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Thursday, July 24, 2014

JYJ unveils branding commercial video worths 1 billion won

Fans now can catch JYJ's new special commercial ad on your TV.

C-Jes Entertainment announced that started on July 21st, JYJ's branding commercial video which is worth 1 billion won investment will be airing as an advertisement in the golden hours of all the major channels for 3 weeks.

A rep from the agency also said,"This advertisement is not used to promote JYJ's new album or tour but to spread JYJ's name as a brand in order to establish their image as artists. As it's something that has never seen before, we believe it will open a new path in the marketing industry"

Check out the video below

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Sunday, July 20, 2014

JYJ talk about their friendship in a new pictorial for Marie Claire

JYJ shared their thoughts on music and friendship in a new pictorial for Marie Claire magazine August issue.

In the featured interview, the members talked about how their friendship has become tightened over the past three years even thought they are all carried away with their individual activities,"When we're apart from each other we can still feel each other's presence and it's like a shelter where we can always come back and rest".

The members also shared about how they all have their own music style but at the end when they gather together, they will go find the music color which matches the best to JYJ. About their soon to be released album, as it's their comeback after 3 years so rather than chasing after trendy music, JYJ will come out with the music that blended well with the members' voices so that it can touch the hearts of the listeners.

JYJ's 2nd album 'JUST US' will be released on July 29th.

Jaejoong shows appreciation thru a 'proof shot'

JYJ's Jaejoong showed how he appreciates the support and love that he is getting from his local and international fans for his great portrayal in 'Triangle.'

The photo above is intended to show as a proof that he received the cake that his Arabs supporters sent to him. On the photo, his happiness is shown in his eyes.   

'Triangle' is top-billed by Lee Bum Soo, JYJ's Kim Jaejoong, and ZE:A's Im Siwan. Its story revolves on the three brothers played by Lee Bum Soo as the eldest named Jang Dong-soo, Jaejoong as Jang Dong-chul is the middle brother, and the youngest is Siwan's character named as Jang Dong-woo. The three were unfortunately separated when they were young after their parents were killed in an accident. After twenty years, they meet again without knowing their connection with each other.

Jang Dong-soo (Lee Bum-soo) became a detective just like his father, and is searching for his two younger siblings. Jang Dong-chul (Kim Jaejoong) became a leader of a gang and uses Heo Young-dal as his other name. Jang Dong-woo (Im Siwan) has no memory of his biological family, but was adopted by a wealthy chaebol family, so he uses the name Yoon Yang-ha.

'Triangle' airs on MBC every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 KST.

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JYJ's upcoming 2nd album 'Just Us' lands #1 on Japan's Tower Records & HMV pre-order charts

Even before their official comeback with the release of their 2nd album 'JUST US' on July 29th, JYJ's upcoming album is landing on number one spot. 

On Japan's Tower Record's and HMV's pre-order charts, 'Just Us' ranked one already. 

In addition, JYJ will be holding a comeback showcase at JYJ Membership Week Fan Meeting on August 3rd at COEX D Hall. After that, they will start their Asia tour in South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand this August and September.

Below is the schedule of their Asia Tour:

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

@Star1 to feature JYJ's Jaejoong on its August issue

@Star1 magazine is going to feature JYJ's Jaejoong on their August issue.

This is expected to be released on July 29th, but you can grab a copy of it even as this early when you pre-order it online.

See two other sneak photos of Jaejoong below:

In addition, JYJ will release their 2nd full-length album entitled 'JUST US' on July 29th and will embark on whole new promotions starting with a showcase and Asia tour. It will have13 songs.

Another, JYJ will be holding a comeback showcase at JYJ Membership Week Fan Meeting on August 3rd at COEX D Hall. After that, they will start their Asia tour in South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand this August and September.

Below is the schedule of their Asia Tour:

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Friday, July 18, 2014

JYJ releases teaser photos for upcoming album 'JUST US'

JYJ released the first teaser photos for their upcoming full-lenghth album "JUST US" which is set to be released on July 29th.

On July 17th, C-Jes Entertainment announced,"JYJ will release their 2nd full-length album on the upcoming July 29th and will embark on whole new promotions starting with a showcase and Asia tour. For this album, the members directly participated in lyrics writing and composing, included the English songs that they worked on at a studio in United States, there will be a total of 13 songs".

The reason they chose "JUST US" to be the album's name, JYJ said that as it's been a long time that they came back with a new album, they just simply wanted to express their natural selves without feeling any pressure. It's true that this is the music that only JYJ can create, but because they were very happy while working on it so they also want the public to enjoy it as well.

