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Monday, August 18, 2014

BTS to have a live streaming comeback showcase via Youtube on 19th

Melon is having BTS' Premiere Showcase through Youtube on August 19.

Fans around the world are going to get to see Bangtan Boys' first live performance of their title song 'Danger' exclusively in their comfort by streaming on Youtube.

Check the time schedule of the premiere showcase below:

2014.08.19 8PM (GMT+9, Korea Local Time)
[Sydney] 9:00 PM
[Tokyo] 8:00 PM
[Beijing / HongKong / Kuala Lumpur / Manila] 7:00 PM
[Bangkok / Hanoi] 6:00 PM
[Moskva] 3:00 PM
[Ankara] 2:00 PM
[Paris / Stockholm] 1:00 PM
[London] 12:00 PM
[LA / Vancouver] 4:00 AM
[Mexico City] 6:00 AM
[Santiago] 7:00 AM
[São Paulo] 8:00 AM

Don't miss their comeback showcase by live streaming below:

Monday, August 11, 2014

EXO release sample images from their 1st photobook 'DIE JUNGS'

EXO are releasing their 1st photobook shot in Germany 'DIE JUNGS' on August 18 and sample photos have been released.

'DIE JUNGS' means 'THE BOYS' in German language. The photobook contains 340 pages showing the EXO boys during their trip in Germany. From the sample images, candid pictorial of members, solo and groups were captured. It shows the boys wandering around the beautiful streets of Berlin and other places.

The photobook will be released in 4 versions; EXO, K, M and a Premium Set.The EXO version includes Chinese and English subtitled DVDs. See the sample images below and pre-order yours now. [1,2,3]

Monday, July 28, 2014

Red Velvet open official website and Facebook page + members' solo photos

SM's newest girl group gear for their nearing debut as they open their official website and Facebook page to reach out more fans.

Earlier today, Red Velvet composing Seulgi, Wendy, Irene, and Joy release MV teaser for their debut song 'Happiness' and we got introduced to their concept. The song seems upbeat and carries bright atmosphere. Moreover, the released solo photos of each members provide vivid elements that are unconventional.

'Red Velvet' is debuting in August. Check out their official website and Facebook page for more updates.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

f(x) release tracklist for 'Red Light' + album details

The list of tracks from 'Red Light' has been released through the album details from BooknMusic website. It reveals f(x)'s third studio album will consist of 11 tracks listed below:

01 Red Light
03 나비 (Butterfly)
04 무지개 (Rainbow)
05 All Night
06 바캉스 (Vacance)
07 뱉어내 (Spit it Out)
08 Boom Bang Boom
09 Dracula
10 Summer Lover
11 종이 심장 (Paper Heart)

According to the description, the album will contain variety of genres including RnB, pop dance, electro music, and more showing the style of f(x). In particular, the title song 'Red Light' is an electro house genre with intense energy and rhythm.

'Red Light' will be released on July 8.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

FIESTAR members open twitter accounts!

With their nearing comeback, the girls of Fiestar start interacting and reaching more to their global fans by opening their own Twitter accounts.

You can now tweet your favorite Fiestar member by following their twitter accounts @FIESTAR__Jei , @FIESTAR__Linzy , @FIESTAR__Caolu , @FIESTAR__Hyemi , and  @FIESTAR__Yezi.

Meanwhile, FIESTAR is going to release their digital single 'One More' on July 2.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MBLAQ to hold 'SUMMER VACATION 2014 in TOKYO' in July

MBLAQ is going to spend their summer vacation with Japanese fans this coming July as they announce that the group is holding shows in Tokyo.

Their show is titled 'MBLAQ SUMMER VACATION 2014 in TOKYO' and is going to be a two-day event starting on July 2 and July 3 at 7PM in ZEPP Tokyo.

For MBLAQ's official fanclub members in Japan, they can purchase their tickets until June 11. For more information regarding tickets, check here.

Friday, May 2, 2014

BEAST to hold their fourth fanmeeting in Japan + 'Adrenaline' release

BEAST announce that they are holding "THE 4TH BEAST FAN MEETING IN JAPAN" in June to meet and greet their Japanese BEAUTIES.

BEAST are doing fanmeeting first on June 8 in Kobe World Hall at 3PM and 6:30PM. It will be followed by fanmeetings on June 14 at 4:30PM and June 15 at 12:00PM in Chiba Makuhari Event Hall.

