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Friday, October 2, 2015

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Rejoice! Yunho and Jaejoong talk and interact!

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Cassies are so much overwhelmed today and it appears like it would last for many days and Yunho and Jaejoong have finally seen interacting with each other.

Six long years have passed after the tear-jerking break up of TVXQ and fans strongly believe that the five members would be together again in any possible circumstances in the future and they are not hoping in vain.

Today, at "13th Ground Forces Festival Opening Ceremony" Yunho and Jaejoong are pictured together and as the day progresses, many happenings have occurred between that two. Fans who attended the first day uploaded photos and videos proving their accounts that Yunho and Jaejoong did not only attend and see each other but they actually talked and interacted. Moreover, Jaejoong and Yunho share one tent during break time.

Fans also photographed Jaejoong and Yunho greeting each other's parents and family backstage creating harmonious atmosphere suggesting that there's no awkwardness at all. Meanwhile, this event is until October 6 so let's anticipate something greater.

Credits: photo as tagged

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Epik High's Mithra Jin gets married to Kwon Dahyun today

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Epik High's maknae Mithra Jin marries his girlfriend Kwon Dahyun today!

The wedding takes place in a wedding hall attended by their close friends from entertainment industry, family, friends and more. In fact, Super Junior Kim Heechul and actress Baek Jin Hee share photos straight from the ceremony today.

The photos show Mithra Jin in dashing suit and Kwon Dahyun in beautiful wedding gown walking down the aisle and facing each other at the platform. They look very happy and nervous at the same time especially Mithra Jin.

Other guests who attend the wedding ceremony and share their photos are indie band Hyukoh, 2NE1's Dara, Gray, Loco, Tablo, and more.

Congratulations and best wishes! See photos below:

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[Breaking] Yunho & Jaejoong cross paths today

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Fans anticipated and hopeful for this to happen.

TVXQ's Yunho and JYJ's Jaejoong have finally crossed paths in public today at "13th Ground Forces Festival Opening Ceremony" where Yunho, wearing a red uniform serves as the host and Jaejoong, in black, gives a live performance.

Fans on the scene have shared accounts, aside from fantaken photos, that Yunho is smiling and clapping during Jaejoong's performance. Although there are no direct interactions between the two, fans are overwhelmed to have seen the two on the same stage and acknowledge the presence of each other.

They comment, "It took 6 years to have these two in one photo.","This moment will go down the memory lane.","I hope this is the start of something new.","This makes me so happy." and so on.

Fantaken photos: YoonjaeloveBAR, @JungYunWhore,

Thursday, October 1, 2015

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Why Soyu cries upon winning no.1 at M!Countdown today?

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It's not even the first time Sistar or Soyu herself wins no.1 on music programs but fans are very curious why Soyu cries during her winning speech at M!Countdown today with their duet song "Lean on Me" with Kwon Jeong Yeol.

In regards to that, Osen reaches to Starship Entertainment to find out why. According to the agency, "Soyu is in a state where her waist has been hurting a lot so performing and winning no.1 is very thrilling and extra overwhelming for her."

Soyu then expresses her thoughts through a Twitter update, "Proof photo with Kwon Jung Yeol oppa!! I didn't think we will win no.1 so I wasn't able to say thank you~ despite that you already know that I'm really grateful even though I don't say it right? thank you!! Warmly finished this rainy day by listening to 'Lean on Me'!"

In fact, at today's performance, Soyu is indeed looking not in shape. She is not in her usual bubbly image and appeared very calm. It turns out that Soyu is suffering a severe back pain.

Fans then express that they indeed noticed Soyu's not in good condition today and comment, "She really looks sick today but she still manages to perform very well. Congratulations.","Please take care of your health.","Don't feel pain in the future."

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YG reveals the identity of the woman Seungri is spotted with in Taiwan

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Chinese media firstly reported that they have spotted Seungri with several women partying at a club in Taiwan.

Although YG Entertainment responded that they were aware of Seungri's whereabouts that day they didn't answer the vital question 'Who is the woman he was photographed holding hands with' until today.

After a day news spread in Korean websites, YG Entertainment finally reveals the identity of the woman and why they didn't respond immediately. YG tells StarNews about the women he partied with at the club, "It was during an after-party and he (Seungri) was with his acquaintances."

They stated that after Big Bang's concert in Taiwan, Seungri was invited by some acquaintances for an after-party celebration and it's not of a big deal. Apparently, YG is implying that the woman Seungri was spotted holding hands with is a close acquaintance.



Brown Eyed Girls sign with Apop; one agency with Gain

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After being free agents for a while after leaving Nega Network, Brown Eyed Girls Jea, Miryo and Narsha decided to be all together and signed exclusive contract with Apop Entertainment, basically joining Gain.

Apop Entertainment officially states, "We will support Brown Eyed Girls future activities as a group and individual." Apop is a music label of Mystic Entertainment that houses Gain since she left Nega Network in 2013 and now all Brown Eyed Girls members are back together in one agency.

