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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ki Kwang to be the first male idol to appear on jTBC's 'Witch Hunt'

According to official broadcasters, Ki Kwang participated in the recording of jTBC's "Witch Hunt" on April 14th as a one-day MC.

Previously the guests that have made appearance on the show are all female, so Ki Kwang has attracted much attention as the first male idol to be on this 19+ rating talk show. Since he already has much experience as an MC, he is expected to smoothly conduct the show together with Shin Dong Yup, Sung Si Kyung and Heo Ji Woong.

Meanwhile, Beast is said to make their comeback in May.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

BEAST roars on 'Show Time - Burning the BEAST' 1st episode

After EXO, BEAST is the next group that is featured on MBC Every1's reality program, 'Show Time.'

'Show Time - Burning the BEAST' was premiered on April 10th. The first episode showed that each of the six members visited different places that have special spot on their heart. At one point on the show, they were gathered at a cafe where they talked about the stuffs they will show and the things that their fans might not know about them.

'Show Time - Burning the Beast' will have 12 episodes, and it airs every Thursday at 6 PM.

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SOURCE: Star News
Friday, April 11, 2014

BEAST Doojoon talks nonstop in the CF for Nongshim noodles

BEAST Doojoon takes advantage of his visual in the CF released for Nongshim 'Typhoon Noodle' CF along with actress Kim So Hyun.

The handsome idol-actor slurps the noodles in the most appetizing expression ever. His appearance in the tvN drama 'Let's Eat'

Watch below:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beast to make a comeback in May

Beast confirms to make a comeback in May this year after 10 months.

On April 9th, Cube Entertainment said,"Beast is preparing for their comeback in mid-May","There will be a variety of different music genres and also many attempts have been made for this album".

In particular, Beast will take off from their usual image and comeback with a totally new concept that fans have never seen before.

Meanwhile, Beast's new variety show "Showtime - Burning The Beast" will start its first broadcast on April 10th.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

BEAST ends Japan tour victoriously

BEAST wrapped up their four-month Japan tour for 2014.

On April 3rd, BEAST held the last show for their 'BEAST Japan Tour 2014' which started in January. The approximately 3,600 live fans and the thousands viewers, who watched it live at 65 different movie theaters, witnessed their performances.

BEAST opened the show with a song entitled 'SPECIAL' with its new arrangement. 'Shock,' 'Fiction,' and and 'Shadow' were the succeeding performances. They also had solo and duo performances. Jang Hyun Seung sang 'Play Girl,' one of his solo songs; Lee Gi Kwang chose to perform Justin Bieber's 'BOYFRIEND'; Yang Yo Seop captured their Japanese fans with a local song number called 'ANOTHER ORION'; Son Dong Woon played piano while singing 'EVERYTHING'; and Yoon Du Jun and Yong Jun Hyung sang together the 'I AM A MAN.'

During the concert, it was announced that BEAST is set to release a new single in May. Also, BEAST will be the host of an entertainment show called 'Show Time - Burning the BEAST.'

'BEAST Japan Tour 2014' had twelve shows in Aichi, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Tokyo.

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SOURCE: Star News
Friday, March 28, 2014

Super Idol Chart Show ranks 'Male Idols Prettier Than Women'

Super Junior Ryeowook and BEAST Dongwoon's 'Super Idol Chart Show' ranks the Top 10 'Male Idols Prettier Than Girls' on their March 28th episode.

You may have your own male idol in mind but see the result from their survey below. If you're not satisfied, let us know your opinion on the comment section below:

1. SHINee's Taemin
2. ZE:A's Dongjun
3. Big Bang's G-Dragon
4. Super Junior's Heechul
5. MBLAQ's Cheondung
6. ZE:A's Siwan
7. EXO's Chanyeol
8. VIXX' N
9. BTOB's Minhyuk
10. Infinite's Sungjong

[FULL VIDEO TO FOLLOW, meanwhile watch some cuts below:]

Thursday, March 27, 2014

BEAST are classy for their promotional photos for 'BEAST Showtime'

BEAST are the next in line for MBC evety1's 'Beast Showtime' after 'EXO Showtime' last year.

