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Thursday, March 12, 2015


Kim Hyun Joong slated to enlist on 31st alongside Sungmin, Jaejoong, and Cho Jin Hyuk

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Kim Hyun Joong is scheduled to enlist on the same date Sungmin, Jaejoong, and Cho Jin Hyuk are enlisting, March 31.

However, according to his agency, Key East Entertainment, he could postpone the date due to his current issues. The agency also expresses that they don't have any plans to announce whether he will go with enlistment date or not due to his situation. Kim Hyun Joong also relayed that he wanted to enlist quietly.

Kim Hyun Joong is recently reported to be clearing up the current issue of his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Kim Hyun Joong's ex reveals no plan to marry him; will raise the baby by herself

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After the recent confirmation of her pregnancy with Kim Hyun Joong, Ms. Choi, the latter's ex-girlfriend reveals her future plans for her unborn baby and answers netizens' question about marriage.

In a thorough interview with Dispatch, Ms.Choi confessed that she knew who to blame as well, in relation to the people's remarks about her complex situation (filed a lawsuit because of assault-settlement-having a baby).She is quoted saying, "Who will understand me? I'm crazy, aren't I? I knew all about it."

She also confessed how she went through the process of understanding, forgiving and informing Kim Hyun Joong of her pregnancy. Regarding her future with he baby, Ms. Choi emphasized, "I'm responsible for the child. I will never ever marry (Kim) Hyun Joong."

In the following part of the interview, Ms.Choi presented the evidences to prove that she has kept in contact with Kim Hyun Joong in contrary to the claim of the actor that she was refusing to confirm about the pregnancy.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Ex-girlfriend confirms Kim Hyun Joong the father of her unborn baby

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The legal representative of Ms. Choi, ex-girlfriend of Kim Hyun Joong, has come forward today to confirm that she is indeed pregnant of Kim Hyun Joong's baby.

On 24th, Ms. Choi's side reports to Sports Seoul, "It's true that Ms. Choi is pregnant. It is true that Kim Hyun Joong is the biological father."

"It has been devastating for Ms. Choi that her pregnancy has unexpectedly revealed to the public. She's currently attending obstetrics and gynecology for her mental and physical check up."

In addition to that, Ms. Choi's lawyer also states that they have evidence to confirm her pregnancy and denies the claim from Kim Hyun Joong's side that Ms.Choi hasn't been contacted.


Monday, February 23, 2015

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Kim Hyun Joong's agency denies reconciliation, 'Still confirming the pregnancy'

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Kim Hyun Joong's agency Keyeast releases a more detailed statement regarding the news of the actor/singer reconciliation with pregnant ex-girlfriend.

In their statement, Keyeast clearly stated, "Kim Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi are not in the situation where they are keeping in contact."

They added, "By early January, Kim Hyun Joong was informed about Ms. Choi's pregnancy. In regard to this, Kim Hyun Joong parents have asked to meet Ms. Choi's parents through several phone calls to talk about the pregnancy and maternal status of Ms. Choi. They've also requested that Ms. Choi will undergo medical examination and consultation at a hospital, but Ms. Choi side refused and hasn't been reached since then."

In addition to that, the agency also reveals that Kim Hyun Joong tried to contact Ms.Choi after the news yesterday and confirm her pregnancy but wasn't able to get a reponse. The agency denied reconciliation rumors and explained that if Ms. Choi's pregnancy is confirmed, Kim Hyun Joong will take responsibility.

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Kim Hyun Joong's side finally releases statement

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The news which reported Kim Hyun Joong reunited with his ex-girlfriend and is now expecting a baby broke out yesterday raising questions among netizens.

Finally, on 23rd, Kim Hyun Joong's agency, Keyeast Entertainment releases statement, "(We) contacted Kim Hyun Joong. He is clearing up the situation. Although he's trying to do it as soon as possible, it seems to be difficult to give important details."

After the news, Keyeast Entertainment explained that they didn't released any statement as soon as possible because they couldn't contact Kim Hyun Joong.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kim Hyun Joong and his alleged assault ex-girlfriend revealed to be expecting their first child together

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Kim Hyun Joong revealed to have reconciled with his ex-girlfriend and the two were said to become parents with their first child together this September.

Women's magazine 'Woman Sense' stated in a report in their March issue,"Kim Hyun Joong has reunited with his ex-girlfriend who is 2 years older, and is expecting their first child together. The pregnant girlfriend is Ms.Choi who previously charged Kim Hyun Joong for assault".

A close friend of both sides told the magazine,"The two got back together when Kim Hyun Joong sincerely apologized to her after the assault case. She's currently 10 weeks and will enter her 4th month of pregnancy soon".

