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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Super Junior Leeteuk officially discharged from the military; to hold fanmeeting in Seoul #WelcomeBackParkJungsoo

Super Junior fans are rejoicing to have their leader back after fulfilling his military duties for two years as Leeteuk (Park Jung Soo) is officially discharged from the military today, July 29.

Just like what he has requested, Leeteuk didn't hold any event and hurriedly left the scene. The Super Junior leader gets on a black car in Gangwondo province and quietly left leaving some reporters following him and fans who gathered around the area.

Fortunately, Leeteuk is announced to be holding a fanmeeting in Seoul at 7:30PM today to formally greet and thank fans. Super Junior members are expected to come as well.

With his return, Leeteuk is going to join Super Junior's upcoming comeback and concerts in the near future. Meanwhile, Leeteuk enlisted in military on October 30, 2012.

Welcome back Leeteuk!
Monday, July 28, 2014

JYJ return with the release of 2nd album 'Just Us' and MV for 'Back Seat' #JYJComeback

After having been focused on their individual activities for three years, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are back all together with their 2nd album 'Just Us'.

JYJ finally return with their 2nd album 'Just Us' and ready to take the top of the charts once again. The album contains a total of 13 tracks with 'Back Seat' as their title song. The track 'Valentine' is a work of Chris Brown which the trio recorded in LA. The tracks vary from mellow, RnB, dance, pop and more showing their versatility in music.

Their title track 'Back Seat' is an RnB urban track showcasing the members' classy and sexy vocals. Watch the MV below:

You can support them by purchasing the album on various music portals like MelOn.

Red Velvet open official website and Facebook page + members' solo photos

SM's newest girl group gear for their nearing debut as they open their official website and Facebook page to reach out more fans.

Earlier today, Red Velvet composing Seulgi, Wendy, Irene, and Joy release MV teaser for their debut song 'Happiness' and we got introduced to their concept. The song seems upbeat and carries bright atmosphere. Moreover, the released solo photos of each members provide vivid elements that are unconventional.

'Red Velvet' is debuting in August. Check out their official website and Facebook page for more updates.

EXO Tao's acquires foot injury from 'Laws of the Jungle' Solomon Island filming

EXO Tao is reported to have pricked by a coral reef during the filming of 'Laws of the Jungle' in Solomon Islands on July 14 and injured his right foot.

In response to fans' anxiousness, SM told MyDaily on 28th, "Tao injured his right foot by a coral reef during 'Laws of the Jungle' filming. He got immediate treatment from local doctors in Singapore General Hospital. Moreover, he also received further examination and got treated in Changsha, China as soon as he arrived."

On 27th, EXO held 'The Lost Planet' in Changsha and Tao stood on stage to perform for fans regardless of his injury. SM Official added, "He received medical check up after the concert and is scheduled to return to Korea on 28th. EXO has an advertising schedule but Tao is going to receive additional treatment in Korean hospital upon arrival."

Speedy recovery Tao!

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HyunA is sizzling 'Red' in new MV

HyunA drops her most anticipating music video for 'Red' and mini album 'A Talk'.

Fans have waited to watch the full version of HyunA's sizzling hot 'Red' MV after numerous teasers. Aside from her monkey, we also see HyunA becoming a sexy Cleopatra with a mysterious Egyptian themed-setting.

Look out for her 'monkey dance' as well and powerful sexy charisma. The beat and lyrics are addictive and catchy. Watch it below:

Infinite Sungjong to MC 'Super Idol Chart Show' alongside Ryeowook

Infinite Sungjong is taking over the MC spot left by BEAST Dongwoon and will host alongside Super Junior Ryeowook in MNET's 'Super Idol Chart Show'.

MNET officials told MyDaily on 28th, "Sungjong is confirmed for 'Super Idol Chart Show'. He will balance the hosting together  with Super Junior Ryeowook in the future. He is the best choice to take over Beast Dongwoon's MC role."

Meanwhile, Dongwoo had his last recording for Super Idol Chart Show on 16 and will be focusing on BEAST's promotions. Sungjong will make appearance as the new MC starting in August.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

140726 Girl's Day won first place on Music Core

Girl's Day won first place on Music Core earlier today with their new song 'Darling', enjoy their performance below:

Top 50 Pretty KPop Idols (Part 4)

Part 3 (21 - 30)

Here comes another 10 pretty KPop idols, have a look at the list below:

Part 4 (31 - 40)

31. Tia (Chocolat)

32. Bomi (APink)

33. Mina (AOA)

34. Nara (Hello Venus)

35. Jessica (Girls' Generation)

36. Sunhwa (Secret)

37. Hyemi (9Muses)

38 Gyuri (KARA)

39. Lizzy (After School)

40. Sulli (f(x))

Final part coming soon, who do you think should be included in the list?

Hyuna is sexier than ever with 'Red' on Music Core

Hyuna made a hot comeback with new song 'Red' on Music Core, enjoy her sexy performance below:

Friday, July 25, 2014

140725 B1A4 won 1st place on Music Bank

B1A4 claimed another victory with their new song Solo Day, this time on Music Bank!

Check out their winning speech below:

Super Junior's Leeteuk to discharge quietly on July 29th

There won't be any ceremony to celebrate Leeteuk getting discharged from the army.

