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Thursday, March 31, 2011

[Announcement] Recruiting Contributors + Authors + Translators (Korean & Chinese)

Hello Dear Readers !

1. We have an announcement to make, DKP is currently looking for Korean/Chinese/ translators who could Translate Korean/Chinese to English.

Make sure you do have knowledge of the Korean/Chinese language and NOT translating using Google Translator(or any other translator software).

2. Contributors & Author(Music Shows) positions opened

A Contributor's job is to help our current staff by updating the site with Korean news

An Author's (Music Show) job is to post the music shows(Mcountdown,Music Bank, Music Core,Inkigayo)


1. Create a wordpress account
2. Fill up the form below :

Age: ( We do not have an age limit, but please do take it seriously and be responsible)
Time Zone:
Wordpress Email:
Position: (Author/Contributor/Translator)
Twitter: ( We would prefer it that you have an account to communicate)
Facebook Email:(NOT link)

email in your application to

Send in your application and we will brief you in detail. Trial run for new staff's will be till mid of April and you will be posting on wordpress instead.

Please do check your email regularly

Note: Currently, DKP is preparing to move to wordpress(The domain name will remain the same(meaning the web address will still be, do not worry)). We are currently revamping and organizing our sort of organization chart.

We are looking for dedicated translators who could at least translate a few articles a day and authors/contributors to be active at the same time.If you think you have got what it takes, then email in your application !

Sunday, November 14, 2010

[DKP Pictures] Help us to collect money for DKP's SS501 Message Book Project !!

We need a total of 90 canadian dollars to ship the message book to Korea.Please help us to win the contest on the link below to gather some money,your kindness is highly appreciated!

Click on the LIKE button on the LINK below!

I'm proudly present you the final product of DKP's first big project ever, our SS501 message book. I'm very sorry if the process is taking too long. This is our first project so we are making everything from scratch. We hope you understand.

Back in July 15th- August 15th 2010, we asked our readers to send us their messages to SS501. During that period of time, we gathered 247 entries/senders from Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, USA, Canada, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Australia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Peru, Argentina, London, Germany, Sweden, and many more countries. If you received a reply/email from me saying "Thanks for your entry(s)", that means your messages are included in the book.

I don't have the time to translate everything to Korean, so I just printed all the messages in English. If you send me your messages using your native language with English translations on the side, don't worry, both languages are included.
There's only one book in total. I put all messages together due to some of the individual messages are only 5-6 pages, and also to reduce the weight. (shipping cost depends on the weight).

I personally went to ask for the approximate shipping cost and they told me that it will cost us $90 Canadian dollars to send it to Korea. DKP don't have enough money to send it to Korea, so we are asking for a little donation so we can finally send the book.

Please donate money via paypal to

As promised, we will let you see the book before sending it to Korea. Take a look with the pictures below. Pardon me if it doesn't look nice as I only hand made it.
Front Cover

Pictures of our senders in Mosaic (2pages)

SS501 messages cover

First page of SS501 messages out of 36 pages
(Name and Age are highlighted)

Kim Hyun Joong Messages cover

First page of Kim Hyun Joong messages out of 10 pages
(Name and Age are highlighted) 
Heo Young Saeng messages cover

First page of Heo Young Saeng messages out of 6 pages
(Name and Age are highlighted) 
Heo Young Saeng Birthday messages cover

First page of Heo Young Saeng Birthday messages out of 12 pages
(Name and Age are highlighted) 

Kim Kyu Jong Messages cover

First page of Kim Kyu Jong messages out of 5 pages
(Name and Age are highlighted) 
Park Jung Min Messages Cover

First page of Park Jung Min messages out of 5 pages
(Name and Age are highlighted) 
Kim Hyung Joon Messages Cover

First page of Kim Hyung Joon messages out of 4 pages
(Name and Age are highlighted) 
Kim Hyung Joon birthday messages cover

First page of Kim Hyung Joon birthday messages out of 11 pages
(Name and Age are highlighted) 
Back cover

This is not the only project DKP will be doing. There will be more in the future, so stay tune. To help us with our future projects/activities, please help us by donating any sum of money.  Please donate the money to via paypal
On Behalf of DKP Staffs, Thank you very much for supporting DKP and we will continue to work hard reporting/updating the latest news to readers.


