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Friday, March 27, 2015

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Netizens target Seolhyun's bare face

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In today's broadcast of 'Brave Family', AOA Seolhyun once again bares her face for broadcast.

She gets up in the morning with her bare and swollen face but she puts on a smile before starting their long day. On the day of their departure for Laos, she even commented, "I didn't come out prettily".

Even upon arriving, Seolhyun comfortably cleans herself not worrying about her appearance at all. However, netizens commented, "She arrived prettily but after she washes off her make up, she looks totally different.", "How could she look so different?","These kids if these are male idols, they'll like it.","As long as she's comfortable that doesn't matter." and so on.

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150327 Red Velvet won first place on Music Bank #RedVelvet1stWin

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Undoubtedly an unforgettable day for Red Velvet!

The girls won their first ever music show trophy with latest hit song Ice Cream Cake. The girls were on the first place waiting list with Girl's Day Minah in the latest episode of KBS Music Bank.

The girls were surprised when the result was announced, Joy burst into tears upon hearing the announcement and the members couldn't hide their happiness.

Congratulations girls!

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Kwangsoo receives praise with his 'manner legs'

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Kwangsoo the MC did a great job at Inkigayo last Sunday!

Besides his great MC performance, he's complimented for his being a gentleman during the show. As you know, Kwangsoo who's a regular on Running Man is known for his height, standing at 190cm, he lowers his body to match the height of Kwanghee and Yoojung throughout the show.

With this respectful move, he receives even more love from fans, Kwangsoo hwaiting!

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An open letter to DKPOPNEWS' readers

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Yeah, many might question me, why do you name this as a letter instead of post, it's not that i'm tired of writing posts, it's simply because a letter sounds more sincere, a letter to apologize to all DKPOPNEWS' readers.

Downs in life
I have been dealing with downs in life for the past 12 months, to be exact 11, making poor decisions, lacking ability to think with logical mind, not working hard enough updating posts, then i started to neglect the important aspects in my life, i paid little or no attention to DKPOPNEWS which i feel so sorry to loyal readers who have been supporting us since 2009.

New beginning
However, after listening to emotional Chinese ballad songs for months, my so called self-treating depression method which is proven to be ineffective, instead making things worse, my old friend KPop embraces me with open heart. I started to listen to some upbeat tracks, have been a fan of female groups all this while, Lovelyz, CLC, Minah, Red Velvet, BerryGood, 4Minute and more, i managed to recover from the painful experience. Sending the downs away, it's time to welcome the ups!

Daily K Pop News - The Home Of KPop Lovers

Simple Template
The first thing that came to my mind in DKPOPNEWS makeover is template. Since this is a new beginning not only to me, but also DKPOPNEWS, i went for a simple, back to basic design. I want our readers to read news comfortably, without much burden, feeling better reading some really interesting KPop news. Then i lessen the ads on DKPOPNEWS which causes the site to load like a heavy dinosaur, discuss with our writers to produce more interesting stories (based on fact of course) for the new beginning

Future plan
Of course, we're now starting things again, challenges await, besides providing readers a decent place to get KPop updates, i will ensure that our team members will get the reward they deserve, instead of being their boss, i will work hard with them to march forward, to become an even better team in the KPop news industry, of course without all your support, we won't go far, hopefully we can have your continuous support throughout the journey!


Please continue to love us!

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Posted by Daily K Pop News 



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It might not be Big Bang...again

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You might be getting too excited for YG's Who's Next teasers recently dating their next artist's comeback in April.

However, better not get your hopes up, especially VIPs, since news are floating around this morning that popular hip hop duo Jinusean are making a comeback after 11 years with new single and in fact, the MV is currently being filmed.

The duo released their 4th and most recent album 'Norabosae' in 2004 making it 11 years hiatus. In relation to that, YG has been teasing an April 1 comeback and it does make sense that it could be Jinusean since they are plotting an April comeback and everything is set.

