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Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy birthday to Nine Muses' Hyuna

Birth Name: Moon Hyun Ah
Stage Name: Hyuna
Birthday: February 19, 1987
Label: Star Empire entertainment
Group: Nine Muses
Position: Main Vocalist
Instagram: @moongom119
Twitter: @moongom119

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Who is this cute kindergarten idol?

Who would have thought that this cute, innocent-looking kid would grow to be a sexy and charming HyunA?

4-minute's HyunA shares her kindergarten photo through her instagram account on November 17.
In the photo, young HyunAh looks so cute wearing hanbok and seems like she was singing with her mouth open.

Did you get it right?

Source: HyunAh's instagram

Saturday, August 3, 2013

4-minute Hyunah joins instagram!

On August 3, it was confirmed that 4minute Hyunah created her instagram account as she gradually uploads exclusive photos of her that made her fans happy.

At this moment, she has uploaded a total of 15 various photos in one day including ones that she appeared sexy, cute and even hilarious . She must really like the app wherein she could interact with fans and share her photos.

Follow Hyuna's instagram @hyunah_aa now!

Here are some of the photos she has uploaded.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hyuna is a drop-dead gorgeous woman for ELLE

Hyuna showed a different charm on her latest pictorial for ELLE's July issue.

In this concept, Hyuna takes on a classy and sophisticated style. Simple yet stunning, Hyuna let her long silky black hair coincides with her black dress. Her minimal outfit managed to emphasize her body figure.

Check some photos below:

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Medical examination reveals Hyuna's real health condition

For the the people especially Hyuna's fans who are worrying, the medical examination result has been revealed.

On May 9, Hyuna's agency, Cube Entertainment stated, "Hyuna underwent a basic examination instead of a detailed chek up. The result from the examination revealed that Hyuna doesn't have any serious health problems."

On May 6, Hyuna was sent to hostpital after she fainted from a  high fever that made fans worried. The agency added, "As of now, she's still has fever but we will check on her from time to time." They also revealed that they don't have any plans for Hyuna to continue her schedules until she's really fine.

Netizens who received the good news expressed, "She overworked.","It's a relief that she's ok now.","I feel good to know that she's healthy." and so on.

As of the moment, 4minute will continue promoting without Hyuna.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hyunah does 'Gwiyomi' on Star King!

Hyunah's fans' dream comes true! 4-minute's HyunAh does hit 'cutie song' which is recently becoming a sensational craze not only in Korea but in other Asian countries as well on May 4th episode of Star King.

HyunAh was asked to do the 'cutie song' as she met Baby HyunAh on the set of the show. Though shy, the cute 4-minute member cutely project without any effort and left Infinite members stunned as she ran embarrassingly on the set right after she finished the song.

Watch the clip below:

Source: KpopStreamSBSclips2
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Hyunah meets 'Baby Hyunah' on Star King!

4-minute member Hyunah will be a guest on 'Star King's upcoming episode to celebrate Children's Day.

On May 4th episode of Star King, the show will feature a special episode titled 'Kids King'.

On the episode, a 4-year old Baby Hyunah, HaEun appeared and danced to Hyunah's popular songs such as 'Bubble Pop' and 'Ice Cream'.

Hyunah, upon seeing the kid's sexy dance , joined her and complimented Baby Hyunah for such a cute performance.

This episode will air on May 4.

Don't miss it!

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Source: Star Today

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Super Junior's Sungmin is Hyun Ah's twin!

Super Junior Sungmin uploaded selcas on his blog parodying Hyun Ah as part of his solo performance in Super Show 5.
Cross dressed as Hyun Ah, Sungmin perfectly copied Hyun Ah's make up and hairstyle in her Ice Cream MV impressing fans and netizens.

Sungmin wrote on his blog,

Hyunah-ya~! k
This time, cross dressing again hehe
sorry Hyuna-ya ke~
but I worked hard~
I even ate ice-cream on today's stage..hehe 

and posted two selcas. In one photo, he is cutely pouting and in the second one he is looking at the camera with poker face.

