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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lee Min Ho's agency joins hands with Shanghai Media Group + to debut new female duo

Lee Min Ho's agency, Starhaus Entertainment will join hands with Shanghai Media Group(SMG) for the debut of new female duo Smile Girls.

A rep from Starhaus Entertainment told the press on February 17th,"Both companies are looking forward to their development by planning on their close business friendship. Smile Girls is their first project together".

Smile Girls is a duo consists of Korean rookie actress/singer Yoo Hye In and Zheng Qiu Hong, who was one of the 4 finalists on 'Chinese Idol' season 2. They will have their debut stage on Dragon TV's New Year's Gala 'Chunwan' and perform the song '1001 Wishes'.

Sunday, February 8, 2015
Saturday, February 7, 2015

'Gangnam 1970' to be Tagalized and shown in Philippine cinemas

According to the article written by Maridol Rañoa-Bismark, Lee Min Ho’s latest movie 'Gangnam 1970' will be Tagalized, and will be shown in all SM and Waltermart cinemas in the Philippines.

'Gangnam 1970' (previously entitled 'Gangnam Blues'), which used a worldwide hit OPM song 'Anak' on its trailer, is a noir action film written and directed by Yoo Ha. Lee Minho will be top-billing it with Kim Raewon. The story happened in 1970 featuring the backdrop of the real estate development of Seoul's Gangnam district. Lee Minho and Kim Raewon are childhood friends, but their friendship will be tested as the story gets deeper.

It will open on March 4th.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

'Gangnam 1970' draws in 1 million moviegoers within 5 days

'Gangnam 1970' starring Park Hae Jin and Kim Rae Won, has officially surpassed the 1 million milestone in just 5 days.

According to Korean Film Council on January 27th, 'Gangnam 1970' drew in 95,388 admissions on the 26th, continued ranking first at the box office and bringing a total to 1,097,151.

'Gangnam 1970' tell the story about the two childhood friends' friendship and their struggles during the era of real estate development of Gangnam district.

Congratulation to the cast and production team of 'Gangnam 1970'!
Saturday, January 24, 2015

'Gangnam 1970' starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won tops the box office for 3 consecutive days

'Gangnam 1970' remains at No.1 position at the box office for 3 consecutive days ever since its release despite being an R-rated film

According to Korean Film Council on January 24th, 'Gangnam 1970' drew 148,043 admissions on the 23rd and ranked first at the box office. After 3 days premiered, the film has gathered a total of 440,231 moviegoers.

It was also revealed that 'Gangnam 1970' even beats 'The Man From Nowhere' as the R-rated film to have the most audience on the first day. The film is expected to reach the 1 million mark within next week.

'Gangnam 1970' starring Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won, AOA's Seolhyun, telling the story of two childhood friends' friendship and their struggle during the era Gangnam district was in a real estate development.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

YG Entertainment’s trainee Kim Ji Soo on a CF with Lee Min Ho!

Casual bag and luggage brand 'Samsonite' revealed a 33-second CF featuring Lee Min Ho and YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group member Kim Ji Soo.

Kim Ji Soo was chosen alongside Lee Min Ho on the latest CF of 'Samsonite.' But even before this CF, she was also part of HI SUHYUN’s 'I’m Different,' and Epik High’s music videos for 'Spoiler' and 'Happen Ending.'

Watch below:

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Lee Minho performs 'Today You Will Marry Me' on Dragon TV 2015 New Year's Eve celebration

Lee Minho performs Today You Will Marry Me on Dragon TV 2015 New Year's Eve celebration, check out his collaboration with Amber Kuo below:

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lee Min Ho to have a duet with Taiwanese actress Kuo Caijie

On December 29,  at the press conference for a Chinese entertainment show, “Kuainian Shengdian” held in Shanghai, actor Lee Min Ho was revealed to sing a duet track with famous Taiwanese actress Kuo Caijie.

