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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Block B are funky and hilarious in MV for 'HER'

The seven boys of Block B are come back with a funky and catchy song as well as a hilarious music video.

From their girly-colored backdrop and exaggerated make up, the boys both projected their cute yet fierce hip hop concept. The catchy beat is lively and fun which match along the boys choreography.

Do you like their new track? Check it out below:

Eddy Kim releases a playboy version of 'Darling'

Eddy Kim has more in store for you as he releases a playboy version of his newest MV for 'Darling'

The singer is being naughty with his darling in this new released. If the original MV uses some clever stuff, in this version we could see Eddy simply playing with a girl while strumming his guitar.

Check it out below:

Megan Lee sings 'Ready For Love' for Fated To Love You OST + MV

Megan Lee officially releases the 3rd part of OST for Korean version of 'Fated To Love You' or 'You Are My Destiny'.

You might be already familiar with this sweet song but here's an MV where you can look back how Gun and Kim Mi Young destined to meet.

Check it below:

Delight come back with MV for 3rd single 'Hate You'

Aside from their two new members, Delight makes their comeback with the release of their MV for 3rd single 'Hate You'.

The girl group who debuted last year with 'Mega Yak' is coming back with a fun and catchy song suitable for partying in this season. The beat from the electronic dance music is so addictive and easy to remember.

Watch it below:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Boyfriend release full MV for 'Here' from 2nd Japanese album

Boyfriend is coming back with a 2nd Japanese album "Seventh Color' on the 23rd but ahead of the release, they already gifted fans the full music video for their single 'Here'.

As what image the boys have been showing to their Japanese fans from their latest releases, Boyfriend are being carefree in the video while enjoying the summers showing their youthful and lively appeal.

Check it out below:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Co-ed group Play The Siren debut with 'Dream Drive' MV ft. F(x) Luna

Play The Siren from SM's indie label Baljunso has finally made their debut with the release of their single 'Dream Drive' along with its music video featuring Luna of f(x).

The co-ed group is consists of 5 members Siren, Squalla, Beckbum, Chichi, and Kasper. Their debut track has an addictive EDM sound and pop beat. Their maxi single also includes other two versions of 'Dream Drive' including piano version ft. Monday Kidz' Hanbyul and trap version ft. Bay.B.

Check out below:

July Top 5 MV (Part 1)

It's summer and your idols definitely know how to make the weather hotter with their latest releases, with the comebacks of popular groups this month, i'm sure you will have an entertaining July!

Top 5 MVs in July (Part 1)

f(x) - Red Light

B1A4 - Solo Day

Girl's Day - Darling


SISTAR - Touch My Body
Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ra.D to return with 'SOUNDZ' + track list

After six years of hiatus, Ra.D will be coming back with an official full-length album entitled 'Soundz.'

On July 17th, Ra.D uploaded a more than three-minute video. The video contains a 'pre-listening' privilege to his fans. His upcoming album will have 12 tracks.

Here's the list:

1. 'Please Forgive Me'- a cute song about a man's excuse for being late. It's considered as Ra.D's indirect apology for having been away for so long. A sensational R&B number with strong, groovy beats that sum up the album.

2. 'For Me feat. Rapper Inbal'- a clean, unique synth and bass sounds on top of heavy beats. The song is asking for 'some space to breathe' because that someone's charm is 'almost suffocating.'

3. 'Shawty'- it starts off with African rhythms and transitions into funky, urban sounds. 

4. 'Fly Away'- the title track. This song is about Ra.D's personal wish to 'fly away' from the exhausting everyday life.The music video features Ra.D's skydiving experience. He revealed its MV on June 30th.

Watch its MV:

5. 'Drive Away'- must listen to this song while in a car heading to a beach or mountains on a sunny day.

6. 'Hawaii feat. Lee Nare'- beautiful sounds begin softly like Hawaiian waves. He uses ukelele and other Hawaiian sounds.

7. 'Good Girl'- a slow jam of 69 bpm. Ra.D has created a sensational number with sexy lyrics and sounds.

8. 'Lullaby'- a beautiful and sad song for the lovers. Guitarist You Wung ryul is featured in composing.

9. 'Still feat. PianistsLee Bak & Jeon Sang Min'- a simple, controlled piano sounds have created another sad song.

