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Showing posts with label DKPOPNEWS Artists Profiles. Show all posts
Monday, July 21, 2014

HALO Profile

Group name: HALO (헤일로)
Name meaning: Hexagon of Absolute Light and Organization
Label: AYIN Holdings (formerly known as C.Two Entertainment)
Debut date: June 7, 2014
Debut song: Fever


Stage Name: Dino (디노)
Real name: Jo Sungho
Birthday: Dec 25, 1991
Position: Vocal
Nationality: Korean
Height: 176cm
Blood Type: O

Stage Name: Yoon Dong (윤동)
Real name: Kim Yoon Dong
Birthday: Feb 20, 1995
Position: Rap, Maknae
Nationality: Korean
Height: 176cm
Blood Type: A

Stage Name: Hee Cheon (희천)
Real name: Kim Hee Cheon
Birthday: Sept 02, 1994
Position: Vocal
Nationality: Korean
Height: 186cm
Blood Type: B
Former member of group Twi-light

Stage Name: In Haeng (인행)
Real name: Lee In Haeng
Birthday: Feb 21, 1992
Position: Rap
Nationality: Korean
Height: 186cm
Blood Type: O

Stage Name: Jae Yong (재용)
Real name: Kim Jae Yong
Birthday: Feb 13, 1994
Position: Vocal
Nationality: Korean
Height: 185cm
Blood Type: O

Stage Name: Ooon (오운)
Real name: Jung Young Hoon
Birthday: Jan 15, 1993
Position: Vocal, Leader
Nationality: Korean
Height: 180cm
Blood Type: B

Their debut track:

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lucky J Profile

Group name: Lucky J (럭키제이)
Label: YMC Entertainment
Debut date: July 17, 2014
Debut song: Can You Hear Me
Genre: hip-hop


Stage name: Jessi (제시)
(Formerly known as: Jessica H.O)
Real Name: Ho Hyun Joo
Birthday: Dec 17, 1988
Position: Rap, Vocal
Nationality: Korean-American
Height: 167cm
Weight: 50kg 

Stage Name: J’Kyun (제이켠)
Real name: Kim Jeong Tae
Birthday: Jan 11, 1985
Position: Rap
Nationality: Korean
Height: 179cm
Weight: 73kg

Stage Name: J’Yo (제이요)
Real name: Jeon Jun Yong
Birthday: Sept 25, 1991
Position: Vocal, Dance
Nationality: Korean
Height: 177cm
Weight: 67kg

Their debut track:

Saturday, July 19, 2014

SKULL Profile

Stage name: SKULL (스컬)
Real name: Cho Sung Jin
Birthday: November 2, 1979
Birth place: Seoul, Korea
Horoscope: Scorpio
Height: 175cm
Weight: 65kg
Label: Lion records, QUAN entertainment
Occupation: musician, composer
Education: Chung Ang University, major in advertising and public relations
Debut year: 2003
Debut album: "1st Best Seller"

- He is always seen with dreadlock hairstyle
- He does reggae music
- He spiritually driven and strives to live as a true Rastafarian
- He was influenced the most by music of Bob Marley

His latest track:

Friday, July 18, 2014

Beenzino Profile

Stage name: Beenzino (빈지노)
Real name: Lim Sung Bin
Birthday: September 12, 1987
Occupation: Underground Korean Rapper
Crew: Illest Konfusion
Company: Illionaire Records
Groups: Jazzyfact, Hotclip& P'Skool
Debut year: 2008
Instagram: realisshoman
Twitter: isshoman

- He was featured with many big artists, such as Dok2, Paloalto, Epik High, Dynamic Duo, Verbal Jint, Swings, and The Quiett.

His latest track (July 2014):

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jeon Min Joo Profile

Real name: Jeon Min Joo (전민주)
Birthday: September 8, 1994
Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Label: Music K entertainment
Debut date: July 15, 2014
Debut song: Good bye rain

- She was in top 8 of Kpop Star season 2 (Group YouU). On the show, she was given nickname "Little BoA"
- After Kpop Star, she signed with Key East entertainment

Her debut track:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lip Service Profile

Group name: LIPSERVICE (립서비스)
Company: Now Entertainment
Debut date: Feb 4, 2014
Debut song: Yum Yum Yum
Fan club name: Lip Balm


