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Friday, October 16, 2009

About Us

Name:Kacey Ooi
Favourite artists:SNSD,KARA,Super Junior,SHINee,Lee hyori etc
Description:Hi guys,i am a big fan of SNSD's Kwon Yuri.There's nothing much to talk about myself as i am a very ordinary person.I am from Penang and going to take STPM very soon,i really hope that i can do well.Lastly,i am the founder of Daily K Pop News and i hope that you can continue to support us,thanks!!

Name: Megzkie Lizz Afidchao.. megz for short
Age: 16
Birthday: August 24, 1992
Gender: Female
Country: Philippines
Favorite kpop artists: Super junior, big bang, 2ne1, SHINee, snsd, ss501, 2pm, FT island, Lee Hyori, DNT, Son Dambi, brown eyed girls, kim joon
Description(about me:) I am a devoted kpop lover... Im simple... friendly... your average girl... My wish is to go and live in korea of Japan someday... maybe work there if possible... I like Japanese food and Italian food... Im pretty simple.. nothing complicated.. im very friendly so dont hesitate to be friends with me! :)

Birthday:27 April
Fav Kpop Artist: DBSK, 2NE1, KARA,SNSD,Shinee,2PM, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, SS501
Description about myself: Nothing much about myself, i stay in KL and am interested in KPOP and some of JPOP.I would like to travel to JAPAN and KOREA someday.Would also like to learn Japanese and Korean languages.Hope to learn dancing.
I am graduating soon from high yeah! that all about me.

Name: Liang, Shuang Li
Username: snowwhite99
Age: 17
Birthday: August 21st 1992
Gender: Female
Country: Indonesia
Favorite kpop artists: Super Junior Kim Ki Bum & DBSK Young Woong Jae Joong
Description: You can call me Lily. I'm not only a KPOP music lover but also Chinese Music lover and I love music so much. My favourite KPOP song is Forgotten Season by DBSK Jae Joong and I love all Jay Chou's songs for Chinese songs category.

Name: Edgar Amaya
Age: 22
Country: U.S.
Gender: Male
although my account here on youtube says South Korea I actually live in the US but since my viewers are mainly Korean, or Asian this will allow them to watch my uploads and find my videos faster.
Favorite Kpop artist: Wonder Girls, Epik High, Kara, SNSD, 2ne1, Lee Hyori, among others I can't remember right now.
Description about myself:
I am actually really shy in person but behind the computer I like to message and met new people.
I love animals and hate seeing people do anything to them and I am also a very caring and although shy friendly person to be around. I also try to be helpful to people a much as I can, ask me anything related to kpop MV's, songs, Kdramas and I will try my best to help you. I really want to travel to South Korea and perhaps live there for a year to two maybe more. I would love to be fluent in Korean so I am planing on taking classes to learn the language.

Name: John Jang
Username: XxAznprydexX (youtube)
Age: 21
Country: South Korea
Favorite Artists: Seo Taiji, Big Bang, K. Will, SNSD, After School, Kara, and more
Description: Hi everyone, im originally from Korea, but currently living in Irvine, California attending UCI. I have loved K-pop ever since i was young and i wish to share it with everyone thats interested in it. And please continue to support Daily K-pop News website and staff members! Thanx =]

Name:Jamei Xiang
I'm 18 years old.
I like Big Bang and have no favorite member because I love ALL of them :)
I live in Hawaii. I'm 100% Filipino. I spent 3 years learning Jap and am learning Korean.
My hobbies include shopping, photography, photoshopping, watching tv, listening to kmusic, hanging out with friends day&night, and actually love going to school :)))
I mostly listen to kmusic even though I barely understand.
Other artists I like are FT Island, Wonder Girls and SS501. Individually, I love SUJU's YeSung, Lee Hyo Ri, 2NE1's CL & MinJi, Lee Seung Gi and Goo HyeSun :))) Other international artists includes Aaron Yan ^^
I'm an incredibly nice person so don't be shy to talk to me.
&nd Im shy at first but once we get along, im pretty outrageous :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

About Us

A brief introduction of ourselves here.