SM Entertainment said on July 25th,"Leeteuk will be discharged on the upcoming July 29th and there will be no special event for fans or interviews with the reporters. We made this decision in regard to respect his wish to discharge quietly, so we ask for your understanding".

Leeteuk enlisted for his mandatory military service on October 30th, 2012.

Sulli to halt all activities for temporary hiatus, f(x) end promotions for 'Red Light'

Like what netizens have predicted due to Sulli's frequent absences from f(x) 'Red Light' promotions, it was all due to the malicious rumors.

SM Entertainment announces on July 25 that Sulli will be taking hiatus from entertainment temporarily.

The agency stated, "Sulli requested to take a rest from all her activities because of physical and mental pain she's been suffering due to the malicious rumors surrounding her."

"After thorough discussion, we decided to grant her wish in order to protect our artists. Therefore, Victoria, Luna, Amber, and Krystal are going to perform in the upcoming SMTOWN Seoul on August 15 as f(x) and  will be focusing on their individual activities in the future."

"We regret to inform f(x) fans this kind of news but we hope for you to continue show your support to f(x)."

Regarding this situation, f(x) have also ended their 'Red Light' promotions with their Inkigayo performance last week as their goodbye stage.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BESTie return as 'Hot Baby' on Show Champion

BESTie made a comeback with their summer song titled 'Hot Baby', check out their performance on Show Champion below:

Top 50 Pretty KPop Idols (Part 3)

Here comes another 10 pretty KPop idols, have a look at the list below:

*Photos arranged randomly regardless of artists' popularity

Part 3 (21 - 30)

21. Seolhyun (AOA)

22. Goo Hara (KARA)

23. Woori (Rainbow)

24. Ji Eun (Secret)

25. Yoo Ara (Hello Venus)

26. Ah Young (Dal Shabet)

27. Nana (After School)

28. Kyungri (9Muses)

29. UEE (After School)

30. Yoona (Girls' Generation)

Part 4 will be revealed soon

Who else do you think should be included in the list?
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sehun warns sasaeng fans while Donghae deletes instagram

EXO Sehun and Super Junior Donghae who have been sharing their 'couple' matching photos through their respective instagram accounts coincidentally encounter unfortunate situation today.

Earlier today, Sehun warns sasaeng through his instagram by posting an all black image along with a message, "I'm going to say this for the first and last time. I didn't do anything but why is that I keep getting a lot of messages everyday? Like registration number, password changing telling me that I logged in using other computer... These messages. If it keeps going on, I will not hold still."

Based from the messages he's getting, it seems like someone is trying to hack his account. On the other hand, Super Junior Donghae informs his fans minutes ago that he deleted his instagram account because of a hacker. Donghae writes in his twitter account, "Someone hacked my into my Instagram account so i deleted it. It was a place where i could communicate with my fans- not sure who did it but all i can say is that i don't feel really good at the moment"

The message is written in English as he considers to reach his global fans who are majority of his isntagram followers. His fans are as upset as him when they wrote, "It's too sad but it could protect you.","Don't hack oppa's account whoeover you are!" "Then I won't be seeing Donghae and Sehun selcas."

It must have been serious that he has to delete his account where he posts his personal activities and photos with his friends. Fortunately, Donghae makes new account and uses Sehun's instagram to inform everybody. Follow Donghae's new account @dongdonglee1015 (confirmed)

Hackers might be targeting these two close friends' accounts for some reason but hopefully they will refrain from doing such acts anymore.

SM Entertainment to debut a new girl group this August

A new girl group from SM Entertainment is ready to come out this August.

SM Entertainment announced the news through various media outlets,"We are currently preparing for a new girl group which aims to debut this August". It was revealed to be a 4-member girl group consists of S.M.ROOKIES' Seulgi, Irene and Wendy. The last member still remains a secret but she's said to be a 18 year old girl with has a resemblance to child actress Kim Yoo Jung.

Though there hasn't been any information about the group's name and concept, but according to Sports Chosun, their concept will be a mix between f(x) and Girls' Generation. A rep from the agency said,"Since it's a girl group that will comes out from SM Entertainment after a long time, so please give them lots of your interest".
Monday, July 21, 2014

Top 50 Pretty KPop Idols (Part 2)

After revealing 10 pretty idols in the first part, let's continue to have a look at another 10 pretty KPop idols:

*Photos arranged randomly regardless of artists popularity

Part 2 (11 - 20)

11. Victoria (f(x))

12. Eunjung (T-ara)

13. Naeun (A Pink)

14. Bora (SISTAR)

15. Sojin (Girl's Day)

16. Seungyeon (KARA)

17. Taeyeon (Girls' Generation)

18. Jooyeon (After School)

19. Hyuna (4Minute)

20. Woohee (Dal Shabet)

Part 3 will be revealed soon, who else do you think should be shortlisted too?

July Top 5 MV (Part 1)

It's summer and your idols definitely know how to make the weather hotter with their latest releases, with the comebacks of popular groups this month, i'm sure you will have an entertaining July!

Top 5 MVs in July (Part 1)

f(x) - Red Light

B1A4 - Solo Day

Girl's Day - Darling


SISTAR - Touch My Body
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