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Friday, August 29, 2014

Baechigi release MV for 'Boy Jump' ft. Mamamoo's Whasa

Baechigi is back with a new single 'Boy Jump' featuring Whasa from Mamamoo. The song is a retro and funky featuring Beachigi's rap and powerful vocals of Whasa.

Don't miss the special appearances from Ailee, Shin Bora, Lucky J, Eru, and Shorry in the MV!

Check it out below:

Thursday, August 28, 2014

100% gift fans a special MV for 'Summer Hero'

Recently, 100% has officially wrapped up their promotions for 'U Beauty' through a video message. However, seems like the boys are giving their Perfections a little late gift to enjoy.

100% release a special MV for their track 'Summer Hero' from their Cool Summer Album 'Sunkiss'. Compiled in the video are clips during their 'U Beauty' promotions, jacket photoshoot, and more.


TASTY release Chinese version MV of 'MAMAMA'

TASTY are giving an 'all in' for their Chinese debut promotions as they release several MVs of their Chinese tracks.

Following the Chinese version MVs of  "You Know Me", "Day n Night" and "Addiction", the duo releases the last MV for their track "MAMAMA".

Check it out below:

LABOUM debut with EP album 'PETIT MACARON' and MV for 'Excited'

Nega Network and NH Media's girl group LABOUM debut with an EP album and MV for 'Excited' today.

The fresh young beauties release the MV for their title track 'Excited' that boasts youthful and cute charms. The six girls are looking cute and pretty while dancing to their choreography.

Check them out!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

HIGH4 have a 'Headache' because of pretty Haeryung in MV release

HIGH4 drop the MV for their comeback song 'Headache' from their 1st mini album 'HI HIGH'.

The MV is very lighhearted showing the boys being surprised by Haeryung out-of-nowhere appearances. The setting suggests a cheerful and lively story line. The song is an urban retro and funky with witty lyrics talking about a man thinking his girlfriend is the prettiest in the world. It is composed by PJ and Lee Jong Hoon.

HIGH4's 1st mini album 'Hi High' is consists of six tracks including their hit previous releases.

Royal Pirates release MV for 'Love Toxic' and celebrate 1st anniversary

Royal Pirates release the MV for their song 'Love Toxic' from their 2nd EP Album and celebrate their 1st anniversary.

For their new song, the trio displays their flirty side in this upbeat yet cheerful song meeting girls in a club and such. Moreover, on August 25, the band celebrated their 1st anniversary and thanked  fans through their greetings as they wrote,

"Thank you to the amazing fans that sent us so many heartfelt gifts for the 1st year mark since our debut! We are so grateful for the memories and are excited to make so many more~ we love you!"

Check out the MV and photos from their 1st anniversary celebration below:

Happy 1st anniversary Royal Pirates' Moon, Sooyoon, and James!
Tuesday, August 26, 2014

TASTY release Chinese MV version of 'Day'N Night'

TASTY release the Chinese MV version of 'Day 'N Night' as part of their debut promotions in China.

TASTY had a successful Chinese debut showcase which took place on August 22 in Beijing. For their Chinese album, the duo are releasing Chinese versions of their tracks such as  "You Know Me","MAMAMA", and "Day n Night" with "Addiction" as their title song.

So far, they have released Chinese MV versions of 'Addiction', 'You Know Me' and the latest one would be 'Day 'N Night'. Watch it below:

New girl group 4TEN release debut MV for 'Tornado'

A new girl group has debuted with their single 'Tornado'.

The four-member girl group 4TEN, comprising of members Tem (rap), Hyeji (vocal), Eujin (rap), and Hyejin (vocal), is under Jungle Entertainment. Their debut single 'Tornado' has a mix of pop and intense electric guitar sounds that create an addictive but dreamy melody.

Check out their style below:

SISTAR release special album 'Sweet & Sour' and MV for 'I Swear'

SISTAR release their special album 'Sweet & Sour' following their successful promotions for 'Touch My Body'.

