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Friday, March 13, 2015

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Gary will be in Macau for his 2015 showcase

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 Gary from Leessang will be holding his solo showcase on 21st March 2015, Saturday at The Venetian Theatre, Macau, China. organized by Jacso ent. 

Gary managed to fulfill his promise in a short period of time, which he previously mentioned that he hope to meet his fans again during his Hong Kong showcase, back in September 2014. 

Gary from Running Man will be singing his own songs during his upcoming showcase. Besides, the fans will also have the opportunity to interact and participate in games with Kang Gary. 
Female Korean singer, Jung-In is also invited to be the showcase's special guest. 

To make the showcase more affordable to more Gary's fans, the organizer decided to price the admission ticket at a reasonable low price:$880/ 550.

Lastly, Gary hopes to taste the famous local delicacies soon in Macau. 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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Gary's Hong Kong Fan Meeting on 27th December

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Gary from Leessang and Running man visited Hong Kong again on 27th December, Saturday at Tsuen Wan Plaza, Hong Kong. Gary's second Hong Kong fan meeting ,was organised by SMILES Production & Jasco. 
Gary's popularity in Hong Kong is increasing as the months passed by. The venue was fully occupied by Gary's fans. There were fans who brought along stools to have a better view.
Gary wishes everyone to have a wonderful Christmas and New Year in advance. In addition, Gary participated in a lot of games with his fans such as role playing.
Subsequently, Gary's Hong Kong fan club prepared Christmas and New Year gift for their idol, Gary showed his gratitude by giving them exclusive autographed greeting cards. 
It was definitely an unforgettable Christmas and New Year memory for Gary and his fans.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

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Gary is learning Mandarin before attending Hong Kong Fanmeeting

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This coming Holiday Season, Running man's Gary is going to attend his fan meeting at Tsuen Wan Plaza, Hong Kong on 27th December 2014. Gary has a tight schedule, as he will be heading back to Korea right after his upcoming Hong Kong fan meeting, to prepare himself for a new year countdown event. Therefore seize your opportunity to meet Gary in person at the mall in Hong Kong.

In addition for this coming visit, Gary has attended Chinese language course to enable him to communicate with his fans in Hong Kong. 
Take a look at his notes on Mandarin or Chinese language pronunciations, which was posted on his Weibo account. Weibo is a Chinese social media similar to Twitter.

Lastly, Gary wishes all of his fans to have an enjoyable Christmas Holiday!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

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Gary is visiting Hong Kong on 27th December 2014

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This coming Holiday Season, Running man's Gary is going to attend a fan meeting at Tsuen Wan Plaza, Hong Kong on 27th December 2014. 

Gary managed to fulfill his promise within 3 months, which he previously mentioned that he hope to meet his fans again during his Hong Kong showcase, back in September 2014. The showcase itself is a huge success, as all the tickets were sold out within 4 days.
In addition during this coming fan meeting, the fans will have the opportunity to interact and participate in games with Kang Gary. 

 Do not miss the chance to meet Gary in person, he will only be in Hong Kong for less than 20 hours.Therefore from this Sunday 20th December onward, you could redeem the tickets at Tsuen Wan Plaza, Hong Kong!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

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Gary Showcase 2015 will be in Guangzhou, China!

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Gary from Leessang will be holding his solo showcase on 17th January 2015, Saturday at The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. organized by Jacso ent. 

Gary managed to fulfill his promise in a short period of time, which he previously mentioned that he hope to meet his fans again during his Hong Kong showcase, back in September 2014. 

Gary from Running Man will be singing his own songs during his upcoming Guangzhou showcase. Besides, the fans will also have the opportunity to interact and participate in games with Kang Gary. 
Female Korean singer, Jung-In is also invited to be the showcase's special guest. 
In addition, official glow sticks, worth $80 will be distributed for FREE to ALL ticket holders.

To make the showcase more affordable to more Gary's fans, the organizer decided to price the admission ticket at a reasonable low price: RMB 880 (VIP) / 680/ 480/ 380

So, stay tuned to our website for more surprises and details regarding the showcase.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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Luhan is sought to appear in a Chinese drama as lead alongside Yangmi

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Local Chinese media reports today that Luhan is being sought to appear in a Chinese drama Zhu Xian, alongside popular Chinese actress Yangmi.

