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Monday, July 28, 2014

IU to guest on KBS' talk show 'I'm A Man'

Following Suzy, IU will be the next female idol to make a guest appearance on KBS' talk show 'I'm A Man'.

According to an official from KBS on July 27th, IU is currently recording for the show. IU's agency also confirmed the news and said it's true that she's participating in the recording progress.

'I'm A Man' previously broadcast its pilot episode last April with Yoo Jae Suk, Noh Hong Chul, Im Won Hee and Jang Dong Min as the MCs. Miss A's Suzy also made her surprise appearance as the female guest and received an explosive response from everyone on the set.

Thanks to the positive review from the viewers for the pilot episode, the show has been set as a regular show and will broadcast its first episode on August 8th.
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Sunday, July 13, 2014

IU, Roy Kim and Dal Shabet appear on g.o.d's reunion concert

On July 12th, g.o.d held their 15th anniversary reunion concert at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium.

Their concert was attended by approximately 14,000 fans and three known KPop artists. IU, Roy Kim and Dal Shabet were among those. 

According to reports, IU will be collaborating with g.o.d through 'Sing For Me.' It's also known that IU is a huge fan of g.o.d.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

IU Special Remake Mini Album

This review is sponsored by

Korean nation sister IU garnered much attention with her remake album.

She challenged some popular old songs with this album and reached the top of various music charts with her new album.

Check out some photos of the album below:

Purchase the album here
Wednesday, July 9, 2014

IU explains why she gave up entering University

On July 7, IU appeared as guests on SBS's talkshow "Healing camp" with singer Kim Chang Wan and Akdong Musician to talk about music and personal lives.

After hearing Kim Chang Wan's story of entering Seoul university when he was only 17, MC Lee Kyung Kyu asked IU about the reason why she did not enter university. Then IU replied, "I thought high school will be my last school as I didn't like school. In addition, I was working as a singer then, so I wanted to focus on it. Kim Chang Wan said entering Seoul university was easy, but no university can accept my score, so I just gave up." Her answer amazed everyone. 

Then Kim Chang Wan encouraged IU, "You did a good thing. You don't have to go to university to gain title".

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

IU and Kim Chang Wan perform 'Meaning of You' live at Healing Camp

IU and Kim Chang Wan did a beautiful live performance of 'Meaning of You' on Healing Camp where they appeared as guests.

With their tandem and vocal harmonization, the guests and viewers were serenaded. The nostalgic feeling is all over the set.

Aside from them, Akdong Musician also appeared and had a good chat creating lively atmosphere.
Watch below:

IU reveals the reason why she chose to remake Kim Chang Wan's 'Meaning of You'

Because it was the favourite song of her crush from middle school.

On July 7th, Kim Chang Wan, IU and Akdong Musician made their appearance on 'Healing Camp'. The MC asked IU why she chose to remake Kim Chang Wan's "Meaning of You" in which she made a surprise confession be saying that she used to like a man when she was in middle school and it was his favourite song.

Kim Chang Wan thought she made a mistake and corrected her by saying it should be a boy not a man, to this IU said once again that he was an adult man.

Check out IU and Kim Chang Wan' 'Meaning of You' performance below.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

g.o.d to collaborate with IU for their comeback

Korean pop music group g.o.d is going to comeback with their 8th official album entitled 'Chapter 8' this July.

This comeback is not an ordinary one because IU will be featured with them. In the reports circulating, it was reported that IU will be singing in one of g.o.d's songs. This collaboration is a dream come true for IU because she truly idolizes g.o.d's music.

g.o.d is composed of Ho-young, Kim Tae-woo, Danny Ahn, Park Joon Hyung and Yoon Kye Sang. They started their career in 1999. g.o.d is set to return this July 8th. 

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SOURCE: No Cut News

Kim Chang Wan, IU, Akdong Musician to perform together on 'Healing Camp'

We will get to see a collaboration stage between a veteran and young singers.

It was revealed that Kim Chang Wan, IU and Akdong Musician will make their appearances on the upcoming episode of SBS's 'Healing Camp' on July 7th. Especially there will be a collaboration stage for 'Healing Music Camp' in which the 3 artists will perform together for the first time.

According to the production team, the 3 artists had a fantastic performance and showed a perfect chemistry even though it's their first time working together. In particular, they did the stage with Kim Chang Wan's live band which reminisces about the atmosphere from a concert.

This episode of 'Healing Camp' will be broadcast on July 11th at 11pm kst.
Wednesday, July 2, 2014

IU updates fans with 2 adorable selcas

IU updated her Fancafe with 2 new selcas.

She mentioned that she was tired after completing her schedule. She then asked fans to stay healthy and wished fan a goodnight.

Fans commented, 'IU is the cutest idol', 'IU is so lovely" and etc.

