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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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Tao removes 'EXO' from instagram;results to hateful comments

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Tao, who's remaining verbally silent over the withdrawal rumors, once again confuses fans by making yet another cryptic change on his SNS. This time on his instagram.

In a comparison photos of his before and after profile name, it's noticeable that Tao removes 'EXO' and changed it into his initial. Thus, “EXO-TAO 黄子韬” to “Z. TAO – 黄子韬."

This follows the changes he made on his weibo recently, which makes the speculations of him leaving EXO stronger, though there isn't any official statement or clear evidence. In result, some fans and non-fans who are agitated started to leave hateful comments such as, "What is this? Be straight to the point.", "I started to hate you.","Whatever your decision is fine just don't make us confuse like this.", "If you're leaving, just leave." Others try to relieve their anxiousness by being witty, "I give up with your pathcode. Can't seem to solve it. Tell us straight to the point."

What could this move suggests?

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SM explains Sulli's absence from f(x) CF pictorial

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Fans are confused after noticing Sulli's absence from the recent CF shooting of f(x) for an ice cream bran, that they even speculate that Sulli might be not doing group activities anymore despite her appearance on public.

In response to this, SM Entertainment discards and explains, "According to the contract, the time of the CF shooting still covers her official break from the group's activity. There's no other reason than that."

It is likely that Sulli can only do solo activities and schedules at the moment until her official break from group activities is over.

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Park Joon Hyung, Henry, Amber, Nichkhun & Kangnam on 'Running Man'

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Some of the most variety stars are finally gathering on 'Running Man' and we have  god's Park Joon Hyung, Henry, f(X)'s Amber, 2PM's Nichkhun, and MIB's Kangnam.

According to 'Running Man' officials, the five anticipated guests are confirmed to appear on the program and in fact have participated in recording in Seoul. With the appearance of the five guests, the theme is apparently 'foreign guests' as each of them came from different countries.

In this case, aside from Nichkhun and Gangnam who have already appeared on the program,for Park Joon Hyung, Henry, and Amber, it's their first time. Expectations are rising on how these foreign guests are going to interact with each other and with the cast of Running Man.


Kim Hyun Joong to enlist next week

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Kim Hyun Joong's enlistment date is confirmed to be on May 12, exactly one week from now.

The singer/actor is enlisting in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do to join the 30th Division Recruits Training Battalion and eventually starts his five weeks of basic training. His enlistment has been postponed for several times earlier this year because of overseas performances, personal matters and assault controversy.

In regards to this, Kim Hyun Joong is going to become a father inside the military as his ex-girlfriend is expected to give birth to their baby in September. According to some sources, while waiting for his enlistment, he has recently visited his friends and family and had a healing camp in Jeju. He also expressed to enlist quietly according to his agency.

Kim Hyun Joong is going to serve one year and nine months as an active duty soldier and expected to be discharged on February 11, 2017.

Monday, May 4, 2015

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Tao's weibo contents implying hints of withdrawal?

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Amidst withdrawal rumors of EXO Tao, fans have not yet received any clear statement regarding the issue so far.

However, in Tao's recent changes on his weibo contents, fans have gotten yet another reason to assume that his withdrawal is true. In relation to that, another cryptic message is written on his bio, "I miss the past but I'm looking forward to the future," which make fans assume that he is close to moving on and ready to take new path which is not EXO.

Moreover, his location was also changed from 'overseas' to 'Shandong Qingdao' which can be presumed that he is now considering his original roots more than before.

On the brighter note, his profile message remains the same introducing himself as a part of EXO, so fans are assuring that he is not leaving the group. However, an official confirmation is still needed to put fans at ease.

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god Park Joonhyung is getting married!

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Wedding bells are ringing for god's Park Joon Hyung (46) as it is confirmed that he is tying the knot with his girlfriend in June.

According to his agency, Joonhyung and his girlfriend of one year  are having wedding pictorial today in a studio somewhere in Gangnam. It is also revealed that they are in the middle of full swing preparation as the wedding would take place in June 26.

Meanwhile, Joon Hyung's girlfriend, a flight attendant, is 13 years younger than him. He revealed his relationship with her in December last year. In relation to that, Joon Hyung, god's leader is the next member who would get married after their maknae Kim Taewoo.


Saturday, May 2, 2015


IU grants a student's wish

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Netizens are amazed on how generous IU is.

IU has granted one middle school student's wish to have a guitar. IU gave that student a guitar with her sign on it and some other stuff.

