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Thursday, January 31, 2013

SHINee's Onew, Key, and Taemin's Barcelona travel guide revitalized into an Ebook for Android phones

Last year, Onew, Key, and Taemin's adventure in Barcelona was condensed into a useful travel guide book and titled "Sons of the Sun". The book showcased pictures of the trio exploring Barcelona while providing readers with memorable stories and guidelines for those who wish to travel to Barcelona themselves.

For the new year of 2013, the book has been revitalized into an easily buy-able phone application. SHINee in Barcelona is the first episode of two, the other episode being f(x)'s Victoria's trip around Macau and Hong Kong. SHINee's new app is currently available for Android phones. SHINee's Ebook is available for 5,000 won on the Google Play online store.

Application Information:
★ Travel Episode (Enhanced Ebook) ★
A Collection Of Travel Stories by Celebrities!
SHINee in Barcelona has been updated!

Only in the Travel Episode (Enhanced Ebook)!
- Video clips of celebrities taken during their trip!
- Tasteful designs, tempting layouts!

[Series of Travel Episodes -- Episode 01]
ONEW, KEY, TAEMIN and K(Travel Writer)’s excursion around Barcelona
- SHINee in Barcelona (Information): $ 4.72 (VAT is not included)
- SHINee in Barcelona (Essay): $4.72 (VAT is not included)

Source: Shakizi, Google Play
Cr: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net