10. 'Like That'- pieces of strong memories come together to create the past. A song about relationships' beginning and ending like the seasons. A combination of clean guitar sounds and unique percussion sounds.

11. '1998'- 1998 is when Ra.D started in music industry with his closest friends who were UMC, KeepRoots and Yoo Hyunsang. It's a G-Funk style old school beats and classy arrangements feat. interesting raps by current / former rappers.

12. 'Outro'- on top of the intro song 'Please Forgive Me,' Ra.D narrates with Kelley, who is featured in 'Couple Song' from the second album.

Anticipate his comeback on July 24th at 12:00 PM KST.

Listen below:

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

N-SONIC's 'Pop Beyond' dance version MV

N-SONIC uploaded their latest music video.

In early June, N-SONIC released the MV for their song 'Pop Beyond.' Now, they are making their fans proud and amazed with the dance version of 'Pop Beyond.'

Watch below:

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Block B are full of dorkiness in new MV version of 'Jackpot'

Block B won't keep you waiting in vain for their comeback as they release another version of their 'Jackpot' MV.

Talent is given, but these dorky guys are going to make you laugh out loud with some unreleased footages from their filming that you've never seen before.

Moreover, they also release the single online today which is climbing on the top of charts  after canceling their Jackpot promotions in April.


Taewan tells his 'History' in new MV ft. San E

RnB and hip hop singer Taewan is back after 8 years hiatus with an album 'As I Am' and his first song featured rapper San E.

The song is a RnB-hip hop track which tells life story of Taewan himself from the past and future. The song itself proves that he's back for sure providing new music for his fans with the help of San E.

Check it out below:

Ye-A start off their cute debut with MV for 'Up N Down'

Rookie 8-member girl group Ye-A unveil their music video for their debut song 'Up N Down'.

The girls are introducing themselves in cute concept as they're all wearing jersey and cheer-leading outfits dancing to a catchy beat music in a pastel-colored room.

Give them a go!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Parc Jae Jung debuts with 'Step 1' album and MV for 'Ice Ice Baby' ft. Beenzino

Superstar K5 winner Parc Jae Jung has officially debuted with an album 'Step 1' and an MV for his title song 'Ice Ice Baby' featuring Beenzino.

'Ice Ice Baby' is a retro pop based in 80s with synthesizer sound. With a retro concept MV, Parc Jae Jung is looking classy yet chic while singing the song with his deep vocals.

Check out this 18 year old vocalist and his music below:

Secret release Japanese version of 'YooHoo' MV

Secret treat their fans the Japanese version of their 'YooHoo' MV which became a hit in Korea on April last year.

Now Japanese fans can see the girls in their sweetest and cutest appearance while dancing to the catchy song. The girls are more playful and funnier as well.

The girls are making a Japanese comeback on July 23 with 'YooHoo' Japanese version so mark your calendars!

Eddy Kim is charming yet mischievous in 'Darling' MV

Eddy Kim is charming his fans not only with his distinct and soothing vocals but with his interesting MV as well.

You'll be watching a video full of tease which will make you squeal. The elements used in the video might be simple until you use your playful mind. Along with this eargasm track is the mischievous Eddy.

The song will be released tomorrow so check out the MV for the meantime.

NU'EST release choreography version of 'Good Bye Bye' MV

If you're loving NU'EST 'Good Bye Bye' choreography you'll be loving it more and you might try to dance along with their in the choreography version of their MV.

As usual, the boys show their awesome and great synchronization and flawless formation. You'll also get to see their solo dance shots so you'll definitely enjoy this version.

Check it out below:

Lucky J ask 'Can You Hear Me' in debut MV

YMC Entertainment's rookie hip hop co-ed trio 'Lucky J' release their debut MV for 'Can You Hear Me?'

Wheesung's and Ailee's hoobae Lucky J showcase their outstanding vocals and harmony especially the returning Jessi and the two powerful male vocalists and rappers J'Kyun and J-yo.

Check it out below:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

J-Min releases music video for 'Shine' ft. SMRookies' Hansol

Singer and lyricist J-Min drops her MV for 'Shine' featuring junior labelmate and SMRookies' Hansol (Titan).

The song has a modern rock beat showcasing J-min's powerful vocals. Meanwhile, the talented female singer marks her domestic promotions even before her mini album 'Shine' release on 18th and 21st (physical release).

In her MV, she features SMRookies' Hansol. Check it out below:

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