Moreover, after Yangmi's breakthrough drama series 'Palace' becomes a hit in China, the actress has become in demand. She is being considered as the female protagonist and it is reported that producers are seeking Luhan to be the male protagonist.

The drama will begin filming next month and expectation is rising for the final cast. Meanwhile, Luhan filed lawsuit to void his contract with SM Entertainment on October 10 and has returned in Beijing.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

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[Breaking] Thunder is leaving after contract expires; MBLAQ to continue as trio

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A rather heartbreaking day indeed for A+. While fans are still not getting over Lee Joon's news of leaving MBLAQ, here comes Thunder withdrawal too.

Thunder is reported to have his contract expiration date same as Lee Joon, and here comes the worst as Thunder decided not to renew his contract and will pursue a solo career in the future.

In this case, MBLAQ are not making their comeback with three members remaining. As for fans' consideration, there are also no plans of recruiting new members. Finally, for their upcoming 'Curtain Call' concert in November, it's not yet clear if Lee Joon and Thunder are participating.

Source: TVReport 

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MBLAQ G.O. tweets 'selfishness' following Lee Joon's withdrawal news

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Short time after news reports that Lee Joon is leaving MBLAQ after his contract ends to focus more on his acting career, fellow member G.O. has tweeted a rather vague message seems to be related to the news.

He tweets, "Eventually, consideration is what one must endure facing selfishness." Minutes later he follows up "People who know understand all. Believe what you see as of now and as the time passes by you'll understand."

Though the message is rather ambiguous and not directed to anyone, with the timely coincidence, fans are assuming that this is what he has to say in response to Lee Joon's departure from the group.

What do you think?

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[BREAKING] Lee Joon to leave MBLAQ and continues career as an actor

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Starnews reports today that MBLAQ member Lee Joon is leaving the group to focus more with his acting career.

On 13th, according to his agency J.Tune Camp, Lee Joon's exclusive contract has ended and the idol-turned-actor has decided not to renew for the reason that he's going to focus more on his acting career over being an idol.

Fortunately, Lee Joon is still going to participate in their 'Curtain Call' concert happening on November 29&30 as his last performance with MBLAQ.

This brings light to the speculation that MBLAQ are going on hiatus after their November concert with members are reported to be enlisting in military.

Meanwhile, Lee Joon has recently confirmed to be cast on MBC's new drama 'Mr. Baek'. All the best to your chosen path!

Source: Starnews

Friday, October 10, 2014

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Mir eases fans' worries about speculations of MBLAQ's military enlistment

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MBLAQ member Mir has spoken up regarding the speculation among their fans regarding the group's military enlistment that would put them on hiatus.

On October 9, the creative director of MBLAQ's upcoming concert 'Curtain Call' Randy Noh, put A+ in deep anxiousness and panic when his instagram post suggested that members are preparing for military enlistment after the concert and won't be promoting for some time.

To ease fans' worries, Mir posted a message through their fancafe,

“Title: Hello, this is Mir.

From the title it feels strange, isn't?

Now I'm using my phone to type so I don't have any idea what's what..I feel like I must talk to everyone so I'm leaving this post here..because I don't think it's proper to post this on twitter.. heo heo.

Because it appears like most of you are full of worries and hatred so my heart hurts..

Different speculations have emerged quickly and these become the truth. I'm sorry for making everyone anxious because of this..

Members (we) are going to assure to tell you perosnally so you don't have to be worried..

As for now, close your eyes and cover your ears.. what is our 1st priority is we think we should not disappoint our fans.. same as like now.. so please wait a bit more.. We have to be MBLAQ that keep promises..!!

And also the weather nowadays gets colderㅠ be always careful not to catch cold, study well, work hard, and play a lot too.. please don't be hurt..ㅠㅁㅠ We will return with good news for you soon~to be continued."

With his write up, it seems like it's not yet the time for fans to be worrying but to spend more time with the members and support them for their upcoming concert.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

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Ailee tells BTOB Peniel 'Don't touch me' during her win on M!Countdown

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While we congratulate Ailee on her win with 'Don't Touch Me' at M!Countdown today, let us share to you a very cute interaction captured by Dispatch during her congratulatory stage.

The media outlet shares series of photos wherein we see Peniel seem to be congratulating Ailee on her win by placing his right hand over her shoulder.