Monday, June 30, 2014
Friday, June 27, 2014

Ulala Session and IU release teaser for 'Anxious Mind' ft. the late Lim Yoon Taek

Ulala Session and IU release the teaser for their collaborative single 'Anxious Mind' featuring the vocals of the late Lim Yoon Taek.

The song is the 5th track in Choi Gap Won's project "The Lyrics". It was recorded in 2012 but in respect to the death of Lim Yoon Taek, the release has been delayed to June 30.

Check it out below:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ulala Session and IU to release an unpublished duet this month

We will get to listen to Ulala Session and IU singing together in a new duet.

According to the officials, Ulala Session and IU will release an unpublished duet at the end of this month. It was said that the song was recorded back in 2012. In particular, their late member Lim Yoon Taek who was battled with cancer back then also participated in the recording and showed his enthusiasm in music.

Ulala Session was the winner of Mnet's 'Super Star K3' in 2011. Their leader Lim Yoon Taek who passed away after struggling with stomach cancer in February last year. The other members are still currently active in the music industry.
Tuesday, June 17, 2014

IU shows her cuteness in the BTS video of 'Mexicana Chicken' CF

IU shows her cuteness in the BTS video of Mexicana Chicken, check out the video below:

IU releases new Mexicana Chicken pictorials for World Cup

IU transforms into an adorable cheerleader for the new Mexicana Chicken pictorials.

She is seen posing with football in her latest photos. South Korea team will play Russia in the 2014 World Cup tomorrow, we will keep you updated with the latest result, at the moment, have a look at IU's new photos below:

IU to release a limited-edition LP of her remake album 'Flower Bookmark'

Get ready for another remake song from IU.

According to IU's agency on June 16th, since her last remake album "Flower Bookmark" achieved a great success as it received many good reviews from critics as well as the public, IU is going to release her remake mini album as a limited-edition LP with the addition of 1 new song.

The new song is none other than "Eoheoya Doongi Doongi" which was composed by the late Geum Soo Hyun.

In particular, the disc of this "Flower Bookmark" LP will be done by the Germany renowned cutting studio STT with the weight of 180 gram. There will also be a photobook which contains 12 LP-size unseen photos of IU.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

IU captures fans with her sweetness in new photos for Chinese cosmetic brand 'QDSUH'

"QDSUH" cosmetic brand just unveiled some behind the scene photos of IU on its Weibo.

IU was seen in a pink dress and she was riding a bike while showing her bright smile. Her hair was untied and she also had a pink headband on it which emphasized on her cute and innocent charm. The overall concept makes her look like a main character who steps out from a comic.

IU was recently chosen as the new model for "QDSUH" Previously Chinese star YangMi also endorsed for the brand.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Kim Soo Hyun reported attending IU's small theatre concert

It was said that Kim Soo Hyun made a visit to IU's small theatre concert.

Loen Entertainment revealed that the actor went to the concert on May 29th at Sogang University's Mary Hall. They also said he stayed in the audience from the beginning to the end and fully showed his support for IU.

Kim Soo Hyun and IU knew each other when they starred in KBS' "Dream High" in 2011 and they have remained their friendship since then.

In particular, many celebritees were spotted attending and also guested in IU's concert including SHINee's Jonghyun, Akdong Musician, CNBLUE' Jonghyun and Yonghwa, Kim Bum Soo, 2PM's Seulong, ZE:A's Kwanghee, actor Jo Jung Suk, Ha Dong Kyun, Yoo In Na, Park Shin Hye and etc.

IU already finished her small theatre concerts on June 1st.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Akdong Musciain to guest at IU's small theatre concert

Akdong Musician and IU will finally stand on the same stage.

According to an official source, it stated that Akdong Musician will guest at IU's small theatre concertthis week. It also said IU personally sent the request to invite the siblings duo to guest at her concert and YG Entertainment gladly accepted it.

In particular, Akdong Musician's Soohyun is known to be an IU's fan as she has showed her love for the singer through many interviews previously. The duo also expressed their desire to have a collaboration with IU one day.

"National little sister" and "National siblings" together, it's such a fresh combination isn't it?
Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hong Daekwang doesn't eat to lose weight

Hong Daekwang appeared on SBS variety program, 'Challenge 1000 Songs.'

MC Lee Hweejae noticed that Hong Daekwang lost weight since he auditioned on 'Superstar K.' Hong Daekwang revealed that he tried lots of dieting techniques, but all failed. He shared that he did No Hongchul’s almond diet and IU's apples, sweet potatoes, and protein shakes diet, but he was unsuccessful in losing weight.

When he was asked on what he did to lose such significant weight, he said, "I just did not eat." Upon hearing that, MC Ida Daussy jokingly commented, "If you keep doing that, you’ll die!" 

Hong Daekwang had his debut in March with his first album entitled 'Thank You My Love.'

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SOURCE: Herald Corp
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