Stage Name: Bipa (비파)
Birth Name: Ashley Yoon
Nationality: Korean-American
(She is from Houston, Texas, America)
Birthday: January 11, 1988
Position: Leader, Rapper

Stage Name: Cora (코라)
Birth Name: Yeo Jin Eom
Nationality: Korean
Birthday: March 23, 1990
Position: Vocal

- Former member of Coin Jackson

Their debut track:

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dickpunks Profile

Band name: Dickpunks (딕펑스)
Genre: Rock
Form: 2006
Debut: February 1, 2010
Label: TNC Company
Debut song: Viva Youth

- They ranked 2nd place on MNET "Superstar K Season 4" (2012)


Name: Kim Taehyung (김태현)
Position: Vocal
Birthday: March 11, 1987
Nationality: Korean

Name: Kim Hyunwoo (김현우)
Position: Keyboard
Birthday Nov 6, 1987
Nationality: Korean

Name: Kim Jaehyung (김재흥)
Position: Bass
Birthday Sept 24, 1987
Nationality: Korean

Name: Park Garam (박가람)
Position: Drums
Birthday: Jan 25, 1988
Nationality: Korean

Their latest track (ft. 4minute Jiyoon):

Thursday, July 10, 2014

LEGEND Profile

Group name: Legend (전설)
Label: JK Space
Debut date: July 9, 2014
Debut song: Left out
Fanclub Name: Heroes


Stage Name: Listen (리센)
Real name: Lee Seung Tae
Position: Vocal
Birthday: Oct 9, 1989
Nationality: Korean
Height: 186cm

Stage Name: Roi (로이)
Real name: Qin Fen
Position: Vocal
Birthday : Aug 31, 1991
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 182cm

Stage Name: Ryu Jae Hyuk (류재혁)
Real name: Ryu Jae Hyuk
Position: Vocal
Birthday: Sept 19, 1991
Nationality: Korean
Height: 187cm

Stage Name: Lito (리토)
Real name: Kim Minjun
Position: Rap, Maknae
Birthday: July 3, 1994
Nationality: Korean
Height: 184cm

Stage Name: Lee Changsun (이창선)
Real name: Lee Changsun
Position: Vocal, Maknae
Birthday: July 5, 1994
Nationality: Korean
Height: 184cm

Their debut track:

Sunday, July 6, 2014

WINGS Profile

Group name: WINGS (윙스)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment and and Dal&Byul Music
Debut date: March 12, 2014
Debut song: Hair short


Birth Name Kang Ye Seul
Stage Name: Yeseul
Birthday: August 29, 1990
Position: Vocalist
Instagram: @yseulovely
Twitter: @yseulovely

- She was in Nasshow and Lady Jane's MV for Ballerina.

Birth Name: Jin Na Young
Stage Name: Nayoung
Birthday: January 21, 1992
Position: Vocalist
Instagram: @jinna121
Twitter: @jinna1887

Their debut track:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bob Girls Profile

Group name: Bob Girls
Label: Chrome entertainment
Debut date: June 10, 2014
Debut song: No way


Name: Yeom JiNa (염지나)
Birthday: November 20, 1992
Height: 163cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood type: O
Position: sub vocal
Hometown: Incheon, Korea

Previously a member of Chic’9 Muscat along with Soyul (from Crayon Pop)

Name: Jeon Da Hye (전다혜)
Birthday: March 26, 1992
Height: 162cm
Weight: 44kg
Blood type: AB
Position: Main vocal
Education: Suk Arts College

Auditioned for Hidden Star 2013

Name: Heo Yu Jeong (허유정)
Birthday: August 27, 1992
Height: 165cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood type: O
Position: Vocal, rap
Sign: Virgo
Hometown: Cheongju

Name: Na Dan Bi (나단비)
Birthday: June 7, 1994
Sign: Gemini
Height: 161cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood type: O
Position: lead vocal
Hometown: Naju

Their debut track:

Monday, June 23, 2014


Group name: MAMAMOO (마마무)
Label: WA Entertainment
Debut date: June 18, 2014
Debut song: Mr. Ambiguous


Stage name: Solar (솔라)
Real name: Kim Yong-Sun (김용선)
Birthday: 1991.02.21, Seoul
Height: 163cm
Weight: 45kg
Position: Leader, Main Vocal

Graduated Modern K Music Academy
Performed “Wash Away” with Geeks on various music shows before debut.