The friend continued,"Kim Hyun Joong is worried about his upcoming enlistment so both the families are currently discussing about marriage and plans for the child".

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong's agency has yet to release an official statement regarding this issue.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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Kim Hyun Joong burns it up on 'Even Now' PV

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Kim Hyun Joong releases the full PV for his title track 'Even Now' off his 2nd Japanese album.

The semi-rock track has shaken Kim Hyun Joong's emotional singing which exudes strong mood and heavy atmosphere.

Meanwhile, his 2nd Japanese album will be released on February 11.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Kim Hyun Joong releases PV teaser for 'Even Now'

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Kim Hyun Joong releases the teaser for his upcoming music video 'Even Now' from his 2nd Japanese album.

The clip started off with a very dark and gloomy atmosphere followed by Kim Hyun Joong holding a mic and singing with a band.

The 2nd Japanese album 'Even Now' will be released in Japan on February 11.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Kim Hyun Joong releases jacket photos for 2nd Japanese album 'Even Now'

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Kim Hyun Joong released the jacket photos for his upcoming 2nd Japanese album 'Even Now' which will be released on February 11.

The actor/singer is looking charismatic in different stylish winter clothes like coat and sweater. His new album is consists of 12 tracks including his title track 'Even Now' and will be released in four editions.

Check out the jacket photos below.

Regular Edition

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B

Limited Edition C

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Kim Hyun Joong to release a new Japanese album and go on the 4h Japan tour in 2015

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Kim Hyun Joong will restart his activities following the abuse scandal with a new Japanese album and a Japan tour in early next year.

According to Japanese media Nikkan Sports, Kim Hyun Joong will hold his 4th Japan Tour 'KIM HYUN JOONG JAPAN TOUR 2015 GEMINI', which will go through 10 cities with 12 performances, expecting to attract 37,000 fans all over Japan. The tour will kick off at Yokohama on January 27th and finish at Osaka Castle Hall on February 14th.

Kim Hyun Joong will also release his 2nd Japanese album 'Even Now' on February 11th which will include a total 5 new recorded songs.

The singer was charged for alleged assault of his ex-girlfriend in August. He later apologized for his act which led to his ex-girlfriend to withdraw her assault charges in September.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

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Kim Hyun Joong to release '2014 Kim Hyun Joong World Tour DVD'

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On November 27th, Universal Music Japan dropped a video teaser featuring Kim Hyun Joong.

The teaser brought the news that DVDs of Kim Hyun Joong's world tour will be out. The '2014 Kim Hyun Joong World Tour DVD' will have two versions showcasing the concerts in South Korea and Japan.

It will include his performances of 'Unbreakable,' 'Beauty Beauty,' 'Lucky Guy,' and others. You can grab your copy starting on December 10th.

Watch below:

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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Kim Hyun Joong's admittance of physical injury to be turned over to prosecutors

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Seems like Kim Hyun Joong is far to be having peace of mind as police revealed on September 23 that his one admittance of physical harm towards his ex-girlfriend will be submitted to the prosecution.

Going back, on September 2, Kim Hyun Joong admitted one out of four physical assault cases filed against him. Although, his ex-girlfriend has decided to drop the assault case on September 17, today, police has revealed that they are going further to send the case he acknowledged of doing to prosecution.

The chief official from Songpa Police Office stated that they are sending the official written statement of Kim Hyun Joong's acknowledged crime to the prosecutors by next week and let them handle the rest of the case.

The police explained that the physical injury charge Kim Hyun Joong has acknowledged of committing needs a prosecutor's final verdict although both parties have already reached agreement.

Therefore, the conclusion of this case will only be closed after the prosecutors' decision if they will take it to the court or not.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend drops lawsuit; assault case ended

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On September 17, an official from Songpa Police informs that the charges filed by Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend against the singer for habitual assault has been dropped.

It is known that in the afternoon today, the ex-girlfriend went and requested for the case to be dropped and police are wrapping it up and will not go further with the charges resulting to a lawsuit conclusion.

Meanwhile, the woman's side has expressed the she wants a sincere apology and Kim Hyun Joong to admit his actions. Therefore, on September 15, Kim Hyun Joong released a public apology through his website.

Going back, the assault case against the singer was filed on August 28 and since then she has been turning over evidences to the police and on September 2, Kim Hyun Joong was summoned to the police to give his statement but denied the habitual violence and admit to only one resulting for the complainant to demand an apology and admittance.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Local promoters cancel Kim Hyun Joong's Beijing concert; Key East to take counteraction?

