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Friday, July 29, 2016

EXO Baekhyun Has Fans Gone Crazy Over His 'Nutella Abs'

EXO Baekhyun drops his bomb tonight at their concert in Seoul.

During his solo stage and 'Monster', Baekhyun strips off his shirt and flashes his 'nutella abs' enough to make fans gone mad and take over SNS as soon as preview photos are shared.

Who wouldn't? See more updates from EXO's concert by checking this hashtag #EXOrDIUMinSeoulDay4.

Check the video below:

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Twice's Jihyo on 'Mask Singer' Prejudice Towards Body Figure Surfaced

Seems like there's a boiling argument regarding how viewers try to guess the identity of 'Mask Singer' performers.

In the latest episode where Twice's Jihyo appeared, netizens are in rage towards the prejudices concerning the comments relating to 'Little Ghost' body figure.

On 'Mask Singer' bulletin boards, comments such as "She looks like a mother," "She has trapezius muscle." "That shoulder line doesn't look like an idol" are posted and receive criticisms. The issue is that the panel seems to assess the performers based on their body figure more than their vocal skills.

Netizens demand feedback and apology for offensive comments especially when Jihyo is revealed to be the singer behind the 'Little Ghost' mask. They comment, "Why are you basing your vote from their body figures?","You only need to judge their vocals why mention how they look?" "This program is supposed to drop prejudices and only assess performers through their voice but I guess I have to think about it again." and more. In response to this, 'Mask Singer' PD No Si-Yong clarifies,

"This program's format is to cover the face with a mask, viewers have to guess only from their voice but it happened that they also evaluate the identity through their appearance. This kind of assessment must have been uncomfortable to some viewers, so we'll keep this in mind. The staff will be more careful in the future so this won't happen again."

FT Island Takes 1st Win at 'The Show' Comeback Stage #TakeMeNow1stWin

FT Island kicks off their comeback stages with a win at 'The Show' today.

The band greets their fans with a sweet serenade and intense performance for 'We Are...' and 'Take Me Now'' showcasing their varieties of music. Although it's their first comeback stage, FT Island proves that they are indeed one anticipated comeback and takes home first trophy for title track 'Take Me Now".

Congratulations! Watch their performance and encore below:

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Twice Jihyo Performs on 'King of Mask Singer'

Twice Jihyo has appeared on 'King of Mask Singer' tonight.

Twice Jihyo, who disguised under 'Little Ghost' performs a sweet duet "Dream" with male idol "Baby Demon". The two give a lovely performance with their warm vocals and harmony.

However, Jihyo didn't make it to the second round and her identity was revealed surprising the panel and the viewers. Watch their performance below:

MBC Music 'Show Champion Live in Manila' Reveals Complete Line-up

The show is ready to go on as MBC Music "Show Champion Live in Manila' brings a total of 9 kpop acts to Philippines.

Organized by MBC Music, together with All Access Production and Lumos E&M, a 3-hour special stage performances from BTS, M&D, VIXX, BAP, AOA, Gugudan, Sonamoo, Astro and KNK is happening on September 3, 2016.

Ticket prices range from P8000-P3000 while pre-selling starts on July 31. More details will be released very soon so keep yourself updated by checking All Access Production Facebook or Twitter!

Somi and Nayoung at LG vs Doosan Game, I.O.I Comeback is Just Around the Corner

I.O.I Somi and Nayoung were at KBO League LG vs Doosan baseball game yesterday for the ceremonial first pitch at Jamsil Stadium. The pretty girls are bursting with energy greeting the game watchers but their fans are just excited upon seeing the girls new haircolor presuming their nearing comeback.

I.O.I is expected to make a comeback as a unit this summer. See some photos below:

Former Beast's Jang Hyunseung to 'Hit The Stage'

Since his withdrawal from Beast, Hyunseung will be making his first ever broadcast appearance as a contestant on MNET's "Hit The Stage".

According to Cube Entertainment, Hyunseung is having the recording today. Regarding to his appearance on the show, Cube says that Hyunseung will only appear once. He is expected to flare up the stage with his dancing skills and stage presence.

Meanwhile, "Hit The Stage" premieres on 27th with Hyoyeon, Taemin, Bora, Hoya, U-kwon, Shownu, Momo, and Ten while the episode with Hyunseung follows up afterwards. With this, Hyunseung is expected to resume broadcast activities prior to his solo album.

Friday, July 22, 2016

'Train to Busan' Director Reveals His Thoughts Regarding Sohee's Acting Controversy

Netizens have a lot of negative feedback towards Ahn Sohee's acting in the movie 'Train to Busan' saying that she makes awkward appearances on her scenes.

During his interview with Herald Pop, Director Yong Sang Ho shares his candid thoughts about Sohee, who plays the role of a carefree highschool and cheerleader student.

