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Monday, May 5, 2014

EXO to drop their new album 'Overdose' both online and offline on May 7th

Finally EXO is going to release their new mini album on the upcoming May 7th.

On May 5th, SM Entertainment said,"We really appreciate for all the fans who have been waiting for EXO's mini album "Overdose". Due to the unfortunate Sewol accident, mini album "Overdose" which was delayed in order to send our condolences to all the victims, will be released on May 7th".

"Both SM Entertainment and EXO will do our best in order to give strength and hope for everyone who has been enduring these hard times. Once gain we would like to gather together and give our condolences. We sincerely thank all the fans who have been waiting for EXO's new album"

In addition, EXO will hold their concert on May 24th & 25th at Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium.