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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AOA are chosen as promotional models of RPG game 'Fantasy Hero'

AOA are chosen as the promotional models of RPG mobile game 'Fantasy Hero'.

According to Kingnet Entertainment, "AOA has been receiving much love from male gamers through their hit song 'Miniskirt' in the age bracket of 20-30 years old." They also stated that choosing AOA will definitely bring joy to the gamers through their planned promotional activities in collaboration with the girls.

Do you play this game?

Nicole opens official fancafe, Facebook, and more in preparation for comeback

Nicole's comeback to industry is drawing near and everything's prepared for her initial promotions as she open her official fancafe, Facebook, Youtube, and more.

An official Nicole's staff have launched official fancafe, Facebook Page, Twitter account, and Youtube channel wherein her promotional materials such as photos, video, updates, news will be posted.

There's no definite date and further information released but expect more details soon. Don't miss the chance to be the first to know so check the official accounts linked below:

Fancafe    ->
Twitter     ->
Facebook ->
Youtube   ->

Meanwhile, Nicole signed with B2M Entertainment for her solo comeback and will be releasing a title track from Sweetune in mid-November.

EXO-K are appointed as ambassadors of C-Festival

EXO-K have been appointed as the ambassadors of C-Festival. The ceremony took place at Samseong-dong Trade Tower in Seoul on October 21.

C-Festival is a global cultural expo which will be held at Coex Convention and Exhibition Centre and World Trade Centre complex in Seoul. The event is going to be conducted in April-May next year and expected to be attended by 3 million people. It aims to promote the complex as a tourist landmark through various promotional events like design exhibits, kpop concerts, and more.

Four members of EXO-K, Suho, Baekhyun, Kai, and Sehun attended to represent the group. Check some photos from the event below:

Super Junior-M Zhoumi to join Jiyeon and Hyeri as MCs for MTV 'The Show'

Super Junior-M Zhoumi is now revealed to be the new male host of the 4th season of  SBS MTV's 'The Show: All About K-POP' or simply 'The Show.

He will join MCs T-ara Jiyeon and Girl's Day Hyeri hosting the show starting on October 28. Since 'The Show' season 4 is co-produced by Korean and Chinese production and will be broadcasted in China through TUDOU.

Super Junior-M Zhoumi's has a huge popularity in China, and his addition to the MC line up is going to be anticipated. This is his first hosting challenge as music broadcast host but he has already hosting experiences as DJ.

ZE:A's leader Moon Junyoung to go on hiatus for reflection

Star Empire announces today that ZE:A's leader Moon Junyoung will be taking a break from all group activities as well as SNS to have time for reflection for causing worries and trouble to public especially to fans.

Star Empire posts their official statement on various platforms such as ZE:A's fancafe and SNS accounts.

The agency mentioned that the conflict was raised when ZE:A members were dissatisfied due to the agency's slow act to treat Taehyun's injury after his MMA fight. With this as the base, the members expressed that they wouldn't want to talk to their agency and in behalf of the members, Junyoung took his frustration over Twitter to get public sentiment for the agency to respond to the matter quickly. According to the agency, it wasn't the a wise move but for the leader, it was the only choice.

After the commotion on 21, Junyoung apologized about everything he had written and stated that everything was solved. However, contracting ideas and sentiment have been posted again by Junyoung stating that the solution mentioned is solely from the agency's point of view not his. Things have gotten perplexed and the public started to treat the situation ill and his words were misunderstood. Due to this, Star Empire is apologetic for the misunderstanding that caused pain to Junyoung, to his members and to his fans and expresses remorse out of the situation.

Finally, Star Empire announces that Junyoung will be temporarily halting group activities as well as SNS interactions to take time to reflect. Besides, ZE:A's leader has started to do so in the past month and expressed intent to do more for causing trouble to public especially to their fans. The agency continues, "We ask you to wait for Junyoung's return with a good image. He also expresses that you support the 8 members." Star Empire concludes their official stance by promising a new system considering ZE:A's opinions as well as agency's president Shin Joo Hak and will have harmonious and honest communication between its artists and to the fans.

What do you think about their decision?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ladies' Code's manager to be filed with criminal charges for over-speeding

In the developing investigation regarding Ladies' Code's tragic car accident occurred on September 3, that resulted to the deaths of EunB and RiSe, and left the rest injured, the police are planning to file criminal charges to manager Park Mo (27)  for over speeding.

On October 20, according to Yongin Seobu Police Station, the detailed analysis result  submitted by NISI (National Institute of Scientific Investigation ) shows that the cause of the accident is over speeding rather than vehicle malfunction.

In their statement, after analyzing the black box recovered from Starex, The Road Safety Authority revealed that Park was driving 130kph which is more than the limit of 100kph. In this case, the police are going to further look into the cause of the accident which is over speeding before turning over to prosecutors.

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EPIK HIGH to release MVs for 'Spoiler' & 'Happen Ending' ft. Kim Ji Soo

More of EPIK HIGH are coming in this midnight.