Please vote/re-vote for me as your favourite author of this month the poll is at the right side of Thank You

Sunday, November 7, 2010

[DKP Announcement] Applicants for authors.

Hi there! We would like to make an announcement to everyone who had previously sent in an application to be an author for this blog. Our main administrator is currently busy with his orientation and university schedules so he does not have the time now to reply to every single
application sent in. So, for now, any applicants willing to join our team, please email it to .

Updated: We need Authors who are free to post during period 1 (9AM - 1PM KST) + Period 2 (1PM-6PM KST)

fill in the form below ^^.

Active Period:
Twitter Link:
Facebook Link:

Thank you so much for your time!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

[DKP Announcement] Please donate to DKPOPNEWS for future projects and keep us alive!

Dear KPop fans,this is the very first time we ask for donation since our blog was established May last year.

We are currently in need of money to carry out various KPop related projects such as message box to SS501,DKP's official t-shirts and other kpop related projects that we plan to carry out.

We will thank those who have donated officially on our Twitter account.Please do support DKP and donate to us now,thank you.

Click on the donation box below to donate!

Friday, October 22, 2010

[Announcement] Support DKP by purchasing Ukiss Tickets from Us!

As we should have all known by now, UKISS will be coming to Singapore for a Fan meeting/ Fan signing session as well as a mini showcase, which will include 6 songs.

DKP will be selling the tickets for this event. & by buying from us, you not only support us, but also help fund us. So why not enjoy Ukiss's performance by purchasing a ticket & support us at the same time?

A Mini Showcase of 6 Songs
Venue: Bedok Reservoir
Ticket Price: $38
Time: 6PM(Priority), 8PM*
Date: 19th Nov 2010
No Age Constrain
* The event will start at 8PM.

All interested fans please email to: with the following details.
NRIC Number:
Date of Birth:
Contact Number:
Email Address:
Number of Tickets:#_
Payment Mode:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

[DKP Exclusive] 19th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival is another unforgettable moment for both countries

Full Daily Kpop News' Coverage/Report for the 19th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival

The United Korean Community Association is celebrating the 19th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival. The organized event held in Manila Film Center, Pasay City on October 2, 2010 at 2PM-5PM was a big success. Unforgettable

The venue is fully packed with more or less than 2000 attendees who joined and witnessed the annual event. Even the stairs of the hall where the event’s taking place was also occupied by attendees because of the increasing number of spectators coming in just before and during the event.

The event starts by Samulnori Presentation from Si Heung Cultural Center. The Korean performers danced gracefully wearing their traditional dress and receive applause from the audience. It was followed by playing both Philippine and Korean National Anthems wherein Filipinos and Koreans showed respect for their respective countries and to the countries of each. Opening remarks were given by United Korean Community Association’s (UKCA) Vice President Mr. Lee Jong Man. He thanked Filipino soldiers who went to Korea during the Korea War. He also mentioned that they also celebrating 60years anniversary of Korea War.

The event was hosted by Kim Liza Naidas and Thor Pozun.

The event proper was welcomed by UKCA’s President Mr. Park Ill Kyoung. Mr. Park thanked Filipino soldiers who went to Korea to help during the Korea War. He also mentioned that they also celebrating 60years anniversary of Korea War. He stated that the Slogan for the 19th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival is “Love Philippines and Love Korea”.

Congratulatory address by Korean Embassy’s Ambassador Hon. Lee Hye Min. The Ambassador shared the history of Filipino- Korean relationship, the culture of both and their practices. He ensured better relationship of two countries. He thanked the audience for the warm presence they gave and said that Korean culture is really close to Filipino’s hearts, which audiences agreed. He mentioned that he’s surprised to hear that Filipinos are singing Korean songs that burst laughter to the audience.

