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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

D-2 ONE K CONCERT in MANILA - Don't Miss SHINee, CNBlue, BTOB, AOA and More

The hottest and trendiest K-pop groups are gracing the '2017 One K Global Peace Concert in Manila" which is happening on March 2, Thursday at 7PM in SM Mall of Asia Arena.

The promising line up includes SHINee, CNBlue, B1A4, B.A.P, BTOB, AOA and PSY who are highlighted to showcase special performances. The concert is organized as a part of One K Global Campaign for Korea Reunification and global peace.

Concert goers will not only enjoy their favorite groups and amazing stages but will also be a part of the meaningful cause.

You can still get your tickets at SM Ticket outlets and website. You can also enjoy some perks if you are a SVIP ticket holder. For more details check All Access Productions Facebook page. Don't miss one of the biggest, brightest and meaningful kpop events this year.

To more about the One K Global Campaign visit there website here.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

D-7 ONE K CONCERT in MANILA To Present Hottest Kpop Acts on March 2

The hottest and trendiest K-pop groups are gracing the '2017 One K Global Peace Concert in Manila" which is happening on March 2, Thursday at 7PM in SM Mall of Asia Arena.

The promising line up includes SHINee, CNBlue, B1A4, B.A.P, BTOB, AOA and PSY who are highlighted to showcase special performances. The concert is organized as a part of One K Global Campaign for Korea Reunification and global peace.

Concert goers will not only enjoy their favorite groups and amazing stages but will also be a part of the meaningful cause.

You can still get your tickets at SM Ticket outlets and website. You can also enjoy some perks if you are a SVIP ticket holder. For more details check All Access Productions Facebook page. Don't miss one of the biggest, brightest and meaningful kpop events this year.

To more about the One K Global Campaign visit there website here.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Best-Selling Korean Group EXO is returning to KL next March to stage their 3rd Tour

December 5, Kuala Lumpur – Due to high demand, the hottest South Korea boy group EXO officially kicked off their brand new tour “EXO PLANET #3 The EXO’rDIUM” with 6 dates in Seoul last July, setting a new record as the first K-pop group in history to have the longest solo concert ever run, at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena, with over 84,000 spectators.

This new tour marked EXO’s third solo concert tour since their debut in 2012, and the concert title, inspired by the Latin word “exordium” which means “beginning,” suggests that fans can expect to see a more mature and improved side of EXO. Touring cities also include Bangkok, Taipei, Hong Kong and more with tickets fully grabbed up in minutes, which has again proven its immense popularity! To be organized by Star Planet, supported by Malaysia Major Events, EXO is set to return to Kuala Lumpur with their solo concert for the second time, striving to thrill fans with a 1-night concert at Stadium Merdeka Kuala Lumpur on March 18th , 2017. The group hit it big at their last KL concert, successfully amazed a crowd of over 15,000 people. The upcoming gig, said to be one of the biggest concerts of the year with an extraordinary production, is anticipated to attract an even greater turnout.

EXO debuted in 2012 and had rose to fame with the release of their million seller album XOXO in 2013. The group has received a large number of awards to their winning streak, nominated as #1 Best K-Pop Song by American Billboard in 2013, the biggest influence in Korea by Forbes Korea Power Celebrity in 2014 and 2015 for two consecutive years, among others. Their 2 nd studio album EXODUS made EXO the highest-charting Korean male act on the Billboard 200 in 2015. EXO becomes ‘triple million-seller’ when their second studio album on 2015 and third studio album on 2016 both recorded platinum by selling more than 1 million copies, along with winning #1 awards 4 years in a row on multiple year-ending award ceremonies. The group rewrote history and created a big wave in the music scene.

Ticket prices and other concert details will be released soon. Please stay tuned to for latest updates!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

CL and Dara Share Their Thoughts After 2NE1 Disbandment Through Letters For Blackjacks

CL and Dara express their thoughts and feelings after the last Friday's announcement of their group's disbandment.

CL prepared a photo letter written in English. Read below:

Meanwhile, although Dara has already written a letter using 2NE1's song titles, she writes another handwritten letter addressed to their fans Black Jacks where she captions,

"The announcement last friday was very painful to ALL of us. But the past 7 years has been filled with good and wonderful memories I will treasure forever. We - CL, Bom, Minzy, and I - will always be 2NE1. And you will always be our loyal, supportive, and loving BLACKJACKS!!! That will never, ever change. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Dara of 2NE1"

Dara shares that she feels apologetic to fans for hurting them and not able to present a new music even for the last time. She is also thankful for the good memories they've made for 7 years with members and fans which she will treasure. Stay strong!