YG posted up a notice that the tracks from their 'Shoebox' album will be released online at midnight. In addition to that, music videos for their title tracks 'Spoiler' & 'Happen Ending' will be released as well.

Is it also revealed that Kim Ji Soo, a member of the upcoming YG's girl group, will be featured as the MV's heroine. Meanwhile, the physical release of 'Shoebox' will be on October 22.

Are you excited?

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Friday, October 17, 2014

YG postpones EPIK HIGH's 'Born Hater' MV release to offer condolences

EPIK HIGH fans are waiting at this hour for EPIK HIGH's anticipated MV for 'Born Hater' as it is announced to have star-studded featurings. However, fans would have to wait a little bit more as YG Entertainment announces that they are postponing the release.

Through their official Facebook page, YG posts a notice,

"In light of the recent incident at the Techno Valley concert venue in Pangyo on 10/17, YG ENTERTAINMENT will be postponing the release of Epik High' music video for "BORN HATER" originally scheduled for 10/18 at midnight, to show its sincerest condolences to all those effected. 
We will be announcing the release of the video as it becomes determined."

Fortunately, fans have understood right away as they also pray for the tragic deaths of those who have died. See the news about the tragic accident that killed 16 audiences HERE

Let's pray for their souls be rest in peace.

ChoA and Way to give out 'strawberry milk' on streets as promo event

Strawberry Milk's twins ChoA and Way are conducting an special event for fans as part of their promotional activities as a unit.

On 17, Chrome Entertainment announces that Strawberry Milk are going to give out strawberry milk on the streets as their special events for fans. It is going to be a two-day event starting from October 18 to 19.

The twins are going to start handing out delicious strawberry milk to passers by on 18 at 3PM in Sincheon and in Seokchon Lake, Jamsil  at 4PM on 19th.

Lucky those who will get strawberry milk from the twins!

[BREAKING] Total of 15 fans died in a tragic accident during 4-minute's stage at a music festival

Note: This is a developing story so there might be inconsistencies. Pray for their souls. R.I.P.

Indeed a fresh and shocking news has arrived wherein reports are stating that fans are found dead during 4-minute's performance at this afternoon's Pankyo Techno Valley Culture Festival in Sungnam.

A developing report from THE FACT confirms that a ventilation window collapsed during 4-minute's performance which caused more than  20 audience to fall down at the height of 10 meters (3 stories).

Police and rescue workers have arrived at the scene and confirmed that 15 people have died while 10 others are injured. According to reports, the window collapsed to the weight of the fans climbing up to watch 4-minute's performance.

This post is currently developing....

UPDATE: 16 dead as of 8:20PM (KST)

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2AM to comeback with a new album & track 'I'll Give You Everything'

2AM is reported to have a comeback in the end of this month with a new album and title track 'I'll Give You Everything' composed by Jo Kyu Man.

The vocal group are treating this comeback as gift to their fans as they didn't do broadcast activities for their 'Nocturne' album last year.

Meanwhile, the track will be pre-released on 27th and the album will be available offline on 30th.

Super Junior release concept image for 'Mamacita' special edition a lbum

Super Junior has released the concept image for their upcoming 7th 'Mamacita' special edition album, where the member appear in two-toned suit. Members Kangin, Donghae, and Heechul are also seen having their musical instruments.

The album will consists of 13 tracks including a special rendition of 'This Is Love' as well as three new songs. For this album, the members are involved in the planning of concept and album design, and each is expected to show their unique musical color.

It will be released online on 23rd and will be available in physical stores on 27th. Meanwhile, Super Junior are going to showcase special stages for 'This is Love' and 'Evanesce' at M!Countdown on 23rd.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

BTOB release date & jacket photos for Japanese debut single 'WOW'

Limited Edition CD+DVD+photo booklet (24pages)

BTOB unveil the jacket photos for their Japanese debut single album 'WOW'.

The boys are making a Japanese version of 'WOW', which is the title track from their domestic 2nd mini album 'Press Play' released in 2012. Just like the playful and lively concept of the song which they promoted, they are going to bring a level-up energy and youthful appeal on their Japanese debut.

Meanwhile, BTOB are making their official Japanese debut on November 12 by releasing the single album in two editions.

Regular Edition

Kris joins Huayi Brothers and confirmed casting for his third movie

Former EXO member Kris is being in-demand in China as he is confirmed to appear on his third movie directed by GuanHu.

Huayi Brothers confirms today that Wu Yifan is among the cast of the upcoming movie 老炮儿 (Lao Bao Er) alongside Feng XiaoGang, Zhang Hanyu, Xu Zheng, Jiang Wen and Zhang Guoli. This movie which is expected to premiere next year is going to be Wu Yifan’s third film after "Somewhere Only We Know" and "Passion of Heaven".

He will play the role of main lead Feng XiaoGang's rival. In addition to that, it seems like Wu Yi Fan has officially joined Huayi Brothers based on founder Wang Zhonglei's daughter's instagram post where she captioned, "Hey new family member. " 

However, the post has been deleted but fans are quick enough to take a screenshot of it.

