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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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B2ST's Junhyung to feature in MFBTY's new album

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Following Rap Monster, B2ST's Junhyung has been revealed as the next featured artist in MFBTY(Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, Bizzy)'s new album.

A rep revealed on March 9th that Junhyung will feature in MFBTY's new album who also added,"Tiger JK has been taking interest not only in B2ST's music, but also in the songs that Junhyung had featured in. He personally request for Junhyung to collaborate".

Meanwhile, MFBTY will release a new album after 1 year and 6 month on March 19th.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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'Let's Eat 2' releases photos from the first script reading

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tvN's 'Let's Eat 2' has released some of the photos from the first script reading.

The script reading session was taken place last month at CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul with the attendance of director Park Joon Hwa, screenwriter Im Soo Mi and the main cast including B2ST's Doojoon, Seo Hyun Jin, Kwon Yool, Kim Hee Won, Hwang Suk Jung, Jo Eun Ji, Lee Joo Seung, Hwang Seung Un and more.

'Let's Eat 2' will focus on the new story of Goo Dae Young(B2ST's Doojoon) and his new neighbors when he moves to the city of Sejong. The drama is expected to go on air this April.

Friday, January 23, 2015

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'Let's Eat 2' releases its final cast along with B2ST's Doojoon

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B2ST's Doojoon will make his on screen return in the second season of tvN's 'Let's Eat 2'.

'Let's Eat 2' will focus on the story of Goo Dae Young(Doojoon) and his new neighbors after he moved to the city of Sejong.

Along with Doojoon, Seo Hyun Jin, Kwon Yool, Kim Hee Won, Hwang Suk Jung, Jo Eun Ji, Lee Joo Seung have all been confirmed for the drama. Seo Hyun Jin will play as Baek Su Ji, a freelance writer who is living alone and is also a childhood friend of Goo Dae Young. Kwon Yool will portrait Lee Sang Woo, a government employee who is the ideal man of many girls including Baek Su Ji.

'Let's Eat 2' is scheduled to be broadcasted this April.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

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B2ST's Doojoon considers to star in tvN's 'Let's Eat' season 2

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B2ST's Doojoon is likely to make his return in tvN's 'Let's Eat' season 2.

According to Cube Entertainment on December 27th, Doojoon has received the offer to star in the season 2 of 'Let's Eat', but his appearancce hasn't been confirmed yet as he's still positively reviewing it.

'Let's Eat' which stars B2ST's Doojoon, Yoon So Hee, Lee Soo Kyung, Shim Hyung Tak, was first broadcasted in November 2013. It tells the story of four people who live in one apartment brought together by their love of food.

'Let's Eat' season 2 is expected to broadcast in April next year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

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B2ST's Hyunseung and Block B's Zico to have a collaboration stage at '2014 KBS Gayo Daechukjae'

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Following Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Sistar's Soyu, B2ST's Hyunseung and Block B's Zico will also present a collaboration stage at '2014 KBS Gayo Daechukjae'.

On December 24th, a rep from KBS said,"As the theme for this year's music festival is 'Music is Love' so we will focus on a lot of collaborations. Despite their busy schedules, Hyunseung and Zico have put in a lof of effort into the preparations for their stages together. The production team is really look forward to what kind of performance the two of them will bring out for the show".

'2014 KBS Gayo Daechukjae' will be held on December 26th at 8:30pm kst.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

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EXO, INFINITE, B2ST to have a collaboration stage with N.E.X.T in memorial of Shin Hae Chul at '2014 KBS Gayo Daechukjae'

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EXO, INFINITE and B2ST will come together for a special stage at the upcoming '2014 KBS Gayo Daechukjae'.

The three groups are going to collaborate with N.E.X.T to commemorate the passing of Shin Hae Chul, who was previously a member of the legendary 90s rock band.

'2014 KBS Gayo Daechukjae' will hold on December 26th at 8:30pm kst.

Friday, November 28, 2014

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B2ST's Yoseob confirmed for 'Robin Hood' musical

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B2ST's Yoseob has been casted in 'Robin Hood' musical.

Cube Entertainment revealed on November 28th,"Yoseob has joined the cast of musical 'Robin Hood'. He has finished the profile shooting for the musical recently".

Yoseob made his debut as a musical actor in 2011 with 'Gwanghwamun Sonata' and has been steadily showcasing his outstanding performance and vocal skills through various plays such as 'Joseph anf The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat', 'Full House' and 'Zorro'.

