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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

GD and Kiko spotted enjoying time in a chitlins restaurant

G-Dragon and supposed girlfriend Kiko is spotted once again enjoying time at a chitlins restaurant. On November 25, a netizens uploaded a photo on her SNS and captioned,

"After work, I went to eat chitlins with my juniors and what a jackpot? Saw GD with Kiko. Why they look good together. What a disappointment I saw oppa's face twice only. I'm a regular here. Bye, I'll come here often."

In the photo, Kiko's side view is seen as she seemed like smiling widely. On the other hand, GD, who is wearing a black cap and facing his back towards the camera is also seen.

From the look of Kiko, seemed like they are enjoying some quality meal time together.