This is the chance to interact with the members so Japanese Beauties be sure not to let this pass by purchasing BEAST's new Japanese single 'Adrenaline' on May 28 as it will serve as your ticket. For more information, check their website. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Akdong Musician to release 3rd single 'Give Love'

Following the simultaneous success of their previous two title tracks, the talented Akdong Musician are down to their 3rd title track 'Give Love'.

Their 3rd title track has been voted by fans wherein the two first singles '200%' and 'Melted' were chosen by them and their company. It's going to be a hit for sure, don't you think?

Don't miss further details of their 3rd title track release!

Friday, April 4, 2014

CNBlue to tour in Thailand, Singapore, and Hongkong for CNBlue Live [Can't Stop]

CNBlue release the countries and date of their 2014 CNBlue Live Tour [Can't Stop] through a promotional video released today.

The members personally relay the good news and tour dates themselves. Check the tour places and dates below:

2014.04.19-20 (Sat-Sun) PM 6:00 Seoul / Seoul Jamsil Gymnasium
2014.04.26  PM 7:00 Busan / Busan BEXCO first floor Exhibition Hall 1
2014.05.04  PM 6:00 Bangkok / Impact Arena
2014.05.10  PM 7:00 Singapore / Singapore Indoor Stadium
2014.05.17-18  PM 8:00 HongKong / Hong Kong Asia World Expo Arena
2014.05.24  PM 7:00 Daegu / Daegu EXCO Convention Hall, 5th Floor

Watch the promotional video below:

Monday, March 24, 2014

T-ara to release 3rd Japanese album 'Gossip Girls' in May

Japanese fans must be rejoicing as T-ara announced the release of their 3rd Japanese full-length album 'Gossip Girls' on May 14.

Tracklist and album editions are released as well. It will be released in three editions; Diamond, Sapphire, and Pearl. The 3rd album will consist of a total of 12 tracks including the Japanese versions of Number Nine and Do You Know Me. Check the list below:

1. Just Now
2. Lucky Wannabeee!
3. Number Nine (Japanese ver.)
4. Lead The Way
5. Keep on Walking
6. Knockin’on my heart
7. Musica Musica
8. Do You Know Me (Japanese ver.)
9. LA’booN
10. A-HA
11. Memory - The Guidance You Gave Me (Jinx!!! OST)
12. Time to Love or TTL (Japanese ver.)

In addition to that, a comeback showcase will be held on May 15. Further details will be released soon. Are you excited for their Japanese comeback?

Actor Kim Soo Hyun to meet fans in Singapore on April 27

'You Who Came From The Star's actor Kim Soo Hyun or Doo Min Joo (from the drama) is going to meet his fans in Singapore.

The popular actor is holding a fanmeet '2014 Asia Tour 1st Memories in Singapore Kim Soo Hyun' on April 27 in Singapore Expo Hall 1.

It's the chance that many of fans all around Asia are waiting for so Singaporean fans should take this by securing their ticket which price ranges from $238, $188, and $138 (Singaporean dollars).

Kim Soo Hyun's Asian tour started in Seoul and has been in many Asian countries such as Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Check the poster for more details.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

SS501 Park Jungmin to hold 'Birthday Party in Seoul' on April 12-13

SS501 Park Jung Min, who announced his solo album to be released in April is holding a birthday party in Seoul with his fans.

Details for this event were posted through his official Japanese website. The two-day celebration is going to be a full interaction with fans. For the day 1, April 12, the dinner party will be held at Crystal Hall of AW Convention Center where guest can enjoy Jungmin's songs. On the next day, April 13, there will be a photo op at Jung Min`s mother cafe "Banjudam".

The special event is limited to his fanclub members and application is ongoing untile March 20. Winners will be announced on March 24. Check here for details.

Celebrate and greet Jungmin for his birthday and solo album release.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Block B open official Japanese twitter account

Block B open their official Japanese twitter account @BLOCKB_JAPAN through their other Japanese accounts such as website  and Youtube.

They have announced their Japanese twitter account so that their fans can get hold of their Japanese activities starting today. Block B's Japanese fans could expect more updates from the group as they will be busy in Japanese activities these days. You could also check their official Japanese website.

In fact, Block B are holding 'Block B Spring Special Live <Very Very Good>' on March 21 in Maihama Amphi Theater. So keep updated with the other details by following their twitter account.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Toheart release tracklist for 1st mini album

Toheart's Key and Woohyun are ready to debut as they release the tracklist of their 1st mini album.
The first mini album has a total of 6 tracks as follows:

1. Intro
2. Delicious
3. Maze
4.You're My Lady
5. Tell Me Why
6. Start

Key and Woohyun's first mini album will be released on March 10.

