the official states, "It's confirmed that Twice's comeback date is on 24th."

Previously, it was reported that Twice is making a comeback with another Black Eyed Pilseung's song and that their goal is to come back at the end of this month.

Moreover, JYP also informs through xportsnews that Twice has completed filming their music video, "the comeback preparation is going smoothly, please anticipate."

GOT7 Releases Details For Their 'CANADA FANMEETING 2016'

The boys of GOT7 are meeting their fans in Canada as they hold two separate fanmeets in Vancouver and Toronto.

The details for GOT7's 'CANADA FANMEETING 2016' are released through their Twitter account. GOT7 is coming first to Vancouver on November 11 at Queen Elizabeth Theater and another fanmeet takes place in Toronto on November 13 at The Massey Hall.

For more details regarding ticketing please visit Be sure to be there to see their brand new performances from their latest album and interact with the boys!

I.O.I Finalizes Comeback Schedules, MNet Live Broadcast on 16th, Album Release on 17th

I.O.I has finalized their comeback schedules.

Previously, it's reported that I.O.I is having live comeback broadcast through MNET but the date wasn't decided yet. Today, various broadcast officials confirm that I.O.I as a whole group is presenting their new songs with live performance on October 16 and their new album will be released on October 17 at midnight through various music sites.

For this full group and last comeback before their disbandment, JYP takes charge of the overall comeback presentation, from the girls' album title track, MV concept, choreography, costumes and more raising fans' and netizens' anticipation.

Moreover, I.O.I has also finished recording the song from B1A4's Jinyoung.  Meanwhile, both the trainees and members of "Produce 101" and I.O.I have received love and support from public, and just like where they started, I.O.I is expected to end their last group promotion in MNET.

Miss A Suzy To Hold Her First Ever Solo Fanmeeting

JYP Entertainment announces today that Miss A Suzy is holding her first ever solo fanmeeting in South Korea.

Despite her numerous CF deals and fan events, this is the first time Suzy is holding an official fanmeeting in her country.  A pink poster notice is released through Miss A's Twitter account with the details of her fan meeting.

Suzy's Fan Meeting "Suzy's Attic" (literal translation) is happening on October 16 at 6PM KST. It will take place in MBC Golden Mouse Hall.

Suzy's fans are very glad to have an intimate interaction and create unforgettable moments with Suzy at her fan meeting.

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