Daily K Pop News was founded in May 2009 as site for me to share the K Pop love with other kpop lovers who visit my site.The blog was named as when i started it since i was interested in both KPOP and JPOP back then.

Soon i realised that it is too tiring for me to update news on both Korean and Japanese singers,so i decided to change our blog's URL to

About me
School:Malaysia Science University

DKPOPNEWS changed my life,from a person who failed in daily life,from academy to sports,rejected by a girl that i liked very much too back in 2008.DKPOPNEWS gave me a new life,i spent hours delivering the latest kpop news together with our team members from various countries such as Malaysia ,Singapore ,Indonesia,Philippines,United States and ETC.

I can never imagine that someone like me can achieve something big like entering the Mashable Awards final,featured on Music Bank,DKPOPNEWS trending on Twitter during its first anniversary and magazine featuring,i am glad to say that i am a member of the team.

Last but not least,i wanna thank our team members who helped me through the difficult time especially Jaz,Shuang Li Liang,Blueprincess,Sukira,Nancy,Alex Thomas,Shayne Kay,Sekai,Loh Keyun,Cynthia,Imaayu,Sherlene Sayo,Frances,Belinda,Gina,Adela,Shu Yee,Weiting,Gellie,Linda,Jannica,Jea and other dedicated DKPOPNEWS' staff.

We can't achieve anything without everyone's contribution,let's make DKPOPNEWS a convenient place for kpop readers to update themselves on the latest kpop news,hwaiting!

ABOUT US section: Shayne Kay (twitter id @KYUriShana)
~A communication student, loving daughter, behave netizen, loyal fan, and an avid supporter.
I play guitar, flute, *xylophone*, read fact/fiction mystery/detective books, starting to engage in gory movies (yikes)!

Kpop, RnB,Pop is my music.

I joined DKP around January 2009, and our admin is kind enough and didn't make it hard for me to post my very first article in our blog. Thanks Bro!

After that, I enjoyed posting already. Seeing you commenting in every post i published, i feel overwhelmed. And that becomes my forcing factor to continue posting.

As we (DKP) grow old, I hope you stand by us, thanks for all the support,compliments and criticisms you've given to us, from these we are what we are now.. As every day passes, I will pledge to dedicate my free time in providing you latest news about your Idols, hope everyone doing good today... All together... FIGHTING!!! ☺

Real Name: Malen
Known As: Sukira
Twitter: @sukira
Interest: social networking, movies (except action movies), books (mysteric vampiry books), music (kpop, jpop/rock, some western songs)

Nursing student before but change course to Information Technology but gonna change again to Dental Hygienist (life has a lot of choices). Originally i live in the Philippines, but just recently i moved in Los Angeles.

People online know me as sukira or suki or kira or suks *what ever* LOL. But my friends call me malen or len (but sometimes they get use using sukira) ^_^. Well anyway, i'm an avid kpop fan. I love Super Junior, Beast, U-kiss, C.N.BLue, Big Bang, FT Island, 4minute, f(x), 2ne1 (space not enough) But seriously, i love kpop a lot! Like kpop is already part of my life, can't get rid of it.

I joined DAILY KPOPNEWS during the innocent time of my kpop life and also when Dailykpopnews is just a 5months old. I remember when I am still so active at the chatbox (yeah! the miraculous chatbox) where everything started. Kacey gave me a week probation and luckily i pass!!
Since then on, everything changes in my life, i bet you all know what kpop did to your life and i bet you know what i'm talking about LOL. I'm proud to be a Dailykpopnews author. DKP Team is the bestest team ever!

In every post we do, in every article we write and in every video we share, your responses and comments are always a big deal to us. Hope we can make dkp a more bigger news site in the comming years, because i know that dkp will always stand! and dkp will last for a lifetime! cheers to dkp and cheers to you readers!