Can you spot any difference from his selcas or they really do look alike?

Source: Sungmin's blog
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Who wore it sexier, Ailee or Hyun Ah?

Hyun Ah and Ailee wore same sexy dress on separate situations. The sexy one piece cocktail dress is a combination of black and light brown colors with a parallel triangle pattern on the front.

In Ailee's case, she wore the dress on her Music Video "I'll Show You", while on Hyun Ah's was for an official wallpaper for Toyota Corolla.

So, cast your votes! Who wore it sexier?

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Hyun Ah's original Toyota Wallpaper (source:

Make a choice, 'Hyun Ah or Toyota'?

Here are some HD wallpapers from Toyota Corolla featuring their ever sexy 4-minute member Hyun Ah.
Which one do you like? Hyun Ah or Toyota Corolla?

Such a hard choice, isn't?


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hyun Ah appears on the cover of POP magazine alongside Taylor Swift

The connection between East and West pop singers is really getting narrower. South Korean girl group member Hyun Ah (4-minute) and pop princess Taylor Swift grace the covers of Spring and Summer issues of POP magazine.

The British fashion magazine acknowledges Hyun Ah as she's in the near peek of embracing the global market wherein it's nothing new for Taylor Swift to be on the very page of popular teen magazines.

What do you think?

Source: Billboard

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hyun Ah attends younger brother's graduation ceremony

4-minute's Hyun Ah touches fans' hearts when photos of her attending her younger brother's graduation ceremony were uploaded online.

On February 19, Hyun Ah attended her younger brother's graduation ceremony wearing only casual clothes like denim jacket and black leggings. She was taking picture with her mother and younger brother. Netizens commented, "Such a simple sister. I like her more.","Hyun Ah is a very thoughful sister!", "Although she's busy, she still attends her brother's graduation ceremony." and such.

Source: Herald
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Shindong and Sunggyu choose 4-minute Hyun Ah as their 'ideal type'

Recently on JTBC's "Lee  Sugeun, Kim Byeongman's Upper Society", the show's fixed guests, Super Junior’s Shindong and Infinite's Sunggyu were asked ,"Who do you want to be with in a rooftop house in the future?". Both of them were embarrassed to reveal the name of a girl group.

In order to build rapport and get closer to each other, the two exchanged greetings and tried to find similarities. There was a question about who their ideal type is and both of them have chosen Hyun Ah. Even the idols were surprised to each other's answers and even give semi-sweet smiles.

Source: Sports Seoul
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hyun Ah's past graduation photos reveal her true beauty

Hyun Ah's graduation photos emerged online. The graduation photos show nothing except the Hyun Ah today from elementary to highschool. The prominent big eyes and fair skin are apparent and she receives praises for that.

Netizens commented, "She's true beauty!","Nothing has changed.She's perfect." and so on.

Source: TV Report
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

TOUCH ChulMin, “4minute Hyuna is my ideal type”

Male group of 5 members, TOUCH’s Chul Min has named 4minute’s Hyuna as his ideal type.

On the 11th, ChulMin was asked by fans about his ideal type. He answered, “It could come out strange and might cause misunderstandings”, continued with  ”Personally, I like 4minute Hyuna’s performance.”

Video here
Trans: MrsDooB2uty @
Source: TV Daily

Saturday, December 1, 2012

MAMA's Best Collaboration, Hyunseung “To My Father..”

Hyunseung and Hyuna’s Trouble Maker has won the Best Collaboration award on ’2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ (in short, MAMA).

Jang Hyunseung and Hyuna have appeared on stage on the 7pm of the 30th to receive their Best Collaboration award.

Jang Hyunseung, “We felt honored for receiving such meaningful award. (We’re) always grateful to president-nim, managers, dancers-hyung, Cube’s colleagues. I love my family who are now watching at home, and to my father who is looking at me from the heavens, I will glorify this award. Thank you,” expressing his thoughts from the heart.