In addition, JYJ's comeback showcase will be held at JYJ Membership Week Fan Meeting on August 3rd at COEX D Hall.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Top 5 Highly Anticipated Male Groups comeback

Daily K Pop News' fans share their opinions on the groups that they wanna see on the stage again soon, check out the top 5 male groups mentioned by our readers on DKP's official Facebook fanpage below:

1. 2PM

2. Big Bang

3. JYJ

4. SHINee

5. Super Junior

Whose comeback do you anticipate the most?

*Photos arrange randomly regardless of groups' popularity
Sunday, July 6, 2014

JYJ releases their 2014 Asia tour schedule

JYJ's Asia tour schedule was released already.

JYJ will be performing in front of their anticipating fans in South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand this August and September. Also, JYJ will be returning this July.

See the schedule below:

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SOURCE: dbsknights
Wednesday, June 25, 2014

JYJ to kick off their Asia tour with a concert in Seoul on August 9th

JYJ will be holding their 1st concert in Seoul this August

C-Jes Entertainment announced that the group will hold a comeback concert at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on August 9th and is plannig to meet with 40,000 fans this time. Their last concert was taken in November 2010 with the attendance of 70,000 fans, so it takes 4 years for them to hold another domestic concert as a group again.

The agency also said,"After the concert in Seoul this August, JYJ will embark on their Asia Tour and for the fans who have been patiently waiting for their comeback, they are planning to tour through various cities in Asia and meet with the fans there"

JYJ has been confirmed to make their comeback with a new album this July. For anyone who hasn't watched the teaser video, check out the link below

Thursday, June 19, 2014

JYJ officially appointed as ambassadors for World Water Forum 2015

Male trio JYJ, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are appointed as the honorary ambassadors of 2015 World Water Forum.

During the World World Forum D-300 event which takes place on June 19 in EXCO, Daegu, JYJ has been officially appointed as the ambassadors to raise awareness on conservation and importance of water for the launching of World Water Forum next year.

With JYJ's humanitarian deeds, both group and individual, the head and organizers of the World Water Forum are expecting that the group are going to be successful in campaigning their goal.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Yoochun successfully finishes his fan meeting in Guangzhou

Yoochun had a great time with Chinese fans through his fan meeting.

On June 14th, Yoochun held a 2-hour "2014 Yoochun Fan Meeting Housewarming Party" in Guangzhou. Since it was his first fan meeting in China so he received a hot response from many local fans.

Fans also presented him a birthday cake to congratulate his birthday on June 4th and even sang the birthday song in Korean. Park Yoochun's Baidu fanclub also sent him a video which contained 240,000 congratulation messages from the fans. To expressed his thankful towards the fans, Yoochun sang the remake version of Chinese song "Fairy Tales" and melted all the fans' hearts with his warm voice.

In particular, Gummy made her appearance as special guest during the fan meeting and showcased her fluent Chinese skill which received a loud applause from everyone. She performed her OST "You're Calling Me" from "Three Days" as well as title track "I Loved...Have No Regrets" from her new mini album.

In addition, Yoochun will guest in Hunan Satellite TV "Happy Camp - Male God Special" as the only foreign actor. The recording will take place on June 23rd and the episode will be broadcasted later on July 12th.
Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The woman who blackmailed Yoochun sentenced for 10 months in jail

The woman who threatened to release Yoochun's private photos for money has been sentenced in jail.

On June 10th, The Seoul Central District Court's judge Han Sung Soo announced the imprisonment for Ms.Kim to 10 months for her crime.

The judge said,"The amount of damage towards the victim was 100 million won and both the parties didn't reach an agreement. Considering the damages that the celebrity and the agency has suffered, it's claimed as a heavy crime. The perpetrator also threatened the victims by telling lies that she knew someone in the media and political fields".

In February, when Kim was wandering around a shopping mall in Cheongdam-dong she picked up a lost cell phone which was said to belong to Yoochun's ex-girlfriend. In the afternoon on the same day, Yoochun and his agency received the threat from her saying that she would expose all of his past photos and text messages in return for 100 million won.

Yoochun's manager met up with her and promised to give her the money, and also went to the police to report her crime. The next day, Kim was caught red-handed by the police while being handed the money by the manager.
Monday, June 9, 2014

JYJ's Junsu concept photos for musical 'Dracula' unveiled

Junsu has perfectly transfered himself into Count Dracula.

OD Musical Company has unveiled some of the concept photos for Junsu on June 9th and they have become a hot topic among fans.

Junsu made a drastic transformation with a bright hed hair, smokey sharp eye make-up and fair skin. He was dressing in a leather cloak with steampunk clothes and match along with some classic accessories. The background of the photos were covered with white smoke which created a dreamy effect on them.