He says, "I absolutely didn't regret it." He continues, "The idea that Sohee's acting is bad didn't even occur to me. All these talks about her bad acting, I don't know where they are coming from. Although I think talks about Sohee still having the strong image as Wonder Girls are going around, but in the movie, I think there's no problem. It's not like there's no problem at all but she did well."

Director Sang Ho also explains that people who are criticizing Sohee and Choi Woo Sik are taking their characters too seriously which is not necessary since their roles are lighter than the other main actors. (T/N: Some details about Sohee and Woo Sik omitted to avoid spoilers)

What do you think about his explanation?

Hyoyeon, Bora, and Momo Strike Poses Together at 'Hit the Stage' PressCon

The dancing ladies SNSD's Hyoyeon, SISTAR's Bora and Twice's Momo gather together for media photo op at the press conference of Mnet's new dancing show 'Hit the Stage'.

The three ladies strike variety of poses and are all looking gorgeous. Hyoyeon and Bora seem to be so carefree while Momo, who also shines together with her sunbaes, confidently poses for the camera.

Aside from these three gorgeous ladies, SHINee's Taemin, Infinite's Hoya, Block B's U-Kwon, Monsta X's Shownu and NCT's Ten are also appearing. "Hit the Stage" premieres on July 27 at 11PM KST.

'Me Before You' Author Jojo Moyes Hopes For Seventeen Wonwoo's Recovery

Seventeen Wonwoo, who skipped 'Very Nice' promotions to recover completely received a well-deserved message from a special person.

The author of best-selling novel "Me Before You" which is now a major motion picture, Jojo Moyes gave a shoutout to Wonwoo.

Apparently, a fan tweet mentioned Jojo Moyes on Twitter informing her that Wonwoo had his birthday and that he's currently resting requesting for a greeting for Wonwoo. As generous as she is, Jojo Moyes replied,

FYI, Wonwoo has been recommending the book 'Me Before You' to fans and Carats and a self-claimed fan of the book. Many Carats has read the book and even watched the movie because of Wonwoo's recommendation.

GFriend Releases Their Very Own Kakaotalk Emoticons

Buddies can now enjoy using their Kakaotalk using GFriend's emoticons.

The adorable emoticons of the girls can now be purchased and you can use it to your hearts content as it has no expiry. The cute emoticons which the girls adorably expressed includes "fighting!", "heart attack", "ok!", "congratulations!", "haha!", "i'm hurt" and more.

Buddies will surely enjoy chatting with their fellows even more. Get this GFriend emoticon set here

Park Shin Hye To Establish 'Shin Hye Center' in the Philippines

Actress Park Shin Hye has a heart of gold.

Following her 'Shin Hye Center in Ghana', Park Shin Hye establishes another one in Manila, Philippines.

For the August issue of 'Singles' magazine, KFHI or Korea Food for the Hungry International releases some photos of their ambassador Park Shin Hye when she visited Sampaloc, Manila to meet less privileged children last March.

According to the actress' agency, S.A.L.T Entertainment, prior to the construction of 'Shin Hye Center' in Manila, Park Shin Hye met with some children and interacted with them one by one. During that time as well, Park Shin Hye has discussed and planned the construction with Children Alliances Center. On her visit, Shin Hye played and treated 150 locals to lunch. Currently, the Children Alliance Center in Sampaloc is being used but due to the harsh environment and financial difficulties, it's hard to gather support for the children.

In the future, 'Shin Hye Center' will be established and together with KFHI and the Children Alliance Center, it will be used as a multipurpose cultural center for all the residents. Meanwhile, the construction for 'Shin Hye Center' in Manila is expected to be completed in October this year. The fund was raised thanks to the support of Park Shin Hye and her fans. The actress will continue to support children through donation and hands-on charitable services.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

EXO Chen Politely Declares That He's Refusing Fangifts

EXO Chen's heart is already a gift to fans.

On 19th, EXO Chen posted a message on EXO-L website to update their fans about their concert preparation. First, Chen shared that they are doing well and both excited and nervous.

He followed up by taking the opportunity to express what he really wanted to say. Chen wrote that he and the other members have been very thankful for the gifts they received from EXO-Ls but it's now enough to receive only their hearts suggesting fans to refrain from sending him gifts anymore.

As for the reason, Chen expressed that although he wanted to show to the fans that he is using their gifts, it's hard to do so and there might be some misunderstanding in the future. Chen also made sure that he treasures every little presents he received as he knows the meaning fans put on it.

Lastly, Chen hoped that fans wouldn't be upset with his decision since he can feel fans' love and support on their stage and not only through gifts. What a thoughtful guy!

DIA's Chaeyeon Flaunts Her Slender Body

DIA's Chaeyeon is not just pretty face but she has pretty body too and she's proud enough to show it to you.

