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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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PSY and Lovelyz announce new albums + teaser images

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PSY is back!!!!

World star PSY announces his comeback with "PSY 7TH ALBUM" along with a comic teaser image of himself. A countdown has also started and we can expect the release of the album and new MV on December 1.

Aside from PSY, lovely girls of Lovelyz also make their fans happy by surprising them with a comeback teaser image for new album "Lovelinuz" showing the group facing backwards wearing pink and blue varsity uniforms. Unfortunately, there's no exact date released yet but let's anticipate the following details soon!

Are you excited for PSY and Lovelyz' comebacks?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


G-Friend reveal their rooms for the first time on 'One Fine Day'

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On the November 17th broadcast of G-Friend's "One Fine Day" which features their travel to the Philippines, the girls reveal their dorm for the first time.

On the pilot episode, the girls are seen packing their luggage and preparing for their vacation in the Philippines. In particular, their room is also aired revealing several pairs of double-decks for the six members. They also show off each of their beds and reveal that four dongsaengs are sharing a room while two eonnies share one.

Meanwhile, G-Friend filmed in the Philippines, particularly in resorts in Cebu and Bohol last month and they are sharing their travel in the next episodes.

Monday, November 16, 2015

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Girl's Day Yura impresses with her high-quality oil painting!

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Girl's Day fans have known that Yura is very artistic and can draw and sketch portraits skillfully however netizens are in awe after seeing her first finished oil-painting.

Yura shares her finished product on her instagram and revealed that it's her first oil painting. She painted a picturesque of a sunset reflected on a wonderful lake. The colors are blending so well that netizens are full of admiration towards her.

They flood her with compliments by commenting, "I know she's good in art but this is such a high-quality painting!","This is equal to a professional painter. She's so amazing.","With this quality, she can actually set up a studio and her works will sell well!","Pretty, talented and so artistic. Yura is so charming."

She's definitely on a different level of art major students among idols!

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A Cube to take legal action against netizens attacking Chorong

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APink's agency A Cube Entertainment has informed the public that they are no longer tolerating netizens who are spreading unfounded rumors and malicious comments attacking their artists, particularly the recent event involving Chorong.

On their official statement, the agency reiterates, "We have been receiving malicious comments and sexual remarks against our artist and we are going to take legal action to those internet users who are spreading it. We are now in the process of consolidating evidences from the internet and we ask people to send us tips."

They add, "The false information is getting serious and it's indeed an act of defamation which is damaging out artists' image and reputation. Moreover it also affects their family and friends who are hurt by these groundless accusations. This will apply to all our artists and we are going to respond strongly without leniency."

In regards to that, A Cube is implying that this does not only apply to Chorong's recent issue but also to their other artist like Huhgak and other future act of defamation.


TaeTiSeo are gearing for a December comeback!

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Various media outlets report that Girls Generation's vocal unit TaeTiSeo are releasing a new album in December.

SM confirms the news and states, "Taetiseo are currently committed to their last minute preparation and our goal is to make a comeback next month. They are releasing a new song but specific dates will be determined after Girls Generation concert."

Meanwhile, SNSD are holding solo concerts "Phantasia" in Seoul on November 21 and 22 at the Olympic Park Stadium. Fans can anticipate the official notice of Taetiseo's comeback after the concert.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

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Heechul appointed as MC at Lee Hongki's solo debut showcase

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Super Junior Kim Heechul is all out support for his best friend Lee Hongki by being the host for Hongki's solo debut showcase.

FNC Entertainment confirms that news this morning that along with the details of Lee Hongki's "FM302" solo debut showcase which will take place on November 18 at MUV Hall in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

The agency states, "On this day, Kim Hee Chul is going to be the MC at Hongki's solo debut showcase. Being one of his closest friend, the two personally talked about this."

Meanwhile, Lee Hongki will release his first mini album at midnight on November 18. In addition to that, his music video for title track "Insensible" will feature his another close friend Park Shin Hye.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


f(x) nabs #4walls1stwin; shed tears of happiness

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f(x) prove that they are stronger than ever with their comeback with 4 Walls.

At today's M!Countdown, the revamped f(x), who made their comeback as four-member group nab their first win. Overwhelmed how everything is turning alright, Luna and Krystal weren't able to contain their emotions and started shedding tears while hugging each other.

Meanwhile, leader Victoria gave her thank you speech especially for their fans who have been always with them. f(x) was up against Lim Chang Jung for this week.  Congratulations f(x)!

Thursday, October 22, 2015


[VIRAL] You'll be surprised after knowing her age!

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Japanese hot 43 year old meteorologist Nakagawa Yuko has become the hot topic among netizen with her latest photoshoot project, wait, wait, 43 years old??

Yes, she's 43 this year but still having the face and figure of a 20s, wonder how she manages to achieve that? Check out the clip below

Monday, October 19, 2015


f(x) start their comeback hype!