However, YG dismisses this and responds, "Jinusean comeback on April 1? Nothing has been decided." Thus we can't still sit, relax and expect something until proper teaser of their April 1 comeback is unveiled.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Journalist makes rubbish Minah article

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An article about Minah is up on Nate's trending photo stream.

However the content is not even as relevant as what you expect. The journalist apparently writes 'what's the stain on her costume claiming that questions arise among netizens'.

The photo that was screen captured shows Minah performing her song on M!Countdown. However, the journalist targets and even circles the unnecessary mark spotted on her costume. The article also gives examples of netizens' questions stating "Did Minah spill water?" and also "Did she spray perfume before her stage?".

In contrary to that, the top comments on the said article seems to be targeting the journalist rather than questioning Minah, such as follow:

[+266, -14] Seems like the journalist is the only one who's curious so puts up an article like this

[+248, -13] She apparently spilled the water when drank right ㅡwhat do you even want...ㅡㅡ

[+246, -15] What the.. is this how you make an article by putting a red circle like this?



2AM members change agencies; disbanded?

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Fans are surprised to be informed that three out of four members' contract with JYP Entertainment has expired leaving Changmin with 6 more months left.

In regards to that, JoKwon is revealed to have his contract renewed and stays with JYP while Seulong has decided to continue his career and signed up with SidusHQ. On the other hand, Jinwoon is currently processing contract signing with Mystic Entertainment.

Fans are skeptical if these changes will cause 2AM's disbandment. Fortunately, JYP Entertainment reveals,  "It doesn't lead to disbandment of 2AM. Their agencies are just different, but as long as they can adjust their individual activities, they can still carry on 2AM activities. This is agreed upon among the members and 2AM can continue and can still release future album."

For the meantime, the members will be focusing on their individual careers. No worries 2AM fans!

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Dal Shabet's comeback confirmed!

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Dal Shabet will make their long awaited comeback on 15th April.

The girls have been on hiatus for more than a year since their BBB promotion, fans are getting more curious with the concept of their new song. Dal Shabet have been showing fans their sexy image with previous hit songs such as Be Ambitious and BBB.

Be Ambitious poster

From my opinion, i think that the girls are underrated, they always have great quality performance but unfortunately they don't get the recognition they deserve, hopefully they will hit success with this comeback!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Kyuhyun to be featured in Lee Moon Sae's 15th album

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Super Junior Kyuhyun once again prove his charm to his seniors as he is going to be featured in the veteran singer and songwriter Lee Moon Sae's upcoming 15th album "New Direction'.

Lee Moon Sae is going to have a duet track with Kyuhyun titled 'She Comes' in the album which will be released on April 7. It is revealed among fans that Kyuhyun is the first idol singer Lee Moon Sae has collaborated with since his debut. The sunbae and hoobae singers are connected with their songs 'At Gwanghwamun' and 'Gwanghwamun Love Song' making a sentimental link to each other.

Moreover, following his previous junior duet partners such as Cho Kyu Chan in 1998 and Lee Sora in 1999, Kyuhyun is his new collaboration partner after 16 years so many are anticipating to what junior singer Kyuhyun can contribute to a veteran singer like Lee Moon Sae.


SHINee to kick off 'SHINee WORLD IV' in Seoul

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SHINee announce that they are embarking on their world tour  'SHINee WORLD IV' and they are set to commence in Seoul.

A colorful promotional concert poster is released along with the details of their 'SHINee WORLD IV' in Seoul. The concert is happening on May 16 (6PM) and 17(4PM) at Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium. You can purchase your ticket through Yes24.

It will be another series of exciting and special performances the boys are going to prepare for their fans. Do you want a concert in your country too?

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Hyeri as heroine for 'Reply 1988'?

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Reports this morning claim the Girl's Day Hyeri is going to be the heroine in the third sequel of hit tvN drama 'Reply 1994', formerly lead by actress Go Ara.

