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Saturday, May 14, 2011

[News]TVXQ’s popularity has spread to South America?

TVXQ ranked 2nd in MTV Brazil’s World Music Video Charts.
The rankings were based solely on votes from Brazilians and TVXQ’s 5th album title song ‘Why(Keep Your Head Down)’ was ranked second.

TVXQ followed globally popular Swedish duo Roxette and their song ‘She’s got Nothing On’, and beat the ‘Princess of Pop’ Britney Spears to rank second, thus boasting their global popularity that even encompasses South America.

The program’s host even went into detail about U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin’s childhood years as she said, “Changmin wanted to become a sports journalist when he was young so that he could watch baseball for free, but now that he’s a star, he’ll be able to go wherever he wants for free,” and “U-Know Yunho said he wanted to be a prosecutor when he was little. Though the two people were unable to fulfill their childhood dreams because they became superstars, they are loved by so many people now.“

As this information about Changmin’s childhood dream was first revealed during SBS E!TV’s ‘Cultwo Show’ on the 25th of April, two days before the ranking on MTV Brazil was revealed, many netizens were surprised at how fast K-POP news is traveling to other parts of the world.

Recently, European K-POP fans gathered  and protested in front of the Louvre to demand an extra performance of ‘SM TOWN LIVE’, a collaborative concert of SM singers, and K-POP has become a global phenomenon with video sites such as Youtube bringing in millions of fans.

The Hallyu Wave, which was strongest in Asian countries such as Japan, China and Taiwan, is led by the popularity of idol groups and is spreading to other parts of the world such as Europe, North and South America and even the Middle East.

There were many who believed that the Hallyu Wave has died down since its boom with ‘Winter Sonata’. But the new Hallyu Wave of K-POP is blazing hotter than ever. We are curious to see how far this K-POP boom will spread.

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