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Friday, July 1, 2016

GFriend are Blooming Tennis Girls in New Teasers

GFriend release new individual teaser images of the girls for "Laughing Out Loud" version of their upcoming first full album.

The girls wear tennis uniforms and they all look lovely posing with flowers. Meanwhile, GFriend is going to release their album on July 11.

See their photos below:

'Unnies' Reveals their Fanclub Name

You may not see this coming but girl group Unnies who made their debut today is everything right now.

'Unnies' a very interesting female group consists of Min Hyo Rin, Jessi, SNSD's Tiifany, comedians Hong Jinkyung & Kim Sook and last but not the least veteran actress Ra Miran are getting the spotlight after the release of their debut single 'Shut Up' which is currently taking up the charts.

On their special V-live debut broadcast, the group even determine their fanclub name and members suggest "Dongsaengs" "Jummas", "Babys" and more. After deliberation, it's decided that the fanclub name is "Dongsaengs".

Tiffany comment, "I think we really become a girl group". Meanwhile, Unnies made their debut today on Music Bank stage and it's also their last stage. 'Unnies' is a special group formed from KBS show "Unnie's Slam Dunk".

Lee Hongki's 'I Hate FNC But..', Instigates Buzz Among Netizens

FT Island's Lee Hongki posts a not so quite cryptic message in the midst of FNC and CNBlue members Yonghwa and Jonghyun's stock manipulation controversy.

Hongki uploads a fanart on his instagram account and it appears like it's exactly what he wants to express.

In the fanart, messages like "I hate FNC. But, when FNC in trouble... are you ok?" with sketches of Hongki hugging a crying fish (FNC).

Hongki is known to be very blunt when it comes to his dissatisfaction towards his agency. What can you make out of this post?

New NCT Unit To Make Their Debut In July!

Following NCT U, a new NCT unit from SM Entertainment will debut this July.

The new unit is called NCT 127, with 127 refers to the longitude coordinate of Seoul as explained by SM Entertainment. The group will consist 7 members from Korea, China and Japan and they will make a grand debut stage on July 7th.

Stay tuned for more updates on NCT 127.

Brown Eyed Soul's Young Jun To Release A Duet With Lovelyz's Sujeong!

Brown Eyed Soul's Young Jun will make his summer comeback with a new single.

The song is titled 'The Start of Summer' and will feature Lovelyz's Sujeong. Many people are looking forward to the harmony of a soulful vocal and a fresh voice mixed together.

'The Start of Summer' will be released on July 7th.

Juniel To Make Her Comeback With A New Single In July!

Juniel will finally make her comeback this July.

On July 1st, C9 Entertainment released a teaser image and announced that Juniel will release a new single titled 'Pisces' on July 6th at midnight. The image shows the singer with plain makeup while leaning against a glass wall, exudes her innocent charm.

This will be her first comeback under C9 Entertainment after leaving FNC Entertainment in January. Her latest release was digital single 'Sorry' in August 2015.

Are you excited for Juniel's comeback?

Thursday, June 30, 2016

GFriend Unveils 'Laughing Out Loud' Version of Solo Teaser Images

GFriend starts dropping the girls' individual teaser images for their first full album comeback "LOL" in "Laughing Out loud" version.

Umji, Yerin, Yuju, SinB, Sowon and Eunha are wearing colorful summery outfits while making cute and adorable poses. The atmosphere is very bright and the girls have their photos taken outdoors. Fans can expect another batch of teaser images for 'Lots of Love' version.

 Meanwhile, "LOL" will be released on July 11.Check out the girls' photos below:

EXO Release Practice Video for 'Monster'

EXO expresses their gratitude for the consecutive wins of 'Monster' on music shows by releasing their practice video. Perhaps it's their black outfits that make the atmosphere even cooler or it's just the boys' charisma and their flawless dancing skills !

Meanwhile, EXO get their 8th win for 'Monster' making it their first triple crown from M!Countdown today. Watch below:

FNC Ent Suffers Consecutive Scandals With Their Two Most Popular Groups!

Source: Nate

  • [+2,127 -30] FNC is popular because of Yoo Jae Suk, but they were never considered a top 3 agency kk they're now merely dropping to where they belong
  • [+1,932 -32] Why does Yoo Jae Suk have such bad luck when it comes to agencies... ㅠㅠ
  • [+1,661 -28] When were they ever once a top 3 agency?? When?
  • [+108 -4] One man agency the only solution for Yoo Jae Suk ㅠㅠ since he joined FNC, he's been put in so many random CFs... seems like his image is being consumed so aimlessly. It seems like FNC contracted him for short term, so they can milk him as hard as they can. So many random FNC artists on his shows too... ㅠㅠ
  • [+106 -6] I think JYP would have been a better place for Yoo Jae Suk. He seemed to fit with Park Jin Young.

YG Ent Says They Have No Plans To Debut Second Girl Group Yet!

YG Entertainment have denied the claims of them debuting a second girlgroup in the near future.

As it was revealed yesterday, the agency originally planned to go with 9 members for their new girlgroup, but at the end they decided to focus on the 4 members of Black Pink at the moment while the remaining 5 might get the chance to debut later.

However today, the agency rep stated that they still have no plans for a second girlgroup yet,"Just like other large agencies, we have about 50 trainees that have been training with us for years. It hasn't been decided whether the members who weren't included in Black Pink will debut as a team or with other trainees".

