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Friday, December 28, 2012

Double Yoon (4minute’s Gayoon and Jiyoon) reveals album tracklist

4minute members Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon will form project group ‘Double Yoon’ and are planning to make their new debut this January. On December 28th, Cube Entertainment revealed the full tracklist for the unit’s debut mini album, ‘Y2N’.

The duet album will contain six tracks that will highlight their singing and rapping talents. It will include dance and ballad songs different from their 4minute’s flavor.


1. For Show (Intro)
2. DUO
3. 난 모든걸 할수 / I Can Do Everything
4. Shut Up (Jiyoon Solo)
5. 공기 / Air (Gayoon Solo)
6. Say You Need Me

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

4minute’s Gayoon and Jiyoon to form project group ‘Double Yoon’

4minute members Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon will form project group ‘Double Yoon’ and are planning to make their new debut this January.

On December 26, Cube Entertainment’s CEO Hong Seung Sung revealed, “Double Yoon will conduct official promotional activities starting next month. We wrapped up the music video filming, but we’re still adding the final touches to the album.”

The duet album will contain songs that will highlight their singing and rapping talents. It will include dance and ballad songs different from their 4minute’s flavor.

Source: 4minute

Friday, November 16, 2012

4minute’s Gayoon & BTOB’s Ilhoon release “My Love by My Side” for Jiyoon’s musical

4minute’s Heo Gayoon and labelmate BTOB’s Jung Ilhoon have just released their collaborative single “My Love by My Side” for the theme song of Jiyoon’s musical of the same name.

Gayoon and Ilhoon are reinterpreting Kim Hyun Shik’s original “My Love by My Side”. The remake presents an electronic rhythm with the orchestra melody and creates a new vibe with through Gayoon’s powerful vocals and BTOB’s IlHoon’s rap.

Check out the track below!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Heo Gayoon and Jung IlHoon To Release Theme song for ‘My Love By My Side’

4minute's Heo Gayoon and BTOB’s Jung IlHoon will be singing the ‘My Love by My Side’ for musical of the same name. Prior to its first performance, it was revealed that digital album for the theme song will be revealed on the 16th.

4minute's Jeon JiYoon who will be reinterpreting the theme song for Kim HyunShik’s ‘My Love By My Side’ received help from member Heo Gayoon. It is said that the remake song will present an electronic rhythm with the orchestra melody of the existing song. A new vibe will be created through Heo Gayoon’s powerful vocals and BTOB’s Jung IlHoon’s rap which gives a fresh new feel to it.

Musical for ‘My Love By My Side’ will be opening its first performance on December 11th.

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Source: Osen

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

4minute’s Gayoon & BTOB’s Ilhoon release video teaser for “My Love by My Side”

4minute’s Heo Gayoon and labelmate BTOB’s Jung Ilhoon will be singing the theme song “My Love by My Side” for Jiyoon’s musical of the same name. Ahead of the release on the 16th, a video teaser has been revealed for the music video of the song.

Gayoon and Ilhoon will be reinterpreting the theme song for Kim Hyun Shik’s My Love by My Side”. The remake will present an electronic rhythm with the orchestra melody and will create a new vibe with through Gayoon’s powerful vocals and BTOB’s IlHoon’s rap.

Check out the teaser below:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hyuna, Gayoon, Minhyuk, ‘Sings Tap Water Love’

On last September, 4minute’s Hyuna, Heo Gayoon and BTOB’s Lee MinHyuk filmed the MV for ‘Tap Water Love’ Campaign hosted by Public Relations Council and CBS.

Hyuna expressed, “With Heo Gayoon  and Lee Minhyuk’s harmonization, as well as Hyuna’s energy-overflowing raps it was a campaign song in which we have our same sentiments about it.”

Currently, 4minute’s Hyuna is promoting ‘Ice Cream’, while BTOB Lee Minhyuk is promoting ‘WOW’ and ‘I Know Only Love’.

After coming back with ‘Volume Up’ album, some recent activities of 4minute members were made known, ‘Jiyoon and JiHyun are preparing for various musical and dramas’. BTOB Lee MinHyuk also expressed his thoughts, “We want to be a group that does a wide spectrum of songs and appeals to the mass public. We want to be a talented group that can perform naturally songs of different genre such as dance songs, ballads, band and more.”

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Source: No Cut News

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

4Minute's Gayoon is a sporty Ceci girl

 4Minute's Gayoon graces the latest issue of Ceci Magazine.

Sporting cool sports fashion,Gayoon shows off her charm in the October issue of Ceci Magazine,like her latest photoshoot?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hyun Ah, Gayoon and Bomi have some great time with a horse!

4Minute and A Pink went on a vacation together last week.