However, Ailee jokingly gestured and make use of her title song 'Don't touch me' which makes Peniel flinched. Seems like the two are rather close to be interacting like this on stage.

Did they make you smile? See more photos HERE. Don't forget to watch her performance below:

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TVXQ Yunho's and Seo Ye Ji's agencies deny dating rumors

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Sports Seoul reported that TVXQ's Yunho and actress Seo Ye Ji have developed from being merely co-stars in the drama 'The Night Watchman's Journal' into lovers.

According to their source, the two makes a beautiful couple and consult each others' about their acting on the drama set at the same time being cautious. They are also said to be dating on their free schedules.

However, both agencies deny the rumor. Seo Ye Ji's representative has confirmed with the actress and states, "Seo Ye Ji told us Yunho is just a close oppa who takes a good care of her and they are not dating."

On the other hand, SM Entertainment reports, "They are just colleagues who appear in the same drama." 

Meanwhile, Yunho and Seo Ye Ji are currently appearing in Monday-Tuesday MBC drama 'The Night Watchman's Journal'.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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G-Dragon and Kiko spotted having a sweet date at their hideout in Seoul

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Dispatch spotted the lovely couple G-Dragon and Kiko last month on 16th having a blast with friends at a lounge bar in Cheongdam-dong.

From the photos taken by Dispatch, the two seemed to have found time alone and were happily spending quality time together laughing and showing some display of affection.

YG and neither of both involved has confirmed any dating relationship for four years of being an alleged couple. Yet these photos candidly display their sweet interactions.

Check out MORE photos from Dispatch.

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Online ad's blunt description for Jessica's 'Hair Couture' product amuses netizens

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Last year, SM Entertainment and SNSD signed a contract in partnership with fashion hair brand 'Hair Couture'.

Hair Couture is on the process to market their dry shampoo series with Girl's Generation members as their models but due to the unexpected withdrawal of Jessica from the group, they've come to face a very unfortunate situation.

In result, an online shopping mall which is selling the brand's products is seemed to be affected and made a blunt advertisement to sell Jessica's shampoo. The description is written as:

It's SNSD shampoo so we prepared this
But you have left so what do we do

Hair Couture SNSD dry shampoo 150mL

SNSD Jessica's shampoo that was prepared before she left
Although the timing is so vague, the product is nice so sell it, GOGO!

The advertisement caught the attention of not only their amused customers but netizens as well especially with the use of Jessica's picture along with the product.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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Ladies' Code appear on broadcast for 'Idol School' episode

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After discussing with Ladies' Code's families, MBC Music airs the 'Idol School' episode of Ladies' Code which was recorded on August 26th and September 2nd.

In this episode airs earlier today, we see the five lively girls Ashley, Zuny, Sojung, EunB and RiSe dancing to their single 'Kiss Kiss' and actively and cheerfully participated in the challenges.

Without wavering, the girls brought much laughter on the set with their bubbly and witful comments and acts.

It's bringing back good memories that EunB and RiSe had shown to us so watch the cuts below:

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Woollim prepares to debut their first 8-member girl group in late October

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Infinite is soon to have their first hoobae girl group as Woollim is announced to be debuting its very first girl group in late October.

According to some officials, Woollim is currently preparing to debut their first ever girl group consists of 8 member in late October.

Since five years ago, Woollim has been preparing this girl group. Some members have already been rrecognizedfor their solo careers. Members of this girl group include their very own Baby Soul, Yoo Ji Ae, and Jin who already debuted as soloists. Moreover, the female heroine, Lee Min Joo, who appeared in Infinite's 'Last Romeo' MV is also one of the members.

The girls' debut album will be produced by Yoon Sang, who also behind IU's "The Story Only I Didn't Know". Let's anticipate more information in the following days!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

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[Exclusive] Gary HongKong Showcase with Jung In + Fancam!

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Gary's first solo showcase was held at Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre (KITEC) Hong Kong on 30th September 2014, along with famous female singer, Jung-in. Organized by Jacso and Sun entertainment, the Gary first-ever Hong Kong solo showcase was a big success.

The show began with Gary singing "zotto mola" and "shower later", followed by a warm welcome in Cantonese and saying "I love you" to all his audiences. He was particularly touched by his fans, who prepared "dim sums" for him on his arrival.