Stage name: Moon Byul (문별)
Real name: Moon Byul-Yi (문별이)
Birthday: 1992.12.22, Bucheon
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45kg
Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer

Created the choreography for "Mr. Ambiguous".

Stage name: Wha Sa (화사)
Real name: Ahn Hye-Jin (안혜진)
Birthday: 1995.07.23, Jeonju
Blood type: A
Height: 162cm
Weight: 44kg
Position: Main Rapper, Lead Vocal

Attended J Music Vocal School.
Her own self-composed and written song, "My Heart" was featured on Mamamoo's first mini-album, "HELLO".

Stage name: Whee In (휘인)
Real name: Jung Whee-In (정휘인)
Birthday: 1995.04.17, Jinju
Height: 162cm
Weight: 43kg
Position: Lead Vocal, Main Dancer

Attended J Music Vocal School.
Featured on label-mate, Phantom's track, "Under Age's Song"

Their debut track:

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lena Park Profile

Stage name: Lena Park
Real name: Park Jung Hyun (박정현)
Birthday: March 23, 1976
Birth place: LA, California, US
Education: Columbia University
Agency: LOEN entertainment
Genres: R&B, Korean pop, Japanese pop, gospel
Occupations: Singer, songwriter, musician, producer
Blood type: A
Instruments: Vocals, piano, saxophone, guitar
Debut year: 1998
Debut album: Piece
Official website:

- Lena Park won several singing contests in the United States before recording a Gospel album in 1993
- She made her official Korean debut in 1998 with album "Piece" and it were sold more than 500,000 copies without promotions.
- She represented South Korea in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2002 FIFA World Cup
- She also debuted in the Japan and received moderate success.

Her latest track (June 2014):

Monday, June 16, 2014

MARIO Profile

Stage name: MARIO (마리오)
Real name: Jung Han Lim
Label: Rainbow Bridge
Birthday: October 21, 1982
Music genres: hip-hop, rap
Occupation: singer, rapper, producer
Height: 188cm
Weight: 80kg
Blood type: B
Debut year: 2008

- He used to be an artist under Cube entertainment

His latest track (ft. SPICA BoA)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

CRUSH Profile

Stage name: Crush (크러쉬)
Real name: Shin Hyo Sub
Birthday: May 3, 1992
Label: Amoeba Culture
Occupation: producer, singer, and songwriter
Genres: R&B / Soul
Debut year: 2012

He's featured in and arranged Gary's "Shower Later" and composed and wrote the lyrics to LOCO's "Hold Me Tight". He also works with various hip hop and R&B artists.

His latest track:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bebop Profile

Band name: Bebop (비밥)
Label: HMI Entertainment
Debut date: Feb 14, 2014
Debut song: I'm the best


Real Name: A Yeon (아연)
Position: Leader, Drums, Vocal
Birthday: June 4, 1990
Nationality: Korean
Height: 162cm 

Real Name: Ju Woo (주우)
Position: Guitar, Vocal, Maknae
Birthday: Feb 06, 1995
Nationality: Korean
Height: 168 cm

Real Name: Lee Ji In (지인)
Position: Bass, Vocal
Birthday: March 13, 1992
Nationality: Korean
Height: 167cm

Their debut song:

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ali Profile

Stage name: Ali
Real name: Cho Yong Jin (조용진)
Birthday: November 20, 1984
Education: Dankook university, Bachelor of Music and Life
Nationality: Korean
Music Genres: Soul, R&B, ballad
Occupation: sìnger, songwriter
Label: Yedang entertainment
Debut year: 2009

- Ali is well-known for her strong vocal and her time as a contestant on the KBS program Immortal Song 2

Her latest track:

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Jung In Profile

Real name: Choi Jung In (최정인)
Birthday: December 7th, 1980
Label: Jungle entertainment
Solo debut: 2010, Oct 11th
Debut album: Jung In From Andromeda

- Debut as guest vocalist for Lee Ssang’s album in 2002, "Rush"
- Lead vocal of G.Fla, which disbanded in March 2008. 
- She has featured in the albums of famous artists like Leessang, Drunken Tiger, Dynamic Duo, Brown Eyed Soul, and Bobby Kim,...
- She and singer Jo Jung Chi married after appearing on MBC show 'We got married' (2013)

Her latest song featuring Lee SSang's Gary:

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