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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nam Young Joo releases MV for debut single 'Because I'm Soft and Kind'

Kpop Star 3's Nam Young Joo finally releases her debut single 'Because I'm Too Soft and Kind'.

The song is revealed to be written by CNBlue's guitarist Jonghyun who also participated in the guitar performance. Aside from Jonghyun, Park Eun Woo and Mr.Cho also worked on the track.

It is a med-tempop pop dance song which incorporates Nam Young Joo's powerful and rich vocals.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Juniel says 'I Think I'm In Love' in new MV

Juniel releases her 1st digital single album ''I Think I'm In Love" along with her title song's MV.

The MV has a promising sweet plot between a lovely couple enjoying their romantic time together despite of some clumsy and imperfect situation.

Check it out below:


Aoora releases R19 MV for 'Body Talk'

Aoora releases his 5th and MV for 'Body Talk' today.

The MV is deemed suggestive and explicit for its contents but Aoora's distinct voice is something fans look forward too.

Check it out below:

BTOB drop MV for 'You're So Fly' and album 'Move'

BTOB drop their full MV for comeback song 'You're So Fly'.

The MV  shows the members looking youthful in their trendy outfits. They appeared comically showing interest in a gagwoman instead of a beautiful girl. In addition to that, tvN's Comedy Big League's gagmen team Park Na Rae, Jang Do Yeon, and Lee Jin Ho are making cameos.

The boys return with their 5th mini album 'Move'.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

SHINee's ‘Downtown Baby’ dance version MV

SHINee Japan uploaded the dance version video of 'Downtown Baby' on September 26th.

'Downtown Baby' is the title track of their third Japanese album 'I'm Your Boy.' SHINee had their first Japanese album in 2011 with 'The First' and followed by 'Boys Meet U' in 2013.

Watch below:

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Baekhyun remakes DJ Doc's 'Dance with DOC" MV

Following Lay, EXO's Baekhyun is the 6th member to remake a music video for their “EXO 90:2014" and this time he's chosen DJ DOC's 'Dance With DOC' MV.

In this remake MV, Baekhyun takes on a 90's concept and appeared youthful with a bit of retro style. Gathering his friends and classmates to a party, the atmosphere and mood are high and colorful.

Check it out below:

Crayon Pop release 'C'mon C'mon' MV for 'HighSchool' OST

Crayon Pop sing for the 5th part of 'Highschool Love On' OST and release an accompanied MV for it.

The girls gathered in a recording room and sing the upbeat and thumping song with their catchy lyrics.

Watch below:

Soyu and Urban Zakapa release MV for 'The Space Between'

Soyu and Urban Zakapa has dropped their collaboration song 'The Space Between' on various music sites along with its MV today.

The MV features the acts of Ahn Jaehyun and Nam Bora who crossed paths because of  very unexpected reason and gradually developed into a wonderful relationship.

After Soyu's successful hit songs with Mad Clown and JungGiGo, many are anticipating this collaboration with the ever talented vocal duo from Urban Zakapa.

Check it out!

BeatBurger release MV for 'She So High' ft. Changmin & Goo Hye Sun

BeatBurger drop the MV for their debut song 'She So High' ahead of the release of their 1st EP album 'Electric Dream' on 29.

BeatBurger is a group of talented acts formed in 2009 by SM Entertainment. Members are consist of performance director and DJ Shim Jae Won, Schizo's guitarist Joo Sung Min, performer Hwang Sang Hoon, rapper MQ, sound director Gu Jong Pil and more

Expect quality music from these unique group of music professionals in various areas when they release their EP album this weekend. For the meantime, watch the MV below:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

BTOB's Sungjae and Oh Seung Hee release 'Curios' MV for 'Plus Nine Boys' OST

BTOB's Sungjae sings with Cube's trainee Oh Sung Hee the 4th OST for his starring tvN drama 'Plus Nine Boys'.

The song is played during the couple moments between his character Kang Min Goo and A Pink's Chorong's Han Soo Ah.

Check out the MV from the various clips below:

Ailee says 'Don't Touch Me' in new MV

Ailee returns with her 3rd mini album 'Magazine' and releases the MV for her title track 'Don't Touch Me'.

The diva is returning with a powerful dance track and sexier charisma! Check out the MV below and her album through 'MelOn.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Secret JiEun takes on a horror ballad MV for 'Don't Stare'

Secret JiEun has returned as solo with the release of her single 'Don't Stare' and its MV.

JiEun's new MV is surrounded by dark theme and mysterious feels giving off intense mood. JiEun's track is 'Don't Stare' is composed by Star Track's Kang Ji Won & Kim Ki Bum.

It's described before that this song will talk about breaking the barriers of social norms when it comes to love such as homosexual relationship, love between races, prejudices, and more.

Watch it below:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Clazziquai Project release MV for 'Call Me Back' ft. Baechigi

Clazziquai Project has released the MV for 'Call Me Back' featuring Baechigi.

The MV is more special this time as the trio made their appearances while singing the song accompanied by Baechigi's rap. 'Call Me Back' is one of their tracks from their 'Blink' album released on September 18.

Check it out below:

TROY release new single album and MV for 'Why Are We?'

RnB and hip hop male group TROY make their return after six months since debut with a new single album 'Why Are We' and its accompanied MV.

The title track is an upbeat and RnB hip hop produced by hiphop legend Lee Hyun Do from Deux and Bumkey himself.

Thee lyrics draws the story line of couple in a long relationship and how they drift away and get bored with each other.

Kim Bum Soo releases MV for 'Teardrop of my Heart'

Singer Kim Bum Soo is sure to give you teardrops in his latest single release and MV for 'Teardrop of my Heart'.

Walking around topless, Kim Bum Soo delivers a sad and heartbreaking ballad which talks about a man who continues to love after losing his lover. Meanwhile, Kim Bum Soo is holding a concert '2014 Kim Bum Soo Get Alright Show: Before & After'  on October 4 at Olympic Hall in Seoul.

Check  out his latest MV below:

Zhang Li Yin releases MV for 'Not Alone' starring Tao, Victoria & Song Jae Rim

Zhang Li Yin drops the MV for her song 'Not Alone' starring Tao, Victoria & Song Jae Rim.

The MV plot follows the story of the characters from her music video of 'Agape'.  The action-packed scenes and heartbreaking story add intense emotion to the song.

Check it out below:

GOT7 release short PV for 'Around The World'

GOT7 release the short PV of their Japanese debut single 'Around the World' exciting fans about what to expect in their upcoming Japanese promotions.

The boys are all looking cool dancing to their upbeat and catchy song while showcasing their skillful choreography.

Their Japanese single album will be released on October 22 in three editions.

T-ara release club version of 'Sugar Free' MV

T-ara has released the club version of their music video for "Sugar Free".

The pretty girls are partying up to the beat and hype of the lively atmosphere in this newest version. Check it out below:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Buzz release MV for 'Train'

Buzz release the music video for their 2nd single 'Train'.

The band is going to attract you with their new music style. The song lyrics express the experiences and thoughts during the time members' have spent while journeying where they are now.

Listen and watch below:

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