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Friday, October 24, 2014

2LSON release MV for 'On The Street' ft. Moon Myung Jin

Producing trio 2LSON are back with a collaborative single with Moon Myung Jin to showcase once again their RnB music and uniqe style.

Watch the MV below:

UNIQ release 'Born To Fight' MV for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie OST

UNIQ take part in the OST of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie in China by lending their voice for 'Born To Fight'.

It comes with an MV showing the boys singing and rapping along with the very action-packed scenes and clips from the movie. Check it out below:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

BEAST release short PV for 'How About You' Japanese single

BEAST release the short PV for their upcoming Japanese single 'How About You' scheduled to be released on November 14.

Though the setting may seem to be familiar, BEAST's highly-rated vocals and dancing skills are on the hook. The song is composed by Junhyung. This is the 2nd track he wrote for their Japanese promotions with 'Sad Movie' being the first. The single album is going to have a subtrack titled 'One Day'.

This this new Japanese release, BEAST are kicking off their nearing arena tour '2014 BEAUTIFUL SHOW IN JAPAN' in late November. Watch the short PV below:

S release MV for 'Without You' & make their comeback stage at M!Countdown

Project group S (Kangta, Lee Ji Hoon, and Shinhwa's Shin Hye Sung) are back after 11 years and they release the MV for their song 'Without You' featuring SNSD Yuri.

With the theme of break up, the trio showcase their never-fading emotional and powerful vocals to express the pain of the song. Moreover, they also make their comeback stage at M!Countdown today as they perform live stages for 'Without You' and 'Utopia'.

Watch below:

god express gratitude with an MV for 'Wind'

god treat fans an MV for their recently released song 'Wind'.

The MV is a compilation of their unforgettable moments and behind the scenes captured from their reunion concert. This is to show how thankful they are for fans' unwavering support. The nostalgia and sentiment god and fans have shared are very precious.

Watch the MV below:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Super Junior release MV for 'This Is Love'

Super Junior release the music video for their special album's title track 'This I Love'.

The music video shows the members in a classy setting with various camera angles capturing their special mic stand choreography.

Super Junior are having their first comeback stage for 'This Is Love' along with 'Evanesce' on 23rd at M!Countdown. Watch below:

BTS release a one-take MV for 'War of Hormone'

Bangtan Boys release the MV for their follow-up song 'War of Hormone' from their 1st album 'Dark & Wild'.

The boys appear as witty, charming, and free-spirited teens in the MV dancing to their new choreography along the streets. The MV is filmed in one-take making it more interesting to watch as the boys perfectly executed their dance move in every angle.

Check it out!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

B.I.G release MV for 'Are You Ready?'

Rookie male group B.I.G made their comeback with 2nd single album 'Are You Ready' .

From the behind the scene clip shared last night, the MV is revealed to be filmed in Thailand. The electro-hiphop track tells how earnest Mr. Perfect is towards the girl of his interest.

Check out the boys while having on the streets and enjoy their youth.

Monday, October 20, 2014

EPIK HIGH treat MV release for 'Spoiler' & Happen Ending' + 'Shoebox' album

EPIK HIGH has released all the tracks from their 8th album 'Shoebox' online.

In addition to that, the trio also treat a combined MV of their title tracks 'Spoiler' & Happen Ending'  featuring Kim Ji Soo as the heroine.

We know you've waited for this so enjoy watching below and download their songs through MelOn while waiting for the physical album released on 22nd.

UNIQ drop debut MV for 'Falling In Love'

Korean-Chinese rookie group UNIQ release the debut MV for their track 'Falling In Love'.

Members Sung Joo, and Seung Youn, Wen Han, Zhou Yi Xuan, and Yi Bo take up a dubstep pop genre track with an acoustic guitar base as their debut track.

As rookies, they already participated in penning lyrics showing their passion for their music. Aside from domestic promotions, UNIQ are also expanding in China as well.

Watch their MV below:

Seo Taiji releases cinema version of MV

Just in time for the Halloween, Seo Taiji releases the cinema version of his tiltle song "" MV.

The epic cinematography and the twisted image of Santa specially written for adults is indeed enjoyable.

Check it out below:

Saturday, October 18, 2014

AlphaBAT shows MV for '#A Ya'

On their official YouTube channel, AlphaBAT uploaded the music video for '#A Ya.'

'#A Ya' was shot in Malaysia, and it is also included in their second mini album 'ANSWER.'

Watch below:

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SOURCE: AlphaBAT Official

Singer Kim Woo Joo pre-releases MV of 'The First Day We Met'

Ahead of the scheduled release of his album in November, singer Kim Woo Joo uploaded the music video of a ballad song entitled 'The First Day We Met.'

Watch below:

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Goo Hye Sun releases MV for 'Flower Rain'

Talented artist Goo Hye Sun releases an MV for her song 'Flower Rain', the OST for her upcoming directed-starring movie 'Daughter'.

The MV serves like a highlight preview of the movie scheduled for premiere in November. Goo Hye Sun lends her warm voice in addition to her acting. Watch below:

Meanwhile, 'Daughter' was invited for 'Busan International Film Festival' on October 4. The plot centers about a daughter (Goo Hye-Sun) who grew up in a harsh upbringing with her violent mother (Shim Hye-Jin). In result she parts way with her. Later she is informed that her mother is hospitalized. Is there a change for a daughter to forgive her mom?

Seo In Young is 'Thinking Of You' in latest MV ft. Zion T

Female singer Seo In Young drop the music video for her latest single 'Thinking Of You' featuring Zion.T

The MV itself is visually appealing matching the classy yet rich melody produces by Seo In Young and Zion.T together.

Watch below:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Strawberry Milk debut with EP album and MV for 'OK'

Crayon Pop's twin duo Strawberry Milk make their debut with the release of their 1st Mini Album and MV for 'OK' today.

The MV is overloaded with cuteness and pink concept wherein the girls are trying to win the heart of the man they like. The music is very addictive and fun as well as the choreography.

Watch below:

Girl's Day pour out their emotions in ballad 'I Miss You' MV

Girl's Day try out their take on ballad song with their single "I Miss You" and pour out their emotional acting in its accompanied music video.

The song is a work of Duble Sidekick and composed by SEION. The girls appear classy in the video contrasting their ususal sexy and cute appearance. Girl's Day draw the lyrics through their soft and emotional vocals and acting.

Watch below:

DGNA bring out their animal instinct in 'Rilla Go' MV

The Boss or DGNA return with their newest single album 'Rilla Go' and release its eye-catching music video.

Mika, Karam, Hyunmin, Injun, and Jay appeared very eye-catching with their appearances as jungle boys as they wear costumes, complete with body painting, and make ups which go along with their concept "Bring out your animal instinct".

Moreover, each members display their individual jungle concepts as well. The choreography is also upbeat and powerful showcasing the wild yet freestyle moves.

Watch the MV below:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kim Tae Woo releases MV for 'My Lovely Girl' OST 'I Only Want You'

Kim Tae Woo is the next singer to lend his voice for for 4th part of 'My Lovely Girl's OST starring Rain and Krystal.

Kim Tae Woo gives deeper emotional feel to the sad and happy scenes of Rain and Krystal's loveline with his rich vocals and trendy beat.

Watch the MV below:

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