'Robin Hood' musical will kick off its run in January next year at the D-Cube Arts Center in Seoul.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


B2ST's '12:30' to come out with another version on November 24th

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As many of us are still swooning over B2ST's sweet vocals in '12:30', get ready cause there is going to be another version of the song ready to be released.

On November 23rd, Cube Entertainment dropped the teaser on Twitter and tweeted,"12:30 Another Version (Teaser) #Teaser #guesswho", asking the fans to guess the singer who will cover the song.

The full song will be coming out on November 24th. Meanwhile, check out the teaser below

Thursday, November 6, 2014

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IU, Taeyang, B2ST, Winner and more to perform at MelOn Music Awards 2014

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MelOn Music Awards 2014 has announced the official lineup for its upcoming show.

On November 6th, MelOn has revealed the lineup artist who will perform at the upcoming award show includes IU, Taeyang, B2ST, Sistar, Winner, Girl's Day. The performers were all chosen from the Top 10 of the award's online voting along with  g.o.d, Akdong Musician, 2NE1 and EXO.

MelOn Music Awards 2014 will be held on November 13th at Seoul Olympic Park Stadium. Fans around the world can stream the event live through MelOn website and 1theK's Youtube channel.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Doojoon, Sunggyu, Chanyeol to become MCs for 'Music Bank in Mexico'

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B2ST's Doojoon, Infinite's Sunggyu, EXO's Chanyeol will be the MCs for 'Music Bank in Mexico'.

On October 22nd, an official from KBS said that 'Music Bank in Mexico' will be held at Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City on October 30th. Doojoon, Sunggyu and Chanyeol have been appointed as the MCs for the music show.

The line-up for 'Music Bank in Mexico' includes B2ST, Infinite, Girl's Day, EXO-K, B.A.P, BTS, Ailee and more.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


B2ST to guest on KBS's talkshow 'I'm A Man'

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B2ST will make their guest appearance on KBS's talkshow 'I'm A Man'.

According to an official broadcaster, B2ST will participate in the recording of 'I'm A Man' special episode 'I'm A Woman' today on October 12th at KBS Annex Building in Yeouido.

'I'm A Woman' special episode will feature an audience of 100 woman with a wide range from those who have only attended all-girl schools to those who resemble celebrities and tone deaf. They will discuss 4 topics and it's also expected that there will be a surprise performance from the guest.

This episode will be broadcasted on October 17th.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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B2ST to release title track '12:30' in upcoming 7th mini album on October 20th

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B2ST's comeback is getting near!

Few days ago, Cube Entertainment unveiled the first teaser video which showed '1016' and '1230' was written on the sand. Today on October 8th, the agency has released a new teaser image with the infor saying that B2ST will make their comeback with title track '12:30' from 7th mini album 'Time' on October 20th.

'12:30' is a work from composer team Good Life and is an R&B ballad which describes the longing for someone after a breakup by comparing it to the hour and the minute hands of a clock pointing in different directions.

The music video for '12:30' will be released along with the 7th mini album on October 20th.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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BEAST say hello to summer on CeCi magazine

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BEAST are new models for CeCi Magazine June issue!  

BEAST members were seen in bright, colorful with floral print outfits as well as various hair styles  and colors to greet summer. They also took photos with many sports items like skateboard, ball, baseball bat,.. to represent healthy and fresh images. Their various poses and professional expression made the photoset much more impressive.

Check out the photos from the shoot below:


Friday, December 6, 2013

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B2ST Junhyung releases tracklist for solo album 'Flower'

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After announcing that 'producer-dol' Junhyung from B2ST is going to release solo album this December, fans have been craving for more details.

On December 6, CUBE finally revealed the tracklist for his solo album. Yong Junhyung's 1st mini album will be titled "Flower". It will include 5 tracks, all tracks are written and composed by himself.

Track 3, "Anything" is a collaboraiton with labelmate G.NA and fellow member Yoseob will also collaborate with him with the piano version of his 'Caffeine'.

His 1st mini debut album will be released on December 13. Are you ready?

Source: CUBE Twitter
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Troublemaker guy enters instagram!

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Now see who's the newest recruit to instagram's kpop list? He's none other than B2ST's Hyunseung.
Hyunseung is finally back to SNS as he created an instagram account on December 4.

Through their official twitter account, Cube announced that Hyun Seung has instagram now to communicate with fans. Hyunseung, uploaded his 1st photo in which he is wearing tattered jeans and white knitted pullover while sitting down on the stairs' step looking down without revealing his face, with a short caption, "long time no see."