Meanwhile, Black Pink is scheduled to make their debut in late July with 3 music videos.

'21yrs gap' Baek Jiyoung Thanks Seventeen's Mingyu&Jun for Recent Performance

A big sunbaenim to Seventeen, Baek Jiyoung expresses her gratitude to members Mingyu and Jun regarding their special stage at MBC Thank You Festival.

In the event, Baek Jiyoung, who has 21 years age gap with Mingyu & Jun performed her hit song "My Ear's Candy". Despite the sunbae-hoobae relationship, the three of them flawlessly delivered a sexy and exciting stage.

To this, Baek Jiyoung shares a photo and thanks Mingyu and Jun on her instagram account, "it's here heeheehee Seventeen Mingyu and Jun who performed with me at MBC Sangam Thank You Festival. Friends who made a fuss seeing me^^to these two who did rehearsal with me enthusiastically without awkwardness thank you~~ also thank you for doing it with this difficult sunbae comfortably~"

Baek Jiyoung must be really glad to share a comfortable stage with rookies. Watch their hot performance below:

APink is a Pretty Varsity Team in Jacket Image for 6th Japanese Single

APink announce the release of their 6th Japanese single 'Summer Time' with a their jacket image.

In the photo, the girls wear an eyecatching varsity uniform with black and red colors. Their new Japanese single will be released on August 3 and will have different versions: Limited Edition A, B, C and Regular.

Versions A and C comes with APink members' individual covers.

Netizens Accuse Gugudan of Copying Snuper's Logo?

Gugudan have just debuted but they are already being questioned of copying male group Snuper's logo.

Netizens are sympathizing Snuper's fans after seeing the similarity between their logos. This is due to the fact that Snuper debuted last year but yet to receive popularity compared to Gugudan who made their debut two days ago on June 28 but is already receiving media attention.

In a close comparison, Gugudan and Snuper's logos both form a heart shape. The only difference is that the curve side faces in opposite directions.

Meanwhile, Snuper is making their comeback with 1st single album "Compass" on July 12 which makes is even more problematic to the fans as two groups will promote together.

Mamamoo & GFriend are Hilarious in 'Showtime' Previews

'Showtime' releases hilarious previews of Mamamoo and GFriend.

The girls attempt to dance to each group's songs Mamamoo's "You Are The Best" and GFriend's "Rough".

Although we are still wondering how the collaboration between these two carefree groups will be on the show, fans are already anticipating if there are going to be some crazy interactions! Meanwhile, Showtime with Mamamoo and GFriend is set to premier this July.

Seventeen Drops highlight Medley For Repackaged Album!

Seventeen has released the highlight medley for their upcoming repackaged album.

The album will include 5 new songs with 'Very Nice' as the title track. The other songs are 'Simple', 'Healing', 'NO F.U.N' and 'I Can't See The End'.

Check out the highlight medley below

HyunA to Have A Solo Comeback in August

Following 4-minute's disbandment, Hyuna, who decided to renew her contract with Cube Entertainment is reported to be releasing her comeback album in August.

According to the reports, HyunA is currently collecting songs and in the process of recording. However, although there are enough songs already, the title track hasn't been finalized yet thus the concept of her new album hasn't been decided at the moment. Although it might take more time,  HyunA aims for a summer comeback this summer.

Once the title song has been decided, the concept will be finalized and HyunA will release her album respectively. Are you excited?

Beast Releases Audio Teaser For Third Album 'Highlight'!

Beast has released the audio teaser for their third album 'Highlight'.

Contain a total of 11 tracks, the album gives us a snippet of how each song sounds like. Judging from the preview, title track 'Ribbon' seems quite upbeat with Junhyung's rap accompanied by sensuous piano sound at the background.

'Highlight' will come out on July 4th.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Seventeen Performance Team is as Sweet as Ice Cream in Teaser Images

Seventeen continues to captivate fans with the release of performance team individual teaser images for repackage album "Very Nice".

The8, Dino, Jun and Hoshi are looking charismatic and adorable with the pastel colors and popsicles. Fans are loving the aesthetic of the concept already and looking forward to vocal team's turn tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Seventeen is going to release "Very Nice" on July 4.

Netizens Lost Their Minds on EXO Chanyeol's Intimate Kissing Scene

Some EXO-Ls and netizens find themselves in a state of shock and thrill when a clip of EXO Chanyeol's kissing scene from his movie "I Married an Anti Fan" makes it round on SNS.

Some are witty about it commenting, "it's his 1st kiss scene right? right?","Chanyeol is such a good kisser","Wow Chanyeol I didn't expect that." "So proud of our actor Chanyeol", while others seem to be surprised and express, "Oppa why?","It's only acting but my heart is in pain"."The actress is so lucky" and so on.

Watch below:

Big Bang at their 'BIGBANG MADE' Movie VIP Premiere

Big Bang attend the VIP premiere of their movie "Bigbang Made" today and greet the media and their VIP guests with stylish and charismatic appearances.

Meanwhile, the movie "Bigbang Made" is a commemorative present for fans and the members to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The movie is a documentary of the members' 340 days journey from the beginning and end of their world tour "Made".

Celebrities and their labelmates who attend the VIP premiere includes Winner, Lee Dong Hwi, HyukOh, Kim Hee jeong, Yoo Byung Jae, Zion T. and more.