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Sunday, June 30, 2013

CNBLUE posts group photo after an energy-filled Beijing concert

CNBLUE members posed for a group photo, as they usually do, with their Beijing fans as they conclude their energy-filled BLUE MOON World Tour Live in Beijing  on June 29.

Yonghwa wrote on their official twitter account,

"eu-ah~~~ This is Yonghwa!!! Today's concert was really fun!!! We and our Beijing fans have poured much of our total energy definitely! Jonghyunie also did his best even though he wasn't feeling well., Jungshinie worked really hard to cover that part, and our Minhyukie also who had his birthday yesterday ke We will come back with more energy! Once again, thank you and we will visit often!!!! Even though our fans couldn't stand up because of restrictions, we understand it as we leave. Until we meet again! We will come back from the top of the world when we meet next time. ke Bya bya (bye bye)!"

Just by looking at the group photo, they must have really used their energy to have Yonghwa sweat like that.

Source: CNBLUE_4@twitter