However, upon confirming with the PD of the upcoming sequel 'Reply 1988', he states, "It is not confirmed." Moreover, Hyeri's agency also clears up, "We didn't receive any casting offer so there's nothing to say about it."

It appears like Hyeri is still among few who are being considered to play the heroine. However, nothing has been finalized yet. Meanwhile, 'Reply 1988' is the third sequel following 2012's 'Reply 1997' and 2013's  'Reply 1994'.

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EXO's Chanyeol will be 'Dating Alone'

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EXO's Chanyeol is confirmed to appear in the second male special of JTBC's 'Dating Alone'.

After Seo Kang Joon, Chanyeol is expected to flutter audience' and hosts' hearts by showing his sweet and romantic charms as a virtual boyfriend through a VCR.  'Dating Alone'.

Seo Kang Joon's appearance will be broadcast on 28th and Chanyeol's will follow. Meanwhile, Chanyeol is currently preparing for EXO's comeback.

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GFriend Yerin cast for 'Midnight's Girl'; loveline with Nam TaeHyun

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GFriend Yerin is sure getting a lot of interests despite being a rookie. Having debuted this year as a member of rookie girl group GFriend, Yerin is apparently debuting as an actress as well soon.

According to various broadcast officials, Yerin is cast in web drama 'Midnight Girl' making her first acting challenge. It is highly anticipated after Winner's Nam Tae Hyun is confirmed to play the male leading role.

Yerin attracts attention after guesting on Running Man showing her pure charms so it is anticipated to capture viewers' interest on that she can deliver as a rookie actress. The web drama premieres in May and will be streamed through MBC Everyone and portal sites.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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Lee Minho&Suzy's 3D2N date; actor's mom&sis are in London too

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After going public with their relationship, actor Lee Minho and Suzy are receiving contrasting reactions from netizens particularly the information about their 3 days and 2 nights stay in a hotel in London.

Netizens are quite skeptic that the two stayed together in the same hotel just after almost 1 month of dating and various malicious speculations are thrown. To clear the matters, officials on 24th reveal that Lee Min Ho stayed in London from March 15-17 and enjoyed date with Suzy within that time.

It is also revealed that during their date, they were both accompanied by their managers. In fact, Lee Min Ho's manager appeared beside him on the released photos but his face was mosaiced, the same goes with Suzy's two female managers.

Moreover, Lee Min Ho's mother and older sister were also present. After finishing his schedule in Paris, Lee Min Ho went to London together with them and was actually witnessed by local fans. In regards to that, their relationship is in fact known because of their photos taken accompanied with the actor's family not only in Paris and London.

In response to this, Starhaus states, "We are not in the position to reveal about Lee Min Ho's family if they accompanied the couple or not, since it's a private matter. Therefore, no comment."

Monday, March 23, 2015

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[KPop Tarot] Lee Minho & Suzy's love story!

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The biggest KPop news of the day, Lee Minho and Suzy's dating news has caused a stir among fans and netizens online. Since it's one of the biggest news in March, so i did a prediction of their relationship with my Tarot knowledge, this is solely for sharing.

The card drawn to describe their relationship is 'Fool'
Major Arcana - Fool

A new beginning
Fool describes that the relationship is a new beginning to their life and career. As for your information, Lee Minho and Suzy have been working really hard for so many years, they have been living the same busy lifestyle thanks to their immense popularity and love calls for CFs, dramas and overseas events, their relationship sparks a new start to their life.

Free from worry and anxiety
Instead of feeling worried and anxious, they will face the situation without too much doubt, they are ready to accept challenges and pressure especially from media and fans. They might have worried about their popularity, wealth and status in their past experience, but this time they are braver to face the reality, they believe that they can handle this situation.

Support from agencies and fans
As you can see in the tarot card above, there's a white dog who plays the role of a guardian, supporting them throughout this journey. This means that their agencies and fans will support them with actions and mentally, the bright sun means that the relationship is a good one, it bring positive energy to both Minho and Suzy


Let's wish them a happy relationship, hwaiting!