Friday, February 21, 2014

CNBlue to release 'Can't Stop' album on 23rd instead of 24th

CNBlue announce that they are going to release their 5th mini album online earlier that the original release date.

Therefore, instead of midnight of 24th, they are going to release it on the midnight of 23rd, a day earlier, which is good for excited and awaiting fans.According to FNC, the change of release is due to the positive response from the fans who are diligently waiting for CNBlue's album.

Meanwhile, since the release is earlier than what we have expected, anticipate their 70minute-comeback performance through SBS on March 2.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

EXO Kai's audition clip to be revealed on SBS

EXO Kai's audition clip back in 2007 will be released through SBS's special program 'Hard Working Idols' on the 16th.

Along with his audition clip is a practice video with his labelmate and friend Taemin. It has been revealed that they are trained together but he will revel this thoughts seeing Taemin debuting first.

The broadcast will also reveal his practice routine and how the practice room becomes his house.
TVXQ's Yunho, EXO's Kai and SHINee's Taemin are going to share their practice method on the broadcast so don't miss it.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Girls Generation release teaser image and reveals the producer of 'Mr. Mr.'

SM Entertainment releases some information regarding SNSD's new single 'Mr. Mr.' on February 12, a day after they announced their comeback.

According to the agency, The Underdogs produced SNSD's title track this time. They added, "'Mr. Mr' is an addicting RnB track produced by The Underdogs who have worked with famous artists like Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and others. This is the first collaboration between The Underdogs and SNSD."

'The Underdogs'is a famous RnB/Pop production team. They produced hit songs and worked with Beyonce, Justin Timberlake , Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Baby Face , etc. They have worked with TVXQ before for their song 'Viva' from their 6th album 'Catch Me'.

SM continues, "The U.S. Billboard magazine reported the news of SNSD's comeback and people from other countries are already showing interests. Expect a more mature image this time." Meanwhile, SNSD is going to release the song 'Mr. Mr.' on the 19th and the mini album on the 24th.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SM The Ballad unveil jacket photo for 'Breath' and release dates for its tracklist

SM The Ballad are ready to serenade you with their whole new tracks and new members starting next week. The ballad project group has announced that they are going to start releasing songs on February 10.

Here are the dates that you need to mark on your calendars. On February 10, Taeyeon & Jonghyun's 'Breath' (Korean version) will be released first. It will be gradually followed by Jonghyun & Chen's duet song 'One Day' on the 11th. Taeyeon is going to release her solo 'Set Me Free' on the 12th and rest of the tracks including Chen& Krystal's duet 'The Good and Bad', Yesung & Zhoumi's 'Blind', and the Chinese and Japanese versions of their title track 'Breath', by Chen & Zhang Li Yin and Changmin & Krystal, will be released on the 13th. 

The Korean version of 'Breath' will be promoted by Taeyeon and Jonghyun on various music broadcast having M! Countdown as their 1st stage on the 13th. Chen and Zhang Li Yin are also reported to sing the Chinese version of it on Chinese program 'Element of Joy' on the following day at 8PM.

Here's the jacket photo of SM The Ballad's 2nd album. Are you excited?

Monday, January 27, 2014

B.A.P to release 3rd Japanese single 'No Mercy'

B.A.P continue to excite fans with their upcoming releases. With the anticipation rising for the release of their 1st full-length album 'First Sensibility' on February 3, the boys just announced that they are also releasing their 3rd Japanese single 'No Mercy' on April 2.

The track would be the title song of their 1st Japanese mini album and prior to the release, they are going to hold launching events including a live sessions in Fukuoka on April 3, Osaka on April 4, Nagoya on April 5, and Tokyo on April 6.

Their first Japanese mini album 'No Mercy' will be released in three versions; Limited Edition, Type A and Type B. Are you anticipating their upcoming releases?

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gain releases tracklist for 'Truth or Dare'

After announcing the upcoming comeback of Brown Eyed Girls' Gain with her 3rd mini album 'Truth or Dare', the tracklist for the album has been released.

The mini album includes 6 tracks such as her title track 'Truth or Dare' , 'FxxK U' ft. Bumkey, 'Q&A', 'Black & White', 'Expose' and one more untitled track.

Gain's 3rd mini album shows her deeper revelations about herself through the songs. The mini album is scheduled to be released on February 6. However, Gain is going to pre release 'FxxK U' ft. Bumkey on January 28, so keep an eye on that date.

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