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Monday, September 1, 2014

Skull confesses "Because I Was Selfish" in his fourth MV

Skull is back to continue spread reggae music with his single 'Because I Was Selfish' from his 'KING O' IRIE' album and it comes with an MV, making it the 4th MV made for his album.

"Because I Was Selfish" MV was filmed in various places such as Jamaica, Cuba, Hong Kong, and the United States. It shows Skull interacting with the locals there.

Check it out below:

A Pink and ZE:A's Siwan look the best in school uniforms for 'Skoolooks' pictorial

A Pink got themselves a new and handsome schoolmate ZE:A's Im Siwan for 'Skoolooks' 2015 Fall collection.

Some promotional photos have been released showing the outstanding charms and good looks of the models showing their youthful and lively appearances.

Let's check out their cute pictorial and interactions below:

AOA unveil jacket photos for 'Miniskirt' Japanese release

As their Japanese debut is fast approaching, AOA have unveiled that jacket photos for their debut single release.

The single album which will come in different editions have the group photos of the girls in their red and sexy outfit.

The single album 'Miniskirt' will be released on October 1 but ahead of that AOA are holding shakehand event in Osaka on September 6.

Taemin releases 'Danger' dance practice video with Ian Eastwood

Recorded all the way from Millennium Dance Complex in California, the dance practice video of 'Danger' filmed with choreographer Ian Eastwood is finally released.

Taemin's practice video is a gift for fans for making his 'Danger' MV reach 4 million views on Youtube and also for his two wins last week.

Check out some of the BTS and preparation before the actual cool dance practice with Taemin and choreographer Ian Eastwood.

EXID release sexy dance practice video for 'Up & Down'

The sexy and pretty ladies of EXID get even sexier in the sexy version of their practice video for 'Up & Down'.

Wearing casual comfy tops and shorts added with their killer heels, the ladies enthusiastically dance to their latest choreography which has many sexy point dance moves in the video below:

Top 10 Summer Beauties [Part 2]

Part 2

6. Yuri (Girls' Generation)

7. Jisoo (TAHITI)

8. Hyuna (4Minute)

9. Clara Lee

10. G.Na

Who else should enter the list?

John Park to release comeback single 'U' on September 12th

John Park will release comeback single 'U' on September 12th.

'U' is said to be a work of Shin Hyuk from the production team Joombas Music Factory who created EXO's 'Growl' and worked on Justine Bieber's hit song 'One Less Lonely Girl'. The song was recorded in the United States and described as a soul-base UK pop style which will fully bring out the emotions from John Park's soulful and low bass voice.

'U' will be coming out at noon on September 12th.

Rain, Krystal and more from 'My Lovely Girl' cast to appear on 'Running Man'

Rain, f(x)'s Krystal and other actors from the cast of SBS' upcoming drama 'My Lovely Girl' will make their appearances on 'Running Man'.

According to various official broadcasters on September 1st, Rain, Krystal, Park Young Kyu, Alex, Kim Ki Bang are currently recording for SBS' 'Running Man' in Gyeonggi-do. The purpose is to showcase and attract attention for Rain and Krystal' chemistry despite their 13 years age gap who will be the main character in the upcoming drama 'My Lovely Girl'.

While the broadcast date for this episode hasn't been decided yet, you can catch them in 'My Lovely Girl' which will be premiered on September 17th.

BESTie reported to have involved in a car accident + no one got injured

Girl group BESTie was reported to have involved in a car accident but thankfully no one suffered from serious injury.

A rep from YNB Entertainment revealed on September 1st,"BESTie was on the way to their next schedule after finishing the pre-recording for SBS's 'Inkigayo' on August 31st then their van got into an accident near the intersection in Deungchon-dong".

The members were said to be transferred to a hospital immediately after that for examinations. Fortunately that no one was unharmed, so the members will continue doing their daily activities as planned.

Meanwhile, BESTie released new mini album 'Mini Album Digital Repackage' on August 29th which include remastered tracks from their 1st mini album 'Hot Baby' as well as the new track 'I Need You'.
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