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Saturday, November 28, 2015

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IU the winter goddess!

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IU showcases her bright smile at the Like The First Time Soju event.

Since winter season is approaching, fans get to see more winter fashion from their favorite stars, what do you think about IU's winter fashion?

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


IU unveils the album cover for 'CHAT-SHIRE'

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The album cover for 'CHAT-SHIRE' has been unveiled.

The photo shows IU lying in the floor with her eyes shut while her hair was decorated with 'CHAT-SHIRE' map that she previously share through her Instagram, attracting much attention thanks to its uniqueness and fairytale-like.

The MV teaser for title track '23' will be released at midnight on October 22nd while the album will be dropped on the 23th.

Monday, October 19, 2015


IU to hold national concert tour 'CHAT-SHIRE' in November

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IU will launch a national concert tour for her upcoming mini album 'CHAT-SHIRE'.

She will kick off the tour with a two-day concert in Olympic Park Olympic Hall in Seoul on November 21st and 22nd, then followed by Busan, Daegu and Gwangju.

This will be her first concert tour in 3 years since 'Real Fantasy' in 2012, so many people are very looking forward to it. IU will unveil various colorful stages and untold stories from the album.

Since IU has decided to not promote her new album on music programs, this has become another reason for the fans to attend IU's concert tour.

The ticket sale will be opened via Interpart on October 26th at 8PM KST. Meanwhile, 'CHAT-SHIRE' will be released this October 23rd.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


IU emotes in 'The Shower' teaser

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IU drops the first teaser clip of "The Shower" which is likely her title song from her upcoming mini album 'Chat-Shire'.

In the short clip set in grayscale theme, IU is confining her emotions through her facial expressions. We can see her giving sighs, and looking exhausted while drenched from the drops of water.

Towards the close-up scene, IU gets teary eyed and subtly smiles. The melancholic melody and IU's voice are matching so well with her expressions. Are you excited to watch the full video? Let's anticipate the release on 23rd!

Monday, October 12, 2015


IU releases the first teaser image for 4th mini album 'CHAT-SHIRE'

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Finally IU is back with her new music!

On October 12th at midnight, Loen Entertainment revealed the first teaser image for IU's 4th mini album 'CHAT-SHIRE', which shows the singer being wrapped with purple ribbon as she stares at the camera with her odd eye.

This will mark her comeback to the music scene after 1 and a half year since the remake album 'A Flower Bookmark' in May 2014.

'CHAT-SHIRE' will be released at midnight on October 23rd.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


IU shares her 'love at first sight' story & thoughts in a fancafe post!

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While most likely, female celebrities would choose to either let their agency confirm their relationship or stay quite, IU is on different level.

Just right after the news have come up and her agency LOEN checks it with her, IU, herself, immediately posts a note through her fancafe basically announcing her relationship with Jang Giha to her fans.

First, IU greets everyone saying that she's currently filming a music video. She expresses that she is surprised because of the sudden news but knows that her fans Uaena are more surprised than her. She then apologizes for not telling them earlier and promises to be careful next time.

Next up, she coolly reveals the story of their first meeting from meeting Jang Giha on a radio show two years ago.She even describes it as "love at first sight" and that Jang Giha is a boyfriend she is thankful for and that their relationship is a common one when they have good moments and also fight sometimes. She reveals that she's been contemplating when is the right time to reveal this but Dispatch is very shocking and that she thinks this is the right time.

Towards the end of her post, IU sincerely apologizes and thanks fans from the bottom of her heart. IU expresses that she didn't know how to focus on her ongoing MV filming but she makes sure that she is going to work hard even more and she will comeback for sure so anticipate.

She's the coolest. Isn't she?

screencap from instiz

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[Breaking] LOEN confirms IU is dating Jang Gi Ha!

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Dating reports surrounding IU (22) and Jang Gi Ha (33) are now confirmed as IU's agency responds after checking it with IU.

According to a representative of Loen, "We have confirmed from IU that she and Jang Giha are looking at each other with good feelings. It has started since two years ago when they were just colleagues exchanging musical interests and then developed good feelings towards each other after meeting up often. They have been going out with good feelings so far."

Meanwhile, Dispatch releases the news this morning that IU and Jang Gi Ha have been meeting each other often since March of this year, having dates either at IU's or Jang Gi Ha's house. Congratulations!

Osen via Nate

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


This IU's song proves she has to be in a musical!

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Seriously? Why IU has not been in any musical yet?

Fans are mesmerized upon hearing this Japanese single of IU. The song is titled "The Age Of The Cathedrals" and was released in February, 2013 as her Japanese single.

The song is a remake of Bruno Pelletier's which he originally performed in French-Canadian musical "Notre-Dame De Paris" in 2000. IU's version however is very emotional and her vocal color is dynamic and it's like the song is made for her distinct vocals.

You can imagine IU singing this song in a musical while listening to it. She needs to be in a musical seriously!


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