Fans replied him by commenting, "Oppa finally you've created instagram!","I've been waiting for you!","Yes long time no see but I can't see you in your photo!","Upload photo everyday oppa" and so on.

So far, B2ST members who have instagram are Yoseob, Doojoon,Junhyung and the latest would be Hyunseung. Follow him to get more photo and video updates! @89_h

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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B2ST's JunHyung to have a solo debut in December

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Producer-idol and talented musician Yong JunHyung from BEAST is going to make his solo debut as singer-composer. He has been known as a talented composer at a very young age of 25.

His upcoming debut solo album is going to be produced and written by himself. Through his own-produced album, he will showcase his emotional side and classy music.

In preparation to his solo debut, he had become active in producing in both Korea and Japan and his agency, Cube Entertainment finally discloses that he's currently in the final touches stage of his solo debut in December. Ever since the news broke out in broadcast stations, there is rising anticipation for the upcoming young singer-song writer on stage.

Because of his producing and song-writing skills, he received a lot of offers outside. The song 'Caffeine' which he produced for fellow member Yang Yoseob has ranked 1st on music charts thus earning him more praises.

He also made B2ST to earn the title 'self-producing group' as he solely composed all the songs from his group's 2nd album.

Meanwhile, the exact date of his solo debut hasn't been confirmed but assumptions suggest that it would be on mid December. They added that all the songs have recorded already and they are in the midst of shooting for his concept photos and MV.

Are you ready to meet the talented singer-composer Yong JunHyung?

Source: OSEN
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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How does B2ST Doojon dry his underwear?

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B2ST Doojoon who is casted in the upcoming tvN's realistic drama series 'Let's Eat', gives you a very versatile use of microwave oven in their latest teaser.

In the video, Doojoon, who plays the role of Goo Daeyoung, demonstrates a pathetic life of a single, especially in doing household chores. He gave tips how to use a microwave oven in an emergency situation by drying his boxer.

Fans and netizens who watched hilarious teaser compliment Doojoon for hi comical act and expressed their anticipation for the upcoming drama series.

tvN's 'Let's Eat' will premiere on November 28 at 11:00PM KST.
Watch the video below:

Thursday, November 14, 2013

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B2ST’s Kikwang and Kim Min Joon cast in new variety program

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B2ST’s Kikwang and ator Kim Min Joon will be working together in a new variety program.

A representative of tvN revealed, director Lee Myung Han is currently preparing for a new variety program ‘Project Experiencing My Mother’s Country - Cackling Class’ (working title). Kikwang and Kim Min Joon have been confirmed for the show.

The variety is about five children from multicultural family who settled down in Korea, and two uncles (Lee Kikwang & Kim Min Joon) leaving on a trip together to the children’s mother’s homeland.

The production crew and cast are set to leave for Vietnam on November 19. The show is set to air in December.

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Idol stars donate personal items for animal auction

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Various idol stars and celebrities showed their love towards animals.

On November 13, Korean Canine Association (KCAS) stated that it will be hosting ‘Star Donation Auction’ event in order to fundraise budgets for abandoned animal protection centers.

Many top stars, including Lee Hyori, B2ST, CNBLUE, FT Island, 4minute, Seo In Guk, SISTAR and K.Will participated in the campaign by donating their personal items like clothes, bags, dolls, hand phones, CDs, and others.

Proceeds from the auction will go towards the Pyeong-gang animal shelter where over 350 dogs and 100 cats are being taken care of, without any aid from the government. The animal shelter is at risk of shutting down due to financial crisis.

Monday, November 11, 2013

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SHINee, EXO, B2ST and Dynamic Duo to perform at 2013 MelOn Music Award

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Popular groups SHINee, EXO, B2ST and Dynamic Duo will be heating up this year’s MelOn Music Award.

The four groups have confirmed their performances during the 2013 MelOn Music Awards which will be held at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on November 14. They will do special performances, which will have different concepts from the previous years’ events.

EXO will be showing a completely new performances of “Wolf” and “Growl”, and show another approach to each songs, borrowing a concept from fantasy romance movie ‘Twilight’.

B2ST will prepare a special stage with a concept of ghost for their “Shadow” performance, while SHINee will show their previous hit tunes through solo stages. Furthermore, Dynamic Duo will be heating up the stage as the usual power.


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