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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"I Love My Idols" FACEBOOK SHARE event!


After having a discussion with DKPOPNEWS' teammates,we decided to host an interesting event on Facebook for fans to show their love for their favorite idols.

However,this event is different from other events you have participated before,instead of voting,you are asked to "SHARE" the love this time!!!

It has become a trend for users to SHARE their favorite posts on Facebook lately,have you ever thought of SHARING the KPop love with other friends of yours on Facebook???

You are asked to "SHARE" the artwork of your favorite idols on Facebook with your friends,i am pretty sure this meaningful "I Love My Idols" event will  help to promote your favorite KPop idols to your friends.

Check out the tutorials to participate in this event!

Step 1:
Go to this link
Choose the artwork of your favorite idol group (You can SHARE as many groups as possible)
Click on the SHARE button of your favorite idol group

Step 2:
Tag @Daily K Pop News and together with 4 friends of yours

Step 3:
Hit the SHARE Photo button,the artwork will appear on your wall as shown below

It's pretty easy right?We will have some gifts for 5 lucky participants!

The event will end on 10th March and idol groups with the most "SHARE" will be announced as winners of this event!

This event is sponsored by
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