The photos might be mistaken as their comeback concept as they are looking preppy and handsome in their suits and vests. The members strike charismatic poses during the photoshoot.

Meanwhile, Beast's Showtime titled 'SHOWTIME - The Burning Beast' premieres its first episode of April 10. Check out the photos below:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MBC to premiere 'Beast Showtime' on April 10

BEAST are going to have their variety show on MBC Every1 titled 'SHOWTIME - The Burning Beast' which will premiere its 1st episode on April 10.

BEAST are going to reveal more of their personal routines and activities in the variety show of their own. Fans would see how the members grow from 6 years of experience as idols and will showcase their talents even more.

Their candid and natural appearance are going to be revealed as well. Are you excited?
Saturday, March 22, 2014

BEAST on Bazaar Magazine’s April edition!

BEAST is going to be on Harper’s Bazaar Magazine’s April edition.

On the interview, they disclosed a little about their next album. They are preparing to release the said album some time later in 2014. They also shared that this album that they are preparing can show their true colors.

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SOURCE: Sports DongA
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beast's Junhyung to star in Lee Seung Hwan's new MV

It was reported that Junhyung recently finished filming for Lee Seung Hwan's new MV. The information of him starring in the music video of Lee Seung Hwan's album title track was previously spread widely through SNS.

Lee Seung Hwan released a pre-release track "Only Happens To Me" on March 17th. The song in which Junhyung will star in the MV is called "Only Responses To Me", and there will be 5 music videos for this album.

Lee Seung Hwan's 11th regular album will be released on March 26th.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Yoon Sohee surprises BEAST Doojoon with a kiss on 'Let's Eat'

On the upcoming 15th episode of tvN's 'Let's Eat', actress Yoon Sohee gives a surprise kiss to BEAST's Doojoon.

In the still cut released on March 5, Doojoon, who is playing the role of Daeyoung, has his eyes wide open when Sohee, playing the role of  Jinyi, leans and gives him a kiss.

Along with the still cut is a short clip of the kissing scene's BTS showing Doojoon making NGs and talking alot before the kiss. Watch the clip below:

This episode of 'Let's Eat' will be aired on March 6 at 11:00PM KST.

B2ST Yoseob to leave 'I Live Alone' due to album preparation and musical casting

B2ST Yoseob who has been a regular cast in MBC variety program 'I Live Alone' announces his departure on March 5. His last episode will be aired on March 7.

According to his agency, Cube Entertainment, "Yang Yoseob decided to leave and had finished shooting." This is due to their busy overseas schedule in Japan. BEAST is also preparing for their album which will be released in the first half of this year.

Moreover, his busy schedule has gotten busier as Yoseob is confirmed to join the cast of musical 'Full House'. The musical starts to hit the theaters on April 11.

Sources: 1 2
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Beast Doojoon gives a surprise kiss to Lee Soo Kyung on 'Let's Eat'

The kissing scene previews of BEAST's Doojoon and Lee Soo Kyung have been made public.

In the photos, it seems like Koo Dae Young, played by Doojoon surprises Lee Soo Kyung with a passionate kiss while holding her hands. Catch this episode of tVN's "Let's Eat".

As a treat, here's the making of their kissing scene:

Monday, February 17, 2014

Beast's Jun Hyung shows off his close friendship with Park Shin Hye and FT Island's Jong Hoon

On February 16th, Jun Hyung updated his instagram,"Beautiful girl Handsome guy #HappyBirthdayShinHye" and uploaded a new photo.

The photo shows Jun Hyung, Park Shin Hye and Jong Hoon looking intimate towards the camera. Jun Hyung has his both arms around the other two's shoulders and doing double V signs. Park Shin Hye is pouting cutely while Jong Hoon also shows his bright smile.

Netizen commented,"I envy with Park Shin Hye","They look really close","Park Shin Hye seems close with many male celebrities","Happy Birthday!", and so on.
Sunday, February 16, 2014

BEAST attends an autograph event for 'Clarks'

BEAST appeared on an autograph event for the brand they endorsed, 'Clarks.'

On February 15th, Yong Jun Hyung, Lee Gi Kwang, Yoon Dujun, Jang Hyun Seung, Yang Yo Seop, and Song Dong Woon spent time with their fans on an opening ceremony of a store of 'Clarks.'