Lee Min Ho and Kuo Caijie will sing “Marry Me Today” on the New Year’s special show on Dongfang Weixing TV, scheduled to be broadcast on December 31.

Lee Min Ho said, “I think the rehearsal is going to be very fun and exciting”, showing his expectation for the performance.

This is the second time the actor and actress will appear on the same show, following their appearance a year ago on the New Year special “Chunjie Wanhui” on CCTV. 

Kuo Caijie, or Amber Kuo, is a Taiwanese singer and actress who gained popularity with “Tiny Times”, and Lee Min Ho gained a lot of Chinese fans through hit dramas "Boys over flowers" and "The heirs".

Meanwhile, former EXO member Luhan and former Super Junior member Hankyung will also appear on “Kuainian Shengdian.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lee Minho drops comment on Kim Rae Won's bed scene on 'Gangnam 1970'

On December 12th, 'Gangnam 1970' held its press conference at CGV in Apgujeong, Seoul. Director Yoo Ha, Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won and Jung Jing Young attended the event.

One of the highlights of the press conference was when Kim Rae Won opened the conversation about their individual bed scene.

Lee Minho commented, "This movie is for adults only, and that's because of Kim Rae Won’s bed scene. Honestly, even though I'm a guy, I thought his scene was sexy and he has a beastly charm. Mine is PG-13."

Gangnam 1970's final date of release will be on January 21, 2015.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: SSTVnews, photo credit to The Star
Sunday, November 16, 2014
Monday, November 3, 2014

Lee Min Ho and Yoona tease about their Green Christmas campaign for Innisfree

Lee Min Ho and Yoona tease about their upcoming Green Christmas campaign as endorsers of 'Innisfree'.

A short teaser for their upcoming special CF is released showing the two busily setting up Christmas lights and readying for the merry season.

'Innisfree' will open a special 'Green Christmas' campaign by releasing the full CF featuring Lee Min Ho and Yoona on November 24.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

'Innisfree' releases still cuts of SNSD's Yoona & Lee Min Ho from the set of their upcoming CF

Cosmetic brand 'Innisfree' releases still cuts of their endorsers actor Lee Min Ho and SNSD's Yoona from the set of their upcoming Green Christmas Campaign ad filming.

From the photos, Lee Min Ho and Yoona are sitting beside each other holding crafts and smiling. According to 'Innisfree', Green Christmas Campaign CF will be released in late November.

Are you looking forward to it? See more photos below:

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Royal Pirates team up with Lee Min Ho for a global tour

Actor Lee Min Ho and boy band Royal Pirates will collaborate for a global tour named 'Reboot Lee Min Ho' or 'RE: MINHO'.

The tour will start in Beijing on October 4th and Lee Min Ho is expected to show his new side to fans. Royal Pirates will be guests and perform their own songs. The special stage is the collaboration performance of  Lee Min Ho and Royal Pirates to the actor's new track in the upcoming album ‘Song for you’ which plans to be released in October. 

Royal Pirates used to be guests in Lee Min Ho’s ‘My Everything’ concert back in January and March. They have been busy promoting overseas recently and gradually increased their fanbase. This project with Lee Min Ho will help them boost their popularity and talents outside Korea.

Meanwhile, Royal Pirates will tour with Lee Min Ho to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Tokyo, Singapore, and Seoul.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Actor Lee Min Ho to release 2nd album 'I'll Sing' in October

On 26th, Lee Min Ho's agency Starhaus Entertainment announced, "Lee Min Ho will release his 2nd album 'I'll Sing' in October."

The album is prepared for Lee Min Ho's fans to show his commitment and gratitude for their support. In this album, the actor will sing various genres like pop, rock, emotional and dark ballad.

'I'll Sing' is expected to be released early in October and Lee Min Ho will be performing his songs during his global tour "RE:MINHO" or "Reboot Lee Min Ho" which will kick off on October 4 at Mastercard Center in Beijing.

Lee Min Ho released his first album 'My Everything' in May last year.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lee Min Ho shares an adorable selca with AOA's Seolhyun

Lee Min Ho and Seolhyun showed their close relationship in a recent photo.