Need more KPop Tarot prediction, feel free to contact me via email,

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[Breaking] Lee Min Ho and Suzy are dating

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Dispatch reports their biggest dating scoop in Kpop industry this year revealing Lee Min Ho and Miss A Suzy are dating.

The news site reports that they captured the two big hallyu stars dating in London. Lee Min Ho and Suzy both spotted at Incheon airport on March 10 departing for different destinations. Lee Min Ho departed for Paris (2PM), while Sizy departed for London (1PM). In addition to that, the two stars were scheduled to attend their respective schedules.

However, after their schedules were over, the two met up in London in March 15 at 'Eurostar'. Dispatch illustrates their whereabouts after Suzy met up with Lee Min Ho who was then waiting on his rented Benz. Afterwards, the two were cautious and moved around carefully with Suzy got off from the car and headed first. Lee Min Ho on the other hand covered his face and proceeded to the hotel. The two have had enjoyable time together for 3 days and nights in London.

On 25th last month, they were spotted by Dispatch taking out coffee in Seoul. They also reveal that Lee Min Ho and Suzy have always been meeting with each other almost everyday since 23rd last month. Meanwhile, the agencies of both parties state that they are releasing official statement after consulting with Lee Min Ho and Suzy.


Friday, March 20, 2015


EXO confirm April 2 as their 1st comeback stage on M!Countdown

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The first performance of EXO for their comeback is happening on the stage of M!Countdown on April 2.

It has been confirmed that the boys are going to perform their title track for the first time in broadcast from their upcoming 2nd album 'EXODUS' which will be released on 20th.

EXO have already performed their new songs in their recent concert such as 'Call Me Baby', 'Exodus', 'Full Moon', 'Hurt', a ballad track 'Playboy', 'My Answer', ''Promise'  and more.

Fans are already anticipating the April 2 episode of M!Countdown to witness their overwhelming stage comeback performance. At the meantime, EXO continue to release teaser images of each member and we have given Kai, Tao's, and Chanyeol's so far.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Lunafly introduce last and new member Yub for 'RE:BORN Lunafly'

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Lunafly has finally revealed the last and new member Sang Yub making them a four-member band now.

After introducing Jin, who will play drums in the revamped Lunafly, Yub, who was born on February 23, 1991 is taking the guitar. On his personal SNS, he introduced himself and wrote,

"Hello~ I'm Lunafly guitarist Sang Yub :) I will do my best! Please support me a lot. +_+"

Meanwhile, Lunafly is expected to show new style in their music as they revamped the band after Teo left in January. Welcome Jin and Yub!

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Key and Jungshin are the new M!Countdown MCs; special stage with GOT7

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It is confirmed that SHINee's Key and CNBlue's guitarist Jungshin are the new appointed MCs of MNET's music program M!Countdown.

To welcome them, Key and Jungshin are going to have a special stage performance with GOT7 today so fans are anticipating. Key and Jungshin are going to showcase their hosting skills starting today as they welcome comeback stages and more performances.

M!Countdown airs today at 6PM so don't miss it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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FT Island's Lee Hongki to appear on Radio Star's 'free spirit' episode

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It seems like Radio Star grants Lee Hongki's wish to appear on the program.

According to broadcast officials, Lee Hongki is scheduled to participate in the 'Radio Star' recording happening on 18th that will feature 'free-spirit' guests.

Lee Hongki definitely suits this image known for being calm, cultivated and has unique attitude. Hongki is expected to bring out interesting stories on his appearance.

Meanwhile, on February 4th broadcast of 'Radio Star', Hongki made a comment regarding the statement FNC's Han Sung Ho made on who makes more profit between CNBlue and FT Island. Hongki commented, "I'm frustrated, but I'll show you calmly. Stop smoking and start dieting." He added, "Oh, I want to go on 'Radio Star' when I make a comeback too. Producer-nim, please invite me when I make a comeback."

FT Island are returning with 5th album 'I Will' on 23rd with a pre-released track on 17th.


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