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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

[Info] Nine Muses Official Profile

Nine Muses Official Profile / 나인뮤지스 공식 프로필

Name: Rana
Birthday: 26th June 1983
Height: 174cm
Blood Type: A
Specialty: Painting

Name: Bini
Birthday: 13th November 1985
Height: 173cm
Blood Type: B
Hobby: Reading, Watching Movies
Specialty: Golf, Ski, Playing Janggu

Name: Lee Sem
Birthday: 5th May 1987
Height: 174cm
Blood Type: O
Specialty: Athletics, Crafts, Fine Arts

Name: Jae Kyung
Birthday: 19th September 1987
Height: 174cm
Blood Type: 0
Specialty: Flute

Name: Sera
Birthday: 3rd October 1987
Height: 170cm
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Piano, Guitar
Specialty: English

Name: Lee Yu Ae Rin
Birthday: 3rd May 1988
Height: 174cm
Blood Type: 0
Hobby: Ballet, DJing
Specialty: Horseback Riding, Golf

Name: Eun Ji
Birthday: 27th September 1988
Height: 172cm
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Swimming

Name: Hye Mi
Birthday: 3rd April 1991
Height: 171cm
Blood Type: B

Name: Min Ha
Birthday: 27th June 1991
Height: 172cm
Blood Type: A

cr: NineMusesEmpire @YT