Department of Tourism Assistant Secretary Benito Benzon, in behalf of Hon. Alberto A. Lim expressed his gratitude to UKRC for inviting him. He emphasized, “Koreans play important role to Philippine mainstream society. He also added that this kind of event is the venue for promoting friendship between Filipino and Koreans.

Before the performances started, a video message from 2PM’s former leader Jay Park played. He greeted the audience and told everyone to enjoy. He also promoted his fan meeting this October 3, 2010 at SMX Convention Center and invited everyone to come.

A special performance from Kpop Girl Group Pointen followed. The group consists of 4 members, a combination of two Filpinas and two Koreanas.

After the song and dance number from Pointen, the performances from the finalists for the 19th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival Idol competition begin.

For this competition, Korean finalists must sing a Tagalog song, while Filipino finalists must sing/dance in a way how Korean did it.

First finalist came from Korea, the Brent Idols. They sung Pinioy’s popular song title “Pinoy Ako” wearing “barong tagalog” (traditional clothes for Filipino men) and “baro at saya” (traditional clothes for Filipino women).

Second finalist came from Philippines, the Deuteronomians. A girl dance group dancing 2ne1 songs.

Third finalist came from Philippines, the 9 Flames. Another girl dance group dancing Girl’s Generations’ songs.

Watch 9 Flames 'Tell Me Your Wish" performance below:

credit: hyunai29@YT

Fourth finalist came from Korea, Mr. Arnold Yu (replacing original finalist Winnie Kang who diagnosed with Dengue fever and wasn’t able to attend the competition) He sung “Bebot” from Black Eyed Peas’ Apple.De.Ap. His energy was contagious to the point that the audience sung along with him for the entire performance.

Fifth finalist came from Philippines, Ann Vanessa R. Acosta, a solo female singer who sung a Korean song titled “bogo shipta”

Sixth finalist came from Korea, Jung Hyun- Ae , a solo female singer who sung a Tagalog song titled “Isang Lahi”

Seventh finalist came from Philippines, the Cool Trippers, they danced and sing Korean song.

Eight and the last finalist came from Philippines, the X-Crew, a group of boys and girls impersonating Super Junior and dancing to Super Junior’s songs.

After the performances from the 8 finalists, awarding ceremony was held. Cool Trippers received the 2nd prize worth P7, 000.00, while female finalist Jung Hyun- Ae received the 1st prize worth P10,000.00

Watch Cool Trippers performance below:

credit: hyunai29@YT

And the grand prize worth P20, 000.00 for the 19th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival was given to X-Crew who apparently received most number of screams, cheers and applause from the audience.

X-Crew's winning moment...

X-Crew with their prize...

"We are.. X-Crew.. doing SuJu sign (the organizers too? ^^)"

photos by: anna ramos

Watch the grand prize winner's performance below:

credit: hyunai29@YT

The popularity award worth P10, 000.00 was given to Mr. Arnold Yu for singing “Bebot” and receiving the most audience impact from the audience.

Watch the "Bebot" performance below:

credits: hyunai29@YT

In between set of performances, there are also raffle prizes given away to lucky audiences. Prizes such as Television Set, DVD Component, and P5000.00 worth of Salon service, Hotel Accommodation, Washing Machine, Cellphones and other consolation prizes are given away.

Special performances from Philippine Cultural Dance Group Bayanihan, Philippine Women University Taekwondo, UKCA Student Association Dancers, Kopina Children, Si Heung Cultural Center and Park, Kyung Sun, singing contest winner were also included in the event.

Watch UKCA Student Association Dancer performance below:

credit: hyunai29@YT

Before leaving the venue, those who witnessed the successful event said "this is another event that is unforgettable". Let's create more unforgettable moments together for the coming years..

