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Saturday, May 11, 2013

2NE1 Bom's fashion is head turner or fashion wrecker?

2NE1 Bom's in making headlines for her airport fashion.

On May 10, 2NE1 arrived in Gimpo International Airport for their departure to Osaka for their “Super Live Concert 2013 in Universal Studio Japan”.

On this particular day, Park Bom gathers the attention of many with her unique and stylish fashion.

She is wearing a bright yellow and black checkered tight long sleeves and partnered it with black fishnet leggings. She is also wearing black pair of specs and a high wedge sneakers.

Netizens post comments like, "Park Bom is definitely a head turner with that outfit!","Seems like she's going on the stage.","Whatever she wears, looks good on her!." and so on.

There are also comments like, "Her leggings look weird.","I can't understand her outfit but her legs are really stunning!"

What do you think?