Korean heartthrob Park Bo Gum is set to make his debut appearance in Malaysia! 2016-2017 PARK BOGUM ASIA TOUR IN KUALA LUMPUR, the first stop of the tour, will be taking place on 10 December, 7:30p.m. at KLCC Plenary Hall.

Half of the tickets are sold out on the day of the online ticket launch. The server was crashed half an hour before the sales begin as fans throng to the site to get their tickets early.

To engage fans’ participation, the organisers recently announced “Fan Project Involvement”, which is open to all ticket holders. Segregated into 3 parts, fans get to submit their questions, request what they wish to see Park Bo Gum do onstage and vote for best scene in the series Love in the Moonlight and Reply 1988. Park Bo Gum will answer your questions and requests.One of the many requests fans wish to see is Park Bo Gum’s BOOMBASTIC dance and him playing the piano etc.  But for sure, he will sing “My Dearest” on the event day.

Aside from showcasing his talents in acting and singing that evening, Park Bo Gum is also known of his warmness to fans. He prepare a lot of surprise segment to interact with his fans closely.  You will be surprised to find out what he has planned for his beloved Malaysian fans. He has already shown his affection by mentioning Malaysian fans being great in the promotional video, why don’t we get ready to be showered by his love? And get up close and personal with him as he greets each of you in person.

VIP ticket holders get the chance to take part in a lucky draw for a group photo session with Park Bo Gum (20 pax in a group, total of 15 groups). Autographed posters will also be given out to 50 lucky draw winners.

Exclusively at the Kuala Lumpur show, a GOODBYE SESSION will be held after the show where Park Bo Gum will greet his fans goodbye in close distance at the exit of the venue. All ticket holders are able to redeem a poster at the session.

Online ticketing details:
1. TicketCharge website
Tickets to 2016-2017 PARK BOGUM ASIA TOUR IN KUALA LUMPUR are priced at RM690 (VIP), RM590 (CAT1), RM490 (CAT2) and RM390 (CAT3). Prices include 6% GST but exclude processing fee of RM4. Tickets are available via TicketCharge online at or call +603-92228811.

2. CJ WOW SHOP website

An exclusive ticket zone, priced at RM690 (VIP L2), is available only via CJ WOW SHOP at, other ticket zones are not purchasable here.The price includes 6% GST but excludes processing fee of RM4, theprocessing fee must be paid upon collection on the event day at CJ WOW SHOP ticket redemption counter. Goodie bag will be given out to ticket buyers of this category.

Friday, November 25, 2016

[Breaking] Nam Taehyun Officially Withdraws From Winner

After announcing 2NE1's disbandment, YG has another unfortunate news to relay.

YG announces Nam Taehyun's official departure from Winner. Apparently, Nam Taehyun had suspended all his activities due to psychological health problems in October but it seems like it led to his withdrawal from the group.As for the reason, YG explains,

"We can't predict when (Nam Taehyun) can recover and return to the group and it's not possible for him to continue with Winner activities." Nam Taehyun's contract is also reported to have been terminated in November 18 after thorough consultation between both parties.

"In consideration  for the group's future activities and to not burden Nam Taehyun for hindering the group, it has come to this decision."

In regards to this, Winner is continuing as 4-member group for future activities.

[Breaking] 2NE1 Officially Disbands After 7 Years

2NE1 agency, YG Entertainment relays the unfortunate news today that 2NE1 (CL, Dara and Bom) officially disbands.

This follows after the withdrawal of Minzy in April this year to pursue a solo career and the members contract expiration in May. YG says, "Although it's a pity and regretful it's impossible to continue their activities." In regards to this, CL and Dara signed solo contracts with YG to pursue their solo careers while Park Bom decided not to renew. Finally YG expresses, "Thank you to local and international fans for loving 2NE1's music."

Although YG assured Blackjacks after Minzy's departure that 2NE1 will continue as a trio and supposed to make a comeback, nothing happened and eventually led to the group's disbandment.

So unfortunate. Stay strong 2NE1 fans.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

[Breaking] H.O.T Moon Hee Jun Announces Marriage With Crayon Pop Soyul

We seem to be having first idol couple to marry soon!

Former H.O.T Moon Hee Jun (38) announces through his fancafe that he is getting married. According to OSEN, he is marrying Crayon Pop's Soyul (26). The news has been confirmed by both Moon Hee Jun and Soyul's agencies, "The news about their marriage is right."

On his handwritten letter addressed to his fans, Moon Hee Jun expresses, "Although I'm an adult, after talking about this I think I'm really matured. My fans, I'm getting married. Although our relationship has changed you know that for me, you're always first. Your precious existence won't change."