Filipino and Koreans Go Go!!

article by:

Friday, September 24, 2010

[DKP Announcement] To our dear Readers !

Dear Readers,

We would like to apologize for the late updates.Since almost all of our authors are still young and attending school/college/university , updates may come a little late.So i hope readers would understand and continue to support us.After all , education is important and we are juggling posting,classes,homework, important exams(Most of us will be sitting for it in October & almost a lot of our staffs are on hiatus for their exams in Oct). We would try our best to update the site as soon as possible when we could squeeze in some time from classes(for college and uni). Morning would be quite a problem as most of us will be in class.If you're interested to help us, go to our join us tab and send us an email !

Our main purpose is to provide and share Kpop news to readers and we would continue to do so, we aren't asking for anything back.We are contented with what we have achieved and it is all thanks to our dear readers who supported us.We would also continue to improve and satisfy as much of your kpop cravings !

Thank you for your understanding !

Cheers ~ From the staff's of DKP .

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

[DKP Announcement] Collection date for t-shirts(Singaporean only)

Dear Readers,

For those who order the t-shirts, the date of the collection will start on 7th September (Tuesday). Please contact your respective author for the payments.

Remember to bring $13 for the final payment.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

[DKP Weekly Music Chart] Special Announcement!

Dear readers,

As of next week, 'DKP Weekly Music Chart' will be having some format changes. And due to the recent success, we would like to announce that we will give a chance to our readers to contribute some ideas into our so-called weekly mini music show.

We hope that by doing this, we can make our readers will be more satisfied and happy with the upcoming new format. We will take your ideas into considerations and hopefully we can give you a better quality show and attained more success than before.

How to contribute your ideas? Well, you don't have to do much, just simply comment your ideas on our comment box below and don't worry we will read every single comment. You can give us something like new logo, new format, new design, how many contenders etc.

So, are you ready? Throw some of your ideas now! We will consider some ideas and hopefully, we will come up with a brand new format next week that is based on our very own readers ideas!

*** If you like 'DKP Weekly Music Chart', feel free to vote for me 'Malek' as your favourite author of August. Thank you very much readers!

[1st winner revealed] Yesasia is giving away 3 autographed Orange Caramel's albums to celebrate DKP's 100 K fans on Facebook!

We have teased our readers on Facebook that we will giveaway some albums once we reach 100,000 fans on Facebook.

The moment has finally arrived and is generous enough to sponsor 3 autographed Orange Caramel's albums to DKPOPNEWS' readers!

Conditions to win the CDs:
1.)Follow Yesasia,Yesstyle and DKPOPNEWS on Twitter.
2.)Fan Yesasia,Yesstyle and DKPOPNEWS on Facebook.
3.)Tweet the following statement

@yesstyle is giving away 3 O.Caramel albums to celebrate @dkpopnews 100k fans on FB #yesasiadkp

4.)Retweet @dkpopnews' tweet with hash tag #yesasiadkp .
5.)Leave a comment using either Twitter,Facebook or DISQUS account here.

Winners are  @yennie27 , @Joanne501 and @Swtlollipop

2 remaining 2 winners will be revealed soon!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

[DKP Announcement] Order your T-Shirts now ! (Only For Singaporeans)

Hello Dear Readers ! We have a special announcement to make, we will be launching our first DKP T-Shirt !

T-Shirt Details:
Price SGD:25
Deposit : SGD 13

Note:You will pay SGD 13 when meeting up to order/ bank transfer and will pay the remaining SGD 12 when you collect it from our authors.

This order is due on 20th of August (For Bank Transfer, please send in your email by this date).

Fill in the details below,

Contact Number:
Shirt Size:
Method of Payment:
Bank Account number:(If you are paying through bank transfer fill this up)
Meet up Place:(Choose only one Meet up place from the LIST BELOW, not other places ! Thanks!)

