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Friday, March 27, 2015

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Suzy updates instagram with 'Only You' selcas

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Miss A Suzy continues to tease fans with more concept photos of her. She's also very generous for giving fans another teaser image which was not released official by captioning the photo "The company doesn't know".

Aside from the two teaser images, she also shares some behind the scenes selcas displaying her pretty face. She also asks you to watch their MV teaser for 'Only You'.

See more of her photo updates below. Ready for their return?

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Watch out miss A, someone is peeping on you~

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Be alert miss A, someone is peeping on you!

In the MV teaser of miss A's upcoming hit song Only You, the girls are seen dressed comfortably at home, however they don't realize that their neighbor is peeping and stalking them, would you do the same too if you're living in the same neighborhood?

Check out the teaser below:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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miss A reveals Suzy teaser images for 'Colors' comeback

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Suzy who has been the main topic of discussion since yesterday, revealed teaser images for miss A's comeback.

She is seen posing in pink bathrobe in the photos attached, holding a hairdryer while posing besides a bathtub, do you anticipate miss A's comeback on 30th March?

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Lee Minho&Suzy's 3D2N date; actor's mom&sis are in London too

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After going public with their relationship, actor Lee Minho and Suzy are receiving contrasting reactions from netizens particularly the information about their 3 days and 2 nights stay in a hotel in London.

Netizens are quite skeptic that the two stayed together in the same hotel just after almost 1 month of dating and various malicious speculations are thrown. To clear the matters, officials on 24th reveal that Lee Min Ho stayed in London from March 15-17 and enjoyed date with Suzy within that time.

It is also revealed that during their date, they were both accompanied by their managers. In fact, Lee Min Ho's manager appeared beside him on the released photos but his face was mosaiced, the same goes with Suzy's two female managers.

Moreover, Lee Min Ho's mother and older sister were also present. After finishing his schedule in Paris, Lee Min Ho went to London together with them and was actually witnessed by local fans. In regards to that, their relationship is in fact known because of their photos taken accompanied with the actor's family not only in Paris and London.

In response to this, Starhaus states, "We are not in the position to reveal about Lee Min Ho's family if they accompanied the couple or not, since it's a private matter. Therefore, no comment."

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Suzy is so chic in the streets of London

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The pictorial of Miss A Suzy for the April issue of Cosmopolitan maagazine is now released.

Suzy evokes a rather chic Western look wearing various stylish casual outfits like oversize cardigan, semi-formal coat, and dress both revealing her sweetness yet mature woman's charm.

The photos are released timely after actor Lee Min Ho and Suzy go public with their relationship. It appears like this pictorial in London is Suzy's schedule before their date. See more photos and the video below:

Monday, March 23, 2015

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[Breaking] Lee Min Ho and Suzy are dating

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Dispatch reports their biggest dating scoop in Kpop industry this year revealing Lee Min Ho and Miss A Suzy are dating.

The news site reports that they captured the two big hallyu stars dating in London. Lee Min Ho and Suzy both spotted at Incheon airport on March 10 departing for different destinations. Lee Min Ho departed for Paris (2PM), while Sizy departed for London (1PM). In addition to that, the two stars were scheduled to attend their respective schedules.

However, after their schedules were over, the two met up in London in March 15 at 'Eurostar'. Dispatch illustrates their whereabouts after Suzy met up with Lee Min Ho who was then waiting on his rented Benz. Afterwards, the two were cautious and moved around carefully with Suzy got off from the car and headed first. Lee Min Ho on the other hand covered his face and proceeded to the hotel. The two have had enjoyable time together for 3 days and nights in London.

On 25th last month, they were spotted by Dispatch taking out coffee in Seoul. They also reveal that Lee Min Ho and Suzy have always been meeting with each other almost everyday since 23rd last month. Meanwhile, the agencies of both parties state that they are releasing official statement after consulting with Lee Min Ho and Suzy.


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miss A's Min teases in underpants

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miss A's Min teases fans with some absolutely hot concept photos.

She is seen posing in comfortable top and hot underpants, showing various sexy poses in a gloomy environment. Fans are totally amazed with her upgraded figure.

Miss A will release their new album on 30th March, check out Min's teaser photos below:

Saturday, March 21, 2015

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Suzy provides eye candy with new selcas!

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Fans are excited to see more pretty selcas of miss A's Suzy.

While counting down to miss A's much anticipated comeback, fans are treated with some eye candy by Suzy.

She updated her Instagram with some pretty selcas of herself, greeting fans with her angelic smile, meanwhile, miss A is gearing up for a perfect comeback after almost 15 months, let's view Suzy's selcas while waiting for the girls' grand return!

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Secret to Suzy's crystal clear skin, cloud?

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Suzy reveals the secret behind her crystal clear skin.

She promotes The Face Shop product BLANCLOUDING and demonstrate how the product is produced using natural ingredients which include the 'cloud'.

Not to mention that Suzy shines in her latest CF while promoting the product, check out her latest CF below:

Friday, March 20, 2015

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Miss A's Jia caught dressing up on her bed for 'Colors'

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Following Fei's, Jia's teaser images are released next for Miss A's upcoming album 'Colors'.

A combination of candid and sexy is exuded in her photos while she busily wears her net stockings and sitting on her bed. Seems like she's preparing to dress up for their outfit as she captivates fans with her bright smile and sexy appearance.

Meanwhile, Miss A  are returning with 'Colors' on March 30 while their first comeback stage happens on April 2 at M!Countdown.

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Suzy plays with clouds in new 'The Face Shop' CF

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Miss A  Suzy is very adorable playing with clouds in the new 'The Face Shop' CF.

The new product is a white moisturizing cream which moisturizing effect feels like cloud. Watching Suzy and looking at her moisturized and flawless skin might made you buy one right away.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Miss A Fei is stunningly hot in new solo teaser images for 'Colors'

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New solo teaser images of Miss A Fei are released for their 'Colors' comeback.

Fei is especially looking hot and sexy while hanging out in the kitchen. Her candid shots with her sexy outfit is giving more vibrant to her beautiful physique.

See photos below:


Miss A release teaser images for comeback album 'Colors'

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Miss A have finally slated their comeback date and it would be on March 30.
JYP releases set of group photos of the girls wearing pink outfits exuding fun and lively atmosphere.

In the photos, the members are beaming with energetic yet sexy aura flashing their bright smiles for the camera with disco lights behind them.

According to the schedule, Miss A are expected to release their album and MV on 30 and a comeback showcase is also taking place on the same day. Are you excited?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Miss A confirms to comeback at the end of March

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Miss A's comeback is getting near!

JYP Entertainment revealed on March 11th,"Miss A's new song will be coming out at the end of this month. The album will showcase Miss A's unique sexiness. Please look forward to it".

According to the agency, the group already finished fiming for their music video last week and is currently focusing on their comeback preparations. This will make their comeback after 1 year and 4 months since the release of 'Hush' in October 2013.

Are you excited for Miss A's comeback?

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

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Friday, February 20, 2015

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Nylon releases BTS of Suzy's pictorial

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Nylon releases the behind the scenes of Miss A Suzy's 'You make me smile' pictorial.

Suzy, in this pictorial, takes on a more candid filming and portrays an ordinary lifestyle wearing her most comfortable clothes. She will definitely make you smile for some reason.

Watch below:


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