"I know your feeling so conveying this news is heavy to me. Thank you as always." Meanwhile, Moon Hee Jun and Soyul are getting married in February next year. Congratulations!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Jessica and Krystal Share What They Think About Each Other's Visual

Jung sisters, Jessica and Krystal are the cover models for the November issue of Cosmopolitan fashion magazine. The lovely sisters display their own captivating charms.

In addition to that, both Jessica and Krystal also shares their thoughts on each other's visuals on the interview. Jessica shares, "Sujeong (Krystal) has more gentle image. At the age of 3, she has that round white eyes and I thought that she's pretty."

Krystal also praises her sister saying, "Although Jessica has always been pretty since childhood but this time she shines the most. I think I'm looking after her image." Aren't they both lovely?

Park Shin Hye Raises Eyebrows With Her Fashion

Park Shin Hye attends the premiere of her starring movie "Brother" today along with co-actors Jo Jung Suk and EXO D.O.

Apparently, Shin Hye catches attention with her unconventional fashion during the photowall. Shin Hye appears before the media in oversized polo dress with only a red laced skirt covering her legs.

Netizens react, "Such a pretty and top actress but what is the coordi doing to her?","I don't understand this combination.","She looks prettier these days."

Yay or nay?

BTOB Peniel Courageously Shares His Hair Loss Problem on 'Hello'

BTOB Peniel shares a shocing revelation (at least to non-fans) about his severe hair loss problem in his appearance on "Hello".

The 24 year old idols shares on the show that he is seeking advice for his problem, his reason for coming to the show. Peniel surprises everyone on the set that he has been struggling with his severe hair loss problem for five years now and that, "I have to keep it as a secret in consideration for the members and our fans but now I want to reveal it."

He adds that he had already consulted the hospital but the treatment for his hair loss is difficult. "I have lost 70% of my hair to the point that I get one bald spot every week." Meanwhile, his hair loss problem is already known among BTOB fans as he has been consistently covering his hair every time BTOB makes a comeback but it's the first time Peniel reveals it publicly earning praises from non-fans and netizens for his courageous act which is difficult for an idol who depends on looks.

You're a brave guy Peniel and you're looking good as you are!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Nam Joo Hyuk Surprises With His Muscular Transformation and Toned Abs

Nam Joo Hyuk surprises everyone with his muscular body and toned abs in the latest still cut for his upcoming starring drama "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo".

For his character as Jang Joo Hyuk, who is a genius swimmer but carries a trauma from his past disqualification. Since his role demands topless scenes, Nam Joo Hyuk is revealed to have underwent intense work out for three months to develop his muscles and even get impressive toned abs.

Meanwhile, Nam Joo Hyuk receives praises from the drama crew for showing enthusiasm for his role and he is expected to show a more mature image different from his previous roles.

"Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo" starring Lee Sung-kyung as Kim Bok-joo and Nam Joo Hyuk as Jang Joo Hyun premieres on November 16.

Jun Ji Hyun & Lee Min Ho Display Chemistry At 'Legend of the Blue' PressCon

Two promising top actors, Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho, who are leading upcoming romantic-fantasy drama "The Legend of the Blue Sea" attend today's press conference and they already excite viewers and netizens with their undeniable chemistry and top visuals.

Meanwhile, the drama is about the last mermaid on Earth, Sim Chung (Jun Ji Hyun) who meets a genius swindler Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) and how she copes in the human world. It premieres on November 16 and also stars Lee Hee Joon, Shin Hye Sun, Moon Sori, Sung Dong-Il, Shin Won Ho and more.

Check out Jihyun and Minho's photos below:

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kyuhyun Shares He Received Hate For Doing His Homeworks On Time

Super Junior Kyuhyun, who makes his solo comeback with 3rd mini album "Waiting Still" shares how he struggles with hate in his class.

On his guesting at Cultwo Show, a listener shared that Kyuhyun, who is taking up his Master's Degree at Kyunghee University, is participating well with school works and the listener commented that he's cool.

To this, Kyuhyun shares, "I remember that its Monday and since I didn't have schedule I went to school. I did all my homework." He continues, "There were some who didn't do their homework so the professor told them ~even a celebrity did his homework, what about you" and because of that, I received hate."

Kyuhyun also added that people asked him how come he can go to school often and explained that he has free time that time. Netizens react, "The professor is wrong. How can made such comparison?","Why did the professor compare them like that?" and so on.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Twice Dahyun Surprises With Her Mouth Size on 'Weekly Idol'

Twice Dahyun seems very competitive on the group's recent appearance on "Weekly Idol".