4Minute's Jihyun updated a photo of 4Minute's Hyun Ah,Gayoon and A Pink's Bomi playing with a horse during their trip to Jeju Island.

The girls enjoyed themselves while playing with the horse.

Fans commented after seeing this pic,"that's a lucky horse","have fun and enjoy your holidays" and etc.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Today, you firstly suggested doing the shooting with a snake. Did you think the snake would look cool for the concept?
Even if it wasn't for the concept, since I've always liked snakes, I firstly said that I wanted to record the 'Volume Up' music video with a snake. The truth is that I wanted to raise one in the dorms but the members said I couldn't so I didn't. They also said that I'd have to feed it mice I'd kept in the freezer. Or take care of hamsters and throw them in each time.

Whether it's the snake or the clothes, it surprised us to see you actively suggest them.
I'm really into clothes since I read a lot of magazines. Furthermore, can somehow do something different compared to other magazines and it is special. Even my acquaintances said that, because it is you can do the photo shoot with a snake (laughter). In the end, today, I expressed my love for snakes to my heart's content!

Do you like magazines?
The editorials are cool because I get to know which clothes get to be featured. Because I'm not good at using the computer, I'd read magazines rather than use the Internet. When we go abroad for a performance, I buy a lot of foreign magazines; I also take the stylists' and read them. In particular, the foreign magazines look kind of racy but I think that the fact it is shot in an artistic way is cool.

When you decide the concept for the song, do you give your opinions on the styling, the hair or the make-up?
I suggested the clothes we wore during our 'Volume Up' promotion activities. There are these long-sleeved saggy clothes at Balmain, we modified them a little bit and manufactured them. What I suggested became our stage outfits and because the response was good, it was amazing. At the office, they asked me first about how BEAST's outfits should look.

Have you dreamt of becoming a singer since you were a child?
Yes! And I haven't changed my dream even once. I became a trainee when I was 14. Even though I have no special talent since there are many people who've been preparing for a long time lately, I could withstand because I was sure about my dream.

What is the song that you've originally often listened to?
It changes from time to time. Before my debut, I didn't even listen to pop music. It is because I didn't watch TV that much. So I didn't know. Lately, because I watch a lot of what other singers do, I know. Recently, the songs I listen to the most are Cheryl Cole's 'Parachute' and Jazmine Sullivan's 'Bust Your Window'. I really like the feeling that’s similar to tango that comes out of it.

You've become an issue with your airport fashion and you've been called the 'Gangnam Woman'. Do you like to hear such things?
I do. It became a burden since I had to know how to wear clothes well so I got more into it. The truth is that my older brother is a fashion designer. Even though it's a close industry, people don't know that we are siblings. Thanks to my older brother, I got even more interested in fashion. Though we didn't want to lose, and dress fashionably since young, whenever my brother said he bought an item from a certain brand I would say that I bought an item from a better brand. (Laughter)

You're the youngest so how come you don't have aegyo?
I wasn't close with my brother so it may be because of that (laughter). The people I meet for work say its okay but I'm really shy when it comes to strangers.

When you filmed variety programs, you spoke and giggled very well.
The truth is that I hate going on variety programs. When we have to dance all of a sudden. (sigh) I hate the "who do you like, who likes me" thingy (laughter).

Of all the programs, you appeared mainly on new programs such as "Weekly Idol" and "Yoo Seyoon's Art Video"?
Even if you don't do what you're told to, it's all right. Even if I just say what I want to say, it's all right (laughter).

If you were given the chance to do something, what do you want to do?
I want to do everything! I want to go solo, I want to do more acting, I want to study in a foreign fashion institute, I talked about it with my brother. He said that what you make yourself and what you see in magazines are different. "You don't know anything, isn't that jargon?” And he disregarded it. I think of a lot of things.

When you get holidays, what do you mainly do?
I go shopping a lot. I don't necessarily buy things. I often go with the stylists but when I want to buy pretty expensive clothes, I think I'd get scolded if I take my card so I go with my mom. Without gossiping. We agreed on this (laughter).

When you go shopping and that people recognize you.
I don't go to Cheongdam-dong where there are many people. I often enter a big brand store located in the Apgujeong neighborhood and I get recognized in this district, I just pretend I don't know. There are some advantages such as being able to pick up a few more socks?

Do people talk a lot about your legs?
Because I do hear a lot about my legs, I am reluctant to wear skirts. When they actually see them, they say that they're so skinny it looks gross, that I'm walking with arms…

Don't you want to look sexy?
No, I don't! Because I like fashion, I like the models' skinniness in magazines. My chest doesn't fit the model body as well.

After debuting in mid-2009, you carried on promotion activities without almost no rest. Isn't it difficult or wearisome?
From our debut date until last year, we dedicated ourselves to performing; we couldn't do something else like doing a photoshoot like today. Since I've been doing what I want to starting from this year, I shall say that feel like working (laughter)?