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Source: Osen

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hey, Sexy Lady: Hyuna, K-POP’s Gangnam Girl


It's only fitting that Korea's attitudinal pop princess was the subject of PSY's seduction in "Gangnam Style." Rapper-dancer Kim Hyun-a stands out from the super-clean K-Pop crowd, having controversially left one group (Wonder Girls) and then joining another, electro-pop unit 4Minute, and setting the tone for the more edgy side of K-Pop with songs like "Muzik" and "Hot Issue." Her solo singles have been even more incendiary—the music video for "Change" was flagged for 19+ viewers for her pelvic thrusting dance moves. "Bubble Pop!," meanwhile, placed an impressive #9 on SPIN Magazine's "Best 20 songs of 2011."

Even wrapped up for winter, 20-year-old HyunA commands attention. At Cube Café in Gangnam, a coffeehouse for K-Pop fans directly under her music studio, HyunA waltzes in with a thick blue woolen bob-hat, self-styled fur-lined jacket,the tiniest of black hot pants and sunglasses wrapped around her fingers.

An icon of the Korean fashion and pop culture wave that has already swamped Asia, HyunA's performance in "Gangnam Style" only reinforced her reputation as K-Pop's leading female provocateur—able to step out alone from the ranks of girl groups with confidence and power to represent a model of a new, modern Korean femininity.

We spoke with the young lady at the forefront of a generation in Korea now dominating their powerhouse neighbors of China and Japan in fashion and in music . . . and who could be the real K-Pop breakout star in the West, too.

ROBERT MICHAEL POOLE: Can you tell us about the concept behind the song "Ice Cream?"

KIM HYUN-A: Just like the lyrics of "Ice Cream"—"ice cream with 31 flavors"—it is a song where the audience can experience different sides of HyunA. [The] producer, Brave Brothers, management, and myself added bright and fun vibe to the hip-hop based song, so people can enjoy it. When it comes to song creation, I throw in my ideas and have it discussed with the producer. The song gets its own characteristic as new ideas are incorporated. Moreover, there is this cute goal of mine to melt all the listeners, just like sweet ice cream.

POOLE: You played a large part in "Gangnam Style." Why did you decide to mock your own industry?

HYUN-A: It has been watched by 700 million people, and that is amazing. PSY has told the media several times how I got the part in the video—I've heard that from the video's initial production stage, Psy has chosen me to take the female role of the video. I was flattered to hear that. He contacted the CEO of my management company, Cube Entertainment, for the video, and that's how I became the part of the video. The song does not mock the industry—the song and video of "Gangnam Style" has its focus on the people rather than the industry itself. The song's success proves that people in Gangnam are confident enough to accept and enjoy the song. All in all, I am happy that PSY's song is being loved by people all around the world, and I am lucky I am a part of it.

POOLE: "K-Pop" is a catch-all term. How would you truly describe your music overall?

HYUN-A: Currently, K-Pop is represented by music of girl groups and boy bands. Thanks to PSY, now people are starting to realize that K-Pop is not limited to just one genre. In my case, I take part in performance-oriented music and believe it is my call to show the audience something that both their eyes and ears can enjoy. There are many K-Pop artists who are performance-oriented, and I'd like to make a distinctive boundary of mine among them.

POOLE: How would you describe life in the K-Pop world?

HYUN-A: I've been doing my best to achieve my dream, and I am still in a process of getting where I want to be. It is very dynamic life—photo shoots with different concepts, flying in and out of Korea for concerts and TV appearances—no single day is the same. I get to experience different things every day. Even though there are times I feel physically tired due to the tight schedule, I enjoy it every minute of it. It is a very attractive industry, in that sense; it makes me challenge myself.

POOLE: How do American and Korean music differ?

HYUN-A: A few years back, I felt that there were many differences, but now I feel like PSY has broken many of those walls. When I see the audience sing along to our songs in other countries, I feel there are no walls or boundaries exist for good songs to be loved. However I still believe there is basic cultural difference exists between Korean and American music. Also there is a difference in languages exists when it comes to expressing emotion. Compared to English lyrics tend to express their feelings directly, Korean lyrics are more poetic and indirect.