Email it to

Please only choose one, either Bank Transfer or Meeting up to pay your deposit(SGD13).For the collection of T-shirts and to pay the remaining SGD 12, you will definitely need to meet up with our authors , the place is not finalized yet, we will post up another announcement for the collection place.


Note: We will provide our staff's bank account number when we receive your email.

Choices for Meet up :

1.Sherlene- .Toa Payoh( Tuesday-Thursday )

2.Belinda- .Eunos MRT Station ( Tues 5.30 pm, Wed 3.30 pm )

3.Gina- Hougang Mrt station (Wed 6pm )

IF you miss out the meeting dates before 20th of August, please do send in your email as well, we will place your order first and will meet up later :) !

For those who choose to meet up, please state your meet up choice in the above form and our respective staffs who will meet you, will email a reply to you to give you the full details or contact number for meeting up.Any questions regarding the exact meet up point, please ask them so please do wait for a reply from them.

This T-Shirt design will only be available for sale in Singapore until 12th of August so please order now if you want it !

COMING SOON :Malaysia & Philippines !

there will be another design after we finish the orders and collection of this design, if possible pay the deposit first and pay the remaining later cause you need to meet up with us to get your shirt.To make things more simple and not complicated ^^

-Meet up place for collection is not finalized yet, we will post up another announcement for it.

-If you are busy to collect your T-shirts on the specific date and time from our staffs, we will definitely keep your stock till you are free to collect it, so no worries.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

[DKP Announcement] Project idol message book [CLOSED]

The time now is passed 11:59pm KST of August 15th, that means the submission for our first ever project is now officially over. 

We have gathered 246 entries for this project and we would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sparing some time to write your messages for SS501. If you received a reply saying thanks for ur entry/entries ;) meaning your messages are included on the book If you send your messages after this article was posted, SORRY but I strictly not accepting any messages anymore.

We started this project with a survey a month ago and now we're almost close to sending it to Korea. I, myself will officially start printing all your messages and pictures that I have organized/edited and put it all together in maybe 7-8 different books. One for SS501(as a group), one for each member (Bias messages) and one for each birthday greetings for Youngsaeng and HyungJoon. Once all the books are done, I will take a picture and post it here so you all know what it looks like before sending it to SS501.

We would also like to have some donations from everyone. We will use the money for shipping this project to Korea and for more future projects that DKP will be holding (hopefully soon).

On behalf of DKP staffs, Thank you for supporting DKP and we will continue to work hard reporting/updating the latest kpop news to readers!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

[DKP Announcement] Project idol message book [4 more days left]


I have already organized all your entries and as of now August 11th 6:22am KST, we have a total of 170 entries (persons). THANK YOU FOR SENDING YOUR ENTRIES. I edited some pictures and I have corrected all your grammars.

There are some things I would like to confirm with all of you.

FIRST: MESSAGES (Important to those who are going to submit theirs)

* Make sure that your messages are separate for each category.

for example,
msg for SS501: ..........................
msg for my bias: ...................... (make sure to tell me who)
Birthday msg for YS:...........................
Birthday msg for HJB:...........................

*Make sure your message is not too long (NO COMMAS PLEASE)
commas makes your message long. (7 SENTENCES USING PERIOD)


*Make sure that your message is like YOUR TALKING TO THEM NOT ME.

*Write your message using E_MAIL NOT WORD DOCUMENT.

*Please add the name of your country.

*Don't forget to include your real name and age.


*Make sure that you ATTACH YOUR PICTURES. (Not in word document)

*Please help me edit your pictures.(to reduce myself some work)

I would like them to looked like this:

FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SENT me your pictures, I already edited yours. FOR THOSE WHO ARE GOING TO SEND YOURS please make it like that.

For the following names listed below, Please send me your pictures. It's either I didn't get your pictures or I can't copy/paste them to my work.

SEND THEM WITH YOUR NAME (Same as how I listed below)
Type Pictures as your Subject.

