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Sunday, October 16, 2016

'Train To Busan 2' Responds to Song JoongKi & Lee Min Ho Casting News

There's a report going around among foreign press that actors Song Joongki and Lee Min Ho are the new cast in the most anticipated sequel of hit Korean zombie film "Train to Busan".

In addition to that, a particular site Gamenguide writes the plot and description of Song Joong Ki's character for 'Train To Busan 2'. In response to this, agency NEW comes forward to clear up speculations.

According to NEW, "It's unfounded rumor" and "There isn't anything coming in and out yet on what kind of story "Train To Busan 2" is about".

"We have no idea why this kind of report is coming out."

Monday, September 19, 2016

Lee MinHo and Jun JiHyun Spotted Filming A Sweet Date, Attractive 'Couple-Look'

Lee Minho and Jun JiHyun who are currently in Spain for the filming of their drama "Legends of the Blue Sea" are yet again spotted immersed shooting a date scene.

Photos of the two actors wearing a couple look outfits are shared on SNS. In the photos, Minho and Jihyun look like a real couple strolling together. In one photo, Minho is bicycling while Jihyun is at the back wrapping her arms around the actor's waist. They also stop at an ice cream stall and Minho is seen with his arm around JiHyun's shoulder.

The atmosphere raises curiosity about their love line as the two portray a typical yet romantic and sweet couple date. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho and Jun JiHyun along with the staff are returning back to Korea after wrapping their filming schedule on 20th. See more photos below:

Friday, September 16, 2016

First Look At Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji hyun Couple From Drama Filming

A local newspaper in Spain featured Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun taken at their filming site for their upcoming drama "Legend of the Blue Sea".

The two top actors are boasting chemistry and standing next to each other. Lee Min Ho is photographed closing his eyes while holding Jun Ji Hyun's arm while the actress gives a straight face. The photograph itself is catching attention along with others where the two engage in an apparent action scenes. The photos are reported to be taken in Girona.

Meanwhile, "Legends of the Blue Sea" is expected to premiere this November 16. Are you anticipating this dream pair?

Photo credits: @DiarideGirona

Monday, May 30, 2016

Jun JiHyun-Lee MinHo Confirmed For 'My Love from the Star' Writer's New Drama

Talk about a dream cast!

Outstanding actors and Hallyu representatives Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho are going to star in an upcoming drama written by none other than Park Ji Eun, the writer behind the hit drama "My Love from the Star" and director Jin Hyuk, who was behind "City Hunter".

Today, the casting of the two actors has been officially confirmed for an SBS Wednesday-Thursday upcoming drama with a working title "Legend of the Blue Sea" which is expected to air in November. In fact, Chinese companies have already expressed their huge interest to the said drama even prior to its airing offering enormous amount for the licensing rights of the Jun Jihyun and Lee Minho's drama.

According to several news, the drama is a fantasy-romance and is inspired by the classic "The Little Mermaid". This is highly anticipated!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lee Minho Latest CF For 'Good Base' +Promotion Clip!

CF Clip Promotion Clip

Saturday, April 23, 2016

6 Reasons Fans Love Lee Min Ho!

1. Everyone knows! Handsome!!

2. Muscular Body!!

3. Great Fashion Sense!Looking exceptionally great with Western Suit

4.Talented Actor with lots of Great Dramas!

5. Long Legs Oppa!

6. Fairly Good Singer!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Lee Min Ho shows some weight gain; so charming!

While it's very common to report weight loss and gain of female celebrities, let's take this moment to appreciate this particular Hallyu male superstar who has been spotted recently chubbier than usual.

Lee Minho who is loved by everyone not only because of his acting but most especially of his handsome features, tall stature and personality greets media and fans at Incheon Airport today.

Lee Min Ho is smiling brightly to the camera looking very warm in his knitted gray sweater covered up with long coat. His tall stature is very prominent but netizens also noticed that he has gain little weight which makes him look even more handsome and charming especially with his dimple.

Netizens compliment him and wittily comment, "He looks charming with some fat in his face.","He looks good as usual but I don't approve of his fashion today.","He looks old in his clothes but his dimple saves it all.","Suzy must be feeding him well." and so on.

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