During the "Idols are the Best" segment of the show with GOT7 Jackson and Monsta X Jooheon, Dahyun challenged a game where BTS V boasted off his mouth size.

Bubbly Dahyun took on the challenge and wore lipstick and opened her mouth as big as she can surprising everyone with her mouth size. Watch below (starts @7:53 mark):

Monday, November 7, 2016

Seohyun Graces Red Carpet With Her Breathtaking Princess-Like Appearance

SNSD Seohyun is looking elegant and breathtaking today as she walks down the red carpet for photo wall at the "5th Yegreen Musical Award".

Seohyun is wearing a lace-patterned black gown with nude tone lining which emphasizes her beautiful and slender body line. She also wears a choker and puts her hair up looking like a princess. See more photos below:

[Breaking] G.Soul and Miss A Min Are Confirmed Dating

JYP confirms the dating reports about their artists G.Soul and Miss A Min.

Earlier, Ilgan Sports reported that a credible source informed them that G.Soul and Miss A Min are dating and it's already a known fact to public that they've developed from friends into lover in which JYP eventually confirms.

According to JYP's official statement to, "G.Soul and Min have been very close for a long time now since they've lived in America and Korea. We've recently heard about their good feelings to each other. Please watch over them nicely."

Friday, November 4, 2016

'Running Man' Releases Preview Cuts For 'Monday Couple' Farewell Scene

With Gary leaving the show, it also means a farewell to Monday couple. "Running Man" releases today still cuts of the farewell scene of the much beloved Monday couple.

On this day during the opening, Song JiHyo commented, "I've decided not to cry today" and proceeded with Gary's last recording.

However, Jihyo wasn't able to conceal her sadness throughout the recording as her loveline "Monday Couple" with Gary has received so much love for 7 years. Meanwhile, Jihyo worked especially hard on the mission enduring pain to present a win for Gary as his "Monday Girlfriend" until the very end.

The last episode of Gary and "Monday Couple", as well as Jihyo's handwritten letter for Gary will be broadcast on November 6 at 6:30pm kst.


- Event Details -
Event: GOT7 “Flight Log: Turbulence” in Malaysia 2016
Venue: Mega Star Arena, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 4 December 2016, Sunday
Time: 6:00 pm
Ticket Categories: VVIP RM680, VIP RM550 & PREMIUM RM350 (Price inclusive of 6% GST, but exclusive of RM4 processing fees)


- Ticket Launch Details for ALL Categories -
Date: 6 November 2016, Sunday
Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Venue: Tropicana City Mall concourse area (3, Jalan SS 20/27, Seksyen 20, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia)
Perks: Fans who purchase onsite tickets at the ticket launch will receive an official show poster. (While stocks last)
* Each person is entitled to purchase a maximum of 4 tickets only.
* All unsold tickets from all categories will be available online from 3pm onwards.

- Online and Outlet Ticket Sales -
Date: 6 November 2016, Sunday
Time: From 3:00 pm onwards
Sales Platform: Tickets will be available via
Ticketing outlet : Speedy music outlet, Victoria music outlet, Neway Karaoke outlet, The Mines shopping mall, TicketCharge office

- Fans Privileges -
VVIP Privileges:
- All VVIP Ticket holders will be entitled to EITHER a Photo Op Pass (15 Pax Per Photo) or a Hello Pass (To receive an autographed poster from a member of GOT7) after the show. ____

All Category Ticket Holders Privileges:____
- All Ticket Holders will be eligible to a lucky draw for an opportunity to win an autographed poster by GOT7.____
- All Ticket Holders will receive a GOT7 “Flight Log: Turbulence” Album.____

GOT7 “Flight Log: Turbulence” in Malaysia 2016 is jointly presented to you by Three Angles Group and IME Singapore, supported by IME Malaysia


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Park Bo Gum To Embark On 'Asia Tour', List of Countries Revealed

After the success of his starring drama "Love in Moonlight", actor Park Bo Gum is meeting his fans all over Asia.

Although there aren't concrete dates yet, the list of countries is revealed. According to his agency, Park Bogum is kicking off his "Asia Tour Fanmeet" in Malaysia, followed by Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and China.

In addition, he the last stop would be in South Korea which is expected to be by the end of this year. Blossom Entertainment, Bogum's agency, is going to release more details such as tour dates soon. The fanmeet will serve as Bogum's way to interact with his fans not only in South Korea but also from other Asian countries where the actor receives much love.

Are you excited to meet Park Bogum?