You feel like working… It's not something you get to hear from a 23 year old idol's mouth.
The truth is for 2 years we had the same daily routine. We practiced, went on stage, attended events, and went abroad so we practiced again, like this. Now, my color gets a little more exposed and I get to wear a lot of new clothes, it feels much better (laughter).

Sources | 4MF (1 | 2) | @lets_date

Monday, July 23, 2012

[NEWS] Heo Gayoon transforms into a white-haired witch for Dazed & Confused!

4minute member Heo Gayoon transformed into a glamorous white-haired witch in her pictorial for Dazed & Confused.

As the concept of the photoshoot was "the girl who loved snakes", Gayoon struck many unique and snake-like poses together with a 2-meter long snake. With her natural fashion sense, Gayoon carried her outfits with her own distinct charm that paralleled even professional models.

During the interview, Gayoon expressed: "I read fashion magazines often, so I decided I had to shoot a fierce pictorial with a unique concept. Shooting the pictorial with a snake was my suggestion."

Nicknamed 'Gangnam Girl' for her trendy style and fashion-forward outfits, Gayoon also revealed a downside to being a known fashionista: "It's a bit stressful to know that people are always judging my outfits. I have to pay close attention to my clothes nowadays."

Heo Gayoon's interview and pictorial will be released on the 20th in the August edition of Dazed & Confused.

Source: TVDaily | 4MF

Saturday, July 21, 2012

[PICTURE] 4Minute's Gayoon poses with snake for Dazed & Confused!

 4Minute's main vocal Gayoon undergoes drastic transformation for the latest issue of Dazed and Confused magazine.

The theme of the pictorial is "the girl who loves snakes".

Gayoon garnered much attention with her white hair and stylish make-up in the pictorial.

She is seen posing elegantly with a snake (2m long) in the first photo,brave enough?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

[PICTURE] 4Minute's Yoon Couple snapped 2 lovely selcas!

4Minute's Jiyoon unveiled 2 new photos on her Twitte on 24th June.

She said,"ended performance in London,hehe".

She is seen posing cutely with member Gayoon,they show off their cute expressions in the photos above,like their new photos?

Friday, June 22, 2012

[NEWS] 4minute’s Jiyoon & Gayoon on their way to England

4minute’s Jiyoon and Gayoon snapped a selca together before heading off to England.

On June 21st, Jiyoon tweeted, “The Double Yoons! Before heading to England!” and attached the above photo.

In the photo, Jiyoon wears a peach-colored blazer, showing off her perfect skin, while Gayoon is seen wearing plain white shirt and a scarf, and sipping on her coffee. Particularly, the photo gained much attention as the girls flaunted their beautiful no-makeup faces.

Netizens commented, “They look pretty even without makeup”, “I wonder why they are going to England?” and “They look so innocent when they are off stage.”

4minute will be attending the MBC “Korea Culture Festival In London 2012 Concert” to be held on June 23rd.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[NEWS] 4minute's Heo Gayoon: "I don't like my nano-ankles."!

4minute’s Heo Gayoon shared her fashion preparations before going to the airport.

Gayoon recently appeared on On Style’s Style Log: Weekly and revealed the secret to her unique airport fashion. Her comfortable yet fashionable style, which has been captured by the paparazzi many times, was shown throughout the show.

Heo Gayoon said, “When I go to the airport, I like to wear comfortable clothing, but I always match my outfit with a point item that stands out. I usually wear comfortable shoes but I wear patterned T-shirts and big sunglasses. I don't buy many luxury brand-names, but I like to buy rare imports that can't be found in Korea.”

Gayoon also revealed that she doesn’t like her famous nano-ankles: "I believe they are too thin. I wear colorful socks to cover them. Since I have small feet, it's hard to find shoes and I even have to wear custom-made shoes when performing on stage."

Gayoon added, “My ultimate goal is to become a muse for fashion designers just like the British fashionista Alexa Chung. I want to collaborate with a fashion designer and create an item under my name some day. I will work hard towards that goal, so please support me.”

Source: XportsNEWS
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[PICTURE] Captivating Jihyun vs. Chic Gayoon!

Nam Jihyun's captivating selca has become a hot topic and her fellow member Gayoon's photoshoot, overflowing with her chic charm has been released.

On May 30th, Jihyun uploaded a picture onto her Twitter with a short caption, "Yesterday's 'The Show'". In the photo, Jihyun's long wavy hair hangs down as she looks into the camera with a sweet stare, giving an unique charm.

On the other hand, Heo Gayoon shows off her chic charm in her charismatic photoshoot with Fast magazine. Heo Gayoon is known amongst idols for her body and that perfect body is brought to light even more with this chic concept.