"Dracula" musical will start on July 17th at Seoul Arts Center's Opera Theatre.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Yoochun successfull finishes his solo fan meeting with 6000 fans

Yoochun had a wonderful time with many fans for his 29th birthday.

On June 4th, Yoochun held a 3-hour fan meeting "House Warming Party" to celebrate his birthday at KINTEX, Ilsan. Since this is his first solo fan meeting with domestic fans in Korea so it attracted much attention as the tickets were sold out in just 15 minutes.

The event started with the door bell sound and Yoochun appeared on stage with the setting like his own room. As soon as the cake was brought on the stage, the fans presented a special event made by their light sticks and sang the birthday song. Yoochun then blew out the candles and thanks everyone for coming to his fan meeting.

JYJ members Junsu and Jaejoong also sent in a video message,"Happy birthday. We're sorry that we couldn't attend. Though this is just a short message but we hope that you're happy. Have a great time".

Also a video message from the cast of drama "3 Days" was shown on the screen as they sent their happy birthday greetings. In particular, Yoochun's mother made her surprise appearance in a video and he couldn't resist his tears while listening to her message.

Yoochun also interacted with fans by doing their requests such as singing to "Three Bears" song, doing the three-set winks and gave advices related to relationship from a man's perspective in a special segment. He also sang his OST "The Empty Space For you" from drama "Miss Ripley" and his self-composed song "Walk With Her In The Spring".

Yoochun said,"I'm really grateful to all of you today. As much as you take care of me and love me from the places that I can't see, I will work harder as much. We are having much fun while recording JYJ's new album so we will return you with great activities"

In addition, he will have fan meetings in Guangzhou on June 14th and Shanghai on 19th.
Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jaejoong and Yoochun plan to enlist after the release of JYJ's album later this year

We should get ready to say goodbye temporarily to Jaejoong and Yoochun.

On June 5th, C-Jes Entertainment confirmed that JYJ will release a new album in the second half of this year and they are currently preparing for it. Jaejoong and Yoochun are also planning to enlist after the promotion of the new album from then until early next year. For Junsu, the specific time for his enlistment hasn't come out yet.

JYJ's last release was the first album "The Beginning" in 2011. Meanwhile, the members are currently busy with their own activities as Jaejoong is acting in MBC's "Triangle", Junsu is preparing for his musical "Dracula" while Yoochun just finished his fan meeting in Korea on June 4th.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jae Joong to sing an OST for 'Triangle'

Jae Joong will lend his voice for a new OST in MBC's drama "Triangle".

During the broadcast of the drama on June 2nd, Jae Joong's voice was heard in a new song at the background. C-Jes Entertainment later revealed that the song was used as his character's theme song and will be served as a new OST.

The song is said to be a ballad which describes the love between Heo Young Dal(Jae Joong) and Oh Jung Hee(Baek Jin Hee). The agency also stated that Jae Joong directly wrote the lyrics and it will be released on June 9th at noon.

"Triangle" is currently being broadcast every Mon-Tues at 10pm kst.
Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lee Seung Chul to remake Junsu's 'I'm In Love' as a new OST for 'You're Surrounded'

Lee Seung Chul will be the next one to sing an OST for SBS's drama "You're Surrounded".

In the broadcast of "You're Surrounded" on May 29th, a new song was heard in the background and people later regconized it was Lee Seung Chul's voice.

It was said that the song is not new as it's one of the tracks in JYJ's Junsu's 2nd solo album "Incredible" in 2013 called "I'm In Love". This time, Lee Seung Chul will remake it into a new OST for the drama.

In particular, the lyrics for Lee Seung Chul's version will be slightly different from the original version to fit with the flow of the drama. It will be released through various online music sites on June 5th.
Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yoochun to feature in Gummy's new mini album

Fans will get to hear Yoochun's voice in Gummy's upcoming mini album.

According to C-Jes Entertainment, the song is said to have reggae style and refreshing melody which reminds you of early summer days. At first Yoochun was featured in as a narrator for a boyfriend role, but after working with each other in the recording room for a while, he ended up lending his voice to harmonize wirh Gummy. They both recorded the song in a friendly atmosphere thanks to its cute lyrics and exciting rhythms.

Yoochun said,"I usually enjoy listening to comforting and lyrical indie music, and this song that I was featured in has the same feeling. It's a bright song that makes you want to go outside so it was fun recording it. I also listened to the title song of the album and it's really good. I hope everyone will give it much support".

Gummy's mini album will also include songs composed by Wheesung and Hwayobi. It will be released on June 9th through various online music sites.
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