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Friday, July 25, 2014

Sohee and TOP get flustered in teaser for 'Reebok' CF

Sohee and T.O.P are showing undeniable chemistry in their promotional photos for Reebok as models.

They are set to release a couple-story CF with Reebok Classic featuring Ex-O-Fit & Freestyle. They may look very comfortable and serious in photos but they are shy and flustered with each other which make them very adorable pair.

Check the teaser ad below:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

YG Family excites with a greeting video for their '2014 WORLD TOUR : POWER IN SEOUL'

YG Family are making their fans excited as they release a greeting/invitation video greeting from their participating artists.

YG's Big Bang, 2NE1, EPIK High, Akdong Musician, WINNER, Lee Hi, are getting together for 'AIA Real Life Now Festival 2014' to bring you amazing live performances and collaboration stages on August 15 in Jamsil Sports Complex Main Stadium, Seoul.

This is one epic event you shouldn't miss! So get your tickets now!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

G-Dragon desires to marry and have a daughter, 'Tomorrow is fine'

G-Dragon has expressed his desire to marry and have a daughter as quickly as tomorrow in the 19th episode of KBS 2TV Entertainment Weekly'.

G-Dragon is a very transparent fan of Tablos' daughter Haru. He said, "Haru is very pretty. She calls four of Big Bang members as 'uncle' but she calls me 'oppa' and I really like it."

He also shyly answered Haru's request by buying her delicious meal. When asked if he's envious of Tablo and Haru's parent-daughter relationship, G-Dragon replied, "I want to have a daughter quickly. I'll get married soon. Tomorrow is fine."

In this fans commented, "Wait for me oppa!","I'm just here waiting," and so on.

Written by KYUriShana

G-Dragon is a supportive leader to Daesung

Big Bang's leader G-Dragon showed his support for his fellow member Daesung (aka D-Lite).

Daesung held his solo Japanese concert tour entitled 'D-LITE DLive 2014 in Japan D'slove' on July 17th in Nippon Budokan, Tokyo. One of the 13,000 audience was G-Dragon.

On his Instagram, G-Dragon posted the photo above. He was holding D-Lite merchandises, while Daesung was smiling really wide.

written by:
Thursday, July 17, 2014

T.O.P and Sohee are looking real couple in pictorial for Reebok

Big Bang's T.O.P and Sohee are 'shy couple' in their promotional pictorial for Reebok.

The two are looking good together in a classy pictorial with the concept of new couple who started going out and seems shy at first but gradually developing. Their impressive visuals are attracting attention.

In one photo, they seem like heading out for a date with T.O.P holding Sohee's hand and are looking fashionable with sunglasses on. While they seem a bit awkward on a stairs with Sohee looking afar and T.O.P looking at her. Meanwhile, the last picture shows more comfortable atmosphere flashing their smiles.

Do you like the chemistry of this pair?

Top 5 Highly Anticipated Male Groups comeback

Daily K Pop News' fans share their opinions on the groups that they wanna see on the stage again soon, check out the top 5 male groups mentioned by our readers on DKP's official Facebook fanpage below:

1. 2PM

2. Big Bang

3. JYJ

4. SHINee

5. Super Junior

Whose comeback do you anticipate the most?

*Photos arrange randomly regardless of groups' popularity
Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Taeyang and Tablo to perform 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' together on this week's 'Inkigayo'

Taeyang and Tablo will have a collaboration stage on this week's SBS's 'Inkigayo'.

YG Entertainment revealed that for July 20th's 'Inkigayo', Taeyang and Tablo will perform 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' together on stage for the first time. Previously on June 25th, Tablo released the hip hop version of this song for 'Cover Project by YG Family 002' in which he showcased his English rap skill and with Taeyang's surprise feature at the end, it immediately received became a hot topic upon its release and has received much love from many people around the world.

You can check out for Tablo x Taeyang' version of 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' below

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Seungri chooses A Pink as female artist who he wants to go on a vacation with

It's just because he likes "Mr.Chu" too much.

On July 4rd, to commemorate Naver StarCast 1st anniversary, Taeyang and Seungri were featured in 'STARCAST ON AIR' special live event and answered some of the questions.

When they were asked which female artist that they wanted to go on a vacation with, to this Taeyang answered,"This is a hard question. I don't have any, if there was I would say the name out loud" then he picked Tablo's daughter, Haru and said,"I wanted to have an ice-cream date with Haru but she was sick...If I have a chance I want to go and play with her".

Seungri then chose A Pink and said,"Personally I like everyone in A Pink. This is my first time saying this. I also saw the choreography for "Mr.Chu" and even sang and danced to the song.
Saturday, June 28, 2014

Daesung and Taeyang to appear on NHK 'Music Japan' together

Japanese fans will be able to see both Daesung and Taeyang in the same music program.

According to YG Entertainment on June 28th, Daesung and Taeyang will be recording for NHK 'Music Japan' on July 21st at NHK Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Daesung just recently kicked off his 'D-LITE DLive 2014 in Japan ~D’slove~' tour with 2 concerts in Yokohama Arena on June 11th & 12th. He will perform a total of 15 shows in 8 cities which is expected to draw in more than 170,000 fans. He also released "Rainy Rainy" short music video on June 11th which will be a part of his new Japanese album "D'slove".

For Taeyang, he will release his first Japanese single "Rise" on August 13th and will also embark on a Japanese tour on August 12th. His 2nd Korean album "Rise" is currently topping Recochoku chart as well as iTune Japan's Pop Album Chart, proving his popularity among local fans despite not having his debut in Japan yet.
Saturday, June 14, 2014

Taeyang summarizes 'Journey to Rise' in a docu-video

Big Bang uploaded a video featuring Taeyang. The video is entitled 'Journey to Rise' which tells in detail the story of his experiences when he was preparing for his album 'Rise.'