The album includes their title track 'I Swear' and new song 'Hold on Tight' and remix versions by Glen Check, House Rulez, Reno, and Smells. The song displays the refreshing charm and sweet image of SISTAR under the heat of summer.

Anticipate their broadcast promotions afterwards. Meanwhile, watch the MV of their new song 'I Swear' below:

Sunday, August 24, 2014

BILLION's MV for 'Salang Salang'

Girl group BILLION is back with the music video of their latest song 'Salang Salang.'

On August 19th, 'Salang Salang' (Gently) was released. It's the title song from their first mini album 'Remove Before Flight.' It is totally different from their debut song 'Dancing Alone,' which has a dark and sad MV. The new one is just happy and colorful.

Watch below:

written by:
SOURCE: Billion_Move Entertainment

Bangtan Boys releases behind the scene video of 'Danger' MV shooting

On August 22nd, Bangtan TV uploaded on their official YouTube the shooting of Bangtan Boys' music video for their latest song 'Danger.'

'Danger' is from their first studio album 'Dark & Wild' which is taken literally as they become more edgier and darker. On the behind-the-scene show footage, BTS expressed their difficulty in doing the music video but still showed that they enjoyed it.

Watch below:

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LPG returns with sub-unit Chaness + MV 'SeSeSe'

The nine-member trot group Lovely Pretty Girls (LPG) came back with a sub-unit called Chaness consisting of five members.

Chaness uploaded the music video for their song 'SeSeSe.'

Watch below:

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wonny's 2nd single 'None' MV

Malhada uploaded on its official YouTube channel the music video of Wonny's second single 'None.'

Wonny released its first single 'By Today' featuring Device Hoon earlier this summer, and now his second song's MV was released already. 'None' was composed by Wonny.

Watch below:

written by:
SOURCE: Malhada 말하다

Lipservice's 1st MV as three feat. 'Too Fancy'

On July 31st, a new member of duo Lipservice was introduced.

Anna was announced to be the third member of Lipservice and she will be joining Bipa and Cora. Now, their first ever music video as three was released. The MV of 'Too Fancy' was uploaded on Sony Music Korea's official YouTube on August 20th.

Watch below:

written by:
SOURCE: Sony Music Korea

EXO's Suho remakes g.o.d's 'To My Mother'

EXO has a new show entitled 'EXO 90:2014' which features remake of 90's music videos.

The first EXO member who starred in a remake was Chanyeol. He remade H.O.T's 'Hope.' The remake also featured S.M.ROOKIE’s Jaehyun and Yuta. 

Now, it's EXO's leader Suho's turn to showcase his own rendition of g.o.d's 'To My Mother.'

Watch below:

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A.KOR's Kemy releases a song & MV of 'I'll Fly'

A.KOR will be coming back with an album this September, but A.KOR's Kemy released a song with its music video.

The song is entitled as 'I'll Fly.' The MV showcases Kemy's rapping skills.

Watch below:

written by:

Hoody's MV for 'Baby Oh Baby' receives positive comments

On August 22nd, CJENMMUSIC uploaded the music video of RNB singer Hoody's second single 'Baby Oh Baby.'

Those netizens who were able to see the MV have all good words for Hoody. One said, "This MV is proof that you don't need a barrel full of money and a special effects team to make a great music video. All you need is a handheld camera, talented musicians and a gifted singer with a lot of soul. Double thumbs up!" The other dropped, "YAS! GAHD YAS! SHE KILLED THAT R&B VIBE~ Mad props to her. I hope all her music will sound this way because she is PERFECT for this style! You've got a fan in me~"

Watch below:

Friday, August 22, 2014

ToppDogg release special video for 'Why Am I Like This?'

Topp Dogg release a special clip for their AmadeuS Deluxe Edition album's title track 'Why Am I Like This?' through their 'On Air Topp Dogg On Top'.

The members are enjoying their carefree time wearing school uniforms and doing various activities. Check it out below:

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