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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wonder Girls' Ye Eun films shower scene for 'Me?' mini album

It seems that Wonder Girls' Ye Eun will make her solo debut soon with the name 'HA:TFELT'.

She's seen stripping down in the teaser video and films a shower scene in the teaser video below, check out the teaser video below:

Girl's Day perform 'Nobody', 'Mister', 'Gee' & 'I'm The Best' on MTV The Show

Girl's Day perform some popular songs such as Nobody, Mister, Gee and I'm The Best on MTV The Show, check out their performance below:

SM Entertainment to debut a new girl group this August

A new girl group from SM Entertainment is ready to come out this August.

SM Entertainment announced the news through various media outlets,"We are currently preparing for a new girl group which aims to debut this August". It was revealed to be a 4-member girl group consists of S.M.ROOKIES' Seulgi, Irene and Wendy. The last member still remains a secret but she's said to be a 18 year old girl with has a resemblance to child actress Kim Yoo Jung.

Though there hasn't been any information about the group's name and concept, but according to Sports Chosun, their concept will be a mix between f(x) and Girls' Generation. A rep from the agency said,"Since it's a girl group that will comes out from SM Entertainment after a long time, so please give them lots of your interest".

Sunny reported to get hit by a car door in the eye + proceeds with her schedules as normal

Fortunately it was just a minor injury.

On July 22nd, according to SM Entertainment, Sunny got hit by a car door in her left eye on July 20th. She was later transferred to a hospital and received treatment. Thought she wasn't seriously injured, but because her eye became bloodshot she was advised to wear an eye patch.

SM Entertainment also consoled the fans by saying that the injury won't interfere with her schedules and daily activities, in particular she is currently recording for MBC's 'Wishing Star' as planned today.

We wish you a speedy recovery Sunny!

Baek Jin Hee and Park Seo Joon deny the rumour of them dating each other

The two said they're just close colleagues to each other.

Earlier today on July 22nd, according to Woman Sense magazine August issue, Baek Jin Hee and Park Seo Joon were reported to be in a relationship and they have been dating for 1 year.

However later both the agencies denied the news and said they're just close friends. Park Seo Joon's agency, Keyeast said,"They became close after a long time filming together for MBC's drama "Appear, Gold!". We believe that they're not in a relationship, thought we haven't confirmed it with Park Seo Joon as he's currently shooting for a photoshoot overseas".

Baek Jin Hee's agency, Snowball Entertainment also responded to the news and said it's not true, they're not lovers but more like a brother - sister relationship.

BESTie release 'Hot Baby' MV teaser

BESTie release teaser for their upcoming hit song titled 'Hot Baby'.

The girls will release their first mini album on 28th July, check out the video below:

Hyuna poses with muscular models for 'A Talk' EP

Hyuna continues to tease with another teaser image for her upcoming EP 'A Talk'.

She is seen posing with 2 muscular models in the teaser image above, showing off her sexiness through the latest photo.

Hyuna will drop her EP on 28th July.

High4 releases photos from their new MV filming with a mysterious girl

High4 will collaborate with a female artist for their upcoming comeback.

On July 21st, some photos from their MV filming set were released and a silhouette which featured a mysterious girl. Previously the group achieved a hugh success by having IU as their muse for the group's debut single "Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossom" so they are receiving much expectation from many people for this comeback.

"Do It, Don't Do It" is co-written by composer Lee Jong Hoon who wrote "Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossom" and PJ who had 1 self-written song ranked 1st on Japanese Oricon chart. Members Alex and Lim Young Jun participated in the rap making for the song.

"Do It, Don't Do It" will be released on July 29th.

SISTAR show their sexiness in 'Touch My Body' dance practice video

SISTAR release the dance practice video of their summer song 'Touch My Body', check out the video below as they flaunt their slender legs and hot figure.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Top 50 Pretty KPop Idols (Part 2)

After revealing 10 pretty idols in the first part, let's continue to have a look at another 10 pretty KPop idols:

*Photos arranged randomly regardless of artists popularity

Part 2 (11 - 20)

11. Victoria (f(x))

12. Eunjung (T-ara)

13. Naeun (A Pink)

14. Bora (SISTAR)

15. Sojin (Girl's Day)

16. Seungyeon (KARA)

17. Taeyeon (Girls' Generation)

18. Jooyeon (After School)

19. Hyuna (4Minute)

20. Woohee (Dal Shabet)

Part 3 will be revealed soon, who else do you think should be shortlisted too?

Rain denies the rumour of him getting married with Kim Tae Hee

Rain and Kim Tae Hee still have no plan to get married at the moment.

It was reported that Rain got baptized at a cathedral in Gyeonggi-do with the attendance of Kim Tae Hee, his family and close friends on July 10th. It was also revealed that actor Ahn Sung Ki attended the ceremony as well as Rain's godfather, in particular both him and Kim Tae Hee are known as devoted Catholic.

Since Kim Tae Hee's mother was reported to attend it as well so there have been some speculations saying that the couple will get married soon and the baptism process was to prepare for it. However, a rep from Cube DC denied the rumour and said it was just simply a baptism which was planned a long time ago, it has nothing do to with Rain and Kim Tae Hee' marriage.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee went public with their relationship in January last year.

Girl's Day's Sojin to make her acting debut in TV Chosun's drama 'The Best Wedding'

Sojin will make her first acting challenge in TV Chosun's upcoming drama "The Best Wedding".

According to official broadcasters on July 21st, Sojin has been chosen as to play the lead role. "The Best Wedding" will take on the perspective of marriage in modern life,"I don't like marriage but I still want to have kids".

Sojin will play as Lee Yoo Ri who is the only daughter of a wealthy family, has an attractive body and only hangs out with peers from upper class. Though she treats her cousin(Uhm Hyun Kyung) like a servant, she counsels her on various problems which makes her a lovable character.

"The Best Wedding" will be premiered this September.

July Top 5 MV (Part 1)

It's summer and your idols definitely know how to make the weather hotter with their latest releases, with the comebacks of popular groups this month, i'm sure you will have an entertaining July!

Top 5 MVs in July (Part 1)

f(x) - Red Light

B1A4 - Solo Day

Girl's Day - Darling


SISTAR - Touch My Body

BESTie release album cover for 'Hot Baby'

BESTie will release their first ever mini album since debut titled 'Hot Baby'.

There are a total of 7 tracks in their mini album which include their previous hit songs such as Love Options, Pitapat and Thank U Very Much.

01. Hot Baby
02. 별처럼 (Like A Star)
03. 롤러걸 (Roller Girl)
04. I’m So Into You
05. Thank U Very Much
06. 연애의 조건 (Love Options)
07. 두근두근 Remix (Pitapat Remix)

Stay tuned on DKPOPNEWS for more details on their comeback


miss A's Suzy graces Marie Claire magazine

miss A's Suzy is a summer goddess for the August issue of Marie Claire magazine.

She poses confidently for the magazine and shows off her feminine charm through her new photoshoot, check out more photos below:

Lee Jong Hyuk and his son Junsu to appear again on 'Dad Where Are You Going?' Season 2

Lee Jong Hyuk and his son Junsu will make their appearance again on 'Dad Where Are You Going?' after 7 months.

According to MBC, Lee Jong Hyuk and his son will join the 'Summer Vacation Special' episode and the filming will take place on July 19th.

The producer said the viewers have sent in many requests to ask for Lee Jong Hyuk and Junsu to appear again in season 2, and thanks of his loyalty to the show, Lee Jong Hyuk gladly accepted the offer despite his busy schedule as he's currently starring in "Chicago" musical.

This episode will be broadcast on July 27th.
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