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Monday, May 30, 2016

Jun JiHyun-Lee MinHo Confirmed For 'My Love from the Star' Writer's New Drama

Talk about a dream cast!

Outstanding actors and Hallyu representatives Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho are going to star in an upcoming drama written by none other than Park Ji Eun, the writer behind the hit drama "My Love from the Star" and director Jin Hyuk, who was behind "City Hunter".

Today, the casting of the two actors has been officially confirmed for an SBS Wednesday-Thursday upcoming drama with a working title "Legend of the Blue Sea" which is expected to air in November. In fact, Chinese companies have already expressed their huge interest to the said drama even prior to its airing offering enormous amount for the licensing rights of the Jun Jihyun and Lee Minho's drama.

According to several news, the drama is a fantasy-romance and is inspired by the classic "The Little Mermaid". This is highly anticipated!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lee Minho Latest CF For 'Good Base' +Promotion Clip!

CF Clip Promotion Clip

Saturday, April 23, 2016

6 Reasons Fans Love Lee Min Ho!

1. Everyone knows! Handsome!!

2. Muscular Body!!

3. Great Fashion Sense!Looking exceptionally great with Western Suit

4.Talented Actor with lots of Great Dramas!

5. Long Legs Oppa!

6. Fairly Good Singer!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Lee Min Ho shows some weight gain; so charming!

While it's very common to report weight loss and gain of female celebrities, let's take this moment to appreciate this particular Hallyu male superstar who has been spotted recently chubbier than usual.

Lee Minho who is loved by everyone not only because of his acting but most especially of his handsome features, tall stature and personality greets media and fans at Incheon Airport today.

Lee Min Ho is smiling brightly to the camera looking very warm in his knitted gray sweater covered up with long coat. His tall stature is very prominent but netizens also noticed that he has gain little weight which makes him look even more handsome and charming especially with his dimple.

Netizens compliment him and wittily comment, "He looks charming with some fat in his face.","He looks good as usual but I don't approve of his fashion today.","He looks old in his clothes but his dimple saves it all.","Suzy must be feeding him well." and so on.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lee Seung Gi takes selfies with Kim Soo Hyun & Lee Min Ho!

Multi-talented star Lee Seung Gi has taken selfies with his fellow Hallyu superstars in the recent episode of "New Journey to the West".

On one of his missions, he had to take photos with five Hallyu stars. Since he realized that it's quite impossible to find Hallyu stars on the streets, he resorted to  advertising standees and rushed along the streets to find some.

Luckily, he quickly found Kim Soo Hyun's and Lee Min Ho's lifesize standees and even greeted "It's good to see you." before taking selfies with the standees which cracked up viewers and netizens. That's so hilarious!

Let's hope someday these three drop-dead-gorgeous men take 'real' group selfie together!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lee Minho reveals new LG Styler CF

Lee Minho reveals new CF for LG Styler Steam Clothing Care, check it out below:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Shin DongYup & JYP corner Lee Min Ho about Suzy

Shind DongYup never fails to amuse the audience when he frankly asked Lee Min Ho about his girlfriend Suzy at last night's 2015 Baeksang Arts Award.

The MC of the night came to Lee Min Ho's table and asked him, "You came because you know that you'll be awarded right?" referring to the huge percentage of popularity vote he has gotten. Lee Min Ho cheekily responded, "I came to confirm that."

However, MC DongYup continued to tease him and commented, "You think of someone upon receiving this prize. Is it Suzy?" Lee Min Ho was quite taken aback but smilingly answered, "This award is for the fans who have suffered." MC further asked, "Who do you think will come to your mind when you get the award?" Minho replied, "I think the fans." Finally, DongYup commented, "If you receive many awards, if you think of that person out of many people, (she) feels good."
Watch the video here 

Moreover, it seemed like Lee Min Ho was the target of the night because during his performance, Park Jin Young, especially came down the stage and stopped the music to personally greet Lee Min Ho on his table and shook hands with him. In response, the actor gave his respect by bowing to Suzy's 'entertainment father'. Watch the video here

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is awarded with 'Popularity Award' last night for his drama 'The Heirs'.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lee Min Ho wanna be alone with Yoona

Lee Min Ho is making move to get even closer to Yoona in the 2nd episode of their 'Summer Love' for Innisfree.

Previously, Lee Min Ho is very reluctant to show his affection to Yoona by arguing with her. However, this time, he makes plan to be alone with her and savors their moments together. As they spent time together Yoona finds out his true feelings towards her.

Their relationship is getting romantic. What beautiful scenes will come in the next episode? Let's find out next week!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Lee Min Ho & Yoona 'Summer Love' ep. 1

Innisfree's 'Summer Love' web drama starring its models Lee Min Ho and Yoona premiered its first episode.

Their love story starts rather bumpy as Lee Min Ho is acting indifferent towards Yoona but actually wants to get close to her. Their bickering is adorable making viewers crave for more episodes.

Would Yoona be aware of Lee Min Ho's true feelings for her? Watch the 1st episode below:

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lee Min Ho & Yoona are Innisfree's summer couple

Actor Lee Min Ho and SNSD Yoona are starring in Innisfree Summer cushion web drama 'Summer Love' and we get a teaser from this couple.

The two exchange whispers and display contrasting reactions but towards the end they look happy and smile at each other making us curious what they have agreed upon.

The full story will be released on May 8.

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