Name: Liz (Keyun)
Age: 15
From: Singapore
Hi~! Im Liz and I'm a K-POP Fan since 2006, 2007~ I practically love ALL Korean Artistes but my favourite would have to be SHINee (Bias: Taemin) and SNSD (Bias: Fany). I'm just an ordinary school girl with a dream of being a kpop idol (just like many of you guys right? XD).

I joined DKP just a month ago and even though the time was short, I really enjoyed every single moment posting on DKP News. I may not be a good author but i promise i will work harder and make every moment at DKP even more interesting and memorable!

To all DKP readers: Thanks for making my life even more amazing and we really appreciate your support. We may not be the best but thanks for allways being with us! Thanks for all your comments, suggestions, help, love and support! Once again, Thanks and DKP HWAITING! ♥

Life is hard, But, Don't Worry, Be Happy! And Smile always everyone!
"I promised my mom when I was a kid that I will be a good-hearted person and always optimistic. Even though life could be so hard, we should always smile and see it as a good thing" - Lee Taemin (SHINee)

I am Sekai I am 14 years old turning 15 on the 16th day of March I am currently a 3rd year high school student...

If your going to ask me if that's my real name... well my answer would be NO hahaha

I am a big fan of Super Junior in short I'm an ELF >_< and I'm in love with Lee Donghae haha GO ELF's!!!....You can follow my twitter account @FishySekai I'm still a new author on DKP I started posting somewhere in September last 2010 I'm the author who gave a headache to Jaz and other sunbaenims because of some re-posts and mistakes on the credits >_< But as time goes by i got used to what to do and what not to do...

And now I'm helping on the events here in the Philippines...I hope you'll support Daily Kpop News all the way^^ thank you very much for all the support^^

Name: Uni Ng
Nickname: Ting
Age: 16
Country: Sunny island Singapore~
Twitter: Superting18
Hello everybody!
I've been an author of DKPopnews since October 2009 and also a frequent Sukira uploader on youtube. I first entered DKP as a chinese translator and at that time, i was really new to kpop and only knew about my bias-ed group, SUPER JUNIOR.
As time passes, i slowly know more and learnt more about kpop, korea, its culture and more. I've enjoyed posting on DKPopnews because i feel that its a joy writing articles for readers to read. What i want to convey to the readers through my articles is that liking kpop is not a must but an enjoyable hobby.
I hope you'll give much love and support to us so that we can strive to greater heights! ^_^

Nationality: Chinese
Twitter: yoyoyadsirod
Hi! I recently joined DKP as a Chinese translator. I've been listening to kpop for about a year now and joined DKP because I absolutely love the world of kpop. SHINee is my biased group :) I've only translated a few articles so far, but I really enjoy being able to see what I've done posted on the website and people posting comments on it! It's an awesome opportunity working with an awesome group of people and exercising my skills. Please support us and give us much love!

(About Me)
Name: Vannie
Age: 17
From: Singapore
Twitter: @shinyvannie
Favourite Kpop Group: SHINee!!!♥

Hello, my name is Vannie. I joined DKP because I wanted to share the news of the latest updates of Kpop groups. As a fangirl, I understand the feeling of waiting for news everyday and I would like to give our readers the latest and fastest updates so they would know what is their favourite idol doing now and also stop worrying about them.

It has not been long since I joined here, but I am really happy that DKP family is treating me very well, it really feels like they’re my second family. Everytime you done wrong, you’re being told off, but forgiven and also learnt new things. It made me more sensible and also, I have learnt more about writing a proper article. It has become a habit for me to post in and I really hope readers are enjoying reading the articles as well.

We may not be the MOST UPDATED website as everyone is busy with their lives too. We’re all humans and we have our personal lives too, we would take turns to post as much as we can, hoping all readers to understand and supporting us at the same time.

I love you DKP, I love you Readers! Saranghaeyo! DKP Fighting!^^

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