In regards to that, the group comeback of BEG is definitely being anticipated and they are expected to release an album this fall.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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G-Dragon & Kiko 'are still in a special relationship'

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New reports are dismissing the speculation that G-Dragon and Kiko have broken up.

A representative from one agency relays to Edaily, "Although it has been reported that G-Dragon and Kiko have broken up, recently they seem to be still together in a special relationship."

"Even though both of them have tight schedules, they exchange messages all day like lovers, and continue like that."

The break-up reports are never confirmed or suggested from both parties officially so it could be that they are still together this way. What do you think?



Chinese fan invades Jo Insung's house; agency updates the situation

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A fan has once again crossed the line and invaded actor Jo Insung's house.

According to news reports, Chinese fan (31), who broke into Jo Insung's house and created riot, has been arrested.

According to Seoul Songpa Police Station who are responsible for the investigation, they have arrested the Chinese fan for interrogation. According to them, around 12:20AM of September 30, the fan was screaming for the actor to come out creating riot in Bangi-dong, Seoul.

In regards to that, Jo Insung's agency state, "Jo Insung, along with his family in the house were very surprised when the Chinese fan broke into their property and started screaming. Fortunately, there's no damages." They added that they are still waiting for the result of the investigation involving the said Chinese fan.

Having said that, it seems like the fan can be held no charges unless Jo Insung files a case of burglary.

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Ahn Sohee is now in Keyeast; becomes labelmates with Kim Soo Hyun

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Former Wonder Girls member Sohee who now pursues acting signed an exclusive contract with Keyeast Entertainment founded by Bae Yong-joon.

After leaving her former agency BH Entertainment, Sohee has become free agent for some times and received love calls from various agencies. At the end, she chooses Keyeast Entertainment which homes to superstar celebrities Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ye Seul, Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Hyun Woo, Son Dambi, Uhm Taewoong and more.

According to a representative of Keyeast, Sohee has a big and infinite potential as an actress with her previous experiences as performer. There are many things she haven't shown to the public yet and through various activities in the future, the agency will be helping Sohee to showcase herself in different aspects.

Meanwhile, Sohee is starring in upcoming movie "For Busan".

Friday, September 25, 2015

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[Survey] AOA and Seolhyun are most favorited by soldier oppas

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A recent survey conducted is released revealing the top 6 girl groups who make soldiers' hearts flutter and top 5 female  idols they want to be girlfriend.

For these survey, a total of 1500 soldiers from various divisions were asked starting last week.  Here are the Top 6 of best girl group and followed by the top 5 female idols soldiers want to be their girlfriends.

Girl groups who make soldier oppas' hearts flutter

1. AOA - 327 votes (21.80%)
2. Girl's Day - 239 votes (15.93%)
3. Red Velvet - 139 votes (9.27%)
4. Girls Generation - 135 votes (9.00%)
5. APink - 125 votes (8.33%)
6. EXID - 120 votes (8.00%)

Girl group member who soldier wants to be girlfriend

1. AOA Seolhyun - 215 votes (14.3%)
2. EXID Hani - 119 votes (7.9%)
3. Girl's Day Hyeri - 102 votes (6.8%)
4. AOA Choa - 100 votes (6.7%)
5. SNSD Taeyeon - 93 votes (6.2%)

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Starship decides to take legal actions against sajaegi accusations

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Starship Entertainment are going to take the sajaegi accusation rumors that target their artists to the court.

The agency states in their press release today that people behind the recent malicious rumors and personal attacks towards their artists, regarding false claims of "sajaegi" or digital chart manipulation will be subjected to criminal complaints.

Starship expresses that the reason is their artists cannot bear personal attacks anymore whenever they release a song. They are often the target of insults and offensive comments which are libelous. The results have been damaging to their artists' reputation and honor are singers.

They add that they tried to overlook the matter for a very long time but it can't be ignored anymore as the artists worked hard but often feel hurt whenever they have an achievement.

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Kyuhyun to hold his first solo concert

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Super Junior Kyuhyun is the 3rd SM artist to hold his first solo concert for "The Agit" series.

His concert will follow after SNSD's Taeyeon, who is expected to release her solo debut album sometime soon. Kyuhyun's solo debut "At Gwanghwamun" released in November last year, greatly appealed to the public and many are anticipating to watch him perform more songs.

Kyuhyun's solo concert "And It's Fall Again" is happening on November 6~8 and 13~15 at Coex Artium, SMTOWN Theater. Tickets will be available starting on October 1 at 8pm through YES24.

With his solo concert coming up, we can expect his 2nd album to be released soon.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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Lee Seung Gi takes selfies with Kim Soo Hyun & Lee Min Ho!

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Multi-talented star Lee Seung Gi has taken selfies with his fellow Hallyu superstars in the recent episode of "New Journey to the West".

On one of his missions, he had to take photos with five Hallyu stars. Since he realized that it's quite impossible to find Hallyu stars on the streets, he resorted to  advertising standees and rushed along the streets to find some.