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f(x) finally set the green light for the comeback as SM releases mysterious images on @fx_4walls instagram accounts and a video clip on the group's website.

But to delight every f(x) fans out there, rest assured that the girls have a surprise on October 21 at 8PM although it's not yet clear if it's their comeback date.

The instagram photos make a symbol out of boxes with members' initials V, A, L, and K along with the words [4 Walls] An Exhibit emphasizing the revamped quartet!

Anticipate every release starting today!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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SMRookies officially introduces Taeil as new member!

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A new handsome face is joining ‎SR15B‬ team of SMRookies and he is Taeil.

He has been a trainee since 2013 but belatedly introduced officially. From Seoul, Moon Taeil is 22 years old and was born on June 14, 1994. Taeil's special skills is playing guitar and his blood type is O. It is known to SMRookies fans that he's on the vocal team.

Taeil greets everyone,

"Hello I'm smrookies' Taeil. I'm going to meet everyone for the first time at Rookies Show Please stay tuned I'll be showing you the cool and brilliant singer in the future so please support me!! I can do it! You can do it! We can do it!!!"

It appears like Taeil is joining Rookies show on 19th! Are you excited? Watch their promotional video with Taeil below:

Friday, October 9, 2015

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BTOB's Eunkwang wants to be reborn as Sungjae + maknae's touching message

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BTOB's leader Eunkwang reveals an interesting desire to be reborn as Sungjae, if he has a chance to.

On today's episode of "Quiz to Change The World", there's a special segment about leader and maknae where Eunkwang talks how active Sungjae is nowadays. He praises his as he says, "Sungjae can do everything." He continues, "Sungjae's face is the type I like the best. If I were to be reborn, I want to be born as Sungjae."

He also reveals that they divide the income together and he must do well for Sungjae and Kim Gura wittily adds, "Of course. That's why you cleaned his room."

On the same episode, Sungjae also shows his affection towards Eunkwang through a video message. He says that being a leader is very tough and that Eunkwang is always putting much effort. He also confesses what he expects him to be and that is to be manlier. Sungjae notes that Eunkwang should be a leader who can say "no" to members and scold them if necessary with confidence implying that he is being too kind. To this, Eunkwang expresses that he is very touched.

Watch below:

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EXO Chanyeol wins 'Best New Actor' & 'Hallyu Star' awards at KDA

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EXO members Chanyeol wins not just once but two awards at today's "Korean Drama Awards" for his acting on webdrama "EXO Next Door".

The EXO member wins "Best New Actor" as well as the award for "Hallyu Star" proving that he is one of the popular and trendy Hallyu stars of his generation and has potential in acting career. Chanyeol is very overwhelmed for the first acting award he has received. During his thank you speech, Chanyeol expresses that he is going to work even harder with a humble heart. He also thanks the staff , actors, and everyone involved in "Exo Next Door". Moreover, he also takes confidence being one of the Hallyu icons of today and will show good performance in the future.

Congratulations on your awards!

Thursday, October 8, 2015


IU shares her 'love at first sight' story & thoughts in a fancafe post!

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While most likely, female celebrities would choose to either let their agency confirm their relationship or stay quite, IU is on different level.

Just right after the news have come up and her agency LOEN checks it with her, IU, herself, immediately posts a note through her fancafe basically announcing her relationship with Jang Giha to her fans.

First, IU greets everyone saying that she's currently filming a music video. She expresses that she is surprised because of the sudden news but knows that her fans Uaena are more surprised than her. She then apologizes for not telling them earlier and promises to be careful next time.

Next up, she coolly reveals the story of their first meeting from meeting Jang Giha on a radio show two years ago.She even describes it as "love at first sight" and that Jang Giha is a boyfriend she is thankful for and that their relationship is a common one when they have good moments and also fight sometimes. She reveals that she's been contemplating when is the right time to reveal this but Dispatch is very shocking and that she thinks this is the right time.

Towards the end of her post, IU sincerely apologizes and thanks fans from the bottom of her heart. IU expresses that she didn't know how to focus on her ongoing MV filming but she makes sure that she is going to work hard even more and she will comeback for sure so anticipate.

She's the coolest. Isn't she?

screencap from instiz

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[Breaking] LOEN confirms IU is dating Jang Gi Ha!

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Dating reports surrounding IU (22) and Jang Gi Ha (33) are now confirmed as IU's agency responds after checking it with IU.

According to a representative of Loen, "We have confirmed from IU that she and Jang Giha are looking at each other with good feelings. It has started since two years ago when they were just colleagues exchanging musical interests and then developed good feelings towards each other after meeting up often. They have been going out with good feelings so far."

Meanwhile, Dispatch releases the news this morning that IU and Jang Gi Ha have been meeting each other often since March of this year, having dates either at IU's or Jang Gi Ha's house. Congratulations!