-Wijdyastuti Al-Kharashi
-Iris Kohls
-Wong Siew Leng
-Rachel Bliman
-Vira Vilhelmina
-Susety Zusuka
-Beah Lopez

E_MAIL it to me at
DEADLINE: August 15th, 11:59pm KST

If your not in the lists, yours is all fine.
I hope to received more proper emails in the future. If you have any questions, you can just leave a comment here or e-mail me.

On behalf of DKP Staffs, Thank you for supporting DKP and we will continue to work hard for updating/reporting the latest kpop news to readers.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

[DKP Announcement] T-Shirt Design contest !


Hello Dear Readers ! We are happy to announce that there will be a T-Shirt Designing Contest for DKP.Since we received positive feedbacks for the T-Shirts, we would like readers to help us in designing the T-Shirts.We plan to limit the number of orders for each T-Shirt design so that readers would have the opportunity to design for us and there will be a variety.The design with the most votes would be printed and sold as our DKP collection T-Shirts !

When we have received enough applications for the design we will set up a poll for voting.This contest is most probably held every month(Depending on the reader's response, it could be once every 2 or 3 months) for readers to choose.

1.Make sure it is your original idea.
2.Please use the 2 logos of DKP (Refer to the picture above,one logo per t-shirt design,use anyone you prefer).
3.Design it in a T-Shirt form view(Refer to the sample picture above)
4.You could design it in any color background T-Shit(preferably black).
5.Make sure it is not messy but unique and simple at the same time.

This is a chance to showcase your individuality and creativeness !

Send in your entry with ,


Attach your design and send it to, email:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

[Announcement] New DKPOPNEWS' promotional video by Connie Cheng!

Our blog's main video director Connie Cheng is back again with another fabulous promotional clip for DKPOPNEWS.

It has already been 1 year and 3 months since DKPOPNEWS was founded last year in May and we have undergone many changes during this period.

We have changed to a more professional layout 2 months ago but unfortunately we have not introduced about the layout yet,we have our very own Music Chart now and plan to release DKP's official t-shirts in the near future.

Please spend some time to enjoy the video clip prepared by Connie Cheng here,please help to share this video with you friends on Twitter and Facebook,your kindness is highly appreciated,thank you!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[DKP Announcement] T-Shirt Designs, Help us to decide !

Design 1

Design 2

Hello dear readers, we have an announcement to make ! Could you do us the favor of voting, which T-Shirt designs would you prefer? Design 1 or Design 2 ? We would probably sell this T-Shirt in Philippines at the Kpop And Culture Fest , Megatrade Hall 1, Building B, SM Mega Mall on 8th of August 2010.

Note :We would most probably sell the T-Shirts at the event in Philippines for 450 Peso per shirt.We are currently considering selling the T-shirts outside of the event in Philipines and other countries like Malaysia and Singapore since the response is quite good.Do take note that the price may vary between countries, as we will most probably order the T-Shirts through different companies.Different companies in different countries charge differently according to their own country costs and the quantity of the order.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

[DKP Weekly Music Chart] Taeyang WON our first chart !!

Just yesterday we have revealed our very first Top 9 contenders of the week and let you vote for your favourite contender. We have received a total of 353 votes and we would like to thank everyone who has participated in voting yesterday! We have calculated the final scores and of course we have our first winner for our very first chart. So this week's winner is... Taeyang !!

And here is the full result and rankings for this week's 'DKP Weekly Music Chart'. It was a close battle between miss A and Taeyang. miss A has earned the highest for online score and Taeyang has received the highest vote yesterday. After we have combined both online and voting scores, Taeyang edged out other strong contenders with ease and eventually won the chart with 'I Need A Girl' ! Congrats to Taeyang !^^

Once again, we would like to thank you all for participating in voting yesterday! If you haven't got a chance to vote yesterday, don't worry, you will definitely get to vote next week as we revealed next week's Top 9 contenders on Saturday at 5PM (KST).

Online score sources:

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