On the set of the photoshoot, she participated in styling, concept tuning and showed a professional side. Despite the shoot being late at night, she worked hard till the end and displayed an enduring appearance. That day it is said that the photographer and staff all gave Heo Gayoon a standing ovation for her work.

The netizens commented on Jihyun's captivating selca and Gayoon's chic photoshoot, "Very mature and pure, they're very pretty. Hopefully they do more activities in the future." and "Heo Gayoon shows something different."

Source: BNT News
CR: jjangpie @

Thursday, May 31, 2012

[NEWS] 4minute Gayoon black chic for “Fast”

4minute’s Heo Gayoon showed off a “Black Chic” concept in a charismatic photoshoot for the June edition of style magazine “Fast”.

Released on May 31, Gayoon’s photos from the shoot showed the singer in shimmery black dress that highlighted her natural curves. Known for her singing ability, the 4minute member has also become recognized through her airport fashion.

It is being said that she participated in the styling process herself and helped plan out the concept for the photoshoot. Even though the shooting took place late at night, she did her best to make the pictorial perfect and received a standing ovation from the entire crew.

Source: TV Report

[NEWS] 4minute's Gayoon is hot and chic in a black dress for a Fashion magazine

Gayoon of 4minute gives fans a little double take as a couple of photo's of her photo shoot for a fashion magazine was revealed on the 31st of May showing a different side to the singer. For the photo shoot, Gayoon impressed with her striking expression and looking sexy in a black dress and vibrant red lip stick.

For the photo shoot, she donned a classy and sexy charisma looking fierce and hot in simple black and white  themed photo's. For the photo shoot, it was scheduled late at night but when Gayoon arrived, she gave her 100 percent and impressed the staff with her poses and facial expression and performing really well despite the lateness of the shoot.

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @

Friday, May 18, 2012

[NEWS] Heo Gayoon and Kim Hyunah transform into race car drivers!

Heo Gayoon and Kim Hyunah of Korean girl group 4minute have participated in the recording of "Top Gear Korea" on May 8th.

Hyunah was half-excited and half-anticipative on the day of the recording. After sitting in the race car, Hyunah expressed, "In Gangnam, it takes 30 to 40 minutes to cross a bridge due to traffic, but in here, there's only one car with just me inside. The feeling is exhilarating."

Afterwards, she added, "I'm usually not a very competitive person, but I finally understand why people enjoy the thrill of speed after trying it myself." After her first time in a race car, she was already captured by the allure of racing.

Heo Gayoon revealed, "I only recently received my driver's license, so I don't have any expectations towards rankings." However, she demonstrated strong ambition on the race track, shocking everyone with a skill level that was higher than anticipated.

The episode of Channel XTM's "Top Gear Korea" starring 4minute's Kim Hyunah and Heo Gayoon is scheduled to air on May 20th, 10:30 P.M.

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[NEWS] Gayoon full of confidence towards her bare face!

4minute's Heo Gayoon expressed her confidence towards her bare face on MBC's "Weekly Idol" on May 16th.

During a rumor debunking segment, Heo Gayoon revealed a story about her age. Heo Gayoon said, "The first time I saw After School's Lizzy, I called her 'unnie' (older sister) because she was taller than me. Lizzy has come to accept it though." Gayoon added that she does not regularly watch TV and is unaware of other idols' ages, so she calls everyone 'unnie' regardless of other factors.

Heo Gayoon also expressed, "Although I look older at a glance, I am actually a baby-face when I remove my makeup", showing her strong confidence in her bare face.

Source: Kpoppark
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[NEWS] 4minute’s HyunA and Gayoon to appear on ‘Top Gear Korea’

4minute members HyunA and Gayoon will be hitting the race track through XTM’s ‘Top Gear Korea’!

According to the production crew on May 15th, HyunA and Gayoon will appear for the show’s “Star Lap Time” corner. As the show has received 1.23 percent of the audience rating, the crew are expecting to draw more attention with the 4minute members.

During their recording on May 8th, HyunA stated, “It usually takes 30-40 minutes to cross a bridge in the district south of the Han river. It was scary to think that I’ll to drive a car by myself and I’m the only one who is driving on the track. But I also felt pleasure.”

Gayoon also commented, “It’s okay even though I didn’t rank high because it’s only been a short time since I got my license.” But she was reported to have been very good in driving and surprised the crew.

Producer Seo Seung Han stated, “Since we started ‘Star Lap Time’ in Season 2, there are many female entertainers who want to appear on the show. I was surprised at HyunA and Gayoon’s driving skills. Due to their presence, the studio was a lot of fun as well.”

‘Top Gear Korea’ featuring HyunA and Gayoon will broadcast on May 20th at 10:30pm KST.

Source: Nate

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