Osen via Nate

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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Seolhyun's picture used for 'adult' promotion with suggestive captions

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Following the controversial poster of 9MUSES Kyungri, it appears like the latest victim is AOA's Seolhyun.

A photo is posted online with the title "K University Bar Sign" showing a recent sexy photo of Seolhyun from one of her endorsements. However, the harm is that the photo is added with sexually suggestive statements to promote an 'adult bar' for a fall festival.

Along with Seolhyun's photo are posters of a model in red lingerie with big provocative welcome statement written as "You wanna eat right?". Moreover, below Seolhyun's poster is a menu list. The names of the food are wittily added with suggestive impressions like "Her thick pork bibimmyeon", "oppa, my hot sundae bbokeum" and more.

It is revealed that the students are from Gyeongsang National University's Department of Management Information, who are behind the said poster. Due to the controversy, they have offered apology immediately to Seolhyun, to the model and to their fellow schoolmates. Meanwhile, FNC Entertainment hasn't responded or reacted to it yet.

Segye via Nate

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Seventeen Woozi praised for being a gentleman to Ailee; gets a meal treat!

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Seventeen's Woozi is receiving praise for his gesture towards his sunbae Ailee at today's "Show Champion".

At the ending, Ailee is announced as no.1. However, due to her injury, she isn't able to move around. Fortunately, Pledis' rookie boy group Seventeen members are behind her to be of her assistance. Particularly, it is shown in broadcast that Ailee has been holding on to Seventeen's Woozi and when she gets her trophy, Woozi, being a true gentleman, makes sure to make her comfortable while she delivers her speech until she does her encore.

To this, Ailee doesn't forget to thank him and the group for their help and writes on her instagram update, "to my Seventeen friends who helped me at the ending really thank you, and love you! Our kind Seventeen friends please look to them beautifully! #have to treat Seventeen a meal #it would definitely cost much"

Netizens are also touched to see their hoobae-sunbae interactions and comment, "That's so nice! They are not even labelmates." "Seventeen kids are so kind and gentlemen!","Looking forward to Seventeen and Woozi!","Ailee is very nice to give them a shoutout.","I love it!" and so on.

It is known to fans that Ailee used to train with Woozi and S.coups before and that they are still friendly to each other. That's a heartwarming gesture! You can watch everything below:

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Ailee wins at 'Show Champion' today!

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When you persevere, it will reflect.

Ailee proves that injury is no big deal for her comeback and today, she nabs her first win with comeback song "Mind Your Own Business" at "Show Champion". She proudly gets her trophy while delivering her thank you speech feeling overwhelmed before her encore stage. Everyone on the stage are as happy as her!

Congratulations Ailee! You're such a role model to other singers! Meanwhile, among the top 5 are Red Velvet, Soyu, CNBlue, and iKON.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


TWICE to debut on 20th, teaser image unveiled!

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JYP Entertainment has finally announced that official debut of new girl group TWICE and it's going to be on October 20.

As how JYP puts it, "THE STORY BEGINS" in no time. A group teaser image is also unveiled showing the nine girls gathering in a circle while holding flashlights. The image also carries their official logo along with the words "TWICE Sixteen became 9."

Fans have been anticipating for their official debut after 9 out of 16 participants from survival show "Sixteen" were chosen. Are you ready to see Nayeon, Jungyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu?


GOT7 get their first music show win! #GOT71STWIN

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Fans are going to mark this date as GOT7 finally nab their first ever music show win at "The Show" today.

GOT7's "If You Do" is no.1 on the chart among other songs from DIA, Lovelyz, Seventeen, CNBlue, and Today's encore performance is very special as SBS 'The Show' held their special episode One-Asia Seoul Mega Concert.

As much as the boys, fans are also celebrating and even trended worldwide  #GOT71STWIN  on Twitter. The boys performed their songs since debut on the concert. Congratulations! You long deserve this!

Monday, October 5, 2015


Why AOA burst into tears at their first fanmeeting?

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Three years since debut, AOA have held their first fanmeeting "2015 AOA HEART ATTACK" today at Sangmyung Arts Center, Seoul where they met their fans.

The girls surprised their fans with their performance of debut song "Elvis" including thei drummer Youkyung. They looked back to their debut days when they are still a band.

After that, the girls showed their individual charms to the fans and interacted with them. The fanmeeting also served as a mini fanmeeting when girls performed their hit tracks such as "Miniskirt", "Short Hair", "Like A Cat" and "Heart Attack". At fans' request, AOA performed "Get Ot" with Youkyung in drums.

At the end of fanmeeting, the girls brought out a letter which they have written for fans and read it sincerely. The girls were very emotional and burst into tears  as they read, "It is very overwhelming to have this fanmeeting after 3 years. Ever since our debut until now, for fans who have loved us, thank you," they continued, "We will do our best to make great moments like this in the future as well. Thank you and we love you."


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