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2AM unveil image teasers and tracklist for 3rd album 'Let's Talk'

JYP has unveiled group and solo image teasers for 2AM's upcoming 3rd album 'Let's Talk'.

Captivating fans with a grayscale effect, members JoKwon, Changmin, Jinwoon, and Seulong are giving off monochrome mood and neutral feelings.

More in store as they also release the tracklist revealing a total of 14 songs they have prepared. Fans will be treated as well with each members' solo tracks from the album. As initially announced, 2AM are releasing the pre-release track 'Days Like Today' on 27th and will follow up the title track on 30th.

Are you excited? Meanwhile, see the photos and tracklist below:

BEAST release short PV for 'How About You' Japanese single

BEAST release the short PV for their upcoming Japanese single 'How About You' scheduled to be released on November 14.

Though the setting may seem to be familiar, BEAST's highly-rated vocals and dancing skills are on the hook. The song is composed by Junhyung. This is the 2nd track he wrote for their Japanese promotions with 'Sad Movie' being the first. The single album is going to have a subtrack titled 'One Day'.

This this new Japanese release, BEAST are kicking off their nearing arena tour '2014 BEAUTIFUL SHOW IN JAPAN' in late November. Watch the short PV below:

S release MV for 'Without You' & make their comeback stage at M!Countdown

Project group S (Kangta, Lee Ji Hoon, and Shinhwa's Shin Hye Sung) are back after 11 years and they release the MV for their song 'Without You' featuring SNSD Yuri.

With the theme of break up, the trio showcase their never-fading emotional and powerful vocals to express the pain of the song. Moreover, they also make their comeback stage at M!Countdown today as they perform live stages for 'Without You' and 'Utopia'.

Watch below:

god express gratitude with an MV for 'Wind'

god treat fans an MV for their recently released song 'Wind'.

The MV is a compilation of their unforgettable moments and behind the scenes captured from their reunion concert. This is to show how thankful they are for fans' unwavering support. The nostalgia and sentiment god and fans have shared are very precious.

Watch the MV below:

SNSD Seohyun starts up an instagram account

SONEs must be rejoicing as SNDS' maknae has finally jumped over on instagram account like her unnies.

The account @seojuhyun_s is confirmed to be Seohyun's instagram as members Sunny, Sooyoung and few celebrities have started to follow her.

With Seohyun joining the intagram play, only member Yoona is left. Can we anticipate her to make one too? Meanwhile, don't miss any updates from Seohyun so follow here now @seojuhyun_s

Luhan spotted in a cafe for the first time after withdrawal from EXO

Not only EXO fans, but media are also keeping an eye to Luhan after he filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract.

Chinese website features an article about Luhan's recent public appearance, the first time after his withdrawal from EXO. According to their article, Luhan was wearing comfortbale casual clothes like t-shirt and denim pants with a cap on. He bought a drink in the cafe and quickly went out afterwards. He is spotted alone and seemed to be cautious as he keep on covering his face with his cap.

Meanwhile, on October 10, it was reported that Luhan has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract due to health issues and his wish to focus more on personal career in China. Luhan is being represented by the same lawyer who handled Kris and Hangeng's case.

Source: 1 2

Super Junior make comeback stage for 'This is Love' and 'Evanesce' at M!Countdown

Super Junior make their comeback stage performing flawless stages for 'This is Love' and 'Evanesce' at M!Countdown today.

Although Siwon and Shindong were absent, the members pull off a dreamy and emotional stage showcasing their vocals which is very different from their dancing group image.

We will be seeing more of this kind of performances in the following days so watch below and enjoy!

AOA to comeback with a song by Brave Brothers in the second week of November

AOA has been confirmed to make a comeback in the second week of November, and they will work with Brave Brothers once again for the new song.

It's also been revealed that the group is currently filming for their new music video and will wrap it up today on October 23rd. The release date is still under discussion.

AOA has received much popularity ever since they released singe 'Miniskirt' produced by Brave Brothers, which helped them win their first trophy on 'Inkigayo'. They later made their debut in Japan with the Japanese version of the song and it reached Top 10 of Oricon Daily Chart. With the strong comeback line-up for November, many people are wondering if AOA can achieve the same success like they did with 'Miniskirt'.

Stay tuned for more updates about AOA's November comeback!

Crush to comeback with new digital single 'Sofa' on October 30th

Hip hop/R&B artist Crush will be releasing a new digital single at the end of this month.

Last week, Crush announced on his Twitter that he will be releasing a new single at the end of October, and today it has been confirmed that the new single will be coming out on October 30th.

As a newcomer in the music industry, he has worked with many hip hop artists such as LeeSsang's Gary, Dynamic Duo, Dok 2, Zion.T, Jay Park, Simon D...and even released his 1st solo album 'Crush On You' earlier this year, but not until he sang 'Sleepless Night' as the OST for SBS's drama 'It's Ok, It's Love' which made him shoot to fame. Many people are really anticipating to his new release at the end of this month.

[Update] Amoeba Culture has announced that the new digital single is titled 'Sofa' and will be released on October 30th.

Kim Yoo Jung flaunts her mature beauty in first still cuts for web drama 'Love Cell'

Kim Yoo Jung shows that she is growing up well into a beautiful young lady in first still cuts of upcoming web drama 'Love Cell'.

'Love Cell' is based on popular webtoon series of the same title which was published on Naver from July 2012 to March 2013. It tells the story of a 'love cell' cat named Nebi(Kim Yoo Jung) who will become love couselor for Ma Dae Choong(Park Sun Ho), who has never dated before, and will try to set him up with top star Seo Rin(4Minute's Nam Jihyun).

The drama will also staring Jang Hyuk as the neighbor hyung of Ma Dae Choong and Kim Woo Bin as the god of the 'love cell'.

'Love Cell' wil be premiered on Naver TV Cast starting from November 3rd.

'Superstar K2' Lee Boram to release new digital single 'Get Out Of My Sight' on October 24th

'Superstar K2' Lee Boram will make her comeback with a new single this month.

On October 23rd, Neck Star Entertainment announced that Lee Boram will release new digital single 'Get Out Of My Sight' on the 24th.

'Get Out Of My Sight' is said to be produced by Rocoberry who previously created Yoon Mi Rae's 'I Love You', Davichi's 'It's Ok, It's Love' and Crush's 'Sleepless Night' as OSTs for SBS's drama 'It's Ok, It's Love'.

Lee Boram's agency also said that the single will showcase her new look as she will challenge funky hip hop genre for the first time. Black Swan's female rapper EB will also feature in the song.

'Get Out Of My Sight' will be released on October 24th through various online music sites.

Shinhwa's Shin Hye Sung to release a duet with ex-Fin.K.L's Ock Ju Hyun

Shinhwa's Shin Hye Sung will collaborate with ex-Fin.K.L member Ock Ju Hyun for his 'Once Again' project.

The two vocalists will sing the song 'Love...After' which was released in 2006. The song was originally a duet between Shin Hye Sung and Lyn and was used as an OST for music drama 'Fairy Tale' starring Shinhwa's Eric.

A rep from Liveworks Company said,"'Love...After' will be the 4th song in 'Once Again' project. It's the first time that Shin Hye Sung and Ock Ju Hyun will be singing together since debut. We're especially very thankful towards Ock Ju Hyun as she agreed to participate in this project despite her busy schedule as a musical actress. Please look forward to 'Love...After' which will be released at the end of this month".

Don't miss the remake of 'Love...After' which will be available on October 31st.

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