Meanwhile, BEAST is currently continuing their 'BEAST JAPAN TOUR 2014' in Japan. 

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SOURCE: Star News
Friday, January 31, 2014

Ryeowook thanks BEAST Dongwoon's fans

Super Junior Ryeowook expresses his gratitude towards the thoughtful fans of BEAST's Dongwoon.

Through his twitter account, Ryeowook uploaded a photo of the flower bouquet he received from Dongwoon's fans and wrote, "Thank you Dongwoon's fans!!!^^ It should be me who is asking for the favor instead!! Everyone happy new year♡"

Apparently, the bouquet of flowers is to congratulate him as MC for the 1st broadcast of  MNET's latest program 'Super Idol Chart Show', wherein he and Dongwoon are hosting. Since it's not his first time hosting a program unlike Dongwoon, fans are cheering for him and their idol.

'Super Idol Chart Show' is a program wherein 300 participants are going to rank idols depending on the topic of the show's episode. The program aims to discover new interesting facts about your favorite idols from what their fans see about them. Be sure to catch the premiere tonight!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

[Compilation Post] Your favorite idols have sent their greetings in!

Several idol groups and singers have sent their Lunar New Year greetings through video messages and hanbok pictorials.

Idol groups like Super Junior-M, BEAST, MBLAQ, Teen Top, 100%, C-Clown, MYNAME, Dalshabet, Boys Republic, The Boss, VIXX, Bangtan Boys, 2EYES, The See Ya, Wassup, N-Sonic, BESTie, LEDApple, Hwanhee, A-JAX, FNC Artists, N.CA and more!

See videos and photos below:

Boys Republic MYNAME Dalshabet FNC Artists A-JAX Hwanhee MBLAQ BEAST WASSUP Teen Top & 100% The Boss, N-sonic, C-Clown 2Eyes, The Seeya, WASSUP, and Hyeini



Super Junior M




Bangtan Boys

The Boss


Boys Republic


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ryeowook and Dongwoon chosen as MCs for MNET's Super Idol Chart Show

Super Junior's Ryeowook and BEAST's Dongwoon are given the MV position for MNET's latest segment 'Super Idol Chart Show'.

'Super Idol Chart Show' is a program wherein 300 participants are going to rank idols depending on the topic of the show's episode. The program aims to discover new interesting facts about your favorite idols from what their fans see about them.

Ryeowook, already has experience in hosting as he is currently the DJ of Super Junior's Kiss The Radio. On the other hand, this is Dongwoon's first time to host a program after 5 years of being BEAST member. The two revealed that they are nervous while recording the first episode.

'Super Idol Chart Show' airs every Friday and will have its first episode on January 31st. Meanwhile, watch the preview below:

Monday, January 27, 2014

BEAST are the new models for shoe beand CLARK

On Janaury 27, shoe brand CLARK, reveals pictorial image of its new models, and they are none other than BEAST.

THe members are wearing casual knitwears and cardigans looking comfortably in their stylish shoes which look good in any clothe designs members are wearing.

With their British modern fashion style, and eye-catching visuals, the members have their group photo taken as they smile brightly for the camera.

A representative said, "BEAST's modern fashionable appeal is just suitable for the brand's identity that's why we've chosen them as our exclusive models."

They added, "BEAST have already begun filming CFs and  are going to hold various promotional acitvities. We target all ages and we hope to reach more customers in the future."

Source: Nate
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Girls' Generation, SHINee, CNBLUE, Beast to MC for 28th Golden Disk Awards

On January 15th, JTBC revealed that Girls' Generation Taeyeon and Tiffany, SHINee's Minho, Beast's Doojoon, CNBLUE's Yonghwa, Oh Sang Jin will be the MCs for 28th Golden Disk Awards.

The awards show consists of 2 parts. Part 1 will be hosted by Minho, Doojoon, Yonghwa while part 2 for Taeyeon, Tiffany and Oh Sang Jin. Since all of them have experiences in MC-ing before so they are expected to conduct smoothly throughout the show.

28th Golden Disk Awards will be broadcast live through JTBC and will last for 4 hours, starting from 4:30pm kst - 8:50pm kst.

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