'Rise' was prepared for four years. The album's release took too long because Taeyang didn't want to release this until he's completely happy and contented. 

The 4-minute video summarized what did Taeyang and his group encountered during the preparation. The documentary featured producers involved in the project and they gave their own accounts about Taeyang's journey.

Also, Taeyang's fellow Big Bang member, G-Dragon, gave his comment saying, “[Taeyang] really struggled much before releasing his album. The release was always delayed, which he didn't intent. Many things made it hard for him.”

Watch below:

written by:

G-Dragon and Taeyang's 1st teaser for 2014 Paris Photo Book revealed

On June 12, YG entertainment revealed the first teaser video of Taeyang and G-dragon for the release of their upcoming Paris photo book. 

The clip begins with G-Dragon speaking about his experiences in Paris, and how he gained the inspiration, then it shows many preview images of Taeyang and G-Dragon as well as the making video. The pictures are all taken in Paris with various concepts, giving fans a small hint of what they can expect in the "G-Dragon x Taeyang in Paris 2014" photobook.

The full set including the video and photobook will be released on June 18th, but it is available for pre-sale from June 12!

Watch the teaser now:


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Taeyang's 'ntro(Rise)' deems inappropriate for broadcast on KBS

KBS has added another song into its banned songs list.

On June 11th, KBS announced that the track "Intro(Rise)" from Taeyang's new album is ineligible to be broadcast due to the world "fxxx" which is considered as foul language was included in the lyrics.

Crush's "Give It To Me" featuring Jay Park and Simon D was also banned due to its suggestive lyrics.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Taeyang and actress Min Hyo Rin to have a bed scene in '1 AM' music video

Get ready for some intimate scenes between Taeyang and a girl.

Taeyang will release new music video "1 AM" at exactly 1am kst on June 10th. This will be his 2nd music video after "Eyes, Nose, Lips" which was released few days ago.

According to the officials, actress Min Hyo Rin who previously appeared as in a photo was on fire in the 1st music video will make her real appearance in "1 AM". In particular, she will act out a bed scene with Taeyang and this information has attracted many fans' attention.

Let count down to "1 AM"!
Thursday, June 5, 2014

Taeyang to perform 'Stay With Me' with G-Dragon on Inkigayo this week

G-Dragon shows his support for his teammate by featuring in Taeyang's comeback stage on "Inkigayo" this week.

For "Inkigayo" stage on June 8th, Taeyang will perform 2 songs "Eyes, Nose, Lips" and "Stay With Me". In particular Gi-Dragon who composed and participated in the lyrics writing of the song will also feature in the song for Taeyang's first comeback stage this Sunday.

"Eyes, Nose, Lips" is current staying at no.1 on various online music charts.

TOP ends fans' curiosity on why he's not on SNS, 'I don't like selca'

If you think TOP's the most mysterious among kpop idols around because he's reluctant to share his whatabouts and whereabouts on any SNS, then TOP answers your questions.

During the press conference of Top's “FROM TOP EXHIBITION” on June 4 at Horam Art Center, Seoul, Big Bang's TOP finally reveals the reasons why he's nowhere to be found on SNS.

He answered straightforwardly, "Taking selca is not fun for me." He revealed that standing in front of the camera with specific angle is what he does. He continued,"I've taken photos like landscape but I myself is not fond of taking selca. That's the reason why I'm not using SNS." He pointed out that he would rather work than spend time on SNS.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Taeyang releases 'Eye, Nose, Lips' MV

Taeyang releases the full MV of 'Eye, Nose, Lips", check out the full video below as he showcases his charm with amazing vocal and well-trained body.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Taeyang releases tracklist for 'Rise'

Taeyang releases the tracklist of his new album 'Rise' which will be digitally released on June 2.

The album will include a total of nine tracks including his title song 'Eyes, Nose, Lips'. The songs are as follows:

1. Intro (RISE)
2. Eyes, Nose, Lips (Title Tracks)
3. 1AM
4. Stay With Me
5. Body
6. Ringa Linga
7. This is Not
8. Let Go
9. Love You to Death

Moreover, according to YG, Taeyang is releasing three music videos. Aside from his title track Eyes, Nose, Lips, he'll be releasing Body and 1AM MVs as well.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Taeyang releases teaser spot for new album 'Rise'

Big Bang's Taeyang is coming back with a new album 'Rise' after his last album 'Solar' in 2010.

The 1-minute long teaser spot shows Taeyang in the streets of LA, walking around and meeting people. The plot is still unclear but the atmosphere seems intense and thrilling at the same time.

Meanwhile, Taeyang's new album 'Rise' will be released online on June 2 and offline on June 10.

Monday, May 19, 2014

G Dragon appears in the preview of 'The Return of Superman'

G Dragon will appear in the upcoming episode of 'The Return of Superman', check out the preview below:

Will Haru manage to kiss G Dragon?
Sunday, May 18, 2014

Taeyang to comeback with album 'RISE' on June 2nd

Taeyang is the next YG artist to comeback next month!

On May 16th, YG Entertainment uploaded a mysterious poster with "WHO'S NEXT?" on its official blog and today May 18th which is also Taeyang's birthday, the mystery has been unveiled.

According to the new poster, Taeyang will release his new album "RISE" on June 2nd.

Are you excited for his comeback?
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