Luckily, he quickly found Kim Soo Hyun's and Lee Min Ho's lifesize standees and even greeted "It's good to see you." before taking selfies with the standees which cracked up viewers and netizens. That's so hilarious!

Let's hope someday these three drop-dead-gorgeous men take 'real' group selfie together!

Monday, September 21, 2015


Henry is very sweet to his pretty sister Whitney!

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Henry and his sister Whitney are such as nice pair of siblings!

It seems like Whitney is visiting Korea and Henry picked her up from the airport today. So generous of him to share a photo with her and even let her give fans a greeting.

Through his flitto audio update, we can hear the sweet voice of his sister greeting everyone. According to them, his sister is sick so they ate Korean food first. His sister is also amazed by Korean airport.

On the other hand, the two look so close and sweet in the photo with Henry feeding Whitney while looking at the camera. They must have such a good relationship. Listen to the audio update HERE  for their full conversation.


IU to comeback with a self-produced album this fall

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IU is reported to be having a comeback this fall with a self-produced album.

Her agency LOEN Tree confirms, "IU is in the middle of producing an album all by herself so she's really hands-on with a quite heavy load on her shoulders." The agency adds, "The exact release date is still undecided but it is expected to be this fall."

Meanwhile, IU released her last album "Modern Times" two years ago so fans are excited with her next album added with much anticipation that it's going to be a self-produced one. Expect a high-quality album from IU!

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1Punch's One is now a YG Entertainment's artist

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One (Jung Jaewon) of 1PUNCH is reported to  have signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment and now labelmates with Big Bang, 2NE1, Winner, iKON, and more.

One originally debuted under D-Business Entertainment, but upon agreement with YG Entertainment, he will continue his activities as YG artist from now on.

After debuting as a duo 1PUNCH, formed by Brave Brothers and D-Business on January 22 this year with Punch (Samuel), One joined "Show Me The Money 4" to showcase his rapping skills and YG Entertainment saw potential in him as an idol rapper and currently training him.

UPDATE 1: Brave Entertainment confirms that 1PUNCH has naturally disbanded and One has not signed exclusive contract with them. On the other hand, PUNCH is preparing for a separate comeback.

UPDATE 2: YG confirms to MBN Star that One has indeed signed contract with them but album release date and promotions are not yet decided.

Sources 1 2 3

Friday, September 18, 2015

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Jackson declines Hani's invitation to sleep together, why?

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On the recent episode of "Laws of the Jungle in Nicaragua", seems like the new idol members are now very comfortable with each other especially Hani.

While preparing to sleep, Jackson passes by Hani, who is sleeping warmly and comfortably in a tent, (thanks to the consideration of her oppas), and she boldly and jokingly asks him, "Since I'm alone, shall we sleep together?"

Jackson seems a bit flustered to Hani's mischievous question but replies, "No." When Hani asks if he's shy, Jackson wittily answers, "because "sleeping together" would definitely be the top searched keyword in portal sites," and made them both laugh.

Well, Jackson isn't wrong after all 'coz it's trending on Nate. (Haha!)

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Ailee spotted on a wheelchair upon arrival in Argentina

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Weeks ago it was reported that Ailee suffered an injury on her foot and toe while filming her comeback music video and was diagnosed to rest at least a month. However, Ailee insisted to go with planned September 30 comeback schedule.

In fan-taken photos uploaded online today, Ailee is spotted using a wheelchair upon her arrival at Ezeiza International Airport in Argentina. She has a cast on her right leg. Despite that, she didn't miss to smile at fans who are waiting to welcome her and waved at them.

In regards to this, Ailee is staying in Argentina to perform for "Korean Music Festival 2015". We salute your passion. Hoping for your quick recovery Ailee!

A video posted by Laura Winnipeg (@laura_wt20) on

A video posted by Laura Winnipeg (@laura_wt20) on

Photo & Video credits: AnyWinnipeg on Twitter and laura_wt20 on Instagram

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[WGM] Sungjae's 'lips gift' to Joy is successful + get intimate in the club

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On this Sunday's episode of "We Got Married", Sungjae is finally giving his birthday gift to Joy.

Last week, Sungjae made Joy flustered when he said "I prepared 'lips present' for you" Joy said in the interview that she didn't know what to do just in case her husband do some unexpected behavior. However, some photos for the upcoming episode are released showing the two spending time at a club.

After receiving Sungjae's "lips present", Joy is interviewed and recounted the moment which made her extremely shy. Just what kind of "lips present" it is? Let's all find out this Sunday!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

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SM announces Taeyeon's solo concert after solo debut!

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SM Entertainment has just announced that SNSD Taeyeon is the second artist to have a solo concert for their concert brand series "THE AGIT".

It further intensifies the anticipation for Taeyeon's solo debut album as the concert will follow after its release. Taeyeon's first ever solo concert "Taeyeon's Very Special Day" will take place on October 23-25 and October 30 - November 1 at SMTOWN Theater.

Expect Taeyeon's solo album to released anytime soon!


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