Chaeyeon shares a photo on her instagram with the caption "Finished preparing for holiday! But where to go?" In the photo, Chaeyeon looks innocently pretty but her slender body and tiny waist are also attractive.

Where do you think she'll spend her holiday?

Dara Looking Bold in Pictorial Preview with a Harem of Cats

2NE1's Dara is going to stun us once again with her upcoming pictorial for L'officiel Singapore. According to the teaser, Dara is going to do a

"bold transformation from gamine songstress to sensual feline, alongside a charming harem of cats." In the preview clip, we can see Dara sporting a platinum bob cut hair with bold make up and stylish outfits surrounded by cats.

It's gonna be one epic pictorial! Don't miss their August issue! See the clip below:

Kris and Luhan Reach Settlement with SM Entertainment With Some Conditions

The long legal endeavor has now come to an end. Kris and Luhan are officially no longer associated with EXO  after reaching settlement with SM Entertainment along with some conditions.

Today, July 21st, both sides of Luhan and Kris release official statement regarding the matter. The contract dispute the two former EXO members filed are now dismissed and both can continue their career freely except in Japan and Korea. In regards to the existing contracts of Luhan and Kris with SM Entertainment, they are to remain artists under SM Entertainment until 2022 but won't be no longer a part of EXO.

According to a legal representative from SM, the specific details regarding the settlement cannot be disclosed but it's a fact that Kris and Luhan have to maintain their exclusive contract with SM until 2022 meaning, Luhan and Kris can now freely work as individual artists but will keep the revenue distribution with SM Entertainment until their exclusive contracts expire in the said year.

In short the settlement conditions are as follow:

1. Maintain the contract validity until 2022.
2. Wu YiFan and LuHan can continue their career and respective activities without SM Entertainment's consent anywhere except Japan and Korea.
3. Must distribute their revenue with SM Entertainment until 2022.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Netizens React Negatively to Onew's 'Rookie Award'

Apparently, not everyone is happy for SHINee's Onew, who is overwhelmed to have received a 'Rookie Award' from "Scene Stealer Festival 2016" for his acting on popular drama 'Descendants of the Sun'.

While fans and some netizens agreed that Onew was indeed a scene stealer on the drama, some netizens vent out their disappointment. A top trending news article on Nate has top comments that read as follows:

[+1325,-26]????? that kind of acting from Descendants of the Sun received an award???

[+1204,-26] ???

[+1114,-31] Onew whose acting you don't know if he's crying or laughing?

[+67,-1] oh I saw that, that facial expression on Descendants of the Sun (talking about his crying during thank you speech)

Some expressed that his acting in the drama doesn't give justice to his rookie acting award while others defend that it was the character he had to portray that is problematic. What do you think?

Onew Cries Upon Receiving 'Rookie Award'? Bursting with Sense of Humor

Onew receives 'Rookie Award' from 'Scene Stealer Festival 2016'for his acting appearance in the hit drama "Descendants of the Sun".

Onew is already bursting with sense of humor as he moonwalks to the podium to deliver his thank you speech. On his speech, Onew is so overwhelmed expressing that through the said drama, he made his significant acting debut as a starring role after 10 years as an idol. He says, "There are so many amazing actors here today and I couldn't believe that I'll get a scene stealer award. It's all thanks to my sunbaes who supported me."

While sharing that he cried a lot in the drama, Onew brings up his sense of humor and acts as if he's crying telling the audience that he wants to showcase his acting ability however the time is up and the lights turned off. Watch his speech below:

Suzy Becomes the New Muse of 'Guess', Jun Jihyun's Successor

Another fashion brand added to Suzy's endless endorsement deals.

Suzy has been chosen as the new muse for denim brand 'Guess' having succeeded the previous brand model actress Jun Ji Hyun.

Suzy will start her endorsement promotions for Guess' F/W collection of trendiest and contemporary casual wears. Moreover, this year also marks the 10th anniversary of "Guess Korea" so expect special promotional activities with Suzy.

Suzy has now joined the big names in the industry including Jun Jihyun, Lee Hyori, Jeon WooSung, Lee Minho and more who became models for 'Guess'.

MBC to Bring 'Show Champion Live' in Manila in September

Philippines be ready as this could be the biggest Kpop event this year!

MBC Music, together with All Access Production and Lumos E&M are bringing their music show 'Show Champion Live!' closer to Filipino kpop fans and that means a jam-packed of kpop idol groups and special stage performances.

"MBC Music Show Champion Live! in Manila" is happening on September 3, 2016. More details such as line up, venue and ticket prices will be released very soon so keep yourself updated by checking All Access Production Facebook or Twitter!

Which group do you want to be on the line up? Start saving up!