Here's the post:

안녕하세요 기타를 띵가띵가 연주해고픈 문제의 중2 학생입니다. 정말 기타를 손가락 부러지도록 배우고 싶습니다. 피아노를 주로 했지만 새로운 악기인 기타를 너무나 연주해보고 싶어요..ㅡㅜ 아무래도 피아노는...
Posted by 수르수르만수르 on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Friday, May 1, 2015

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Is there 'something' between Dohee and Henry?

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Tiny-G's Dohee expressed how she became flattered with Henry in her guest appearance on May 1's Lady Jane's 2 o'clock Radio program.

After a song played, Lady Jane suddenly asked Dohee, "What is your relationship with Henry?" in which Dohee replied, "Just now I've gotten a call from Henry. I told him I'm doing live radio at the moment but he told me to keep the line. I asked the crew if it's ok to connect him but Henry said he has to go and that he will come next time. He's so carefree."

Lady Jane suggested, "You and Henry should start going out." Cho Jung Chee said, "Henry is doing virtual marriage at the moment, it's not proper to do it like that. Let's not do it!" while laughing. Dohee added, "He's just an oppa."

Meanwhile, Dohee has confessed before that she wanted to do We Got Married with Henry. Such a blossoming friendship.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Big Bang's 1st comeback stage is set at Inkigayo!

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We're going to meet Big Bang's stages once again starting at Inkigayo on Sunday, May 3.

It is now confirmed that Big Bang are returning to music shows having Inkigayo comeback stages for new songs 'Loser' and 'Bae Bae'. Big Bang have already shown the choreography of these new songs through their 'Made' concert in Seoul but the preparation for the music shows is said to be a level of a concert performance.

Are you excited to see the live and amazing stages of Big Bang once again? Don't miss Inkigayo this week! For the meantime, let's anticipate the release of the songs and MVs later at midnight.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


EXID win for the 3rd time; no more tears

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EXID's wins must be sinking in to their system now that they've won for the 3rd time with their song 'Ah Yeah'.

The previous wins were emotional and brought tears of joy to the girls but this time at Show Champion, they celebrated it with festive feelings of joy. For this week, EXID is up against big nominees such as Miss A, EXO, JYP, and Jinusean.


Monday, April 27, 2015

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Wu Yi Fan updates amidst Tao's withdrawal rumors

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EXO-Ls are left in wonders following the ambiguous message from Tao yesterday when he finally broke his silent and updated his weibo with words 'I'm sorry. Thank you.'

However, fans were getting the context of what Tao was trying to imply amidst the rumors of him withdrawing from EXO as Wu Yi Fan updated his instagram hours ago with, "Galaxy will always be here. Miss yall~"

Fans were even puzzled and comforted at the same time with the timely updates. Some assumed that Wu Yi Fan's message was for EXO-Ls who are having hard time or maybe for Tao as Wu Yi Fan was known to have been called the 'galaxy/hyung' and trying to express that he misses EXO members.

Nevertheless, fans are very touched that Wu Yi Fan still uses the 'galaxy' to refer to himself as what he used to do when he was still in EXO.

Friday, April 24, 2015

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[GIVEAWAY] Royal Pirates showcase tickets

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A great news for DKPOPNEWS' reader!!

Korea-America Rock Band – Royal Pirates is coming to Malaysia in May to promote their latest album - . To show our love for our readers, we have teamed up with Universal Music Malaysia for a giveaway!

To win the passes, it's very easy, you can either post the reason you want to attend the showcase below, or email it to us at

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


BIGBANG reveal countries for 'Made' world tour

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BIGBANG has listed the countries that they're touring for their 'MADE' world tour wherein they are going to perform their new songs prior to their comeback.

The lucky countries are China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia. Though these are only Asian countries, non-Asian fans could patiently wait for updates list in the future.

The exact dates aren't revealed yet aside from their first show in Seoul on April 25-26. Are you coming to this concert? You can visit the event page for updated list

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Tao's father wants his son out of EXO

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EXO Tao's father has expressed his want to terminate Tao's contract with SM Entertainment which leaves EXO-Ls in daze.

In the letter, Tao's father expressed the pain whenever he sees news on SNS that his son has injuries. He wrote that he must be proud of his son being a star but he couldn't because he fears Tao's health after acquiring countless minor and major injuries which even resulted to not attending his activities. Moreover, he also recounted the moment when he flew to Korea to bring Tao back but was promised by the company with good opportunities and special team for Tao which made him excited. However it didn't happen to Tao but to other member instead.  He emphasized on the latter part of the letter that Tao didn't receive support from the agency but body injuries instead.