POOLE: Who, and what, inspires you?

HYUN-A: [Everything] from ordinary things in everyday life, people's attention, the life that I had until now, to family, friends, fans... they all are my inspiration, and of course, the stage and the practicing room. The practicing room is where I spend most of [my] time, especially before the single release. When it comes to making choreography for the song, I look at myself in the mirror and give variations to the original choreography until I find the [right] choreography—choreography that fits me perfectly and that can project the performer HyunA in the right way. Since I constantly check the mirror to find the perfect moves, I could say that it is my inspiration.

POOLE: Your image is very confident, sexual, and independent. How close is that to the real you?

HYUN-A: I've been hearing that I am very different person on and off the stage. With all honesty, I hear the word "cute" more than "sexy" off the stage, and I get teased by that. When it comes to stage, I try my best to appeal and convey my ideas... incorporate what I want and I am good at on the stage. Since I know what I am doing on the stage, my confidence boosts up and that makes me to feel more liberated on the stage.

POOLE: How do you stay ahead as a fashion and music leader? Do you ever feel pressure?

HYUN-A: I do not feel much pressure, since it is a field that I have much interest in. Nowadays, I love hearing, "Whatever it is, when HyunA does it, it's different."

POOLE: What does the word Gangnam mean to you?

HYUN-A: The place where everything exists to enhance [one]self.

POOLE: What is your goal?

HYUN-A: As a professional singer, I want to be remembered as a singer with her own distinctive color, both by the public and the people in the industry, during and at the end of my career. To achieve such a goal, I will give my all to all the projects that I'm involved to produce the best result. Personally, I'd like to become a person who never loses her passion and always has a dream to follow.

Source: interviewmagazine

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hyuna Ah releases album 'Melting' in advance

Hyun Ah's EP album 'Melting' has been released in advance, earlier than its original release date because of leakage.The album is supposed to be released on October 22.

Her agency decided to release her tracks on October 21 because of uncontrollable leakage.As a result, fans can already purchase Hyun Ah's album through various music sites.

Cube Entertainment explained that they are still in the process of tracking the cause of leakage. The quick spreading of Hyun Ah's tracks made it impossible for them to block and that's why they came up with the decision to release it in advance.

The music video for "Ice Cream" will be released  at 12AM KST (Oct 22).

Source: Xportsnews
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Why did Hyuna cry?

Hyunah could not stop her tears while confessing her feelings towards her groupmates.

In the latest episode of 4minute's Travel Maker, 4minute shared their innermost feelings with each other. Hyunah revealed her thoughts on her group, "I'm very proud of 4minute. No matter how others criticize us, I believe all five of us are amazing individuals." Hyunah began to tear up as she continued on, "I think we're all irreplaceable. Just like when Gayoon-unnie was sick or when I was sick, we were all so worried and we found it hard to continue on even with four other members."

In an attempt to hide her tears, Hyunah put on her sunglasses, but when her tears fell even harder, she added, "I don't know why I can't stop crying like this."

She continued to profess, "Don't get sick and weary, guys. Let's hold on and keep going with one heart and one goal, just like we are now."

Seeing Hyunah's teary confession, the other members could not hold back their tears as well.

4minute maknae Sohyun also revealed, "I want 4minute to stay together forever, but if it doesn't work out the way we want it to, I hope we'll still be close. I want us to live in the same area or even the same building, and we can always meet up and see each other often. I don't want us to ever drift apart."

Viewers who saw 4minute's touching confessions left comments such as, "She seems to be really close with her members", "They all care for each other so much", and "Hyunah's tears seem very genuine."

Source: Daum
Translating + Editing + Reporting: applemango @

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oppa Gundam Style!!???

Many of you might wonder whether this is another new MV of Psy's popular song "Gangnam Style".

For your information,It is actually a parody made by fans,"Gangnam" sounds like "Gundam",so the creator of the video replaced the singers and actors' faces with Gundams,check out the video and have some laughs!

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