Monday, July 6, 2015

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Lim Kim sings 'You, Who' for 'I Remember You' OST

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Lim Kim lends her voice for the new OST of KBS's drama 'I Remember You'.

'You, Who' is a medium-tempo song composed and written by Kkuldanji, a producing team in affiliation with JYP Entertainment. Its rhythm R&B melody accompanied by the acoustic guitar and piano sounds fits perfectly with Lim Kim's unique voice, creating a bright yet dreamlike atmosphere.

Listen to the song below

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Davichi's Haeri collaborates with rookie duo HIGHBROW for 'The Mind'

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Davichi's Haeri and rookie duo HIGHBROW have released a collaborated song together.

Featuring the two artists, 'The Mind' was released as a single through various online music sites at noon today on July 6th.

HIGHBROW is a rookie male duo with both members studying at the Berklee College of Music. They are said to be well-rounded musicians who are talented in all aspects including lyrics writing, composing, arranging and vocal ability.

Check out the song below

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Alice and Lime tease with their new looks for Hello Venus's comeback

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Hello Venus's comeback is getting near!

On July 6th, Hello Venus official Twitter uploaded a photo of Alice and Lime with a message,"Alice unnie's nail art~! Lime's hairstyle art~! >.< #HelloVenus #Alice #Venus #PreparingForComeback".

It was revealed that the photo was taken during the jacket shooting the new album. Alice and Lime' colorful hairstyle and nails have attracted much attention from the fans.

Fantagio Music said,"Hello Venus will be joining the comeback battle this July. They are currently in the final stages of jacket shooting. They will show a more upgraded and colorful image through this comeback. Please give them a lot of your interest".

SONAMOO releases mysterious 'Green Moon' teaser for July comeback

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SONAMOO has officially kicked off their July comeback with a mysterious teaser.

On July 6th, TS Entertainment website updated with a teaser image of a full moon with 7 mysterious symbols along with a text,"In July of 2015, over the silent night sky, the Green Moon starts to get full again. When all the codes are decoded, the New Green Moon will be unveiled".

Stay tuned for more updates on SONAMOO's comeback!

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Sistar' Soyu & Bora, A Pink's Bomi, AOA's Seolhyun, Lee Guk Joo to guest on 'Running Man'

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Some of the trending emale celebrities will be guesting on SBS's 'Running Man'.

According to the officials on July 6th, Sistar' Soyu & Bora, A Pink's Bomi, AOA's Seolhyun and gag woman Lee Guk Joo are currently filming for 'Running Man' in Gyeonsangbuk-do.

It seems we will be having another couple race with this line-up.

This episode of 'Running Man' is scheduled to broadcast in mid-July.


APink release white version concept photos

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APink's comeback is nearing so the girls release another batch of concept photos for anticipating fans.

After we see the girls in their chic and colorful street fashion last time, let's enjoy the girls' pure image in this white version concept photos for "Pink Memory".

The girls are all looking lovely and pretty in their different white outfits. Some look sophisticated white others appear like innocent young girls.

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Sistar Dasom cast as heroine for KBS new drama

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According to reports, Sistar Dasom has been cast as the heroine of the upcoming KBS drama "Taming Mother-In-Law".

Dasom is not new to acting as she has appeared in dramas such as "Shut Up Family" in 2012 and  "Melody of Love" in 2014 which the latter as leading role. Moreover, Dasom is also making her big screen debut in the upcoming film "Like a French Movie" this year.

With her acting experiences, Dasom proves her potential as an actress while balancing between her group activies as well. Meanwhile, "Taming Mother-In-Law" airs in August and will take the time slot of "I Remember You".

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Eluphant to feature Sistar Soyu on their title track

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Eluphant are releasing their 3rd album "Man On The Moon" and reveal that they are featuring SISTAR's Soyu on their title track "Just When I'm Bored"(literal translation).

The making video of their music video is released and Soyu is seen at recording studio singing her part. Eluphant express that they are very grateful that Soyu lends her voice for their title track.

Meanwhile, "Man On The Moon" will be released on July 8.


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