Tao's father expressed that more than applause and support from fans, he prioritizes Tao's health and peace of mind. He ended his letter by thanking the agency and fellow members for showing care and concern towards Tao for the past three years. He also calls on fans to understand his decision for Tao and apologizes for being selfish.

Apparently, Tao's father also mentioned that Tao didn't agree to his decision but he is persistent to choose his health over his career in Korea. Although Tao's father has made his decision, it's Tao who holds the final decision if he's terminating his contract or not.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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EXO Lay on Kris&Luhan + recent meeting with Luhan

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EXO Lay answered questions about his communication with former EXO members Luhan and Kris in his recent interview.

In the interview with Sohu Entertainment on 21st regarding Lay's established Workshop, Lay frankly answered sensitive questions about Luhan and Kris. First he expressed his gratitude towards SM Entertainment for allowing him to establish the Lay Workshop.

He continued, "Those days (Kris & Luhan's withdrawal) had a great impact to the agency. Now mine and everyone's decisions might affect the company but all those are for the growth of both the company and the artists."

Regarding the aftermath of withdrawal of the two members, Lay stated, "Members are stronger now. We walk hand in hand but we cannot say that we aren't affected. But I want to say that we are good so we'll do fine."

When asked about if he still keep in touch with Luhan and Kris, Lay answered, "Yes. I met with Luhan and we ate together. It's hard to meet up because of the busy schedules."

Monday, April 20, 2015

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Beast's Hyunseung to debut solo in May

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Jang Hyun Seung is the next Beast member to be having his solo. Known to be one of the lead singers of the group with his distinct vocals, it is not surprising that Hyunseung would push as solo career.

According to Kuki News, Hyun Seung is releasing his debut album in early May. Although it would have clash with their upcoming Japanese activities therefore the solo promotion might not be that long, expectations for his solo activities is big.

He is reported to show various charms in his solo debut apart from the concepts he had previously by working on top composers and producing only high-quality songs. He is raising expectations following the successful solo debuts of his fellow members Jun Hyung and Yoseob.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Ailee to hold 1st solo concert this year

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Three years after her KPop debut, Ailee will be holding her first ever solo concert mid this year.

It was reported that Ailee will be staging her first solo concert after the release of her comeback either in May or June this year. Ailee may hold her concert at the Olympic Park in Seoul, a concert ground that can accommodate 3,000 people.

Ailee debuted in February 2012 with 'Heaven.'

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Friday, April 17, 2015

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CL is removed from 2015 TIME 100

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Unfortunately, CL didn't make it to the final list of the "TIME 100: Most Influential People" after being voted as 2nd in the final voting tally.

The final list was released on April 16 listing the most influential people voted and evaluated by TIME editors and staff. However, despite the huge support of CL's fans on voting online, the 2NE1 leader was eliminated from the list.

Although she didn't make it, it is evident that there are huge support for CL and this could serve a stepping stone for her US career in the future. You may check the final list HERE

Thursday, April 16, 2015

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SM dismisses Tao's withdrawal from EXO

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Chinese media report that EXO's Tao has expressed his plan to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment. The news in Chinese local sites peaked and trended causing a stir which requires SM to address the news and confirm if it's true.

In response, SM Entertainment states, "According to Chinese media, Tao has plans to terminate his contract but that's not true. The rumor is baseless."

However, even before these Chinese reports, there were already rumors in Korea that Tao has signed with a Chinese agency but later on denied by SM as well. Meanwhile, we hope that these baseless rumors won't put everyone in an awkward situation.


Comedian Ahn Young Mi transforms into Suzy!

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We're being serious here and there were actually talks about how Ahn Young Mi could transform herself to look like Miss A's Suzy.

In her guest appearance on channel W's "Beauty Battle", the topic was about 'eye'. During the discussion, Ahn Young Mi confessed that she heard about her '1-second Suzy'. This left the panel surprised and doubtful. She said "I'm a woman who also filmed cosmetic CF" and even shocked them.

Then Chang Hyun expressed, "Well she does look slightly like Suzy." Later on, wearing the 'Suzy make-up' and wig, Ahn Young Mi transformed into Suzy-look alike surprising the panel who were amazed by her visual. They commented, "She really looks like '1 second-Suzy'.


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