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Local promoters of Kim Hyun Joong's 'World Tour in Beijing' notified today that they cancelled his concert which is supposed to take place on September 19 (Friday).

They put up a notice and apologized by providing details on how to refund purchased tickets through the ticketing website. While the reason of cancellation is not stated, fans have assumed that it has something to do with the singer's assault case.

However, in response to this, Key East also put up a notice on Kim Hyun Joong's official site  to inform and apologize stating that the cancellation is unilateral or not agreed by both parties and express their plan to take counteraction.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Kim Hyun Joong releases official apology towards his ex-girlfriend

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Today on September 15th, Kim Hyun Joong has posted an apology towards his ex-girlfriend on his official homepage.

He wrote:

'Hello. This is Kim Hyun Joong.

I'm really sorry that I have given a lot of mentally and physically hurt to the person I loved and believed for 2 years. I'm so ashamed of myself for doing something that a man should never do.

It is all my fault that this case occured, there is no reason to blame that person.

I apologize to her once again, and I would like to say sorry to her family and friends.

More than anything, I hope she accept my apology and forgive me.

In the wake of this occasion, I will work harder and live as a better and healthier person'

In particular, upon Kim Hyun Joong's apology, his ex-girfriend has decided to withdraw her complaint tomorrow on September 16th and the two will later enter a private settlement.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

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Kim Hyun Joong to celebrate Chuseok in Peru

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Kim Hyun Joong held his '2014 KIM HYUN JOONG WORLD TOUR' concert in Peru on September 7th (local time). 

However, he wished to stay in Peru to explore the country's beauty. Therefore, he will be celebrating Korea's Chuseok festival outside his home country. After his concert in Peru, he will be heading to Mexico on September 12th.

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SOURCE: Star News

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Kim Hyun Joong admits to his physical assault of his ex-girfriend and denies doing it repeatedly

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Kim Hyun Joong was reported to show up at Seoul Songa Police Station at 9pm kst on September 2nd where he underwent an investigation for about 4 hours. He later left the police station at around 1am kst on the 3rd and was surrounded by the huge crowd of reporters outside.

When he was asked by the reporters about the case, he said,"I'm sorry, I will truthfully assist in the investigations".

During the investigation process, Kim Hyun Joong admitted to his physical assault of his ex-girlfriend, however he said it only happened once during their break up and denied it was a habitual case. About the allegations stating he repeatedly abused her which led to her rib fracture, he said it happened when they were playing around and didn't know about any of the injury after that.

Since both sides continue to have conflicted statements, the police plans to summon the plaintiff for her testimony and also have a cross-examination in the future.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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Kim Hyun Joong makes his first media appearance, 'I'll be honest during the investigation'

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Kim Hyun Joong who is facing an assault case has finally made his first media appearance as he head towards for police investigation today, September 2.

The media are in a fuss to get Kim Hyun Joong's comment but the singer/actor kept his mouth shut and responded no comment to questioning reporters. However, according to Dispatch, Ms. A's representative told them today over the phone "Kim Hyun Joong has to firstly admit his mistake. We are going to see his apology and reflection regarding his sin ."

However, Kim Hyun Joong expressed he's having mixed feelings and stated, "I will be honest during the investigation." Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is going to release his statement regarding the assault case at 9PM (kst) in Songpa police station in Seoul.

Source: Dispatch

Check out some of his photos below:

Friday, August 29, 2014


Kim Hyun Joong secretly departs for China and goes on with his tour

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As soon as he arrived in Korea after finishing his world tour in Thailand, Kim Hyun Joong is reported to have secretly departed for China to continue his scheduled tour in Guangzhou.

It is reported that Kim Hyun Joong arrived quietly at Incheon Airport at 3PM today. Regarding that, Kim Hyun Joong is holding his world tour in Guangzhou, China on August 30 at 7:30PM.

While in the midst of his world tour, Kim Hyun Joong is currently facing an assault case filed by his girlfriend and evidences have been released publicly in the past few days. He is scheduled to be summoned for police investigation next week.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014


Kim Hyun Joong requests to postpone his military enlistment in October to next year

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Currently facing an assault case, Kim Hyun Joong is reported to have requested to postpone his military enlistment in October to next year.

On August 28, Key East Entertainment confirms, "Kim Hyun Joong received military enlistment notice for October 7 but he requested for postponement because of his ongoing world tour... This has nothing to do with the assault case because we have applied for it even before it (assault case) happened. However, the response to his request hasn't decided yet."

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong has finished his tour in Thailand and arrived in Korea preparing to be summoned for police investigation next week.


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