After playing a few games with audiences, he sang "you're the answer to a guy like me". When he invited Jung-in to perform the song, "your scent", audiences started to scream and cheer, waving their glow sticks as well as singing along.

Throughout the showcase, Gary and Jung-in also sang "bicycle", "the girl who can't breakup and the guy who can't leave", "drunken night tune" and "rush". He emphasized that he really loves Hong Kong and promised to come back as soon as possible, "I promise I will come back next year and perform my latest music tracks to you all, but I hope by that time, everyone will stand up and dance with me."

During the press conference, Gary felt that he was too nervous and could have done better in the showcase, as the number of audiences were far more than he expected. Then, he thanked all his fans from Korea and Hong Kong for supporting him all the way since he started to perform in Running man.

At the end of the conference, Gary was being asked whether he misses Song Ji-hyo, he replied with a smile: "I would love to perform with her in Hong Kong as Monday Couple".
Reported by Sharon
Photographed by Andrew, Sharlotte

Check out the videos:
Gary Zotto Mola

Gary (feat Jung In): Bicycle

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Taeyeon cries at TTS fansign, 'All I want is to protect SNSD, I'm sorry'

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TaeTiSeo carried out their fansigning event in the afternoon of October 1 at Lotte Department Store Cheongnyangni, Seoul. The event started 30 minutes later than originally scheduled.

With the drop out of Jessica from SNSD, fans have all their eyes and ears to SNSD members especially after their fanmeeting in China on 30th.

Fans who attended the 'Holler' fansigning have unanimous fanaccounts written on internet community saying that Taeyeon had made a statement and cried as she said, "Right from the start, I've only wanted  to protect Girls' Generation. That's all I am thinking about. I'm sorry for making you all go through this. From now on, we will try harder to make sure only good things to happen."

There are also accounts saying Seohyun also apologized and said "For one more time, trust us. Thank you and love you."

The fansigning event has ended with three members crying. In this situation, Jessica and SM Entertainment have offered contrasting statement that make it unclear to see a conclusion.

Let's hope for a smooth closure without any pain in both parties.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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Jessica opposes SM's statement and releases her side of the story

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Jessica has released her own statement after being kicked out of her group SNSD on September 29, opposing SM Entertainment's explanation released yesterday.

In her statement posted through her fashion business BLANC homepage, she clears out that she didn't ask to leave SNSD first but is asked to leave the group by the company and other members.

Read the full statement of Jessica below,

Hello, this is Jessica.

On September 29, I was asked to leave SNSD by the company and I couldn't hide my pain and surprise so I've decided to reveal my side. 
SNSD's activities have always been my top priority as the time I was SNSD member more than my personal affair or business. However despite of my hardwork and perseverance to the group, I received a notice to leave the group from the company. 
Ever since the beginning stages of my business preparations, I have completely discussed and even given consideration by SM and members in multiple events. 
Since early August until the launching of BLANC, I've received permission and they agreed to let me do my business at the same time. I was even congratulated by members as I carried out my business. 
However, one month after the launching, members suddenly changed their minds and by September, they've called for a meeting and unreasonably asked to me either quit my business or quit being SNSD.

I've never neglected and hardworking done SNSD promotions after receiving permission form the company and told them I cannot quit the business in just one month after the launching because of a business contract with a business partner. 
In result, I appealed that their request is unreasonable to make me choose. Having become SNSD members was the best thing that happened in my life and I've never ever thought of leaving. 
Still confused, I visited the CEO on September 16 and explained my part and once again received consideration to continue my business 
However, I received a notification os September 29 from the company to leave SNSD and because of this I was unable to join the fanmeeting in Shenzhen, China on 30th. I've been out of all SNSD activities. 
On top of everything, I was deeply hurt and couldn't hide my pain after being asked to leave by my company and members whom I've shared my passion and affection for more than 15 years, for only reason I started my business. 
I'm apologizing for making fans worry so much although it's not my intention. I'm asking for your understanding that I didn't want this situation.situation. I've always support SNSD and will do so in the future. Thank you for supporting me endlessly and for loving me.

Jessica Jung
October 1, 2014

With her side released, which totally contrasting SM's story, fans are in dazed to know what really happened and who is telling the truth.

For the meantime, let's pour our support for SNSD and Jessica.


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