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APink release Luv MV

APink release the full MV of their new song Luv, check it out below:

BTOB’s Eunkwang makes own version of Kim Bumsoo's 'Last Love'

The 4th part of the 'I’ll Be Your Melody' Season 2 cover songs featured BTOB's leader Eunkwang.

Eunkwang made his cover of Kim Bumsoo's 'Last Love.'

Watch below:

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Queen B’z returns with a colorful concept for 'Bbibbi'

Queen B’z who debuted in 2013 are back with a totally different concept.

In August 2013, they were introduced with a dark concept for their first song 'Bad.' But on their comeback this November, Queen B'z show the exact opposite of darkness. Their new concept is a colorful one which showcased the cuteness of the girls.

Queen B'z dropped the music video for their new song 'Bbibbi.'

Watch below:

Debut Concept

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Hangeng's movie 'Ever Since We Love' official poster

Hangeng's Chinese movie 'Ever Since We Love' has revealed its official poster.

Aside from Hangeng, he's also top billing the movie with China's Fan Bingbing. 'Ever Since We Love' is based on the novel of the same title, and is directed by Li Yu.

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Bangtan Boys and Vietnamese THANH collaborate for 'Danger' (Mo-Blue-Mix) MV

Vietnamese artist THANH (Thanh Bui) offered a collaboration project with Bangtan Boys, and result was just released.

THANH wrote the English lyrics of Bangtan Boys' song 'Danger.' A music video was revealed featuring the 'Mo-Blu-Mix' of 'Danger.'

Watch below:

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SOURCE: ibighit

At last MR.MR drops 'I Promise You' MV (Disneyland version)

Boy group MR.MR made their fans' wish came true.

MR.MR. fans finally made a music video for the song 'I Promise You' that was released more than a year ago. Since then, their fans wanted to see its MV. 

Now, MR.MR dropped the long awaited MV, and they call it the Disneyland version because it was recorded at Tokyo Disneyland.

 Watch below:

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HI SUHYUN's MV for 'I'm Different' hits 2M views

On the official Facebook of YG Family, they proudly announced that HI SUHYUN’s music video for 'I’m Different' reached two million views.

It was on November 18th when the MV was uploaded on YouTube, and as of this writing it already has more than 2.5 million views.

Here's the MV:

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SOURCE: YG Family Facebook

DJ Flashfinger reveals 'Owl Vision After Movie' MV

DJ Flashfinger dropped the music video for 'Owl Vision After Movie.'

The setting shows the night life of Koreans. The electronic beat made the crowd go gaga. 

DJ Flashfinger just ended his first American tour. He stopped in Los Angeles, California and Seattle, Washington.

Watch below:

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B2ST's '12:30' to come out with another version on November 24th

As many of us are still swooning over B2ST's sweet vocals in '12:30', get ready cause there is going to be another version of the song ready to be released.

On November 23rd, Cube Entertainment dropped the teaser on Twitter and tweeted,"12:30 Another Version (Teaser) #Teaser #guesswho", asking the fans to guess the singer who will cover the song.

The full song will be coming out on November 24th. Meanwhile, check out the teaser below

Jessica updates her Weibo with '520'

Jessica seems to hint at something in her latest Weibo update.

On November 22nd, Jessica wrote on her Weibo,"520" and uploaded along a collage photo in which she was doing the 5, 2, 0 gestures with her hand and also didn't forget to show her bright smile.

Many fans pointed out the the meaning behind Jessica's post that it's been 520 days since she made her Weibo and also '520' means 'I love you' in Chinese slang.

Meanwhile, Jessica will make her first public appearance in Korea ever since she left Girls' Generation at Fendi opening event on November 25th.

'Cart' surpasses 600,000 viewers at the box office

Movie 'Cart' has successfully attracted more than 600,000 viewers ever since its premiere.

According to Korean Film Council on November 23rd, 'Cart' drew in 43,381 moviegoers and ranked 4th place at the box office on the 22nd. The movie has gained a total of 622,963 viewers in just 10 days ever since its premiere last Friday up until now, beating 'Fashion King''s record with 579,419 viewers.

'Cart' based on a true story about temporary workers of a retail supermarket join force and stand against the company's sudden notice that all of them will be dismissed. The movie staring Yum Jung Ah, Moon Jung Hee, Kim Young Ae, Kim Kang Woo, EXO's D.O and more.

Meanwhile, 'Interstella' is currently ranks 1st at the box office with 533,126 viewers on November 22nd.

CSJH The Grace's Lina and musical actor Jang Seung Jo unveil more photos from their wedding ceremony

Additional photos from Lina and Jang Seung Jo' wedding ceremony have been unveiled.

The two tied the knot by holding a private wedding ceremony on November 22nd with the attendance of families and friends from both sides.

According to the officials, the guests included Lee Young Ah, Kim Yoo Suk, Park Hee Bon, Go Ara, Kim Ian, Trax's Jungmo, CSJH The Grace' Sunday and Stephany, SHINee' Jonghyun and Minho, EXO's Suho, Red Velvet, Na Young Hee, Shin Da Eun, Jung Yu Mi, Yoon Se Ah and Park Jong Hwan.

Congratulation Lina and Jang Seung Jo!

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