On July 26th, AOA's official Twitter tweeted,"During the movie shooting!!! Minho oppa also likes short hair ♡ I gave him the CD hehe. We really look like a brother and sister ^3^" and uploaded along a photo which showed the two holding AOA's new album and posed cutely with a pout.

As Seolhyun will play as Lee Min Ho's younger sister in upcoming movie "Gangnam Blue", that explains the close relationship between her and the actor.

Meanwhile, AOA already finished the promotions for "Short Hair" on July 27th's 'Inkigayo'.
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lee Min Ho to start '2014 Global Tour' in September

On July 21th, Lee Min Ho's management agency Star House Entertainment stated "Lee Min Ho will greet domestic and overseas fans through a global tour in September".

The tour titled "Reboot: Minho" will start from Seoul, and then go to major cities such as Beijing, Tokyo and others. The specific schedule for each city will be revealed soon through his official homepage. 

The agency explained “As rebooting a computer, we will show Lee Min Ho’s new and various sides of himself”. Lee Min Ho shared “Valuable memory with fans is always a great source of energy of my life. I’m thrilling and looking forward to it”.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is busy with his role in movie ‘Land gate, Gangnam’ which will be released soon this winter.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lee Min Ho's Chinese fans build libraries

Chinese fans of Lee Min Ho are aiming to help students who are having a hard time getting a decent education.

With that purpose, they founded a library under the name of Lee Min Ho. It was sponsored by the China Youth Development Foundation. This library was built near the Project Hope schools area to provide a better environment for studying. 

They have been actively doing this since 2012 in Zhejiang Province, and followed in 2013 in Inner Mongolia. Two more places will be given a library, the Qinhai and Sichuan.

May this advocacy prosper for the welfare of the children.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lee Min Ho posts a message for his fan who passed away

Lee Min Ho offered a message on his official Facebook for his avid fan who recently joined Our Creator.

Lee Min Ho's message reads as, “I will never forget you. I feel so sorry for not being able to give you hope. The love that you gave me for the past five years will be my inspiration to become an actor who can give hope and happiness and can make dreams come true. I hope that you'll find joy in that place also."

It was reported that the fan showed undying love and support for Lee Min Ho through coming to all his events and activities. Lee Min Ho learned that the fan was sick, and died during the filming of 'Gangnam Blues.'

Condolence to the fan's family.

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'The Heirs' airing super soon in the Philippines!

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye's uber top-rated 'The Heirs' is coming to the Philippines through ABS-CBN.

On May 26th, 'The Heirs' will air its first episode on the afternoon time slot of ABS-CBN. The Korean drama is dubbed in Filipino, which is normal in the country, for easy comprehension. It is preceded by the ultimate Filipino's favorite Taiwanese drama, 'Meteor Garden,' which had its farewell episode on May 23rd.

Lee Min Ho is dubbed as the most popular Korean actor in the Philippines, and his comeback on the Philippine television is really anticipated by his Filipino fans. One netizen wrote, "I'm gonna watch this once again even though I'm done watching it already."

Watch the full trailer:

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SOURCE: ABS CBN Online YouTube Channel
Friday, May 23, 2014

Japanese fans make a "Lee Min Ho street" to celebrate his 8th anniversary

Actor Lee Min Ho, a hallyu star thanks to the popularity of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘The Heirs’ has just received a wonderful gift from Japanese fans.

Lee Min Ho's images were decorated and appeared everywhere on the street around Shinjuku, Japan. His face can be seen from Shin Okubo station, streetlamp, poster, to electronic display, showing the video of him. It was revealed that Lee Min Ho’s fan club ‘Minho’s Japan’ came up with this idea to celebrate his 8th anniversary since debut. This street easily got popular as many fans and walkers came here to visit and take pictures.

After hearing about this, Lee Min Ho shared, “I feel really thankful to fans. I will do my best to repay their love"


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