Super Junior to return with a repackaged album & comeback stage next week

Super Junior are returning with a repackaged album next week as part of their 7th album 'Mamacita' promotions.

Today, M!Countdown airs a preview of their comeback stages next week and Super Junior are among the anticipated ones. It is talked about fans that Super Junior are promoting the track "Evanesce" from their 'Mamacita' album. The repackaged album is the group's gift to repay for fans' support and they are going to have short promotional activities this time.

The repackaged album is expected to be released on October 23 next week with a comeback stage performance at M!Countdown on the same day. Meanwhile, Sungmin, who has announced his wedding, will be participating promotional activities as usual.

Secret's sister group 'Sonamoo' introduce first three members

TS Entertainment's rookie girl group Sonamoo start to introduce members through their official Facebook page.

So far, we have three members introduced through their profile photos. They are Na Hyun, New Sun, and Eui Jin. According to their group profile, Sonamoo is going to be a 7-member girl group so we have yet to know the remaining four members.

We will update you further. Meanwhile, check out their photos below:

 Eui Jin

 Na Hyun (leader)

New Sun

2NE1 CL to make her solo American debut next year

The fierce and cool leader of 2NE1, CL is said to be making her solo debut in the United States by spring next year.

Entertainment insiders told Starnews that CL is releasing a solo song in the US next year in spring making it the first for a local artist to do so.

In regards to that, CL is planning to carry out solo album promotions in the US as part of her debut. Moreover, she is reported to be working with Scooter Braun as her talent manager in her advancement in the US. Scooter Braun has worked with Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and more popular singers, so expectations for CL is rising.

In fact, in April last year, CL has met up with the famous American manager through PSY, and noted her for being a talented female rapper and fashionista. CL is fluent in English, so there's going to be no problem in language barrier as she enters American industry.

Are you anticipating this?
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jessica conducts a 'BLANC & ECLARE Design Competition' for a cause

Jessica is currently conducting a design competition through her fashion line "BLANC & ECLARE" which aims to help prevent and treat child abuse.

On October 15, the news about the competition and its purpose is posted on her brand's website. Read the full statement below:

15 OCTOBER 2014: Today, international artist and BLANC & ECLARE Head Designer Jessica Jung has announced a new initiative, “BLANC & ECLARE LOVES GIVING”, in partnership with global charity group Help For Children, which aims to prevent and treat child abuse.

The first BLANC & ECLARE charity initiative is a Design Competition that invites the public to design a pair of sunglasses, with the winning design ultimately joining the BLANC & ECLARE collection with 100% of the profits going to the brand’s charity partner.

Budding fashion designers and fans can enter the BLANC & ECLARE Design Competition by submitting sketches via email to On November 20, 2014, the entry period will close and a shortlist that will be featured on a designated website where people can cast their vote. The winning design by majority vote will be announced shortly thereafter with presales and expected delivery by Spring 2015.         

It is Jessica’s long term vision for her fashion line BLANC & ECLARE that inspired this collaboration.

Jessica Jung commented: “Launching BLANC & ECLARE has been a dream come true and I am so proud and excited to be able to share that dream with Help For Children who are very close to my heart. I admire the outstanding contribution this charity has made and feel privileged to partner with them to help improve more children’s lives in more places all over the world with the support of BLANC & ECLARE fans who will share the journey with us.”

George Saffayeh, Board Director of Help For Children Asia said: "We are excited about this wonderful initiative and working with the Coridel Group in aligning the philanthropic goals of both Help For Children and BLANC & ECLARE. Through this collaboration, we look forward to effectively building the awareness, prevention and treatment of child abuse in Asia and around the world."

Chairman & CEO of the Coridel Group, Tyler Kwon added: “We were honored to help bring together BLANC & ECLARE and its new global charity partner Help For Children because we all share the same vision; that is to make a difference to disadvantaged lives everywhere. We look forward to supporting the long term collaboration as the BLANC & ECLARE brand strives to put positive social change at the heart of its business endeavors.”

For detailed information on the competition entry mechanics, along with its terms and conditions, visit

BLANC & ECLARE Eyewear Collection is available online at and in specialty shops and exclusive retail locations.


Everyone, try your designing skills and luck to help children in need.

Kangin clears up Sungmin's wedding is not a 'shotgun wedding'

On the October 15th broadcast of MBC 'Show Champion', MC Kangin is apparently asked to comment about his fellow Super Junior member Sungmin's wedding announcement made a day before.

To this, Kangin is reported to mention, "It's definitely not a shotgun wedding," probably responding to the malicious comments made by netizens upon the news of their wedding broke out.

On October 14, Sungmin has announced that he's going to marry his girlfriend actress Kim Sa Eun on December 13 through a letter he posted on his blog.

Note: A shotgun wedding is a wedding that is arranged to avoid embarrassment due to an unplanned pregnancy, rather than out of the desire of the participants. (source)

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